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EditorialSometimes the silenceis.just that.Quiet times are alwayssuspect to me. That'sbecause I reflect on my own periodsof quietude when somebody elbowsme in the ribs because I haven't hadanything to say for a long time.It just sort of hits me—they'rewrong. I have always had somethingto say. I just have been saying themto an audience of one or two insteadof sharing them in print with all ofyou. Writing something up has neverbeen difficult. I just pretend a friendwas over and we started a conversation. Then I continue it on my wordprocessor and I have something tosay. Sometimes it's short and sometimes it's long. But there's alwayssomething.For example, how come nobodyhas ever done an operational game onthe advance of Army Group Norththrough the Baltics in the openingweeks of Barbarossa? I'm not talkingabout the approaches to Leningrad;I'm talking about the romp throughthe Baltics on a regimental scale.How come there are no games on thatcampaign? It could even have latewar scenarios when the Red Armyruns through the same area at aboutthe same speed as the Germans whenthey were headed the opposite direction. That would be cool. An entireEast Front Campaign that's neverbeen done.So—what have you been talkingabout to your one other gamer thatwould be worth sharing? C'mon!Let's hear it!My three days at WBC were entertaining. It was good, as always, to say“hello” to fellow AHIKSers. Tom Oleson and Paul Fletcher were in the Anzioarea. Paul won the toss with Tom and got to give me my annual trouncing inAnzio. Tom had his new map (titled Italia for copyright reasons) on display. Itis very attractive and has a Sicily attachment. The ambiguities are gone; mountain hexes are obviously just that, and non-mountain hexes are clearly withoutmountains.I have never been good at remembering names, and since I turned 70 I haveeven more trouble. I apologize in advance to those I met and have overlooked.Among those I remember are Chris Hancock, Ed O’Connor, and Ken Nied. Onthe last day I talked a while with Bob Ryan (a big winner this year with at leasttwo tournament wins) and Randy Heller. We were trying to come up with someideas to make AHIKS more prominent in the gaming community and to increasethe membership, which took a big hit this year. One of the ideas was to haveAHIKS offer an annual award to be presented at the WBC and another was tohave a member take the job of a PR man for the society. Chester has mentionedadvertising in gaming magazines, and that idea may be brought into action.Gaming and the way games are played are constantly changing. Is theresomething more that AHIKS can offer that gamers would find of value? If youhave any ideas, the Officer Corps would appreciate your input.Bob Johnson and the officers are looking at a multi-player plan. There shouldbe more information on that in the next issue.I asked Don Greenwood if AHIKS could have some space next year to signin so we could look up fellow members. He was amenable to the idea in principle, but we will have to work out specifics. The convention is moving to Lancaster, PA, so the site is unfamiliar to us. As at the early Origins, we could have asign-in sheet saying where we were staying and/or what tournaments we werein; at the same time, we would pick up a easily-seen tag reading “AHIKS” thatwe could stick on the convention badge.I left scattered around some of the AHIKS “business cards” (see issue 38/1)that invite people to apply for membership. I did that last year, too, with no noticeable effect. However, if people see the name often enough, they might become interested.Roger MacGowen received a prestigious prize this year (see page 6). He hasgiven a tremendous amount to the hobby and certainly deserves the prize. I dohave one question on the list of his many achievements. He is credited withoriginating the Charles S. Roberts awards in 1986. It is unclear what this meanssince the awards were first issued in 1975 and were originated by John Mansfield. Roger is currently Chairman and has undoubtedly contributed much to theenterprise, but John Mansfield did start the awards. John was not an “insider” tothe hobby when he originated the awards, and, as I remember it, SPI and AHrather looked down on the awards. Perhaps what is meant is that Roger assumedchairmanship in 1986 and then the “Charlies” became legitimate. At any rate,Roger deserves the congratulations of us all.

!This article is a compilation of information gleaned chiefly from Consimworld (www.consimworld.com) andWeb-Grognards(www.grognard.com).The material was correct at time ofwriting, August 9, 2004.([email protected])The International Gamers Award forBest Historical Simulation Game,Lock 'n Load, has been announced(see page 7).The Lock 'n Load website (offeringa playable game demo) iswww.shrapnelgames.com/markhwalker/locknload/.The International Gamers Awardswebsite iswww.internationalgamersawards.netLock ‘n Load also received theCharles S. Roberts award (see page6) for best Modern Era Boardgame.These awards were announced onAugust 8th by host Walter Garman atthe 2004 WBC.I have heard good things about Attack!, and I enjoy playing A Gameof Thrones, so I can recommendthese two. The official website iswww.originsawards.com/ConsimworldConsimworld, the discussion boardfor the board wargaming hobby, hasmoved to a charged-for subscriptionmodel, with some free access to company support/discussion forums. Thechange was to have been in place bythe beginning of August but at thetime of writing details were still being worked out. A full subscriptioncosts 20, but “early-bird” subscriptions at 15 still appear to be available. At the time of writing L2 Design Group will pay this latter subscription if you buy a copy a copy ofDeluxe Bitter Woods from them. Formore details see page 12 and:www.l2designgroup.com/consimsubdeal.html.I think all the awards went to deserving recipients. It is good to seethe CSR and the IG Awards in agreement. For more on the CSR Awardssee the official website:www.alanemrich.com/CSR pages/CSRawards.htmPaper Wars CDFinally, Omega Games have produced an innovative product. Theyare publishers of Paper Wars, a boardwargame review magazine, and haveput the contents of the first 26 issuesin PDF form on a CD for both Windows and Macintosh computers. Formore information and ordering detailssee: oForward?forward pwcdrom.pagedefOrigins Awards AnnouncedNEW BOARD WARGAMESThe winners of the annual OriginsAwards have been announced:AvalancheThere are two new products fromAvalanche in its Great War at Seaseries.Cruiser Warfare is a game on German commerce raiding while Dreadnoughts is a scenario book with diecut and mounted counters for a variety of unusual ships.www.avalanchepress.comHistorical Board Game - Attack!Traditional Board Game - A Game ofThronesGraphic Design of a Board Game - AGame of ThronesGamer's Choice Board Game - AGame of ThronesGamer's Choice Historical BoardGame - Settlers of the Stone AgeTraditional Card Game - Bang!Card Game Graphic Design - Bang!Gamer's Choice Card Game Munchkin FuGame of the Year: Indy HeroClixClash of ArmsBarons' War covers the two majorbattles of Simon de Montefort—Lewes and Evesham. Designed byRob Markham, in only 12 pages ofrules, the game system takes to newheights Rob’s command-chit system,which neatly re-creates the limitations on leaders and troops, fog ofwar, and the chaos of the medievalbattlefield. Rules are also includedfor individual unit morale, battle morale, cohesion, ranged fire, melee,and leadership, including specialrules for Prince Edward and his Battle. Each battle has a historical scenario and a “what if” scenario.www.clashofarms.comCritical HitThere are three new games in theAdvanced Tactical System, first seenin Critical Hit’s re-design of Tobruk.Darkest December: Battle of theBulge 1944 is a stand-alone gamebased on an intensely researched anddetailed historical map of the battlefield. Panther Line depicts squadactions during the Soviet '44 summeroffensive. Stalingrad is an update ofthe older Combat: Stalingrad; itsmap is identical, but its units havebeen changed for the ATS system.www.criticalhit.comDecision GamesDecision Games have gone intooverdrive, producing three updates ofclassic games and two new cardbased wargames. Deluxe Trajan(published under the Excalibre imprint) is a quad game containing thefour games in Joe Miranda’s AncientWars series originally published inStrategy & Tactics—Trajan, RomanCivil War, Caesar in Gallia, andGermania. Although the maps andcountersheets are exactly as before,there are eleven new scenarios andnew counters. Deluxe USN is an update of an even earlier Strategy &Tactics game, from the early days ofSPI. The game features two maps thatcover the entire Pacific area of operations and has three counter sheetswith 840 counters. While based onthe original edition’s game system,additional rules and scenarios havebeen added. Finally the SPI classic,Empires of the Middle Ages hasbeen re-released. The rules are as inthe original, except that additionaland variant rules have been added.The map has been redone in areastyle, while the cards and countershave been upgraded.

!The two new games are LightningMidway and Lightning D-Day. Bothhave 110 cards and just a single pageof rules. Lightning D-Day is a fiveturn game where both players fight tocontrol the 5 D-Day beaches (Utah,Omaha, Sword, Gold, and Juno).Cards represent forces or actions. Inyour turn you can either activate aforce or conduct an attack. Only active forces may attack or defend. Inattacks the highest combat valuewins, but before the combat is resolved both players take turns playingaction cards that can modify theircombat values or the cards played bytheir opponent. Lightning Midwayhas a nearly identical game system.Players attempt to control four objectives, which correspond to enemyaircraft carriers. Differences are thataction cards are divided into severaltypes and destroyed forces can reenter player hands.www.decisiongames.com/Fiery DragonAutumn Mist is a Brian Train design on the Battle of the Bulge. Ituses a division-level system on asmall map with ten two-day turns.Units are activated by randomlydrawn corps and army HQs. Combatis resolved with a “Mission Matrix”which gives attacker and defenderdifferent “mission” choices. The intersection of choices gives the combat result in terms of modifiers forattacker and defender “casualtychecks” and fixed advances/retreats.www.fierydragon.com/Grenier GamesGrenier Games are a new company,which publishes games designed byEric Grenier. The first two games areWorld War II in the West andWorld War II in the East. Betweenthem they cover the entire SecondWorld War, in Europe and in the Pacific respectively. They are mate-ableand designed to be simple and quickto play. www.greniergames.com.L2 Design GroupNew from L2 Design Group, TheDeluxe Bitter Woods ExpansionKit allows owners of Deluxe BitterWoods to continue play of the gameuntil January 1945. Included in thekit is a new rule book, play-aid cards,and a counter sheet. Their web site is:www.l2designgroup.comLost BattalionBattleships in Action is a boardwargame on WWII naval combatbetween battleships. Designer is S.Craig Taylor, Jr., who has an impressive list of past naval game designs(Wooden Ships and Iron Men,Ironclads, Flattop, CV, MidwaySmithsonian, and GuadalcanalSmithsonian). If you order just Battleships in Action, you pay for postage and get a web coupon for moneyoff on a later purchase. If you order itwith another Lost Battalion Gamesproduct, it is free.www.lostbattalion.com/R.OC - Le Croisade AlbigeoiseI do not know the publisher for thisgame so have listed it under its title.R.OC is a French game on the Albigensian crusade. It has a mountedmap, 127 cards and 256 round counters. hrapnel GamesANZAC Attack is an expansion forLock ‘n Load which adds a page ofnew rules and new units for ANZACand North Vietnamese forces.www.shrapnelgames.com/index.htmWorthington GamesA new company, WorthingtonGames’ first release is VictoriaCross: The Battle of Rorke's Drift.It is a quick-playing game and aunique application of blocks to tactical level combat. http://members.cox.net/worthingtongames/NEW MAGAZINE WARGAMESVae Victis issue #57 contains thegame, D-Day 1944, covering the firstten days of the Normandy '44 campaign. www.vaevictis.com/Note that Vae Victis magazine andgames are in French, but rules’ translations are made available via http://grognard.com/vaevict.htmlAgainst the Odds issue #8 featuresthe John Prados game design, Fortress Berlin, covering the final daysof the Third Reich. Their web site is:www.atomagazine.com/Note that an On to Berlin/OperationEclipse expansion variant for Fortress Berlin will be inserted in PaperWars issue 56, due in September.Alea issue #29 contains Nordkapp:Arctic Convoys, which uses thegame system used in Victory at Midway (Command #14), and is aboutthe 1942 arctic convoy battles.www.simtacludopress.netNote that Alea magazine and gamesare in Spanish but rules translationsare made available via http://grognard.com/alea.htmlNEW DTP WARGAMESNew from Perry Moore is Operation Eisbar 1943, on the air and landbattle for the island of Kos, in theAegean from Sept-Oct 1943. http://pweb.jps.net/ perryaNew from Khyber Pass Games arethe first two games in its El Cheaposeries. Che: Failed Revolution, Bolivia 1967 and Castro: The CubanRevolution, 1958-59 are both simplearea-movement games with shortrules, common to both games. Bothare discounted if purchased withother Khyber Pass Games. For detailssee: http://isigames.com/kpg/Richard Dengel, the designer ofRebel Yell, has announced the release of I Fights Mit Sigel, on theBattle of New Market, Virginia, May15, 1864. This is a hand-constructedwargame limited to 150 signed andnumbered copies. Its game system isbased upon Rebel Yell, but has beengiven a complete face-lift. You can email Richard about the game at:[email protected] WEB RESOURCESThe Boardgame Players Associationhas set up a discussion board ationRules for the forthcoming game 7Ages from ADG are at http://grognard.com/info1/7ages.docLinks to the latest errata for certaingames are:(Continued on page 4)

!Deluxe USN: http://grognard.com/errata1/usndg.txtThe Ottomans (S&T #222) http://grognard.com/errata1/st/st222.txtA Dark & Bloody Ground (Againstthe Odds #7) http://grognard.com/info1/dbg2ed.pdfThere is an excellent website for Battle Cry of Freedom (DecisionGames) at http://www.dsmithworld.net/BattleCry1.htmlA collection of counter errata forgames from Vae Victis are at http://perso.club-internet.fr/fredbey/Links to convention photos:Consimworld 2004:www.sbfsbo.com/Martin/Consim/Origins 2004:www.buckeyeboardgamers.org/origins 2004 a.htmA new, free game is Stalingrad Attacked designed by Lou Coatney:http://lcoat.tripod.com/stalatt.htmFree versions of SPI’s Napoleon atWaterloo and Strike Force Onehave the updated links:http://www.alanemrich.com/PGD/Week 03/PGD NAW rules.htmhttp://www.alanemrich.com/PGD/Week 05/PGD SF1 rules.htmGRD Games Purchased by Historical Military Services.An excerpt from the press releasefollows:!" # %& & " "' % #()* (Continued on page 12)"# %I was 15 years old when I playedmy first game of military strategy.That's what the games were calledback then. The game was AH’s Gettysburg and the year was 1959. Avalon Hill was the only companyaround then and was publishing twotitles a year. Like everyone else, Ipurchased and played every new titlethat they put out. My number onefavorite was Bulge ’65. AH’s bimonthly magazine The Generalwas the main source of contact withother gamers. Answering one of theads in The General allowed me tomeet people like Myron Brundidgeand Ray Johnson, two people whohelped advance the hobby in Chicagoduring those early days.Through Myron I was introducedto Fletcher Platt's naval warfaregame, which was played on the floorwith miniature ships. Myron alsoorganized monthly Diplomacy gamesat his place. Friday evenings werespent at Ray's house fighting Napoleonic battles using 20mm metal figures. Ray wrote his own set ofrules, which I helped to playtest before they were published.In 1967 I was called up to theArmy and served as a medic in Vietnam with the 501st regiment of the101st Airborne Division in 1968 69. I received two purple hearts andwas awarded a bronze star with V. In1970 I was a civilian once again andmarried Fay, an Aussie, in Sydney.We lived in Chicago from 1970 to1975, and during this time our sonBrant was born.An opportunity came up to relocate to Sydney of all places. So I puta hold on joining AHIKS and packedup the family and moved to the SouthPacific. We lived in Sydney from1975 to 1979, and during this timeour daughter Amanda was born. Thewargaming scene in Sydney was justas active as it was back in Chicago.The gamers down there were (andstill are) playing board games andminiatures from all periods.In the seventies the unofficialmeeting place for gamers in Sydneywas Napoleon’s Military Book Shop.With the help of good Aussie mateand fellow gamer, Peter Jones, we&'formed a group that recreated WWIaerial dogfights using 1/72 scale plastic plane kits.During this time I hadthe pleasure of knowing John ChardIV not only as a workmate but also asa fellow gamer. His great grandfather was Lt. John Chard of Rorke’sDrift fame.In 1979 we moved back to Chicago and would stay put until 1985.During these six years our otherdaughter Melissa was born. Withfamily and work putting a big dentinto my gaming time I was losingtouch with the hobby. Brant and Ikept the flame alive with the AvalonHill "classics" when time permitted.In 1985 Sydney beckoned me onemore time. It was a choice between the South Pacific where it isbeautiful one day and perfect thenext, and the blizzards of Chicago.This time the move would be permanent. After 41 years I would be saying goodbye to my city of birth.After settling back into life DownUnder, I went through a period of notplaying at all for a few years. Thenwith the family grown and work demands decreased I started playingSSG games against the computer.What a drag that was becoming; Ineeded a human opponent. I did asearch on the net and found "TheWargame Opponent Finder" website.It is just like the want ads in backof the old General. Through thiswebsite I made e-mail contact withtwo great gamers. Rob Mull in Colorado and Bob Jones in Virginia. Robis a very active member of theBoardgame Players Association andgot me back into board gaming withthe use of cyberboard and ADC2. Wehave been gaming against each otherfor five years now. We have playedold titles like Bulge 81, 1776, African Campaign, and the new stufflike Bitter Woods and Monty'sGamble. Recently we did a few sessions of “live” gaming for Monty'sGamble. Being on line at the sametime means that when it is twoo'clock Saturday afternoon in Denver.It is six o'clock Sunday morning inSydney. What some of us will do for(Continued on page 5)

!(Continued from page 4)the love of gaming. Thanks to Rob Itried my hand at competing in a BPAe-mail tourney, and I'm looking forward to signing up for another one.Bob Jones is an AHIKS member whois one of the best Afrika Korps players I have come across. He brings afriendly competitive edge to thegames he plays. Bob is the onewho steered me into joining AHIKS.Yes, after 28 years I finallysent in that new-members form. Because of AHIKS I was able to meetKevin Reid the AHIKS RD downhere in the Pacific area. With his busyscheduled (Kevin is in the RAAF) itwas almost twelve months before Icaught up with him. Since meetingKevin, my face-to-face gaming hasshifted into high gear.In my spare time I designed twocyberboard gameboxes, which is notbad for someone like me. Anything Ido on the computer is self taught.One CB gamebox is for Jedko's African Campaign which Rob and I havebeen using. The other is for the 2ndedition of Bitter Woods which Kevinand I are now using. My BitterWoods gamebox was posted at thewebsite "War Zone C" for downloading last year. Right now I've beenfixing up the files, making a few improvements to it, and will be postingthe improved version 1.1 fordownloading.I've lived here for a total of 23years of my life now. Our three children are all adults; the youngest is 22years old. Our granddaughter turnedone just this past March. A few yearsago when I swore an oathof allegiance to the colony I guess itwas just natural for me to do so.After all these years, Bulge is stillmy favorite, only this time around itgoes by the name of Bitter Woods.There is nothing I like betterthen seeing my 101st Airborne Division moving down the road takingnames and kicking butt.) * (,Like many people, my time available for PBM games grew shorter asmy family and job responsibilitiesgrew larger. Ten years ago it was all Icould do to maintain just one or twoactive PBM games at what had to bea very slow pace. It was then that thecomputer arrived in my house with adial-up modem. Like many gamers Igot involved in the computer gameswhich further reduced my PBM toalmost nothing. However, I found nojoy in either defeating or losing to acomputer player. There is no one todiscuss the game with afterward. Ibelieve a lot of former boardgamersare now using their computers to getback into the old board games for thesame reasons.Previous articles in The K havediscussed the various ways to getrestarted in board gaming. I will mention a few of the various things I aminvolved with so you can check themout yourself.To my mind, the most significantsoftware tool for gamers to comealong in the last 10 years is the "Aidede Camp" (ADC) and the"Cyberboard." I have no experiencewith ADC software. I have used theCyberboard software extensively toplay many games. This is a softwarepackage that originated from DaleLarsen that recreates the game boardsand pieces of many games for use ona computer. No more having to leavea game set up for months or years.There is simply a game file you saveon your computer that, for the mostpart, looks just like the board gameyou have set up in the game room.You simply take turns moving yourunits and resolving battles on thegame board, then create a “move” filethat you send to your opponent. Hecan add this move file to his gamefile and watch your move re-playedbefore his very eyes. He then takeshis turn and the cycle goes on.Many of the game companies anddesigners have no problems allowingother gamers to create these softwarecopies of their boardgames to facilitate playing. The only request theymake is that if you decide to play thegame, you must have a purchased-!!copy of the game you are playing. Ican attest that I have played Paths ofGlory (GMT games) probably 20times and the counters in my gameare still unpunched!The Cyberboard software andinformation can be found at http://cyberboard.brainiac.com/index.htmlOnce you have this software, youwill need the Gamebox for the gameyou want to play. There are severalsources for this. Here is one that Ihave used a few times.http://www.sweetkiss.net/ sk006/wzc/Eng/dl title all.html#wGameboxes tend to evolve overtime, so, if you are going to play withan opponent by trading Cyberboardmove files, it is very important thatyou have the same revision of Cyberboard and Gamebox software.Over the last couple of years Ihave greatly enjoyed playing theGMT card-driven games that originated with We the People. Some ofthe more advanced Cyberboard fileshave these cards included in the gamebox. You can see and move only thecards that you “own;” your opponentsees only the back of them. To showa card to your opponent, you have to“release” ownership.An alternate way to handle thecards in these games is to use theAutomated Card Tracking System(ACTS). To see a list of the gamesthey offer go to: http://acts.warhorsesim.com/index.aspYou can “click” on a game youare interested in and see a list of allthe current games. All card plays anddie rolls are recorded in an on-linejournal that everyone can review.I have participated in two BPAPBeM tournaments that required allgames to be played using ACTS,Wilderness War and For the People. If you are interested in thesegames and would like someone tointroduce you to the system, drop mea line, and I will do my best to introduce you to these systems.

!./#0&Best Pre-World War IIBoardgameLiberty! (Columbia Games)Age of Napoleon (Phalanx Games)Rise of the Roman Republic (GMTGames LLC)Sun of Austerlitz (OSG)Sweden Fights On (GMT GamesLLC)Best World War II BoardgameA World at War (GMT Games LLC)Ardennes '44 (GMT Games LLC)Europe Engulfed (GMT GamesLLC)Monty's Gamble (MMP/The Gamers)The Russian Campaign (L2 DesignGroup)Best Modern Era BoardgameIgnorant Armies (S&T/Decision)Korea: The Forgotten War (MMP/Gamers)Lock 'n Load (Shrapnel Games)Victory in Vietnam II (SchutzeGames)Best Magazine-PublishedBoardgameAsia Crossroads (S&T/Decision)Ignorant Armies (S&T/Decision)The Lost Battalion (S&T/Decision)Napoleon at the Berezina (AgainstThe Odds)North Wind Rain (Against TheOdds)Best DTP-Produced BoardgameMarlborough Man (BSO Games)Thunder on South Mountain(Blue Guidon)Victory in Vietnam II (SchutzeGames)Warplan Dropshot (Schutze Games)Zhukov's First Victory (MDG)Best Wargame GraphicsEurope Engulfed (GMT GamesLLC)Ardennes '44 (GMT GamesLLC)Liberty! (Columbia Games)The Russian Campaign (L2 DesignGroup)Sun of Austerlitz (OSG Games)Best Professional WargameMagazineC3i (GMT Games LLC/RBM Studio)Against The OddsPaper Wars (Omega Games)Strategy & Tactics (DecisionGames)Vae VictisBest Amateur Wargame MagazineThe Boardgamer (Bruce Monnin)Die Manoeverkritik (German Historical Society)Panzerschreck (Minden Games)Simulacrum (John Kula)UltraBest Game Review or GameAnalysisPaper Wars, #50, “Drive on Stalingrad,” by Adam StarkweatherBest Historical or Scenario ArticleAgainst the Odds Vol.1 No.4,“Napoleon at the Berezina,” byRobert MarkhamJames F. Dunnigan AwardTo a Game Designer, Developer,Graphic Artist, or Game for outstanding achievementFrederic Bey (Vae Victis)Craig Grando (ATO)Bruce Harper, A World at War(GMT Games LLC)Joseph Miranda (for multiple designs)Rick Young and Jesse Evans,Europe Engulfed (GMT GamesLLC)Clausewitz Award Hall of FameKevin Zucker!# 3# ", &1 *Rodger B. MacGowan becamethe third recipient of the Ed Blomgren / Winston Hamilton LifetimeAchievement Award for contributions made to the conflict simulationgaming industry. Rodger was honored for his many years of contribution to the hobby during the openingceremonies of ConsimWorld Expo2004 in June. Past recipients of thisaward include Alan Emrich andRichard H. Berg. ConsimWorldwishes to thank Rodger for the positive influence and creative force hecontinues to have in shaping thehobby.Here is an overview of some ofthe milestone achievements byRodger B. MacGowan.1975 Founder, Arquebus1976 Founder, Fire & Movement1976 First packaging design (TheRussian Campaign)1977 Squad Leader package design1982 Hobby Japan Art Consultant1986 Founder, Charles S. RobertsAwards1990 Co-Founder, GMT Games1992 Founder, C3I magazineMore than 200 game package designcredits.If you have Quicktime 6.x installed,Rodger's acceptance speech can beseen 8.html2Current Balance: 5,946.35as of 8/1/04Perpetual Fund 702.37Inflows:Dues 1,642.00‡Perpetual Fund 534.00‡Interest12.97PFund2.37 2,191.34Outflows:Bank Charge al Outflows 726.33‡Overall total 916.00‡**Not including money earmarked for the perpetualfund.‡Estimated by the editor.

!5The 2004 recipient for the outstanding Historical Simulation Gameis Lock 'n Load, Mark H. Walker,Shrapnel Games.New designer Mark H. Walkerhas attempted to go back to the rootsof tactical wargames with Lock 'nLoad, which is set in the jungles ofVietnam and is the first in a seriesspanning several eras. Tactical gamesstarted off as quick and fun butslowly accreted rules for greater“realism.” This game tries hard tostay simple yet capture a significantdepth of realism. It also uses amechanism whereby units in certainhexes trigger “events.”Not surprisingly for a tacticalgame, terrain, lines of sight, and spotting are crucial. The latter twomechanisms force cautious approaches. Carefully moving units andleaders forward, using the ground,scouting for the enemy, and dealingwith unexpected events as well asenemy actions, all make for a player'sgame which feels gritty and tense.Production values and company support for this game are excellent. It hasthe potential to spawn another greatdynasty of tactical wargames.The International GamersAwards was created to recognizeoutstanding games and designers, aswell as the companies that publishthem. The awards are truly international in scope, with committee members representing countries throughout the world. The goal of the IGAis to select games that are truly the“best of the best,” helping lead togreater exposure for these wonderfulgames and help spread the word ofthe “wonderful world of gaming” ona global scale.Other nominees were: Ardennes'44, Age of Napoleon, Monty'sGamble, Medieval, , Sweden FightsOn, and Warplan.4/It is the job of the unit counter poolofficer to collect, sort, and redistribute counters. If you have lost acounter to a game, you can contactme, and, if I have said counter, I willship it to you.With that said, if you have anygames you no longer want, I wouldlike to have them to redistributeamong the membership.With some of my personal games, Ihave started scanning the countersheets in the event that somebodymay need a copy for a missingcounter. If you have done the same,please forward a copy so I can catalog these as well.Games currently cataloged:Avalon HillAir Assault on CreteAfrika KorpsAdvanced Squad LeaderBattle of the Bulge ‘81, ‘91Breakout NormandyFlat TopFrance '40FSEGeneral 25 #2, 26 #3Midway/Guadalcanal ExpansionPanzerkriegSquad LeaderSta

This article is a compilation of infor-mation gleaned chiefly from Consim-world (www.consimworld.com) and Web-Grognards (www.grognard.com). The