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MS-564: Wilbur Wright High School Alumni CollectionCollection Number: MS-564Title: Wilbur Wright High School Alumni CollectionDates: 1925-2012Creator: Wilbur Wright High School (Dayton, Ohio). Alumni AssociationSummary/Abstract:This collection contains materials assembled by the Wilbur Wright High School, Dayton, Ohio,covering the history of the school, focusing primarily on student and alumni activities. Themajority of the collection is comprised of photographs and newspaper clippings, as well asprograms, school newspapers, and other items. Of particular note are the large mounted classportrait collages, which date from 1947-1982.Quantity/Physical Description: 26.5 linear feet (8 oversize drawers & 6 boxes)Language(s): EnglishRepository:Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, Wright State University, Dayton, OH45435-0001, (937) 775-2092Restrictions on Access:Oversize materials in this collection are stored off-site; therefore, please notify us at leasttwo days in advance if requesting oversize materials (marked as “OS”).Restrictions on Use:Copyright restrictions may apply. Unpublished manuscripts are protected by copyright.Permission to publish, quote, or reproduce must be secured from the repository and the copyrightholder.Preferred Citation:[Description of item, Date, Box #, Folder #], MS-564, Wilbur Wright High School AlumniCollection, Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, Wright State University,Dayton, OhioAcquisition:The collection was donated to Special Collections & Archives, Wright State UniversityLibraries, in November 2011, with an additional donation in March 2013. The donation wasfacilitated by Diana Lee Riddlebaugh Schwieterman, Class of 1962 and President of the WilburWright High School Alumni Association.MS-564: Wilbur Wright High School Alumni Collection1

Sponsor:Processing of the Wilbur Wright High School Alumni Collection was made possible through thegenerous support of Ronald D. Patrick, Class of 1972.Accruals: No additional accruals are anticipated.Custodial History:Much of the material in this collection, particularly Series II-IV, was collected by individualalumni who then donated the materials to the Alumni Association’s memorabilia room.Other Finding Aid:The finding aid is available on the Special Collections & Archives, Wright State UniversityLibraries website at: guides/files/ms564.pdf.It is also available in the OhioLINK Finding Aid Repository at: by:Finding aid written according to DACS standards by Lisa Rickey, September 2017.Arrangement:The collection is arranged into four series and three subseries:Series I: Official Portraits, Circa 1932-1982Subseries I-A: Class Portrait Collages, 1947-1982Subseries I-B: Sports Team Portraits, 1940-1955Subseries I-C: Faculty Portraits, Circa 1932-1982Series II: Class Boards and Student Life, 1925-2012Series III: Alumni Activities, 1978-2012Series IV: Wilbur Wright High School History, 1929-2010Biographical/Historical Note:Wilbur Wright School stood at 1361 Huffman Avenue on a hill overlooking Dayton’s East Endneighborhood for more than 80 years. The building, designed by Hermann and Brown architects,opened in the mid-1920s as a junior high and elementary school. It was named for aviationpioneer and Dayton native Wilbur Wright, one of the famous Wright Brothers. The school’smascot of the “Pilot” further honors the Wright Brothers’ legacy.When Dayton’s Steele High School closed in 1940, its faculty and staff, including principal JayW. Holmes, were transferred to the Wilbur Wright building, and the school became WilburWright High School. Among the notable graduates of WWHS are: Vic Cassano (1941), pizzabusinessman; Don “Monk” Meineke (1948), UD and NBA basketball player; artist Bing Davis(1955); Stanley Pottinger (1958), U.S. Assistant Attorney General under Nixon; and actor KenJenkins (1958), who is perhaps best known for his role on the TV comedy Scrubs.In 1982, the school was converted back to a junior high, serving in that capacity until the springof 2009, when the school was closed permanently. In 2010, most of the old Wilbur WrightMS-564: Wilbur Wright High School Alumni Collection2

building was demolished to make way for the new Wilbur Wright PK-8 School built on the samesite; only the auditorium of the old school was preserved for use with the new building.Scope and Content Note:Series I: Official Portraits, consists of extremely large class portrait collages, sports teamportraits, and faculty portraits, which previously hung framed in the hallways of the schoolbuilding. The class portraits and team portraits are mounted on heavy cardstock. This seriesspans from about 1932 to 1982.Subseries I-A: Class Portrait Collages, consists of one collage per graduating classyear, made up of individual oval head shots for each graduate, with the person’s nameunderneath his or her photo. Photos are listed in chronological order. The full span forthis subseries is 1947 to 1982. The class portraits 1947-1972 are black and white; 19731982 are in color.Subseries I-B: Sports Team Portraits, consists of group photographs of the teammembers, as well as, in most cases, the schedule and score, as well as the names of theteam members. Photographs are separated by sport and then listed in chronological order.This subseries spans 1940 to 1955, and all portraits are black and white.Subseries I-C: Faculty Portraits, consists of professional “head shot” portraits of schoolprincipals and some assistant principals. The portraits themselves are not dated; however,the individual’s name, position, and dates of service are included with each photograph.Photos are listed in roughly chronological order. This subseries spans circa 1932 to 1982.Series II: Class Boards and Student Life, consists primarily of materials that were displayedon the “Class Boards” in the Alumni Association’s memorabilia room, as well as other materialsrelated to student life, which may not have been posted on the boards themselves. This seriesconsists heavily of photographs and newspaper clippings, as well as programs, schoolnewspapers, and other items. Although subject matter is varied, there is a large amount of dramarelated materials (including photographs and programs), many of which were donated to thememorabilia room by Charles Scott, WWHS drama teacher from 1957 to 1982. Materials in thisseries are arranged in chronological order by decade, which is how the class board materialswere originally organized and displayed. The overall span date for this series is 1925-2012.Series III: Alumni Activities, consists primarily of newspaper clippings and obituariesconcerning WWHS graduates, as well as photographs, particularly of reunion groups and alumnicruises. Materials in this series are organized according to format, such as clippings orphotographs, then chronologically. Clippings are separated according to class year by decade,similarly to the class boards in Series II. Materials in Series III span from 1978-2012.Series IV: Wilbur Wright High School History, consists of materials concerning the WWHSfaculty, the history of the school building, and the history of the Wright Brothers. There is also aMS-564: Wilbur Wright High School Alumni Collection3

small amount of memorabilia, including a bumper sticker, lanyard, and bookmarks/ribbons.Materials in this series span from 1929-2010.Subject TermsOrganizations/Corporate NamesWilbur Wright High School (Dayton, Ohio). Alumni AssociationWilbur Wright High School (Dayton, Ohio)PlacesDayton (Ohio) -- Public Schools -- Alumni and AlumnaeMaterial TypesClippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)Photographs – 20th centuryMS-564: Wilbur Wright High School Alumni Collection4

Collection InventoryBoxFileDescriptionSeries I: Official PortraitsSubseries I-A: Class Portrait CollagesOS 1451Class Portrait CollageOS 1452Class Portrait CollageOS 1453Class Portrait CollageOS 1454Class Portrait CollageOS 1455Class Portrait CollageOS 1456Class Portrait CollageOS 1457Class Portrait CollageOS 1458Class Portrait CollageOS 14601Class Portrait CollageOS 1461Class Portrait CollageOS 1462Class Portrait CollageOS 1463Class Portrait CollageOS 1464Class Portrait CollageOS 1465Class Portrait CollageOS 1466Class Portrait CollageOS 1467Class Portrait CollageOS 1468Class Portrait CollageOS 1469Class Portrait CollageOS 1470Class Portrait CollageOS 1470Class Portrait CollageOS 1470Class Portrait CollageOS 1471Class Portrait CollageOS 1470Class Portrait CollageOS 1472Class Portrait CollageOS 1473Class Portrait CollageOS 1474Class Portrait CollageOS 1475Class Portrait CollageOS 1476Class Portrait CollageOS 1481Class Portrait CollageOS 1482Class Portrait CollageOS 1483Class Portrait CollageOS 1484Class Portrait CollageOS 1485Class Portrait CollageOS 1486Class Portrait CollageOS 1487Class Portrait CollageOS 1488Class Portrait CollageDateCirca 198019811982Items located in oversize locations with folder “0” are in individual folders on top of the map case, as these weretoo large to fit inside. A redirect slip indicating this should also be present in the oversize drawer indicated.1MS-564: Wilbur Wright High School Alumni Collection5

BoxFileDescriptionDateSubseries I-B: Sports Team PortraitsOS 1491Football Team PhotoOS 1492Football Team PhotoOS 1493Football Team PhotoOS 1494Football Team PhotoOS 1495Football Team PhotoOS 1496Football Team PhotoOS 1497Football Team PhotoOS 1498Football Team PhotoOS 1499Football Team PhotoOS 14910Basketball Team PhotoOS 14911Basketball Team PhotoOS 14912Basketball Team PhotoOS 14913Basketball Team PhotoOS 14914Basketball Team PhotoOS 1501Basketball Team PhotoOS 1502Basketball Team PhotoOS 1503Basketball Team PhotoOS 1504Basketball Team PhotoOS 1505Basketball Team PhotoOS 1506Baseball Team PhotoOS 1507Baseball Team PhotoOS 1508Baseball Team PhotoOS 1509Baseball Team PhotoOS 15010Baseball Team PhotoOS 15011Baseball Team PhotoOS 15012Baseball Team PhotoOS 15013Track Team PhotoOS 15014Track Team PhotoOS 1511Track Team PhotoOS 1512Track Team PhotoOS 1513Track Team PhotoOS 1514Track Team PhotoOS 1515Track Team PhotoOS 1516Track Team Subseries I-C: Faculty PortraitsOS 1517Willard H. Marquardt, Principal, 1932-1936OS 1518Norman B. Wine, Principal, 1936-1938OS 1519Jay William Holmes, Principal, 1940-1962OS 15110William Holloway, Principal, 1962-1972OS 15111Edgar M. Norris, Principal, 1972-1982; AssistantCirca 1932-1982Circa 1932-1936Circa 1936-1938Circa 1940-1962Circa 1962-1972Circa 1972-1982MS-564: Wilbur Wright High School Alumni Collection6

BoxFileOS 15112OS 15113DescriptionPrincipal, 1962-1972Thomas B. Herrmann, Assistant Principal, 19461968Mr. Goodrich, Principal, Lincoln Elementary,undatedSeries II: Class Boards and Student Life311920s/1930s Athletics Team Photographs321930s Theatre PhotographsOS 14411930s Oversize Photographs: Student Life331940s Class Board: PhotographsOS 15111411940s: Perce Welcome, classroom scene1940s Class Board: Programs11OS 144OS 1442353OS 1449OS 14410341940s Class Board: News Clippings1940s Class Board: Other Materials1940s Class Board: Oversize Materials1940s, Program: First Annual Dayton Public HighSchool Football Premiere (Stadium BuildingFundraiser)1940s, School Newspaper: Wilbur Wright andWright Pilot (scattered issues)1940s, School Newspaper: Wright Pilot(photocopy)1950s Class Board: Photographs1111OS 144445671111950s Class Board: Programs1950s, Football Programs1950s Class Board: News Clippings1950s Class Board: Other Materials1950s, Football and Basketball Schedule Posters1960s Class Board: Photographs111OS 14458910611960s Class Board: Programs1960s Class Board: News Clippings1960s Class Board: Other Materials1960s Class Board: Oversize materials1970s Class Board: Photographs521970s Class Board: Photographs, “Wait UntilDark”MS-564: Wilbur Wright High School Alumni CollectionDateCirca 1946-1968Undated1925-20121925-1935, UndatedCirca 1930-19391934-1935Circa 1940-1949,circa 1960-1995,UndatedCirca 1940-19491940-1949, 1969,19851941-1944, Undated1941-1947, Undated1941-2002, Undated1947 Sept. 51943-19451949 Feb 25Circa 1950-1959,Undated1954-1959, Undated1958 Sept1950-1959, Undated1950-1955, Undated1955-19561959-circa 1969,1985, 2012, Undated1959-1968, Undated1960-1969, Undated1960, Undated1960-1963, UndatedCirca 1970-1979,UndatedUndated7

970s Class Board: Photographs, “Monique”1970s Class Board: Photographs, “Mad Woman ofChaillot”1970s Class Board: Photographs, “Our Town”1970s Class Board: Photographs, “Don’t Drink theWater”1970s Class Board: Photographs, “A Night of OneActs”1970s Class Board: Photographs, “Diary of AnneFrank”1970s Class Board: Photographs, “Hester’s ScarletLetter”1970s Class Board: Photographs, “Cyrano deBergerac”1970s/1980s Class Board: Photographs6263111OS 144611OS 14461112131241415251970s/1980s Class Board: Photographs, “My FairLady”1970s/1980s Class Board: Photographs, “A FunnyThing Happened on the Way to the Forum”1970s/1980s Class Board: Programs1970s/1980s Class Board: News Clippings1970s/1980s Class Board: Other Materials1970s/1980s Class Board: Oversize MaterialsMixed Years Class Board: PhotographsMixed Years Class Board: News ClippingsMixed Years Class Board: Other MaterialsMixed Years, Oversize Photographs: Student LifePhotographs of the Class BoardsSeries III: Alumni Activities211940s Classes: Alumni Clippings and Obituaries221950s Classes: Alumni Clippings and Obituaries231960s Classes: Alumni Clippings and Obituaries241970s Classes: Alumni Clippings and Obituaries251980s Classes: Alumni Clippings and Obituaries26Class Year Unidentified: Alumni Clippings andObituaries27Alumni Clippings: Bing Davis28Diploma Presentation: William Genner (Class of1942)66Alumni Photographs29Alumni Cruise: Monarch of the SeasMS-564: Wilbur Wright High School Alumni Collection1973197319741974-19751975UndatedCirca 1970-1979,Undated197419761971-1975, Undated1970-1973, UndatedUndated1972, 19761960-1997, Undated1941-2003, Undated1965, 1978, UndatedUndated2011 Nov 21978-20121984-2008, Undated1986-2012, Undated1983-2007, Undated1991-1997, Undated19891978-2005, Undated1996-2010, Undated1992Circa 1990-19951992 Nov-Dec8

BoxFileDescriptionDate622OS 144710114Alumni Cruise: Monarch of the Seas, PhotographsAlumni CorrespondenceReunions: Class of 1943, 1952, 1962Reunion Photograph: Oversize1992 Nov-Dec1994-19951992-1993UndatedSeries IV: Wilbur Wright High School History212Faculty Clippings, Obituaries, and Memorials213Faculty Clippings: Jay William Holmes6689622222101415161718OS 1442OS 1447198Faculty PhotographsWright Brothers Commemoration Photographswith Orville WrightWWHS Building PhotographsStories about Wilbur Wright High SchoolWWHS History ClippingsCrucifix ControversyMemorabiliaCorrespondence to/from Roz Young regardingWWHS HistoryRules: “Welcome to Wilbur Wright High School”Wright Brothers History and ClippingsWright Brothers History and Clippings, OversizeMS-564: Wilbur Wright High School Alumni Collection1929-20101958-2003, Undated1962, 1968, 1999,Undated1941-1982, Undated19291952, Undated1979 Feb1948-2003, Undated1960Undated1999-2000Circa 19801991-2010, Undated2003, Undated9

OS 149 11 Basketball Team Photo 1941-1942 OS 149 12 Basketball Team Photo 1942-1943 OS 149 13 Basketball Team Photo 1943-1944 OS 149 14 Basketball Team Photo 1945-1946 OS 150 1 Basketball Team Photo 1946-1947 OS 150 2 Basketball Team Photo 1947-1948 OS 150 3 Basketball Team Photo 1949-1950 OS 150 4 Basketball Team Photo 1952-1953

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