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Hook Conversion ChartsDry Fly HooksHook oOrvisHook uEagleClaw1876Hook D/STD/Mini NAModel02NANANAE1AY,E3AYS10-3FS10-BNA61STD/STD/Up TurnedShankSTD/STD/UP 103BL101STD/STD/Wide Gape80000BR1100STD/STD/Wide GapeStraight EyeSTD/STD/Wide GapeBlack Odd SizesSTD/1XSSTD/STD/Up Eye2X Heavy 9X LongLimerick Mini BarbSTD/2XS2XF/2XS Mini Bard1XH/STD Wide NANANANA

3XF/STDSTD/2XS/UP TurnedEye3XF/Short Shank/MiniBarb3XF/Short Shank/MiniBarb Straight EyeSTD/STD/WideGape/Semi DropPoint/Barbless4XS/STD/5XW4XF/2.5XS/2XWSurehold Dry BarblessSurehold UpwingBarblessKlinkhamer ExtremeKlinkhamerRetainer Bend ANANANANANANANANANA15BNX15BNR10-BNNANANANANANA

Curved HooksHook oOrvisHook uEagleClaw1639Hook O681120STD/1XS/Up XSSTD/1XLGlass Bead2XH/2XS/3XWCzech NymphFine Wire CzechNymphGrub ANANAYK4NANA

Wet/Nymph HooksHook oOrvis3XH/STD390615503769, 390880150BR2XH/STD1XH/STD2XH/STD1XF/3XL SwimmingNymph2XH/STD1XH/3XL StoneflySTD/3XS2XH/3XS2XH/2XL/UP Eye2XH/3XL/York BendSTD/1XL/Bent Shank1XH/STD/Wide GapeSTD/2XS/2XWSTD/3XL/Bent SlightlySTD/5X Wide1.5XF/3XS/2XW2XF/1XS Loop EyeHeavy Nymph Double795781002BRNANANANANANANANA37160NANANAHook uEagleClaw167THook &HackleChemicallySharpenedHHH905HHJ070070G3A, NANANANANANANANANANANA

Big Mouth DoubleBig Mouth NymphGold HeadedKeel treamer HooksHook oOrvisHook uEagleVlaw1526Hook 22202XH/9XL2XH/5XL/Straight ANANANANANA3XH/7XLSTD/4XL/Looped EyeAberdeen Black1XH/4XL/Flat Eye3XH/7XL/Straight Eye1XH/STD/LimerickBend2XH/2XL/Wide GapeUp Eye2XH/3.5XL/2.5XW2XH/10XLRussian ARussianNANANA


Salmon/Steelhead HooksHook oOrvisHook &HackleChemicallySharpenedHook uEagleClawSTD/3XL/Up Eye2XH/3XL/UP Eye2XH/3XS ouble SalmonLow Water DoubleSalmonSTD Alec Jackson SpeyCurved Shank TaperedUp EyeSTD Alec Jackson SpeyCurved Shank TaperedUp Eye Heavy WireSTD Alec Jackson BlindEyeSTD Off-Set Point BobVeverka1XH/LoopEye/Limerick BendSTD/CurvedShank/Tapered LoopEyeSTD/CurvedShank/Tapered LoopUp Eye1XH/Limerick Bend2XH/Short 451NA800NANANANANANANANANANANANANAL11S-3HNANA

O’Shaughnessybend/Straight Eye2XH/3XS Salmon EggAdlington andHutchinson Blind EyeSingle WilsonDouble WilsonPrawn PinsDouble WaddingtonShanksLong Shank TrebleNeedle Eye TrebleSalar Tube TrebleBomber DryNordic Tube SingleTraditional BartleetSupreme BartleetTraditional BartleetBlind EyeSalar DoubleSalar SingleSalar Tube SingleSalar Tube DoubleOutpoint ANANANANANA

Salt Water HooksHook L2XH/4XL/POPPERSTD/3XS2XH/2XS2XH/4XLOctopus HookSTD/2XS/ O’Shaughnessybend/Beak Point2XH/3XS/Sneck BendSTD/2XSWide-GapeBend/Beak PointSTD/STD/Bend BackBonefishSaltwater ShrimpJS Sea StreamerHook uEagleClaw9034NAHook ANANANANANANA


Specialty HooksHook STD/1XL/POPPERSTD/STD/90 Flat EyeJig Hook3XH/2XS/3XWPike Muskie StreamerX-Strong Pike TrebleInstant StrikeSemi-Barbless PikeTrebleAd Swier PikeAd Swier Absolute PikeUniversal PredatorUniversal Predator XStrongCricketHook uEagleClawNAHook ANANANA9261NANANANANANANANANANA

Hook Conversion Charts Dry Fly Hooks Hook Description Strength/Length/Other Mustad Daiichi Tiemco Orvis Hook & Hackle Chemically Sharpened Hook & Hackle Professional Cabelas Dai-Riki Partridge Gamakatsu Eagle Claw STD/STD 94840 1170 5210, 146Z 1876 HHH904 HHJ300 Model

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Figure 3 J-hook and circle hook. Hook Size, Pattern and Part The size of a fish hook is determined by its pattern which is given in term of the width of the gap of the hook. The hook sizes of other patterns are bound to differ to some extent; the reference number of a hook should therefore always be quoted together, and regarded as inseparable.

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from hook and pull up a loop (ch stitch made) *yo and pull through 2 loops on hook (sc made), insert hook in ch stitch and pull up a loop; repeat from * for as many fsc as called for in pattern. Decrease Double Crochet (dc2tog): [Yo, insert hook in next st, yo, draw up a loop, yo, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook]

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