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Plantweb OpticsProduct Data SheetApril 2021Plantweb Optics Provides a collaborative environment to improveplant reliability and operational performance. Connect experts to their assets with AugmentedReality and mobile solutions. Integrates multiple interfaces for a holistic viewof asset health. Resides in a secure yet flexible architecture. Offers workflow integration to drive proactiveoperations with CMMS integration. Provides a built-in historian for immediate assethealth and parameter history.Use the Plantweb Optics mobile app to stay on top ofdeveloping issues.Enabling an Integrated WorkflowPlantweb Optics improves reliability and availability byenhancing the visibility into asset health. Experts in the facilityare always connected to assets they care about most.Through open protocols, operational data is centralizedand contextualized from disparate data sources. The datais delivered to experts with personalized content anddashboards. Plantweb Optics provides the informationneeded in a collaborative environment to enhance workflowsand drive corrective actions.Plantweb Optics to ManageYour Assets and Prioritize WorkPlantweb Optics is Emerson’s asset performance platform formanaging holistic asset health. Plantweb Optics combines thedata from multiple applications into asset-centric information,then delivers persona-based alerts and KPIs for improvingthe reliability of assets throughout the facility. Health scoresfor assets are calculated automatically to start providingimmediate insights to the assets that need attention most.Plantweb Optics uses custom APIs called Asset SourceInterfaces (ASIs) to connect and contextualize asset data.This secure connectivity creates more visibility into asset status.Built on SQL and utilizing thin clients, Plantweb Opticsinstallation and maintenance processes are simple andnon-intrusive. The platform allows for flexible installationswithin complex network architectures.

Plantweb OpticsApril 2021Plantweb Optics CMMS InterfaceThe Plantweb Optics CMMS interface integrates directly to SAPand IBM Maximo CMMS. This significantly reduces the timespent generating work notifications, so experts can spendtheir valuable time focused on the most productive activities.The Plantweb Optics CMMS interface maps assets fromPlantweb Optics to your CMMS, so CMMS notificationsare created proactively before process upsets occur in thefacility. This allows you to integrate your workflow and drivecorrective actions.Plantweb Optics also allows for creation of CMMS worknotifications directly from analytics or monitoring alerts.With a mobile solution, CMMS work notifications can be createdfrom anywhere and the status of existing notifications can beviewed from anywhere. The ability to see open and completednotifications reduces the chance of a duplicate entry andcan help identify any bad actors in the facility.Plantweb Optics Augmented RealityPlantweb Optics Augmented Reality (AR) helps field workersimprove productivity in the field, make better decisionsfor maintenance operations, and enables collaboration inreal-time with subject matter experts. AR helps you:Plantweb Optics Augmented Reality shows asset data out inthe field.Plantweb Optics HistorianTo improve process reliability, you need to be able to see thestatus of your critical assets and know how they’ve performedover time. Being able to trend historical values can provideinsights that will help you troubleshoot and identify the rootcause faster. Increase productivity of field workers by providing relevantasset and process data and locating assets quickly usingAR visualization. Reduce cost, safety risks, and repair times with RemoteAssistance via live video, audio calling and messaging.The Plantweb Optics historian is embedded into everyPlantweb Optics platform. Once installed, the historianrequires no configuration to start storing the history of everyparameter associated with an asset. This ability to store allparameters gives the most complete view of historical healthand performance. Because Plantweb Optics historian is alreadybuilt into the platform, users can quickly bulk select whichassets they want to historize and the historization processimmediately starts. Improve training and knowledge transfer with AR-supporteddocumentation such as annotated videos and digitalstep-by-step procedures.Plantweb Optics AssetSource InterfacesOnce work is scheduled, Plantweb Optics Augmented Realityprovides the tools your maintenance team needs to completework efficiently and safely.Functionality is added to Plantweb Optics by installing ASIs.Each interface creates connectivity between PlantwebOptics and specific asset types while providing informationand diagnostic capabilities specific to the asset class.Available interfaces:AMS Device Manager ASI – Connect existing AMS DeviceManager installations to Plantweb Optics and allow usersto monitor device health from anywhere.AMS Machine Works ASI – Gain predictive analytics fordata acquired through the Emerson Wireless Gateway andAMS Device Manager using AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor,AMS 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter and also theAMS 6500

Plantweb OpticsPlantweb Insight ASI – Gain analytics based on decadesof process and industry experience into Plantweb Optics.Plantweb Optics users now have timely, actionable informationabout key assets such as Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Steam Traps,Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers, and Pressure Relief Valves.AMS Machinery Manager ASI – Connect existingAMS Machinery Manager installations to Plantweb Opticsfor discovery, monitoring, and reporting of rotatingequipment assets.DeltaV Control Loop ASI – Understand which controlloops need maintenance or tuning and have full insightinto which processes are currently running in manual mode.Plantweb Optics Analytics ASI – Gain performance, health,and energy insights by running analytics from pre-built assettemplates or leverage machine learning capabilities.April 2021The Asset Explorer application allows users to quicklydefine the asset hierarchy and configure data. Asset Explorerperiodically polls the network architecture to discover wiredand wireless assets added to or removed from installationand makes the appropriate adjustments in Plantweb Optics.Within minutes of getting started, users are able to look atthe health of their assets. Additional capabilities include: Creating composite assets from individual primaryassets. For example, a pump may consist of vibration,chassis temperature, and acoustic transmitters. Defining site turnarounds by allowing users to ignore specificassets that are scheduled to be fixed during the next outage. Historizing assets to track health and parameters over time.AMS Asset Monitor ASI – Use Emerson’s edge analyticssolution with automated analytics and actionable alertsfor unmonitored assets.Each ASI has an individual datasheet available withmore information.Plantweb Optics ApplicationsPlantweb Optics is built using intuitive interfaces andapplications to streamline setup and navigation:The Asset View application provides a dashboard viewand valuable KPIs of monitored assets and alerts on developingissues on any asset defined as critical to production.The interface is similar across desktop/tablet/smart phoneviews for ease of use, while the Plantweb Optics Mobile Appprovides a multi-site view for easy review of alerts across theenterprise. Asset View allows users to drill down on individualalerts for more details and launch diagnostic applications forasset heath diagnostics. In addition, the asset hierarchy providesa top down view with rolled-up health scores to easily identifywhich areas need attention. The persona-based viewing makessure users can quickly focus on the asset they care about most,and notifications can be setup for critical assets for immediatealert of degrading health around assets needed for View application delivers visibility to asset health fromdesktops, tablets, and smart phones.3

Plantweb OpticsApril 2021Plantweb Optics ArchitectureMicrosoftAzureMessage ServiceMicrosoft Azure off-premise*Asset View, AROff-PremiseInternetL5BusinessWANL4Plantweb Optics ServerPlantLANL3ConnectorServiceCMMSClient Machines SAP or IBM MaximoAsset ViewPlantweb Optics ClientOPC UA Client(s)On-PremiseData Source SystemsDMZL2.5 Optics Analytics AMS Machine Works Plantweb InsightProxyData Source SystemsData Source SystemsControlL2 DeltaV Control Loop AMS Machinery Manager AMS Asset Monitor AMS Device ManagerData SourcesAMS Device ManagerAMS Machinery ManagerAMS Asset MonitorDeltaV Control LoopOptics AnalyticsAMS Machine WorksPlantweb Insight*Plantweb Optics Mobile and AR utilize Microsoft Azure Message Service for off-premise access and are not available for use in all countries. Please contact your local sales office to confirm availability.Plantweb Optics runs in a secure network environment to deliver the information you need from your plant

Plantweb OpticsApril 2021Plantweb Optics Deployment ServicesPlantweb Optics Basic SpecificationsTo take advantage of Plantweb Optics as quickly as possible,Emerson offers install services performed by certifiedPlantweb Optics experts. Customized to your installation,these services include:For more details refer to Plantweb Optics System Requirements.Plantweb Optics Server RequirementsOperating SystemWindows Server 2019 Datacenter Pre-install readiness plan and onsite kick-off meetingWindows Server 2019 Standard Network setupsWindows Server 2016 Datacenter Installation and database import for software applicationsand ASIs Configuration and setup for Plantweb Opticsand the mobile app Basic training for your team Documentation and backup of configurationsWindows Server 2016 StandardCPU Architecture64-bitInternet InformationServices (IIS)v8.5, v10 (supplied with OS)Microsoft SQL ServerMS SQL Server 2019 (recommended)MS SQL Server 2019 Express(supported)MS SQL Server 2017(supported for Tier 2 deployment)MS SQL Server 2017 Express(supported for Tier 2 deployment)BrowsersGoogle Chrome (latest version)Microsoft EdgeProcessor3.2 GHz, 8-core processor,Intel Xeon-scalable or faster(recommended)2.4 GHz, 4-core processor, IntelXeon-scalable or faster (minimum)RAM32 GB (recommended)16 GB (minimum)Hard DriveSSD hard drive (recommended)SAS hard drive (10K RPM)(minimum)Available Disk Space100 GB (minimum)Screen ResolutionFull HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)(maximum)SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixels)(minimum)Network2 x 1 GB NIC (use 2 NICs to isolateTier 3 traffic from Tier 2 traffic)(recommended)1 x 1 GB NIC (supported)Emerson-certified experts in Plantweb Optics installation willcustomize a plan for your site or

Plantweb OpticsApril 2021Additional SpecificationsEthernetOne or more Ethernet portsInternetConnectivityAn internet connection is requiredto download installations andpatches, register software, andreceive alerts and messages onthe mobile application.SupportedVirtualizationVMware 6 up to 6.7SoftwareMicrosoft .NET 3.5, SP1Hyper-V 2012, 2016Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 isrequired to install Plantweb Optics.See KBA NK-1600-0300for instructions.Refer to individual spec sheets for software applications,ASIs and services for additional specifications. 2021, Emerson. All rights reserved.The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. The Plantweb Opticslogo is a mark of one of the Emerson family of companies. All other marks are the property oftheir respective owners.Contact contents of this publication are presented for informational purposes only, and whilediligent efforts were made to ensure their accuracy, they are not to be construed as warrantiesor guarantees, express or implied, regarding the products or services described herein or theiruse or applicability. All sales are governed by our terms and conditions, which are available onrequest. We reserve the right to modify or improve the designs or specifications of our productsat any time without notice.

Built on SQL and utilizing thin clients, Plantweb Optics installation and maintenance processes are simple and non-intrusive. The platform allows for flexible installations within complex network architectures. Plantweb Optics April 2021 . IBM Maximo Client Machines