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-VOL. 14JACKSONVILLE STATE [email protected] MONDAY. NOVEMBER 18. 1968NO. 25Rose Gets Jax Backing In DisputeSGA Praises StandTalien By Ala. Pres.Meeting in regular session Monday night, Nov. 11, theJax State Student Government Association passed a r e s o l u tion supporting University of Alabama President Dr. FrankA. Rose.Dr. Rose recently denied a student o r g a n i a l i o nthe rightto invite sevcral radical speakers to the campus. As a r e sult of this, Dr. Rose's decision has been the topic ofmuch controversy.The resolution, whichwas passed unanimously,r e a d s a s follows:Pretty blond& Judy Justice of Birmingham wanted to get away from books, e x a m s andschool f o r a while this week s o s h e found a secluded spot with a lake, multi - coloredautumn leaves and peace and quiet. She enjoyed the dayand recommends that yout r y it before all the splendor of fall disappears. Judy, a sophomore at Jax State, i s ourc u r r e n t "Gem of the Hills.".Dr. Williams Is NamedHead Of Nursing Dept., ' r Mary.Margaret Will i a m s , currently d i r e c tor of the graduate prog r a m s in nursing at Emory University, has beenappointed director of theB.W allaceLurleenSchool of Nursing at Jacksonville State Llliversity.DeanTheron Mont gomery said in making the"we a r eannouncement,most gratified t u be ableto bring to Alabama onethat reprcscnts the bestof h e r profession."The nursing school prog r a m he]-L. was s t a r l e d bya special appropriation ofthe Alabama Legislaturein 1967. Dean Montgome r y has scarched for adoctorate degree holder tohead up t h e new academicprogram since that time.D r . Williams receivedh e r PhDfromStanfordUniversity in 1963 on a s p e cia1 National League ofNursing Doctoral Fellowship.A native ofMarys ville, Ohio, Dr.Wil l i a m s has vastnursingexperience. She h e l d v a r ious teaching positions atanother student's mealand Whiter?"Shereceived herbache l o r of science in n u r s ing degree f r o m Westernh e r master'sReserveuniversitydegree fromand7the s a m e institution.Seldom does Jacksontate Universityopportunity t oUniversity of.Dr. Williamsi:ii::theandin Nashville,was connected withthe 2SchoolNursing a t Mount iiSinai Hospital in Cleve::i:land, Ohio,joiningthe faculty at Emory University. Listed in -who,S who i:of American women,- JJ .Williams is also a mem::ber of Sigma l-heta T iiand P i Lambda Theta., Tcl'n.p.She wrote h e r doctora t e dissertation on "TheandUniversityEducation of the Regisrered N u r s e s - - Whence i:4 team defeated the Uni-,versity ofAlabama'steam 4 to 3 in a gameplayed at Tuscaloosa.The two teamsmetagain N o v e m b e r 17at the Anniston Academy soccer field in Anniston.The Jax State IH socteam does not havea coach o r sponsor, theyjust banded together anddecided to have a socc e r team.Soccer i sthe favorite sport inmany of the lands f r o mwhich the InternationalH studentsarefrom. said i of .Jordan is captain of the1H :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:,:.:.:.:.:. :.:. :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.We, he Student Government of Jacksonville StateUniversity, acting in accordance with the dictatesofour conscience, andin the interest of commondecency, do hereby voiceour support of the P r e s ident of the University ofAlabama, Dr. Frank Rose,in that he acting within theauthority vested in him a sthe responsible head of auniversity s y s t e m declinedto place at the disposal ofcertain apostles of sociald i s o r d e r the facilities ofthe University ofAla bama."That he did not abdicate in his responsibility toprovide f o r the generalwelfare of thestudentbody, nor fail to take p r e cautionary m e a s u r e s toprevent the possible occ u r r e n c e of an unhealthysituation reflects favorably upon his ability andcharacler." Weapplaud his courage and foresight. It is ourconsidered opin i o n t h a ts i m i l a r action ofthiss o r t might tend to discourage the kind of outr a g e s alrcady p

,' r. Mary Margaret Wil- 7 the same institution. liams, currently direc - tor of the graduate pro- grams in nursing at Em- ory University, has been appointed director of the Lurleen B. W all ace School of Nursing at Jack- sonville State Llliversity. Dean Theron Mont - gomery said in making the Seldom does Jackson-