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Ongoing Facilities ImprovementsLocationMajor CategoryBacon ESBacon ESBacon ESBacon ESBacon ESBacon ES TotalBauder ESBauder ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentBuilding ShellLife Safety SecurityHeating And VentilationSite WorkReplace bookshelves in the media center with mobile book stacksExterior window replacementSmoke detector replacementReplace building HVAC automation control systemNew playground equipment for younger childrenFixtures Furniture and EquipmentSite WorkBauder ESSite WorkBauder ESBauder ESBauder ES TotalElectricalTBDSafe desks (Looking at adding coat cubbies )Playground asphalt replacementDrainage on the southeast side of the building (concrete) creates frozenpondAdd adequate lighting to parking lotsUnallocated funds from completed projectsBeattie ESFlooringBeattie ESBeattie ESBeattie ES TotalBennett ESFlooringRoofingGeneral CarpentryBennett ESDoors and HardwareBennett ESSite WorkBennett ESBennett ESBennett ES TotalBethke ESBethke ES TotalBlevins MSBlevins MSBlevins MSBlevins MSBlevins MS TotalBoltz MSBoltz MSBoltz MSBoltz MSBoltz MSBoltz MSBoltz MS TotalFlooringInterior ImprovementFlooringScope/DescriptionCarpet replacement, replace carpet not completed in 2014: teacherslounge, red pod, EC pod, computer labGym floor replacementRoof replacement (Section 2)Door window blinds on all classroom doors (interior and exterior)Annex - Locks on doors between rooms OR other way to prevent accessin crisisParking lot resurfaced, painted, with walkway created for passengers tofollow to cross safelyAnnex - bathrooms: flooring/sinks/tilesRelocation of time out roomEstimatedAction nDesignConstructionInstallDesignDesignConstruction 5,000.00DesignTBDConstruction 64,000.0011,000.00270,000.00DesignConstruction 40,000.00DesignConstructionConstruction 70,000.0030,000.00140,000.0030,000.00Construction 12,000.00Construction 2,500.00 .001,060,000.00Install 35,000.00ConstructionConstructionInstallDesign 100,000.004,000.0011,000.0010,000.00 160,000.00DesignDesignDesignFixtures Furniture and EquipmentPlumbingFlooringLife Safety SecuritySustainabilityHeating And VentilationUpdate classroom furniture (desks, bookshelves)Water bottle fountainsReplace entry tile with abrasive action carpetSmoke detector replacementSkylight or sun tube installation – natural lightReplace building HVAC automation control systemInstallInstallInstallInstallDesignSite WorkSite WorkDoors and HardwareInterior ionConstructionDesignInstallCache La Poudre ESCache La Poudre ESCache La Poudre ESCache La Poudre ESCache La PoudreES TotalRecommendedBudget as ofJanuary 2019ConstructionGym floor resurfacingPlan for replacement of furniture as needed as it will prove difficult to fundthis out of our small school's budget (new student desks, chairs, newfront office furniture, new teacher desks and chairs)Playpad asphalt replacementCrack fill entire siteLocking doors between joined classroomsDiaper changing station behind a low wall in classroomEstimatedAction 0.00590,000.0065,000.00125,000.00New classroom furniture (tables, desks, chairs, bookshelves)Smoke detector replacementReplace existing heating/ventilation equipmentReplace building HVAC automation control systemFixtures Furniture and EquipmentEstimatedAction Year2021 Fixtures Furniture and EquipmentLife Safety SecurityHeating And VentilationHeating And VentilationCache La Poudre ESEstimatedAction ge 1 of 9

Ongoing Facilities ImprovementsScope/DescriptionEstimatedAction Year2019LocationMajor CategoryCache La Poudre MSFixtures Furniture and EquipmentNew 6th grade lockers onlyCache La Poudre MSFixtures Furniture and EquipmentFurniture and shelving to update the Library to a 21st century learningspaceInstallCache La Poudre MSFixtures Furniture and EquipmentClassroom furniture to create 21st learning spacesInstallCache La Poudre MSHeating And VentilationHeat mitigation in the back five classrooms of the building (this could beair conditioning, additional ventilation, or even some shade structures)DesignCache La Poudre MSLife Safety SecurityHorns and strobe installationCache La Poudre MSLife Safety SecuritySmoke detector replacementCache La Poudre MSFlooringCarpet and Flooring replacementCache La Poudre MSRoofingRoof replacement (Sections 1 & 2)EstimatedAction Year2020EstimatedAction Year2021EstimatedAction Year2022included in 225kbudgetincluded in 225kbudgetPending 225,000.00Construction 160,000.00DesignConstruction 80,000.00DesignConstruction 15,000.00DesignDesignincluded in 225kbudgetConstructionConstruction 360,000.00 840,000.00Install 5,000.00Install 33,000.00 7,000.0025,000.0030,000.00 3,000.0022,000.00Cache La PoudreMS TotalCentennial HSFixtures Furniture and EquipmentCentennial HSFixtures Furniture and EquipmentCentennial HSCentennial HSCentennial HSLife Safety SecurityGeneral CarpentryTBDChairs for the gym/auditorium were gathered in hodge-podge fashion, areold and do not match or fit high school students. Gym seating is old andis tearing up the gym floor. 164 new chairs and 2 chair cars 4,400.90Furniture was hand me down/second hand in the first place. Desks andchairs for almost all classrooms are needed, about 3,500 per classroomx 8 classrooms 30,000Smoke detector replacementLunchroom table replacementUnallocated funds from completed projectsInstallDesignTBDConstructionCentennial HS TotalSecuritySecurityDistrict WideDistrict WideDistrict Wide TotalDunn ESDunn ESDunn ESDunn ES TotalEyestone ESEyestone ESEyestone ESEyestone ESDoors and HardwareHeating And VentilationElectricalInterior door and door hardware replacementReplace existing heating/ventilation equipmentNew electrical outlets in classroomsDesignFixtures Furniture and EquipmentFlooringLife Safety SecuritySite WorkGeneral FurnitureGym floor – new gym floor is neededSmoke detector replacementSidewalk repairs – east side of main parking lotInstallInstallInstallDesignConstruction Eyestone ESInterior ImprovementDiaper changing station behind a low wall in classroomDesignConstruction 10,000.00Eyestone ESEyestone ES TotalFort Collins HSFort Collins HSFort Collins HSFort Collins HSFort Collins HSRoofing ,000.001,390,000.00Fixtures Furniture and EquipmentInterior ImprovementRoofingAthleticsAthleticsVisitor check-in/verification systemTie in entry bank doors to access systemRecommendedBudget as ofJanuary 201920192019DesignDoneRoof replacement (Section 2)Replace old student desksConverting M203/205 to two separate classrooms with a real wallSpine roof repairTrack resurfacingInstallation of new artificial turf on football tructionConstructionPage 2 of 9

Ongoing Facilities ImprovementsLocationMajor CategoryFort Collins HSFort Collins HSFort Collins HSFort Collins HSFort Collins HSTotalFort CollinsMontessori SchoolFort CollinsMontessori SchoolTotalFossil Ridge HSFossil Ridge HSFossil Ridge HSFossil Ridge HSTotalFrench FieldFrench Field TotalFullanaFullanaFullana TotalHarris ESHarris ESHarris ESHarris ESHarris ESHarris ESHarris ESHarris ESHarris ES TotalIrish ESIrish ESIrish ESIrish ESIrish ESIrish ESLife Safety SecurityLife Safety SecurityBuilding ShellBuilding ShellScope/DescriptionHorns and strobe installationSmoke detector replacementSheetrock repair in spine hallwayRepair bridgesFixtures Furniture and EquipmentRoofingAthleticsLife Safety SecurityInterior ImprovementRoofingRoofingEstimatedAction Year2019EstimatedAction uctionConstructionConstructionEstimatedAction Year2021EstimatedAction Year20222019Capstone repair (roof)Replace existing artificial turf on football fieldSmoke detector replacementRemodel press y Foam - roof replacement (Section 1)Fixtures Furniture and EquipmentJohnson ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentJohnson ESJohnson ESJohnson ESJohnson ESJohnson ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentKitchen EquipmentADA ComplianceRoofingRoofingMedia Center remodelTechnology upgrades in media center tech lab 13,000- 14,000, and/orreplacement of SMART boards with SMART TV's.New risers for musicGarbage disposal in staff lounge sink. Replace dishwasher as well.Install ADA access pathway to playgroundStanding seam metal and glazing replacementRoof replacement22,000.00 22,000.00 38,000.00990,000.0042,000.00 007,500.0040,000.004,500.00160,000.0083,000.00 truction tall 13,000.00PendingPendingConstructionDesignDesign ngDesignDesignRoofing ConstructionPlumbingSite WorkSignageBuilding ShellFlooringADA ComplianceIrish ESIrish ES TotalITCITC TotalJohnson signDesignInterior Improvement ConstructionConstructionConstructionWindow covering replacementSmoke detector replacementReplace building HVAC automation control systemLunchroom table replacementToilet and sink behind a low wall in classroom with a changing stationPlaypad asphalt replacementRoof replacement (Section 4)Unallocated funds from completed projectsIrish ignDesignGeneral CarpentryLife Safety SecurityHeating And VentilationGeneral CarpentryInterior ImprovementSite WorkRoofingTBDConstruction Soffit and fascia upgradeRoof replacement (Section 1)Appropriate Early Childhood toilets in Pod 3Out of date flag poleMarquee and a new signReseal roof and concrete (to eliminate pests)Complete carpet that was not part of 2010 BondRestroom installationThree toilets and sinks behind low walls in classrooms with changingtablesRoof replacement (Section 3)ConstructionRecommendedBudget as ofJanuary structionConstructionConstructionPage 3 of 9

Ongoing Facilities ImprovementsLocationMajor CategoryJohnson ESJohnson ES TotalKinard MSKinard MSKinard MS TotalKruse ESKruse ESKruse ESKruse ESKruse ESKruse ES TotalLaurel ESLaurel ESLaurel ESLaurel ESLaurel ESLaurel ESLaurel ESLaurel ESLaurel ESLaurel ES TotalLesher MSLesher MSLesher MSPlumbingLife Safety SecurityLife Safety SecurityHeating And VentilationLesher MSFlooringLesher MSLesher MS TotalLiberty CommonSchoolTBDLife Safety SecurityTBDADA ComplianceSite WorkBuilding ShellRoofingTBDGeneral CarpentryFlooringFlooringFlooringInterior ImprovementInterior ce kindergarten toilets and faucetsSmoke detector replacementUnallocated funds from completed projectsCurb cut installationRepair playground drainage issuesWaterproof exterior blockSpray foam roof replacement (Additional project per Facilities)Unallocated funds from completed projectsEstimatedAction Year2019EstimatedAction Year2020DesignConstructionEstimatedAction 183,000.0017,000.00560,000.00 315,000.00TBD 75,000.001,150,000.00Pending 150,000.00 150,000.00 allInstallDesignDesignFire alarm system replacementSmoke detector replacementReplace building HVAC automation control systemReplace front entrance pink and brown 1-inch bathroom tile and hallwaylinoleum with more functional, attractive, and quiet front entrance flooring(polished concrete?) and hallway carpet.Unallocated funds from completed projects (BEST onstructionConstructionDesignConstructionLiberty CommonSchool TotalLincoln MSFixtures Furniture and EquipmentLincoln MSLincoln MSLincoln MSLincoln MSLincoln MSGeneral CarpentryScoreboardsFlooringLife Safety SecurityLife Safety SecurityLincoln MSHeating And VentilationLincoln MSLincoln MS TotalLinton ESLinton ESLinton ESLinton ESLinton ESLinton ESRoofingGeneral CarpentryADA ComplianceInterior ImprovementFlooringRoofingRoofingClassroom desks and tables over 13 years old need to start replacing replace art tables 3000Window blinds throughout building are outdated and need replacementScoreboard and stands for football fieldRoom 514 linoleum is coming up (Abatement)Horns and strobe installationSmoke detector replacementRecommendedBudget as ofJanuary 2019 New motor for electric stage curtainsReplace carpet building wide that was not able to be replaced in 2015Replace epoxy floor restrooms across from flex roomReplace epoxy floor restrooms 1st & 2nd gradeEarly Childhood site bathroomToilet and sink behind a low wall in classroom with a changing stationRoof monitor repairSpray foam roof recoat (Section 1)Unallocated funds from completed projectsFixtures Furniture and EquipmentEstimatedAction n Install air conditioning and replace existing heating/ventilation equipmentDesignConstruction 4,770,000.00Roof replacement (Section ConstructionConstruction 205,000.00480,000.00272,000.00Shade part of sunlight nearest to smartboardsCurb cut installationToilet and sink behind a low wall in classroom with a changing stationCarpet replacementRoof monitor repairRoof replacement (Section tructionConstructionConstructionPage 4 of 9

Ongoing Facilities ImprovementsLocationMajor CategoryScope/DescriptionEstimatedAction Year2019EstimatedAction Year2020EstimatedAction Year2021EstimatedAction Year2022Linton ES TotalLivermore ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentLivermore ESLivermore ES TotalADA ComplianceLopez ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentLopez ESLopez ESLopez ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentLife Safety SecurityInterior ImprovementLopez ESBuilding ShellLopez ESLopez ES TotalTBDMcGraw ESGeneral CarpentryMcGraw ESMcGraw ESMcGraw ESMcGraw ESMcGraw ES TotalMountain SageCommunity SchoolMountain SageCommunity SchoolTotalADA CompliancePlumbingRoofingTBD1-New collaborative furniture (tables & chairs) for all teacher classrooms.2-Smart TV's for teacher classrooms. 3-Media Center upgrade - newfurniture, maker space storage, Smart TV, and bookshelves.Make staff bathroom ADA accessibleReplace existing furniture - student desks & chairs. Nearly all arereaching their expected lifespanReplace all staff desks and chairsSmoke detector replacementCreate changing stations in all wings of the buildingReplace existing windows to have operable windows throughout thebuilding.Unallocated funds from completed projectsReplace blinds in gym, cafeteria, and media center to darken thoserooms when needed (GYM ONLY) Also, add Werner project.Curb cut installationNew sinks by all bathroomsRoof monitor repairUnallocated funds from completed projectsFixtures Furniture and EquipmentO'Dea ESGeneral CarpentryO'Dea ESADA ComplianceO'Dea ESO'Dea ESO'Dea ESO'Dea ESO'Dea ES TotalFlooringPlumbingRoofingFixtures Furniture and EquipmentOlander ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentOlander ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentOlander ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentOlander ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentOlander ESOlander ESOlander ESOlander ESOlander ES TotalFlooringRoofingRoofingInterior Improvement 1,120,000.00Install 66,000.00Pending 24,000.0090,000.00Install nstructionDesignConstruction DesignConstruction 238,000.00TBD 48,000.00430,000.00Pending 58,000.00 10,000.0067,000.00475,000.0060,000.00670,000.00 60,000.00 60,000.00Install 17,000.00Pending 20,000.00 tall 12,000.00Install 9,000.00Install 12,000.00Install 12,000.00 019Awnings for our kindergarten classrooms to protect them from the heatand sun exposurePermanent ramp for the modular to decrease slippage/injuries andreduce noiseNew carpeting – it is stained horribly and it smells.Boiler plant replacementRoof replacement (Section 4)Library renovation and updatingReplace desks and tables in classrooms 2016-2017 Kinder/1st Grade 10,000Replace desks and tables in classrooms, replace furniture including filecabinets in office 16-17Replace desks and tables in classrooms 2017-2018 2nd/3rd grade 10,000Replace desks and tables in classrooms 2018-19 4th/5th grade 10,000Gym floor replacementRoof monitor repairRoof replacement (Section 1)Toilet and sink behind a low wall in classroom with a changing stationRecommendedBudget as ofJanuary tionConstructionConstructionPage 5 of 9

Ongoing Facilities ImprovementsLocationMajor CategoryPartnership CenterPartnership CenterTotalPolarisPolarisLife Safety SecurityPolarisInterior ImprovementPolarisPolarisPolaris TotalPoudre CommunityAcademyPoudre CommunityAcademyPlumbingRoofingAge appropriate restroom fixtures east end of schoolRoof replacement (Section 2)SignageRun electrical out to PCA signage (FRCC is designing and constructingan outdoor sign for PCA that will require installation and electrical)Site WorkSite WorkPoudre CommunityAcademyGeneral CarpentrySite WorkPoudre CommunityAcademyPoudre CommunityAcademy TotalPoudre GlobalAcademyPoudre GlobalAcademyPoudre GlobalAcademy TotalDoors and HardwarePoudre HSFixtures Furniture and EquipmentPoudre HSPoudre HSPoudre HSPoudre HSPoudre HSPoudre HSPoudre HSPoudre HS TotalPreston MSPreston MSPreston MSPreston MSPreston MS TotalPutnam ESPutnam ESPutnam ESPutnam ESPutnam ES TotalFlooringAthleticsLife Safety SecurityLife Safety SecurityHeating And oke detector replacementWindow covering replacementPlaypad asphalt replacementRepurpose main library and computer lab, the music recording studio andthe photo/video recording studio. Split PC lab for video add 10 per JoeEstimatedAction Year2019EstimatedAction Year2020DesignConstructionEstimatedAction Year2021EstimatedAction Year2022InstallConstructionRecommendedBudget as ofJanuary 2019 10,000.00 10,000.00 70,000.00250,000.00DesignConstruction 14,000.00DesignConstruction 21,000.0075,000.00355,000.00Construction 33,000.00Sprinkler for front and east side of campusConstruction 30,000.00Sod or seed east side to cover all of the bare dirt that is mud during rainand snow and a dust bowl when dry. (Sprinklers can help maintain thisarea.)Construction 45,000.00 132,000.00 240,000.00Install 11,000.00TBD 109,000.00 120,000.00 350,000.00 00.0020,000.00180,000.00DesignRoof replacement (Sections 1, 2 & 4)Ability to lock doors between classrooms (shared walls)Unallocated funds from completed projectsTurn classrooms and office spaces into places that don't look likeeverything was purchased at a garage salePolished concrete installation in hallways (Phase 2 and 3)Installation of new artificial turf on football fieldHorns and strobe installationSmoke detector replacementReplace building HVAC automation control systemRoof replacement (Section 4)Unallocated funds from completed projects (BEST structionConstructionConstructionDesignTBDFixtures Furniture and EquipmentFixtures Furniture and EquipmentSite WorkInterior ImprovementNew Media Center furnitureHallway vacuum with HEPA filterFence along north side to fence in ModularsRemodel Main Office to accommodate line of sight to main entranceInstallInstallDesignFixtures Furniture and EquipmentGeneral CarpentryLife Safety SecurityTBDNew student desks, tables and chairsLunchroom table replacementSmoke detector replacementUnallocated funds from completed onstructionConstruction Construction Page 6 of 9

Ongoing Facilities ImprovementsEstimatedAction Year2020LocationMajor CategoryRed Feather ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentRed Feather ESRed Feather ESTotalRice ESTBDInterior ImprovementWindow fix or replacement for leaking window in room 223DesignConstructionRice ESInterior ImprovementAdd sink in music room (room 101)DesignConstructionRice ESInterior ImprovementIncrease the amount of lighting in front entryway of building, located in thehallway outside of office.DesignConstructionRice ESInterior ImprovementReplace the remaining light fixture covers with open gratesDesignConstructionRice ESRice ESRice ESSite WorkSite WorkLife Safety SecurityConcrete replacement (kitchen, south side of building)Curb cut installationSmoke detector ionConstructionRice ESInterior ImprovementRice ES TotalRidgeview ClassicalSchoolScope/DescriptionEstimatedAction Year20191-Collaborative furniture (tables and chairs) for all teacher classrooms. 2New office furniture for Rachels office. 3-Smart TV's for teacherclassrooms. 4-Industrial refrigerator.Unallocated funds from completed projectsBaseboard replacement in the cafeteriaFixtures Furniture and EquipmentADA ComplianceSite WorkSite WorkRiffenburgh ESFlooringRiffenburgh ESRiffenburgh ESTotalTBDRocky Mountain HSExterior ImprovementRocky Mountain HSExterior ImprovementRocky Mountain HSRocky Mountain HSRocky Mountain HSRocky Mountain HSRocky Mountain HSTotalLife Safety SecurityLife Safety SecurityHeating And VentilationHeating And VentilationShepardson ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentShepardson ESInterior ImprovementEstimatedAction Year2022RecommendedBudget as ofJanuary 2019Install 22,000.00TBD 38,000.00 60,000.00 100,000.00included in 100kbudgetincluded in 100kbudgetincluded in 100kbudget7,000.005,000.008,000.00included in 100kbudget120,000.00 110,000.00 110,000.00 6,000.007,000.002,000.00 Done2019Ridgeview ClassicalSchool TotalRiffenburgh ESRiffenburgh ESRiffenburgh ESEstimatedAction Year2021Curb cut installationReroute roof drain water by kindergarten classrooms (ice hazard)Sinking concrete sidewalk – west of kitchenConstructionDesignDesignReplace carpet in hallways, pod areas, kindergarten rooms and library.Asbestos tile and sheet vinyl confirmed for hallways/kindergarten roomsConstruction 95,000.00TBD 10,000.00 120,000.00 170,000.00Unallocated funds from completed projectsRedo front entrance along with asphalt/concrete-current set up leads tocracking concrete etc. Move towards more natural entry that requires lessconcrete/salt. Improve curbside appeal to front entrance with newsignage, bouldersMove dumpsters/recycle bins away from main student entrance on eastside. Redo that entrance. Roughly 1000 students enter and exit throughour east doors each day - same area that trash/recycle trucks back in topick up trash - huge safety concernHorns and strobe installationSmoke detector replacementReplace building HVAC automation control systemReplace existing heating/ventilation equipmentUpdated furniture in the media center and computer lab that can bereconfiguredOffice renovation to include a secured struction ructionConstructionConstruction 145,000.0020,000.001,620,000.002,000,000.00 4,040,000.00 50,000.00 43,000.00InstallDesignConstructionPage 7 of 9

Ongoing Facilities ImprovementsLocationMajor CategoryShepardson ESShepardson ESTotalStove Prairie ESStove Prairie ESInterior ImprovementFixtures Furniture and EquipmentGeneral CarpentryStove Prairie ESSite WorkStove Prairie ESStove Prairie ESStove Prairie ESTotalLife Safety SecurityRoofingTavelli ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentTavelli ESTavelli ESTavelli ESTavelli ES TotalFixtures Furniture and EquipmentPlumbingInterior ImprovementTimnath ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentTimnath ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentTimnath ESGeneral CarpentryTimnath ESTimnath ESTimnath ESTimnath ES TotalLife Safety SecurityInterior ImprovementTBDTraut ESGeneral CarpentryTraut ESTraut ESADA ComplianceLife Safety SecurityTraut ESSite WorkTraut ESInterior ImprovementTraut ESTBDScope/DescriptionToilet and sink behind a low wall in classroom with a changing stationStudent desk replacementLunchroom table replacement1-Build new chain link fence to secure playground. 2-Replace existingroadside wire fence with split rail fence on the road.Smoke detector replacementRoof replacementTeacher desks, file cabinets, pod furniture, lounge and conference roomoffices 2016New furniture for classroomsPlumbing fixture replacementDiaper changing station behind a low wall in classroomReplacement of worn/broken classroom furniture: desks and tables(replacement plan for 2017)Round student tables, new student desks, student chairs (replacementplan for 2019)Sun-blocking shades or working blinds for all classrooms (This wouldaddress both our heat issue and it is a safety priority)Smoke detector replacementToilet and sink behind a low wall in classroom with a changing stationUnallocated funds from completed projectsBlinds for almost all windows in the building (including exterior doorwindows) are past or near end-of-life. They are bent, grime-aged, anddifficult to open/closeCurb cut repairHorns and strobe installationGrading, water/ice damage - Part of the issue in door failure is due toinadequate drainage by entryways - water tends to pool by downspoutsand grades are barely, if at all directed away from the building in manyareas. In times of heavy precipitation or snowmelt, this water backs upinto classrooms, damaging rugs and walls. In addition, these pools arestagnant such that they freeze over in winter, creating significant morninghazards that require frequent applications of salt and non-skid materials,exacerbating the rust and jamming problem of the doors. We also havean issue with ice along the whole north sidewalk - an area which is in theshade all winter. Of particular concern is the icy patch by our north doubledoors entrance, where water drips off the awning and creates a persistenticy spot with its associated hazards. We have had a number of spills atthat location, and it is only a matter of time before someone gets seriouslyinjured.Two toilets and sinks behind low walls in classrooms with two changingstationsUnallocated funds from completed projects (To be evaluated withFacilities)EstimatedAction Year2019EstimatedAction Year2020DesignConstructionEstimatedAction Year2021EstimatedAction Year2022RecommendedBudget as ofJanuary 2019 47,000.00 140,000.00 17,000.006,000.00 10,000.00 6,500.0040,500.00 80,000.00 45,000.00 11,000.0038,000.006,000.00100,000.00Install 30,000.00Install 32,000.00Install 105,000.00 13,000.0050,000.00280,000.00510,000.00 ConstructionConstructionDesignConstruction 13,000.0050,000.00DesignConstruction 52,000.00DesignConstruction 70,000.00 1,170,000.00TBDPage 8 of 9

Ongoing Facilities ImprovementsLocationTraut ES TotalWarehouse 5Warehouse 5 TotalWebber MSWebber MSWebber MSWebber MSWebber MS TotalWellington MSMajor CategoryADA ComplianceElectricalBleachersGeneral CarpentryLife Safety SecurityTBDScope/DescriptionNo ADA compliant toilet. Modify existing toilet to be ADA compliant.Light fixture in lobby (only original ones left in building)New bleachers in main gymCafeteria tablesHorns and strobe installationSchool is being replacedEstimatedAction Year2019EstimatedAction ructionConstructionConstructionTBDWellington MS TotalWerner ESWerner ESFixtures Furniture and EquipmentFlooringWerner ESInterior ImprovementWerner ESWerner ESWerner ESWerner ES TotalZach ESZach ES TotalLife Safety SecurityPlumbingSite WorkRenovationAdditional TechnologyGym floor refinishingInstallInstallDarkening classroom projectDesignConstructionFire alarm system replacementUpgraded sinksConcrete ionConstructionPermanent additionEstimatedAction Year2021EstimatedAction Year2022RecommendedBudget as ofJanuary 2019 000.0081,000.00250,000.00- - 20,000.0020,000.00included in 20ktechnology budget 55,000.00 15,000.00 40,000.00 150,000.00Construction -Subtotal Reserves Total 39,782,000.00218,000.0040,000,000.00Page 9 of 9

MS Total 840,000.00 Centennial HS Fixtures Furniture and Equipment Chairs for the gym/auditorium were gathered in hodge-podge fashion, are old and do not match or fit high school students. Gym seating is old and is tearing up the gym floor. 164 new chairs and 2 chair cars 4,400.90 Install 5,000.00

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oo Phase II – – Short-term Improvements - 12 year plan oo Phase III – – Mid-term Improvements - - 25 year plan oo Long-term Improvements - - After 2032. LWS Facilities Master Plan - 3/1/10 12. LWS Facilities Master Plan - 3/1/10 13 Water Main Replacement Pro

Capital Assets section (Section VII) of this guide for specific guidance. Except for the classification of land and land improvements, the state has set a standard capitalization threshold of 5,000 for buildings, building improvements and improvements other than buildings. The state capitalizes all costs classified as land and land improvements.

Additional concepts include Transportation Systems Management (TSM) and Travel Demand Management (TDM) improvements, which would maximize the efficiency of the current transportation system or reduce the domain for travel on the system, or Transit-Only Improvements. BOWERS HILL INTERCHANGE IMPROVEMENTS STUDY Citizen Comment Opportunity March 2021

El Prado Blvd. (West Shore Blvd. to Bayshore Blvd.) Complete Street and Safety Improvements . Tampa Palms Blvd (Ebensburg Dr to Bruce B. Downs Blvd) Complete Streets & Safety Improvements This project provides for operational improvements to the two Compton Dr intersections on Tampa Palms Blvd and roadway improvements for the remaining 4 .

Schererville Facade Program 5 6. Ineligible Improvement The following improvements are not eligible for the Façade Improvement Program: Improvements made prior to approval of an Application by the Redevelopment Commission, except for design work; Any improvements not seen from the public right-of way; Improvements made to single family or duplex residential homes;

(History of lean improvements) Leadership(Transformation through leaders) Knowledge (Enabling the improvements) Motivation (Demonstrated in a case study) Call to Action Q & A 12 The process The process -- implementation strategyimplementation strategy On-going History of Improvements Prior programs oProductivity improvements

1 PwC US GAAP Long Duration Targeted Improvements: Early discoveries & lessons learned US GAAP Long Duration Targeted Improvements: Early discoveries & lessons learned On August 15, 2018, the FASB issued Accounting Standards Update 2018-12, Targeted Improvements to the Accounting for Long-Duration Contracts ("LDTI"). Since then, many companies and industry stakeholders have been analyzing the