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AXCESS TRIMMER Electric Pole TrimmerOWNER’S MANUALMODEL: 117535-01AIf you have a question or problem,CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-858-8501or visit www.desatech.comIMPORTANT: Read and understand this manual before assembling oroperating this Pole Trimmer. Improper use of Pole Trimmer can causesevere injury or death. Keep this manual for future reference.

ELECTRIC POLE TRIMMERSAFETYWARNINGSWARNING: When using electricPole Trimmers, basic safety precautions should always be followedto reduce the risk of fire, electricshock, and personal injury.WARNING: This productcontains chemicals known tothe State of California to causecancer or birth defects, or otherreproductive harm.7.8.WARNING: To reduce the riskof electric shock, use only with anextension cord intended for outdoor use, such as SW-A, SOW-A,STW-A,STOW-A,SJW-A,SJOW-A,SJTW-A, or SJTOW-A.BEFORE OPERATING POLETRIMMERREAD ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFOREOPERATING POLE TRIMMER.1. Stay Alert – Watch what you are doing.Use common sense when operatingPole Trimmer.2. Avoid Dangerous Environments Do not operate Pole Trimmer in rainor in damp or wet locations. Do not operate Pole Trimmer whileunder the influence of alcohol, medications, or drugs. Do not operate Pole Trimmer whenyou are tired. Do not operate Pole Trimmer wherehighly-flammable liquids or gasesare present. Do not operate Pole Trimmer whilestanding on a ladder or in a tree. Do not operate Pole Trimmer if it isdamaged or not securely and fullyassembled.3. Keep Children Away – Keep all visitors a safe distance from work area.4. Do not use Pole Trimmer for any jobexcept that for which it is intended.5. Only well instructed adults shouldoperate Pole Trimmer. Never allowchildren to operate Pole Trimmer.6. Dress Properly When OperatingPole Trimmer Do not wear loose clothing or jewelrythat can get caught in the movingblades or parts of the Pole Trimmer. Always wear rubber gloves andsubstantial foot wear when workingoutside. Always wear protective hair coveringto contain long hair. Always wear a face or dust mask ifoperation is dusty.Always wear eye protection that meetsor exceeds the requirements of ANSIZ87.1.Use only electrical voltage noted onmodel nameplate on Pole Trimmer.9.Extension Cord – Make sure yourextension cord is in good condition.When using an extension cord, be sureto use one heavy enough to carry thecurrent your Pole Trimmer will draw.An undersized extension cord willcause a drop in line voltage resultingin loss of power and overheating.The table below shows the correct sizeextension cord to use depending on cordlength and nameplate ampere rating. Ifin doubt, use the next larger gage cord.The smaller the gage number, the largerthe cord. To reduce the risk of disconnection of Pole Trimmer from the extension cord during operation, use the cordhitch described in this manual.Volts12025501002.3.4.AWG1816162Stay Alert – Watch what you are doing.Use common sense.Be aware of extension cord while operating Pole Trimmer. Be careful not to tripover extension cord. Keep extension cordaway from cutter blades at all times.Avoid Unintentional Starting – Do notcarry plugged-in Pole Trimmer withfinger on switch. Be sure switch is OFFwhen plugging in Pole Trimmer.Do Not Overreach – Keep properfooting and balance at all times whenoperating Pole Trimmer.DANGER - RISK OF CUT– Keep hands away from bladesat all times. Keep both hands onhandle areas when Pole Trimmeris on. Do not attempt to remove cutmaterial nor hold material to be cutwhen blades are moving. Do notgrasp the exposed cutting bladesor cutting edges when picking upor holding the Pole Trimmer.CAUTION - Blades coast afterturn off.5.1506.1410. Provide Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter(GFCI) protection on the circuit or outletto be used for Pole Trimmer. You mayuse receptacles with built-in GFCI protection for this safety measure.11. Do not operate Pole Trimmer nearelectric power lines, telephone, or cablelines. Keep Pole Trimmer at least 10 feetaway from any power lines or cables.For more information, visit www.desatech.com1.Total Length of Cordin FeetAmpereRating0-6WHILE OPERATING POLETRIMMER7.8.Disconnect Pole Trimmer – Disconnect the Pole Trimmer from the powersupply when not in use before servicing when changing accessories such asblades when clearing jammed material fromblades when moving from one worksite toanotherDo Not Force Pole Trimmer – It will dothe job better and with less likelihoodof a risk of injury at the rate for whichit was designed.Do Not Abuse Power Cord – Nevercarry Pole Trimmer by power cord oryank it to disconnect from receptacle.Keep power cord from heat, oil, andsharp edges.Before starting Pole Trimmer, makesure blades are not touching anything.110939

OWNER’S MANUALSAFETYWARNINGSContinuedMAINTENANCE ANDSTORAGE OF POLETRIMMER1.Maintain Pole Trimmer With Care Keep cutting edge sharp and cleanfor best performance and to reducethe risk of injury Periodically apply a light coat of oilto the cutter blades for lubrication(motor oil is preferred). Inspect Pole Trimmer cord periodically, and if damaged, have it repairedby an authorized service facility Inspect extension cords periodicallyand replace if damaged Keep handles dry, clean, and freefrom oil and grease2.3.4.the proper wall outlet. Do not changethe Pole Trimmer plug, extension cordreceptacle, or extension cord plug inany way.5.Store Idle Pole Trimmer Indoors– When not in use, the Pole Trimmershould be stored indoors in a dry location. Store Pole Trimmer above thereach of children or in a locked areaout of the reach of children.UNPACKING1.2.Remove Pole Trimmer and all other itemsfrom box. The Pole Trimmer comes fullyassembled and ready to use.Check all items for shipping damage.If you find any damage or if any partsare missing, promptly inform the dealerwhere you bought the Pole Trimmer orcall 1-800-858-8501.This manual is your guide to safe and properoperation of the Pole Trimmer.SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.PRODUCT IDENTIFICATIONCutter BladePivotingPower HeadCheck Damaged Parts If a part is damaged, carefully checkthe damaged part before using thePole Trimmer. Make sure the partwill operate properly and performits intended function. Check for alignment of moving parts,binding of moving parts, breakage ofparts, mounting, and any other condition that may affect its operation. A guard or other part that is damagedshould be properly repaired or replacedby an authorized service center unlessindicated elsewhere in this manual.When servicing Pole Trimmer, use onlyidentical replacement parts.To reduce the risk of electric shock, thePole Trimmer has a polarized plug (oneblade is wider than the other) and willrequire the use of a polarized extensioncord. The Pole Trimmer’s plug will fitinto a polarized extension cord only oneway. If the plug does not fit fully intothe extension cord, reverse the plug.If the plug still does not fit, obtain acorrect polarized extension cord. Apolarized extension cord will requirethe use of a polarized wall outlet. Thisplug will fit into the polarized walloutlet only one way. If the plug doesnot fit fully into the wall outlet, reversethe plug. If the plug still does not fit,contact a qualified electrician to install110939Hand GuardT-HandleBracketForward GripTrigger Lock ButtonCam-Levered ColletTrigger LeverTriggerHousingPower CordExtensionCord RetainerFigure 1 - Product Identification: Remington Pole Trimmer3For more information, visit

ELECTRIC POLE TRIMMEROPERATING POLETRIMMER2.Grasp the power head motor housingand rotate the power head to either the0, 45, or 90 degree position.WARNING: Read and understand this owner’s manual beforeoperating Pole Trimmer. Make certain you read and understand allSafety Warnings on pages 2 and3 of this manual. Improper useof this Pole Trimmer can result insevere injury or death from fire,electric shock, or body contactwith moving parts.Use proper extension cord with this PoleTrimmer. Use only extension cords markedfor outdoor use. The cord must be markedwith suffix W or W-A following the cord typedesignation. Example: SJTW-A or SJTW.Use proper sized cord with this Pole Trimmer.Cord must be heavy enough to carry currentneeded. An undersized cord will cause voltage drop at Pole Trimmer. Pole Trimmer willlose power and overheat. Follow cord sizerequirements listed below.PIVOTING THE POWER HEADThe Pole Trimmer is equipped with a powerhead that pivots. The power head is able topivot a full 180 degrees. The power headhas a spring-loaded T-handle that allows itto be locked into several different positionswithin its 180-degree rotation.EXTENSION CORDSFigure 3 - Rotating Power Head3.Before connecting the Pole Trimmer to theelectrical supply, make sure the power headis locked into position. Do this by trying torotate the power head in either direction. Thepower head should be locked in position andshould not rotate.Release the T-handle. It should snapback into its seated position. If it doesnot, rotate the power head back andforth slightly until the T-handle snapsback into its seated position. The powerhead is now locked into position andready for use.Cord LengthAWG Cord Size25 feet18 AWG50 feet16 AWG100 feet16 AWG150 feet14 AWGKeep cord away from cutting area. Makesure cord does not catch on branches during cutting. Inspect cord often. Replacedamaged cords.CONNECTING EXTENSIONCORDThe Pole Trimmer has a built-in extensioncord retainer to prevent the accidental disconnection of the unit from the extension cordduring use. It is molded into the lower handguard area of the trigger housing.1. Make sure the trigger lever is in theOFF position (see Starting the PoleTrimmer, page 5).2. Plug the power cord into the extensioncord.To pivot the power head, follow the instructions below.1. Pull out on the T-handle located on theside of the pivot bracket. The T-handleis spring-loaded, so you will feel someresistance when pulling it out.Figure 4 - Locking Power Head IntoPositionFigure 2 - Pulling Out T-Handle to RotatePower HeadFigure 5 - Plugging Pole Trimmer PowerCord to Extension CordFor more information, visit www.desatech.com4110939

OWNER’S MANUALOPERATING POLETRIMMERContinued3.Note: An optional method of retaining theextension cord is shown in Figure 8 for usewith larger-gage cords that may not fit intothe extension cord retainer.Unlocking the Trigger to Startthe Pole Trimmer1.Create a loop in the extension cord andinsert the loop through the bottom ofthe handle. Pull the loop tight aroundthe molded cord hook (see Figures 6and 7).Using your thumb, push the trigger lockbutton forward to Position 2. Squeezethe trigger lever to the ON position. ThePole Trimmer will start running.Trigger LockButton Position 2Figure 8 - Optional Method of RetainingExtension CordSTARTING THE POLETRIMMERFigure 6 - Inserting Extension Cord LoopThrough Bottom of HandleFigure 9 - Manually Operating Trigger withTrigger Lock Button in Position 2The Pole Trimmer has a trigger lock buttonlocated on top of the handle. This safetyfeature locks the trigger in the OFF position, preventing accidental starting of thePole Trimmer.The trigger lock button has three positions.2.Release the trigger lock button while thePole Trimmer is running. The lock buttonresets to Position 1 each time you releasethe trigger to the OFF position.Trigger LockButton Position 1Position 1 locks the trigger.Position 2 allows you to squeeze the triggerand operate the Pole Trimmer. The triggerlock button will automatically spring back toPosition 1 when you release the trigger.Position 3 allows you to lock the triggerin the ON position. This is helpful duringcontinuous trimming for extended periodsof time.Figure 7 - Extension Cord Loop TightAround Molded Cord HookFigure 10 - Trigger in OFF Position withTrigger Lock Button in Position 1Continued1109395For more information, visit

ELECTRIC POLE TRIMMEROPERATING POLETRIMMERContinuedLocking the Pole Trimmer ON1.2.3.Push the trigger lock button forward toPosition 2 and squeeze the trigger leverto the ON position. The Pole Trimmerwill start running.While the Pole Trimmer is running, pushthe trigger lock button forward again toPosition 3. Hold the button there whilereleasing the trigger lever, then releasethe lock button. This locks the triggerlever in the ON position and the PoleTrimmer will continue running.To turn the Pole Trimmer OFF, squeezethe trigger lever and release it. The trigger lock button will reset to Position 1,locking the trigger in the OFF position.Note: If the Pole Trimmer is locked ONduring use and the Pole Trimmer becomesdisconnected from the power supply, Disengage the lock ON feature before reconnectingto the power supply.Trigger LockButton Position 3ADJUSTING POLE LENGTHOPERATING POSITIONSThe Remington Pole Trimmer has a telescoping pole assembly that has an extendablerange of 10 inches. A cam levered colletis used to hold the pole in position at anyextended length.1. To extend the pole, unlock the clampinglever as shown in Figure 12. Pole willslide freely.2. Pull inner pole section out to desiredlength of extension.3. To lock pole in position, tighten clampinglever as shown in Figure 12.To use the Pole Trimmer for trimming tall,hard-to-reach hedges or shrubs, hold thePole Trimmer at the positions shown inFigure 13. Pivot the power head to severaldifferent positions to shape or sculpt shrubsor hedges. UNLOCKLOCKFigure 12 - Extending Telescopic PoleUSING THE POLE TRIMMERThe Pole Trimmer is a dual-purpose tool. It isdesigned to trim and shape tall, hard-to-reachhedges and bushes with its extended reachand pivoting power head. You can also adjustthe Pole Trimmer to trim and shape smallerhedges and shrubs near the ground withouthaving to bend or stoop.Figure 13 - Trimming Tall Hedges orShrubsTo use the Pole Trimmer for trimming smallerhedges or shrubs, hold the Pole Trimmer atthe positions shown in Figure 14.Figure 11 - Locking Trigger in ON Positionwith Trigger Lock Button in Position 3Figure 14 - Trimming Smaller Hedges orShrubsFor more information, visit www.desatech.com6110939

OWNER’S MANUALOPERATING POLETRIMMERContinuedTo use the Pole Trimmer for trimming thebottoms and sides of hedges and shrubs, holdthe Pole Trimmer at the positions shown inFigure 15.TRIMMING A HEDGEUse the Pole Trimmer properly. Alwayswear eye protection, rubber gloves, andsubstantial foot wear while using the PoleTrimmer. Always maintain proper footingand balance and never overreach when using Pole Trimmer. Before starting the PoleTrimmer, hold the unit with both hands onthe grip areas. Make sure that the cutter bladeis not touching anything.Always keep the extension cord behind thePole Trimmer when in use. Do not drapethe cord over the hedge where it may becut by the blades.Use smooth steady sweeping motions to trimnew growth. Do not try to cut too much atone time. This can cause the Pole Trimmerto slow down or get jammed, reducing thecutting efficiency.Do not force the Pole Trimmer through densegrowth. A slight back and forth sawing actionmay ease the cutting of larger, more densegrowth. If the Pole Trimmer begins to slowdown, reduce the rate of speed at which youare trying to cut.If the Pole Trimmer becomes jammed, immediately turn Pole Trimmer off. Disconnect Pole Trimmer from the power supplyand remove the jammed debris from thecutter blades.Do not try to cut branches larger than3/4 inch in diameter.For best results, trim the sides of hedges withan upward sweeping motion. Trim the hedgesso that the top is slightly narrower than thebottom. To trim extremely level hedges, use astring stretched along the length of the hedgeas a guide (see Figure 17).Figure 15 - Trimming Bottoms and Sidesof Hedges and ShrubsTo use the Pole Trimmer for trimminglow-lying foliage or ground cover, holdthe Pole Trimmer at the position shown inFigure 16.Figure 16 - Trimming Low Foliage orGround Cover110939Figure 17 - Trimming Hedge7For more information, visit

ELECTRIC POLE TRIMMERCLEANING ANDMAINTENANCEWARNING: Disconnect PoleTrimmer from power supply beforecleaning or servicing. Severe injury or death could occur from fire,electrical shock, or body contactwith moving cutter blades.TROUBLESHOOTINGNote: For additional help, visit ourtechnical service web site at When cleaningPole Trimmer: Do not submerse Pole Trimmerin any liquids Do not use products that contain Ammonia, Chlorine, orabrasives Do not use chlorinated cleaningsolvents, Carbon Tetrachloride,Kerosene, or Gasoline.Use a soft cloth dampened with a mild soapand water mixture to wipe Pole Trimmerpole, housing, and cutter blades clean. Donot spray or pour water directly onto PoleTrimmer.Once the Pole Trimmer is cleaned, applya light coat of oil to the cutter blades toprevent rust and provide lubrication (motoroil is preferred).WARNING: Unplug Pole Trimmer from power source before servicing.Severe injury or death could occur from fire, electrical shock, or bodycontact with moving blades.OBSERVED FAULTPOSSIBLE CAUSEREMEDYMotor does not run when you squeeze trigger lever1. Trigger lock button not pressed to releasetrigger lever1. Push lock button forward and squeezetrigger lever (see Starting the Pole Trimmer, page 5)2. Check cord connections3. Check circuit breaker or line fuse2. Extension cord connection is loose3. Household circuit breaker is tripped oropen line fuse4. Bad motor brushes5. Open wiring on Pole Trimmer4. Call for Technical Service5. Call for Technical ServiceMotor runs, but cutting blades do not movePole Trimmer damaged. Do not use PoleTrimmerCall for Technical ServicePole Trimmer smokes during operationPole Trimmer damaged. Do not use PoleTrimmerCall for Technical ServiceFor more information, visit www.desatech.com8110939

OWNER’S MANUALSERVICING POLETRIMMERThe Pole Trimmer is a double-insulated tooland contains some parts that can only bereplaced with original parts by an Authorized Service Center. Visit our TechnicalService web site at www.desatech.comor contact our Technical Service Departmentat 1-800-858-8501 (English Only) for thenearest Authorized Service Center.3.4.M5 LocknutWARNING: To prevent seriouspersonal injury, wear gloves whenremoving and installing the cutter blades. Do not place fingersor hands between blades wherethey could get cut.1.2.Unplug pole trimmer from power supply.Place pole trimmer upside down onworkbench and remove the four (4)bottom cover screws. Lift bottom coveroff (see Figure 18).WasherCamThe parts listed on pages 12 and 13 areconsidered to be user replaceable. See Replacement Parts and Accessories, page 10,for information on ordering these parts.BLADE REPLACEMENTRemove M5 locknut and washer fromcam (see Figure 19).Align cam and cutter blade assemby.Remove cam. (see Figure 19).Cutter Blade AssemblyFigure 19 - Removing Cam5.Remove screw that holds down cutterblade assembly (see Figure 20). IMPORTANT: Be sure not to loose the8-32 locknut that secures this screw.ScrewCutter BladeAssembly6.Remove and dispose of cutter bladeassembly.7. Attach new cutter blade assembly topower head with screw and locknutremoved in step 5.8. Align cutter blade assembly so thatthe cam will fit properly into the ovalshaped lobes of the cutter blade assembly (see Figure 19). IMPORTANT: Thelarge diameter flange of the cam mustface upward away from the power head.The small diameter flange of the cammust line up with and sit directly on topof the cam flange.9. Replace washer and locknut removedin step 3. Tighten securely.10. Replace the bottom cover and secure with the 4 bottom cover screwsremoved in step 2 (see Figure 18).Tighten screws securely.WARNING: All componentsmust be installed and securelyfastened before plugging pole trimmer into power supply. Failure todo so may cause product damageor serious personal injury.Note: If binding occurs after reassembly,repeat all of the previous steps making surethat cam aligns properly with cutter bladeassembly.Cover ScrewCam FlangeBottom Cover8-32 LocknutFigure 20 - Removing Cutter BladeAssemblyFigure 18 - Removing Bottom Cover fromTrimmer Head1109399For more information, visit

ELECTRIC POLE TRIMMERREPLACEMENTPARTS ANDACCESSORIESFor original replacement parts and accessories, contact your nearest AuthorizedDealer or Authorized Service Center for thisproduct. If they can not supply the part oraccessory, contact your nearest Parts Centrallisted on page 11. Each Authorized Dealer,Authorized Service Center, and Parts Centralis independently owned and operated.See pages 12 and 13 for an Illustrated Parts List.If you need additional referral information,contact our Technical Service Department(see Technical Service).In Canada call 1-800-561-3372 for partsinformation.TECHNICALSERVICEYou may have further questions about assembling, operating, or maintaining thisproduct. If so, you can visit our TechnicalService web site at www.desatech.comor contact our Technical Service Departmentat 1-800-858-8501 (English Only). You mayalso write to:DESA Specialty Products ATTN: Technical Service Specialty ProductsP.O. Box 90004Bowling Green, KY 42102-9004When contacting DESA Specialty Products ,have ready Your Name Your Address Your Phone Number Model Number of Product Date of Purchase (Include copy of receiptfor written requests).REPAIR SERVICENote: Only use original replacement parts.This will protect your warranty coverage forparts replaced under warranty.Each Authorized Service Center is independently owned and operated.For additional Service Center or warrantyinformation, call 1-800-858-8501 or visitour Technical Service web site at SERVICEIf product requires warranty service, returnit to nearest Authorized Service Center.You must show proof of purchase. If faultymaterials or workmanship caused damage,we will repair or replace product withoutcharge. Note: Normal wear, misuse, abuse,neglect, or accidental damage is not coveredunder warranty.NON-WARRANTY SERVICEIf product requires service, return it to nearestAuthorized Service Center. Repairs will bebilled to you at regular repair list prices.For more information, visit www.desatech.com10110939

OWNER’S MANUALPARTS CENTRALRay’s Portable Heater Service3191 Myers RoadCamino, CA 95709-9550530-644-7716Tool & Equipment ServiceSolutions, LLC5 Manila DriveHamden, CT 06514-0322203-248-75531-800-397-7553Grainger Parts Operation1657 Shermer RoadNorthbrook, IL omPortable Heater Parts342 North County Road 400 EastValparaiso, IN ice@portableheaterparts.comFBD1349 Adams StreetBowling Green, KY comLyons & Lyons Sales Co. Inc.Glen Arm RoadGlen Arm, MD com110939Master Part Distributors1251 Mound Avenue NWGrand Rapids, MI s.netHance Distributors, Inc.12795 16th Avenue NorthPlymouth, MN 55441-4556763-559-2299www.hanceco.comAutomotive EquipmentService1651 E. Kansas City RoadOlathe, MO omBowden Electric MotorService1681 S. Wesleyan Blvd.Rocky Mount, NC 27803252-446-4203East Coast Energy10 East Route 36West Long Branch, NJ 07764-15011-800-755-8809Forrest Lytle and Sons, Inc.740 West Galbraith RoadCincinnati, OH 45231-6002513-521-1464Bortz Chain Saw ShopRoad #2, Box 64AOley, PA 19547-9412610-987-64521121st Century2950 Fretz Valley RoadPerkasie, PA 18944-4034215-795-04001-800-325-4828La Porte’s2444 N 5th StreetHartsville, SC 29550-7704843-332-0191MTA Distributors555 Hickory Hills Blvd.Nashville, TN 37189-9244615-299-87771-800-264-0225Webbs Appliance Center1519 Church StreetNashville, TN 37203-3004615-329-40791-800-899-4079Industrial Hardware4109 Bainbridge Blvd.Chesapeake, VA comMills Lawn and Garden4750-B Baxter RoadVirginia Beach, VA 23462757-490-7001www.mills-parts.comTuco Industrial Products5223 180th Street SWSuite 4A-1Lynnwood, WA omFor more information, visit

ELECTRIC POLE TRIMMERILLUSTRATEDPARTSBREAKDOWNNote: This assembly contains double-insulated parts. To maintain double insulation, service should be performed by anAuthorized Service Center, except for theparts shown. See Servicing Pole Trimmer,page 9.POLE TRIMMERMODEL 117535-01A21756183894111211913201021415816For more information, visit www.desatech.com1217110939

OWNER’S MANUALPARTS LISTPOLE TRIMMERMODEL 117535-01AThis list contains user replaceable parts usedin your Pole Trimmer. When ordering parts,be sure to provide the correct model number(from the model plate), then the part numberand description of the desired part.110939KEYNO.PARTNO.DESCRIPTION1110929-018-32 x 2" PH, PR Screw12116228-02Bottom Cover13114958-02Cutter Blade Assembly14115444-02Cam15110925-01.25" Push Nut16110933-01Adjustment Knob Spring17110924-02Lock Rod/Knob Assy.18107708-01Screw, PPH, B, 8-18 x .88"129110906-02Left Trigger Housing110110908-02Lock ON/OFF lever111107694-01Lock-out Spring112109357-01Trigger Spring113107729-01Micro Switch114110907-02Trigger Lever115110905-02Right Trigger Housing116111249-02Shrouded Power Cord117116293-018-32 x 2" Truss Screw418118132-01Cam Flange119118152-01M5 Washer120118151-01M5 Locknut121118258-018-32 Locknut113QTY.For more information, visit

ELECTRIC POLE TRIMMER LIMITED WARRANTYAlways specify model and serial numbers when writing the factory.We reserve the right to amend these specifications at any time without notice. The only warranty applicable is our standard written warranty. Wemake no other warranty, expressed or implied.DESA Specialty Products warrants this Electric Pole Trimmer and any parts thereof, to be free from defects in material and workmanship fortwo years (90 days for reconditioned unit) from the date of first purchase from an authorized dealer, provided that the product has been properlymaintained and operated in accordance with all applicable instructions. The bill of sale or proof of purchase must be presented at the time a claimis made under this warranty.This warranty is extended only to the original retail purchaser. This warranty covers only the parts and labor required to restore this Pole Trimmerto its proper operating condition. Warranty parts must be obtained through factory authorized dealers and service centers for this product. Thesedealers and service centers will provide original factory replacement parts. Failure to use original factory replacement parts voids this warranty.This warranty does not cover commercial, industrial, or rental usage, nor does it apply to parts that are not in original condition because of normalwear and tear, or parts that fail or become damaged as a result of misuse, accident, lack of proper maintenance, tampering, or alteration. Travel,handling, transportation, and incidental costs associated with warranty repairs are not reimbursable under this warranty and are the responsibilityof the owner.To the full extent allowed by the law of the jurisdiction that governs the sale of the product, this express warranty excludes any and all otherexpressed warranties and limits the duration of any and all implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particularpurpose to two years form the date of first purchase, and DESA Specialty Products’ liability is hereby limited to the purchase price of the productand DESA Specialty Products shall not be liable for any other damages whatsoever including indirect, incidental, or consequential damages.Some states do not allow limitation of how long an implied warranty lasts or an exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages,so the above limitation of damages may not apply to you.This warranty provides the original purchaser with specific rights. For information regarding those rights, please consult the applicable state laws.ModelDate PurchasedP.O. Box 90004Bowling Green, KY 42102-9004www.desatech.comIndustries of Canada, Inc.2220 Argentia RoadUnit #4Mississauga, OntarioL5N 2K7905-826-8010FAX 905-826-8236

AXCESS TRIMMER Podadora Eléctrica De PértigaMANUAL DEL PROPIETARIOMODELO: 117535-01ASi tiene preguntas o problemas,LLAME GRATIS al 1-800-858-8501(sólo en inglés) o visite el sitio www.desatech.comIMPORTANTE: Lea y entienda este manual antes de ensamblaru operar esta podadora de pértiga. El uso inadecuado de estapodadora puede ocasionar graves lesiones o la muerte. Guardeeste manual para futura referencia.

PODADORA ELÉCTRICA DE PÉRTIGAADVERTENCIASDE SEGURIDAD6.ADVERTENCIA: Cuando usepodadoras eléctricas de pértiga,deben acatarse siempre las precauciones básicas de seguridadpara reducir el riesgo de incendio, sacudida eléctrica, y lesiónpersonal.ADVERTENCIA: Este producto contiene químicos que segúnel estado de California causacáncer, defectos congénitos, uotros daños reproductivos.7.8.ANTES DE OPERAR LAPODADORA DE PÉRTIGALEA TODAS LAS INSTRUCCIONESANTES DE OPERAR LA PODADORADE PÉRTIGA.1. Esté alerta - Mire lo que hace. Useel sentido común cuando opere la podadora de pértiga.2. Evite ambientes peligrosos No opere la podadora de pértiga enla lluvia o en lugares húmedos omojados. No opere la podadora de pértiga siestá bajo la influencia del alcohol,medicinas o drogas. No opere la podadora de pértiga siestá cansado. No opere la podadora de pértigacuando haya presencia de líquidos ogases altamente inflamables. No opere la podadora de pértiga siestá sobre una escalera o un árbol. No opere la podadora de pértiga siestá dañada o si no está bien y completamente ensamblada.3. Mantenga a los niños lejos Mantenga a todos los visitantes a unadistancia segura del área de trabajo.4. Use la podadora sólo en el trabajo parael que fue concebida.5. La podadora de pértiga debería seroperada sólo por personas adultas bienpreparadas. N

AXCESS TRIMMER Electric Pole Trimmer . Figure 1 - Product Identification: Remington Pole Trimmer Pivoting Power Head Cutter Blade T-Handle Bracket Hand Guard Forward Grip Trigger Lever Power Cord Extension Cord Retainer Trigger Housing Trigger Lock Button Cam-Levered Collet. 4 110939 ELECTRIC POLE TRIMMER .

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