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Columbus,OhioFamily owned and operated since1890Product GuideTable of ContentsIntro Page. Page 2Falter's Sausage.Pages 3-4Falter's Deli.Page 5Falter's Bacon.Page 5Falter's Smoked Hams.Page 6Falter's Hot Dogs.Page 6Fresh Pork Items. Pages 7-8Fresh Beef Items. Pages 9-10Fresh Lamb and Veal.Pages 10-11Cheese and Other Deli Page.11Phone .com1

Falter's?Falters sells a full line of quality pork and beef products that range fromfresh pork and beef cuts to our old recipe processed items. Ourextensive line includes several hundred of always in stock items as wellas the ability to special order many other meat and cheese items for ourcustomers.We are proud to have relationships with many businesses in Columbusand throughout the state, that date back generations, this includes bothsuppliers and customers. Falters procures many of its raw materials andmeats as locally as possible and is always trying to do more businesswithin our community.Fifth generation Falters, Jason and Cy, have been learning the productand business since before even being able to work in the factory at age18. Going forward, their plan is to continue the Falter tradition ofsupplying quality product to local restaurants, butchers, and grocersthroughout Columbus, Ohio, and beyond.How do I Order?Ordering from Falter's is simple and easy. Call our offices at 614-444-1141and speak with one of our helpful sales representatives. They will behappy to guide you through your order to make sure any questions youmay have are answered. Our office hours are 7am-4pm Monday throughFriday. If calling after hours we have an answering machine to takeyour orders 24 hours a day.Do you Deliver?At Falter's we deliver to all over Ohio and beyond. For customers insideof 270 we deliver several days throughout the work week. Depending onwhat area you are in the sales representatives will be able to give youa good idea of when to expect your order. You can also Pick-up ordersMon-Fri 8:00AM-4:00PM.Why Falter's?After 123 years and 5 generations we are still working hard to buildpersonal relationships with our customers. Our experience results in aquality product you will love. Our passion results in long lastingrelationships with our customers. Our family is always expanding andwe want you to be a part of it.2

Falter's Brands-The categories that have "Falter's" in the title are items that we makeright here in Columbus at OUR plant.We take pride in the recipes and methods that we have used forgenerations.We are confident that you will find something that you can incorporateinto your line-up and be proud of as well.Falters Natural Casing Sausages (Fresh)Item #4150Item DescriptionBratwurst 3# box (4-5 links/lb)Item NotesIn Stock1 #Tray also item#41604163Jalapeno Bratwurst 1#cw (4-5 links/lb)In Stock Seasonal4175Italian Sausage 3# box (4-5 links/lb)In Stock1#Tray also item#41624125"Little Pigs" Bfast link 3# box (10pc/lb)In Stock1#Tray also item#41614050Casing Sausage (Rope) by the #In Stock1#Tray also item#4055Falter's Natural Casing Sausages (Smoked/Cooked)Item #4475Item DescriptionSmoked Sausage(Natural Casing)Order by Pkg 1.5#cwItem NotesIn Stock (Frozen) Alsoavailable Skinless Item#44764479Smoked Sausage w/ Jalapeno(Natural Casing)Order by Pkg 1.5#cwIn Stock (Frozen) Alsoavailable Skinless item#44804525Natural Casing WienerOrder by Bag 4-5#cwIn StockAlso Available RetailPack Item# 45304552Natural Casing Jumbo FrankOrder by Bag 4-5#cwIn StockAlso Available 3 to apack retail. Item#45333

4551Natural Casing (HOT) Jumbo FrankIn StockAlso Available 3 to apack retail Item #45344575Natural Casing Garlic LinksIn StockAlso available 3 to apack retail Item#45314500Polish Sausage Mild (Collagen Casing)In Stock4501HOT Polish Sausage (CollagenCasing)In Stock5011Pizza Sausage Sticks (Nibblers) 4-5lbpackIn StockFalter's Fresh Sausages(Bulk Options)Item #4075Item DescriptionFresh Pork Sausage 6# Tubes by pcThis is our lean blend (same recipe as"little pig" breakfast links)Item NotesIn Stock4102Bulk "Double X" Fresh Pork Sausage30-40# Box(This is our less lean blend, samerecipe as 1# Roll)In Stock 2 day notice4179Fresh Italian Sausage 6# Tubes by pcIn Stock(Frozen)Available 30-40# boxJust Ask!41001# Roll Breakfast Sausage 8#/boxIn Stock41011# Roll "HOT" 8#/boxIn Stock4165Chorizo Bulk 6# tubes (Frozen)In Stock4

Falter's Deli and Loaf Items(Listed in order of Popularity)Item #4250Item DescriptionSpecial German Bologna 12#cwItem NotesIn StockAvailable in Chub 3#cw4275Old Fashioned aka Garlic aka BungBologna 10#cw IncrementsIn Stock2250Smoked Visking Ham 10#cw NaturalJuicesIn Stock2100Cooked Boiled Ham 10# cwIn Stock2325Smoked Heavenly Ham Natural Juices10#cwIn Stock4650Honey Loaf "Pressed" 8# cwIn Stock4700Pepper Loaf "Old Style" 6#In Stock4800Braunschweiger 5# tubeIn StockAlso Available in ChubItem#4801and 1# Mini retailItem#48024875Liver Pudding Pan 6# loafIn StockAlso available 1# ringitem #48764325Deli Roll Bologna (Red Casing) 12#cwIn Stock4350Cooked, Salami 5 Inch diameter 10#cwIn StockFalter's BACON!!!!Item #2500Item DescriptionBacon Bulk Sliced (Shingled) 25# BoxItem NotesIn Stock26501# retail Falters bacon 12# per boxIn Stock2405Peppered Bacon (Shingled) 25# boxIn Stock1#packs item#24042400Slab Bacon (Rindless)In Stock2401Slab Bacon (Rind On)Usually In Stock2526Smoked Jowl CryovacedIn Stock5

Falter's Smoked HamsItem #2203Item DescriptionOld Fashioned B/I skin on SmokedHam (not fully cooked) 17/upItem NotesIn Stock2255Skinless & Shankless Smoked Ham17/upIn Stock2300Boneless, Skinless, Netted SmokedHam (fully cooked) 12/upIn StockAvailable in Halves item#23022301Handy-Ham (Partial Shank) FullyCookedIn Stock2290Petite Smoked Ham Netted (FullyCooked) 3/upIn StockFalter's Smoked Misc.Item #2584Item DescriptionSmoked Pork Loin Center Cut(not fully cooked) by the pcItem NotesIn Stock -Ask aboutSmoked Porkchops2140Smoked Cottage Butts 3/upIn Stock Available inSliced(Bavarian/Canadianbacon retailpacks)item#25922558Smoked Pork Shanks Cryovac Pack bypcIn Stock2557Smoked Pork Hocks Cryovac 2pc PackIn StockFalter's Hot Dogs437510/1 Hot Dog 1# pack 12#/boxIn Stock455710/1 Hot Dog 2# pack 12#/boxIn Stock437610/1 Hot Dog 6# bulk boxIn Stock43858/1 Hot Dog 10# bulk boxIn Stock (Frozen)43708/1 All Beef Dog 1# packs 10#boxIn Stock (Frozen)6

Fresh PorkFresh Pork LoinItem #Item DescriptionItem Notes1100Pork Loins 17/up (2 pc)In Stock1108Center Cut Pork Loins (2 pc)In Stock1110Boneless Pork Loins (1 pc)In Stock1825Pork Tenderloin (1pc)In Stock1115Pork Boneless sirloin (35# box 3 bags)In StockFresh Pork ShoulderItem #14001500Item DescriptionBoston Butt Bone-in (2pc)Shoulder PicnicItem NotesIn StockAvail. By S.O.Fresh Pork RibItem #12051225Item DescriptionPork Spare Ribs (3pc)Pork Back Ribs (BabyBack) (1pc)Item NotesIn StockIn Stock (Frozen)7

Fresh Pork SideItem #1605Item DescriptionRindless Fresh Side (1pc)Item NotesIn Stock1610Rindless Fresh Side Sliced (1# packs)In Stock (Frozen)Order in quantities of 6.1602Cured Rindless Fresh Side (1pc)Usually In StockFresh HamsItem #1704Item DescriptionFresh Ham B/I Skin on 18/up (1pc)Item NotesIn Stock1713Cured Ham B/I Skin on (1pc)Usually in Stock1705Fresh Hams, Boned and NettedIn StockFresh Pork Misc.Item #1000Item DescriptionPork Lard (5 Gal)Item NotesIn Stock1001Pork Lard (1# retail)In Stock1790Pork Trim 70/30 (by the #)In Stock1800Pork Trim 80/20 (by the #)In Stock1801Pork Trim 60/40 (by the #)In Stock1830/1840 Fresh pork Hocks/Fresh pork ShanksAsk about availability.8

Fresh BeefFresh Beef GrindsItem #3502Item Description80/20 Fine Grind box/tubesItem NotesIn Stock350070/30 Fine Grind box/tubesIn Stock359085/15FineGrind(Beef Round)box/tubesIn StockFresh Beef PrimalsItem #3850Item DescriptionAngus B/I Ribeye, Choice 18/upItem NotesIn Stock3851Angus Ribeye Bnls, Choice 15/upIn Stock, Ask AboutSlicing Steaks3861Angus XT Strip Loin, Choice 10/upIn Stock, Ask AboutSlicing Steaks3862Angus XT Top Butt Sirloin, Choice12/upIn Stock3860Angus XT Short Loin, ChoiceIn Stock3863Angus Peeled Tenderloin, Choice 6/upIn Stock9

Fresh Beef Primals cont.3864Angus Flank Steaks, Choice 5/bagIn Stock3560Cow Tender (no grade) 5/upIn Stock. Ask aboutSlicing Steaks3563Beef Tender, SelectIn Stock3852Angus XT Shoulder Clod, ChoiceIn Stock3853Angus XT Chuck Roll, Choice 20/upIn Stock3856Angus XT Peeled KnuckleIn Stock3857Angus XT Inside RoundsIn Stock3858Angus XT Flats, ChoiceIn Stock3859Angus XT Eye Of Round, ChoiceIn Stock3507Point Off Bnls Beef Brisket, ChoiceIn StockFresh Beef Offals and Misc3075Beef TongueUsually In Stock, orderahead3025Beef LiverUsually In Stock, orderahead3042Beef Femur Bones by pc or boxIn StockFresh Lamb and Veal3800Veal Liver by box (8-10lb)Avail. By S.O.3801Veal Hind Shanks by box(6pc 20-25lb)Avail. By S.O.3803Veal Loins by box (3pc 30lb box)Avail. By S.O.3804Veal Leg (1pc/1box)Avail. By S.O.3805Veal Hind (1 per box)Avail. By S.O.3806Veal Top Round by box(12lb box 1pc)Avail. By S.O.3807Imported Lamb Legs (50lb box)Avail. By S.O.3794Ground Veal 1lb packs 16#boxAvail. By S.O.10

3808Lamb Legs 3pc boxAvail. By S.O.3809Lamb Leg Semi-bnlsAvail. By S.O.3814Lamb Racks Block Ready 4pc Box 12#Avail. By S.O.3815Lamb ShanksAvail. By S.O.3816Lamb Stew 10# boxAvail. By S.O.3820Ground Lamb 1lb packs 16#boxAvail. By S.O.Other Deli Items4355Hard Salami 4/pc a box 10#BoxIn Stock5003Pepperoni, Sandwich Size 4/pc10#BoxIn Stock5025Smithfield Chopped HamIn StockCheese5128Sharp Cheddar Block (Natural) 10#cwIn Stock5135Horseradish 5# BlocksIn Stock5137Mini PepperJack 5-6lbsIn Stock5138Mini Kojak 5-6lbsIn Stock5139Mini Colby 5-6lbsIn Stock5140Smoked Hot Pepper Cheese 5#In Stock5141Smoked Swiss CheeseIn Stock5142Smoked Cheddar CheeseIn Stock5150American 5# uncut BlockIn Stock5151American Pre-Sliced 5# BlockIn Stock5153Cheese and Pepperoni 5# BlockIn Stock5175Longhorn Colby 12#cwIn Stock5181Mozarella Cheese 6#cwIn Stock5183Provolone 10#cwIn Stock5184Pepper Cheese 5#In Stock5186Super Sharp 10# (processed)In Stock5188Guggisburg Baby Swiss 5# WheelIn Stock5190Swiss Cheese 9#cwIn Stock11

Thanks for checking out our product guide.To place an order or ask questions about the items on this list oranything else just call:1-614-444-11411-800-325-MEATEmail: Sales@FaltersMeats.comONLINE:Find Pictures of our products on the website!WWW.FaltersMeats.comFalter's Fine Meats#FaltersMeats12

Slicing Steaks 3563 Beef Tender, Select In Stock 3852 Angus XT Shoulder Clod, Choice In Stock 3853 Angus XT Chuck Roll, Choice 20/up In Stock 3856 Angus XT Peeled Knuckle In Stock 3857 Angus XT Inside Rounds In Stock 3858 Angus XT Flats, Choice In Stock 3859 Angus XT Eye Of Round, Choice In Stock 3507 Point Off Bnls Beef Brisket, Choice In Stock

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