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DIRECTIONSPlease refer to pages6, 8 and 10-11.YBKessentialsYOUR GUIDE TO ALL THINGS YEARBOOK

WHOTOCALLTHEY’VE GOT YOUR BACK,SO ALWAYS HAVE THEIRCONTACT ON HAND.YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVE (REP)Name:Email:Phone:CUSTOMER SERVICE ADVISER (CSA)DETAILS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU CALL YOUR TSA OR CSA:Your job number:Your school has a unique number to identify your files within theplant so they can find you easily.Operating system:What type of computers does your staff use?Name:Email:Phone: 800-255-6287TECHNICAL SUPPORT ADVISER (TSA)Phone: 877-362-7750Email: techadviser@herffjones.comLive chat through eDesignSCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERName:Email:Phone:Web browser:Which web browser do you use? They all operate differently,so knowing your preferred browser will help answer questions.WHAT CANTHEY HELPYOU WITH?REPDesign ideas, including cover and themeCurriculum and trainingSample booksStaff organizationPricing questionsCSA (CUSTOMER SERVICE)Answer production questionsDeadline informationShipping informationTurning on cover templatesPerson to call when rep is unavailableTSA (TECH SUPPORT)Assistance with book setupeDesign and eBusiness setupSubmitting pagesUploading portrait CDsSupport for InDesign plug-insAnswer questions about softwareTech troubleshooting

MYHJYEARBOOK.COMBOOKMARKITKNOW WHERE TO FINDEVERYTHING YOU NEED ONLINETO CREATE YOUR BOOKMYHJYEARBOOK.COMMYHJYEARBOOK.COMThis is your portal to all things yearbook, including eDesignand eBusiness. Also important to InDesign users, this sitegives you easy access to deadlines, book sales and othercritical information.LEARNYBK.COMHere’s a shortcut to the online curriculum, which servesas a companion to our 12-booklet How to Yearbook printedcurriculum. It is also accessible through the Learn menu LOGIN CREDENTIALSMy username:HJESHARE.COMAlso available as an app, eShare is an easy way for parents andstudents to share photos with you.YEARBOOKORDERCENTER.COMCustomized for your school, this is where students andparents order yearbooks and ads, access Online Ad Creatorand upload photos. If you use the order center, remember toinclude the address and job number on your sales posters.My password:101

HOWTOYEARBOOKEXPLORE OURCOMPREHENSIVECURRICULUMIt’s more than just a list of topics to teach.How to Yearbook is a comprehensive guide toadvising. From developing a theme to selling books,it’s packed with yearbook goodness. Written forboth advisers and staffers, this 12-section set isready for you to customize for your classroom.Extended resources can be found in our onlinecurriculum, with downloadable answer keys, foundat: E C T I O NO N EWELCO ME TO HERFF J O NESA guide for new advisers.S E C T I O NT W OTE AMS AND LE AD ERSCultivate the community that works.S E C T I O NT H R E EINTRO TO J O URNALISMAn overview of the basics.S E C T I O NF O U RTHEME AND VOICEUnite the verbal and visual.S E C T I O NF I V ECOVERIN G YO UR SCH O O LThey all have stories to tell.S E C T I O NS I XREP O RTIN G AND WRITIN GUse their words, not yours.S E C T I O NS E V E NCAMER AS AND PH OTOSCreate a photo worthy of the spotlight.S E C T I O NE I G H TL AYO UT AND DESIG NMake it all fit together.S E C T I O NN I N ETO O LS O F THE TR ADEOnline-only guides to eDesign and InDesign.S E C T I O N1 0PEO PLE AND INDE XComplete the history book.S E C T I O N1 1SELLIN G YO UR BO O KThe book only matters if people buy it.S E C T I O N1 2WO RDS TO K N OWGlossary and curriculum alignment.

WE’REGLADYOU’REHERE.WELCOME TO THE HERFF JONES YEARBOOK FAMILY.By now, you probably know your rep and have thatnumber on speed dial. But did you know you’repart of a network of yearbook advisers, who allhave similar goals and challenges? You are notyearbooking alone.We know there’s a lot to do, so we’ve gatheredthe most critical get-it-done information into thishandy guide. Follow this, and you’ll be in greatshape. Find a fellow adviser with similar hopesand dreams, and build alliances.We know that yearbook programs come in all forms — clubs, classes large and small, staffers withdreams of national awards and staffers who are justthere to have fun. But there are parallels in everyyearbook room: Advisers who have a full load toteach. Advisers who are new to the position andhave no idea where to start. Advisers who can onlyfit one hour of yearbook into their daily agendas.And everyone has the task of capturing the yearand including as many students as possible.We get you, and we support your choice to do only asmuch as you choose. Break your tasks into bite-sizedpieces and focus on making a fun, creative yearbookyour school can be proud of. And, if you’re ready toset the yearbook world on fire, we’re here for you.An adviser wearsmany hats 1—COMPANY PRESIDEN Tp.5 Produce a yearbook kids love and parentswant to buy Maintain a financially sound business Sell and/or promote books to as manystudents as possible Sell ads to celebrate student milestones Sell ads to local businesses so they cansupport your school2—PRODUCTION MANAGERp.9 Produce a book on budget and on time Work with your representative and otherHerff Jones support staff3 — E D U C AT O Rp.17 Empower students to become leaders inthe classroom and in the school Teach skills in communication,journalistic writing, graphic design,photography and business Allow students to grow in an area ofinterest and build their skill sets Motivate students to work hard and tosee the rewards of their work4—PROGRAM BUILDERp.23 Educate students, parents and schooladministrators about the benefits oftaking yearbook Make your staff one that studentswant to join Build relationships on your staff303

1. COMPANY PRESIDENT1. STUDENT AND FACULTY NAME LISTSHaving complete name lists is really helpful and gives youa lot of functionality in eDesign. You need student namesand grades to complete the portrait section and to ensurenames are spelled correctly. A complete name list allowseDesign users to run coverage reports and spell checknames. And that’s just the beginning. Herff Jones canrun sales campaigns on your school’s behalf or you cancustomize and run your own.Ask for a new list each year from your administrativeoffice, and make sure it reflects new students, addresschanges, etc. Request the following fields (not all arerequired, but could be helpful): REQUIRED: First, middle and last names (in separatefields) REQUIRED: Grade Full mailing address (separate fields for address lineone, two, city, state or province and ZIP or postal code) Homeroom or identifying class period Student ID or some unique identifier Parent email addressAlso, get a list of faculty and staff members. Request thefollowing fields: First, middle and last names (in separate fields) Substitute STA for staff or FAC for faculty in thegrade fieldTROUBLESHOOTING:If your front office questions your need for the studentlist, provide them with our FERPA policy, or PIPEDA/FIPPA policy if you’re in Canada. These explain how HerffJones is in compliance with laws related to using studentinformation. Find them at YOUR NAME LISTLog in at to Setup Set up Sales.Then click the Name List tab on the left.IMPORT LIST TO EDESIGNLog in at to Setup Set up Book.In the Master List tab, import your list to eDesign.Note: It may take up to 15 minutes for your namelist to be available in eDesign after uploading toeBusiness.If you need help, access the video tutorials underthe Learn menu. And, if you really run into trouble,call your TSA for assistance.2. PLAN YOUR FINANCES: MAJOR TO-DOS!Refer to How to Yearbook and LearnYBK.comSection 11: Selling Your Book.BUDGET — GETTING STARTED1. If you’re new, you should still be able to accesseBusiness records from the previous year. Workwith your rep and bookkeeper to see how last year’sbudget worked.2. Use the Budget History and Goals worksheet (inprint Section 11, p.33) to work through importantquestions.3. Do you intend to change the basic book specifications(cover materials, number of pages, number of copiesprinted, additions such as supplements or tip-ins)?BOOK SALES How many books will you sell? What price structure will you follow? Will you have tiered pricing or one price all year? Can you sell books at registration orback-to-school night(s)? How will you promote your book?AD SALES Will you sell ads to families, students and/orbusinesses? What price structure will you follow? How will you accomplish ad sales?3. GET YOUR BOOKKEEPING UNDERWAYOnce you get through all of the decisions for book andad sales, you can set up eBusiness, powerful businesstracking software available only from Herff Jones. Go and click on Set up Set up Sales.Ask your rep or your TSA for help as needed.Find your deposit due dates on MyHJyearbook.comunder Deadlines.ONLINE HELPAccess through the Learn menu of

this is a business you’re running5. SELL BOOKSRefer to How to Yearbook and LearnYBK.comSection 11: Selling Your Book.For your students, the process of selling/promoting thebook fosters a new and valuable skill set beyond producingthe book itself.In addition to the marketing plan poster and adviserguide, we’ve provided samples of sales posters and flyersin this kit. Use them, write your sale dates and otherimportant information on them – don’t forget to and your job number – andorder more as needed from See page 7for more.IDEAS FOR SALES SUCCESS Do whatever you can to include the yearbook aspart of registration. Include it on forms, sell it atregistration, have it included in fees. Create incentives to parents and students forpurchasing early. Tiered pricing — starting at a lowerprice and raising prices after an introductory sale —rewards early buyers and is a great idea. Keep all the messaging positive. Make buyers feelgreat about their purchase. Set up a table at freshman orientation or back-toschool night. Use every communication channel available,including registration packets, emails, social media,morning announcements, automated phone callsand marketing materials in high-traffic areas. Post sneak-peeks of content and behind-the-scenesphotos of how the book comes together.4. MAKE A YEAR-LONG MARKETING PLAN Build buzz around yearbook distribution day. Host anevent exclusively for buyers.Not every school has to sell books. (Some schools includeit in student fees.) Still, for the good of your program, wethink promoting your book in your school and communityis important. For the rest, book sales are critical (and easyto shelve — there’s just so much to do).Take some time to review the new sales materials we’veincluded in this kit. The poster and accompanying adviserguide are meant to help you and your staffers keepbook sales and promotion on your agenda all year long.Additional sales materials are also available on UP TIERED PRICING505

SALES ASSISTMAKE BOOK SALES EASYSales Assist is an email-based yearbook salescampaign for you. We answer the calls and questions,so you don’t have to. We take online and phone orders.We process payments. We follow up on delinquentchecks as necessary.Best of all, it’s included in the base price of your book.Let us help you with the business side because puttingthe yearbook together is enough work.Our online accounting software, eBusiness, maintains atransaction register of online and in-school book and adsales in one database.That makes generating and printing reports to check andshare your sales status as easy as a click. You can keepan eye on your ad and book sales progress from yourmyHJyearbook dashboard.HOW IT WORKS1. Targeted email campaign. The campaign follows bestpractices for email sales. You can enroll when youare ready, and your list will be included in the nextscheduled send. Unenrolling when you’re done takesjust one call.2. Once parents make a purchase, they are excludedfrom future communications about book and adsales. If you sell books in school and enter sales ineBusiness, those buyers will also be excluded fromfuture emails. Make sure your eBusiness sales areup to date.3. Matching posters are included in the kit so you cancoordinate your in-school marketing with the emailcampaign. If you run out of posters, order more We provide campaign-branded web banners foryour school’s and staff’s websites. Give these to yourprogrammers and ask them to link the image to yourYearbook Order Center page.For more information, go to THIS FORMULA TO FORMAT THE lace the XXXX with your job number.HOW TO ENROLL1.2.Get a list of parents’ email addresses. (Mailingaddresses are optional; see p. 4 for more.)Contact your rep to enroll and help you uploadyour list.Keep your eBusiness records updated for best results.SEND AND SELLIn addition to Sales Assist, eDesign users cangenerate their own customized email campaigns.It pulls from your uploaded name and email list tosend reminders to parents who have not purchaseda book. Use pre-designed email messages or makeyour own. Click, click and you’re done. Check out thevideo tutorials under the eDesign Help menu. Don’tforget to enter your in-school sales into eBusiness,before sending.ADDITIONAL TOOLS TO HELP YOU SELLCustomize your marketing and sales efforts to fit yourschool. While we have included samples in this kit,additional resources are available on, banners and yard signs Book sales Senior ad sales Prices are going up Distribution day General yearbook awareness Last chance for yearbooksLetterhead, Create and ShareOrder a stash of letterhead to send letters tobusinesses for ad renewals. Use our Create and Sharefunction in eDesign to print fliers and pre-designedtemplates. Check out the video tutorials under theeDesign Help menu.

BUYYOURYEARBOOKDon’t miss out onyour memories.Don’t miss out.000-433 Herff Jones LLCSALES FLYER (found in the kit)BUYYOURYEARBOOKYou’ll see ondistribution day.Don’t miss out onyour memories.B U Y YO U R Y E A R B O O K T O DAY !L OV EO FY EA RB OO KY E A RBOOK I S A L O V E L E T T E R A S C H O O L W R I T E S T O I T S E L F.F ORT HE000-367 Herff Jones LLC000-433 Herff Jones LLCSALES POSTERS (two designs available, found in the kit)FRONTBACKYEARBOOK IS A LOVE LETTER A SCHOOL WRITES TO ITSELF.ENVELOPESTATIONERY(one-sided or two-sided options available)ORDERTODAYYARD SIGNSSALES BANNERS (seven designs available)Find all these helpful items and more at

2. PRODUCTION MANAGER1. MAKE A MASTER CALENDAR2. BUILD A LADDERMake the rounds and find all of the dates that affect yourschool and your yearbook production schedule.In yearbook, the ladder is simply a chart that helps youplan what will go on each page and track pages andspreads as they are completed and sent to be printed.See p.13 to start planning, then use the wall and deskladders in this kit to chart your coverage for the year. Moveit all over to eDesign (if applicable) and include stafferassignments and deadlines.PLANT DEADLINESKnow your page submission deadlines for the plant. Yourfinal page deadline is especially important since missingthe final deadline may cause your ship date to be pushedback. Mark the plant deadlines on your own calendar, forsure, but consider making another set of deadlines thatyou share with the staff. You want your staff to completepages a few days before the plant deadlines to giveyourself time for proofing and submission. Staff deadlines and mini-deadlines — Dependingon how your staff is organized, break deadlines intobite-sized pieces. Many advisers have teams submitstories and spreads weekly or bi-weekly.INCLUDE ON MASTER CALENDAR: Spread deadlines (for staffers) Staff workdays Cover and endsheet due dates Copy count deadline Personalization list deadline Book sales events Price increase dates for tiered pricing Ad sales deadlineRefer to How to Yearbook and LearnYBK.comSection Five: Covering Your School for more help.SET UP YOUR LADDER IN EDESIGN1. Log in to eDesign: Go to on the Design menu and choose Pages.You’ll see all the spreads in your book with thumbnailpreviews and information about each page.2. Create topics and assign to pages: You’ll want tocreate topic tags for each page in your book. You canuse these same topics to tag photos to save time. Seethe tutorial in eDesign Help on creating topic tags.3. Assign topics to pages: See the tutorial in eDesignHelp on setting up the ladder.4. Assign deadlines and staff members: If you areworking with a staff, assign each staffer to specificpages in the ladder. See the tutorial in eDesign Helpon setting up the ladder. Ad submission deadline Picture day(s) Make-up picture day Club picture day(s) Sports team photo days (fall, winter and spring) Major sports events School activities (dances, rallies, assemblies) Theater/music/dance performancesWALLW HO ’S T HE MOS TORG A NIZ EDOF T HEM A L L?Map content for yourSIGNATURE 3265331SIGNATURE 1LADDER,LADDERon the334SIGNATURE 512997SIGNATURE 735666798SIGNATURE 9193161SIGNATURE 11SIGNATURE 64778791101111421431741752064pages, and assign teams,writers or photographers.207Consider color-coding Club/organization eventsyour deadlines.The plant cannot print804816DATE COMPLETED:DATE COMPLETED:144112DATE COMPLETED:DATE COMPLETED:DATE COMPLETED:DATE COMPLETED:DATE COMPLETED:a signature until everypage of that signature issubmitted, so planning School holidays208176Celebrate when youfinish each signature!SIGNATURE 2814917your content is important.SIGNATURE 4SIGNATURE 6145113SIGNATURE 8SIGNATURE 10209177SIGNATURE 12SIGNATURE 3215JOB NUMBERREP: N A M E A N D C O N T A C T I N F OCSA: N A M E A N D C O N T A C T I N F OTSA: N A M E A N D C O N T A C T I N F O966432DATE COMPLETED:DATE COMPLETED:160128DATE COMPLETED:DATE COMPLETED:224192DATE COMPLETED:DATE COMPLETED:DATE COMPLETED:0 0 0 - 473 H e rf f J o n es L LCWALL LADDER, DESK LADDER AND CALENDARare included in kit to help you plan.

a yearbook serves as a historical record3. MAKING AN OFFICIAL RECORD4. FIND YOUR WOWA yearbook serves as the official record of the schoolyear. Your goal should be to include every student, facultyand staff member in the book as many times as possible.Although every book is different, here are some items youmay wish to include:There are so many ways to make your yearbook stand outeach year. Whether you choose a new cover material orspecial paper, laser cut endsheets or glitter UV coating,take some time to talk through the options with your rep.You might be surprised how some simple and inexpensiveadditions increase your sales and add to your book’s value.BASIC COVERAGE: Individual portraits for students and faculty Club and organization photos5. SUBMITTING PAGES Sports team photosFollow the steps on p. 12–13 of this booklet. Scoreboards with opponents, wins and losses Some coverage of every sport and academic area Major events of the school yearWAYS TO DESIGN A COVER1. CHOOSE A COVERYou have the option of choosing a pre-designed cover ordesigning your own. Refer the YBK Innovations booklet formore information.2. DESIGN YOUR OWN COVERYou can design a cover in eDesign using the covertemplate or have your CSA activate the cover designer forsilkscreen covers. You can use the same eDesign tools youuse on pages to create a custom cover de

Glossary and curriculum alignment. HOW TO YEARBOOK EXPLORE OUR COMPREHENSIVE CURRICULUM. 3 WELCOME TO THE HERFF JONES YEARBOOK FAMILY. By now, you probably know your rep and have that number on speed dial. But did you know you’re part of a network of yearbook advisers, who all

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will assure that a production schedule can be kept and your yearbook can be printed in time to ship and arrive at your school by the date you need it. If you submit your pages after your deadline, your yearbook may need to be rescheduled and ship later than you planned. As a yearbook adviser you are in total control of your book submission.

Visit the "Yearbook" page or the "Seniors - Class of 2020" page for details on how to submit. Quotes: All quotes will be approved by yearbook adviser before submission in the yearbook. Questions regarding yearbook or senior photos? Call Mrs. Jones or Ms. Dawson at ZHS or Leonard’s Photography 1-800-215-4852

MIDDLE SCHOOL YEARBOOK SALE To order your 2016-2017 Middle School yearbook go to the following website: Enter the Yearbook ID code 11056517 and then follow the easy on screen ordering instructions. The cost is 18.00 and all major credit cards are accepted. The Middle School will not be handling any yearbook payments.

Alamosa HS Yearbook First Place Academics Spread Hitting the Books Kelli Jo Wilson Alamosa HS Yearbook First Place Clubs/Organizations Individual Photo and Caption Yearbook Working Hard Lora Ortega, Kelli Jo Wilson, Zaq Bernal, Selena Villalva, Raygen Abeyta Alamosa HS Yearbook Second

Yearbook is a yearlong, team project where you'll learn about book and page design, photography, feature story writing and media ethics. The yearbook features all of the students in the school, from pre-kindergarten to high school. Yearbook is diff

Yearbook of Astronomy Glossary Compiled by Brian Jones, David Harper and L. M. Stockman The 2018–2021 editions of the Yearbook of Astronomy include a Glossary at the back of the book. However, due to the increasing length of the Glossary, it has been decided to remove it from the book and instead publish it on the Yearbook of Astronomy website in the form of a

Yearbook Curriculum Guide 4 Editor supervises the development and production of the yearbook. oversees the total operation for financial, editorial, design, production and personnel concerns. enforces style rules and editorial policy. oversees development of yearbook's unifying concept on cover, endsheets, title page,

on the grounds that the school’s insurers did not permit classes containing the word ‘meditation’, I decided to delve further into my twin topic. Fortuitously, through this research the ‘something more’ I’d felt early on that calligraphy promised gradually revealed itself to me. For artistic and spiritual growth—the enhancement of both calli-graphic skills and self-awareness—it .