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OPERATION INSTRUCTIONSForm 5290-T, 08-09aSupersedes Form 5290-T, 08-09TCX500Tire Changer Family Copyright 2005-2009 Hunter Engineering Company

OWNER INFORMATIONModel NumberSerial NumberDate InstalledService and Parts RepresentativePhone NumberSales RepresentativePhone NumberConcept and Procedure ExplanationSafety PrecautionsTrainedDeclined TrainedDeclinedMounting Head Inspection Adjustment and Filling of Oilers TrainedDeclinedStandard Wheels Low Profile Wheels TrainedDeclined TrainedDeclinedStandard Wheels with Bead Lever and Plastic Sleeve Protector Full Seating of Mount/Demount Head to Prevent Head Failure Bead Lubrication During Removal of Low Profile Tires Reverse Drop Center Wheels Warning and Caution LabelsMaintenance and Performance ChecksBead BreakingClampingSteel Jaw Internal/External ClampingDemounting

MountingTrainedDeclinedStandard Wheels Mounting of Stiff, Low Profile Tires Reverse Drop Center Wheels Proper Bead Lubrication for Mounting Protection TrainedDeclinedSafety Precautions Lubrication and Removal of Valve Core Bead Sealing and Seating InflationIndividuals and Date Trained

ContentsCONTENTS . I1. GETTING STARTED. 11.1 Introduction. 11.2 For Your Safety . 1Hazard Definitions. 1IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. 21.3 Control Pedal Configurations . 41.4 Wheel Rotation Pedal. 41.5 Tire Bead Breaker Shovel Pedal . 51.6 Wheel Clamping Pedal. 51.7 Air Inflation Pedal . 51.8 Inflator and Pressure Limiter . 61.9 Mount / Demount Head . 61.10 Equipment Components. 7TCX505, TCX515, TCX535 Series (mid 2009 and later), Tire ChangerComponents. 7TCX500 Series (2005 to mid 2009), Tire Changer Components . 82. BASIC PROCEDURES . 92.1 Bead Breaking . 92.2 Placing Wheel on Tire Changer . 10Clamping the Wheel from Inside of Rim - Steel Rims . 10Clamping the Wheel from Outside of Rim - Alloy Rims . 102.3 Demounting Standard Tire from Rim . 112.4 Mounting Standard Tire to Rim . 13Mount a standard tire to rim:. 13Precautionary Notes . 142.5 Tire Inflation. 142.6 Removal of Wheel from Tire Changer. 152.7 Clamping Jaw Extensions AR46 (p/n RP11-8-11400276). 153. ADVANCED PROCEDURES . 173.1 Advanced Bead Breaking Procedures . 17Bead Breaking “AH” Wheels (e.g. BMW M3, M5, Some Porsches, Range Rover,Lancia, etc.) . 17Bead Breaking “AH” Wheels as follows: . 173.2 Advanced Demounting Procedures . 18Demounting Tire from Rim Using the Bead Lever Tool without the Plastic SleeveProtector. 18Demounting Upper Bead. 18Demounting Lower Bead. 19“HM” Bead Lever and Sleeve Protector, RP6-2663 . 19Benefits. 19Use of “HM” Bead Lever. 193.3 Advanced Mounting Procedures . 203.4 Mount/Demount Head Assembly . 20Checking Mount/Demount Head Calibration . 21For Steel Heads . 21Set Position of Steel Mount/Demount Head on Hex Shaft. 21For Plastic Heads . 22Set Position of Plastic Mount/Demount Head on Hex Shaft . 22TCX500 Tire Changer Family Operation ManualContents i

Adjust the Offset of Lock Mechanism – Steel and Plastic Heads . 234. TCX515 OPERATIONAL SUPPLEMENT. 25BP Arm Operation. 254.1 General Information. 254.2 Part Identification. 254.3 Operation. 26Clamping the Wheel. 26Demounting. 27Removing Tire from Rim . 28Mounting . 28Using the Bead Press Head Hook to Lift the Tire. 305. TCX535 OPERATIONAL SUPPLEMENT. 31Bead Press System Operation . 315.1 General Information. 315.2 Part Identification. 315.3 Operation. 32Clamping the Wheel. 32Demounting. 32Breaking the Inner Bead . 33Mounting . 33Run Flat Wheels . 33Bead Breaking . 33Clamping the Wheel . 34Second Roller Attachment. 34Demounting the Outer Bead. 34Demounting the Inner Bead . 35Operations and Inspections Prior to Mounting . 35Mounting the Inner Bead . 35Mounting the Outer Bead . 36Sensor Inspection/Replacement . 366. MAINTENANCE. 376.1 Maintenance Schedule. 376.2 Maintenance and Replacement Parts . 387. GLOSSARY . 397.1 Rim Diagram. 397.2 Illustrations of Various Rim Designs . 40Contents iiTCX500 Tire Changer Family Operation Manual

1. Getting Started1.1 IntroductionThis manual provides operation instructions and information required to maintain theTCX500 tire changer family. An advanced operation section has been provided in“Advanced Procedures,” page 17.“References”This manual assumes that you are already familiar with the basics of tireidentification and service. The first section provides the basic information to operatethe TCX500 tire changer family. The following sections contain detailed informationabout equipment, procedures, and maintenance. “Italics” are used to refer to specificparts of this manual that provide additional information or explanation. For example,Refer to “Equipment Components,” page 7. These references should be read foradditional information to the instructions being presented.The owner of the tire changer is solely responsible for enforcing safety proceduresand arranging technical training. The tire changer is to be operated only by aqualified trained technician. Maintaining records of personnel trained is solely theresponsibility of the owner or management.The TCX500 tire changer family is intended for mounting, demounting, and inflatingmost tires with an approximate dimension of 40 inches in diameter and 15 inches inwidth.1.2 For Your SafetyHazard DefinitionsWatch for these symbols:CAUTION:Hazards or unsafe practices, which could result in minorpersonal injury, product, or property damage.WARNING: Hazards or unsafe practices, which could result insevere personal injury or death.DANGER:TCX500 Tire Changer Family Operation ManualImmediate hazards, which will result in severe personalinjury or death.Getting Started 1

These symbols identify situations that could be detrimental to your safety and/orcause equipment damage.IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSKeep all instructions permanently with the unit.Use equipment only as described in this manual.To reduce the risk of fire, do not operate the equipment in the vicinity of opencontainers of flammable liquids (gasoline).Do not operate the equipment with a damaged cord or if the equipment has beendamaged - until it has been examined by a qualified serviceman.If an extension cord is necessary, a cord with a current rating equal to or more thanthat of the equipment should be used. Cords rated for less current than theequipment may overheat. Care should be taken to arrange the cord so that it will notbe tripped over or pulled.Always unplug equipment from electrical outlet when not in use. Never use the cordto pull the plug from the outlet. Grasp plug and pull to disconnect.Read and follow all caution and warning labels affixed to equipment and tools. Keepall decals, labels, and notices clean and visible.Read and understand all instructions before operating this machine.Misuse of this equipment can cause personal injury and shorten the life of the tirechanger.To prevent accidents or damage to the tire changer, use only Hunter recommendedprocedures and accessories.Wear OSHA approved eye protection while operating the tire changer.Wear non-slip safety footwear when operating the tire changer.Do not wear jewelry or loose clothing when operating the tire changer.Wear proper back support when lifting or removing wheels from the tire changer.WARNING: Keep hands and clothing clear of moving parts.Do not lean or reach over tire when inflating.Never stand on the tire changer.WARNING: Do not exceed these pressure limitations: Supply line pressure (from compressor) is 220 psi. Operating pressure (gauge on regulator) is 145 psi. Bead seating pressure (gauge on hose) is the tiremanufacturer’s maximum pressure as stated on thesidewall of the tire.2 Getting StartedTCX500 Tire Changer Family Operation Manual

Mixing tire and rim sizes may affect steering, handling, and the braking of the vehicle.Keep hands and clothing clear of moving parts.DANGER:Activate air inflation jets only when sealing bead.Bleed air pressure from system before disconnecting supply line or other pneumaticcomponents. Air is stored in a reservoir for operation of inflation jets.WARNING: Only activate the air inflation jets if the rim securingdevice is locked in place and the tire is properlyclamped (when possible).WARNING: Never mount a tire to a rim that is not the same diameter(e.g., 16 1/2 inch tire mounting on a 16 inch rim).Do not operate the tire changer with worn, rubber or plastic parts.Wheels equipped with low tire pressure sensors or special tire and rim designs mayrequire certain procedures. Consult manufacturer’s service manuals.Service and maintain machine regularly as outlined in this Manual. For furtherinformation contact:Hunter Engineering Company11250 Hunter DriveBridgeton, Missouri 63044800-448-6848314-731-3020Internet address: www.hunter.comTCX500 Tire Changer Family Operation ManualGetting Started 3

1.3 Control Pedal ConfigurationsControl pedals on the TCX500 tire changer family are configured differentlydepending on the time period they were manufactured.There are two control pedal configurations: Models built from mid 2009 and later (TCX505, TCX515 and TCX535)SHOVELCLAMPROTATION Models built from 2005 to mid 2009 (TCX500, BP and BPS)CLAMPROTATIONSHOVELThroughout this manual, control pedals are referred to by the associated symbol.CLAMPSHOVELROTATION1.4 Wheel Rotation PedalStep down on the rotation pedalto rotate the wheel clockwise.Release the pedal to stop rotation. Depressing the pedal halfway rotatesthe wheel at slow speed. Depressing the pedal all the way rotates thewheel at fast speed.Lift up on the pedal to rotate the wheel counterclockwise. Release thepedal to stop rotation.4 Getting StartedTCX500 Tire Changer Family Operation Manual

1.5 Tire Bead Breaker Shovel PedalWARNING: Keep arms and legs from between the bead breaker armand the side of the housing.Step down on the bead breaker shovel pedalto close beadbreaker arm and break bead.Release the pedal to allow the bead breaker arm to open.1.6 Wheel Clamping PedalThe wheel clamping pedalhas three positions (modes of operation): up(expand), neutral (stop), and down (retract).With the clamps in the fully retracted position or clamped against theoutside of a rim, step down fully on the pedal to expand the wheel clamps(clamps move outward). The clamps continue to expand until contactingthe rim or until fully expanded.While the clamps are expanding, partially stepping down on the pedal willstop the clamps. The pedal can also be placed in the stopped positionwith the clamps in the fully expanded position. From this stopped position,additional partial steps on the pedal will incrementally retract clamps.With the clamps in the fully expanded position or clamped against theinside of a rim, step down partially on the pedal to retract the wheel clamps(clamps move inward). To completely retract the clamps, step down fullyon the pedal and the clamps will move completely inward.Change the position of pedal by briefly stepping down and then releasing.1.7 Air Inflation PedalOn the left side of the base, the air inflation pedal operates the two-stage air inflationsystem. Refer to illustrations on page 8 and 7. The pedal controls the air going to theinflation hose and the air inflation jets.WARNING: Do not lean or reach over tire when inflating.CAUTION:Keep hands clear of wheel during sealing and seating ofbeads.When operating air inflator, stand to the left side of the base. Do not stand in front ofthe tire changer while operating the air inflator.Step down partially on the pedal to inflate tires through inflation hose.Step down completely on the pedal to activate the air inflator jets to sealtire beads.TCX500 Tire Changer Family Operation ManualGetting Started 5

1.8 Inflator and Pressure LimiterAs a safety device, the pressure limiter prevents the operator from using excessiveair pressure.Bead seating pressure should never exceed the tire manufacturer’s maximum beadseating pressure as stated on the sidewall of the tire.If tires being mounted require more than the tire manufacturer’s maximum beadseating pressure, the wheel should be removed from the tire changer, placed in aninflation cage, and inflated per manufacturer’s instructions.1.9 Mount / Demount HeadThe mount/demount head is suspended from the column above the turntable.The head has a mounting and demounting lip that is designed to install or removethe bead of tire as the wheel is rotated clockwise.MOUNTINGLIPThemounting lipis on the leftside of thehead.STEEL MOUNTHEADDEMOUNTINGLIPThedemounting lipis on the rightside of thehead.PLASTICMOUNT HEADThe bead of tire is placed on top of mounting lip during mounting.The bead of tire is placed on top of demounting lip during demounting.6 Getting StartedTCX500 Tire Changer Family Operation Manual



changer. To prevent accidents or damage to the tire changer, use only Hunter recommended procedures and accessories. Wear OSHA approved eye protection while operating the tire changer. Wear non-slip safety footwear when operating the tire changer. Do not wear jewelry or loose clothing when operating the tire changer.

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