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AUDIOSOUND dTurboSoundTurboSoundBoseRCFRCFRCFRCFRCFRCFLab GruppenLab GruppenLab GruppenLab GruppenK2KaraSB28K1-SBSB18SyvaSyva LowSyva SubX15-HIQX8LA RakLA Rak-2KF 760/761BH 760SB 1002JFX 260Microwedge MW12PRX 612Milan M12Milan M10Milan M15Milan B18802 IIIArt 732-A MK4Art 712-A MK4Sub 8003-AS IISub 905-AS II4 Pro 6001-A4 Pro 8003-ASFP 1000qFP 2400qFP 6400FP 700048242488224161612 (36 x LA8)2 (6 x LA12X)48241616121012122248168824184126

craftSoundcraftAllen & HeathMackieMackiePioneerPioneerPioneerPioneerL 500 LiveCL5Pro 9XL 8Heritage 2000-44 4chM 32F 32F 16MH4-40 4GB4-16 4PA 12CFX 201402 VLZ3DJM 900 Nexus2DJM 900 SRTDJM 800DJM 60011111221111111112

VIDEOLED SCREENLightKing RD2Series IndoorGloshine AMSeriesIndoor/OutdoorGloshine AS SeriesIndoor/OutdoorAlledIndoor/OutdoorAlled IndoorAlled IndoorPLS Led stripcurtainBarcoLCD / coBarcoBarcoPanasonicPanasonicPanasonic2.84mm / 50x50cm cabinets4804.81mm / 50x50cm cabinets444.81mm / 50x100cm cabinets2495.95mm / 50x100cm cabinets4004.81mm / 50x100cm cabinets10mm / 96x96cm cabinets37.5mm / 60x60cm cabinets10024200Dlite 7150103” Plasma TV60” Plasma TV48’’ LED TV 4k75” LED TV 4k46” LED TV85’’ LED TV 4k55” LED TV 4k43” LED TV 4k32” LED TV46” LED TV1210422161446HDQ-2K40FLM R22 CLM R10 PT-DZ21PT-DZ12000PT EW730112234

flStumpflVIDEO CONSOLESBarcoBarcoAnalog WayAnalog WayAnalog WayAnalog WayAnalog WayGrass ValleyBlackmagicCAMERASJVCJVCPanasonic320 x 189 (F B)392 x 230 (F B)447 x 260 (F B)500 x 380 (F B)600 x 340 (F B)820 x 470 (F B)122222S3-comboFSN-150Di-VentixEventixOctoTetra VioTetras 4KIndigo HDTelevision Studio Pro HD122311112GY-790 HDGY-550AG-HVX200642

nLiteLeesMartinMartinClay PakyClay PakySpace CannonEspriteMMX Wash/BeamPointeLed Wash 600 CM 300ZSBeam 300Sharpy 7RMac 2000Mac 600Scenius SpotSharpy Plus4 kW CMY242048326024608824244LED ix TriCOLORDash Batten - Quad12EPIX Strip TourYaraSattelite51722410010024Kolorado MK3 2500WKaleido 575WCity Color RGBW Led8416Atomic 3000Atomic LED3224ARCHITECTURALLIGHTGrivenGrivenStudio DueEffectsMartinMartin

CONVENTIONALLIGHTARRIARRIPCPCParACL2 Lite2 Lite Acme4 Lite8 LiteCycloramaETCFOLLOW SPOTSRobert JuliatRobert JuliatRobert JuliatRobert JuliatLIGHTINGCONSOLESMA LightingMA LightingMA LightingMA LightingMartinMartinHESHESHESJands EventStudio Fresnel 1 kWStudio Fresnel 2 kW1 kW2 kW64Assy 1 kWSource 4 Zoom464426448048503224241612Buxie 575WSuper Korrigan 1200WVictor 1800WMerlin 2500W1222GrandMA3 Full SizeGrandMA On PCGrandMA Fader Wing24-JunM6Light JockeyHog 4Hog 4 Master WingHog 4 Playback Wing4161111131111LED

STAGING AND ssHD34HD44/TD44ST50TT100520 m500 m140 m116 mCIRCULARTRUSSINGTAFTAFTAFTAFEurotruss4 m radius6 m radius8 m radius10 m radius12 m radius22112Arc Roof 6x5 mFlat Roof 8x6m/10x8m/12x10mTunnel Roof 12x10 mSR-20 12x10 m/14x10mPitch Roof12x10m/14x10m/16x10mPitch Roof12x12m/14x12m/16x12m/18x12m11111PR-10 16x12 m/20x15m1D8 1000 kg1000 kg250 sEurotrussEurotrussCHAINS/HOISTSChainmasterCMCM1

STAGEPilosio/LhayerEurotrussEverdeckRound stageRound stageRound stageStage deckPro Deck 2x1 mVersa Stage Deck 2x1 m2 m radius4 m radius6 m radius500 m2150150111

Mackie CFX 20 1 Mackie 1402 VLZ3 1 Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus2 1 Pioneer DJM 900 SRT 1 Pioneer DJM 800 1 Pioneer DJM 600 2. VIDEO LED SCREEN LightKing RD2 Series Indoor 2.84mm / 50x50cm cabinets 480 Gloshine AM Series Indoor/Outdoor 4.81mm /

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To configure 4/5.1/7.1-channel audio, you have to retask either the Line in or Mic in jack to be Side speaker out through the audio driver. 1-1 Configuring 2/4/5.1/7.1-Channel Audio The motherboard provides five audio jacks on the back panel which support 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel (Note) audio. The picture to the right shows the default audio jack

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composite video and S-Video, the AVR 7000 fea-tures two component video inputs to ensure the utmost in picture quality.Audio is accommodat-ed by two additional audio-only inputs, four digi-tal audio inputs and two digital audio outputs.A separate six-channel direct input is also available to ensure compatibility with future audio sys-tems.

The most popular agile methodologies include: extreme programming (XP), Scrum, Crystal, Dynamic Sys-tems Development (DSDM), Lean Development, and Feature Driven Development (FDD). All Agile methods share a common vision and core values of the Agile Manifesto. Agile Methods: Some well-known agile software development methods include: Agile .