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Development of PlaySensory motor / exploratory Play- 1st stage, allows for exploring of child’s body and environmentCause and Effect Play- Beginning of purposeful behaviour, understanding how things work and that one can make an impact on theenvironmentConstructive Play and Cognitive play- Combining objects for specific purposes, turn taking, sequencing, visual motor skillsImaginative play- representational or symbolic play.- At first, child does action on self (e.g. pretend to drink from cup)- Child does single action with toy (e.g. feed cow)- Substitute unlike object (e.g. block for telephone)- Adds more actions- Develops more of a story (go to the store, choose food, pay for it and come home).-Thoughts about ToysThe stage of play your child is in, as well as their interests, are the best guides for what toysthey’ll find interesting and that will stimulate their development.Having a range of toys, some they can play with on their own, and some that you play with themhelps them learn and stay occupied!Many of the toys listed below can fit into multiple categories listed above. For example you coulduse little cars and a bit truck for in and out play, pretend play and working on learning colours andshapes.Look for toys you can use in multiple waysFamily members playing with the children with or without toys is invaluable.Use a combination of teaching your children how to use the toys and how to expand their play aswell as letting them figure things out on their own.Use toys to build imitation and language skillsElectronics and screen time should be minimized and used more when motivation is a factor.Giving children toys that they can interact with and learn through use will teach them more, can beused more to interact with others and will learn how to better occupy themselves. Children shouldplay with toys, the toys shouldn’t be doing the playing!Mommy and Daddy’s toys: Have a group of toys that are your toys! These can include the annoying items,and items that can motivate your child to work for or more therapy toys that you would like to work on withyour child (e.g. beads). These can also be things like car garages or doll house.Rotate toys so that some are put away for a couple weeks or months then brought out again: just likegetting brand new toys! Have some different toys available at grandparents’ or other friends and families’homes for your child to play with while visiting.Toys from Movies and TV- Some toys that are licenced are okay, however limit the number. Look for toys that can be used inmore ways.Please see end of chart for a list of toy stores in Calgary.Ups and Downs also has a Toy Library that you can use!

Please Note:The following toys are not recommended for children of all ages, as the developmental ageof the child should be considered when selecting any toy for use. The toys pictured within this handoutare for example purposes only as they may not be the best or only option available of that type of toy;therefore, there is no recommendation to purchase any one brand of toy over another. When selecting atoy for specific therapy goals, it is recommended to check with a child’s therapy team to help make thebest selection for that child. As always, parents are responsible for using toys in a safe manner and asdirected.StageOptions and What to look forEVERYONEBubblesSimple (You blow)BlowersBallsWiffle balls (Team Skyline, Golf stores,sometimes in sports kits)O-ballsNerf ballsKnobby or koosh ballsMusic CDsFamiliar nurseryrhymesSophie GiraffeLinksMirrorsSensory / exploratory play(First stage of play)Rattles-easy to graspBright StartsRattle and Shake BarbellKeysNesting cupsBooks:For littlest kids:find books with onepicture per page tobe able to label.Look for books withsimple words.Books with flapssuch as Where’sSpot books.Take advantage of yourlocal library!Fisher-Price OceanWonders Deep Blue SeaMusicalStacking RingsOball rattle-foot and hand rattlesLamaze Mirror

Soft Texture ToysInfant 36'' Round PlayTube (34.99 Sears)Activity GymsMoving around / GrossMotorSensory continued: Baby gyms and matsLook for ones withtummy time and sittingactivities and that youcan change the hangingtoys.Great to attach tostrollers, car seats andplay gymsLook for ones withsome differenttextures to explore(Have one thatvibrates)IKEA play mat (34.99)Winkel(Manhattan Toys)Tiny Love Tummy TimeFun Ladybug ActivityMatLamaze Spin & ExploreGarden Gym / Sea Gym(Available at Toys R Us)Little Tikes Go & GrowLil' Rollin' Giraffe RideOnScooter Board- Great for tummy timeand push-ups!Fill n’ Fun Water PlayMat (Scholar’s Choice)19.99Playskool GlowormTummy Time Gym(29.99 at Toys R Us0Push and ride-ontoysLook for lower tothe ground heightand a comfortablewidth (manytraditional ride ontoys are too widefor comfort)Little Tikes Push &Ride RacerScooter Board 12 Inchwith Handles(at Team Skyline)

Pull toysGood for walkingbackwards.Hip Hop Pony(Fitter First)Balance and lots ofFUN!Rock N' Rody Horse(Fitter First)Balance and lots of FUN!Tangiball(Discovery Toys)Easy to catch.Home Made Ball pitUse a plastic swimming pool or sandbox that is AT LEAST 10 inches deep.Balls available at Toys R Us.Cause and effect playActivity tablesPop beads(Also great for handstrengthening and handeye coordination)Drums- look for one that can beused with hands andcomes with drum sticks.Little Tikes Tap A TuneDrumXylophone

Pop up palsBall PoppersAny brandPlayskool Explore andGrow Busy Ball PopperBall Drop (examples)Go Go Caterpillar(Discovery Toys)In and out – morecomplex)In and out toysHammer Away(Discovery toys)Fisher-Price OceanWonders MusicalFishbowlFisher Price LearningPiggy bankMatchingHand eyecoordinationOther ideas:- Any toys and their containers- Food and grocery cart- Small cars and big truckFisher-Price - Little People - Car Carrier- People and busFisher-Price - Little People - Lil Movers Vehicle - Stop 'nSurprise School BusShape sortersFisher-Price(also great for in andout without the lid)Melissa and DougPlayskool

Puzzles (Trade and share puzzles amongst friends togive your child more variety and to save on the cost.ConstructionSound puzzles: agood way tomotivate if yourchild is notinterested, but notnecessary and canbe annoying!When your child isgetting good at thepuzzles, try puttingthe pieces of 3puzzles all togetherso that your childhas to sort outwhich pieces go withwhich puzzles.Great for handstrengthening,imitating, motorplanning andpretend! Lots ofinternet ideas forwhat to do plusattached page!PuzzlesNext StepInter-locking puzzlesMore pieces, smaller pegsor chunky pieces.Start with few pieces,large knobs and pictureunderneathThen no picture under thepieceLarge floor puzzlesavailable at Scholar’schoice.Play-doh(Home-made orbought)Use small plasticcharacters to add tothe fun!Fun Factory has lots ofgood accessories that canbe used many ways.Basic tools are a greatway to explore!

Regular blocksDuplo – great forstrengtheningMega blocks – easierto start withHave a combination ofbasic pieces and morespecialized to allowcreativity and variety.Peg boardsZoobs Jr.(great for handstrengthening as yourlittle one gets older)Look for large pegs.Have your child copydesigns and teach themhow to use their helperhand to stabilize theboard.Stacking Train (Melissaand Doug)Peek a BlocksCrayons and chalkgive frictionfeedback that givesyour child morecontrol and strengththan markersVertical or slantedsurfaces such aseasels or boards onwalls improveshoulder strengthand wrist position.BasicsEaselCrayonsChalk and chalkboardPaperEaselFinger PaintsColouring sheetsWhite glueTissue/coloured paperGlue stickColouring pagesTable topArt Supplies(Please ask the OT forcraft ideas at home!)Dry Erase Crayons touse on white boards(slicker on paper too!)(available at Walmart,Staples, etc)Tabletop Easel (Melissa &Doug) At ChaptersFull size easelsDoodle Boards (availablemost places includingdollar stores)

Doll housePretend PlayRe enact everydayroutines.Other brands:Barbie houses andplaysetsLittle PeoplePlaymobilCalico CrittersFisher Price My FirstDollhouse (64.99) Toys RusDora the Explorer Doll house(49.99) Toys R UsFurnished Dollhouse byMelissa and Doug (159.99)Scholar’s ChoiceAnimals and BarnLook for realisticlooking animals andmake sure your barnis the right size tofit animals in toavoid frustrationAnimal Planet – FarmPlayset(at Toys R Us)Dolls and stuffedanimalsFisher Price LittleMommy kits (Costco,Sears, Toys R Us)Go with your child’spreference forappearance of dolls.Many options areavailable!Learning ResourcesJumbo Farm Animals, Setof 7Pet care KitsBarn Kit Ideas:- barn- variety of animalsincluding sheep,horse, cow,- food (this could beblocks or bits oftissuepaper/Kleenex tocrumple)- farmer, tractor,trailer- fences- cut out blue foamfor water and brownfor mudDoll Kit Ideas:- Doll- Clothes- Bottle/cup/spoon- Blanket- Potty?- Brush/comb- Stroller/bed/highchair

CarsFast Lane - TruckCarry Case withDiecast CarsCar Play setsGarages and play mat(any) – sometimes simpleris betterMatchbox (Toys R Us)Little PeopleWooden vehiclesand traffic signsMelissa and DougTrains- Can find simplesets at Wal-mart orIkea (below 19.99)Little People Car WashLook for bridges,tunnels, stop lights andstations to teachlanguage concepts andrulesDo some lookingaround as there is ahuge variety in priceand complexity!- Thomas the Trainsets are veryexpensive butsometimes Thomastrains fit on lessexpensive tracks)Car Kit Ideas- Large truck or fireengine- Air plane- Variety of smallcars including cars,trucks, vans, policeand emergencyvehicles, workequipment- Ramp or garage- Play Mat- Look for a set thatyou can add pieces to.Imaginarium (Toys R Us79.99)Imaginarium (Toys R Us159.97)Tables and Sets

Grocery storeKit:FoodCartCash RegisterMoneyOptional: grocerybags, basketsPlay food- Any set is good aslong as it has foodfamiliar to your child!- Available at moststores!Little Tikes - Shopping CartBruin Cash RegisterLook for a cash registerthat has a few functionsand good play value andpossibilities for problemsolving and pretend play.Set up a store area(e.g.) coffee tableand then a separatepaying area.GenericScholar’s Choice (39.99)Comes with food andmoney.Kitchen SetIKEA has a lot ofsimple, realistickitchen sets andtools.Check the height foryour child. Choosesomething that comeswith some accessoriesif you don’t alreadyhave them.Shop around: a lot ofvariety in price andfeatures!Doctor’s KitLook for one withitems familiar toyour child’s ownexperiences withdoctors.Fisher PriceLearning Resources Pretend& Play Doctor SetMelissa & Doug DoctorCostume Deluxe Role PlaySet with Medical Play Set

Food sets(lots of greatoptions available atScholar’s Choice)Pretend and Play Riseand Shine BreakfastSet/Birthday Partyset/Slice and BakeCookie SetToolsWork Bench or ToolsCognitive Play (storiesand problem solving)Workbenches thatyour child can standat help challengetheir motor skills bygetting them to dohand skills whilemaintaining theirbalance.Dress upA variety ofcostumes, oldclothes and createdclothes and hats canbe used in manydifferent ways!Lite Brite (any variety)Wait til your little onewon’t eat the pieces!Sets for storiesThree Little Pigs(Chapters)You can make setsyourself withvarious toys.Velcro FoodClassic hammer and pegsetsTool beltsHats, mittsTowels (as dresses,veils)Mommy’s old shoesJewelryPrincessFire fighterSupermanFisher Price CashRegisterPreschool board gamesE.g) Honey Bee TreePop Up PiratesFeeding Froggies /Hungry Hungry Hippos,ElefunHide and Squeak EggsAnimalsMemory (use formatching pictures)Candy Land3D Chutes and laddersHome made headbandswith earsAdd accessories likewands, swords andshields, and other toysfrom your pretend playsets.Lucky Ducks gameFinger puppetsEg.) jack and thebeanstalk

Basics:CupsPlastic boats andanimals/peopleSponges to wringoutAnimal bath mittBaby dollsBath CrayonsSquirters (great for handstrengthening)Whistles (Alex)Blowing bubbles in thewater can be very fun andmotivating!Lots of foam optionsat Scholar’s Choice(Some nice ones are availablein baby section atSuperstore)Shovels, pails,sieves, rakesLarge trucks(Magna doodles aregreat too!)Magnet SetsSandboxes and sandYour Preference (manyoptions available!)Sand boxBath and water toysThemes for lots of ages!BooksTravel toysColor WonderCrayola ProductsWikki stix andwhiteboard or otherplayboard.Melissa & Doug Abby &Emma Deluxe MagneticDress-UpLeapFrog Fridge Wash& Go Magnetic VehicleSetMelissa & Doug DeluxeWooden Magnetic PatternBlocks SetMelissa & Doug MagneticNumber MazeMagnetic Playboards orboard games (oftenavailable at DollarStores)Leap frog toys, DVDsand other electronics.- Save these for longtrips only.- Try putting in someCDs to listen to thathave favourite songsor stories.

Where to buy toysMost places have websites to check out what is available. Many fantastic toys are available online that arehard to find in stores.- Toys R Us- Walmart, Zellers, Superstore, Sears- Drugstores (can particularly have good infant toys)- Indigo and Chapters- Winners- Scholar’s Choice ('s Choice CALGARY SOUTHThe Boulevard Shopping Centre16061 MacLeod Trail SE (Beside Studio Ten)T2Y 3S5Scholar's Choice CALGARY NORTH8060 Silver Springs Boulevard NW Unit 178(Off Nose Hill Drive, south of Crowchild Trail)T3B 5K1- Once Upon a Child- IKEA, Costco- Kidsource6019 - 1A Street SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0G5 1-877-259-4567 // 403-253-4567- Castle Toys5718 1A Street SouthwestCalgary, AB T2H 0E8Discovery Hut (Chinook Centre)Chinook Centre (We have moved to Second Level North)6455 Macleod Trail SouthCalgary, Alberta T2H 0K9- Discovery Toys: Gracie and Gruff- 9309 Macleod Trail SouthCalgary, Alberta T2J 0P6Telephone : 403 692-6644- Unit 201, 315 8th Avenue SWCalgary, Alberta T2P 4K1Telephone : 403 264-6678- Garage Sales / Hand-me-downs- Dollar stores- Fitter International Inc (Fitterfirst)2600 Portland Street Southeast #3050Calgary, AB T2G 4M6(403) 243-6830- Team Skyline Sports Ltd11-6120 2 Street SeCalgary, AB T2H 2L8(403) 253-4911

Cars vehicles, work Fast Lane - Truck Carry Case with Diecast Cars Wooden vehicles and traffic signs Melissa and Doug Car Play sets Matchbox (Toys R Us) Little People Car Wash Garages and play mat (any) – sometimes simpler is better Little People Car Kit Ideas - Large truck or fire engine - Air plane - Variety of small cars including cars,

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