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Center Cut Pork ChopsBoneless SirloinTip Steak or KabobsBONE-IN179FreshCutDailyThis Sale Price Good On ANY Size Pkg.4This Sale Price Good On ANY Size Pkg.DELIlb.Large IcelandicOcean FreshHaddockFilletsDELI99999399Large White Eggs3Save 40 eeChocolateChipCookies SugarSave 1.002SELECT VARIETIES BAKE & RISEPizzaSave 2.97FROZEN28 oz.12-14 oz. BAGPastrySale33 10for7.4-19 oz. PKG.Light Crust WithA Chewy CenterFresh BakedThroughout the Day26Save 20 179forMEAT SOUPSSaleStarts“Sunday”ParisianBreadSave Up To 7.98PROGRESSO TRADITIONAL20VARIETIES99BAKERY 399Save 1.0030 oz.Entenmann’s10.3-11.3 oz.forCape CodPotatoChips999925 Dynamic Duo Terrific TrioforSave 1.50 Cheese Pepperoni Supreme 3 MeatSave 98 Save 1.5024 1 Sweetened UnsweetenedLittlePotatoCompany 10.5 oz. PKG.forAlmond BreezeAlmond MilkSave 1.98 Classic Roast Colombian Half Caff French Roast Breakfast Blend11.75-12.07 oz.3-LB. BAGSunburstsTomatoesSave 1.583 10 64 oz.CONT.Nature Sweet8 Varieties6-11 oz. BAGSave 4.97 Brown Eggs”Pizza Cheese PepperoniSave 2.00lb.Save 2.00lb.AmerilanderImportedSwiss Cheese249SEAFOODSpiralRecipe HamSave 50 lb. 99FreshCutDailylb.Boneless Chicken TendersSave 3.00lb.Beef LoinSave 20 lb.Save 2.0018.5-19 oz.CAN34 forNov. 4th - Sat. Nov. 10th17 oz.RyeBreadsSave 2.986 VARIETIES16 oz. LOAF25 forStore Hours:Mon. - Sat. 7AM-9PMSunday 7AM-7PMQuantity Rights Reserved. Not Responsible for Typographic or Illustration Errors. Bottle Deposit & Tax Where Applicable (2018’)

Red SeedlessScarlotta GrapesSave 50 Compare & SaveWonderfully crisp texturepaired with that rich, sweetgrape flavor we all knowand love makes thesegrapes the perfect treat.Imported TropicalMangosTommy Atkins VarietySave 30 99 Mangos Contain Over20 Different VitaminsAnd Minerals.ea.PeeledGarlicNO WORKNO WASTESave 50 lb.1CaliforniaPomegranatesLarge Size99lb.1Save 1.002469lb. forFULL OF ANTIOXIDANTS!HoneycrispApplesVeggie Noodlesor Rices High In Vitamin C Low In Calories No Fat No CholesterolSpaghetti StyleNoodlesSave 50 lb.An Explosive Crisp,Juicy & Sweet Apple.A Good Source OfDietary Fiber & Vitamin C.Save 20 1 Zucchini Carrot Beet Butternut Sweet Potato Summer Squash294 VarietiesShiratakiTofu NoodlesSave 50 Save 70 2992-LB.BAG99DELICIOUS &NUTRITIOUS GREENSFreshKaleSave 50 Super Rich In Iron& Minerals. Highin Vitamins A&C.1349Save50 16 oz.CONT.79 lb.Ready PacSaladsSave 50 4.75-7.75 oz.Veggie Rice299A LARGE SELECTION OF ORGANICITEMS AVAILABLE DAILY Cauliflower Zucchini Broccoli Butternut SquashGOURMET GARDENLightly DriedHerbsSave 80 299.35-.42 oz.PKG.bch.Save 20 lb.High in VitaminsA, C & Iron.5 Varieties29ChicoryorEscarole99 8 oz. PKG. 6 oz.PKG.House FoodsLettuceSave 50 lb.Brown or WhitePearl Mushrooms4 Pack ArtisanYellow CookingOnions199OrganicBroccoliCrownsCan be used as toppings or asa substitute for bread crumbs.299Save70 8-10 oz.No WorkNo WasteSave 50 lb.199lb.P O T TE D PL A N T S & B OU QUE T SColorful roses &vibrant blooms.Rose GroveBouquetAnthuriumsRed or Orange5 INCH POT10 STEMS1289999Fruit & VeggieJuice Smoothies Mighty Mango Blue Machine Green Machine Red Machine Orange Mango Berry Blast15.2oz.Save Protein Zone98 BTL. Kale Blazer Bright Beets Strawberry BananaLocated In The Produce Dept.PLEASE FOLLOW US ONCalla LilyIn AssortedFall Colors6 INCH POT1199MIGHTYGOOD JUICESave 98 25 for@MARKETBASKETEffective 11-4-18 to 11-10-18. Quantity Rights Reserved. Not Responsible for Typographic or Illustration Errors. Bottle Deposit & Tax Where Applicable.

QUALITY SELECTION SERVICE at the DELI Roast BeefBELGIOIOSO ProvoloneCheeseSave 1.00lb.SlicedAsDesired Baked Ham6Save 1.00lb.99lb. 3Save 1.00lb.994Save 1.00lb.3lb.99ImportedItalianlb.2Save 1.00lb.A PizzaFavorite994 oz.PKG. Cilantro Lime Chipotle Garlic Butter Sesame Ginger Risotto Jambalaya Creamy Parmesan CoconutOcean FreshWild, All NaturalPollockFilletsFresh FarmRaised99Idaho DressedRainbow TroutCompare & Save4Save 1.00lb.499lb.Fresh DugSteamer ClamsCleaned &Desanded99PRODUCT OFPREVIOUSLYFROZENATHENOSFetaShakersPRODUCT OF MEXICO Fat Free 5 oz.16 oz.CONT.FreshMozzarellaSave 50 299Chunk IntoAntipasto!16 oz.PKG.7lb.FROZENMedium EZ-PeelShell-On Shrimp41-50ct. perpound2-LB. BAG 11.89FROZENFROZEN2-LB. BAG 13.8916 oz.69916 oz.PKG. Butterfly Coconut TempuraEXTRA MATURE6Quality SeafoodFrom PortugalCompare & Save Hard Shell Clams 10 oz. PKG. 2 5 Cooked Mussel Meat 10 oz. PKG. 2.99 Cooked Clam Meat 10 oz. PKG. 3.99 Quail26 oz. PKG. 10.99forFROZENYancey’sFresh CheddarCheese CurdsSave 40 9916 oz.PKG.AHealthySnack.A Key ComponentFor Poutine.6 oz.PKG.GREAT PAIRINGSImportedItalian OlivesImportedItalian Calabrian Olives Greek Feta Salad Greek Feta Salad: Bite sized cubes of feta cheesepaired with green and black Calamata pitted olivesmarinated in savory herbs and spices. Pitted Calabrian Olives: Typical Calabrian olive witha fruity taste, enriched with spicy and natural flavors.4Salami &Asiago Cheese4599911 oz.4 oz.PKG.199LaClareGoatCheeseSave Up To 2.00Save 40 Compare & Save4999 oz.9 oz.10 oz.FROZENGRAFTON VILLAGE Handcrafted FromRaw Cows’ Milk. Creamy, Mellow & TartforSave 1.002 Year AgedVermont CheddarSave 2.0026 16 oz.Save 1.00Compare & Save1299Wild HaddockFillets*Available In Most MARKET BASKET Stores Handcrafted From Raw Cows’ Milk Aged To Perfection For Over 2 Years PDO Protected Designation of Origin7995Save 1.00Legal Sea FoodsBreaded ShrimpSave 1.00lb.Save 1.00lb.ParmigianoReggiano9941-50ct. perpound2-LB. BAG 15.8999AmbriolaSave 60 99Extra LargeCooked ShrimpSave oz.PKG.FROZENDry BayScallopsSave GourmetShrimp Rice BowlsSave 2.00lb.8399At Its Best!Frozen.Ocean CodFresh FilletsWildAllNaturallb.SlicingPepperoniSave 50 Fresh Fish!Get Hooked On.449NapoliSalamiMcCadamMuenster CheeseGreatMeltingCheeseSave 50 Roasted Turkey BreastSave 1.00lb. Brown Sugar399AuthenticItalian Taste!299 Raw Cheddar Pepper Jack Goat Feta6 oz.PKG.QUALITY CHEESE OF WISCONSINBELGIOIOSO FONTINACheeseSave 1.00 Gluten Free rBST Free2998 oz.PKG.RothOrganicGoudaRed AppleBourbonGoudaSave 1.00Save 1.003998 oz.PKG.RiservaTraditionalRomano Smoked Gruyere 100% All Natural 100% Vegetarian Kosher2998 oz.PKG.Compare & SaveNaturally Aged Over 6 Months.Made From PasteurizedPart Skim Cows’ Milk.599lb.FESTIVAL OF CHEESEAt Your Burlington MA43 Middlesex Turnpike FREE GREAT RECIPES FREEGIVEAWAYS COUPONS SAMPLES RAFFLESFriday Nov. 9, 11-5 Saturday Nov. 10, 10-4Over 30 Different Varieties of Cheese to Sample!PLEASE FOLLOW US ON@MARKETBASKETEffective 11-4-18 to 11-10-18. Quantity Rights Reserved. Not Responsible for Typographic or Illustration Errors. Bottle Deposit & Tax Where Applicable.

BEEF PORK POULTRYPrime Young TurkeysPork ChopsFreshCutDailyBONE Blade Cut Sirloin EndPork LoinRoastSave 20 lb.149BONE-IN Save 20 lb.FreshCutDaily1lb.SimplyMashed Potatoeslb.Save 60 lb.69 Netted Basted Tender Timed FROZEN 10-14lbs. 16-20lbs.LIMIT 2 PLEASE Traditional Sweet Potato Garlic Sour Cream & Chive Skinny Pepper Skinny Sea Salt49 Rib Sirloin lb.Eye RoundRoastSave 1.00lb.Save 60 25 for24 oz. PKG.299FreshCutDailylb.ANTIBIOTIC FREE ORGANICWholeChickens Chicken ThighsBoneless& Skinless2 Antibiotic Freelb.149 Antibiotic FreeSave 40 lb.3 Antibiotic Freelb. Antibiotic Free2996 oz.PKG.99Jones Uncured Turkey BaconJumbo Chicken FranksCompare & Save99 lb.399Bacon Wrapped Angus FilletFROZEN10 oz.PKG.499Baby Back Pork RibsSave 1.0034 oz.PKG.1199Save 50 32 oz.CONT.299FROZEN20-32 oz.PKG.FROZEN449EntreesFROZEN24-28 oz.PKG.FROZEN5-LB.BOX1599FROZEN20 oz.PKG.349Save 50 Original Onion19921.20 oz. PKG.FROZENStouffer’s Mac & CheeseSave 50 FAMILYSIZE2 5FROZENfor40 oz.PKG.599Beef PattiesSave 80 9-14 oz.PKG.Save 50 Cavendish Hash BrownsGardein11 Varieties369Reser’s Sides Scallop Potatoes Baked Mac & Cheese Augratin Potatoes 4 Cheese Mac & CheeseSave 98 9 Varieties12 oz.PKG.FROZEN Dino Buddies Nuggets Save 1.50 Panko Chicken Nuggets Panko Chicken TendersOur Best Beef BurgersSave 1.50499649399Save 30 Original Maple34935.5-42 oz. PKG.24 oz.PKG.Sausage BiscuitYummy ChickenFROZENSave 70 FROZENSave 50 16 oz. TUB349Hometown SausageBuddig Premium Meat Honey Ham Oven Roasted Turkey Honey Turkey BreastSave 80 Patties LinksSave 1.00Save 1.5018-24 oz. PKG.20.8 oz.PKG.499Golden Platter Chicken Disney Honey Nuggets Chicken Nuggets Chicken Tenders Plain ItalianSave 1.00100%Natural549GroundTurkey93% LEANKahiki Chicken Fried RiceButcher Shop Pickles Dill Spears Half Sour Halves Bread & Butter Chips42 oz.PKG.322-25.5 oz.PKG.Save 50 FAMILYPACK5 4 Varieties329Natural CasingPolish KielbasaKoch Foods ChickenSave 1.00ChefRequested14 oz. PKG.1916 oz.PKG.Save 70 Sweet Italian Buffalo Apple Roasted GarlicSave 80 Chicken Sausage99Diced orCubed Ham279Save 70 lb.Save 50 20 oz.PKG.Save 20 lb. Hickory Smoked Apple Cider399BuitoniFresh Pasta Tortellini Tortelloni Raviolilb.Ham Quarter69916 oz. PKG.Reserve Pre-SlicedHoney HamSave 1.30494Classic Boneless Cheddar & Steakhouse Swiss, Pepper, OnionSave 1.5092%LEANlb.Carando Sliced Bacon649Save 50 lb.Laura’s Ground Beef494Save 50 DiLuigi Turkey Burgers712 oz. PKG.Save 50 lb.5 Chicken Cutlet w/Artichoke & Cheese Chicken Parmesan1-LB.PKG.Save 1.00WinchesterFarmsFresh! OrganicMaple Glazed Sliced BaconSave 30 29993%LEAN993-LB. FedGround BeefSave 1.00 1-LB. PKG.5 OrganicBoneless Honey Roasted HamCompare & Save8 oz. 50 Jumbo Meat Franks1-LB. PKG.Save 1.00lb.UncuredHam SteakThin SlicedChicken Cutlets29Chicken BreastSave 40 lb.Save 40 lb.29Boneless & Skinless Caribbean Mild Jamaican Spicy349Save 30 10 oz.PKG.FROZEN249Premium PorkRoll SausageSave 1.00Great For Holiday Stuffing!PLEASE FOLLOW US ON Regular Hot16 oz.ROLL299@MARKETBASKETEffective 11-4-18 to 11-10-18. Quantity Rights Reserved. Not Responsible for Typographic or Illustration Errors. Bottle Deposit & Tax Where Applicable.

“Check Out Our New Made To Order Platters”See The Deli Manager For Details & BrochureMINI SHRIMP PLATTERMINI PLATTER CONTAINS:JumboCooked Shrimp&Cocktail Sauce2299Save 2.00Serves Up To 7-9CALIFORNIANPLATTER CONTAINS: Red Seedless Grapes Green Seedless Grapes Fresh Strawberries Fresh Blackberries Pepper Jack Cheese Havarti Cheese Cheddar Cheese Or choose from our list ofyour favorite cheeses.2499Save 3.00Serves Up To 15SNACKERS DELIGHTPLATTER CONTAINS: Cheddar Cheese Muenster Cheese Pepper Jack Cheese Orange American Cheese Carando Slicing Pepperoni Carando Genoa Salami Crackers Olives Or choose from our list of2499Save 2.00Serves Up To 15your favorite cheeses.ANTIPASTO TRAYTRAY CONTAINS: Cheddar Cheese Prosciutto Panino Pitted Jubilee Olives Peppered Salami Calabrese Salami Dry Salami3499Save 2.00Serves Up To 25CHARCUTERIE TRAYTRAY CONTAINS: Parma Prosciutto Sopressata Genoa Salami Parmesan Cheese Asturi BruschettiniVirgin Olive Oil Flavor Whole Grain Mustard Bread & Butter PicklesPLEASE FOLLOW US ON3499Save 2.00@MARKETBASKETEffective 11-4-18 to 11-10-18. Quantity Rights Reserved. Not Responsible for Typographic or Illustration Errors. Bottle Deposit & Tax Where Applicable.

DA I R YSave Up to 1.00Everyday Low PriceLifewayKefir SmoothieNatalie’sOrange Juice Organic 3.89 GrapefruitHALF GAL.Save 98 Save 1.00Save 98 25 32 oz.BTL.232 oz.BTL.for99SabraHummusPub CheeseSpread10 oz. PKG.8 oz. CUP24 25 Sharp Garlic Port Winefor SQUEEZE32 oz. CONT.Save 30 Save 98 169 Chunk Mozzarella16 oz. PKG.16 oz.PKG.67 oz.BTL.32 oz.PKG.for2 PACK / 24 oz.2 Salted Unsalted12 oz. PKG. Sides Egg RollsforRed BaronClassic Pizza25Everyday Low Price9999 Cheese Pepperoni Deluxe 3 Meat12 oz.PKG.forSaveLight & FitYogurt 4 Pack 97 36 for19 oz. PKG.312 oz. PKG.10 oz. PKG.Save 1.17Save 1.45ze3625 99 All Natural 3.99forfor55 Vegetable Minestrone Split Pea Chicken Noodle Barley MushroomforTotino’sPizza RollsTGIFParty Packs50 COUNT22 oz. PKG.Save 1.00Everyday Low Price Cheese Pepperoni Supreme Combination Bacon & Pepperoni36924 oz.PKG. BBQ Wings Buffalo Wings Potato Skins Mozzarella SticksSave 3.45Save 98 5 oz. PKG.23Flavors23 Blueberry Buttermilkfor6 PACK / 7 oz.KempsFrozen Yogurt24Flavors2for16 oz. PKG.Save 98 Everyday Low Price25 9948 oz.PKG.55 OutshineFruit Bars48 oz. PKG. Low Fat Fat Free699Good FoodMade SimpleWafflesGood FoodMade SimpleBreakfast Burritos7VarietiesforSave 98 forTabatchnickSoup Singles Cheddar BakeNew Si36 5 Cheese Pepperoni Sausage Supreme 3548 oz. PKG.forStouffer’sMac & Cheese Turkey HillIce Cream3 5Save 2.0799Compare & SaveEveryday Low Price40 oz.PKG.forAthensMini Shells Sara LeePerfect PairingsPies 16 oz.PKG.9 PACK / 18 oz.Save 1.5013 oz. PKG.Save 40 ONE DOZEN26 oz. PKG. Stouffer’sFrench BreadPizza21 oz. PKG.Poppy’sPierogiesLand O LakesBrown EggsEllio’sCheese PizzaEveryday Low PriceSave 78 99Blake’sChicken Pie White Meat Turkey Pie 22 oz.26 oz. PKG.for22 PACK / 16 oz.Save 1.50993 10Save 1.002489 PillsburyCrescentRolls99for25for216 oz. PKG. 24 Sharp WineSave 1.78KahikiBowls535 Everyday Low PriceOre IdaFrench Fries Apple WildberrySave 1.78Save 1.00Save 20 Sour Cream Cheddar Onion SwissSave 1.00PillsburyCinnamonRolls16 oz. PKG. Brick Oven Thin Crust14 oz. CUPEveryday Low PriceSweet Peas14Varieties8 oz. BAR5 3 FROZEN FOOD Cut Corn Peas & Carrots Cut Green Beans French Cut Green Beans Mixed VegetablesONEGAL.Cheddar Bars for2ButterQuarters99Activia or Save 95 Danone seSave 1.0025 1% 2% Whole ChocolateOld FashionedCheddar CupsGalbaniRicotta CheeseDaisySour CreamHoodMilkGallonsSave Up to 1.0025 Colby Jack Extra Sharp Pepper JackforMilk PricesNot Valid in TheState of Maine Sweetened UnsweetenedSave 1.58Save Up to 1.98 Guacamole 8 oz.Almond BreezeAlmond Milk 6 Pack 12 PackforFor TheWhole FamilyPLEASE FOLLOW US ON@MARKETBASKETEffective 11-4-18 to 11-10-18 Quantity Rights Reserved. Not Responsible for Typographic or Illustration Errors. Bottle Deposit and Tax where Applicable

More For Your Dollar!PrinceLasagnaRaguPasta SauceCainsMayonnaise16 oz. PKG.24 oz. JAR30 oz. JARSave 58 Save 1.00Save 1.98232325 forforBarillaReady Pasta8 oz. CANSave 38 2352Filippo BerioPestoCapatritiExtra VirginOlive Oilfor199968 oz.CANGravyMasterforHeinzMayonnaise12 oz. BTL. Squeeze 19 oz.25 99forCainsSweet MixPicklesCompare & SaveSave 58 29925 14 oz.JARHeinzKetchup426SelectVarietiesforSaladaTea Bags99SplendaSweetenerSave 50 Save 1.0015Save 1.01QuakerOld FashionOatsCanada DrySeltzers12 PackSave 5.964 10 for18 PACKS451General MillsChex Cereal7 Varieties25 12 oz.PKG.forWaistWatcher25 for11992 LTR. BTL.Save 20 Compare & Save479 8 - 12 oz. BTLS. 12 - 12 oz. CANSforBEER & WINE24 14.6 oz.PKG.for552 LTR.BTL.1899Save 2.00 Smuttynose Angry Orchard UFO 603 Tuckerman Stony Creek Jack’s Abby forNew Hampshire &Maine Stores Only30 PACKSSave 1.00 Budweiser Bud Light Coors Light Molson Labatt Miller Lite12 PACKS10PACKSave 3.453 12 99Kellogg’sSparklePop TartsSave 2.96 PLEASE FOLLOW US ONfor 7Up A&W Country Time Pepsi Mtn Dew SchweppesSave 2.00 Guinness Draught Shed Pilsner Urquell Goose Island53 CarnationInstantBreakfastBEVERAGESSave 3.0016998.5 oz.PKG.Compare & SaveSave 1.0030 PACKS Corona Twisted Tea Stella Artois Heineken12 PACKSJiffyCorn MuffinMixforCompare & Save9.3 - 15.1 oz.24 QuakerInstantOatmeal forSave 1.00886.5 - 6.7 oz.992.8 oz. BARSave 62 24Old El PasoDinner KitCompare & SaveGatoradeProtein BarsQuakerGranolaBars99951 oz.BOXfor200 COUNT Green Tea 40 Count8 PACK Quick OatsBag InA Box 99BuddyFruit Tubes18 oz.PKG.Save 1.00Save 1.00100 COUNT99Save 58 MarconiExtra VirginOlive OilSave 51 99for9.4 - 14 oz. PKG.16 oz. CANSave 1.0012COUNT26 30 oz.JARforBush’sBaked BeansSave 98 New EnglandCoffeeK-Cups 22 oz.JAR Simply Ketchup 31 oz.38 oz.BTL.Save 98 Save 98 Compare & Save9999 Food NetworkSalad DressingWholeOnions5 oz. BTL.Save 20 214 oz. / Bowls 3.3 oz.Save 5.003 Varieties5 oz. BAG forMrs. Cubbison’sCroutonsSave Up to 98 Save 50 forMaruchanYakisobaInstant NoodlesHunt’sTomato Sauce8.5 oz. PKG.6.7 oz. JAR 1299Save 4.00 High Life Honey Brown Pabst Busch Rolling Rock12 PACKS Cisco New Castle Presidente Spiked Seltzer1499Save 2.001099@MARKETBASKETEffective 11-4-18 to 11-10-18 Quantity Rights Reserved. Not Responsible for Typographic or Illustration Errors. Bottle Deposit and Tax where Applicable

More For Your Dollar!TuttorossoTomatoes28 oz. CANSave 30 9934 oz.BTL.Jolly TimeMicrowavePopcornSave 58 155for64 oz.BTL. 10 LB.JUGforLindtTruffles262413.1 - 20 oz. PKG.8 oz. PKG.13 oz. CAN20.6 oz. PKG. forcheribundiCherry Juice432 oz. BTL.Save 3.00Save 1.00399 33.8 oz.BTL.9916 oz.BTL.10 PACKONE GAL.25forPoland SpringSparkling8 PACK CANSSave 50 Save 98 2125 forSPECIALTY FOODSforWonderWhite BreadWasaCrispbread40 COUNT7 - 9 oz. PKG.16 oz. LOAFSave 98 Save 98 Save 2.5827forHeroFruit Spread12 oz. JAR25 Save 2.00Save 98 25 for23 forBob’s Red MillAlmondFlour16 oz.PKG.7Save 10 79 CoreNatural6 PACKSave 1.00499BAKERY SHELFBigelowGreen Tea forCrystal GeyserWater 45 Capri SunDrinks16 Select Varieties99Poland SpringSparklingWaterSave 98 forSave 1.00Compare & SaveCompare & Save499HintFlavoredWaterRiver QueenMixed NutsNabiscoRitz Crackers2526.5 oz.PKG.forfor24 PACKforSave 1.002527Crystal GeyserWater26 NutellaHazelnutSpread 3Save 1.98Compare & SaveCompare & SaveSnappleIced Tea6 Pack7 oz BAGforKeeblerToasteds26forSun Chips24NabiscoOreo CookiesilyFam eSiz25 Smartfood 8.5 oz. forfor 9 oz. 40 Count 18 oz. 28 Count Regular 18 oz.30 CountSave 78 Save 98 3.5 oz. BARSave 98 Save 1.00799LindtExcel Bars5.1 oz. PKG.8.75 - 9 oz.SoloPlasticCupsSave 1.0024WisePotato ChipsforCat’s PrideUltimateCat LiterCompare & SaveSelectVarieties23 3 PACKLangers100% AppleJuice1ilyFam eSizfor99 8824 Compare & SaveCompare & Save Popcorn 5.5 - 6 oz. Doodles 8 - 8.5 oz.9920 oz. BTL.4 oz. PKG.64 oz.BTL.9Compare & SaveFrench’sMustardIdahoanPotatoesSave 62 14 oz. PKG.Save 3.50 tra VirginOlive OilforKoffee KupSandwichRollsCompare & Save9925 15 oz. PKG.forEnglish Muffins12 oz. / 6 PACKSave 30 69 Pepperidge FarmRye Breads16 oz. LOAFSave 2.9825 for6 oz.PKG.PLEASE FOLLOW US ON@MARKETBASKETEffective 11-4-18 to 11-10-18 Quantity Rights Reserved. Not Responsible for Typographic or Illustration Errors. Bottle Deposit and Tax where Applicable

More For Your Dollar!WindexGlassCleanerScrubbingBubblesBath Cleaner5 Varieties23 oz.BTL.220 oz.CAN32 oz. BTL.Save 1.38Save 38 3for1092 - 100 oz.BTL.999.7 oz.CAN9952 - 80COUNT36.17 oz.PKG.Save 78 24322 oz.BTL.forCloroxBleach55 - 64 oz. BTL.33 oz. BTL.25 4forCloroxClean-Up7 oz. PKG.10 Varieties9925for12 oz. PKG.Save 98 23 99forSupreme SourceGrain FreeCat FoodCloroxToilet WandRefillsSave 1.00Save 1.00810COUNTSave 2.3825Save 1.58 forforSupreme SourceGrain FreeDog Food5 LB.BAG725 32 oz. BTL.forDuraflameFirelogs6 - 5 LB. LOGSCompare & SaveSave 1.0099399ScentivaLavenderCleaner40 - 60 oz. BTL.25Save 1.0099Pine-SolCleaner 30 oz. BTL. Bar KeepersFriendSave 38 199RenuzitSolids9999Save 2.18743.75 50 oz.CloroxDisinfectingBath Cleaner32 oz. BTL.3 LB.BAGSave 2.0099Save 1.00Save 58 forArm & HammerLaundryDetergentCloroxToilet WandKitC2Color Booster25forSave 1.00 25 ResolveFabricCleanerDialFoamingHand SoapSave 58 Save 1.0099CloroxDisinfectingWipes99Save 98 AirwickFreshmaticRefillsSave 1.007.5 oz.BTL.3.4 oz. PKG.Save 1.002PACKAirwickScentedOil Refills38 oz.CANLysolDisinfectingWipesSave 1.50GladeCandlesSave 20 5 Polish 20 oz. CAN Mega 32 oz.25 forforTideLaundryDetergent30 - 35 COUNT22 oz. BTL.2425Save 98 Save 20 2PACK32 oz. BTL. ScrubbingBubblesShower FoamDranoMax Gel3ShoutStain RemoverSave 38 9999FantastikCleaner99 Crackle 24 lb. (6 - 4 lb.) Gold 27 lb. (6 - 4.5 lb.)179930 LB.BOXHEALTH & BEAUTY CARETRESemme‘ShampooCaressSoap28 oz. BTL.3 PACKSave 50 2Save 1.00Save 1.001299999.45 oz. PKG.2.6 oz. PKG.Q-tipsCottonSwabsSave 1.98Save 70 DoveAnti-Perspirant19924 for375 COUNTTaste You Can TrustCocktailSauce1 Hot Original2.7 oz. PKG.3 Nutmeg 1.1 oz. Pure Anise 1 oz.1.25 oz. Pure Vanilla 1 oz.PKG. Pure Peppermint 1oz.PLEASE FOLLOW US ONSave 4.0092499 10 oz.BTL.9924PACKforSuaveShampooSauveBody WashBath Tissue30 oz. BTL.15 oz. BTL.20 COUNTSave 98 Save 98 Save 2.00239 23 forfor99For Your Holiday RecipesGravy Brown Turkey Chicken8 oz.JAR99Double RollBath TissueSave 1.9899GourmetOrganicCinnamon OrganicNutmeg1.81 oz. 4.99DegreeAnti-PerspirantVaselineIntensive CareLotion.87 oz. PKG.32 forYour Choice!2 Red Food Coloring 1 oz. Green Food Coloring 1 oz. Pure Almond 2 oz. Ground Cinnamon 2 oz.99CinnamonSticks PumpkinPie Spice1.12 oz.499.75 oz.@MARKETBASKETEffective 11-4-18 to 11-10-18 Quantity Rights Reserved. Not Responsible for Typographic or Illustration Errors. Bottle Deposit and Tax where Applicable

MARKET’S KITCHENNiji SushiAvailable Only at Market BasketTeriyakiChicken RollTurkeyDinnerFresh MadeIn StoreChoiceof2 Sides99PKG.Fresh Made Sushi Made With theFreshest & Finest IngredientsTucsonRollSpicy Shrimp TempuraAVAILABLE ATTHE CHECKOUTCHUNKYGIANT SIZEHot or ColdSave 80 5AVAILABLE IN MOSTMARKET BASKET STORESFreshRotisserieFootballFavoriteSave 20 579ea.23 4.25 oz.PKG.forM&M’STopped With Spicy TunaSave 1.00999PKG.Chicken LegQuartersSave 20 No Added Hormones No AntibioticsMashed PotatoesWith or WithoutGravyFresh BrewedCoffee12 oz.CUP99 BreakfastSandwichesMade With FreshCracked EggsYour Choice of Bagel or MuffinSave 49 Available 7 - 11 am. Egg Egg Egg Egg&&&&CheeseBaconSausageCanadian Bacon150ea.199Sub ofThe Weeklb.279lb.Fresh MadeCalzonesCompare & Save Italian Steak Bomb Pepperoni Chicken Broccoli Chicken Parm Meatballs Buffalo ChickenSoup ofThe Week4Save 30 WholeHot & Ready To EatTurkey Sub 99 HaddockMade with PremiumChowderea.Jennie-O Turkey499lb.Save 20 379lb.79 Plain Peanut Caramel1.7 oz. PKG.TRIDENT GUM Spearmint Original Bubblegum Cinnamon Mint Twist Black Raspberry Tropical14COUNT99 BAKERY You’ll Fall For Our Delicious Muffins!BlueberryMuffinsOur Blueberry MuffinsAre So Delicious!Baked Fresh Every Morning.Made WithWild Maine BlueberriesSave 30 299LocalNorth AndoverCompany6 PACK22 oz.Perfect For Fall Family Gatherings!11 Inch PiesApple & Pumpkin Wild MaineBlueberry12.99Save 1.00Save 50 2.99Strudel Puffs Apple Raspberry Blueberry 6 PACK / 8 oz.11 INCH52 - 60 oz.Euro ClassicChocolateCroissantsPurest onftsIngrediePurest onftsIngredie799Save 1.00 5.99Dinner Cakes16 Varieties6 INCH / 28 oz.rFrom OuesaCytrPasSave 50 Save 40 3.59ImportedFrom FranceChocolate ChipCookies14 PACK / 16 oz.Granola3 VarietiesNew!Save 50 9 - 10 oz.Purest onftsIngredieSave 50 ArtisanPetite Rolls 23.49 Ricotta Chocolate RicottaLarge Cannolisfor3.5 oz. EA.Hand Crafted Kettle BoiledAuthentic Artisan Bagels 3.49Purest onftsIngredie6 PACK9 oz.Save 50 Finagle a BagelPurest onftsIngredieSave 50 349 1.496 PACK / 9 oz. Pumpkin Plain AsiagoSave 50 Marble Sea Salt Everything French Toast Sesame Seed Blueberry Jalapeno Cheddar Cinnamon Raisin4 PACK Multigrain Cinnamon Raisin Honey Sunflower20 oz.199Jessica’sTuscanPane 5 SeedGenerously BlendedWith Millet,Save 80 Pumpkin, Sunflower,Flax & Poppy Seeds,AccentedWith Molasses& Honey20 oz.399Save 80 Petite Danish 2.99 Lemon Cheese Raspberry 5 PACK / 7.5 oz.Purest onftsIngredieSave 60 Sub RollsGreat With Fresh Cold CutsBAKERY DEPARTMENT AVAILABLE IN MOST MARKET BASKET STORES 1.996 PACK / 16 oz.NEWRELEASEMOVIES& GAMESLOCATED NEARTHE ENTRANCEAT EACHSTOREPLEASE FOLLOW US ON@MARKETBASKETEffective 11-4-18 to 11-10-18. Quantity Rights Reserved. Not Responsible for Typographic or Illustration Errors. Bottle Deposit & Tax Where Applicable.

Slicing Pepperoni 3 lb. 99 Save 1.00lb. Napoli Salami 299 Save 50 4 oz. PKG. Imported Italian 459 4 oz. PKG. Save 40 Salami & Asiago Cheese 499 Imported Italian Olives 11 oz. Compare & Save Calabrian Olives Greek Feta Salad 2 Save 6 1.00 Cheating Gourmet Shrimp Rice Bowls 8 oz. PKG. for 16 oz. PKG. Lime Chipotle Butter .

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Arthroscopy Instruments Arthroscopy Punches (con't) Basket Punches - Scoop 106-424123130 Basket Punch Scoop, Straight 1.0mm 106-424123151 Basket Punch Scoop, Curved left 1.3mm 106-424123152 Basket Punch Scoop, Curved right 1.3mm 106-424123141 Basket Punch Scoop, Upbiter 1.3mm 106-424123153 Basket Punch Scoop, Upbiter curved left 1.3mm

1.2. MARKET BASKET ANALYSIS Market basket is defined as an itemset bought together by a customer on a single visit to a store. In our visit to the super market we tend to buy a lot of products from different categories and put them all together in one single basket. Which is considered to a be a single transaction. Market

Trays 1Save 50 99 7 oz. Sliced Pepperoni 14 oz. Beef Franks Save 50 299 20.8 oz. Ground Turkey Breast Save 1.004 99 Natural Casing Franks 9Save 50 49 Save 50 Jumbo Meat Franks Compare & Save Compare & Save 109 lb. lb. Florentine Pinwheels Save 30 lb.969 Decosta Linguica or Chourico

BUNNY BASKET A free printable by Fold this tab forward and glue head on the front This becomes the handle Fold and glue side tabs to create your basket Glue front paws to the bottom front of the basket Fold this tab in half and use to stick the tail on the back so it ‘pops’ out a bit Fold along dotted line as well as along the edge of the basket. For non commercial .

Raffle tickets will be 2 for 1, 15 for 5, or 100 for 20. “Best Basket” Rules A chapter can bring only one (1) basket for the raffle. Guidelines must be followed for the basket to qualify. At the end of the night, if your chapter’s basket has the mo

5. Instructors are encouraged to choose a simple design so that the Adventurer(s) will not become discouraged. Work with each child as necessary so all may complete this project. Use local materials such as grapevine, reeds, grasses, etc. 6. Decorate a basket such as a sewing basket, fruit basket, flower basket, or shopping basket to be given .

the Outer Basket and place the Inner Basket on the Air Flow Rack. Insert the Outer Basket into the air fryer. 3. Press the French Fry Button (400 F/204 C) and set the cooking time to 10 mins. 4. When the cooking time is complete, remove the Outer Basket and toss the onion rings. 5. Place the Outer Basket back into the air fryer. 6.

TACO BELL REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR STORE LEVEL C O O K I N G E Q U I P M E NT. Basket Support Rack, Full Vat 803-0132 Basket Support Screen, Full Vat 803-0136 Basket, Twin 803-0271 Basket, Full 803-0099 Basket Support Rack, Dual Vat 803-0133 FRYMASTER - GAS FRYERS H50 SERIES