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Industrial Data Cabling SolutionsSignal TransmissionSolutions for Reliable,Mission-Critical Applications

Keep productivity high and downtimelow with Belden industrial cables.From industrial automation and processcontrol to wind turbines and robotics,Belden has the cable that combinesreliability, ruggedness, and performance.Be Certain.

3Industrial Wire & CableNobody Does It BetterAs a leader in the design and manufacturing of insulated wire and cable for over 110 years,Belden has evolved to a signal transmission solutions provider with a complete productportfolio including cable, connectivity, and networking products.Belden has developedthe most comprehensiveline of industrialcabling solutionsin the world today.Signal transmission in industrial environments poses unique challenges, requiring productsthat are rugged, reliable, and designed specifically for high performance in difficult conditions.Designed and constructed for use in tough, demanding applications, Belden cables hold up toexposure to the harshest conditions: oil, chemicals, ozone, high temperature, physical abuse,and other demanding environments.Your Challenges. Our SolutionsIncreasingly, manufacturing productivity depends on automation and seamlessdata communication. To support the proliferation of your mission-critical signaltransmissions, Belden offers a high-quality, high-availability line of industrial cablingand connectivity products.Seamless Connectivity from the Sensor to the EnterpriseFor the most reliable and robust factory networking, we also offer network switches,I/O modules, and other devices with our GarrettCom, and Lumberg Automation brands.From your petrochemical, automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical, power generation,water treatment, pulp and paper, food and beverage, or general manufacturing plant toyour remote manufacturing locations, various office sites or corporate headquarters — andeverywhere within your enterprise — Belden has your particular signal transmission solution.Be Certain with BeldenYou need a signal transmission partner that elicits confidence in the availability, integrity,and performance of its signal transmission solutions for any application, in any type ofenvironment. Only Belden ensures that its products will be available where and when youneed them, that they will be of consistent high quality, and that any and all of your serviceneeds will be met.Belden has developed the most comprehensive line of industrial cabling solutions in the worldtoday. Whether you are networking your factory floor or your process equipment and devicesto their controllers and on to the control room, or relaying data between the control room, theengineering department, various office sites or remote manufacturing locations—or operatingvariable frequency motor drives, continuous motion equipment and other process equipment—Belden has the cabling solution you need.Since productivity depends on seamless data communications, you can rely on Belden tomaximize your uptime—dependably and continuously—no matter how tough your environmentmight be. Belden products provide the reliability and durability required in virtually everyindustrial application. No matter how great the challenge, there’s a Belden cable productto meet the need.

4The Belden DifferenceProduct Breadth: Find the cable you needfrom our vast selection of configurations,shielding options, insulation and jacketmaterials, high-flex capabilities, andother options. From cables for industrialautomation and Industrial Ethernet tohook-up wire and multi-conductor cable,connect with Belden.Product Consistency: Manufactured in ISOcertified manufacturing facilities, Belden’sstate-of-the-art processes ensure qualityin each product. Product consistency forease of termination and assembly is amainstay of our products. Precise diametercontrol of insulation and jacket diametersalong with concentric wall thickness ensurefast, reliable supplication in high-speedautomated equipment.Shielding: Belden meets the demand forshielding technology with innovativedesigns in foil and braid configurationsfor highly effective EMI and RFI protection,and 100% shield coverage for improvedprotection over a wide frequency range.Our patented Beldfoil design provideselectrostatic shielding, while addingstrength and extra insulation. The Beldfoilshield is lightweight, strong, flexible,and thin, yet extremely effective.Bonded-Pair Technology:For optimum performance of pairedIndustrial Ethernet cable, we bond theconductors in each pair along theirlongitudinal axis to guarantee uniformspacing throughout the cable. Maintaininga precise geometry is a key factorin maintaining consistent electricalperformance by improving balance andreturn loss performance. The robust designof Bonded-Pair cables virtually eliminatesconcerns about stretching and bend radius.Bonded-Pair cables boast significantly highermaximum pulling tensions and tighter bendradii over the recommended guidelines toaccommodate real-world installation issues.Nonbonded-PairBonded-PairNonbonded pairs can lose the uniformity of twist thatis essential to consistent electrical performance.

5Table of ContentsIndustrial Data Cabling SolutionsPage No.Introduction6PLC/DCS-to-Cable Cross Reference Guide7Protocol-to-Cable Cross Reference Guide10Industrial Data Cabling Solutions11DataTuff Industrial Ethernet11Cables: Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET11RailTuff Industrial Ethernet12Patch Cords: Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET13FOUNDATION Fieldbus Cables15PROFIBUS Cables18CANopen RS-485 Cables20DeviceBus Cables22ControlNet Cables26ControlBus Cables27MODBUS Cables30LonWorks Cables31Coaxial Ethernet Cables33Interconnect Cables34

INDUSTRIALDATACABLINGSOLUTIONS6Belden IndustrialTuff CablesIntroductionTough Cables forTough EnvironmentsToday, more than ever, manufacturingproductivity depends upon seamless datacommunication and automation systems.And both depend upon high-performancecabling solutions.Depend on BeldenBelden has developed the world’s mostcomprehensive line of industrial cablingsolutions for applications like yours: whetheryou are networking your factory floor oryour process equipment and devices to theircontrollers and on to the control room, orrelaying data between the control room,the engineering department, and remotemanufacturing sites — or, all of the above.From your petrochemical, automotivemanufacturing, pharmaceutical, powergeneration, pulp and paper, metals, foodand beverage, or general manufacturingplant to your corporate headquarters —and everywhere in between — Belden hasyour cabling solution.Most importantly you can have the peaceof-mind that is inherent with the use ofBelden products since all Belden cablesare manufactured in ISO 9001:2000certified facilities to the industry’s higheststandards of quality, using the mostadvanced equipment, systems, controlsand processes available.Belden cables give you the performance youneed day after dependable day.Innovative TechnologyBonded-Pair CableMany DataTuff Industrial Ethernetcables feature Belden’s patented bondedpair technology. Bonded-pairs provideInstallable Performance — superior electricalperformance even after the stresses ofinstallation. Bonded-pairs exhibit the mostrobust and reliable electrical performancein the industry.ShieldingEffective cable shielding for protectionfrom noise interference remains criticalwith evolving industrial technology. Belden’sshielding designs and testing methods ensuresignal integrity and a dependable cable inthe presence of electrical noise.Belden’s exclusive patented Beldfoil design,with its aluminum/polyester foil, was thefirst shield to offer 100 percent cableprotection against radiated emission andingress at audio and radio frequencies.Insulation and JacketBelden formulates many of its own insulationand jacket compounds. As a result, theyprovide superior performance under avariety of hostile environmental conditions.Intrinsically Safe WiringIn accordance with NEC Article 504,intrinsically safe cables are colored bluefor easy identification. Belden offers severalindustrial cables in intrinsically safe blueto meet your requirements for intrinsicallysafe wiring. Contact the NEC and/or yourlocal inspector for specific guidelines.Custom CapabilitiesMost of our industrial cables are availablefrom stock. Many of these are available offthe shelf from distributors. If you have a newor unusual application or you cannot find anIndustrial cable in this catalog section thatmeets your technical requirements, contactTechnical Support at 31-77-3878-555.ArmoringBelden’s innovative armoring technologydelivers maximum physical protection inharsh environments. Additional benefitsinclude reduced cost of conduit, easierinstallation and re-routing, plusadditional shielding.Belden has the capability to protect data,electronic, instrumentation and control cableswith interlocking steel or aluminum armoras well as continuous corrugated aluminumarmor. Smooth or corrugated protectivemetal tapes are also available.Overall JacketArmorMaterialMaterialPURSteel WireFRNCAluminum InterlockPVCSteel InterlockCPEAluminum Belclad TPESteel BelcladHDPECopper BelcladContinuous ArmorF o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , c o n t a c t B e l d e n Te c h n i c a l S u p p o r t : 3 1 - 7 7- 3 8 7 8 - 5 5 5 w w w. b e l d e n . c o m

INDUSTRIALDATACABLINGSOLUTIONS7PLC/DCS Cable Cross Reference GuidePLC/DCSManufacturerABB/BaileyControlsSystem s) —Delta VGE Fanuc —I/O BusSystem NameBelden Part NumberSee Protocol listings on page 10See Protocol listings on page 109880Network Trunk CableGE Fanuc —Sensor DeviceNetworksDeviceNetIndustrial IT 800 X ASDSSee Protocol listings on page 10Infinet9880Network Trunk CableHoneywellAccess 4000 System9248*9463Blue Hose (Standard)9880Network Trunk CableFOUNDATION Fieldbus(Type SP50 ISA/IEC)See Protocol listings on page 109907Thin Network Trunk CableIPC 620 System I/O9271Twinax, 25 AWG, 124 Ohm9729Up to 4000 ft. (1220 m)9182Up to 10,000 ft. (3050 m)89182PlenumRS-485FOUNDATION FieldbusIndustrial Ethernet3131ARG-6 Quad Shield PVC3094ARG-11 Quad Shield PVC3086AMini3087AMicro1346F1 Pair 22 AWG, 1 Pair 24 AWG1348A3 20 AWG1349A3 20 AWG, 2 18 AWGMICRO-DCI3105A1-Pair, RS-485IPC 620 SystemMICROLINK9860Twinax, 16 AWG, 124 OhmSerial InterfaceModcell3105A1-Pair, RS-485PROFIBUS DP & PASee Protocol listings on page 10ControlNet See Protocol listings on page 10DeviceNet See Protocol listings on page 10DH, DH , Remote I/O9463Blue Hose (Standard)9463FFlexible Version (9463)129463Aluminum Armor (9463)139463Steel Armor (9463)189463Continuous Armor (9463)9463DBDirect Burial cturerFOUNDATION FieldbusMasterpiece 200Allen-Bradley/RockwellAutomationBelden Part Number3072F600 V TC Rated (9463)89463FEP 200 C, Plenum3074F600 V Tray Cable3106A1.5-Pair, RS-485 (PLTC)98422-Pair, RS-485Series C3000 UCN & rt DistributedSystemFOUNDATION Fieldbus(Type SP50 ISA/IEC)I/A SeriesCarrier BandI/A Series FieldbusRG-6 PVCSee Protocol listings on page 108233*Small Trunk3095APlenum9290*Drop Cable9207TwinaxIndustrial EthernetSee pages 11–1489207200 C, PlenumLonglineCommunications8723Interface Cable3073F600 V Tray Cable88723Plenum Version9880Trunk Cable89880Plenum VersionI/A Series Node BusI/Q System9463DeviceNetSee Protocol listings on page 10LimitorqueFOUNDATION Fieldbus(Type SP50 ISA/IEC)See Protocol listings on page 10MatsushitaHARTSee Protocol listings on page 10Industrial EthernetSee pages 11–14Blue Hose (Standard)Industrial EthernetSee pages 11–14DCC1003105AActuator Bus Cable, 1-Pair,RS-4859207Twinax, 20 AWG, Stranded, 100Ohm9860Twinax, 16 AWG, Solid, 124 Ohm9207Twinax, 20 AWG, Stranded, 100Ohm9860Twinax, 16 AWG, Solid, 124 Ohm9248*RG-6, 75 Ohm, 18 AWG9207Twinax, 20 AWG, Stranded, 100Ohm9860Twinax, 16 AWG, Solid, 124 Ohm9207Twinax, 20 AWG, Stranded, 100Ohm98064-Pair, RS-232, RS-4229207Twinax, 20 AWG, Stranded, 100Ohm9860*Twinax, 16 AWG, Solid, 124 Ohm9207Twinax, 20 AWG, Stranded, 100Ohm9860Twinax, 16 AWG, Solid, 124 OhmFP Series C-NETFP Series MEWNET-FMODBUSSee Protocol listings on page 10PROFIBUS DPSee Protocol listings on page 10Provox Plus3094A*RG-11 Quad Shield PVCFP Series MEWNET-H3131ARG-6 Quad Shield PVCFP Series MEWNET-TRRS-485See Protocol listings on page 10DeviceNetSee Protocol listings on page 109030, 90709182Communications BusPAC System89182Plenum VersionINTERBUS -SSee Protocol listings on page 10MODBUS See Protocol listings on page 10PROFIBUSSee Protocol listings on page 10FP Series MEWNET-WFP SeriesMEWNET-W2FP Series TRNETFEP Fluorinated Ethylene-propylene*For more information please see Cabling Solutions for Industrial Applications brochure.F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , c o n t a c t B e l d e n Te c h n i c a l S u p p o r t : 3 1 - 7 7- 3 8 7 8 - 5 5 5 w w w. b e l d e n . c o m

INDUSTRIALDATACABLINGSOLUTIONS8PLC/DCS Cable Cross Reference Guide tomationModicon/Schneider AEGSystem NameCC-LinkSee Protocol listings on page 10DeviceNetSee Protocol listings on page 10Melsecnet II (10/10H)1505A*Twinax, 200 C, PlenumPrecision RG-59/U Coax9815*Twinax, 100 Ohm, Direct Burial1505F*High-Flex 1505A3073F600 V Tray Cable, Twinax1506A*Plenum Precision RG-59/U,Outdoor, Direct BurialSYSBUS-23073F600 V Tray Cable, TwinaxSYSMAC BUS984122 AWG, 1-Pair, RS-4853105A22 AWG, 1-Pair, RS-485SYSMAC LINK9231*RG-59U CoaxDeviceNetSee Protocol listings on page 108241*Standard RG-59/U Coax8241F*High-Flex 8241FPROFIBUS DPSee Protocol listings on page 108777Industrial EthernetSee pages 11–14ComboBus/D(DeviceNet )ComboBus/SController LinkBelden Part NumberTwinaxSerialCommunicationsRemote I/OOmron(continued)System Name89207See Protocol listings on page 10MODBUSPLC/DCSManufacturer9207MODBUSMODBUS IIOmronBelden Part NumberPhoenixContactControl and InstrumentationInterconnect CableModem Drop Cable, 22 AWG,3-Pair8777NH22 AWG, 3-Pair, LSNH8777LS22 AWG, 3-Pair, Steel Wire Armor128777Aluminum Armor (8777)138777Steel Armor (8777)RotorkSiemens/Moore88777FEP 200 C, PlenumRG-6 Quad Shield PVC3132ARG-6 Quad Shield, 150 C, Plenum3092FRG-6 Quad Shield PVC,Flexible Version123092AAluminum Armor (3092A)133092A3092ASee pages 11–14INTERBUS -SSee Protocol listings on page 10PROFIBUS DP FMS & PA See Protocol listings on page 10Reliance/A-B87773092AIndustrial EthernetAuto MaxDistributed PowerB9B012*2-Fiber BreakoutI100255* 2-Fiber Loose Tube PVCI100266* 2-Fiber Loose Tube CPER-Net9259*RG-59 PVC89259*RG-59, 200 C, PlenumPakscan II E RS-4853105A22 AWG, 1-Pair, RS-485FMC(Field MountableController)3105A1-Pair, RS-4853106A1.5-Pair, RS-4853107A2-Pair, RS-4853108A3-Pair, RS-4853109A4-Pair, RS-485Steel Armor (3092A)FOUNDATION Fieldbus(Type SP50 ISA/IEC)See Protocol listings on page 10RG-6 Quad Shield PVCHiway98603092FRG-6 Quad Shield PVC,Flexible VersionIndustrial EthernetSee pages 11–14123092AAluminum Armor (3092A)MODULNET3094ARG-11 Quad Shield PVC133092ASteel Armor (3092A)3131ARG-6 Quad Shield PVC123092FAluminum Armor, RG-6 QuadShield PVC3132ARG-6 Quad Shield, 150 C, Plenum3094ARG-11 Quad Shield PVC123094AAluminum Armor (3094A)133094ASteel Armor (3094A)3095ARG-11 Quad Shield, 150 C, PlenumSee DeviceNet Protocol listings on page 109409*18 AWG, 1-Pair, 300 VPLTC Control9318*18 AWG, 1-Pair, 300 VPLTC Control, Shielded3073F600 V Tray Cable, Twinax89740*18 AWG, 1-Pair, 300 V, ControlNetwork Trunk CablePROFIBUS DP & FMS(Purple)See Protocol listings on page 10PROFIBUS PA (Blue)See Protocol listings on page 10SINEC Series H19907Thin Network Trunk Cable9880Network Trunk Cable3131ARG-6 Quad Shield3094ARG-11 Quad ShieldSINEC Series L13107A2-Pair, RS-485SINEC Series L23079A300 V TwinaxThicknetEthernet Trunk9880Network Trunk Cable129880Aluminum InterlockedArmor Trunk139880Steel Interlocked Armor Trunk9907Thin Network Trunk CableSINEC Series H2BThinnetEthernet TrunkFEP Fluorinated Ethylene-propylene*For more information please see Cabling Solutions for Industrial Applications brochure.F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , c o n t a c t B e l d e n Te c h n i c a l S u p p o r t : 3 1 - 7 7- 3 8 7 8 - 5 5 5 w w w. b e l d e n . c o m

INDUSTRIALDATACABLINGSOLUTIONS9PLC/DCS Cable Cross Reference Guide (continued)PLC/DCSManufacturerSmarSquare D/Schneider AEGSystem NameFOUNDATION Fieldbus(Type SP50 ISA/IEC)See Protocol listings on page 10Industrial EthernetSee pages 11–14PLC/DCSManufacturerYokogawa —CENTUMSystem NameBelden Part NumberDeviceNet See Protocol listings on page 10FOUNDATION Fieldbus(Type SP50 ISA/IEC)See Protocol listings on page 10PROFIBUS DP FMS & PA See Protocol listings on page 10HARTSee Protocol listings on page 10RS-485See Protocol listings on page 10Industrial EthernetSee pages 11–14FIP/Fieldbus3079A22 AWG, 1-Pair, ShieldedPROFIBUSSee Protocol listings on page 10123079AAluminum Armor (3079A)RS-485See Protocol listings on page 10DeviceNetSee Protocol listings on page 10Industrial EthernetSee pages 11–14Yokogawa —FA-M3Industrial EthernetSee pages 11–14Model 50,RS-422 Cable876018 AWG, 1-Pair, Shielded128760Aluminum Armor (8760)MODBUSSee Protocol listings on page 10Passport I/O – I/O Net3105A22 AWG, 1-Pair, RS-485PROFIBUSSee Protocol listings on page 10123105AAluminum Armor (3105A)RS-485See Protocol listings on page 103106A22 AWG, 1.5-Pair, RS-485DeviceNetSee Protocol listings on page 10123106AAluminum Armor (3106A)See Protocol listings on page 10984124 AWG, 1-Pair, RS-485FOUNDATION Fieldbus(Type SP50 ISA/IEC)984224 AWG, 2-Pair, RS-485HARTSee Protocol listings on page 103124ACBL-1822-P20Industrial EthernetSee pages 11–143125ACBL-1622-P16PROFIBUSSee Protocol listings on page 103126ACBL-162212-P16RS-485See Protocol listings on page 10123124AAluminum Armor (3124A)WDPF9292*Power LogicSquare D/Schneider AEGBelden Part NumberSeriplex 123125AAluminum Armor (3125A)123126AAluminum Armor (3126A)9463Blue Hose (Standard)9463NH20 AWG Twinax, FRNC9463LS20 AWG Twinax,Steel Wire Armor, FRNC129463Aluminum Armor (9463)139463Steel Armor (9463)189463Continuous Armor (9463)YR28826 Dual Version (9463)9463DBYokogawa —STARDOMWestinghouseRG-11 PVCFEP Fluorinated Ethylene-Propylene.ControlNet is a ControlNet International, Ltd. trademark.DeviceNet is an Open DeviceNet Vendor Association, Inc. trademark.EtherNet/IP is a ControlNet International, Ltd. trademark, under licenseby Open DeviceNet Vendor Association, Inc.HART is a HART Communication Foundation trademark.INTERBUS is a Phoenix Contact trademark.MODBUS is a Schneider Electric trademark.PROFIBUS is a PROFIBUS International trademark.PROFINET is a PROFIBUS International trademark.SDS is a Honeywell International, Inc. trademark.Seriplex is a Square D/Schneider AEG trademark.Direct Burial (9463)YR29565 Various Color Jackets 9463)SY/Net NetworkTrunk Cable3072F600 V TC Rated (9463)89463FEP 200 C, PlenumSY/Net TNIM Cable927220 AWG, 1-Pair, Shielded89272FEP 200 C, Plenum*For more information please see Cabling Solutions for Industrial Applications brochure.F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , c o n t a c t B e l d e n Te c h n i c a l S u p p o r t : 3 1 - 7 7- 3 8 7 8 - 5 5 5 w w w. b e l d e n . c o m

INDUSTRIALDATACABLINGSOLUTIONS10Protocol Cable Cross Reference GuideSystem NameBelden Part NumberIndustrial EthernetSee pages 11–14FOUNDATION Fieldbus(Type SP50 ISA/IEC)See pages 15–17HSECopper See Industrial EthernetPROFIBUS DP3079A3079E1-Pair 16 AWG, 1-Pair 20 AWG3087A2-Pair 22 AWG1346F1-Pair 22 AWG, 1 Pair 24 AWG22 AWG 300 V Twinax1348A3 20 AWG22 AWG 300 V Twinax, Flex Version1349A3 20 AWG, 2 18 AWG3124A1-Pair 18 AWG, 1-Pair 22 AWG3125A1-Pair 16 AWG, 1-Pair 22 AWG3079ANH 22 AWG, LSNHDeviceBus forSquare D/Seriplex70101ESolid Cond., PVC, IEC 60332-1, IEC 61158-23126A1-Pair 16 AWG, 1-Pair 22 AWG, 1-Pair 12 AWG70101NHSolid Cond., LSNH, IEC 60332-1, IEC 61158-2123124AAluminum Armor (3124A)70101LSSolid Cond., Steel Wire Armored, LSNH,IEC 60332-1, IEC 61158-2123125AAluminum Armor (3125A)123126AAluminum Armor (3126A)DeviceBus for PhoenixContact INTERBUS-S3119A18 AWG/3c, 24 AWG/3-Pair, Composite3120A24 AWG/3-PairControlNet 3092ARG-6 PVC Quad Shield3092FRG-6 PVC Quad Shield, Flex Version, Aluminum Braid3093ARG-6 FEP Quad Shield, Plenum123092AAluminum Armor (3092A)133092ASteel Armor (3092A)183092AContinuous Armor (3092A)3092FRG-6 Quad Shield, High Flex70102EStranded Cond., PVC, IEC 60332-1, IEC 61158-270101PEOutdoor, PE, IEC 61158-270103EFast Connect, PVC, IEC 60332-1, IEC 61158-270104EFast Connect, PVC, UL AWM 2027670105PUTrailing, PUR, IEC 61158-2183079A22 AWG, 300 V, Twinax, Armored70001E18 AWG, 2-Conductor, PVC, IEC 60332-170001NH 18 AWG, 2-Conductor, LSNH, IEC 60332-1CANopen RS-485/HARTDeviceBus forODVA DeviceNetBelden Part Number3086A3079ALS 22 AWG, Steel Wire Armored, LSNHPROFIBUS PASystem NameDeviceBusfor HoneywellSmart DistributedSystem (SDS)70001LS18 AWG, 2-Conductor, Steel Wire Armour, LSNH,IEC 60332-170100E18 AWG, 2-Conductor, PVC, IEC 60332-1,IEC 61158-2 part 213131ARG-6 Quad Shield, Solid70100NH18 AWG, 2-Conductor, LSNH, IEC 60332-1,IEC 61158-2 part 213132ARG-6 Quad Shield, Plenum,Outdoor and Direct Burial18 AWG, 2-Conductor, Steel Wire Armour,LSNH, IEC 60332-1, IEC 61158-2 part 213094ARG-11 Quad Shield, Solid70100LS3095ARG-11 Quad Shield, Plenum,Outdoor and Direct Burial70110E18 AWG, 2-Conductor, PVC, IEC 60332-1,IEC 61158-2, UL 1581, AWM 2464946320 AWG Twinax, Blue Hose98411-Pair9463DBDirect Burial Blue Hose9841NH1-Pair, LSNH9463NH20 AWG Twinax, FRNC9841LS1-Pair, Low Smoke9463LS20 AWG Twinax Steel Wire Armor, FRNC828411-Pair, Plenum9463FHigh-Flex, Blue Hose898411-Pair, Plenum, High-Temperature89463High-Temp, Plenum Blue Hose98422-Pair129463Aluminum Armor (9463)9842NH2-Pair, LSNH139463Steel Armor (9463)9842LS2-Pair, Low Smoke189463Continuous Armor (9463)828422-Pair, Plenum927220 AWG Stranded, 300 V98433-Pair925018 AWG Stranded, RG-22B9843NH3-Pair, LSNH920720 AWG Stranded, PVC98444-Pair9207NH20 AWG Stranded, LSNH9844NH4-Pair, LSNH927125 AWG Stranded, 300 V7200A1-Pair, RS-485, Hi-Flex986016 AWG Solid, PVC7201A2-Pair, RS-485, Hi-Flex918222 AWG Stranded, PVC7202A3-Pair, RS-485, Hi-Flex9182NH22 AWG Stranded, LSNH7203A4-Pair, RS-485, Hi-Flex9182LS22 AWG Stranded, Steel Wire Armor, LSNH7206A1-Pair, RS-485, Hi-Flex8918222 AWG Stranded, Plenum, FEP3105A1-Pair, RS-485 (PLTC)877722 AWG, 3-Pair, Modem Drop Cable3106A1.5-Pair, RS-485 (PLTC)128777Aluminum Armor (8777)3107A2-Pair, RS-485 (PLTC)138777Steel Armor (8777)3108A3 Pair, RS-485 (PLTC)82777FEP 200 C, Plenum (8777)3109A4 Pair, RS-485 (PLTC)8777NH22 AWG, 3-Pair, LSNH123107A2-Pair, RS-485, Aluminium Interlocked Armor8777LS22 AWG, 3-Pair, Steel Wire Armor1345FCL2 TPE (Thick)3092A18 AWG Solid, PVC3082APVC (Thick)3093A18 AWG Solid, Plenum3082FHigh-Flex (Thick)3092F20 AWG High Flex3082KCL2 (Flat)7701NH22 AWG, 1-Pair, LSNH3083ACPE (Thick)7702NH22 AWG, 2-Pair, LSNH3084APVC (Thin)7703NH24 AWG, 1-Pair, LSNH3084FHigh-Flex (Thin)7704NH24 AWG, 2-Pair, LSNH3085ACPE (Thin)847116 AWG, 1-Pair, UL AWM 25987895ACL2 PVC (Cable III Mid)8471LS16 AWG, 1-Pair, LSNH, IEC 60332-17896ACL1 PVC (Type V Trunk Cable)8471NH16 AWG 1-Pair, LSNH7897ACL1 PVC (Thick)891716 AWG, 1-Cond, UL AWM 10157900ACL1 Unshielded (Drop Cable IV)8510216 AWG, 1-Pair, Tefzel jacketControlBusControlBusBlue Hose IndustrialTwinax/DataHighway(DH) and DataHighwayPlus (DH ) RemoteI/OControlBusTwinax CablesMODBUSLonWorksFEP Fluorinated Ethylene-propylene FRPO Flame Retardant PolyolefinF o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , c o n t a c t B e l d e n Te c h n i c a l S u p p o r t : 3 1 - 7 7- 3 8 7 8 - 5 5 5 w w w. b e l d e n . c o m

INDUSTRIALDATACABLINGSOLUTIONS11DataTuff Industrial Ethernet CablesBe Certain. Belden Understands Industrial Ethernet.The Belden product portfolio covers allareas of the industrial environment, fromthe cabinet, through the telecommunicationsroom to the factory floor, and ending onthe actual machine. The comprehensiveDataTuff Industrial Ethernet cable andconnectivity range ensures the highestlevel of reliability, quality and performance.Specifiers can choose from productssuitable for indoor and outdoor applications,for use underground, and for other harshconditions. Cordsets come with RJ45and M12 connectors, and IP20, IP67 andIP68 protection.The cabling meets all data rate requirements,ranging from 100 Mb/s, through 1 Gb/s,to 10 Gb/s.Permanent InstallationPart No.JacketShieldingBonded PairsIndustrial Ethernet100 Mb/s Cat 5e 24 AWG Solid Conductors 2 Pair72001EPVCFoil 80% Braid—72001NHFRNCFoil 80% Braid—— 100 Mb/s Cat 5e 24 AWG Solid Conductors 2 Pair7932APVC1 Gb/s Cat 5e 24 AWG Solid Conductors 4 Pair74001EPVCFoil 80% Braid—74001NHFRNCFoil 80% Braid—PVC— FRNC— PVCFoil 7923A7935A7929A10 Gb/s Cat 7 23 AWG Solid Conductors 4 Pair74004EPVCFoil 65% Braid—74004NHFRNCFoil 65% Braid—PROFINET100 Mb/s Cat 5e 22 AWG Solid Conductors Quad Design70006EPVCFoil 85% Braid—70006NHFRNCFoil 85% Braid—JacketShieldingBonded PairsModerate FlexingPart No.Industrial Ethernet100 Mb/s Cat 5e 26 AWG Stranded (7 x 34) Conductors 2 Pair72002EPVCFoil 80% Braid—72002NHFRNCFoil 80% Braid—72002PUPolyurethaneFoil 80% Braid—1 Gb/s Cat 5e 26 AWG Stranded (7 x 34) Conductors 4 Pair74002EPVCFoil 80% Braid—74002NHFRNCFoil 80% Braid—74002PUPolyurethaneFoil 80% Braid—— Foil 65% Braid—1 Gb/s Cat 5e 24 AWG Stranded (7 x 32) Conductors 4 Pair7924APVC10 Gb/s Cat 7 26 AWG Stranded (7 x 34) Conductors 4 Pair74005PUPolyurethanePROFINET100 Mb/s Cat 5e 22 AWG (7 x 30) Stranded Conductors Quad Design70007EPVCFoil 85% Braid—70007NHFRNCFoil 85% Braid—70007PUPolyurethaneFoil 85% Braid—F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , c o n t a c t B e l d e n Te c h n i c a l S u p p o r t : 3 1 - 7 7- 3 8 7 8 - 5 5 5 w w w. b e l d e n . c o m

INDUSTRIALDATACABLINGSOLUTIONS12DataTuff Industrial Ethernet CablesContinuous FlexingPart No.JacketShieldingBonded PairsFlex CyclesFoil 85% Braid 10 million (trailing)Industrial Ethernet1 Gb/s Cat 5e 24 AWG Stranded (7 x 32) Conductors 4 Pair7938ATPE1 Gb/s Cat 5e 26 AWG Stranded (19 x 38) Conductors 4 Pair74003PUPolyurethaneFoil 80% Braid— 2 million (trailing)74009PUPolyurethaneFoil 80% Braid— 2 million (torsion)PROFINET100 Mb/s Cat 5e 22 AWG Stranded (19 x 34) Conductors Quad Design70008PUPolyurethaneFoil 85% Braid— 2 million (trailing)70009PUPolyurethaneFoil 85% Braid— 2 million (torsion)DataTuff SpecialsSpecial Environmental IssuesPart. No.DataRatesCategoryWeldSplatterResistanceOilCMX/ Underground GasolineResistance MSHA(burial)OutdoorResistanceI & IIHi/LoTemp600 V ULAWM RatedArmoredDescription*Industrial Ethernet7938A1 Gb/sCat 5e ————————Weld-splatter resistant, Continuous Flex— 10 million cycles, TPE jacket11700A1 Gb/sCat 5e— ——— ———Double PVC jacket11700A21 Gb/sCat 5e———— ————Double PVC jacket121700A1 Gb/sCat 5e———————— AL Interlocked Armor, PVC jacket7923A1 Gb/sCat 5e— ——— ———PVC jacket7928A1 Gb/sCat 5e——— —— ——Plenum Rated — High & Low Temp,FEP jacket7934A1 Gb/sCat 5e—— ——————Halogen Free — Waterblocked Burial,Polyethylene jacket7958A1 Gb/sCat 5e— ——— — —600 V UL AWM, MSHA Approved,PVC jacket, Shielded7953A10 Gb/sCat 6— ————— Double PVC jacket, Shielded7931A10 Gb/sCat 6——— —— ——Plenum Rated—High & Low Temp,FEP jacket121872A10 Gb/sCat 6———————— AL Interlocked Armor, PVC jacket*All cables are Bonded Pair design, solid conductor, unshielded – unless specified differentlyRailTuff Industrial EthernetRailway Approved Industrial Ethernet CablesBelden Item CodeTransmission PerformanceConductorCable Jacket MaterialBE43769100 MbpsAWG 22/19BE438001000 MbpsAWG 26/19BE4380210,000 MbpsAWG 24/19Premium FRNC,Insulation and Jacketcross-linked(by e-beam)Cable Jacket ColorCable Outer DiameterScreenBlack6.7 /- 0.3 mmBlue8.1 /- 0.3 mmFoil and Braid(Aluminium/polyester)Cable ConstructionSF/UTP 2PR (Quad)SF/UTP 4PRS/FTP 4PRF o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , c o n t a c t B e l d e n Te c h n i c a l S u p p o r t : 3 1 - 7 7- 3 8 7 8 - 5 5 5 w w w. b e l d e n . c o m

INDUSTRIALDATACABLINGSOLUTIONS13DataTuff Industrial Ethernet Patch CordsM12Permanent InstallationRJ45RJ45RJ45Part. No.RJ45RJ45DataRatesPatch Conductor (Stranding)JacketNo.CordofCateSolidStranded Pairs PVC FRNC TPEgoryM12 EthernetIndustrialCA00641CA00642100 Mb/sE501001*1 Gb/sCat 5e AWG 24 (1)—2Cat 5e AWG 24 eldedConnectivityTwisted BondedPairPairPlugEnd 1ProtectionEnd 1PlugEnd 2ProtectionEnd RJ45IP20 RJ45—RJ45IP20RJ45M12CA00600E505001*Shielding10 Gb/sCat 6 A—100 Mb/sCat 5e AWG 22 (1)AWG 26 (7)4—Quad ———Foil Braid 80%—— ——Foil Braid 80%— ———Foil Braid 80%————— ———— ——— ——Foil Braid 80%— ———Foil Braid 65%—— ——Foil Braid 65%— PROFINETCA00656CA00658 ———Foil Braid 85%—— ——Foil Braid 85%— M12RJ45IP20IP20* Version in 1m length. For different length options please contact Customer Service.M12ModerateFlexingRJ45RJ45Part. No.RJ45RJ45M12M12RJ45RJ45DataRatesM12RJ45RJ45Patch Conductor (Stranding)JacketNo.CordofCateSolidStranded Pairs PVCRJ45FRNC DesignUnshieldedConnectivityTwisted BondedPairPairPlugEnd 1ProtectionEnd 1PlugEnd 2ProtectionEnd 2IP20Industrial Ethernet ———Foil Braid 80%— —RJ45IP20RJ45———— — M12MDIP68RJ45IP20AWG 26 (7) M12 2———Foil Braid 80%— —M12MDIP67M12MDIP67—AWG 26 (7)2— ——Foil Braid 80%— —Cat 5e—AWG 24 (7)2—— —Foil Braid 65%—— RJ45IP20RJ45IP20Cat 5e—AWG26 (7)2——— Foil Braid 80%——M12MDIP67M12MDIP67———Foil Braid 80%— —RJ45IP20RJ45IP20———— —RJ45IP20RJ45IP20——— —— RJ45IP20RJ45IP20IP20RJ45IP20CA00660100 Mb/sCat 5e—AWG 26 (7)2900 001 991*100 Mb/sCat 5e—AWG 24 (7)2CA00713100 Mb/sCat 5e—100 Mb/sCat 5e900 002 884*100 Mb/sCA00737100 Mb/sCA00661CA00717M12RJ45IP20RJ45IP20M12

5 Table of Contents Page No. Introduction 6 PLC/DCS-to-Cable Cross Reference Guide 7 Protocol-to-Cable Cross Reference Guide 10 Industrial Data Cabling Solutions 11 DataTuff Industrial Ethernet 11 Cables: Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET 11 RailTuff Industrial Ethernet 12 Patch Cords: Industrial Ethernet and PRO

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Network Cabling Replacement (Structured Cabling System) The County of Monroe ("County") requests proposals from qualified and experienced vendors interested in providing compliant data network cabling (structured cabling system) to replace all current CAT5/5e cabling and identified fiber cabling from desktop to and including replacement of

A. The cabling is incorrect because the controllers are cabled from the host port. B. The cabling is incorrect because it usesthe top-down bottom-up cabling method. C. The cabling is correct because it follows the recommended E-Series cabling method. D. The cabling is incorrect because they have been daisy-chained. Answer: D . QUESTION: 50

It is the intent of the District to upgrade the existing ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-C.1-2009, Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard, Part 1 General Requirements compliant structured cabling system in the Fresno office; data cabling to Category 6A (10GBase-T) certified specifications and voice cabling to Category 6 certified specifications.

Undercarpet Cabling Undercarpet Power, Voice and Data Distribution TE's AMP NETCONNECT undercarpet cabling system is a low profile, flexible system that makes even the most complex cabling job in office, retail, or gaming environments simple, economical and beautifully invisible. The cabling to provide power,

Undercarpet Cabling Undercarpet Power, Voice and Data Distribution The AMP NETCONNECT undercarpet cabling system is a low profile, flexible system that makes even the most complex cabling job in office, retail, or gaming environments simple, economical and beautifully invisible. The cabling to provide power,

4.0 Data Center Layout 11 5.0 Power and Grounding 14 6.0 Communication Cabling 16 7.0 Data Center Cabling Topology, Performance and Safety 20 8.0 Data Center Control and Monitoring 22 9.0 Security and Safety 23 10.0 Communication Cabling Placement 24 11.0 Electrical Cabling and HVAC Placement 26 12.0 Cable Mapping and Management 27 13.0 Glossary 28

data center to zone enclosures, IDFs, control panels and the factory work area (6). Factory work area cabling . structured cabling in North America are the ANSI/TIA-568-C series of standards. The first of these, ANSI/TIA-568-C. entitled "Generic Telecommunications Cabling for Customer Premises" introduces the practice of using

Acceptance testing for AngularJS is done via the Protractor tool, which is a framework developed by the team behind AngularJS. It is worth noting that Protractor uses by default Jasmine as the testing framework and it was not until recently that CucumberJS was integrated to Protractor. You should also be aware of the fact that CucumberJS does not cover all the features provided by the standard .