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MIPS Managementfor a Mobile WorldSession 16983Spencer Hallman, Compuware CorporationInsertCustomSessionQR ifDesired.

Current Mainframe Environment3

MIPS Management in the past4

MIPS Mgt in the past: “Top Jobs Lists”CPU TimeElapsed TimeI/O’s5

Costs based on Rolling 4-hour Average6


Identify the Jobs at the Peak8

Potential Results of Actively Managing R4HA9

MIPS Mgt Strategies to Mitigate the R4HA1. CappingMove workloads / Push Peaks into ValleysTune high consumersEmploy Specialty ProcessorsProvide explanation of SCRTIdentify and quantify mobile workloadDo nothing10

Strategy 1: Soft Capping Set ‘Defined Capacity’ in WLM While DC is employed, charged for whichever is lowerDC or R4HA Important workloads could be negatively impacted Consider tools that automatically manage DCthe11

Soft CappingSoft CappingDC12

Strategy 2: Move Workload Look at Active Jobs during R4HA peaks– Can discretionary work be moved to different time? Utilities Batchjobs that might not need to run during those 4 hours What Products are you charged for that might be able to moveoff that LPAR?– DB2, CICS, WAS, IMS all charged on the LPAR Peak MSU formonth IF they are on that LPAR13

Strategy 3: Tune Workload Identify jobs to tune– Problem jobs this month might not be problem jobs in last ornext month Utilize tools like Strobe to identify Resource usage and tune Identify the contribution of 3rd party software COBOL V5– 10%-20% Performance gain from prior versions of COBOL– “COBOL V5 Migration Strategies” by Jim Liebert14

Strategy 3: Tune WorkloadCICS Batch Scheduler15

Measure Jobs Online regions – measure at peaks– If peak is 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday,measure at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday Batch jobs– Measure next time they run Make one change at a time and re-measure16

Third Party and System Software Ensure maintenance is current Review parameters/JCL changes Check monitors– Which options are active and how much overhead is added tomonitored job?– Read the Manual– Is it zIIP enabled?– Are special parameters necessary for zIIP? Talk to vendor17

Strategy 4: Specialty Processors CPU to Specialty Processors do not count against R4HA Run at full speed Underutilized or over-utilized Starting with zEC 12, 2:1 ratio for every CP

Strategy 4:Specialty Processors Check with vendors to see if zIIP is enabled in software– Version– Steps needed to activate DB2 DDF– Native Stored Procedures versus 3GL Stored Procedures DB2 Utilities– More zIIP enablement19

Strategy 5: Provide Explanation If valid reason for peak, let IBM know– “Maintenance to CICS caused 20 extra MSUsduring R4HA Peak” Need data to understand and explain peak Compare last month to this month Identify what drove peak20

Strategy 6: Mobile Workload Mobile devices are increasingly drivingmainframe workloads April 2014: Mobile Workload Pricing– 60% reduction in mobile workload CPU to R4HA peak MUST be from mobile device MUST show connection to mobile device– Mobile Safari good– Desktop Safari not good Mobile to mainframe is handled differently,depending on organization21

Questions that need Answering What percentage of workload comes from mobile devices? When do peaks occur? Are Batch workloads driving peaks? Do CICS/IMS/DB2 affect peaks? How much could be saved by implementing Mobile WorkloadProgram?– High barriers to entry– Ongoing costs are low22

Process: MWP Implementation Decision1. Ask distributed teams to quantify what portion ofworkload is mobile and what is not2. Quantify total CICS or IMS region CPU time by hourand apply mobile percentage3. Run data through SCRT and MWRT and compare peaks– Is it worth implementing?23

Implementing Mobile Workload Program Determine how to quantify mobile workload IBM White Paper– “Measuring CPU Eligible for Mobile Workload Pricing”by Ian J. Mitchell– “All acceptable distinctions (for quantifying mobile workload)originate outside of System z and z/OS. It is not possible tomeasure CPU eligible for MWP without using a distinction flowinginto the system”24

Implementing Mobile Workload Program White paper identifies four methods IBM must approve method Requires effort from distributed teams25

Strategy 7: End to End Applications26

Off-platform Strategy for Reducing MSU Determine how distributed applications use mainframe– What is the context of DB2 usage or CICS txns to the BusinessTransaction? - Starburst Effect Mitigate damage before it happens– Create APIs and services developers should call– Stored Procedures versus Dynamic SQL– Are you returning too much data to the Distributed Application Educate distributed teams on mainframe27

Your Mileage may vary


Please attend “Cobol V5 Migration Strategies” session with Jim LiebertFriday March 6, 2015 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.3/3/201530

Strategy 6: Mobile Workload Mobile devices are increasingly driving mainframe workloads April 2014: Mobile Workload Pricing – 60% reduction in mobile workload CPU to R4HA peak MUST be from mobile device MUST show connection to mobile device – Mobile Safari good – Desktop Safari not good Mobile to mainframe is .

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bits, gọi là MIPS-64. MIPS xem xét trong môn học này là MIPS làm việc với các thanh ghi chỉ 32 bit, gọi là MIPS-32. ÞTrong phạm vi môn học này, MIPS dùng chung sẽ hiểu là MIPS-32 Tóm lại, chỉ có 3 loại toán hạng trong một lệnh của MIPS 1. Toán hạng thanh ghi (Register Operands) 2.

Table 1: How 2020 MIPS Final Scores Relate to 2022 MIPS Payment Adjustments Final Score Points MIPS Payment Adjustment 0.00 – 11.25 points Negative (-) MIPS payment adjustment of -9% 11.26 – 44.99 points Negative (-) MIPS payment adjustment, between 0% and -9%, on a linear sliding scale 45.00 points (Performance threshold 45.00 points)

Performance on EEMBC benchmarks aggregate for Consumer, Telecom, Office, Network, based on ARM1136J-S (Freescale i.MX31), ARM1026EJ-S, Tensilica Diamond 570T, T1050 and T1030, MIPS 20K, NECVR5000). MIPS M4K, MIPS 4Ke, MIPS 4Ks, MIPS 24K, ARM 968E-S, ARM 966E-S, ARM926EJ-S, ARM7TDMI-S scaled by ratio of Dhrystone MIPS within architecture family.

Bruksanvisning för bilstereo . Bruksanvisning for bilstereo . Instrukcja obsługi samochodowego odtwarzacza stereo . Operating Instructions for Car Stereo . 610-104 . SV . Bruksanvisning i original

ACOs in MIPS receive advantages by being scored under the MIPS APM Scoring Standard, which gives ACOs favorable treatment for their commitment to value-base care. Based on the low bar set for 2019 reporting in MIPS, ACOs should easily avoid penalties under MIPS and will be eligible for MIPS bonuses and exceptional performance bonuses.

Chapter 1: Getting started with mips Remarks This section provides an overview of what mips is, and why a developer might want to use it. It should also mention any large subjects within mips, and link out to the related topics. Since the Documentation for mips is new, you may need to create initial versions of those related topics. Examples

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