Step 2: Prepare For The Buyer Consultation

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Step 2: Preparefor the BuyerConsultation1. Prepare for the Appointment2. Customize Your Buyer Guide3. Update Your ValuePropositionStep 2: Prepare for the Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.67

Prepare for theAppointmentCongratulations! Your buyer has agreed to meet with you. Now set thestage for a truly effective meeting. Thorough appointment preparationsare especially important because they give you credibility, add value inthe eyes of your customers, and reassure them that you can help themfind the right property—which is what buyers ultimately want.Words of Wisdom: “Extensive market knowledgeand research is the only thing that will trumpexperience.”68Step 2: Prepare for the Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Success Is in the Details!The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel in yourmeeting. You’ll head into the consultation with everything you need toservice the buyers and turn them into customers!Criteria for Effective Appointments1. You or your assistant should follow up to confirm theappointment and further prequalify by asking any questions youmight have missed on the initial call.TIPWhen you talkwith buyers aboutthe services youprovide, explainhow the servicesbenefit them.2. Refine your Value Proposition based on the customer.3. Build an informative and personalized buyer guide.4. Prepare thoroughly for the consultation by reviewing the leadsheet and have all materials ready in advance.5. Have meeting area prepped and organized—make sure alltechnology is in working order.Everyone Needs to Be at the Table1. Make sure that all decision makers will be present at theappointment. Building rapport first with one individual, then withanother, is awkward, especially if the people involved havedisagreements about buying a house.2. If your buyer answered “yes, purchasing with others” to the leadsheet question, “Purchasing alone or with others”—request that they bepresent at the meeting as well.Meeting in the Office vs. Meeting at the Property1. Your first and best choice is to meet in the office. When you meetyour customers in the office, it puts you in the driver’s seat andgives you an opportunity to display your professionalism and thesupport systems you have at your disposal.Rookie Mistake: Going from the phone, straightto the home, without taking time to qualify the leadthrough the use of the lead sheet.Step 2: Prepare for the Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.69

Update Your Value PropositionTIPRemember tokeep yourpropositionshort andmemorable.Your Value Proposition is the standard and level of service that youcommit to deliver to your buyer, and the value that service brings. It isso your buyer can easily understand what is in it for them. It is what setsyou apart from others and helps you win the appointment.The MREA Value PropositionTop Ten Service Areas of the Buyer Value Proposition1. Needs Analysisx Analyze buyer’s wants and needs.x Help buyer get clear picture of theirideal home.2. Prequalification or Preapprovalx Guide buyer to loan officer.x Obtain prequalification orpreapproval.x Help choose the best mortgagefinance plan.3. Neighborhood Information6. Negotiate the Offerx Present the offer.x Negotiate on buyer’s behalf.7. Vendor Coordinationx Advise and supervise vendorselections.x Coordinate vendor services.8. Preclose Preparationx Coordinate and supervise documentpreparation.x Provide preclose consultation.x Create neighborhood profile search.x Provide list of target neighborhoods 9. Closingand related information for each.x Preview closing documents.x Resolve last-minute issues.4. Home Searchx Complete transaction.x Organize and schedule a home10. Postclosesearch process.x Ongoing updates, drive-byx Coordinate move-in.previews, and showings of availablex Assist with postclose Make an Offerx Compare homes and make decision.x Advise on terms and issues of offer.x Fill out purchase offer contract.70Step 2: Prepare for the Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Pg.Inc.95

ActivityDirectionsDo you have a Value Proposition specifically for buyers? Take a moment to review your currentValue Proposition, or use this outline to draft a new one that is specific to your buyers. Theywant to know “what’s in it for me?”List the benefits you offer to buyers and the compelling reasons to work with you. Consider thelist of services on the previous page, which buyers say they most want from a real estate agent.Buyer Name, I hold myself to a higher standard, and it is my goal tofind you the best property at the best price. It is important to me thatI do , , andfor you. I find that my buyers value thisbecause , and it benefits you because itultimately gets you where you really want to be.When you choose me as your agent, my promise to you isand . You cantrust that you will receive personalized, timely service, which meetsyour needs.Time: 5 minutesStep 2: Prepare for the Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.71

Customize Your Buyer GuideTIPKW Technologyoffers you a 22page digital buyerguide forindividual agentsand teams. Alwayscustomize yourguide to yourbusiness and thetype of buyer.Your buyer willkeep the guide andreference it often,so you want tomake sure it isuseful to them.72One of the many benefits you offer to customersis the buyer guide. Your guide serves as animportant tool as you conduct your consultation.Use your resources and network to build yourbuyer guide and customize the informationaccording to what is going to help your buyer themost.Masters have found that the buyer guide is mostuseful when used to explain each step of thebuying process from A to Z. This educates the buyer and assists in thefacilitation of your consultation.How Masters Customize Their Buyer Guide1. The Home Buying Process Timeline/Overview2. How to Prepare for the Lender3. Buyer Do’s and Don’ts4. How We Find Your New Property5. Local Market Conditions6. What to Expect When Submitting an Offer7. What a Contract Looks Like8. Copy of a Real Estate Contract9. Frequently Asked Questions10. Vendors and ResourcesStep 2: Prepare for the Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

More Buyer Guide ContentsSuggested Contents for Your Buyer Guide1. LetterBusiness CardIntroductionPledge of QualityBiographicalInformation6. Keller WilliamsCulture7. Testimonials8. BuyerQuestionnaire9. FAQs10. Reasons to Buy aHome11. Chamber ofCommerceInformation12. Local Attractions13. Parks and KidActivities14. FinancialWorksheet15. Items Requiredfor LoanApplication16. Credit CheckRequest17. Interest RateChart18. Points on a LoanBuying Process19. Mistakes to Avoid20. Sample Contract21. Making an Offer22. Information onSchools (ifapplicable)23. Timelines on theBuying Process24. Market Analysis25. Pricing Trends26. Price Ranges27. NeighborhoodProfiles28. Inspections29. ServiceProviders30. Title Search31. Closing on aHome32. AgencyDisclosures33. BuyerRepresentationAgreement34. Utility Guide35. Moving Tips36. Property Notes37. Maps withNames ofNeighborhoodsand Zip Codes38. FAQsDownload this!MyKWÆWin with BuyersWhat goes in your buyer guide?Step 2: Prepare for the Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.73

Follow-Up and Confirm the AppointmentTIPWhen you confirmyour appointment,remind the buyer tosend over theirpreapproval letter.Depending on howmuch business youcurrently have, youcan delay theappointment untilthis is in place.Remember “A”buyers can purchasetoday!Always reach out to the buyer and confirm the time and location 24hours in advance. Also Leverage your call by:1. Educating the buyer on benefits of working with you.2. Going through prequalification questions again.3. If there is no answer, confirm through voicemail and send areminder email.Appointment Confirmation ScriptHi, buyer’s name , this is your name with KellerWilliams Realty. We have a consultation appointmentscheduled for date and time at location . I don’t havepreapproval on a loan for you, so I am checking to seewhere you stand on that.“Yes, we are working with XYZ Bank and will have a budget set by the time wemeet.”Okay, excellent. See you tomorrow at time . Please callor email if anything comes up before then.Or, if they have not gotten preapproval,In order to provide useful assistance to you, we need tobe certain about your price range. It would be reallyfrustrating to look at houses that you can’t buy. I’m goingto send you a list of three lenders. Before we meet at myoffice, give one of them a call so you can find out howmuch you qualify for.Rookie Mistake: Not following up at all in hopesthat your buyer will remember the appointment—this may result in a “no show.”74Step 2: Prepare for the Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Section Overview—Step 2: Prepare for the BuyerConsultation1.2.3.4.Prepare for the appointment.Update your buyer guide and Value Proposition.Confirm the appointment.Practice your scripts with a partner!Step 2: Prepare for the Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.75

Your ONE ThingWhat is the ONE Thing that you could do right now—toprepare for the consultation—to make everything elseeasier or unnecessary?Next StepsYou are now well prepared for your meeting. Getready to conduct the buyer consultation!76Step 2: Prepare for the Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Step 3: BuyerConsultation1. Customer Service2. Conduct the Buyer ConsultationBuyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.77

“ Customer servicerepresents theheart of a brandin the hearts ofits customers.”KATE NASSERTHE PEOPLE-SKILLSCOACHCustomer ServiceThe Foundation for a Successful ConsultationAt the heart of success with buyers is the buyer consultation. Althoughyou have already had some contact with your buyer, this is your time tolearn about the buyer’s needs and wants, explain the buying process indetail, lay the foundation for a successful working relationship, andestablish rapport. Buyers work with people they like, so no rapportmeans no Buyer Agency Agreement is signed! When it comes toproviding great customer service to your buyers, the buyer consultationis where all of your preparations will start to pay off.78Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

The Importance of Customer ServiceWhen you communicate with your buyers in the style and language thatthey can relate with, you ultimately maximize your level of customerservice and earn their business.Customer Service yExpectationsSurpassExpectationsx Present your Value Proposition.x Listen to any concerns.x Seek agreement about expectations.TIPRemember totailor yourcustomer serviceto your buyer anddon’t forgetabout their DISCprofile.x Do what you say you will do.x Do it very well.x Check to see how the customer is feelingabout what they are getting.x Resolve any problems.x Provide unexpected service.x Personalize communication with the DISC.x Perform a promised service in an unexpectedway.How do you provide service? Share your tips with the class.Words of Wisdom: “You are in the business ofunderstanding the market and explaining it clearlyand effectively, with service thrown in along theway.”Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.79

Consulting vs. PresentingTIPUse the buyerguide that youcustomized earlieras a tool to guideyou through theappointment.The buyer consultation is not called the “buyer presentation” for a goodreason when you present, you talk. The consultation is your chance toeducate your buyer on the process, ask questions about their needs, learnabout and connect with your buyer.Words of Wisdom: “Put in the time up front soyou don’t have to spend as much time with themlater down the line.”Close along the WayWhile you meet with your buyer and conduct the consultation, use trialcloses throughout to gauge your buyer. Ask for agreement as you goalong. When you have established a pattern of “yes” answers, it is easierto get a “yes” when you get to the Buyer Agency Agreement.Agreement tie-downs:x Can you see the benefit?x Would that work for you?x That’s what you want, correct?FURTHERSTUDYHow do you close? Share your trial closes with the class.Learn more abouttie-downs andother effectivecommunicationtechniques withKW MAPSLanguage of Salesgroup coachingprogram.80Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Conduct the BuyerConsultationThe buyer consultation is the opportunity for you to exercise yourlistening skills! The following diagram illustrates where you should spendthe most time listening to your buyers’ needs and wants during the needsanalysis.TIPAsk plenty ofquestions tolearn about yourbuyer. Listentwice as muchas you speakand truly learnwhat your buyerwants.Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.81

TIPThis is a goodtime to leverageyour websiteinclude theinformation thatevery buyer,regardless oftype, will need toknow. Email thelink to yourbuyers when yousend theappointmentconfirmationemail.Your Consultation MaterialsAt the appointment table, you should have all of the materials that youprepared in the days before, in addition to any other items that you needto successfully conduct your consultation. You or your assistant, if youhave one, should also make sure the meeting room is well stocked, andall technology is properly working.Consultation Materials ChecklistUpdated buyer guide with questionnaireUpdated Value PropositionMobile tablet or laptopExtra pens and notepadsCMA (if buyer has to sell their home)Water for each attendeeNow that you have your materials ready—it’s time tomaster the buyer consultation. Get ready to practice:right here, right now!82Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

ActivityMaster the Buyer ConsultationMaster each section of the buyer consultation! Familiarize yourself witheach stage, on page 81.1. Watch as your instructor role models how to use the buyer guidethroughout the buyer consultation process.2. Team up with a partner and take turns practicing the buyerconsultation. Refer to the scripts on pages 84-93, and the eEdgebuyer guide you brought with you to class.Part 1 – Set the StagePart 2 – Do the Needs Analysis and Educate your BuyerTIPThroughout thischapter you willsee excerptsfrom the eEdgebuyerconsultationquestionnairealong with thescripts. The fullquestionnaire isavailable ineEdge.Part 3 – Share your Value PropositionPart 4 – Set Service ExpectationsPart 5 – Close for the AgreementPart 6 – Establish Next StepsTime: 20 minutesKWConnectWatch the buyer consultation in action! Go to the Win with Buyers coursepage on MyKW, and look for the course videos on the buyer consultation.Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.83

Part 1—Set the Stage“If you build agreat experience,customers telleach other aboutthat. Word ofmouth is verypowerful.”JEFF BEZOSCEO,AMAZON.COMThe buyer consultation works best when the buyer meets you at youroffice or Market Center. Although your end goal is to get the BuyerAgency Agreement signed, you always want to be professional andhospitable to your buyer, regardless of the outcome. When you set thestage, your goals are to1. Welcome, establish rapport, and outline the purpose and missionof the meeting.2. Explain the possible outcomes of the consultation.a. Client signs the Buyer Agency Agreement.b. Client decides to work with another agent.3. Transition the consultation towards the use of the customizedbuyer guide you sent prior to the meeting.Best Practice: Setting the StageChris Heller, top agent in San Diego, Californiaand president of KW Worldwide, welcomes buyersat the entrance to the office. He does a quickpower walk to demonstrate all of the backupsupport that is available. It’s a perfect opportunityfor him to introduce buyers to the people they maytalk to during the home-buying process—areceptionist at his Market Center, his assistant, ortransaction coordinator. If you charge a transaction fee, the power walkis a good opportunity for buyers to see the behind-the-scene servicesthat the fee supports. You would not mention the fee this early, andwhen you bring it up later, you can remind your buyers of the peoplethey saw when they toured the office.Once you walk through the office and introduce your buyer to the officestaff and end the tour, settle into the room where you will be meeting.Note: There are very good, customizable buyer guide materials in eEdge for bothindividuals and teams. If you don’t have a buyer guide, you should use the eEdge oneas your starter and point of reference.84Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Set the Stage ScriptLet’s get started! Thank you for taking the time to meetwith me today. The purpose of our meeting is for me tothoroughly understand your wants and needs so we canfind your ideal home/ property. My job today is to find outwhat kind of home/property will suit your lifestyle, needs,and wants. I’ll educate you on the entire buying process,answer all of your questions, and then find out if this issomething you want to pursue.Before we go visit any properties, we’re going to defineyour ideal home/ property, make sure that it meets yourfinancial needs, and then thoroughly discuss ourexpectations and roles in this business relationship.My mission is to find a house/property that meets yourneeds and is within your budget. We’ll do that with theleast amount of hassle and get you in your newhome/property when you need to be there. How doesthat sound?TIPThe buyer guide isdesigned to walkyou through theappointment stepby-step, so youcapture all of thenecessary detailsyou need toeffectively workwith a buyer. Makesure youcustomize andreview it beforemeeting with yourbuyer.Buyer response.Okay, great. I’m going to use this packet as our guide tomake sure I don’t miss any necessary details.Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.85

TIPAsk plenty ofquestions so youcan find out asmuch as you canabout what ismost important toyour buyer. TheeEdge BuyerGuide has adetailedquestionnaire youcan use tofacilitate theneeds analysis.Part 2—Do the Needs Analysis and Educate YourBuyerThe needs analysis is all about listening toyour buyer and taking notes. You goal is toget to know them and find out as much asyou can about what they want and need.Start the needs analysis with the questionsbelow. Continue the needs analysis byfollowing the detailed questionnaire in theeEdge Buyer Guide.Begin the needs analysis Buyer name , Tell me about the property that you arelooking for.Buyer response.What do you want to buy?Buyer response.What is the propery that you will buy?Rookie Mistake: Talking too much and trying tosell your buyer on your services instead ofconsulting, listening, and helping them through theprocess.86Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Review the Purchase ProcessTIPMost likely, you will have a brand-new buyer, or a buyer that has notpurchased in many years. You will need to review the home-buyingprocess with them to ensure they understand how making a purchaseworks, and how you will help them as their agent.Use this graphic from the KW Market Navigator as your guide.Download this!Leverage theKW MarketNavigator BuyerGuide duringyourconsultation.KW Market Navigator Buyer GuideKMyKWÆWith with BuyersStep 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.87

Review the Mortgage and Lending ProcessTIPIf they do nothave a lender,always offer atleast threereferrals, withyour preferredchoice listed first.Well-prepared buyers will have already spoken to a lender. If this is thecase, ask for a recent preapproval letter. If their lender does not workout, or they do not have one, offer your three recommendations.Financing ScriptsBuyer has their own lender.Have you been preapproved for a certain amount?Buyer has not spoken with a lender.I can recommend three lenders that I know will do a greatjob for you.Buyer asks which one you suggest.Well, most of my clients use your first choice of lenderhere .Download this!MyKWÆeEdge Marketing ToolsKW Technology eEdge Buyers Guide88Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Educate Your BuyerEducating your buyer is all about discussing current market conditions,and how you will help find a property. You should also be current onthe sales activities and trends for your local area.The Current Market ScriptAt the moment we happen to be in a buyer/seller'smarket. Do you know what that means?TIPAlways knowthe currentinterest ratesbefore you gointo ameeting.Buyer response.Explain the current market that your area is experiencing.Are you aware of what is happening with interest rates?Buyer response.What have you found?Buyer response.This is what I've seen lately explain the current market inyour local area.Right now, on average, homes in your desired pricerange are selling in days. This means In the market today, on average, homes in your pricerange are selling at % above/below list price.Also, at the moment, prices for homes are falling/risingbecause explain the reason here.Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.89

Finding Properties ScriptA lot of people think you need to look at a lot of housesand that's not true. I need to look at a lot of houses. Youdon't. My job is to help you find the home you want withthe least amount of time and at the price you want to pay.Isn’t that what’s important?Buyer response.It is my job to look at and evaluate what is available,screening everything that comes on the market andfinding those closest to what you want. Then you will seeonly the best ones that are a really good fit. How doesthat sound?Buyer response.By the way, buyer name , research indicates thatpeople who work with a real estate agent, on average,visit approximately six houses before they find the onethey want. For everyone I work with, it’s often fewer thanthat because of the preselection I do. How does thatsound?Buyer response.Great! As your real estate agent, it is also my job to lookout for your best interest. As you are going about yourday-to-day activities, you’ll see homes for sale by owner,new construction, and open houses. The best thing youcan do is call me when you see anything that interestsyou so we can get an offer in immediately. I am alwayshappy to call the seller and get additional information foryou.90Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Part 3—Share Your Value PropositionYour Value Proposition tells the customer what you will do for themthroughout the process. Use the Value Proposition you updated earlierto explain the benefits to the buyer.Part 4—Set Service ExpectationsThis section is where you set expectations for your buyer and find outwhat they expect from you. It’s important to discuss communicationpreferences so there are no surprises. This is also the time to review yourresponsibilities as their agent and the buyers’ responsibilities (page 131).They will continually come up as you go work with your buyer.TIPThe goal is toset expectationsup front andstrive for a“10” ratingwhen deliveringcustomerservice.Part 5—Close for the AgreementBefore you close for the agreement, it is also important to explain toyour buyer the importance of a signed agency agreement, and how youare compensated for your services.Explain Your Commission ScriptIn case you were not aware, my commission is paid bythe seller. I work for you, find you the best house,negotiate to get the best possible terms, and someoneelse pays me. Isn’t that great?Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.91

Single Agency Script(For states/provinces where dual agency is not permitted.)State law requires that I explain agency to you. Right nowI do not represent you in any way. The only way you canbe represented is when you sign an agreement with areal estate broker. A real estate agent can representeither a buyer or a seller, not both in the sametransaction. That is good for you because your realestate agent has a fiduciary obligation to only one side ofthe transaction. Does that make sense? Do you have anyquestions?Buyer response.Great. Now, I need you to sign this form thatacknowledges I have explained agency to you. Pleaselook over this form, and sign.Dual Agency Script(For states/provinces where dual agency is permitted.)92State law requires that I explain agency to you. Rightnow I do not represent you in any way. The only wayyou can be represented is when you sign anagreement with a real estate broker. You can berepresented in one of two ways, either in a singleagent relationship where your broker represents onlyyou or in a dual agency relationship where the brokeris an intermediary for the buyer and the seller. A dualagency situation arises when a buyer is interested inpurchasing a property that his or her agent is selling.If that occasion arises, I would need permission fromyou and the seller to proceed with the transaction. Ifwe did proceed, I would treat both you and the sellerhonestly and fairly. I would not disclose anyconfidential information. I could do a market analysisfor you; however, you will have to decide for yourselfwhat you want to offer on the house. Then I wouldStep 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

present your offer to the seller without making anyrecommendation as to whether the seller shouldaccept, make a counteroffer, or reject your offer.Does that make sense? Do you have any questions?I need you to sign this form that acknowledges I haveexplained agency to you.Buyer response.Great. Now, I need you to sign this form thatacknowledges I have explained agency to you. Pleaselook over this form and sign it.Explain the Buyer Agency AgreementBuyer representation is a two-way agreement. It allowsus to work together without any hesitation, without anypossible conflict of interest, without any division of dutiesor loyalty. A benefit to you is that if I learn somethingabout the seller that you don't know, I am duty bound totell you—even if it is confidential information. Make senseso far?Buyer response.I would really like to continue working with you. Just asyou would hire an attorney to represent you in court oryou’d hire an accountant to do your taxes, you’re hiringme as a real estate agent. Are we at the point in ourrelationship where you want to hire me so we can moveforward with finding a home for you?Buyer response.Great! You just need to sign this agreement right here.This form allows me to represent you and look out foryour best interests when you make a purchase.Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.93

Handling Objections to the Buyer Agency AgreementBuyer Is UnsureI sense a little apprehension here. This is what I suggestwe do. We sign an agreement for one day. I'll take youout to look at houses. If you ultimately buy one of thehouses I show you, you'll buy it with me as your agent. Ifwe don't find the right one, we can extend the agreementand look again or we can call it quits. How does thatsound?If They Refuse to SignI understand that we’re both in the process ofinterviewing each other to make sure we have a good fit,and sometimes that means we need to spend a little timetogether. I'd like a chance to provide the service that youwant. If you're not happy with the way things are going,all I ask is that you let me know as soon as possible.Beyond that, we can cancel the contract.They Still Won’t Sign Buyer name , I appreciate your decision. Since I canonly work with buyers who work exclusively with me, I'llhave to just wish you luck in your home search. Thankyou for coming in to meet with me today and please letme know if you change your mind.94Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

ActivityMaster the Buyer Consultation ObjectionsObjections are buying signals! Familiarize yourself with the commonobjections, on page 93. Watch as your instructor role models how torespond to common objections.Then, team up with your partner again and take turns practicing thecommon buyer consultation objections.Time: 10 minutesTIPRegardless ofwhat the buyersays, these scriptswill help you crafta response thatwill help you tohandle anyobjections.Step 3: Buyer Consultation, Win with Buyers – Version 1.1 2014 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.95

Part 6—Establish Next StepsNow you have the agreement and are ready to start working with yourbuyer. Before you part ways, do the following: if they have any other questions.Establish the best way to stay in contact.Ask for a referral.Confirm criteria for the house.If the buyer needs to sell a house first, offer to do a CMA.If buyer still needs to speak with a lender, remind them to sendover the preapproval letter. Once you have this, let them know youcan proceed to the next step.7. Set the next appointment.Referral ScriptI

commit to deliver to your buyer, and the value that service brings. It is so your buyer can easily understand what is in it for them. It is what sets you apart from others and helps you win the appointment. The MREA Value Proposition Top Ten Service Areas of the Buyer Value Proposition 1. Needs Analysis x Analyze buyer’s wants and needs.

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