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November 14th, 2018Calendar of Events: Wednesday, November 14thTuesday, November 20thSaturday, November 24thFriday, November 30thSunday, December 2ndThursday, December 6thFriday, December 14thKinder to Foundation Transition SessionSubway Fundraising LunchState Election, Voting in the GymKinder to Foundation Transition SessionChampion Dad’s Ninja Warrior BreakfastTwilight Family NightColour Fun Run Please be aware that on the day of the colour run, children will need to cometo school dressed in white. Basic t-shirts, shorts or leggings can be purchasedfrom most big retailers relatively cheaply. We also suggest you bring a towelto put in the car for the drive home!Election Day - Saturday, November 24thPlease come along and support ourfundraising team and buy an Egg & BaconRoll or Sausage in Bread!Also, If you can spare an hour or so to help onthe BBQ please pop into the office & addyour name to the roster!A HUGE thank you to Shawn from PremiumQuality Meats (Industrial Park Drive) who hasdonated all the meat, free of charge, for thisevent! What a huge support for our school!

From the Principal:This week our leadership team is engaging in professional learning designed toimprove teaching of literacy across our school. We have attended professionaldevelopment sessions conducted by Associate Professor Misty Adinou from TheUniversity of Canberra. Misty has provided us with an in depth look at how to useliterary texts to support the development of Reading and Writing skills at all yearlevels. She has inspired our work in this area and helped us to fine tune ourapproach in 2019. She has also reminded us of the importance of reading tochildren and using texts to inspire a love of reading in all of us.Later this week we will be meeting two Literacy Coaches that we have secured towork alongside our staff moving into 2019. There will be a strong focus on buildingteacher capacity, working collaboratively and using observation and feedbackto improve our understanding of how to teach all areas of literacy explicitly. This isvery exciting work and something we feel confident will assist us in driving studentlearning.Another very exciting part of this last fortnight was the news that our capitalbuilding works are about to commence. On Friday we met with the Architects,Builders and our project Manager to discuss the order in which aspects of theproject will progress. As most of you will know, we have moved out of the CarolWatt room and the lower part of building A (OSHC Club and Grade 3). This will bethe first part of the project and has an expected completion date of March 27 th2019. The toilets in the Building B (Junior school), will be redeveloped andcompleted over these Christmas holidays. After March 27th, the part of Building Awhich currently houses the year 5 and 6 will begin. It is anticipated that both thenew build and the 5/6 end of the school will be completed at the same time.This is fantastic news and means that our buildings will be completed sooner thanany of us here at school expected!As most of you will be aware, the Carol Watt room will be replaced with a newbuilding due to excessive water and termite damage. This new building willprovide a beautiful aspect to the Bowen Rd entrance and create new outdoorlearning spaces as well.We will keep the community updated as more information comes to hand.Remember there is a display in the main corridor of Building A near the currentuniform shop where you can see some images and plans of the new rooms andlearning spaces.Kind regards,Lisa Branch and Anita Elliot

Office News:School Canteen:Our school canteen operates on Wednesday’s and Friday’s.Online ordering is available.Canteen menu is available outside the office.If you can help out please let us know at the office!OSHClub:For all bookings and enquiries: 1300395735. To contact Alison directly: 0476802866The school office does not take messages or bookings regarding OSHClub.School Banking:Our school banking day is Tuesday.Breakfast Club:Tuesday mornings at 8.30am in the canteen. Everyone welcome!Breakfast Club provides a healthy breakfast and is run by volunteers.Please let us know if you have allergies.School Uniforms:We are excited to be seeing so many children wearing our new uniform! We askfor your continued patience as we iron out any problems which arise in this changeof sale procedure.Uniforms can be bought from the room opposite the office at the following times:Tuesday:8:30–9:00 & 3:00–4:00Friday:8:30–9:00 & 3:00–4:00Prices are as follows:Short sleeve polo. 30Jacket. 37Hat. 15School Bag. 42Summer Dress 54.95Summer dresses are now available at Lowes. We have sample sizes here to try.An order can be made here at school for dresses.At this stage the uniforms are only for sale during the above states times. If you areunable to make these times please call the office to make alternativearrangements.

Foundation & Year 1:On the 12/11/2018 the Year 1's and Foundation students had the fantasticopportunity to explore Science through our incursion Wicked Weather with MadAbout Science. The students were all excited to do many experiments in smallgroups. We learned about the equator and how the earth rotates around the sun.We talked about Weather and how we can create it. We made clouds and rainin a beaker using basic materials and also made some snow and watched as itgrew in our hands!Year 1 students have been learning about fractions. In this activity, the studentsmade their own pizzas and cut them into different fractions. We then got intodifferent groups and used our fractions to make different fraction pizzas.

Year 2:Year 2 Science IncursionLast Thursday we had Ben come and visit us andteach us about forces. We got to try lots ofdifferent activities to see how forces work.I like playing with the momentum swing. (Liam)I liked playing with the stuff. (Noah)I liked it when Ben made fog rings with asmoke machine and a bin with a hole in it. (Myles)I liked sitting on the spikey chair made from nails.(Mitchell)I liked balancing the eagle on my finger.(Ashleigh)I liked making a tornado in a bottle. (Riley)I liked spinning the bike wheel and then turningon the turntable. (Georgia)I liked making my hand print in the impression box.(Gurleen)I liked using the magnets. (Kai)I liked using the explosion balls. (Tahlia)I like spinning the plate and balancing it on therod. (Ruby)

Year 3/4:We're moving!Due to the building works grade three has moved into the library. Students are veryexcited to learn in their new classroom. It will be business as usual for us as we beginour final assessments to wrap up the year.Amo: My favourite thing about our new classroom is it's bigger.Caitlan: My favourite thing about our new classroom is it's full of colour and it'samazing!Kade: My favourite thing about our new classroom is we can read more books.PortfoliosWe are beginning to put together the portfolios for the end of year. We ask if youhave not already done so, could you please return your child's portfolios ASAP. Wehave reminded the students that have not yet returned theirs.

Year 5/6:We have been busily learning about the different ways energy is produced.Some discoveries include wind, solar, nuclear and water.Over the next couple of weeks, we will be focusing on punctuation. Pleasediscuss any interesting punctuation you find with your child. It is a fantasticlearning experience to see punctuation used in real life situations.We are all excited to attend the community sports day this Friday. Go Westies!

Fundraising:Subway Lunch:Reminder Lunch on 20th November,Volunteer Sign Up Form Please sign up to volunteer at the Office, for the BBQ on the 24th of November andthe Christmas Family Night on the 6th of December.Colour Fun Run Fundraiser:PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ON THE DAY OF THE COLOUR RUN CHILDREN WILL NEED TOCOME DRESSED IN WHITE. BASIC T-SHIRTS/SHORTS/LEGGINGS CAN BE PURCHASEDFROM MOST BIG RETAILS RELATIVELY CHEAPLY. WE ALSO SUGGEST YOU BRING ATOWEL TO PUT IN THE CAR FOR THE DRIVE HOME!Run 4 Fun Colour Exploration Event is underway with the children gainingsponsorships from family and friends.We will be closing the sponsorship and donations on the 21st of November whichwill give us time to order the Children’s prizes and have them delivered by the endof the year.If you are free to help or just wish to come and see the Colour Fun, it is happeningon the 14th of December.This will be a whole school event, there is no pressure to fundraise we just wanteveryone to have a great time and celebrate the year.We thank you again for all your support this year to date. If you can help Parent/GuardianRE: School Run 4 Fun Colour ExplosionThe School Run4Fun Colour Explosion will be held on 14th December 2018 startingat 2.15pm. We do ask that you bring a spare change of clothes to school, mostimportantly a plain white shirt as the students will be covered in powder from headto toe. The day’s focus is on fun and fitness with the added benefit of raising fundsfor our school.Colour PowderThe colour powder used in our event has been sourced direct from India, the homeof Holi Powder. It is made of high quality corn starch and permitted food colours.It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, skin safe and environmentally friendly. Toxicological

Risk Assessment and ingredient listings can be obtained from the School Officeupon request. Students with asthma are advised to be careful in their decision toparticipate.How Does My Child Fundraise?Students have now received a Sponsorship Form with instructions on how to raisemoney and order prizes. Students obtain donations in cash using the SponsorshipForm together with online fundraising.Students who raise as little as 10 or more will receive an incentive prize for theirefforts. But why not aim higher? You have the option to choose up to five (5) prizesand this will set your fundraising goal. Family and friends are your greatestsupporters, so ask them first for your support. You will reach your fundraising goal inno time.Student Profile PageCreate a Student Profile Page at which is unique toyou. There are also some great features like recording your sponsorships andselecting your prize goal.You can also register for online fundraising. It’s the easiest way to help your childraise money and to reach your fundraising goal sooner. The average raised perstudent using online fundraising is 120.WIN A SHARE OF 70,000 WORTH OF FREE SPONSORSHIP DONATIONS. Create aStudent Profile Page at and enter your unique codefound on page five (5) of your Sponsorship Form to see if you’re an instant winner.Give your fundraising goal a kick start!How to Order Prizes?To reward your child for their efforts, they will receive incentive prizes based on thetotal amount of sponsorship dollars raised in cash, online, and if applicable, anyFREE SPONSORSHIP DONATIONS won using the unique code on page five (5) of theSponsorship Form. You have two options to place your prize order:1. Login or create a Student Profile Page at Oncethe fundraiser has finished, click the ‘ORDER MY PRIZE’ button and then confirmyour total amount raised and order your prize/s, OR2. Complete the back page of the Sponsorship Form and return to the school.Please note, all donations need to be finalised on or before 20th November 2018.Student prizes will be delivered shortly after.Thank you in advance for your participation, and get ready for a BLAST OFCOLOUR! Happy fundraising!

Champion Dad’s NewsNinja Warrior Breakfast of Champions MorningEach family should have received an invite for the next Champion Dad’s Groupevent, which is a Dad’s/Father Figures and KIDS activity on Sunday the 2 nd ofDecember. We are having a Ninja Warrior Breakfast of Champions Morning. Referto the school documents section of the Sentral Parent Portal for a digital copy ofthe invite. Don’t forget to RSVP to Hope tosee a heap of you there for a fun, non-time consuming morning Also, pleasenote, the event is for children who currently attend LWPS.

Shawn Pynaker from Premium Quality Meats supports our school bysupplying meat for our fundraising events throughout the year. OnNovember 24th he will be supplying us with sausages and bacon (forbacon and egg rolls) free of charge so we can raise much neededfunds for our school.Please support him in return and pop into his shop – Industrial ParkDrive (just opposite the skating centre in Beresford Drive).

Specialising in party hire and DIY dessert tables.Simple and Stylish can make any event look fabulous. We have a variety of props,centrepieces and servingware to choose from. Great for kitchen teas, high teas,DIY weddings, baby showers, kids parties, dessert or lolly buffets. The list isendless. Why buy when you can HIRE? Whether it’s one, two or a whole packageof items, your next event will be made more Simple and Stylish.Contact Angela on

I liked it when Ben made fog rings with a smoke machine and a bin with a hole in it. (Myles) I liked sitting on the spikey chair made from nails. (Mitchell) I liked balancing the eagle on my finger. (Ashleigh) I liked making a tornado in a bottle. (Riley) I liked spinning the bike

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also to Miss Nevins, Mr Ackland, Mr Clarke, Ms Branch, Miss Seregin, Miss Aiken, Nicole Gamley and Natasha for supporting the students in being able to go on camp. Without the teacher's commitment and support camps would not be possible.Finally, thank you to all of the students for making the camp so much fun.

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87 Wilson Street Moonee Ponds 3039 Out of Hours School Care: OSH Club : 0448 043 164: MPPS Program Customer Service & Billing Email: 2020 Term Dates: Term 4 -5th Oct to 18th Dec Dates to Note:

A. General guidance for academic writing The style of writing required for LSHTM assessments may call for different skills to those you have used in your previous education or employment. If you are not entirely confident in this, remember that the more academic writing you do, the better you will become at it. Aspects that may be new or unfamiliar, such as citing and referencing, should .