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STATISTICAL RELEASEP0151.1Construction Materials Price IndicesMarch 2019Embargoed until:25 April 201912:00ENQUIRIES:Richard Klaas(012) 310 2185FORTHCOMING ISSUE:April 27 12 310 8911F 27 12 310 8500Private Bag X44, Pretoria, 0001, South AfricaISIbalo House, Koch Street, Salvokop, Pretoria, 0002EXPECTED RELEASE DATE30 May 2019

STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA2P0151.1CONTENTSKEY FINDINGS: CONTRACT PRICE ADJUSTMENT PROVISIONS (CPAP) . 3KEY FINDINGS: CONSTRUCTION INPUT PRICE INDICES (CIPI) . 3DETAILED RESULTS . 4Table 1 - Contract price adjustment provisions (CPAP) work group indices (concluded) . 5Table 2 - Construction input price index (CIPI): material purchases by type of service . 6Table 3 - Construction input price index (CIPI): material purchases for whole industry . 7Table 4 - Mining and construction plant and equipment price index . 8Table 5 - Mechanical and electrical engineering input price indices . 8Table 6 - Civil engineering material price indices1 . 8EXPLANATORY NOTES . 9GLOSSARY. 9GENERAL INFORMATION . 10Construction Materials Price Indices, March 2019

STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA3P0151.1KEY FINDINGS: CONTRACT PRICE ADJUSTMENT PROVISIONS (CPAP)In March 2019, month-on-month percentage changes in the CPAP work group indices ranged from -0,4% for workgroup 173 to 4,4% for work group 120 (Table 1).Noteworthy changes in March 2019 were as follows: Work group 120: The index increased by 4,4% month-on-month. There was an increase of 6,6% month-on-monthin the PPI for bituminous mixtures (accounting for 65,0% of this work group). Work group 132: The index increased by 4,2% month-on-month. There was an increase of 5,2% month-on-monthin the PPI for locks and padlocks, clasps, keys and parts thereof of base metal (accounting for 78,0% of this workgroup). Work group 162: The index increased by 4,2% month-on-month. There was an increase of 5,3% month-on-monthin SEIFSA for copper 7,9mm rod (accounting for 45,0% of this work group) and an increase of 7,6% month-onmonth in SEIFSA for 99,7 EC grade rod (accounting for 25,0% of this work group). Work group 160: The index increased by 3,2% month-on-month. There was an increase of 5,3% month-on-monthin SEIFSA for copper 7,9mm rod (accounting for 35,0% of this work group). Work group 152: The index increased by 3,0% month-on-month. There was an increase of 6,8% month-on-monthin the PPI for paints (accounting for 35,0% of this work group). Work group 173: The index decreased by 0,4% month-on-month. There was a decrease of 1,1% month-on-monthin the PPI for steel pipes (accounting for 40,0% of this work group).KEY FINDINGS: CONSTRUCTION INPUT PRICE INDICES (CIPI) Total construction: The index increased by 1,1% month-on-month, mainly due to civil engineering (1,8%)(Table 2). Civil engineering material – total: The index increased by 1,8% month-on-month (Table 6).Risenga MalulekeStatistician-GeneralConstruction Materials Price Indices, March 2019

STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA4P0151.1DETAILED RESULTSTable 1 - Contract price adjustment provisions (CPAP) work group indicesBase: Dec 2016 116,7117,4Jun107,6105,1108,2111,9107,3 r110,1 r116,8117,5Jul108,5105,6109,1113,0108,6 r111,7 r121,5120,1Aug108,4106,3109,7113,2108,6 r111,9 r121,5120,1Sep108,9106,7110,9113,6109,4 r113,4 r136,9125,6Oct109,4106,9112,0114,8110,7 r115,5 r145,3130,3Nov109,6107,1112,3115,3111,3 r116,0 r145,4130,4Dec109,4106,9112,3115,9110,9 r116,1 r145,3130,3Jan109,2108,1113,6117,3110,9 r116,6 r145,3130,3Feb110,1108,2113,8118,3111,5 r117,2 30,7Year and month20182019Year and on metalroofingMetal roofing(steel)125126Metal roofing Carpentry ,9107,5116,4114,2107,7110,5109,6103,2Year and month2018116Brick andblockwork130132134136138140141142Resilient floorand wallcoveringsIronmongeryStructuralsteelworkin StainlesssteelworkIn 04,0108,1 r107,7 r107,0111,0111,1110,0Jul107,8105,4110,3 r110,6 r107,6111,3114,2110,9Aug107,8105,4110,3 r110,5 r107,6111,3115,5111,0Sep108,2105,5112,1 r112,8 r108,3111,8115,6111,6Oct108,7105,6114,7 r116,3 r109,0113,1114,5112,4Nov109,7105,7114,8 r116,3 r109,1112,7115,8112,6Dec109,6105,6114,0 r115,4 r109,0112,6113,5112,8Jan109,6108,2113,9 r115,3 r109,0111,9113,2113,6Feb109,8108,4114,3 r115,6 11,9114,2116,3Construction Materials Price Indices, March 2019

STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA5P0151.1Table 1 - Contract price adjustment provisions (CPAP) work group indices (concluded)Base: Dec 2016 luminiumshopfronts calinstallationsYear and 07,4107,9103,3110,2116,6109,0 l 1Jun111,9106,2102,9109,0106,8106,0107,6 r108,4Jul116,8109,0107,9116,6110,0107,3 r109,1109,2Aug107,9108,8107,9111,7110,1106,9 r108,7 r109,5Sep113,6109,3110,0112,9111,1107,9 r109,8 r109,9Oct116,3109,8113,8115,3112,6108,8 r111,1 r111,9Nov116,2109,8113,8115,7112,5109,1 r111,5 r112,7Dec112,4109,5113,8114,0112,9108,7 08,9Feb107,4 r109,6111,4113,5112,3109,1 r111,0 ear and month20182019Construction Materials Price Indices, March 2019180181190Lump sum Commercial/industrial Lump sumbuildingspreliminariesdomesticbuildings

STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA6P0151.1Table 2 - Construction input price index (CIPI): material purchases by type of serviceWeightIndex (Dec 2016 100)Percentage changeMar 2018Feb 2019Mar 0,66,9Construction of buildings23,96104,6109,0109,20,24,4Civil engineering36,88111,3119,2121,41,89,1Other structures1,54106,5113,2113,30,16,4Construction by specialist 1,72101,5104,3104,2-0,12,7Electrical 2106,5108,2109,51,22,8Other building installation7,63105,5110,2110,50,34,7Painting and decorating1,06108,2109,7116,15,87,3Other building completion8,35105,9111,5112,20,65,9Renting of construction or demolitionequipment with operators3,24106,8112,4113,20,76,0ServiceTotal constructionSite preparationConstruction Materials Price Indices, March 2019Mar 2019vs.Feb 2019Mar 2019vs.Mar 2018

STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA7P0151.1Table 3 - Construction input price index (CIPI): material purchases for whole industryWeightIndex (Dec 2016 100)Percentage changeMar 2018Feb 2019Mar -1,43,1Aggregate 49,12,613,7Granite, sandstone and othermonumental and building stoneProductTotal constructionConstruction stone and sandMar 2019vs.Feb 2019Mar 2019vs.Mar 20180,48124,8129,2131,71,95,5Carpets (excluding mats andrugs)1,00107,5115,1115,10,07,1Boards of wood1,69110,3110,9110,90,00,5Builders' carpentry of 18,16,98,2Prepared explosives0,34105,9117,7117,70,011,1Construction tyres0,63106,9109,9110,60,63,5Construction pipes, tubes andfittings3,24101,8107,9107,6-0,35,7Tubes, pipes, tube-fittings andpipe-fittings of copper1,23103,7102,9102,1-0,8-1,5Concrete pipes0,38133,2144,0144,00,08,1Construction plastic pipes, tubesand fittings1,6393,1103,3103,30,011,0Adhesive and sealant0,31115,0124,6124,60,08,3Vinyl sheeting and flooring0,04106,1111,4111,40,05,0Non-structural ceramic ware0,34100,3100,3100,30,00,0Construction bricks and 4,110,1Ready-mix concrete5,6888,993,690,1-3,71,3Ceiling boards1,3893,290,690,80,2-2,6Prefabricated cement andconcrete components0,98114,5118,0118,00,03,1Pre-mix Bituminous 19,8-0,510,2Bars and rods of iron or steel9,16111,6124,5124,2-0,211,3Reinforcing metal work2,38105,7120,7120,70,014,2Angles, shapes, sections andsimilar products of iron or steel1,21108,1127,3123,8-2,714,5Equipment for scaffolding,shuttering and propping1,95105,5112,4111,6-0,75,8Welded angles, shapes andsections for use in eel door and window frames0,74105,0110,3110,30,05,0Wire of iron or steel0,18108,1113,3113,70,45,2Construction taps, cocks andvalves1,33100,0100,0100,00,00,0Construction pumps,compressors and nstruction electric motors,generators or transformers0,90104,8109,2109,30,14,3Electrical components1,97108,8114,3118,73,89,1Electrical cable3,55101,7111,5113,72,011,8Construction, distribution andcontrol equipment5,44106,1112,5112,50,06,0Construction vehicle parts1,95103,9108,2110,01,75,9Construction structural andreinforcing steelConstruction Materials Price Indices, March 2019

STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA8P0151.1Table 4 - Mining and construction plant and equipment price indexWeightLifting and handling equipmentand parts thereofMachinery for mining, quarryingand construction and partsthereofMoving, grading, levelling,scraping, excavating, tamping,compacting and extractingmachineryMachinery for sorting, screening,separating, washing, crushing,grinding, mixing and kneading ofconstruction materialLorries, trucks and vansexceeding 3,5 tonsPercentage changeFeb 2019Mar 2019100,00101,5105,3105,50,23,9ProductPlant and equipmentIndex (Dec 2016 100)Mar 2018Mar 2019vs.Feb 2019Mar 2019vs.Mar 70,755,53102,1108,0108,00,05,8Table 5 - Mechanical and electrical engineering input price indicesWeightServiceIndex (Dec 2016 100)Percentage changeMar 2018Feb 2019Mar 2019Mar 2019vs.Feb 2019Mar 2019vs.Mar 2018Mechanical engineering100,00104,4108,9109,50,64,9Electrical engineering100,00105,1110,2111,81,56,4Table 6 - Civil engineering material price indices1Index (Dec 2016 100)1Percentage changeMar 2018Feb 2019Mar 2019Mar 2019vs.Feb 2019Mar 2019vs.Mar 2018Civil engineering material - total111,3119,2121,41,89,1Civil engineering material (excluding bitumen)112,1119,8120,60,77,6Civil engineering material (excluding reinforcing metal work)112,1118,6121,92,88,7Civil engineering material (excluding reinforcing metal work and bitumen)112,3118,8119,90,96,8Civil engineering material - structures (excluding bitumen)115,3124,1124,30,27,8Civil engineering material - roads, general118,6126,7127,80,97,8Civil engineering material - roads, general (excluding bitumen)121,0128,8128,4-0,36,1Civil engineering material - roads, refurbishment117,7125,6127,91,88,7Civil engineering material - roads, refurbishment (excluding bitumen)122,3129,6129,5-0,15,9Civil engineering material - roads, reseal111,8120,5125,44,112,2Civil engineering material - roads, reseal (excluding bitumen)120,1126,9127,20,25,9Civil engineering material - bulk earthworks115,6123,4124,00,57,3Civil engineering material - bulk earthworks (excluding bitumen)116,8124,4124,40,06,5ProductThe information in this table is published in conjunction with engineering associations SAFCEC and SAICE.Construction Materials Price Indices, March 2019

STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA9P0151.1EXPLANATORY NOTESContract Price AdjustmentProvisions (CPAP)The CPAP work group indices are used for making adjustments based on costfluctuations in labour, plant and materials.Sources for CPAPThe CPAP work group indices are derived from changes in the cost structures prevailingin 37 different sectors of the building industry and are published by Stats SA on a monthlybasis. The indices reported on in this publication are mainly based on a combination ofPPI, SEIFSA and CPI indices for the particular month.TaxValue added tax (VAT) are not included in these indices.CPAP manualsThe updated CPAP manuals "CPAP Application Manual” and “CPAP Work GroupsComposition and Weighting of Sub-Indices" are obtainable from The Association of theSouth African Quantity Surveyors – ASAQS, website: - search forCPAP, or by phoning (012) 310 2185.Construction Input PriceIndices (CIPI)The index reflects material purchases in the construction industryGLOSSARYSAFCECSouth African Forum of Civil Engineering ContractorsSAICESouth African Institution of Civil EngineeringSEIFSASteel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern AfricaPPICPICPAPCIPIrProducer Price IndexConsumer Price IndexContract Price Adjustment ProvisionsConstruction Input Price IndicesRevisedConstruction Materials Price Indices, March 2019

STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA10P0151.1GENERAL INFORMATIONStats SA publishes approximately 300 different statistical releases each year. It is not economically viable to produce themin more than one of South Africa's eleven official languages. Since the releases are used extensively, not only locally butalso by international economic and social-scientific communities, Stats SA releases are published in English only.Stats SA has copyright on this publication. Users may apply the information as they wish, provided that they acknowledgeStats SA as the source of the basic data wherever they process, apply, utilise, publish or distribute the data; and also thatthey specify that the relevant application and analysis (where applicable) result from their own processing of the data.Advance release calendarAn advance release calendar is disseminated on issuesIssueExpected release dateApril 201930 May 2019May 201927 June 2019June 201925 July 2019Stats SA productsA complete set of Stats SA publications is available at the Stats SA Library and the following libraries:National Library of South Africa, Pretoria DivisionNational Library of South Africa, Cape Town DivisionNatal Society Library, PietermaritzburgLibrary of Parliament, Cape TownBloemfontein Public LibraryJohannesburg Public LibraryEastern Cape Library Services, King William’s TownCentral Regional Library, PolokwaneCentral Reference Library, MbombelaCentral Reference Collection, KimberleyCentral Reference Library, MmabathoStats SA also provides a subscription service.Electronic servicesA large range of data is available via on-line services. For more detail about our electronic data services, contact StatsSA’s user information service at (012) 310 8600.You can visit us on the internet at: number - technicalenquiriesTelephone number - otherFax numberEmail addressPostal addressRichard Klaas(012) 310 2185(012) 310 8600 / 8390 / 8351 / 4892 / 8496 / 8095 (user informationservices)(012) 310 8490 (library)(012) 310 (technical enquiries) (user information services)Enquiries in connection with contract price adjustment provisions should bedirected, in writing, to Mr Hoffie Cruywagen ( Bag X44, Pretoria, 0001Produced by Stats SAConstruction Materials Price Indices, March 2019

Feb 107,4 r 109,6 111,4 113,5 112,3 109,1 r 111,0 r 109,2 Mar 111,9 109,9 111,4 116,8 111,8 110,5 112,2 111,0 . STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA 6 P0151.1 Construction Materials Price Indices, March 2019 Table 2 - Construction input price index (CIPI): material purchases by type of service Service Weight .

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