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Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska Index (AK)June K5AK4AK8AK10AK3AK7AK6AK2AK1AK9AK14AK13 AK12 AK11Color Key for ChartsType of ChartScalePurposeHARBOR CHARTS(outlined in red)1:50,000 and largerFor navigation and anchorage in harbors and small waterways.SMALL-CRAFT CHARTS(outlined in green)1:80,000 and largerSpecially designed charts with small craft information.COAST CHARTS(outlined in blue)1:50,001 to 1:150,000For coastwise navigation inside the offshore reefs and shoals, entering baysand harbors of considerable size, and navigating certain inland waterways.GENERAL CHARTS(outlined in purple)1:150,001 to 1:600,000For use when a vessel’s course is offshore but when its position can be fixedby landmarks, lights, buoys, and characteristic soundings.SAILING CHARTS(outlined in purple)1:600,001 and smallerPlotting charts used for offshore sailing between distant coastal ports and forapproaching the coast from the open ocean.The scale of a chart is the ratio of a given distance on the chart to the actual distance that it represents on the earth. (Example: One unit ofmeasurement on a 1:10,000 scale chart is equal to 10,000 of the same unit on the earth’s surface.) Large-scale charts show greater detailof a relatively small area. Small-scale charts show less detail, but cover a larger area. Certain hydrographic information may be omittedon smaller-scale charts. Mariners should always obtain the largest-scale coverage for near shore navigation.

AK1Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Dixon Entrance to Coronation Islandwww.nauticalcharts.noaa.govContinued on AK2133 30'WWrangel IEDDANAIT1733017379Etolin I17383SShakanBayRinickam17422ChPORTLAND CANALulaninsd PeelanlnaCa17424hm17428BeaitStr17432Forrester outLookCapeInletgesaasP17407es17435Cape Bartolome17406Cape Chacon17433Mu17434zon17434DundasIDIXON ENTRANCE54 0'N17420Cape Knox!MaPrince RupertlacLangora IslandYE BARose PointcaPassTYRMcIN133 30'Wage54 0'NGRAHAM ISLAND135 0'W55 30'N0ce17426overClkeWa4317renBakerI17436Claade ! Craigro Bay17423Clev17404TrocCape Addingtonl55 30'N17423anaCape Ulitka1742317425mC174051742317385BehIphigenia BayPRINCE OF WHALES ISLANDSea Otter Sound1738217423Ernes17401t Sound17402Coronation IslandEATSTCape Decision17386Affleck CanalCape Ommaney17400CA17387130 30'WUN17331132 0'W17403135 0'W(see AK1T for chart table)132 0'W130 30'W

1733117330CHARTShakan Bay and StraitChatham Strait-Ports Alexander, Conclusion and ArmstrongWest Coast of Baranof Island-Cape Ommaney to Byron LEOffice of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart Catalog17379Snow Passage-Key Reef to Pt. ColpoysAlaska – Dixon Entrance to Coronation Islandwww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov17383Ernest Sound-Eastern Passage and Zimovia Strait1:40,0001:40,0001:20,00017385Sumner Strait-Southern PartZimovia Strait17386Shakan and Shipley Bays and Part of El Capitan Passage1740117400Davidson Inlet and Sea Otter SoundSouthern Entrances to Sumner StraitLake Bay and Approaches-Clarence StraitDixon Entrance to Chatham 8717402El Capitan Pasage-Dry Pass to Shakan Strait174031:40,0001:40,0001:10,000San Christoval Channel to Cape LynchEdna Bay17404Ulloa Channel to San Christoval Channel17406Northern part of Tlevak Strait and Ulloa ChannelBaker, Noyes, and Lulu Islands and Adjacent 517407Central Dall Island and Vicinity1:229,3761:10,00017408Southern Dall Island and Vicinity1:79,334North Entrance-Big Salt Lake17409Hecate Strait to Etolin Island including Behm and Portland CanalsShelter Cove17420Behm Canal-Western PartUnion Bay-Cleveland Peninsula1:40,0001:40,0001:40,00017422Harbor Charts-Clarence Strait and Behm Canal1:40,000Yes Bay17423Naha Bay-Revillagigedo Island1:20,0001:80,000Tolstoi and Thorne Bays-Prince of Wales lsland1:80,0001:10,000Behm Canal-Eastern Part1:40,000Dewey Anchorage-Etolin Island17424Portland Canal-North of Hattie IslandRatz Harbor-Prince of Wales Island174251:10,000Kasaan Bay-Prince of Wales Island1:10,00017426Clark Bay1:80,0001:10,0001:40,000Hollis Anchorage-Eastern PartPortland Canal-Dixon Entrance to Hattie IslandLyman o Channel-Nichols Passage and Tongass NarrowsTongass Narrows Including Ward Cove to Ketchikan Harbor1:40,000Seal Cove1742817430North end of Cordova Bay and Hetta Inlet1:40,0001:10,00017431Clarence Strait and Moira Sound1:80,000Ward Cove17432Prince of Wales Island-Kendrick Bay to Shipwreck Point1:40,000174331:20,000Revillagigedo ChannelFoggy Bay1:20,0001:40,000Harbors in Clarence StraitRyus Bay1743417435Tamgas Harbor1:5,0001:40,000Port ChesterClarence Strait-Cholmondeley Sound and Skowl ArmMetlakatla Harbor174361:40,0001:40,000Portland Inlet to Nakat BayHidden Inlet17437AK1T

AK2Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Coronation Island to Chicagof Islandwww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov136 30'Won AK3Continued(see AK2T for chart table)135 0'W133 30'W132 0'WHood Bay17341173661733717311PetersburgalCan17378Helm Point17320Continued on AK1ShakanBay17379Mitkof I17382Zarembo I173831738117330alAffleck Can17331CapeOmmaneyeRkinSti1738517384Etolin I1740117402oskciusKoSea Otter Sound17404133 30'Wnd17333PORT HERBERT135 0'WcanTebenkof BayCape Decision17386Coronation Island136 30'WDunland1737017328GULFOFALASKAof IsLEHAW57 rragut BayreanraNecker IslandsHAM1733617367KupSt17336CHATSCape Fanshaw17365Thomas BaykudSO Biorka IslandDERENDK S OURICKe17366lanAKITf IsDUN173251732717365F17324anoBar!Port Houghton173752417317337Sitka57 0'NHobart ANASCATETADSITESlStUN17322rilageassPens P17338phe17323SteChicagof Island17303ndAdmiralty Isla173211732017423132 0'W

Keku Strait-Monte Carlo Island to Entrance IslandTITLE1:20,000SCALEOffice of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart Catalog17372CHARTAK3T1:40,000SCALEAlaska – Coronation Island to Chicagof Islandwww.nauticalcharts.noaa.govYakobi Island and Lisianski Inlet1:10,000TITLEThe Summit1:10,000173031:10,000Devils ElbowCHART1:40000Pelican HarborHolkham Bay And Tracy Arm-Stephens Passage1:20,000173111:10,000Wrangell ,828Tebenkof Bay and Port Malmesbury1:20,0001:25,000Cape Edward to Lisianski Strait17376Port Protection-Prince of Wales IslandLe Conte BayCoronation Island to Lisianski Strait1:40,000173781737717321West Coast of Chichagof Island-Khaz Bay1:40,0001:10,0001732017322Elbow PassageShakan Bay and Strait1:80,0001:20,000Salisbury Sound-Peril Strait and Hoonah Sound17379Red Bay-Prince of Wales Island173231:20,00017381Zarembo Island and ApproachesSergius Narrows1:40,00017382Sitka Sound to Salisbury Sound-Inside Passage1:40,0001:20,00017324Neva Strait-Neva Pt. to Zeal Pt.1:20,0001:30,000Sumner Strait-Southern 001:40,000South and West Coasts of Kruzof IslandSnow Passage-Key Reef to Pt. ColpoysWrangell HarborSteamer Bay173251:40,00017383Wrangell Harbor and Approaches17386Shakan and Shipley Bays and Part of El Capitan Passage1:5,000Sitka Harbor and Approaches1:40,00017387Zimovia Strait1:20,0001:20,000Sitka Harbor17327Baranof lsland-Snipe Bay to Crawfish Inlet1:10,0001:20,0001:20,000Crawfish Inlet to Sitka1:5,00017384Ernest Sound-Eastern Passage and Zimovia Strait17328Chatham Strait-Ports Alexander, Conclusion and ArmstrongWest Coast of Baranof Island-Cape Ommaney to Byron BayBurnett Inlet-Etolin Island17326Sawmill Cove1:10,000173851733117330Patterson Bay and Deep CoveChatham Strait-Ports Herbert, Walter, Lucy and ArmstrongEl Capitan Pasage-Dry Pass to Shakan Strait173351:40,0001:10,000Davidson Inlet and Sea Otter SoundSouthern Entrances to Sumner Strait1:20,000174031:79,3341:40,000Lake Bay and Approaches-Clarence Strait1:20,000Behm Canal-Western PartSan Christoval Channel to Cape Lynch17402Gut Bay-Chatham Strait1:20,000174221740417401Hoggatt Bay-Chatham Strait1:20,000Harbors in Chatham Strait and Vicinity1733317336Red Bluff Bay-Chatham Strait1:20,0001:10,0001:40,000Herring Bay and Chapin Bay-Frederick SoundEdna BaySurprise Harbor and Murder Cove-Frederick SoundKelp Bay1:20,0001:20,0001:40,000Dewey Anchorage-Etolin IslandTolstoi and Thorne Bays-Prince of Wales lslandNaha Bay-Revillagigedo IslandUnion Bay-Cleveland :40,000Warm Spring Bay1:40,000Ratz Harbor-Prince of Wales IslandYes BayTakatz and Kasnyku Bays1:30,000Harbors in Chatham StraitPeril Strait-Hoonah Sound to Chatham Strait1:10,0001733717338Hood Bay and Kootznahoo Inlet-Chatham Strait1:217,8281:20,0001:40,000Harbor Charts-Clarence Strait and Behm Canal17339Whitewater Bay and Chaik Bay-Chatham Strait1742317341Etolin Island to Midway Islands including Sumner StraitKillisnoo Harbor173601:20,0001:40,0001:40,000Holkham BayGambier Bay-Stephens PassageBig Castle Island17362Pybus Bay-Frederick i and Eliza HarborsHobart and Windham Bays-Stephens Passage17365Fanshaw Bay and Cleveland PassageKeku Strait-Northern Part including Saginaw andThomas, Farragut and Portage Bays-Frederick Sound1:40,00017368Security Bays and Port Camden1:10,0001:20,0001:15,000Bay of Pillars-Rowan Bay and Washington BaysKake Inset1736717370Washington Bay

AK3Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Icy Bay to Admiralty Islandwww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov141 0'W(see AK3T for chart table)139 30'W138 0'W136 30'W135 0'W133 30'W167601676160 0'N60 0'NyPoint RiouBAYIc16741CAYAKDEDAITEATSTapeSkagwaySan COceNNAUyanbnt MPoiUTATayB!ndSssSTJuneau!DouglasIRAITPort Frederick ! Hoonaho17312173131731417303173211732317338landy IsiraltCape Cross16760AdmouCr17317ICY58 30'N17315InletIcy PointyBalmaPaCape Spenceral17302Can17301ayBerners Bay17316rsionLIT58 30'NrBExcuAYABUYcieustavusla1676217300LynnGCape FairweatherPointGayyBDrMuir InletHaines !1730017318TarrInlet17339KHAZ BAY17362173111736317322141 0'W139 30'W138 0'WContinued on136 30'WAK2135 0'W133 30'W

Icy BayTITLE1:80,0001:300,0001:40,000SCALEOffice of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogCHARTCross Sound to Yakutat BayAlaska – Icy Bay to Admiralty Islandwww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov16741Yakutat Bay1:209,9781:10,0001:20,0001:10,00016760Lituya BayYakutat Harbor1676116762Lituya Bay EntranceStephens Passage to Cross Sound including Lynn CanalCape Spencer to Icy Point1:80,0001:40,00017300Icy Strait and Cross Sound1:100,00017301Tenakee Inlet17302Yakobi Island and Lisianski Inlet1:10,0001:400001:20,000Holkham Bay And Tracy Arm-Stephens Passage1:40,0001:10,00017303Hawk Inlet1:20,000Inian Cove17311Port Snettisham1:40,00017312Slocum and Limestone Inlets and Taku HarborElfin Cove173131:40,0001:10,0001:10,00017314Gastineau Channel and Taku Inlet1:80,0001:20,0001:10,0001:20,0001:77,812Lutak InletLynn Canal-Point Sherman to SkagwayFunter BayLynn Canal-Icy Strait to Point ShermanJuneau HarborPelican Harbor173151731617317Skagway and Nahku e Cove-Chilkoot InletGlacier BayCoronation Island to Lisianski Strait1:40,0001731817320Cape Edward to Lisianski StraitBartlett Cove17321West Coast of Chichagof Island-Khaz BayHood Bay and Kootznahoo Inlet-Chatham StraitPeril Strait-Hoonah Sound to Chatham 2Salisbury Sound-Peril Strait and Hoonah SoundElbow Passage1732317338Sergius Narrows173391:40,0001:40,0001:10,000Gambier Bay-Stephens PassageKillisnoo Harbor173621:40,000Pybus Bay-Frederick SoundHobart and Windham Bays-Stephens Passage17363AK3T

AK4Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Prince William AK4T for chart table)148 30'W16700147 0'W145 30'W144 m!GoldenPOKinikilkWhittier !Glacier IslandPerry Island16706SSAGEP R I N C E WIL L IAM SOUNDGHTI PAHaKnight I! CordovaAlaganik !16723KatallaCape HinchinbrookeI!Cont16709IrBayKayak IslandCape St EliasCape Cleare1672316701Middleton Island16700148 30'W60 0'NCapM16702BLYING SOUNDlletaLatouchegue!roKanak IslandonBainbridg60 0'N16016IHinchinbrook I16704PORT BAINBRDIGE16710yBanswkiKNI16705acOr147 0'W145 30'W144 0'WeSuckling

16702167011670016016CHARTPrince William Sound-Western PartDrier BayLatouche Passage to Whale BayPrince William Sound-Western EntrancePrince William SoundDixon Entrance to Cape St. 1:200,0001:969,756SCALEOffice of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart Catalog16704Passage Canal including Port of WhittierAlaska – Prince William 0001:40,000Valdez NarrowsPrince William Sound-Valdez Arm and Port ValdezPort of Whittier16706167071:10,000167111671016709Naked Island to Columbia BayUnakwik Inlet to Esther Passage and College FiordPort Wells including College Fiord and Harriman FiordOrca Bay and lnlet-Channel lsland to CordovaPrince William Sound-Eastern 40,0001:79,291Valdez and Valdez Marine TerminalPrince William Sound-Port Fidalgo and Valdez Arm167121:100,0001670816713Controller BayTatitlek Narrows16723AK4T

AK5Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Kenai Peninsula and Cook Inletwww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov154 30'W(see AK5T for chart table)153 0'W151 30'W150 0'W148 30'W1666061 30'NSusitinaR61 30'N16663SPORTWsKnight I PasUEPA!N16702KEIN16682BLYING SOUNDAYHomer !HARRISBAY1670116670NUKPort ChathamPye IslandABSeldoviaNuk!aIKACHEMAK BAY166481664616645COOK153 0'WITLE154 30'W16606Latouche60 0'NAnchor PointDangerous CapePORT GRAHAM16646Cape DouglasPort BainbridgeRESURRECTION BAYYBA16608Seaward !IKKAMISHAK BAY!16704ALAugistine Island1670516683AIILIAMNA BAYNinilchikPerry ICulross IIN! KasilofCape KasilofTuxedini Bay1664816706S! Soldontna16640Chinitina Bay16647ELLosess!Kalgin Island!SunriseWhittier !KenaiHarriot Point60 0'N!HopeN16661!LAYBADREYBAGoldenARM16665East ForelandNikiski!KustatanOUAGAINTWest ForelandBTTURNPointPGINDRA!ionNorth Foreland16712! AnchorageFire IslandLadd1666216711Cape Elizabeth 16646CHUGACH ISLANDS1668116680BARREN ISLANDS151 30'W150 0'W148 30'W

16606CHARTCook Inlet-Southern PartCape Douglas to Cape NukshakBarren IslandsTITLE1:200,0001:80,0001:77,062SCALEOffice of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart Catalog16608Alaska – Kenai Peninsula and Cook 6621:20,000Gore Point to Anchor PointPort Chatham1:20,00016645Port Graham1:15,000Ports of Southeastern Cook InletSeldovia Bay1:7,50016646Homer HarborApproaches to Homer HarborCook Inlet-Cape Elizabeth to Anchor ak Bay1:100,000Seldovia Harbor16648Cook Inlet-Northern Part1:5,0001:50,00016660Cook Inlet-Anchor Point to Kalgin Island1:50,0001:50,0001:100,000Drift River1:50,000Cook Inlet-Kalgin Island to North ForelandNinilchik Harborlliamna Bay1666116662Kasilof River to Kenai River1668316682166811668016665Prince William Sound-Western EntrancePrince William SoundPoint Elrington to Cape ResurrectionCape Resurrection to Two Arm BaySeal Rocks to Gore PointPoint Elrington to East Chugach IslandCook Inlet-Approaches to :200,0001:25,0001:100,000NikiskiCook Inlet-East Foreland to Anchorage16700Latouche Passage to Whale Bay1:80,0001666316701Drier Bay1:20,000Seward1:50,00016702Prince William Sound-Western PartNorth Foreland16704Passage Canal including Port of 61671216711Naked Island to Columbia BayUnakwik Inlet to Esther Passage and College FiordPort Wells including College Fiord and Harriman 3Controller BayPort of Whittier16723AK5T

AK6Office Of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska– Kodiak Island and Surounding Areawww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov156 0'W(see AK6T for chart table)154 30'WContinued on AK5153 0'W151 30'WCHUGACH ISLANDS166451658016608Cape Douglas16580BARREN ISLANDS16604Point Banks16606YAKS58 30'NTRAIT16576ITELIyakEBSAYPOba16596yEBAYDIAKK OOld HarborCape Ikolik16570lga bayOLow CapeICHKANIYBACape ChiniakIUgaEagle Harbor ! k BayUgak IslandDangerous Cape!Cape BarnabasSitkalidak Island1659157 0'N1658716592AliCape Alitak16601takbay57 0'N16595Kodiak !16599! Larsen Bay16599Cape 8Continued on AK7MARMOT BAYIKAITonki CapeMarmot IslandANKATM58 30'N16605KUYAK BAYCape Ugyak1659416603Rasberry IslandKUPREANOFS16597TRAITUG16575RTAGShuyakIParty CapeSHUCape TrinitySITKINAKAiaktalik IslandSTRAITSitkinak IslandTugidak Island16590TRINITY ISLANDSGULF OF ALASKAChirikof Island55 30'N16580156 0'W16580154 30'W153 0'W151 30'W55 30'N

AK6TOffice Of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Kodiak Island and Surounding 0Portage and Wide Bays1:50,00016575Dakavak Bay to Cape Unalishagvak1:80,00016576Cape Nukshak to Dakavak Bay1:80,00016580Kodiak Island1:350,000Alinchak BaySouthwest Anchorage-Chirikof Island1:40,0001:52,15016587Semidi Islands and Vicinity1:135,00016590Kodiak Island-Sitkinak Strait and Alitak Bay1:81,52916591Alitak Bay-Cape Alitak to Moser Bay1:20,00016592Gull Point to Kaguyak Bay1:80,728Sitkalidak Passage1:20,00016593Chiniak Bay to Dangerous Cape1:80,00016594Marmot Bay and Kupreanof Strait1:78,90016595Whale Passage1:30,000Ouzinkie Harbor1:20,000Kodiak and St. Paul HarborsKodiak Harbor1:20,0001:10,00016596Womens Bay1:10,00016597Uganik and Uyak Bays1:80,00016598Cape Ikolik to Cape Kuliuk1:80,00016599Kodiak Island-Bays and Anchorages1:20,000Karluk Anchorage1:20,000Larsen Bay1:20,000Uyak Anchorage1:20,00016601Cape Alitak to Cape lkolik1:80,90516603Kukak Bay1:30,00016604Shuyak and Afognak Islands and Adjacent Waters1:78,00016605Shuyak Strait and Bluefox Bay1:20,00016606Barren Islands1:77,06216608Cape Douglas to Cape Nukshak1:80,00016640Cook Inlet-Southern Part1:200,00016645Gore Point to Anchor Point1:82,662

AK7Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Ikatan to Portage Baywww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov162 0'W160 30'W157 30'WContinuedon AK8159 0'W16013UGASHIK BAY156 0'W! Pilot PointKanatak !Po! Ugashik16575geBayWide BayCape Kayakluit16570rta1633816343Port Wrangell57 0'N57 0'NChiginagak BayPORT HEIDEN16566Sutwik IslandContinued on AK6163 30'W(see AK7T for chart table)16587Foggy Cape1656816580Chignik Bay!Chignik16363PORT MOLLER16540Semidi Islands! Port MollerUkolnor Island Unga IBay16551Isanotski StraitAGUNDolgoi IslandDeer PassagedeerI!IkatanBayColdContinued on AK916535Ft Randall !16535FalsePassMuffet PointlovAmak IslandPav16520Perryville!Mitrofania Island!SteSTpovakTIRA55 30'N16556Bay16553*16561Kupreanof PointKorovin IslandSand PtSHUMAGIN1658755 30'NISLANDSBig Koniuji IslandPopof INagai IslandMountain PointLighthouse RocksLittle Koniuji IslandBird ISimeonof IslandChernabura I!16013SANAK ISLANDS163 30'W16547162 0'W160 30'W159 0'W157 30'W156 0'W

1633816013CHARTPort HeidenBristol Bay-Ugashik Bay to Egegik BayCape St. Elias to Shumagin Islands;Semidi 9,761SCALEOffice of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart Catalog16343Port Moller and Herendeen BayAlaska – ikatan to Portage Baywww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov16363Unimak and Akutan Passes and Approaches1:80,0001:80,00016520Morzhovoi Bay and Isanotski StraitAmak Island165351:300,0001:15,000Shumagin Islands to Sanak Islands1:20,0001:20,0001:81,326Northeast Harbor1:20,000Sanak Island and Sandman ReefsMist Harbor1654016547Peterson and Salmon Bays1:80,000Sanak HarborAlaska Peninsula-Cold Bay and Approaches165491:5,0001:20,0001:80,0001:20,000King Cove Harbor1:80,0001:80,000Delarof Harbor1:20,000Unga Island to Pavlof BayPopof Strait-Northern Part1:80,00016551Chiachi Islands AnchorageChiachi Island to Nagai Island1:77,477Shumagin Islands-Nagai lsland to Unga lsland16556Mitrofania Bay and Kuiukta Bay1655316561Chignik and Kujulik BaysWide Bay to Cape ortage and Wide BaysChignik Bay-Anchorage and Mud Bays16570Dakavak Bay to Cape UnalishagvakKodiak Island;Southwest Anchorage, Chirikof Island1:135,0001:350,0001:40,0001657516580Semidi Islands and VicinityAlinchak Bay16587AK7T

AK8Office Of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart Catalogregion – Bristol AK8T for chart table)162 0'0"W160 30'0"W159 0'0"W157 30'0"WKuskokwimRiver163041630060 0'0"N60 0'0"NKuskokwim eHaWalrus IslandsHagemeister Island!KvEtolin PointBay16300 Cape Peirceay NaknekkBaichgak58 30'0"Nteis!shaCape NewenhamerClarks PointNuitraSt58 30'0"NCape Constantine16338Cape ChicagofEgegik Bay!Egegik1632216323BRISTOL BAYCape GreigUgashik BayPilot Point!! Ugashik163381634357 0'0"N57 0'0"NPort Heiden162 0'0"W160 30'0"W159 0'0"WContinuedon AK7157 30'0"W

AK8TOffice Of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart Catalogregion – Bristol Kuskokwim Bay1:200,000Goodnews Bay1:80,00016304Kuskokwim River-Kuskokwim Bay to Bethel1:100,00016305Bristol Bay-Cape Newenham and Hagemeister Strait1:100,00016315Bristol Bay-Togiak Bay and Walrus Islands1:100,00016322Bristol Bay-Nushagak Bay and Approaches1:100,00016323Bristol Bay-Kvichak Bay and Approaches1:100,00016338Bristol Bay-Ugashik Bay to Egegik Bay1:100,00016343Port Heiden1:80,000Dillingham- Small Boat Basin1:10,000

AK9Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Amukta Island to Unimakwww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov169 30'W168 0'W166 30'W165 0'WUnCape Sarichefim1653116500S16518ER54 0'NBay Akutan I16528 ka BsaalUnGIN16532Akutan !EABogoslof IslandUnalaska IMakushin BayDutch Hbr!let16529 er InvaBe16530Sedanka IslandakPaUnimakss!ageAkun IslandUgamakStraTigalda Island itContinued on AK7171 0'W(see AK9T for chart table)54 0'NKRENITZIN ISLAND165151652216517Cape Idak16511SDSAN16480ISLOFRUFOINNTAHerbert IslandYunaska IslandChagulak IInanudak BayUMOUmnak IKagamil IslandNikolski BayCarlisle IslandFort Glenn ! ssPaaknUm! Nikolski16513y16516aliliKuakBUsof Bay165211652016514Vsevidof Island16511Chuginadak IslandSamalga Island16501Continued on AK1152 30'N52 30'NAmukta I16500171 0'W169 30'W168 0'W166 30'W165 0'W

SCALEOffice of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogTITLE1:300,000Alaska – Amukta Island to Unimakwww.nauticalcharts.noaa.govCHARTAmukta Island to Igitkin Island165151651416513165111650116500Makushin BayChernofski HarborUnalaska Island-Chernofski Harbor to Skan BayUnalaska Island-Kuliliak Bay and Surveyor BayUmnak Pass and ApproachesRiver and Mueller CovesInanudak and Nikolski BaysIslands of Four MountainsUnalaska lsland to Amukta ,0001648016516Cape Kovrizhka to Cape Cheerful1:20,00016517Unimak and Akutan Passes and ApproachesSeguam Island-Finch Cove16518Amlia Island-Sviechnikof Harbor165201653016529165281652216521Krenitzin IslandsCaptains BayDutch HarborUnalaska Bay and Akutan PassBeaver InletUnalaska Island-Protection Bay to Eagle 01:40,0001:80,00016531Akutan BayAmak Island16532AK9T

AK10Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Pribilof AK10T for chart table)171 0'W169 30'W16380Northeast PointSt. Paul IslandWalrus IslandOtter Island1638257 0'N57 0'NPRIBOLOF ISLANDSSt. George IslandTolstoi PointCascade PointA16381GNRIBE16380171 0'W169 30'WSE

TITLE1:50,0001:200,000SCALEOffice of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogCHARTPribilof IslandsAlaska – Pribilof Islandswww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov16380St. George IslandVillage Cove1:5,0001:50,0001:5,00016381St. Paul IslandSt. George Harbor16382AK10T

AK11Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Igiktin Island to Chagulak AK11T for chart table)175 30'W174 0'W172 30'W171 0'WChagulak IslandAM52 30'NUKNorth CapeFinch Cove16487Koniuji Idlana Is16478Igitkin IAtkCape KigunTagalak MPASSAAmilia IslandGE16500SAGEL Tanaga I16477Continued on AK9Kasatochi IKorovin Bay52 30'NAmukta IslandPAS16480Continued on AK1216471Seguam ITA1601151 0'N164801647151 0'N175 30'W174 0'W172 30'W171 0'W

Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAK11TSCALEAlaska – Igiktin Island to Chagulak 000TITLE1:40,000CHARTThree Arm Bay1:20,0001:120,000Kanaga Bay1:30,000Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands to Seguam PassChapel Roads and Chapel Cove1:30,00016011Tagalak Island to Little Tanaga lslandAtka Pass to Adak StraitTagalak Island to Great Sitkin Island16471164771:300,0001:10,00016478Sand Bay-Northeast Cove1:20,0001:30,000Seguam Island-Finch CoveAmukta Island to Igitkin Island1:40,00016480Atka Island to Chugul Island1:40,0001:20,000Atka Island-Western PartAmlia Island-Sviechnikof Harbor16484Korovin Bay to Wall Bay1:20,0001:10,00016486Nazan Bay and Amlia PassMartin Harbor1648716490

AK12Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – East Cape to Igikton AK12T for chart table)178 30'W177 0'W16460180 0'52 30'N52 30'N16471TanagaICape SajakaCape SudakKanaga ITanaga BayUlak Islandof WaterfIT16463ADAK164671647816484Igitkin I16475Adak IslandL Tanaga I16477BayEGSAPASIlak IslandEA16462GSAAmatignak IslandAMCHITKSkagul ISPA16450AEast CapeAGDELAROF ISLANDSOgliuga IKagalaska I16474NTAKavalga Island16476allsGareloi IslandGreat Sitkin IBobrof IslandSTRAContinued on AK1316467Continued on AK1116465Semisopochnoi Island51 0'N1646051 0'N180 0'178 30'W177 0'W

164621646016450CHARTKanaga Pass and ApproachesTanaga Bay and ApproachesIgitkin lsland to Semisopochnoi IslandAmchitka Island and Approaches 00,0001:100,000SCALEOffice of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart Catalog16463Tanaga Island to Unalga Island (Metric)1:120,000Alaska – East Cape to Igikton Islandwww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov16465Adak Island to Tanaga Island (Metric)1:120,00016467Three Arm Bay1:40,000Atka Pass to Adak Strait1:20,00016471Kanaga Bay1:12,000Chapel Roads and Chapel Cove1:10,0001:30,0001:6,000Kuluk Bay and approaches including Little Tanaga and Kagalaska StraitsArgonne ChannelBay of IslandsSweeper Cove-Finger and Scabbard Bays1:30,00016474164751:30,0001:6,00016476Tagalak Island to Little Tanaga lslandHell Gate16477Tagalak Island to Great Sitkin Island1:30,0001:10,00016478Atka Island to Chugul IslandSand Bay-Northeast Cove16484AK12T

AK13Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Rat Islandswww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov175 30'E(see AK13T for chart table)177 0'E178 30'E180 0'1644052 30'N52 30'NBuldir Island16441Pillar RockSemisopochnoi IslandLitle Sitkin IslandEAGPASSConstantine HarborOGLALAPASSAGE1644216450ITKEast CapeAMCHRAT ISLANDS16420A16446Continued on AK12Continued on AK14Segula Island51 0'N51 0'N16440175 30'E177 0'E178 30'E180 0'

164411644016420CHARTConstantine HarborKiska Harbor and ApproachesKiska Island and ApproachesRat Islands-Semisopochnoi Island to Buldir lslandNear Islands-Buldir Island to Attu 0001:300,000SCALEOffice of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart Catalog16442Amchitka Island and Approaches (Metric)AK13T16446Alaska – Rat Islandswww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov16450

AK14Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Near Islandswww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov171 0'E(see AK14T for chart table)172 30'ECape Wrangell174 0'EAttu IAbraham Bay16433Holtz Bay16423Mass1643016431175 30'Eac16432re16440BayNEAR ISLANDS164351643652 30'N52 30'NAgattu IslandBuldir IslandContinued on AK13164341642116420171 0'E172 30'E174 0'E175 30'E

164231642116420CHARTTheodore Point to Cape WrangellShemya Island to Attu Island (Metric)Ingenstrem Rocks to Attu IslandNear Islands-Buldir Island to Attu 0001:300,000SCALEOffice of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart Catalog16430Temnac Bay1:20,000Alaska – Near Islandswww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov16431Massacre Bay1:40,000Sarana Bay to Holtz Bay1:20,00016432Agattu Island16433Alaid and Nizki Islands1:5,00016434Chichagof Harbor164351:20,0001:10,000Shemya Island1:5,0001:300,000Alcan HarborRat Islands-Semisopochnoi Island to Buldir lslandSkoot Cove1643616440AK14T

A15Office of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart CatalogAlaska – Northern Coastwww.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov150 00'W145 rsfortALASKA! KotzebueTAIRST354041616ayas161611619070 00'NcakP16145SOnUNITED STATESTZruPoint Hope16124iffiGrintPoCANADAauLisburne Sk6708epCaCattkelHa16y5160606164080808161670 00'N60616308161616! WainwrightIcy7162int081608Po1Ba1616ARTIC OCEAN140 00'W04155 00'WBa160 00'W16165 00'Ww170 00'W(see A15T for chart table)RIBEPort Clarence!65 00'N65 00'N16204Nome!16206Norton Sound170 00'W165 00'W160 00'W155 00'W150 00'W145 00'W140 00'W

16041CHARTBarter Island and ApproachesGriffin Pt. and ApproachesDemarcation Bay and ApproachesTitle1:50,8191:51,0241:51,639SCALEOffice Of Coast Survey – Nautical Chart Catalog16042Alaska – Northern 461604516044Alaska - West Coast Delong Mountain TerminalCape Thompson to Point HopePoint Hope to Cape DyerCape Dyer to Cape LisburneEast of Cape LisburneCape Sabine (Metric)Cape BeaufortKuchiak Creek to Kukpowruk PassPt. Lay and ApproachesUtukok Pass to Blossom ShoalsIcy Cape to Nokotlek Pt.Nokotlek Pt. to WainwrightWainwright Inlet to AtanikPeard Bay

Duncan Canal Petersburg Thomas Bay Farragut Bay Keku Strait Cape Fanshaw Port Houghton Hobart Bay indham Bay Stephens Passage Hood Bay Stikoh Bay Peril Strait Slocum Arm . Nautical Chart Catalog AK3 Alaska – Icy Bay to Admiralty Island (see AK3Tfor chart table) 133 30'W 133 30'W 135 0'W 135 0'W 136 30'W 136 .

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Alaska Airlines Inflight Magazine. Economics 300: Economy of Alaska, Notes-Introduction to Alaska Geography, page 9 Alaska Census Areas For purposes of collecting and reporting economic and social Alaska data, Alaska is divided into 27 “census areas.” These census areas are shown in the map below.

Judge Larry Zervos Alaska Superior Court, Sitka Rural Access Subcommittee Judge Dale Curda, co-chair Alaska Superior Court, Bethel Judge Roy Madsen (retired), co-chair Alaska Superior Court, Kodiak Louise Brady Sitka Tribe of Alaska, Sitka James Jackson Alaska Court Magistrate, Galena Judge Michael Jeffery Alaska Superior Court, Barrow

The Office of National Mar ine Sanctuaries, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, serves as the trustee for a system of underwater parks encompassing more than 620,000 square miles of ocean and Great Lakes waters. The 13 national marine sanctuaries and martwoine national monuments within the National Marine Sanctuary

NGS Ten-Year Strategic Plan 2013-2023 Positioning America for the Future 1 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Geodetic Survey National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Geodetic Survey

All National Banner Unified Champion Schools 518 schools *Denotes a school with 4-year renewal recognition STATE City School Name ALASKA Anchorage Robert Service High School ALASKA Anchorage East High School ALASKA Anchorage West Anchorage High School ALASKA Chugiak Chugiak High School ALASKA Eagle River Eagle River High School ALASKA Eagle River Homestead Elementary School

1 Visualizing Oceanic and Atmospheric Flows with Streamline Splatting Yinlong Sun*, Erich Ess*, David Sapirstein*, Matthew Huber§ *Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN, 47907-1398 §Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN, 47907 ABSTRACT The investigation of the climate

Oceanic island biogeography: Nomothetic science of the anecdotal1 Shai Meiri Opinion a rant from the levant Abstract. Islands get more than their fair share of attention from bio-geographers, macroecologists and evolutionary biologists. Adding to this existing bias, I claim that oceanic islands, especially oceanic is-