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Admissions UpdateRandy Jones, DDS, MPHAssistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs


DEMAND IS HIGH!! Population is growing! Service per capita is rising!Retaining and maintaining teeth longerGreater awarenessHigh demand for esthetic dentistryAdvancements in dental technology! National emphasis on access to care Relationship of oral health care to general health Greater number of dentists retiring (2014)» 191,200 US dentists

DENTISTS IN THE DENTALWORKFORCE, 1995 - 2040 From 2014 to 2027,more dentists leave theworkforce than enter ityear 1995year 2014year 2023-906year 2027year 2040-1,500-1,000-50005001,0001,500Assumptions: Number of graduates remains at 4,850 after 2007 and retirement age is 65Source: American Dental Education Association2,000

The 100 Best JobsAll jobs aren't created equal. In fact, some are simply better than the rest. U.S. News 100 Best Jobs of 2013are the occupations that offer a mosaic of employment opportunity, good salary, manageable work-lifebalance, and job security.#3DentistOverall Score: 8.4 Median Salary 142,740 See Job OpeningsEver heard the phrase "Your face is your fortune"? For dentists, our smile is theirfortune. They earn their living diagnosing and treating teeth and gums, performingoral surgery, and counseling and educating us on maintaining proper oral health.The profession should grow 21.1 percent by 2020.#10Dental HygienistOverall Score: 7.7 Median Salary 69,280 See Job OpeningsDid you know that dental hygienists make yearly salaries of about 68,250, butmany only work part-time? Something else to consider: This profession should growat a breakneck clip as practices hire more hygienists to boost their patient roster.

WHAT’S UNIQUE ABOUTDENTISTRY? One of ten most trusted and ethical professions in US Flexibility - to balance personal and professional life Opportunity to be your own boss Personally rewarding (earning potential, service toothers) Combines art and science

REASONS STUDENTS CHOOSEDENTISTRYControl of time61%Service to others58%Self-employment51%Enjoy working w/hands45%Income potential37%Variety of career options in dentistry32%Care to Undersered23%0%Source: American Dental Education Association, 201220%40%60%80%100%

REASONS FOR DENTALCAREER Range of Options-Practice, Research and TeachingPrivate Practice, Public/Community Based Facilities, MilitaryGeneral Dentistry or Specialty Personal Benefits––––Balanced lifestyle more control, predictable and compatible with family lifeService to othersEarning Potential (Highest 5% of US family incomes)Status and Prestige Autonomy– Less impacted by reductions in federal funding– Less affected by managed care– Self-Employment

DENTAL EDUCATIONBASIC FACTS Degree Awarded – Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) Years Required – Four Years Graduates – prepared for General Dentistry– Immediately eligible to enter practice Specialization - Requires additional training

al&MaxiltsurgeonthodontislofacialSOr30%20%sPeri odontis tPesdiatri cDentis tsEndodontistsProsthodonPut ac iaslRadiologistsOrDENTAL SPECIALISTS191,200 Dentists in USA28.0%80% General Dentists20% Specialists19.0%14.0%10%13.0%12.0%9.5%3.0%0%OU offers the top three specialties!1.0%0.2%

ABOUT THE COLLEGE Only dental school in Oklahoma One of 65 accredited dental schools in US 50,000 patient appointments annually 7,190,531 in services rendered Three Programs– Dental Hygiene (BS)– General Dentistry (DDS)– Four Specialty/Residency Programs


APPLICATION CYCLE Applications Open:June (first Monday) Application Deadline:October 1 Interviews:Sept – Nov Decisions Announced: December 1College students typically apply after their junior year

APPLICATION CHECKLIST1. Centralized Application (ADEA.org)2. Dental Admission Test (DAT)3. Recommendations Pre-dental Advisory Committee OR two science professorsDentist4. Supplemental OU Application Sent directly to OU College of Dentistry

OTHER REQUIREMENTS1. Shadowing-Observation Self-reported on application100 hours minimum!Dental practice, clinic or dental labExperience is ideal2. International Applicants TOEFLCoursework must be evaluated by World Education Services(WES)

PRE-DENTAL 3Biology with Lab16General Chemistry with Lab8Organic Chemistry with Lab8Physics with Lab8Biochemistry3

TOP CHOICESBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AnatomyCell BiologyEmbryologyGeneral BiologyGeneticsHistology ImmunologyMicrobiologyMolecular BiologyNutritionPhysiologyZoology

APPLICANTS PER ,0006,0004,0005,1233,7094,2344,5585,483Total Applica onsFreshmen2,0000199020002005201265 US dental schools % Get In!

APPLICATIONS 2002-2014Out-of-State900OK 1157440154284100234200168 13330011940035550017360050970057280002002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014About one fifth of our applications are from Oklahomaresidents for 75%

ADMISSION BY THE NUMBERS Total Applications- Non-Residents- OK Residents754635119 Total Interviews- Non-Residents- OK Residents1607585 Total Admitted- Non-Residents- OK Residents561145

2014 ENTERING CLASS Ave GPA – 3.58 Female 23 : Male 33 Ave Sci GPA – 3.47 Ave DAT – 19.96 45 Residents 11 Non-residents––––––IDAZTXKS1UT4MN122 Ethnicity/Race:–––––––Asian/Pacific Islander - 6American Indian - 6Black or African American - 1Hispanic or Latino – 0White - 42International – 0Two or More - 11 Re-applicants – 27

COLLEGES ATTENDED26 Schools represented

ENTERING CLASSLevel of Education3 years (90-119 hours)4 years no degree (120 hours)Bachelor’s DegreeMaster’s or EquivalentDoctorate005600


WHOLE FILE REVIEW We look at more than metrics (GPA,DAT, etc.) Consider non-cognitive variables (e.g.,leadership, ability to sustain academicachievement with competing priorities,volunteerism, communication, socialbackground, and disadvantaged status).

APPLICANT SELECTIONCRITERIA Non cognitive information revealed in:– Applicant’s essay– letters of recommendation– Record of community service– Listing of extracurricular and leadership activities– Stated career ambitions– Academic transcripts Evaluation of course loadAssessment of quality of coursesNote improvements over time (trends)Account for simultaneous major life challenges or changesConsideration of how individual balances other demands ontime, employment commitments, or family responsibilities







COMMUNITY OUTREACH Kids Day Oklahoma Mission of Mercy (MOM) Good Shepherd Mission Clinic Crossings Community Clinic Staples Society King’s Klinic

STRENGTHS OF OUEDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE Outstanding clinical and practical training. Significant opportunities for students to treat patients Significant patient contact earlier than most dentalschools in America Favorable student-faculty ratio (1:3 to 1:8 as studentadvances in the program)

NEW TECHNOLOGY Electronic Patient Records Digital Radiography Dental Lasers CAD/CAM Technology(Computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing)

GETTING STARTED1.Meet with Pre-dental advisor2.Take natural sciences as per our prerequisites3.Connect with pre-dental club4.Volunteer or job shadow in a dental office5.Visit the College of Dentistry6.A baccalaureate degree is recommendedIf in HS get a broad exposure to science and math takecollege prep courses

WHAT ELSE?GoDental.orgUp-to-date and cutting edge information; blogs; aregistration for dental school virtual fairs

3. Connect with pre-dental club 4. Volunteer or job shadow in a dental office 5. Visit the College of Dentistry 6. A baccalaureate degree is recommended If in HS get a broad exposure to science and math take college prep courses