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POLICE RADAR/LIDAR SPEED ENFORCEMENT & SPEED ADVISORY SYSTEMS,PARTS AND ACCESSORIESGROUP #38207AWARD #23163CONTRACTOR INFORMATION AND PRICING(Effective as of 2/19/21)Contractor: Kustom Signals, Inc.Contract Number: PC68531Contract Administration:Primary ContactName: Rod SmithPhone: 800-458-7866Fax:E-mail: info@kustomsignals.comCustomer Service/OrderPlacement:Contractor’s Website:Federal ID No.:NYS Vendor ID No.:Payment/Order PlacementAddress:NYS P Card Acceptance:Minimum Orders:Delivery Time:Primary ContactName: Tony CamposPhone: 800-458-7866 ext 3025Fax:E-mail: 773010000179729652 Loiret BlvdLenexa, KS 66219YesNoneMost products delivered within 30 daysPayment Terms: Net 30Shipping Destination: Freight on Board (FOB) DestinationFreight: Prepaid and IncludedAlternate ContactRod Smithrsmith@kustomsignals.comAlternate Contact

Radar UnitsItem Description1234567891011Item12345678Unit Unit ARO30 days30 days30 days30 days30 days30 days30 days30 days30 days30 days30 daysUnit ofMeasureSub-Category Trailer Mounted Speed Advisory SystemsDeliveryAROUnit PriceEagle IIGolden Eagle IIDirectional Golden Eagle IIFalcon HRDirectional TalonRaptor RP-1Eagle 3LaserCam 4ProLaser 4ProLaser 4 with Following Too Close Mode enabledProLaser 4 with TrafficTrak and Android tabletDescriptionPMD 18” LED RADAR DisplayPMD 10PMD 12SMART VMS Model I changeable message sign with Kustomdirectional radar, 48" x 96" Full Matrix LED display, 2x 6VDCbatteries, AC charger, electro-hydraulic mast, screw jacks andwhite paint.SMART VMS Model II changeable message sign with Kustomdirectional radar, 48" x 76" Full Matrix LED display, 2x 6 VDCbatteries, AC charger, electro-hydraulic mast, screw jacks, andwhite paint.SMART VMS Model III changeable message sign with Kustomdirectional radar, 34" x 71" Full Matrix LED display, 2x 6 VDCbatteries, AC charger, electro-hydraulic mast, screw jacks, andwhite paint.SMART VMS Model HT bundle includes changeable messagesign with Kustom directional radar, 48" x 76" Full Matrix LEDdisplay, 6x 6 VDC batteries, AC charger, electro-hydraulic mast,screw jacks, 80 W solar, Wi-Fi modem for local wireless access,and white paint.SMART 12 RADAR trailer with 12" fixed display, fold down speedsignUnitUnit Price 1,308.00 1,818.00 2,175.00 645.00 1,312.00 1,104.00 1,930.00 5,995.00 2,195.00 2490.00 2445.001EA45 days 3,050.0011EAEA60 days60 days 2,524.00 2,728.001EA30 days 18,934.001EA30 days 17,608.001EA30 days 16,078.001EA30 days 19,648.001EA45 days 5,100.00

91StealthStat IIEach30 days 3,043.00Unit PriceParts & AccessoriesItem1KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.Eagle II Carrying Case (CRS 287)Unit Unit ofDeliveryMeasure ARO1Each30 daysEagle II Separation Kit (CRS 62)1Each30 days 197.00Eagle II Kustom Signals Video Interface (CRS 60)1Each30 days 114.00Eagle II Radar/Video ASCII Interface (CRS 179)1Each30 days 222.00KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.Golden Eagle II Carrying Case (CRS 287)1Each30 days 100.00Golden Eagle II Separation Kit (CRS 61)1Each30 days 57.00Golden Eagle II Kustom Signals Video Interface(CRS 60)1Each30 days 114.008KustomSignals, Inc.Golden Eagle II Radar/Video ASCII Interface (CRS179)1Each30 days 222.009KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.Directional Golden Eagle Carrying Case (CRS 287)1Each30 days 100.00Directional Golden Eagle Separation Kit (CRS 61)1Each30 days 57.00Directional Golden Eagle Kustom Signals VideoInterface (CRS 60)1Each30 days 114.0012KustomSignals, Inc.Directional Golden Eagle Radar/Video ASCIIInterface (CRS 179)1Each30 days 222.0013KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.Falcon HR Coiled Cord Upgrade (CRS 1647)1Each30 days 34.00Falcon HR Battery Handle with Charger (CRS1623)1Each30 days 229.00KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.Falcon HR Carrying Case (CRS 7031)1Each30 days 118.00Falcon HR Kustom Signals Video Interface (CRS1701)1Each30 days 112.0017KustomSignals, Inc.Directional Talon II Coiled Cord Upgrade (CRS1647)1Each30 days 34.0018KustomSignals, Inc.Directional Talon II Battery Handle with Charger(CRS 1623)1Each30 days 229.002345671011141516Manufacturer Description 100.00

18KustomSignals, Inc.Directional Talon II Carrying Case (CRS 1629)1Each30 days 118.0020KustomSignals, Inc.Directional Talon II Kustom Signals VideoInterface (CRS 1701)1Each30 days 112.0021KustomSignals, Inc.Directional Talon II Fastest Vehicle Option (CRS1620)1Each30 days 180.0022KustomSignals, Inc.Directional Talon II Same Direction Option M/SOnly (CRS 1621)1Each30 days 224.0023KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.Raptor Carrying Case (CRS 845)1Each30 days 100.00Raptor Separation Kit (CRS 842)1Each30 days 117.00Raptor Kustom Signals Video Interface (CRS 829,840 or 841)1Each30 days 86.00KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.Raptor Motorcycle Kit (CRS 843)1Each30 days 447.00Raptor Motorcycle Doppler Audio Amp Kit w/Speaker (CRS 853)1Each30 days 177.00KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.ProLaser 4 Motorcycle Holster (CRS 2015)1Each30 days 200.00ProLaser 4 Shoulder Stock (CRS 2014)1Each30 days 131.00ProLaser 4 Tripod Kit with Adapter (CRS 2013)1Each30 days 126.00ProLaser 4 Motorcycle Saddlebag Sleeve (CRS2019)1Each30 days 76.00KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.LaserCam 4 Tripod Kit (CRS 2110)1Each30 days 699.00Brother PocketJet 763 (300 dpi) Bluetooththermal printer with 10’ DC power adapter (CRS2125)LaserCam 4 Video Memory of 32 GB (CRS 2112)1Each30 days 699.001Each30 days 196.002425262728293031323334KustomSignals, Inc.35KustomSignals, Inc.LaserCam 4 12 VDC Corded Handle - In-carAdapter (CRS 2114)1Each30 days 252.0036KustomSignals, Inc.LaserCam 4 Add'l 3.7 VDC Li-PolymerRechargeable Batt (CRS 2115)1Each30 days 196.0037KustomSignals, Inc.LaserCam 4 Add'l 110/220 50/60Hz VAC Charger& Cord (CRS 2116)1Each30 days 367.00

38KustomSignals, Inc.Eagle II, Golden Eagle II, & Directional GoldenEagle II (Eagle 3 has Yr 3 included): 3rd YearWarranty (444-0002-03)1Each30 days 227.0039KustomSignals, Inc.Eagle II, Golden Eagle II, Directional Golden EagleII & Eagle 3: 4th Year Warranty (444-0002-04)1Each30 days 252.0040KustomSignals, Inc.Eagle II, Golden Eagle II, Directional Golden EagleII & Eagle 3: 5th Year Warranty (444-0002-05)1Each30 days 277.0041KustomSignals, Inc.Falcon HR, Talon II and Directional Talon II: 3rdYear Warranty (444-0002-03)1Each30 days 151.0042KustomSignals, Inc.Falcon HR, Talon II and Directional Talon II: 4thYear Warranty (444-0002-04)1Each30 days 176.0043KustomSignals, Inc.Falcon HR, Talon II and Directional Talon II: 5thYear Warranty (444-0002-05)1Each30 days 201.0044KustomSignals, Inc.Raptor RP-1 RADAR: 3rd Year Warranty (4440002-03)1Each30 days 227.0045KustomSignals, Inc.Raptor RP-1 RADAR: 4th Year Warranty (4440002-04)1Each30 days 252.0046KustomSignals, Inc.Raptor RP-1 RADAR: 5th Year Warranty (4440002-05)1Each30 days 277.0047KustomSignals, Inc.ProLaser III, ProLaser 4 & ProLite : 4th YearWarranty (444-0003-04)1Each30 days 402.0048KustomSignals, Inc.ProLaser III, ProLaser 4 & ProLite :5th YearWarranty (444-0003-05)1Each30 days 453.0049KustomSignals, Inc.Traffic Data Recording System with wirelessdownload (CRS 1813)1Each45 days 740.0050KustomSignals, Inc.14’ Tall 4 ½ in diameter pole kit (CRS 1831)1Each45 days 750.0051KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 804 VMS Tamper Alarm1Each45 days 97.00VMS Accessories: CRS 1539 VMS Anti-CorrosionPaint Upgrade (Includes Zinc Enriched Paint,Sealed Wiring, Galvanized Hitch & Battery Pad)1Each45 days 2,341.0053KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1550 Auxiliary EquipmentPedestal Wired for 12 VDS (ALPR Camera Ready)1Each45 days 510.0054KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1520 SMART VMS WheelLock1Each45 days 152.0052

55KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1521 SMART VMS SpareTire w/Powder Coat1Each45 days 285.0056KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1525 SMART VMSAluminum Wheel Upgrade1Each45 days 505.0057KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1526 Add VMS 80 WattSolar Panel (Up to 3 Total)1Each45 days 1,015.0058KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1560 VMS AimStar SolarAssembly with 2 x 80 Watt Panels1Each45 days 2,239.0059KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1561 Add VMS 123 WattSolar Panel (Up to 2 total)1Each45 days 1,525.0060KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1562 VMS AimStar SolarAssembly 2 x 123 Watt Panels1Each45 days 2,943.0061KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1551 VMS Wi-Fi LocalWireless Access1Each45 days 607.0062KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1552 VMS 4G Modem withGPS (Specify AT&T, Verizon or Sprint) for RemoteWireless Access1Each45 days 1,525.0063KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1556 VMS TongueMounted Jack with 6" Swivel Wheel1Each45 days 189.0064KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1529 SMART VMS SpareTire (Aluminum)1Each45 days 505.0065KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1534 Add 2x AdditionalBatteries (Up to 6 VMS II/III, Up to 8 VMS I)1Each45 days 403.0066KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 1557 VMS WirelessHandheld Terminal1Each45 days 791.0067KustomSignals, Inc.VMS Accessories: CRS 5053 Traffic Data Recording 1System w/Flash Card (First License Included)Each45 days 740.0068KustomSignals, Inc.Accessories for RADAR Speed Sign Trailers with12" Displays: CRS 5054 50 Watt Solar Panel(Available for SMART 12 Only)1Each45 days 811.0069KustomSignals, Inc.Accessories for RADAR Speed Sign Trailers with112" Displays: CRS 5055 Trailer Cover (Available forSMART 12 Only)Each45 days 46.00

70KustomSignals, Inc.Accessories for RADAR Speed Sign Trailers with12" Displays: CRS 5070 Second 80 A/hr MarineBattery for Extended Operation (Available forSMART 12 Only)1Each45 days 184.0071KustomSignals, Inc.Accessories for RADAR Speed Sign Trailers with12" Displays: CRS 5073 Spare Tire (Available forSMART 12 Only)1Each45 days 220.00These are the most comment parts purchased with our units. Pricing is at time of initial unit purchase.Additional replacement parts are available at 20% of List price.Additional Items AuthorizedItem ManufacturerDescriptionUnitUnit ofDeliveryMeasure AROEA30 daysUnit Price1KustomSignals, Inc.Eagle II (Base unit bid single Ka-band antennaCRS 36) - Upgrade to dual antenna (CRS 39)12KustomSignals, Inc.Golden Eagle II (Base unit bid single Ka-band1antenna CRS 54) - Upgrade to dual antenna (CRS57)Directional Golden Eagle II (Base unit bid 1single Ka-band antenna CRS 825) - Upgrade todual antenna (CRS 826)Falcon HR (Base unit bid Stationary w/Corded 1Handle CRS 7000) - Upgrade to Moving &Stationary Modes w/Corded Handle, WirelessRemote, 7" Dash Mount & Bracket (CRS 7001)EA30 days 1,971.003KustomSignals, Inc.EA30 days 2,379.004KustomSignals, Inc.EA30 days 1,145.005KustomSignals, Inc.Falcon HR (Base unit bid Stationary w/CordedHandle CRS 7000) - Upgrade to Moving &Stationary Modes w/Corded Handle & SameDirection Mode, Wireless Remote, 7" DashMount & Bracket (CRS 7002)1EA30 days 1,364.008KustomSignals, Inc.EA30 days 1,863.009KustomSignals, Inc.EA30 days 1,944.0010KustomSignals, Inc.Directional Talon (Base unit bid Stationary1Mode Only w/Corded Removable Handle andFastest Vehicle Mode (Handheld no mount) CRS1670) - Upgrade to Moving & Stationary Modes(Handle only), Corded Handle, Fastest VehicleMode, Same Direction Mode, Wireless Remote,7" Dash Mount w/Handle ( CRS 1671)Directional Talon - Upgrade to Moving Mode1w/Pod Mount, Stationary Mode w/CordedHandle, Fastest Vehicle Mode and SameDirection Mode, Wired Remote, 7" Pod DashMount (CRS 1672)Raptor (Base unit bid single, K-band antenna) - 1Upgrade to include Same Lane Mode (CRS 831)EA30 days 1,257.00 1,461.00

111213141516171819KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.KustomSignals, Inc.Raptor - Upgrade to include dual, K-bandantenna (CRS 832)Raptor - Upgrade to include dual, K-bandantenna with Same Lane Mode (CRS 833)Raptor - Upgrade to single, Ka-band antenna(CRS 846)Raptor - Upgrade to single, Ka-band antennawith Same Lane Mode (CRS 847)Raptor - Upgrade to dual, Ka-band antenna (CRS848)Raptor - Upgrade to dual, Ka-band antenna withSame Lane Mode (CRS 849)Eagle 3 (Base unit bid single, Ka-band antennaCRS 8002) - Upgrade to dual, Ka-band antenna(CRS 8003)PMD 10 - Upgrade With Solar (50W) (CRS 5103)1EA30 days 1,350.001EA30 days 1,395.001EA30 days 1,461.001EA30 days 1,563.001EA30 days 1,767.001EA30 days 1,869.001EA30 days 2,542.001EA45 days 3,163.00PMD 12 - Upgrade With Solar (50W) (CRS 5104)1EA45 days 3,367.00

Eagle II, Golden Eagle II, & Directional Golden Eagle II (Eagle 3 has Yr 3 included): 3rd Year Warranty (444-0002-03) 1 Each 30 days 227.00 39 Kustom Signals, Inc. Eagle II, Golden Eagle II, Directional Golden Eagle II & Eagle 3: 4th Year Warranty (444-0002-04) 1 Each 30 days 252.00 40 Kustom Signals, Inc. Eagle II, Golden Eagle II .

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