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CODE ADOPTIONHISTORYBuilding Permits RequiredOrdinance # 61Building Permits RequiredAugust 4, 1915Building CodeOrdinance #CodeDate 106323435383540372539085092563658831930 Uniform Building Code1943 Uniform Building Code1949 Uniform Building Code1955 Uniform Building Code1958 Uniform Building Code1961 Uniform Building Code1967 Uniform Building Code1967 Uniform Building Code (Permit Fees)1970 Uniform Building Code1973 Uniform Building Code1976 Uniform Building Code1979 Uniform Building Code1982 Uniform Building Code1985 Uniform Building Code1988 Uniform Building Code (Fireplaces)1988 Uniform Building Code1991 Uniform Building Code1994 Uniform Building Code1997 Uniform Building Code2003 International Building Code2006 International Building Code6139635066322009 International Building Code2012 International Building Code2018 International Building CodeApril 14, 1931August 25, 1945June 21, 1950November 4, 1955December 17, 1958June 7, 1961November 1, 1967February 4, 1970December 2, 1970November 2, 1974January 18, 1978March 5, 1980April 18, 1984July 2, 1986November 21, 1990November 21, 1990August 4, 1993July 5, 1995August 24, 1998November 19, 2003January 17, 2007April 6, 2011 Effective July 5, 2011September 17, 2014October 15, 2018Residential CodeOrdinance #5636588361766351CodeDate Adopted2003 International Residential Code2006 International Residential Code2009 International Residential Code2012 International Residential CodeNovember 19, 2003January 17, 2007February 15, 2012September 17, 2014Page 1

66332018 International Residential CodeJuly 9, 2018Electric CodeOrdinance #CodeDate AdoptedSeptember 22, 1945June 2, 1954July 2, 1958January 4, 1961January 2, 1963August 17, 1966April 15, 1970November 3, 781945 National Electrical Code1953 National Electrical Code1956 National Electrical Code1959 National Electrical Code1962 National Electrical Code1965 National Electrical Code1968 National Electrical Code1971 National Electrical Code1971 National Electrical Code(Re-Adoption)1975 National Electrical Code1978 National Electrical Code1981 National Electrical Code1983 National Electrical Code1987 National Electrical Code1990 National Electrical Code1993 National Electrical Code1996 National Electrical Code1999 National Electrical Code2002 National Electrical Code2005 National Electrical Code6143635666392008 National Electrical Code2011 National Electrical Code2017 National Electrical Code3066107678831015124614501547Page 2December 26, 1973August 6, 1975March 21, 1979September 2, 1981January 2, 1986April 15, 1987November 21, 1990December 7, 1994August 25, 1997May 17, 2000November 19, 2003January 17, 2007April 6, 2011 Effective July 5, 2011September 17, 2014July 9, 2018

Plumbing CodeOrdinance 94552658811950 Uniform Plumbing Code1950 Uniform Plumbing Code(Re-Adopt)1952 Uniform Plumbing Code1955 Uniform Plumbing Code1958 Uniform Plumbing Code1961 Uniform Plumbing Code1967 Uniform Plumbing Code1967 Uniform Plumbing Code(Re-Adopt)1970 Uniform Plumbing Code1973 Uniform Plumbing Code1976 Uniform Plumbing Code1979 Uniform Plumbing Code1982 Uniform Plumbing Code1985 Uniform Plumbing Code1988 Uniform Plumbing Code1991 Uniform Plumbing Code1994 Uniform Plumbing Code1997 Uniform Plumbing Code2000 Uniform Plumbing Code2006 Uniform Plumbing Code6141635566382009 Uniform Plumbing Code2012 Uniform Plumbing Code2018 Uniform Plumbing Code47652070083311351330Date AdoptedJune 21, 1950January 16, 1952January 21, 1953March 7, 1956April 6, 1960July 1, 1964September 18, 1968June 4, 1969April 7, 1971December 26, 1973August 17, 1977April 2, 1980January 19, 1983March 19, 1986November 21, 1990August 4, 1993July 5, 1995August 24, 1998November 19, 2003January 17, 2007April 6, 2011 Effective July 5, 2011September 17, 2014August 15, 2018Mechanical CodeOrdinance 52858801959 Uniform Mechanical Code1967 Uniform Mechanical Code1970 Uniform Mechanical Code1973 Uniform Mechanical Code1979 Uniform Mechanical Code1982 Uniform Mechanical Code1985 Uniform Mechanical Code1988 Uniform Mechanical Code1991 Uniform Mechanical Code1994 Uniform Mechanical Code1997 Uniform Mechanical Code2000 Uniform Mechanical Code2006 Uniform Mechanical Code614263542009 Uniform Mechanical Code2012 Uniform Mechanical CodePage 3Date AdoptedNovember 1, 1967May 21, 1969December 2, 1970December 26, 1973March 5, 1980January 19, 1983January 2, 1986November 20, 1990August 4, 1993July 5, 1995August 24, 1998November 19, 2003January 17, 2007April 6, 2011 Effective July 5, 2011September 17,2014

66372018 Uniform Mechanical CodeAugust 15, 2018Swimming Pool CodeOrdinance #CodeDate Adopted35443728509155255879CLV Swimming Pool/Spa Code, 1990 Edition1992 Code1997 (UAC) Code2003 Code2006 Code61452009 Southern Nevada Pool CodeNovember 21, 1990August 4, 2003August 24, 1998November 6, 2002January 17, 2007April 6, 2011 Effective July 5, 2011635363532012 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code2012 International Swimming Pool and SpaCodeEffective NovembeSeptember 17, 20142018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code6636August 15, 2018**Chapter 72 of 1985 UBC (Ordinance No. 3234) contains first adopted requirements for pool barriers (fencing)Handicapped AccessibilityOrdinance #CodeDate Adopted5092?1992 ANSI Standards (1997 UBC)2003 ANSI Standards (2006 IBC)August 24, 1998January 17, 2007Energy CodeOrdinance #CodeDate Adopted3880576658821992 Model Energy Ccode2003 Internatiol Energy Conservation Code2006 Internatiol Energy Conservation Code61442009 Internatiol Energy Conservation Code2009 Internatiol Energy Conservation CodeCompliance Exemptions2018 International Energy Conservations CodeApril 19, 1995May 4, 2005January 17, 2007April 6, 2011 Effective July 5, 201162566635June 19, 2013August 15, 2018Administrative CodeOrdinance #3539386439065091Code1988199119941997Date AdoptedUniform Administrative CodeUniform Administrative CodeUniform Administrative CodeUniform Administrative CodePage 4November 21, 1990April 18, 1993July 5, 1995August 24, 1998

563758846349pending1997 Uniform Administrative CodeAmendments1997 Uniform Administrative Code2012 City of Las Vegas Administrative Code2018 City of Las Vegas Administrative CodeNovember 19, 2003January 17, 2007September 17, 2014pendingFire CodeOrdinance 45115566761241943 Uniform Fire Code1956 Uniform Fire Code1965 Uniform Fire Code1967 NFPA Pamphlet No. 58Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases1965 Uniform Fire Code1973 Uniform Fire Code1979 Uniform Fire Code1982 Uniform FireCode1985 Uniform Fire Code1988 Uniform Fire Code1991 Uniform Fire Code1994 Uniform Fire Code1997 Uniform FireCode2003 Uniform Fire code (NFPA 1)2009 International Fire Code632566312012 International Fire Code2018 International Fire CodeDate AdoptedOctober 5, 1945September 3, 1958December 21, 1966May 5, 1968March 4, 1970December 12, 1973March 19, 1980August 3, 1983October 21, 1987November 21, 1990September 16, 1992December 20, 1995November 9, 1998February 4, 2004January 5, 2011June 18, 2014 Effective July 102014August 15, 2018Existing Building CodeOrdinance #63526634Code2012 International Existing Building Code2018 International Existing Building CodeDate AdoptedSeptember 17, 2014August 15, 2018Naming of Streets and Assignment of AddressesOrdinance #3744CodeRevisions of GuidelinesMiscellaneousPage 5Date AdoptedOctober 25, 1993

Ordinance #CodeDate Adopted308138821982 Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous BuildingsTemporary Securing of Buildings, Amending Title 16, 1983 Edition61462010 Amusement & Transportation Rides CodeNovember 16, 1983November 16, 1983April 6, 2011 Effective July 5, 2011Page 6

Uniform Regulations for Control of Drainage Promulgated byClark County Regional Flood Control District(Incomplete)Ordinance #32943322Date AdoptedCodeBill No. 87-29Bill No. 87-58June 17, 1987November 4, 1987Uniform Standard Specifications forPublic Works(Incompete)Ordinance #CodeDate Adopted621195412572239Resolution - Uniform stand Specifications for PW Construction Off-Site ImprovementsClark County Area 1977Resolution - Unform Standard Drawing & Specifications R32-93(revised every 6 months)November 3, 1954August 17, 1966December 2, 1981December 5, 1984June 16, 1993Housing CodeOrdinance #7791908305732653896Code1958 Uniform Housing Code1976 Uniform Housing Code1982 Uniform Housing Code1985 Uniform Housing Code& Supplemental Docs1994 Uniform Housing Code& Supplemental DocsPage 7Date AdoptedDecember 17, 1958January 18, 1978June 15, 1983January 21, 1987June 7, 1995

ord #27 3/9/1912 fixing the fire limits regulating building construction233 4/13/1938 1st ordinance for outdoor signs

1967 NFPA Pamphlet No. 58 Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases 1965 Uniform Fire Code 1973 Uniform Fire Code 1979 Uniform Fire Code 1982 Uniform FireCode 1997 Uniform Administrative Code 2012 City of Las Vegas Administrative Code Fire Code 1997 Uniform Administrative Code Amen

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1 The properties identified in this complaint as 3791 LAS VEGAS BLVD S, 3743 LAS VEGAS BLVD S, 3755 LAS VEGAS BLVD S, 3759 LAS VEGAS BLVD S, and 3767 LAS VEGAS BLVD S, Las Vegas, NV 89109 are herein referred to as the “Subject Properties”. Case Number: A-21-829284-B Electronically Filed 2/10/2021 10:42 PM Steven D. Grierson CLERK OF THE .

Las Vegas Municipal Court 100 E. Clark Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89101 Mailing Address Las Vegas Municipal Court Attn: Records Management Unit P.O. Box 3950 Las Vegas, NV 89127 What to Expect Las Vegas Municipal Court will review the packet. If there are any issues, you will be contacted and the packet may be returned to you for corrections.

LAS VEGAS ARCHITECTURE The travel industry has always been important to Las Vegas. The City's location is due to the natural springs of the Las Vegas Valley and it's position along the route from Salt Lake City to Southern California. The town's history is the history of the gambling industry in which Vegas becomes a destination and not a .

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