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The Aura Energy Self-Test& Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPsBy Mari J. DionneThe Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reportsfor Highly Sensitive People by Mari J.Dionne. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or introduced intoretrieval systems, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying,recording, or otherwise), without the written permission of the copyright owner. Artwork on Cover: TheYoung Martyr by Paul Delarouche Artwork on Spine: Detail of The Tryst by Edward Blair Leighton

ContentsPage(s)2-3The Purpose of The Aura Energy Self-Test for HSPs4But First, What is an Aura?5Aura Layering5Aura Colors5Signs Your Aura is Distressed6Steps to Achieving a Balanced and Energized Aura7How to Record Your Aura Energy-Self-Test Scores7-8The Aura Energy Self-Test Score Sheet8THE AURA ENERGY SELF-TEST9-12Understanding Your Aura Energy Self-Test Results12-13The Size of Your Aura14Your Aura’s Yin/Yang Balance14Interpreting Individual Chakra Energy Levels14-16The Big Reveal! The Aura Color Personality Reports16-35Violet Aura Color Personality17-19Indigo Aura Color Personality20-22Page 2.

Blue Aura Color Personality22-24Green Aura Color Personality25-27Yellow Aura Color Personality28-30Orange Aura Color Personality31-32Red Aura Color Personality33-35Raising Low Energy Chakra Level Scores35-51Raising Violet 35-37Raising Indigo 38-39Raising Blue 40-41Raising Green 42-43Raising Yellow 44-45Raising Orange 46-48Raising Red 48-51Chakra Color Meditations & Color Therapy Gazing Boxes51-58Violet Meditations52Indigo Meditations53Blue Meditations54Green Meditations55Yellow Meditations56Orange Meditations57Red Meditations58Page 3.

The Purpose of the Aura Energy Self-Test for Highly Sensitive PeopleThe Aura Energy Self-Test reveals the predominant colors of your aura and to help you to discover yourstrengths and weaknesses, so you can create a more calm, energetic, and radiant you.It’s important you know there are no good or bad colors in auras. This means there are no good or badcolor personalities either. Aura colors simply reveal information to us about our bodies, minds and spiritsthrough shades of color. These same colors also reveal what we can do to become more balancedindividuals, or souls.One of the great things about the Aura Energy Self-Test is that it can be retaken, at any time, todetermine any positive or negative changes to your aura whenever you feel a shift in energy or afterhaving tried out some new therapies to see if they have been of benefit in balancing your energies.Some therapies work rather immediately, such as color therapy and meditation. However, othertherapies, such as changing your diet or taking supplements, may take up to 90 days before showing anychanges to your test results. I suggest giving yourself at least a couple of weeks between testing to checkfor benefits from any lifestyle management solutions you may be trying.But First, What Is an Aura?Your aura is your very own electromagnetic energy field, made up of about 3.5 volts of electricity, locatedinside and around your body and it is the essence which leaves your body when you expire. Until then,your aura is charged by your chakras, which are seven primary energy centers running along your spinefrom your tailbone to the top of your head. Each chakra corresponds to a part of your body and relates toa particular color and sense. Together, your chakras are responsible for your overall physical health andemotional wellness. I, sometimes, refer to these as the 7 paths to energy wellness.In addition to the chakras, your body also contains energy meridians; the Triple Heater (adrenals andthyroid), Pericardium (the heart sack), Liver, Lung, Spleen, Stomach, Gall Bladder, Small Intestine, LargeIntestine, and the Urinary/Bladder Meridians.Energy meridians are directly affected by the energy levels of your chakras and, in turn, affect your body’s11 systems; the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, skeletal, nervous,respiratory, reproductive, and urinary systems.All three of these systems (the chakras, energy meridians, and body systems) work together and areinterconnected. They depend on one another, and you, in keeping you healthy and well.When the energy in these systems is blocked stressful symptoms and syndromes develop. Since we areeach unique in our strengths and weaknesses, our symptoms differ individually. The Aura Energy SelfTest reveals how your emotions might manifest, mentally or physically, based on your aura color.Page 4.

Aura LayeringThere are multiple layers to your aura. The first layer extends 2-4 inches outside of your body’s physicaloutline, commonly called the etheric body. The next layer, the astral (emotional) body, forms an ovalaround the first layer. Beyond this is a third layer, the mental body, and beyond that the spiritual body.Some say there are many as 8 layers or more to an aura. The layer closest to your skin has a slowerenergy vibration than the spiritual body, which reaches toward others and the universe.Aura ColorsThe 7 major colors of auras are the same ones seen in rainbows, which are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green,Yellow, Orange and Red. These colors correlate with your Crown (above your head), Brow, Throat, Heart,Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root (your tailbone area) chakras, respectively. One color may dominate, whileothers may be missing all together. The most energetic chakras determine the current color of your aura.Every color of the aura corresponds with certain personality traits. For example, auras of many HighlySensitive People reveal cooler shades, such as the color of Indigo, which often represent being moreintuitive, empathic, and compassionate, while warmer colors usually represent those who are morephysically active and worldly.The state of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy wellness, or lack of, is indicated by thecolor, size, and brightness of your aura. Stress, nervous conditions, and disease affect your chakras andcreate changes in the color, size, and brightness of your aura. Therefore, knowing the color of your auracan be of great value in understanding yourself on a very deep level and preventing distress or dis-ease.The Aura Energy Self-Test reveals your aura color to be the same as if your aura were to be seen by apsychic or have had your aura photographed in real time by the increasingly popular Aura Video Station.These additional color meanings are included here for the sole purpose of helping you to understand youraura colors should you ever have need.White: Higher dimension, healer, connection to truth, purity, protection, unity, illuminating, spiritual,enlightenment.Gold: Luck, charm and fortune. Wisdom of the self.Brown: Earthiness, rooted, practicality, honesty, stability. Or, cynical, energy blockages, no imagination.Page 5.

Cloudy Areas: Areas of life that need to be dealt with.Gray: Indifference, stagnation, neutrality, transition, transformation, a change, and/or something coming.Silver: Pregnancy (may have been or soon will be), and/or someone with extreme creativity.Black: In home decorating it can mean mystery, strength, magic, depth, power, restriction, andformality. However, in the aura it can represent physical and spiritual imbalances, an unhealthy attitude(depression), behavior, dis-ease a negative attachment (spirit), and/or a need to energize the auradramatically.Signs Your Aura is DistressedMemory lapses.Frequent nightmares or insomnia.Sudden profound fatigue and feeling drained.Always feeling as though someone is watching you.Irrational or sudden emotional outbursts or mood swings.Feeling off balance or dizzy for a continued period of time.Sudden physical pain, illness or discomfort that is relatively unexplained.Suddenly acting out of character or big changes in behavior.Unexplainable negative or obsessive thoughts.Recurring accidents or a string of bad luck.Dramatic loss of self-confidence.Suicidal tendencies.Except for trauma, there is nothing that affects your aura worse than stress. Organic disease affects andinfects the inner aura.Disease and nervous conditions cause your aura to become grayer or duller.Chakras, as already mentioned, are your internal energy pathway centers that help to regulate the flow ofenergy in your being and relate to certain parts of your body. It is the energy levels of your chakras thatdetermine the radiance of your aura and the Aura Energy Self-Test reveals this information. Whenhealing the aura, it is important to realize you must begin by healing the chakras.Page 6.

Steps to Achieving a Balanced and Energized AuraFirst, take the Aura Energy Self-Test to discover your true aura color.Then, create a change in your aura energy field through application of natural, ‘body-based’ therapies andlifestyle management solutions, the easiest method by far to relieve signs and symptoms of dis-ease.Simple color therapy energy balancing remedies can be found in the Aura Color Personality Reports,while more condition or circumstance specific remedies are available from my website.Next, create a change in your behavior (a little more difficult since we are creatures of habit), whichmeans committing to taking care of yourself and asking for help when you need it. Creating a change inyour behavior requires changing daily and personal habits. Think about some of the behaviors,relationships, or habits you are now involved in that may be taking a toll on your energy and making youstressed, unhappy or ill. What have the nagging voices in your own mind been asking you to look at orchange?Finally, create a change in your emotions (the hardest by far), by changing false or negative perceptions,ideas, thoughts and beliefs. Nothing changes emotions like the art of forgiveness or of being thankful.Yet, these two can be the hardest to achieve because of our ego, pride, or lack of self-esteem. Theremust be something you can be thankful for today even if it is only the air in your lungs. Try to think of asmany things you are grateful for this moment. Who needs to be forgiven or let off the hook? Start withthat.How to Record Your Aura Energy-Self-Test ScoresThe Aura Energy Self-Test is comprised of seven sections, each containing eleven questions. You willanswer each question with one of the following statements:Never/Rarely/Hardly EverEvery So Often/SometimesOften/Usually/AlwaysThere are no wrong answers on this test. Your answers are based on how you feel right now today, thisvery moment, or perhaps over the past couple of weeks. Grab some paper and something to write with.How to Record Your Aura Energy-Self-Test ScoresPrint a copy of the Aura Energy Self-Test Score Sheet, below, to record your scores on. Or, just take apiece of scratch paper and draw 7 horizontal lines across the page. At the top of this page, from left toright (in equal distances apart) write the numbers 1-11, just as shown on the score sheet (below).Page 7.

Next, on your Aura Energy Self-Test for HSP Test Score Sheet, printed or written, record how manytimes you circled ‘Often/Usually/Always’ in Parts 1 through 7 on the test.For example, if you circled ‘Often/Usually/Always’ nine times in Part 1, you would then go to Part 1 onyour test results sheet and circle the ninth star to the right on that line. Continue on this way for all sevenparts of the test.The Aura Energy Self-Test Score Sheet1234567891011Part 7***********Part 6***********Part 5***********Part 4***********Part 3***********Part 2***********Part 1***********12345678910Page 8.11

Part 1.1. Sitting still can be annoying. I'd rather be up, doing something, or exercising.2. Finances and making money is a focus for me most of the time.3. I feel strongly about my beliefs and don't like them questioned.4. Whatever activity I choose to do, I work at it very hard.5. I prefer to experience things in life, rather than just talk about them.6. I feel more confident and prefer to work physically, with my hands or my body.7. It is important to me to see quick results, which sometimes makes me hurry projects.8. When something needs doing, I don't procrastinate. I dive in and get it done!9. I am sexual and a healthy sex life is extremely important to me.10. I am normally extremely resourceful and find ways of working with what I have.11. I tend to become irritated, volatile or overwhelmed with relationship complexities.Part 2.1. I am able to choose my own path in life and do my own thing.2. It is important to me to feel connected to others emotionally.3. I have, or would like to have, an unusual job or career.4. Personal independence and freedom are important to me.5. I have to admit, I am a bit of a thrill seeker.6. My personal self-esteem is directly influenced my relationships.7. Making a first impression is paramount!8. I almost always keep my home and my work environment tidy and clean.9. I feel better when the things I own are of higher quality.10. Sex is fun and a pleasure for me.11. I help my guests feel as comfortable in my home as I am.Page 9.

Part 3.1. I enjoy finding new solutions, organizing and planning strategies.2. I laugh, play nearly every day and enjoy bringing humor to situations.3. Intellectual conversations stimulate me and I enjoy them immensely.4. In general, I dislike taking orders from anyone, no matter how nicely put.5. I am sunny and joyful most of the time.6. I take great pride in those things that I am expert at, or know much about.7. It is important that I remain in control of my job, relationships, and life.8. I am often preoccupied with my own thoughts and details.9. Although I can be very competitive, I am always very fair as well.10. I am physically sensitive to stressful people and situations.11. I have a tendency to over analyze everything and not know how I feel.Part 4.1. I prefer to be an observer rather than a doer, at social gatherings.2. I enjoy teaching or presenting new ideas and information to people and groups.3. I tend to be a perfectionist and I am extremely efficient and organized.4. I see patterns in situations and easily compute the end result in my mind.5. I genuinely care about humanitarian and environmental issues.6. I prefer to plan or manage, rather than actually perform the work.7. I have so many talents that it is hard to know which to focus on.8. Because of my need to be liked, I sometimes attract negative, abusive people.9. It is important to me to understand my life’s purpose or calling.10. I get really irritated with others who don't do things as well as I do.11. I am usually open to change, but need time to feel things out first.Page 10.

Part 5.1. It is important to me that others close to me believe in God and love.2. I enjoy being with family and friends on pretty much a daily basis.3. I am more concerned about others than myself and constantly look for ways to help.4. I have trouble telling people, "No." even when I would really like to.5. Love and affection are more important than sex or passion.6. I enjoy graceful sports such as ice skating and skiing, even if just to watch.7. When group decisions are made, I strongly prefer that all agree.8. I laugh and cry easily when I am emotional.9. I am a natural parent, nurturer and caretaker.10. I have trouble asking for what I need emotionally or physically.11. I try to avoid conflict like the plague and have a hard time with it.Part 6.1. I often ask people to do things differently than the way they have in the past.2. I rarely feel the need to be governed by rules, as I would not break them anyway.3. I am deeply committed, in my heart, to a few close friends.4. I am sexual, sensitive, and intuitive all at the same time.5. I relish having time alone, to myself, to pursue the topics of my interest.6. I have very high expectations. Love, loyalty, and trust mean everything to me.7. I feel overwhelmed and exhausted by crowds and bright, noisy places.8. I feel familiar with the things I learn, as if I've already learned them somehow.9. I prefer to express myself through artistic avenues, rather than physically or verbally.10. I have high moral standards and unique viewpoints that some others don't share.11. I need the freedom to live out my inner beliefs, morals and values.Page 11.

Part 7.1. I am interested in metaphysical topics, such as angels, auras, and oracles.2. I feel driven to follow my vision, even when it seems impossible.3. Not being able to follow my calling leaves me bitter and angry.4. I believe in signs and see connections and messages in everything around me.5. Though I feel something of a loner, I often end up the center of attention.6. I quickly and intuitively catch on to different philosophies and ancient ideas.7. I love talking to new people, one on one, about my dreams and ideals.8. I am a natural researcher and often see signs and connections that others miss.9. I am much more passionate and emotional than I let the world know.10. I have a really hard time with those who would criticize or laugh at my values.11. I need to make a noticeable and positive difference in the world.Understanding Your Aura Energy Self-Test ResultsAfter entering your test scores from each part of the test take your pencil and connect the stars. Thisgives you a clear picture of which of your chakras have the highest and lowest energy levels.Your highest score determines your predominating aura color. For example, if you scored an 11 in Part 1your aura color would be predominantly Red. If you were to have another high score, say a score of 9 inPart 7, your second highest dominating color would be Violet, and so on.As mentioned, your most dominant color represents your aura color personality. Dominating colors maychange from time to time based upon your thoughts, circumstances, and state of emotional and physicalhealth. You may find you have more than one dominating aura color, in which case you share aura traitsfrom each of the aura colors involved and you would want to read over the individual Aura ColorPersonality Reports, beginning on page 17, to see which one you most resonate with.To help you visualize your test results, notice the circular lights in the center of the body in the picture ofththe aura below. These are the chakras, which begin with the 7 chakra, the Crown, at the top of the headst(shown as White in the picture) to the 1 chakra, the Root Chakra, near the tailbone area.Page 12.

rdDo you see how the 3 chakra, the Yellow one (The Solar Plexus Chakra) is much larger and brighterthan the others? This would be represented by a higher score on Part 3 of the Aura Energy Self-TestScore Sheet revealing a dominant Yellow Aura Color Personality.thIf you look again, you will also see the 4 Chakra, the Green one (the Heart Chakra) above the Yellow isalso quite large revealing a dominant Green Aura Color Personality. Meaning, in essence, the higher yourscore reveals your true aura color. The individual in the picture below is a Yellow/Green Aura ColorPersonality.An example of an aura photo taken by Aura Video Station (courtesy of color of your aura can help you to understand why when trying to make certain decisions in life, someare easy and others seem to make you procrastinate or run into a wall.Some aura colors flatter each other, while others oppose each other. For example, Violet and Indigo maysupport each other, as the Violet Aura Personality has great vision and the Indigo Aura Color Personalitysupplies intuition necessary in making good choices toward Violet’s dreams. However, Violet and Greenmay have conflicts. The Green Aura Color Personality is very rational and organized. It wants to see proofbefore investing in ideas, especially where money is concerned, whereas the Violet Aura ColorPersonality is ready to skip down a path of faith. The Green Aura Color Personality, even though spiritual,needs something more concrete.When you discover a conflicting set of colors in your aura, try to find a way of making the different aspectsof your personality happy. For example, as a Violet/Green Aura Color Personality you might be at oddswith yourself because humanitarianism and environmental issues mean everything to you and you wouldlike to become a mission worker (the Violet in you), yet you also need a certain amount of financialsecurity. If these two parts of your personality can come up with a way to benefit mankind and makemoney enough to feel secure at the same time, you will find your bliss.Page 13.

The Size of Your AuraWhere your numbers tally on the Aura Energy Self-Test Score Sheet reflect the size of your aura. It isnot uncommon to find all the colors of your aura either above, or below, the mid-point. It is typical to findscores, both, below and above the midpoint (6), which represents a medium sized aura. When all testscores fall under the midpoint (6), it reflects a smaller aura, while scores that all fall above the midpointare larger.Small Auras have lower energy levels, which mean lower physical energy levels as well. Those withsmaller auras are often seen as timid and more introverted.Medium Auras although having a strong presence and brilliant color. Those with medium aurassometimes lose focus, but can achieve goals by focusing more.Large Auras are powerful and radiant. You can actually feel strength radiating from these folks. Theyoften use their magnetism and charisma to achieve their dreams.Your Aura’s Yin & Yang BalanceYin represents the feminine (more receptive) in all things. Yang represents masculine (more outgoing) inall things. Just as each physical, individual body on earth contains male and female hormones, aurascontain male and female aspects as well. Cooler colors are Yin, more emotional, and receptive. Warmercolors are Yang, more physical, and active. Just as we need to find balance in other areas, such as diet,work, and relaxation, it is helpful to keep balance between Yin and Yang in our auras as well.Interpreting Individual Chakra Energy LevelsEach color on the Aura Energy Self-Test Score Sheet relates to a particular chakra energy center. Onceagain, find the midpoint (6) on the score sheet. Chakra energy levels above 6 on the graph areconsiderably higher (brighter) than scores to the left, which represent lower (duller) chakra energy levels.8 - 11 Points High Energy Level Score4.5 – 7.5 Points Medium Energy Level Score1 – 4 Points Low Energy Level ScoreThe following interpretations of High, Medium and Low chakra energy levels can help you to even betterunderstand your chakra energy wellness level test scores.Page 14.

thVioletCrown Chakra - The 7 Path – Sense of Spirit – The Spiritual PathwayHighSpiritual qualities, intuitive, charismatic, and visionary.MediumImaginative, futuristic, mystical, and spiritual.LowThe need for purpose, vision, and direction in life.IndigoBrow Chakra - The 6 Path – Sense of IntuitionHighHighly intuitive, studious, artistic, calm, and introverted.MediumDeep inner feelings, average intuitive and artistic abilities.LowThe need to listen to the inner voice and clarify values.BlueThroat Chakra - The 5 Path – Sense of SoundHighStrong verbal expression of thoughts and emotions.MediumMedium communicative qualities, and very sensitive.LowProne to limit emotional and verbal expression.GreenHeart Chakra The 4 Path – Sense of TouchHighVery empathic, sensitive, loving and compassionate.MediumMedium communicative, caring, and sensitive qualities.LowThe need to be able to open the heart and share more deeply.YellowSolar Plexus Chakra - The 3 Path – Sense of SightHighHighly intellectual and analytical, curious, playful.MediumMedium intellectual, analytical, and easy going.LowIntellectual and analytical with the need to increase joy.thththrdPage 15.

ndPath – Sense of TasteOrangeSacral Chakra - The 2HighStrongly productive, emotional expression.MediumMedium productivity and enjoyment, analytical, structured.LowThe need to utilize talents and increase emotional expression.RedRoot Chakra - The 1 Path – Sense of Smell - The Physical PathwayHighVery radiant qualities, such as passion, determination and stamina.MediumMedium life energy, physically active, competitive, strong will power.LowFatigue, stress symptoms, accident proneness, immune problems.stThe Big Reveal! The Aura Color Personality ReportsAlthough The Aura Energy Self-Test Score Sheet midpoint can help you to determine chakra energylevels, it is always up to you to determine whether you feel energy balancing is in need or not. Useyour own judgment. If you feel calm and balanced, do nothing.However, if you have been feeling fatigued, irritable, sad, or hypersensitive, utilizing the color therapyenergy balancing remedies made available for you in the Aura Color Personality Reports can begin tohelp you to recharge your overall aura and to reduce and even erase these negative feelings.If you are suffering from symptoms of emotional or physical dis-ease, more serious natural remedies andlifestyle management solutions are offered on my website.Page 16.

The Violet Aura Color Personality ReportGriselda by George W. RoyViolet represents the #7 Chakra – Path of Spirit – The Crown or Spiritual Chakra: SahasraraViolet Anatomical CorrespondencesThe Crown Chakra corresponds with the right eye, brain (cerebrum and/or cerebral cortex), upper skull,muscle system, skeletal system, and skin. It supports the pineal gland and the sense of spirit.Violet Color Meanings & AssociationsRelates to the Crown Chakra: Understanding and knowledge.Violet: Intuitive, theorist, futuristic, visionary, noble, leadership, and innovative.Page 17.

Lavender: Imagination, fantasy, fragility, daydreamer, sensitive, and ethereal.Orchid/Purple: Deeply spiritual, perceptive, worldly, magnetic, and mystical.Dark Purple: Passionate, independent and morally strong willed.Muddy Purple or Dark Violet: Stingy or selfish, has obstacles to face.Violet Color Emotional/Mental StateMagical, futuristic, divine intuition, psychic ability, idealistic, transmutation, guidance, theoretic, visionary,charismatic, innovative, inventive, spiritual, non-conformist.The Violet Aura Color Personality (Strengths)Although Violets may appear to be cold and indifferent to others, they are deep and passionate on theinside. They love intense conversation that serves some significant purpose. Although a natural loner,sharing lofty ideals can spell heaven to them, especially if it elicits interested followers. Healthy Violetsshare universal life energy that is combined with practicality. What this means is that they can follow upon their visions for the future in a most common sense way. This simplicity may seem like magic to mostof us because Violet always seems, without effort, to place all of the pieces of life exactly where theyshould go. They pour all of their energy (with help from ties to universal energy) into causes and beliefs.Violets inspire us through their enthusiasm and dedication. They are extremely driven and are naturalleaders who communicate boldly, but simply, in a motivating manner. They educate the masses andinspire lofty ideals.Like Indigo (and tied to Indigo as well), they intuitively understand foreign and ancient ideas and arenatural researchers. Violets hear a calling and pursue it! The rest of us consider Violet to be very brave(perhaps even heroes) and, at the least, innovative. Violets rely on faith. Violets know they are here for ahigher purpose, to do something important. They just may not be sure what it is or how to do it. This candrive a Violet a little nuts.On a personal note, Violets have a wonderful sense of humor, but rarely show it. They cannot tolerateanyone laughing at what they consider to be their mission. Violets light the way for others and will donothing to be taken less seriously.Violet Aura Color Personality Occupations for VioletPolice Officer, Politician, Priest, Demonstrator, and ActivistPage 18.

Challenges for Violets (Weaknesses)Because Violets keep their feelings to themselves, it is hard for others to see the effect of their thoughtsupon Violets. It also makes it difficult to find help in pursuing their goals, dreams, and visions.Violets may seem unapproachable and somehow 'above' the rest of us. On the outside, Violets seemunbothered, but the inner churnings of a Violet can be choppy, especially when Violets intuitively sensenegative impressions about what others feel toward them. This can also make them doubt their ownabilities and at times even doubt God. It would help Violet to know that if they are questioning themselves,and the world they live in, that they are further along than most of us already.To share that wonderful hidden sense of humor and risk being seen as human after all (and beingaccepted for it) would benefit Violet and increase inner strength rather than take it away, as Violetexpects. Laughter is medicinal for the Violet.Possible Health Issues for VioletPhysical health issues might include headache, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, neuralgia, epilepsy,Alzheimer's, hypersensitivity (chemical sensitivity, food allergies, environmental, etc.), sensitivity to lightand/or sound, insomnia, muscular-skeletal disorders, Fibromyalgia, senility, energy disorders, nervousheadache, exhaustion.Emotional health issues might involve being ungrounded, spiritual depression, confusion, psychotic/manicdepression, mental problems, feeling a loss of purpose or meaning in life, lack of spiritual awareness orfaith, Messiah complex, out of touch with the world, fanaticism, lack of spiritual beliefs or conscience,spiritual issues, anxiety, feeling haunted, attracting negative spirits, chronic negativity, stigmata.Page 19.

The Indigo Aura Color Personality ReportBoreas by John W. WaterhouseIndigo represents the 6th Chakra – Path of Intuition - The Brow Chakra: AjnaIndigo Anatomical CorrespondencesThe Third Brow Chakra corresponds with the br

The Aura Energy Self-Test reveals your aura color to be the same as if your aura were to be seen by a psychic or have had your aura photographed in real time by the increasingly popular Aura Video Station. These additional color meanings are included here for the sole purpose of helping you to understand your aura colors should you ever have need.

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