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TYPE CERTIFICATE DATA SHEET Nº EA-2015T09EA-2015T09-02Sheet 01Type Certificate Holder:GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE CORPORATION (GAC)500 Gulfstream RoadSavannah, Georgia 31408USAGULFSTREAM GVI(G650 & G650ER)10 Sep 2020This data sheet, which is part of Brazilian Type Certificate No. 2015T09, prescribes conditions andlimitations under which the product, for which the Type Certificate was issued, meets the airworthinessrequirements of the Brazilian Aeronautical Regulations.I - Model Gulfstream GVI (Transport Category Airplane), approved 20 August 2015.ENGINE:2 Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG (Turbofan) EnginesBR700-725A1-12 per ANAC Type certificate EMFUELFuels conforming to Specifications listed below. See AFM for additionalInformationKEROSENE TYPE (AVTUR, JP8)NATO CODE F34/F35AMERICANASTM D1655, Jet AASTM D1655, Jet A-1MIL-T-83133, JP-8MIL-DTL-83133, JP-8FRENCHDCSEA 134/ABRITISHDEF STAN 91-87DEF STAN 91-91CISTS-1 & RT (GOST10227, AM 1GSTU320.001149943.007-97(RT Type)GSTU320.001149943.011-99(TS-1 Type)CANADIANCAN/CGSB-3.23CHINESEGB 6537-2006 includingthe fuel additives limitedto the concentrationsstated in Annex A of GB6537-2006 (seeChinese Fuel Additivesnote below)NOTE: APPROVED CHINESE FUEL ADDITIVES1. Static Dissipater additive: Stadis 4502. Antioxidant: 2,6-ditertiary-butyl-4-methyl-phenol3. Icing Inhibitor: Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether or Diethylene GlycolMonomethyl Ether4.Metal Deactivator: N,N’-disalicylidene 1,2-propanediamineThe following Chinese fuel additives are not approved for use on thisGulfstream aircraft model: Static Dissipater additive T 1502 andantifriction additives T1601 or T1602

GULFSTREAMENGINE LIMITS10 Sep 2020EA-2015T09-02Sheet 2/8Static Thrust at Sea Level, kN/lbs.- Maximum continuous- Maximum Takeoff- Normal Takeoff66.6/ 14,97575.2/ 16,900 up to 31.7 Cup to 31.7 CMaximum Continuous Permissible Engine Operating Speeds for the EngineRotors, % RPM (RPM)- Low pressure rotor (N1)- High pressure rotor (N2)102.8% (9,800)98.7% (27,530)Maximum Interstage Turbine Temperature (ITT), C- Maximum Continuous- Take-Off(5 minutes)- During startingOil Temperature, C- Maximum Continuous- Take-Off- During starting (minimum)Oil Pressure (PSI)- Pressure limits885 C900 CVaries with N2(See AFM)5 C to 160 C160 C- 40 CVaries with N2(See AFM)APUHoneywell – Model RE220[GVI]See the approved Airplane Flight Manual for APU ratings.APU LIMITSRefer to ANAC approved Airplane Flight Manual (AFM)No. GAC-AC-G650-OPS-0001 (for G650) & No. GAC-AC-G650ER-OPS-0001(for G650ER)OILConforming to Honeywell International Inc. Specification EMS53110, Type II.PROPELLER ANDPROPELLER LIMITSN/AAIRSPEED LIMITS (CAS)Vmo (Max. Operating) S.L. to 10,000 ftVmo between 10,000 & 20,000 ftVmo between 20,000 & 28,000 ftMaximum operating (MMO):Maneuvering (VA) :Below 20,000 ftBetween 20,000 ft to 35,000 ftBetween 35,000 ft to 39,200 ftBetween 39,200 ft to 45,000 ftFlaps extended (VFE)- 39 (landing):- 20 (takeoff and approach):- 10 (takeoff):Minimum control speed - Air (VMCA):Minimum control speed - Ground (VMCG):Minimum control speed - Landing (VMCL):L. G. operation - extend (VLO):L. G. operation - retract (VLO):300 kias300 - 330 KIAS340 KIAS0.925215 - 225 KIAS225 - 264 KIAS264 KIASM0.85180 KIAS220 KIAS250 KIAS97 KIAS95 KIAS95 KIAS195 KIAS195 KIAS

GULFSTREAM10 Sep 2020EA-2015T09-02Sheet 3/8AIRSPEED LIMITS (CAS)CONT.L. G. extended (VLE):Main landing gear tire ground speed limitNose landing gear tire ground speed limitCG RANGE(Landing gear extended)Refer to ANAC approved GVI (G650 & G650ER) Airplane Flight Manual (AFM)No. GAC-AC-G650-OPS-0001 & No. GAC-AC-G650ER-OPS-0001CG RANGE(Zero Fuel Weight)Gross Weight27,467 kg27,240 kg27,013 kgDATUMThe 0 datum is located 2.540 meters (100 inches) forward of the tip of radomefor weight and balance.LEVELING MEANSLongitudinally: Lugs at left nose wheel well door longeron STA 163.0 & 174.0.Laterally:Forward Limit30.50 % MAC30.00 % MAC30.00 % MAC195 KIAS195 KTS182 KTSAft Limit45.60 % MAC45.60 % MAC45.40 % MACLugs on rear face of bulkhead STA 148.5 in nose wheel well.MEAN AERODYNAMICCHORD475.59 meters (187.24 in.) (L.E. of M.A.C. Fuselage Section 624.56).MAXIMUM WEIGHTConfigurationTakeoff:Zero Fuel:Ramp:Landing:TCConfigurationASC 014ASC 026ASC 027ASC 028ASC 030ASC 0083,50083,50083,50083,500MINIMUM CREWTwo (Pilot and Copilot)MAXIMUM PASSENGERS19 as limited by exit door arrangement (See Note 1)MAXIMUM BAGGAGE898 kg

GULFSTREAMFUEL CAPACITY10 Sep 2020EA-2015T09-02Sheet 4/8Total Usable Fuel All Tanks: 6622.5 kg (density: 0.8028 758.2011.1511.20CENTERTANKFuel System kilograms Unusable:- Drainable from tanks drain and lines 40.7- Undrainable (trapped in tanks and lines) 13.4OIL CAPACITYUsable (kg / lbs.): 8.7 / 19.2 for both engines combined.Density: 0.975 / 8.14 (kg / liter / lbs/U.S. gallon )HYDRAULIC FLUIDCAPACITY32 Liters (nominal) total for both left and right hydraulic systems combined.WING ANTI-ICE FLUIDN/AMAXIMUM OPERATINGALTITUDE51,000 ftTEMPERATUREOPERATINGLIMITSMaximum:50 C (at Sea Level)Minimum:-54 C (at Sea Level)

GULFSTREAM10 Sep 2020EA-2015T09-02Sheet 5/8CONTROL SURFACEMOVEMENTSElevator:Stabilizer trim:Rudder:Rudder trim:Aileron:Aileron trim tab:Aileron gear tab:Wing flaps:Roll SpoilerGround brakeSERIAL NUMBER ELIGIBLE2001 and subsequent. A Certificate of Airworthiness for Exportendorsed as noted under "Import Requirements" must be submittedfor each individual aircraft for which application for a BrazilianCertificate of Airworthiness is made.IMPORT ELIGIBILITYA Brazilian Certificate of Airworthiness may be issued on the basis ofon an Civil Aviation Authority of Israel or United States FAA ExportCertificate of Airworthiness (or a third country Export Certificate ofAirworthiness, in case of used aircraft imported from such country),subject to Notes 1 and 3 below, and including the following statement:“The aircraft covered by this certificate has been inspected, testedand found to be in conformity with the Brazilian approved typedesign as defined by the Brazilian Type Certificate no. 2015T09 andin condition of safe operation”.The ANAC Report H.10-2475-00, dated 20/Aug/20215 or furtherrevisions, contains the Brazilian requirements for the acceptance ofthese airplanes. (See note 4)CERTIFICATION BASISBrazilian Type Certificate No. 2015T09 issued on 20 August 2015based on the RBAC 25 “REQUISITOS DE AERONAVEGABILIDADE:AVIÕES CATEGORIA TRANSPORTE” , which endorses:- 14 CFR Part 25, effective February 1, 1965, including Amendments25-1 through 25-120 and Amendment 25-122 for §25.1317 andSection L 25.1.- 14 CFR Part 36, effective February 3, 2006, including Amendments36-1 through 36-28.- 14 CFR Part 34, effective June 29, 2009 including Amendment 34-1through 34 - 4.Up 27.5 0.5 Up 12.5 0.3 Right 30 1.5 Right 9 1.1 Up 15 0.25 Up 15 1 Up 15 1 Down 0 to 39 1 Up 45 1.65 Up 55 1.7 Down 20 0.5 Down 2.5 0.3 Left 30 1.5 Left 9 1.1 Down 15 0.25 Down 15 1 Down 15 1 Special Conditions:a) HIRF; Maintenance of Lightning and HIRF Protectionb) § 25.773(b) Windshield Precipitation Removal byHydrophobic Coatingsc) Go-Around Performance Credit for Use of AutomaticPower Reserve (ATTCS)d) Engine Torque Loads for Sudden Engine Stoppagee) Design Roll Maneuverf) Operation Without Normal Electrical Powerg) Interaction of Systems and Structuresh) Use of Magnesium Alloys for Pedalsi) Aircraft System Security for the Aircraft Control Domainand Airline Information Services Domain from ExternalInternet and Operator Network Access and ElectronicTransmission of Field-Loadable Software Applications andDatabasesj) Aircraft System Isolation or Security Protection of Aircraft

GULFSTREAM10 Sep 2020CERTIFICATION BASISCONT.k)l)EA-2015T09-02Sheet 6/8Control Domain and Airline Information Services Domainfrom the Passenger Information Services DomainNon-Rechargeable Lithium BatteriesElectro-hydraulically Actuated Seats Equipped with aBackup Power SupplyEquivalent levels of safety findings:a) § 25.812Emergency Exit Marking and EmergencyLighting floor surfaces and emergency egress assistmeansb) § 25.831(g) Cabin Time-Temperature-Humidity conditionsfollowing improbable ECS failurec) § 25.331(c) Checked Pitch Maneuverd) Aircraft Pressurization Outflow and Safety Valvese) §25.341, 25.343, 25.345, 25.371, 25.373 and 25.391Design gust Criteria and Continuous turbulencef) Emergency Landing/Gear Breakawayg) § 25.391, 25.395, and 25.415 Ground Gusth) § 25.1309 Equipment, systems, and installations – GALPelected to comply with ARAC Recommended 25.1309i) § 25.671(a-d), § 25.629 Flight Control Systemj) § 25.1203(a) Engine Fire Detection in Tailpipek) § 25.933 Flight Critical Thrust Reverserl) § 25.841(b) Cabin Pressurization - High Altitude AirportTake-off and Landing Operationsm) § 25.901, 25.1305, 25.1321, 25.1549 Digital Display ofEngine Rotor Speed N2n) External Lights Installationo) Position Light System Intensity Exceedances in OverlapRegionsp) Adoption of Draft Harmonized Rules for APU Certificationq) Encroachment into Emergency Exits due to Seats andInterior Furnishingsr) Overwing Emergency Exits – Means for Viewing LikelyAreas of Evacuee Ground Contacts) Emergency Exit Marker, Locator, and Bulkhead/DividerSignsExemptions:a) § 25.901(c) Time-limited Exemption - Uncontrollable HighThrust (see Note 6)b) § 25.981(a) (3) Lightning Protection Fuel Tanks.c) § 25.901(b)(2) and 25.903(d)(2) Time-limited Exemption engine installation, limitation, operational and indicationrequirements for the Gulfstream G280, during certainWing Anti-Ice System (WAI System) operations (see Note7).d) § 25.813(e) Mid Cabin Doors for 14 CFR Part 91OperationsCompliance with the following optional requirements has beenestablished:Section 25.801 DitchingSection 25.1411(d),(e),(f),(g) Safety Equipment – GeneralSection 25.1415(a)(b)(c)(d) Ditching EquipmentSection 25.1419 Ice ProtectionNoise requirements:14 CFR part 36, effective December 1, 1969 including

GULFSTREAM10 Sep 2020EA-2015T09-02Sheet 7/8amendments 36-1 through 36-28 effective February 3,2006Emission requirements:14 CFR part 34, as amended by Amendments 34-1through 34-4, effective June 29, 2009REQUIRED EQUIPMENTThe basic required equipment, as prescribed in the applicableairworthiness regulations (see Certification Basis) must be installed inthe airplane. Refer to Master Equipment List Report No.30P000/110634 rev A or latest FAA approved revisionAIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUALANAC approved Brazilian Airplane Flight Manual no. GAC-AC G650OPS-001 (for G650) & GAC-AC G650ER-OPS-001 (for G650ER)DATA PERTINENT TO ALL MODELS:NOTES:NOTE 1The type design defined by GAC drawings 60P0000000-001 Revision Y “GVI Aircraft LevelConfiguration Control Document” and report GVI-GER-6855, Revision C “GVI InteriorCertification Requirements Document” includes approved seating for pilot and copilot only.Modifications intended to expand occupancy provisions to other than pilot and copilotseating approved under the TC must be approved. Certification guidance for interiorinstallations is provided in GAC report GVI-GER-6855, Revision C, or higher.In addition to occupancy considerations noted above, compliance to 14 CFR 25.809(a) wasfound:(a) for the over wing exit by using both the window in the exit and the windowimmediately forward of the exit. It isn’t possible to view the likely area of evacueeground contact from the over wing exit window therefore the window immediatelyforward of the exit was used for this purpose. No items may be installed betweenthe over wing exit and the window immediately forward of the over wing exit thatwould prevent viewing of the conditions outside the exit when the exit is closed.(b) for the Main Entry Door (MED) exit by using the left hand (LH) forward-most cabinwindow which is immediately aft of and adjacent to the MED. No items may beinstalled that could cause an obstruction of this window, unless alternative viewingmeans are approved.NOTE 2Weight ad balanceCurrent weight and balance report including list of equipment included in certificated emptyweight and loading instructions must be provided for each aircraft at the time of originalcertification.NOTE 3Markings and placards.All eligible aircraft shall comply with the placards requirements established in section21.41-I of the Regulamentos Brasileiros da Aviação Civil (RBAC).NOTE 4Continuing Airworthiness.Maintenance Program, including Service Life Limits and Required Maintenance,Inspections, and Reporting:Chapter 5-10-10 of the Gulfstream G650 & G650ER Maintenance Manuals basic issue,dated August 15, 2014 contains the Airworthiness Limitations Section required by 14 CFRpart 25 appendix H25.4. Later revisions to the Chapter 5-10-10 must be approved by theFederal Aviation Administration of USA prior to incorporation into the maintenance programof airplanes operated under the type certificate. The Chapter 5-10-10 includes thefollowing components:- Life limited components

GULFSTREAM10 Sep 2020-EA-2015T09-02Sheet 8/8The mandatory systems certification maintenance requirements, raised from thesafety analysisThe fuel tank system airworthiness limitationsThe fuel tank system critical design configuration control limitations (CDCCLs)NOTE 5The differences of the Brazilian airplanes in relation to the basic FAA type design aresummarized below:1. The Brazilian Airplane Flight Manual No. GAC-AC-G650-OPS-0001 (for G650) & No.GAC-AC-G650ER-OPS-0001 (for G650ER).2. Airplane Flight Manual Supplement No. ANAC-G650-2015-01 or Airplane FlightManual Supplement No. ANAC-G650ER-2015-01.3. ANAC approved AFM Supplements Index for Airplane Registered in Brazil.4. Markings and placards in accordance with section 21.41-I of the RegulamentosBrasileiros da Aviação Civil (RBAC).NOTE 6With regards to the activities outlined in the FAA IP P-5 regarding the § 25.901(c) Time limitedExemption - Uncontrollable High Thrust GAC has completed the activities as outlined in therequirements of the stated issue paper and this exemption is closed.NOTE 7In accordance with the FAA decision contained in Time-limited Exemption IP P-14:NOTE 8The following FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) owned by Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.,applicable to the Gulfstream G650 and G650ER model were validated by ANAC withoutcorresponding Brazilian CST document issuance and may be incorporated on Brazilian registeredaircraft, provided the modification does not affect compliance with the Brazilian acceptancerequirements (see paragraph “import eligibility”):STC NUMBERDESCRIPTION OF TYPE DESIGN CHANGEST04252AT-DInstallation of an Airplane Interior in accordancewith Gulfstream Index List GDL100000001, Rev.CP, dated 09 July 2015, or later approved T-DAIRPLANE FLIGHTMANUALSUPPLEMENT (AFMS)Doc Nº GC61468M001,Rev. E, dated 18 June2014, or later FAAapproved revision.Doc Nº GC61507M001,Rev. A, dated 14 Dec.2012, or later FAAapproved revision.Doc Nº GC61303M001,Rev. -, dated 16 Jan.2013, or later FAAapproved revision.Installation of a Honeywell AIS-2000 Satellite TVSystem in accordance with Gulfstream Index ListGDL100000003, Rev. B, dated 29 Jan. 2013, or laterapproved revision.Installation of a Broadband Multi-Link (BBML)System in accordance with Gulfstream Index ListGDL100000004, Rev. G, dated 25 Mar. 2015, orlater approved revision.Installation of a Honeywell LSZ-860 LightningDoc. GC61225M001,Sensor System in accordance with GulfstreamRev. -, dated 01 Nov.Aerospace Corporation Index List GDL100000002,2012, or later approvedRev. A, dated 17 Mar. 2016, or later FAA approvedrevision.revision.Installation of an Airplane Interior in accordance Doc GC61468M001, Rev.with Gulfstream Index List GDL100000001, Rev. J, dated 24 Aug. 2017, orGM, dated 29 Feb. 2020, or later approved revision. laterFAAapprovedrevision.Approved by ANAC through Letter 833/2020/GCPR/GGCP/SAR-ANAC,dated September 10, 2020 (SEI 4754415)MÁRIO IGAWAGerente Geral de Certificação de Produto Aeronáutico(Manager, Aeronautical Product Certification)

GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE CORPORATION (GAC) 500 Gulfstream Road Savannah, Georgia 31408 USA EA-2015T09-02 Sheet 01 GULFSTREAM GVI (G650 & G650ER) 10 Sep 2020 This data sheet, which is part of Brazilian Type Certificate No. 2015T09, prescribes conditions and

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