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STREBEL S-CB Cascade KitsModels 60 - 80 - 100 - 120 – PX 120 - 150 - 180Installation & Operating Manual2x60 up to 12x180Please read and understand before commencing installation and leave the manual with the customer for future reference.2017-05-01 v1

INDEX1.INTRODUCTION . 52.CASCADE SELECTION TABLE . 63.MAIN DIMENSIONS. 84.EXPLANATION OF PARTS AND GROUPS . 105.FRAME GROUPS . 116.MOUNTING THE BOILERS ON THE FRAME . 137.MOUNTING THE CONNECTING SETS . 148.MOUNTING THE HYDRAULIC GROUP . group for 2 boilers S-CB 60–120 and/or S-CB PX 120 . 17Hydraulic groups for 3 and 4 boilers S-CB 60–120 and/or S-CB PX 120 . 18Hydraulic groups for 2 and 3 boilers S-CB 150–180 . 19Hydraulic group for 4 boilers S-CB 150–180. 20Hydraulic groups for 5 and 6 boilers S-CB 150–180 . 21LOW VELOCITY HEADERS . 2210. FLUE GAS AND AIR SUPPLY . 2410.110.210.310.4Individual or common flue systems . 24Individual flue systems. 24Common flue systems . 24Installation examples flue gas systems. . 2511. INSTALLATION . 2612. PARAMETERS . 2812.112.212.312.4Parameter settings for cascaded boilers . 28Control panel / display unit . 29Setting the parameters using the control panel . 30Monitor screens . 3113. CASCADE CONTROL . 3213.113.2Output control . 32Boiler sequence . 3214. OPTIONS . 333


1.IntroductionFigure 1 - Typical cascade configuration (S-cb PX 120 Above).This Cascade manual is intended for the S-CB and the S-CB PX 120 wall-hung high efficiency CH boilersby Strebel Ltd. These boilers are available, in order of ascending output, as S-CB 60, 80, 100, 120,PX120, 150 and 180.The S-CB 60 - 120 (Not including the PX models) can be combined in one cascade set, as can the S-cb 150-180 boilers, but the S-CB PX 120 models can only be combined with the PX 120 model.Strebel Ltd can supply standard cascade systems with mounting frame, piping and low loss headers for up tofour boilers in the 60-120 range, four boilers in the PX 120 range and even six in the 150-180 range. Forcascades with more boilers, a dedicated system must be designed.The Strebel S-CB boilers are standard equipped with an internal cascade manager for up to twelve boilers.No extra controllers are necessary, only connect a 2-wire cable between all boilers.The low-loss header can be fitted on the right-hand side as well as on the left-hand side without making anyalterations to the delivered parts. The gas connection can also be fitted on one of both sides, independentlyfrom the side chosen for the low loss header.To commission the cascade installation, it is necessary to set a number of parameters on the boilers, seechapter 12.1.5

Cascade Selection Table2.When selecting a cascade set-up, follow the next steps:1. First determine the total required power of the set.2. Determine the best number of boilers required (q. in the table(quantity)).3. Choose one of the combinations in the table below (even more combinations are available).4. Determine the required space for the set in the main dimensions’ tables and check this with theplanned location.5. Determine the required flue gas and air supply lines.6. Choose all the required accessories in the Options-chapter.TotalKwInput2 BoilersModelq.120 2x140 1x160 802x1001x6080180 200 220 1x240 2x100120120Model3 Boilersq. 1x 1x60802xModel1001x3x1x 2x 2x 1x 3x608080260280 300100100150 2x100330 120320 1801x 150601x2x 8080q.4x2x 1x 3x1x 2x802x 3x 1x 804x1001x 3x2x801x100801x 2x2x 1x60 803x100Model 60 q.6060 23803x 400 4x420 1x 3x440 2x 2x 3x 1x 4x600 4x630 1x 3x660 2x 2x690 3x 1x720 4x4502x120 80 180 100 360 60Model1x120340q. Model 80 q.4 Boilers3x100100100120120 150120480 1x 510 2x 540 00150150150* Figures in this column are the gross calorific values in kW at 100% loadTable continues next page 6

Continuation from previous 010805 BoilersModel 150180 180 180 180 180 q.5x1x2x3x4x5xModel 150150 150 150 6 Boilersq.Modelq.Modelq.4x3x2x1x 150180 180 180 180 180 180 6x1x2x3x4x5x6x 150150 150 150 150 5x4x3x2x1x7

Figure 2. Cascade dimensions. The picture shows connecting sets for S-CB boilers – for the S-CB PX boilers the connecting sets are different.3.8Main dimensions

93 Boilers152016301914265789766487DN 65 PN6 (2½")DN 65 PN6 (2½")R 1½"2832833 boilers152016301940290766165440DN 80 PN6 (3")DN 80 PN6 (3")R 2"3382832 Boilers101511401358190787766436RP 1½"R 1½"R 1¼"2712832 boilers101511251408265766144487DN 65 PN6 (2½")DN 65 PN6 (2½")R 2"338283L1 (frame)L2 (standards)L3 (total)L4 (open header)H1 (gas)H2 (open header)H3 (open header)D1 (Header Connections Sizes)D2 (Header Connections Sizes)D3 (gas)A (gas)B (headers)L1 (frame)L2 (standards)L3 (total)L4 (open header)H1 (gas)H2 (open header)H3 (open header)D1 (Header Connections Sizes)D2 (Header Connections Sizes)D3 (gas)A (gas)B (headers)Table 1. Main dimensions (mm and " ).S-CB Boilers 150 - 180S-CB Boilers 60 - 120283338DN 80 (3")DN 100 PN6 (4")DN 100 PN6 (4")4401687683552465209019804 boilers283283R 2"DN 80 PN6 (3")DN 80 PN6 (3")4407687912902393208419804 boilers6 boilers3045316240718897702201000DN 125 PN6 (5")DN 125 PN6 (5")DN 80 (3")3352945 boilers2489260735168897702201000DN 125 PN6 (5")DN 125 PN6 (5")DN 80 (3")335294

4.Explanation of parts and groupsEach cascade set exists of the following parts and groups: number of S-CB type boilers as selected in chapter 2.The frame group (with locking plates) as determined by the number of boilers.Connecting groups to connect the boilers to the hydraulic groups (one group for each boiler, each groupexisting of 1 gas, 1 flow and 1 return connecting set).Hydraulic group, existing of 1 gas, 1 flow and 1 return header with all fixing and connecting parts.Low-loss header to connect hydraulic group to your heating installation.Frame groupS-CB ModelS-CB PX ModelConnectingsets S-CB Hydraulic GroupConnectingsets S-CB PXLow VelocityHeaderFigure 3. Cascade parts and groups. For the S-CB PX boilers, the return connecting sets are different from the S-CB .10

5.Frame groupsFigure 4. Cascade frame groups for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 boilers.11

Pos DescriptionE00.000.158E00.000.159E00.000.160Frame 1 BoilerFrame 2 BoilersFrame 3 beamE02.040.0051upper beam3mid/lower 2.040.01022mid/lower beamE02.040.0092mid/lower beam4locking plateE01.004.1261E01.004.1262E01.004.12635lock bolt M8 x 35E06.000.0231E06.000.0232E06.000.02336seal plug 70mm x 50mmE05.001.2852E05.001.2852E05.001.2852seal plug 50mm x 50mmE05.001.1014E05.001.1014E05.001.1014bolt M8 x 70M8 x 7012M8 x 7012M8 x 7012nut M8M812M812M812washer M8adjusting bolt standardM16 x 80M813M814M815M16 x 804M16 x 804M16 x 8047bolt M8 x 1208E00.000.161E00.000.207E00.000.206Frame 4 BoilersFrame 5 BoilersFrame 6 BoilersPos Description1standard2upper beamupper o.qE02.040.0046E02.040.0063upper beam3mid/lower beammid/lower beamE02.040.0094E02.040.0094E02.040.0096mid/lower beam4locking plateE01.004.1264E01.004.1265E01.004.12665lock bolt M8 x 35E06.000.0234E06.000.0235E06.000.02366seal plug 70mm x 50mmE05.001.2853E05.001.2855E05.001.2856seal plug 50mm x 50mmE05.001.1016E05.001.10110E05.001.10112bolt M8 x 70M8 x 7018M8 x 7018M8 x 7012M8 x 1206M8 x 120127bolt M8 x 1208nut M8M818M824M824washer M8adjusting bolt standardM16 x 80M822M829M830M16 x 806M16 x 8010M16 x 8012Table 2. Frame group parts.12

6.Mounting the boilers on the frameAll lines/piping must be mounted free of tension. The weight of all the components should be supportedseparately from the boiler so there is no force on the connections. This might influence the mounting positionof the boiler.Before mounting the boiler on the frame, ensure that the frame is level in both directions. If necessary adjustwith the adjusting bolts on the lower side of the frame (see drawing).After mounting the boiler on the frame, ensure that the boiler is level. If necessary adjust with the adjustingbolts on the lower rear side of the back panel. (see drawing).When the adjusting bolts aren’t sufficient, one needs to fill behind the bolts to get the boiler level. Thelevelling margin is between boiler hanging level, and hanging backwards a little.The boiler should not lean forward in the mounted position.Lock the suspension bracket with the locking strip to prevent the boiler from falling off the bracket(see drawing).LockingLevelling boilerLevelling frameFigure 5. Mounting details.13

7.Mounting the connecting setsFirst connect the connecting sets hand-tight to the boiler connections. In a cascade set-up, do NOT use theT-pieces delivered with the boilers.The shortest connecting set should be connected to the gas connection on the boiler.Make sure to connect the flow connecting set (middle length) to the boiler flow connection (left-sideconnection) and the return connecting set (longest) to the boiler return connection (right-side connection).The open connection in the flow connecting set is meant for a pressure relief valve, and the one in the returnconnecting set is to be used for a boiler bleeding valve.NOTICE: For the S-CB PX 120 boiler the return connecting set differs, because of the external pump.Flow connecting setReturn connecting setGas connecting setConnection to boilerConnection to boilerConnection for boilerbleed valveGas isolatorConnection to boilerConnection forpressure relief valveCoupling to gasheaderCheck valveBall valveCoupling to flowheaderBall valveCoupling to returnheaderS-CB PX boiler withexternal pump:Connection toboilerPump locationConnection forboiler bleed valveCheck valveBall valve andcoupling to returnheaderFigure 6. Connecting sets.14

Connecting sets for boilers S-CB 60 – 120 and S-CB PX 120NOTICE: Return set for the S-CB PX 120 differs from S-CB ng set gas ¾"E04.000.3771x2x3x4xFlow connecting set 71x2x3x4xConnecting setReturn connecting setS-CB 1"Return connecting setS-CB PX 1"Connection size relief valve and bleed valve: Both Rp 1"Connecting sets for boilers S-CB 150 – 6boilersConnecting set gas 1"E04.000.3781x2x3x4x5x6xFlow connecting set 1¼"E04.000.3751x2x3x4x5x6xReturn connecting set 1¼"E04.000.3761x2x3x4x5x6xConnecting setConnection size relief valve and bleed valve: Both Rp 1¼"Table 3. NB! Part numbers are corresponding to one connecting set, so order the correct quantity of sets.15

8.Mounting the hydraulic groupConnect the gas header to the gas connecting sets.Connect the flow header to the flow connecting sets.Connect the return header to the return connecting sets.Mount all headers with the clamps to the frame.All lines/piping must be mounted free of tension.The weight of all the components should be supported separately of the boiler so there is no force on theconnections.This might influence the mounting position of the boiler.When all parts are mounted in the right place, and are free of tension, fasten all couplings and fasten theclamps.Figure 7. Hydraulics.16

Hydraulic group for 2 boilers S-CB 60–120 and/or S-CB PX 1208.1467510711042510539108598Connecting sets in the picture are S-CB versions.Hydraulic group for:2 Boilers 60–120E00.000. 152No.DescriptionPart numberQ1Gas headerE02.025.01412Flow headerE02.032.00613Return headerE02.032.00714Clamp gas headerE01.000.20525Clamp flow/return headerE01.000.20846Seal cap gas headerE04.005.08317Seal cap flow/return headerE04.005.06128Coupling (2-parts)E04.002.07829Gasket for couplingE07.003.059210Bolt nut washerM10 x 352417

Hydraulic groups for 3 and 4 boilers S-CB 60–120 and/or S-CB PX 1208.246799172105843598510Connecting sets in the picture are S-CB versions.Hydraulic group for:3 Boilers 60–120E00.000.1864 Boilers 60–120E00.000.154No.DescriptionPart no.QPart no.Q1Gas headerE02.032.0081E02.027.01812Flow headerE02.039.0111E02.028.06113Return headerE02.039.0121E02.028.06014Clamp gas headerE01.000.2082E01.000.20935Clamp flow/return .0581E04.010.1822E04.010.18028Seal cap gas headerBlind flange for flow/returnheaderGasket for flangeE07.003.0714E07.003.07249Bolt nut washerM12 x 6016M16 x 601610Bolt nut washerM10 x 3524M10 x 3536718

Hydraulic groups for 2 and 3 boilers S-CB 150–1808.346795912754895398105Hydraulic group for:2 Boilers 150–180E00.000.1553 Boilers 150–180E00.000.156Part no.No.DescriptionPart no.QQ1Gas headerE02.027.0191E02.027.01712Flow headerE02.039.0091E02.028.05613Return headerE02.039.0101E02.028.05714Clamp gas headerE01.000.2062E01.000.20625Clamp flow/return headerE01.000.2104E01.000.21126Seal cap gas headerE04.005.0581E04.005.05817Blind flange for flow/returnheaderE04.010.1822E04.010.18028Gasket for flangeE07.003.0714E07.003.07249Bolt nut washerM12 x 6016M16 x 601610Bolt nut washerM10 x 3524M10 x 352419

Hydraulic group for 4 boilers S-CB 150–1808.476104510415108942951131095Hydraulic group for:20114 Boilers 150–180E00.000.157No.DescriptionPart no.Q12345678910Gas headerFlow headerReturn headerClamp gas headerClamp flow/return headerBlind flange for gas headerGasket for flangeBlind flange for flow/return headerGasket for flangeBolt nut 3.073M16 x 601113611242011Bolt nut washerM10 x 3536

8.5Hydraulic groups for 5 and 6 boilers S-CB aulic group for:No.1234567891011121314DescriptionGas headerFlow headerReturn headerClamp gas headerClamp flow/return headerBlind flange for gas headerGasket for flange gasBlind flange for flow/return headerGasket for flange flow/returnBolt nut washerBolt nut washerClamp gas header with spacerClamp flow/return header with spacerBolt nut washer spacer5 Boilers 150-180E00.000.205Part 1M16x60M10x35E01.000.381E01.000.382M10x80spacer L 4511106 Boilers 150-180E00.000.204Q1113612242018126Part 1M16x60M10x35E01.000.381E01.000.382M10x80spacer L 45Q1112412242012241221

9.Low Loss HeadersThe low loss header can be mounted on the right-hand or the left-hand side of the flow and returnheaders, whatever is the best place to connect the headers to the heating installation.The opposite end of the flow and return headers must be blocked by the supplied caps or flanges.DDFig. 8.3LH1H2DDDDFig. 8.2LH1H2DDDFig. 8.1H1LFigure 8. Low velocity headers.DH2DD22

23DN 65 PN6 (2½")330487265R 1½"330436190H1 (boiler-side)H2 (installation-side)LE04.008.025DN 80 PN6 (3")330440290DN 65 PN6 (2½")330487265H1 (boiler side)H2 (installation side)L355439330DN 100 PN6 (4")E04.008.025E04.015.066Fig. 8.24 BoilersE00.000.167290440330DN 80 PN6 (3")E04.008.025E04.015.066Fig. 8.24 Boilers:E00.000.166We standard supply a manual venting valve that can be mounted on top of the low loss header to manually bleed the airfrom the low loss header. Instead of the ½” manual bleed valve, an automatic air vent can be installed, up to 1”max.*****Table 4. Low velocity headers.DDrain valve ½"E04.008.025Fig. 8.2E04.015.0661Fig. 8.22 BoilersE00.000.165E04.015.066Venting valve ½"DrawingHeader GroupLow Loss Header for S-CB Boilers 150 – 180D3 BoilersE00.000.166E04.008.025Drain valve ½"E04.008.025Fig. 8.23 Boilers:E00.000.165E04.015.0661Fig. 8.12 Boilers:E00.000.164E04.015.066Venting valve ½"DrawingHeader GroupLow Loss Headers for S-CB Boilers 60 – 1208871000330DN 125 PN 6 (5")E04.008.034E04.015.066Fig. 8.35 or 6 BoilersE00.000.203

10.10.1Flue gas and air supplyIndividual or common flue systemsThe Strebel S-CB / PX 120 cascade sets can be equipped with individual or common flue systems.Using separate flue systems is always preferred above common flue systems. Only when separate fluesystems can’t be used, one should choose to use a common flue system.When chosen for an individual flue system each boiler has its individual flue gas outlet and air supply lines tothe outside of the building. This may be executed in parallel or concentric flue gas and air supply pipes.When chosen for a common flue system this must be executed in parallel flue gas and air supply pipes.10.2Individual flue systemsIndividual flue systems can be chosen as mentioned in the S-CB instruction manual.The flue system should comply with the chapter “Flue gas and air supply system” of the StrebelS-CB / S-CB PX manual.For each boiler, the combined resistance of the individual flue gas and air inlet pipe can be calculated andchecked with the maximum for the gas-side resistance.Res

5 1. Introduction Figure 1 - Typical cascade configuration (S-cb PX 120 Above). This Cascade manual is intended for the S-CB and the S-CB PX 120 wall-hung high efficiency CH boilers by Strebel Ltd. These boilers are available, in order of ascending output, as S-CB 60, 80, 100, 120, PX120, 150 and 180. The S-CB 60 - 120 (Not including the PX models) can be combined in one cascade set .

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