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Film Coater DeviceAtsuo Orita

PA-2101Features Precise application speed settable in 10 mm/s increments from 50 to 500 mm/s Wide range of operating speeds allowing optimum settings of shear rate Real time display of application speed Memory function to store commonly used speeds Constant downward force applied to coated surface A wide variety of film Applicator can be accommodated Applicator may be used side by side for comparison tests Wire bar coater attachment included Solvent resistant touch key panel that is easily cleaned Two stroke licator.htm

Elcometer 4340 Motorised / Automatic FilmApplicator Product&p 314&id pplicators/75/Automatic-Film-Applicators-4340

dp/byko drive.cfmPlatform:Voltage:Traverse Speeds:Traverse SpeedAccuracy:Wire Bar DiameterLimits:Wire Bar TestLength Maximum:Stroke Length:Weight:Test Panel SizeMaximum:Dimensions:with vacuum platewith glass plate and clamp100 - 240V/50 - 60 Hz10 mm/sec or 1 in/sec 5%6 - 19 mm (0.25 - 0.75 in)406 mm (16 in)25 - 235 mm (1 - 9.25 in)6 kg (13 lbs)229 x 305 mm (9 x 12 in)365 x 229 x 127 mm (14.38 x 9 x 5 in)Cost about 4000

Automatic Film Applicator AB3110-3120-3210-3220-3310-3320 Features Automatic test chart clampEasy to clean ultra plane glass bedVacuum bed with buit in vacuum pumpRemovable bed for easy cleaning and maintenanceAutomatic bar coaters storage deviceFlexibleWide speed rangeExtensive operator safety featuresSolid support g/automatic-film-applicator-ab3110-3120-3210-

Wire-Bar CoaterTQC Spiral bar applicator with a film width of 310 mm and available in ranges from 4 to 200 µmThe Spiral bar or wire wound / drawdown rod applicator is ideal for applying a film on thin materialssuch as sheets or plastic. Also works on flexible substrates, and with motorized film applicators*.The high-grade stainless steel will not be affected by acid or base elements.Totale length: 440 mmLength application area: 320 mmBaker ApplicatorBird ApplicatorFilm ApplicatorCylindrical film applicator with 4 application sidesfor applicating paint-films of 4 different pre-defined thicknesses.The Baker applicator’s are available in film width 60 mmand 80 mm and are suitable for applyinga host of different products onto flat and relatively solid substrates.Since it’s made out of high-grade stainless steel, the Baker FilmApplicator will not be affected by acid or base elements.The TQC Film Applicator (Quadruplex) has four application sides for applying paint filmswith four different predefined thicknesses, in film width 60 or 80 mm.One side of the applicator is supplied with a guidance support for straight application.This support may be removed as well.The high grade stainless steel will not be affected by acid or base elements.Adjustable film applicator100 mm standard widthMake wet film thickness between 0 - 3500 micronsMicrometer head's controllable accuracy is 10 micronsMade of SS304 stainless steel

Compare ListTraverse SpeedTraverse SpeedAccuracyWire Bar DiameterWire Bar Test LengthWire Bar MinimumLengthStroke LengthTest Panel SizePower SupplyByko-driveTQC AFAEGPI-121010 mm/s2-500 mm/s10-200 mm/s10 mm/s 5% mm/s 1% mm/s10 – 13 mm6 – 19 mmMax 7 mm320 mm max.406 mm300 mm max.25-235 mm305 x 229 mm50-400 mm420 x 297 mmPA-210150-500 mm/s407 mm170,340 mm420 x 300 mm230/115V 50/60HzWeight45 kgCost----Time of DeliveryElcometer43400.5-10 mm/s330 mmOption420 x297mm240-100V 50/60Hz 230/115V 50/60Hz29 kg6 kg31 kg21 kg 12311 3200 8100- 110001.5 month

The summaries of asking know how of using auto-film-coaterI had a hearing about film coater for making thin electrode film in the fuel cell research ofHondaR&DBasicsDoctor BladeElec

Film Applicator Bird Applicator and Baker Applicator Cylindrical film applicator with 4 application sides for applicating paint-films of 4 different pre-defined thicknesses. The Baker applicator’s are available in film width 60 mm 80 mm and are suitable for applying a host of different products onto flat and relatively solid substrates.

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height drum coater and the 1meter drum coater is pumped by two 1800 liter/sec turbo molecular pumps. A Meissner trap located on the top and bottom of the chamber is chilled by an external refrigeration system to pump water. The coater is equipped with two opposed doors for easy access to the drum. Process control is accomplished

Room maintenance to be in conformity with ISO 14644-5. . ISO 16730. Cleaning of detachable parts of the coater shall be carried out in a separate room. Pilot PVD Li Roll-to Vacuum Coater Z2P150H OVERVIEW ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 Certified Page 10 of 14 5. DIMENSIONS OF THE COATER

Series 5 roller Coater Series 15 Roller Coater Series 5 Roller Coater The Series 5 coating roll diameter is 4". Doctor roll diameter is 23/4". Rolls are mounted in self-aligning ball bearings. Standard machines have smooth ground coating rolls and are equipped with a 1/2 HP dual-voltage variable speed motor. Roll openings are adjustable to .

through the roll coater, applying a fire-retardant layer on at least an upper Surface of the wood Substrate with one or more rollers; and removing the wood substrate from the roll COater. Patent Application Publication Dec. 4, 2003 Sheet 1 of 2 US 2003/0224122 A1 s 555 s

Roll Diameter 300 mm 300 mm 610 mm 610 mm 2400 mm Max. Web Width 175 mm 356 mm 635 mm 4040 mm. A Coater for Every Process. Interchangeable Coater Modules. The 300 mm LabMaster Pilot Coater is ideally suited for R&D and narrow web production . coating/laminating. Pre-engineering allows Faustel to offer the LabMaster at an economical

Using the CA7625 Carbon Coater 1) Turn on the Argon Gas. 2) Place a 2" piece of Carbon string between the electrodes. Ensure that there is slack in the middle. 3) Raise the vacuum chamber top plate. 4) Place the Carbon Coater head onto the SC7640 Coater. 5) Turn the shutter to cover the filament. 6) Turn on the SC7640 and the CA7625.

Computer Science Stanford University Madhu Karra Computer Science Stanford University Arvind Subramanian Computer Science Stanford University 1 Problem Description Most existing COVID-19 tests use nasal swabs and a polymerase chain reaction to detect the virus in a sample. We aim to