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quality air dried treats for dogs

introductionquality air dried treats for dogsSince installing an air drying system in1996, we have had continued growth.We have excellent relationships with allour suppliers and pride ourselves onhaving the highest quality products.Continued growth year on yearsince 1980.With a range of over 100 linesof Natural Treats, complimented byour Rawhide range of products andThe next five years will be an excitinga wide selection of petfoods, astime for Natural Treats, and here atwell as our new factory producingHollings we are constantly looking forbones and other product lines wenew products and ideas. Recently webelieve we have the people, theintroduced the display box rangeknowledge and expertise to continuesuitable for all sizes of outlet.to excel in our market.Keeping the focus very much on you, the customer, we have the facilitiesand nutritional expertise to analyse and formulate the ideal foodsand treats for individual organisations, and can also help with product design,packaging, palleting and distribution.contact tel: 01756 798 116fax: 01756 700 474www.hollings.uk.cominfo@hollings.uk.com

Carrier bag rangeproductcasepackproduct codepig ears510PIGE10extremely popular range. With seven fast sellingpig ears strips6500gPIGESproducts in an easy carry away pack.pork rolls large610PORKRL10With sales growing year on year, and now in ourmeaty bones55BONEM5new improved packaging, we are confident thispuffed jerky5500gJERKY500sausage51kgSAUS1tripe sticks5500gTRIPE500The carrier bag range is still proving to be anrange will be a best selling line.

carrier bag rangequality air dried treats for dogscontact tel: 01756 798 116fax: 01756 700 474www.hollings.uk.cominfo@hollings.uk.com

productcasepackproduct codepig ears102PIGE2Bpig ears xlarge251PIGELPPpig ears xlarge122PIGELPP2pig trotters101PIGTPP10pork crunch15100gPCRUNCHAll our pre-packed product range is salmonelladried pork bone101BONEDPPPand bacteria tested, and now in our new attractivepork rolls203PORKR3X20pork rolls large103PORKRL3pork roll xlarge201PORKREXLfilled bone bacon151BONEFBPPfilled bone chicken151BONEFCPPfilled bone meat151BONEFMPPfilled bone smoked151BONEFSPPfilled bone cheese151BONEFCHPPfilled bone aniseed151BONEFAPPfilled bone mint151BONEFMIPPfilled bone turkey151BONEFTPPfilled bone assorted151BONEFASSPProast full bone101BONERFPProast knuckle bone201BONEKPPmini roast bone102BONEMRPPcalcium shank bone101BONECSsmoked shank zzles550PIZZ5pizzles105PIZZ5X10hooves filled122HOOFF2tripe sticks10100gTRIPE10tripe sticks20100gTRIPE20Pre-packed rangeThe last few years has proved packaging is theway forward on Natural Treats.and informative packaging we believe sales willbe enhanced.

pre-packed rangequality air dried treats for dogscontact tel: 01756 798 116fax: 01756 700 474www.hollings.uk.cominfo@hollings.uk.com

productcasepackproduct codefilled hoof201DBHOOFmini roast bone201DBBONEMRfilled bone assorted201DBBONEFASSmaxi roast bone121DBBONEMAXparma ham bone101DBBONEPHmixed shank filled101DBBONEMIXfilled bone meat201DBBONEFMfilled bone smoked201DBBONEFScalcium shank filled101DBBONECSFsmoked shank filled101DBBONESSFpig ears strips12150gDBPIGESsausage12200gDBSAUSbeef ribs153DBRIBSmeaty bone151DBBONEMtripe sticks12100gDBTRIPEpuffed packproduct codepig ears122DBPIGE2chicken sticks204DBSTICKSCpig ears xlarge101DBPIGELbacon sticks204DBSTICKSBNew productfor 2008

display box rangequality air dried treats for dogsDisplay box rangeThis range of products introduces what we believe to be the topselling lines in shelf ready display boxes. An excellent range ofproducts for a variety of outlets.contact tel: 01756 798 116fax: 01756 700 474www.hollings.uk.cominfo@hollings.uk.com

Dumpbin rangeTaking seven best selling products displayed in ournew dumpbins, we have introduced an ideal wayto promote and display, either at the end of aislesor checkouts, and suit a wide variety of stores.productcasepackproduct codepig ears10pk60BINPIGE10pig ears strips500g60BINPIGES500pork rolls large10pk60BINPORKRL10meaty bones5pk40BINBONEM5puffed jerky500g35BINJERKY500sausage1kg35BINSAUS1tripe sticks500g60BINTRIPE500

dumpbin rangequality air dried treats for dogscontact tel: 01756 798 116fax: 01756 700 474www.hollings.uk.cominfo@hollings.uk.com

Rawhide rangePicked from successful selling lines, this high quality, thickrawhide produced in Brazil is again branded in our informativeand attractive packaging.productcasepackproduct coderawhide knot30smallRAWKSrawhide knot20medium RAWKMrawhide knot20largeRAWKLrawhide knot10giantRAWKGrawhide knot8superRAWKSGbraided stick20medium RAWBSMbraided stick15largeRAWBSLbraided stick15superRAWBSSGbraided ring15RAWBRdental strips306RAWDENrawhide cigars303RAWCIG

rawhide rangequality air dried treats for dogsapprox: 24”approx: 24”contact tel: 01756 798 116fax: 01756 700 474www.hollings.uk.cominfo@hollings.uk.com

productpackproduct codepig ears50PIGEpig ears20PIGE20pig ears xlarge25PIGELcow ears50COWEpig snouts2kgPIGSNpork rind25PIGCHpig trotters10PIGTpork rolls30PORKRfilled bone bacon15BONEFBfilled bone chicken15BONEFCfilled bone meat15BONEFMfilled bone smoked15BONEFSfilled bone cheese15BONEFCHfilled bone aniseed15BONEFAfilled bone mint15BONEFMIfilled bone turkey15BONEFTfilled bone assorted15BONEFASSroast full bone10BONERFBoxed rangeroast knuckle bone20BONEKOver 28 lines, all bulk packedmini roast bone20BONEMRsausage3kgSAUS3hooves filled25HOOFFhooves plain25HOOFPtripe DDY5products, all in colour codedeasily identifiable safe andsimple to stack boxes.

boxed rangequality air dried treats for dogscontact tel: 01756 798 116fax: 01756 700 474www.hollings.uk.cominfo@hollings.uk.com

Tyke - premium complete working dogfood, is a traditional blend of micronisedcereals, beef protein and a mix ofessential minerals and vitamins.Forma - economic complete workingdog food, a blend of ingredients withbeef protein, extruded into nuggetsfat coated to give a very palatable,lower cost working dog food.Kennelmix - budget complete workingdog food is a blend of micronised cerealsand proteins with minerals and vitamins,but formulated for lower cost.Dried Terrier Meat - is selected fromthe finest meat greaves and gradedin to the popular terrier size. High inprotein and widely used by kennelsand breeders.

feeds rangequality air dried treats for dogsMeat & Bone Meal - specially preparedand fully sterilised, ideal for bitches,puppies and growing dogs.Bobtail Plus Rabbit Food - a mix usingflake and whole cereal blended withpellets, which contain all the mineralsand vitamins a rabbit needs to lead anactive, healthy life.productPipkin - a balanced feed for hamstersand small pet rodents. A very colourful,clean mix with all the essential mineralsand vitamins.contact tel: 01756 798 116packproduct ma15kgFORM15dried terrier meat15kgDTM15meat & bonemeal4kgBM4meat & bonemeal6400gBM400bobtail plus20kgBOBP20bobtail plus54kgBOBP5bobtail plus102kgBOBP2pipkin20kgPIP20pipkin2kgPIP2fax: 01756 700 474case510www.hollings.uk.cominfo@hollings.uk.com

full product listingPig Ear50Filled bone bacon15x1Pizzles25x10Pig ear5x10Filled bone bacon15Pizzles10x5Pig ear12x2Filled bone smoked meat15x1Liver20x100gPig ear10x2Filled bone smoked meat15Cow ears50Pig ear20Filled bone smoked meat20x1Sausage3kgPig ear extra large25Filled bone aniseed15x1Sausage5x1kgPig ear extra large25x1Filled bone aniseed15Sausage12x200gPig ear extra large12x2Filled bone cheese15x1Chicken sticks20x4pkPig ear extra large10x1Filled bone cheese15Bacon sticks20x4pkPig ear strips6x500gFilled bone fresh mint15x1Gift box1Pig ear strips12x150gFilled bone fresh mint15Rawhide Knot small30x1Pig snouts2kgFilled bone turkey15x1Rawhide Knot Medium20x1Pig trotters10Filled bone turkey15Rawhide Knot Large20x1Pig trotter10x1Filled Bone assorted15Rawhide Knot Giant10x1Pork rind25Filled bone assorted15x1Rawhide KnotPork roll 5”20x3Filled bone assorted20x1SupergiantPork roll 10”30Calcium shank bone10x1Pork roll 10”10x3Smoked shank bone10x1Pork roll 10”6x10Calcium shank filled bone 10x1Pork roll extra large20x1Smoked shank filled bone 10x1Pork crunch15x200gMixed shank filled bone10x1Dried pork bone10x1Beef ribs15x3Pure ham bone10x1Tripe sticks2.5kgRawhide Braided Ring15x1Meaty bone5x5Tripe sticks5x500gRawhide Dental strips30x6pkMeaty bone15x1Tripe sticks20x100gRawhide Cigars30x3pkRoast knuckle20Tripe sticks10x100gTyke20kgRoast knuckle20x1Tripe sticks12x100gTyke4kgMini roast bone20Puffed Jerky5x500gForma15kgMini roast bone20x1Puffed Jerky8x100gForma3kgMini roast bone10x2Hooves filled25Meat & bonemeal4kgFull roast bone10Hooves plain25Meat & bonemeal6x400gFull roast bone10x1Hooves filled12x2Bobtail plus20kgFilled bone meat15x1Hooves filled20x1Bobtail plus4x5kgFilled bone meat15Paddywack5kgBobtail plus10x2kgFilled bone meat20x1Paddywack2kgPipkin20kgFilled bone chicken15x1Paddywack15x200gPipkin10x2kgFilled bone chicken15Pizzles5x508x1Rawhide Braided Stickmedium20x1Rawhide Braided StickLarge15x1Rawhide Braided Sticksupergiant15x1

new productsquality air dried treats for dogsPork rollextra largein a new stand upChicken sticksBacon stickstwo new 100% puremeat treats. Available indisplay boxesdisplay boxGift boxcontains natural mixed treats:tripe sticks 100gpuffed jerky 100gparma ham bonemini roast bonedental strips 6pkrawhide knot smallpig ear 2pkpork rolls 3pkfilled hoofproduct code GIFTBOXcontact tel: 01756 798 116fax: 01756 700 474www.hollings.uk.cominfo@hollings.uk.com

Hollings LimitedFor further information about our productsSnaygill Industrial Estateand services please contact:Keighley RoadTelephone: 01756 798 116SkiptonFacsimile: 01756 700 474North Yorkshireemail: info@hollings.uk.comBD23 2QRwww.hollings.uk.com

pellets, which contain all the minerals and vitamins a rabbit needs to lead an active, healthy life. Pipkin - a balanced feed for hamsters . Pork rind 25 Pork roll 5” 20x3 Pork roll 10” 30 Pork roll 10” 10x3 Pork roll 10” 6x10 Pork roll extra large 20x1 Pork crunch 15x200g

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