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Schilling Veterans Billpasses into Lawas national solutionto V.A. crisisChicago TribuneEndorsesSchillingBOBBY SCHILLING / CHERI BUSTOSRECORDBustos votes toexempt CongressfromObamacareOctober 2014The Taxpayer’s VoiceCheck the Facts Before You VoteBobby SchillingDear Voters,I grew up in a working poor neighborhood in the west end ofRock Island. Through hard work and carefully watching every dimewe spent, my wife Christie and I havebeen able to raise our 10 children inthe middle class. That's the Americandream.Preserving that American dream forthe middle class and working poor iswhat caused me to run in 2010 andeven more so this year.When Cheri Bustos ran against Bobby Schilling in 2012 her campaign only focused on“shipping jobs overseas” and “millionaires and billionaires.” Those phrases were repeatedover and over and over by Cheri Bustos and her campaign.It was a disciplined scheme to redefine Bobby Schilling by demonizing him.Let’s look at the facts.When I won election to Congress I kept every promise I made. I rejected the Congressional pension.I rejected the Cadillac Congressional healthcare plan for life.I cut my budget by 11.4 percent.I returned an additional 110,000 of my budget back to thetaxpayers. For the first time since the Korean War we succeeded inspending less than the year before—in both the years I served.Contrast that with my opponent Cheri Bustos who cosponsored a billto cut Congressional pay by 10 percent because she knows it willnever pass. I didn’t wait for a bill to pass to abolish Congressionalpensions, I led by example and just refused to participate in it.Even though I earned every penny I’ve ever had, my opponent wouldhave you believe that all I care about is the well-being of millionaires and billionaires and shipping as many jobs overseas as possible.THAT IS RIDICULOUS. The non-partisan PolitiFact has even said“There is no special tax break for outsourcing.” I’ve never voted to“ship jobs overseas,” ever. It is both a red herring and a straw manconcocted by myopponent to demonize my reasons for serving.Bobby and Christie Schilling.Married for 28 years.Read the facts before you vote.Bustos false claims about “shippingjobs overseas”Working in a bipartisan manner,I got three legislative measurespassed to boostwork at the RockIsland Arsenal,and in times oftight budgets Isucceeded in get-Continued on page 2First, if one was to believe the Bustos characterization of BobbySchilling, one might think that one day he woke up in 2009 andsaid to his wife Christie, “You know millionaires and billionairesin this country don’t have it good enough and we have too manyjobs in this country that should be shipped overseas, so I want torun for Congress.” It is ridiculous and illogical, but that is thebottom line of the Bustos narrative about Schilling.It is all based on twisting a procedural vote.The second vote cited by Cheri Bustos is a vote in 2011 on a bill to give every small business with 500 employees or less, a 20 percent tax deduction to help them keep operatingduring the recession. It was a Republican bill to help small business employers.The non-partisan government watchdog organization Politi-Fact says:our research shows there is no specialtax break to ship jobs overseas.”—September 16, 2014Before the vote on that bill, Democratsmade a procedural motion—a delayingtactic—which stated that if a small business created one job overseas that business would not get the tax deduction.This meant if a small business had hundreds of employees in the USA but hiredeven one new employee overseas to sell the products overseas that were made by American workers in the USA, that company would lose out. That is the proverbial cuttingyour nose off to spite your face. Bobby Schilling voted no on that procedural motion sothe House could proceed to the vote allowing all small businesses a 20 percent taxdeduction to help them stay afloat in dire economic circumstances. Bobby’s Schilling’svote was pro-American worker, but nevertheless demonized by Cheri Bustos.If there was such a tax break for corporations, surely President Obama would have pushedhard to abolish it, especially in his first two years when his party controlled both the Houseand Senate. The reason you haven’t heard President Obama campaigning against such atax break is because it does not exist.IT’S BEEN SAID THAT IF YOU REPEAT A LIEENOUGH, PEOPLE WILL START TO BELIEVE IT.CHERI BUSTOS’ LIES SMEARING BOBBYSCHILLING HAVE BEEN REPEATEDTHOUSANDS OF TIMESBUT THEY ARE FALSEBOBBY SCHILLING V. CHERI BUSTOSTHE WHOLE STORY

Schilling — Strong Support in PeoriaBobby Schilling has been endorsed by Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis and four Peoria City Council members, Peoria County Sheriff MikeMcCoy, Congressman Aaron Schock, Senator Darin LaHood and Representative David Leitch.Touring Dial Machine in RockfordDear Voters - Continued from page 1ting funds to replace one of the most obsolete bridges in the district. That is In my term in Congress I was most fulfilled by helping 3,000 constituentssuccessfully advocating for the economic interests of the district— some- solve individual problems beyond their ability to cope with. That is conthing I will focus on again for all areas of the district.stituent service at its finest and I will pour my heart and soul into repeatingthat outstanding service.I am most proud of the majorveterans legislation I authoredand sponsored. Back in 2011, Iput together a bill in Congressto allow veterans facing ridiculously long waiting periods toobtain treatment at the VeteransAdministration to bypass thebureaucracy by getting waiversto seek treatment at local hospitals and healthcare providers.The bill didn’t pass during mytwo years in Congress. Butwhen the VA scandal hit theheadlines last spring, my billwas reintroduced by my friendwho is the Chairman of theHouse Veterans Committee andit passed the House by a vote of426 to 0 and went on to becomelaw.I’m running to further achieve largesuccesses for the economy of the 17th District. And most of all, to once again makeour government ACCOUNTABLE to thepeople it represents.In order to move this country forward weneed representatives who will keep theirpromises, work to improve our economyand be a successful advocate for theeconomic interests of the people of thisdistrict.My record does makes me the betterchoice in this election and I ask for theconsideration of my candidacy to serveyou once again.Respectfully,Bobby Schilling—2—

ACCOUNTABILITY AND LISTENINGEssential Requirements for a Good RepresentativeRBUSTOS GETS ANepresentative Cheri Bustoswas sworn-in to Congress inJanuary 2013—and has notheld a single, real, public town hallmeeting for voters to speak outsince—or any other type of unscriptedmeetings open to all constituents.None.Not when she voted to cut veteransretirement benefits by 6 billion.Not when she supported a governmentshutdown by voting “no” on the firstsix budgets she saw.And not when she broke her promises.As a Representative, Bobby Schillingrepeatedly engaged the people heserved. He sought your views and your feedback. He listened to yourcriticisms.“It’s important, as a representative, to listen and be accessible,”Schilling said. “We’re not getting that from our current Congresswoman and that’s disappointing.”Schilling held more than 25 unscripted, open-to-all, and advertisedin advance, town hall meetings, while Cheri Bustos has held 0.While Schilling was highly accessible as your representative, CheriBustos hides from the public by appearing at invitation-only eventsthat are closed to the general public.We deserve a representative who does all of the job—includinglistening and being accountable to us.Nearly two years in officeand CongresswomanCheri Bustos has yet tohold one event in an open,unscripted setting.Bobby brought the U.S. House Agriculture Committee Chairman totwo different locales in the 17th District to meet with farmers.How many unscripted, open to all, publicly advertised in advance constituentmeetings did Bustos and Schilling hold in their one term each in Congress?Bustos 0Schilling 25CONGRESSWOMAN CHERI BUSTOSONE TERM & ALREADY OUT-OF-TOUCH—3—

House Passes Schilling Veterans Bill 426-0Schilling’s new law allows veterans the ability to use their owndoctors and hospitals in their hometowns instead of only VAfacilities in cities far away.When Bobby Schilling first started running for Congress in 2009, he began talkingabout an idea spurred by his father a few years earlier.“My dad was a Korean War veteran and when he was sick and needed an appointment, we’d have to drive a long way to the Iowa City Veterans Administration center. We’d spend entire days just getting him to a half hour appointment—it was astruggle. When I heard from folks across the district about the sometimes life-threatening waiting periods to obtain vital treatment, as well as the distance, I thought it’stime to find a fix for the broken VA healthcare system.”In 2011, during his first year in office, Schilling introduced the Enhanced VeteransHealth Care Experience Act. His bill would allow hospitals to enter contracts withthe VA and allow veterans the ability to use their own doctors and other healthcareproviders in their hometowns.“It shouldn’t matter who gets the credit. All that matters isdoing the right thing for people—for veterans.”Schilling’s bill was not typical. Rather than creating more bureaucracy to tackle aproblem, his bill solved the problem by bypassing the bureaucracy. All money is focused on treatment for veterans with none needed to finance new levels of administration and bureaucracy.Schilling worked hard to get co-sponsors for the bill, but at the time he was unableto find any Democrat co-sponsors. Schilling said Democrat leadership wouldn’t letany of their members sign on in fear of Schilling having a tangible accomplishment to talk about in the 2012 campaign.“A Democrat colleague of mine told me he loved the bill, but wasn’t allowed tosign on,” Schilling said. “Politics is frustrating. It shouldn’t matter who gets thecredit. All that matters is doing the right thing for people—in this case for veterans.”Schilling kept fighting for his bill throughout his term and even after he left office,but Washington gridlock made it tough.“I truly feel blessed to have been a part of this.It’s truly an honor to help our veterans.”“It was a good bill, but I didn’t have time to pass it,” Schilling said.However, when the VA scandal hit last spring and new problems were revealed almost every day in the headlines, the atmosphere in Washington changed. BobbySchilling received a phone call.“I got a phone call, and it was Congressman Jeff Miller—the chairman of the HouseVeterans Affairs Committee.”Then, Miller surprised Schilling with a request.“He asked me if he could use my bill to help address the VA scandal and I responded‘Absolutely yes, I would be honored,” Schilling said.Congressman Miller then reintroduced the language in Schilling’s bill in his Veterans Access to Care Act. The Schilling veterans legislation passed the House 426-0and was signed into law.Real Results for VeteransHouse Veterans Committee Chairman Jeff Miller reintroducedSchilling’s bill to fix the crisis for veterans.Schilling’s veterans bill passed by426-0. Pictured here is Schillingtalking to Chairman Miller abouthis bill for veterans.Levi Schilling & Bobby SchillingBobby’s son joined the Army and is stationed at Fort Bragg.Neighboring Congressman Adam Kinzinger, himself a current member of the Air Guardand veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, said:Adam Kinzinger“Bobby Schilling was ahead of his time onhow to fix our healthcare system for veterans.He was a visionary in seeing this massiveproblem and with finding a solution to it.Bobby’s ingenious solution is something allmy colleagues were thankful to be able tosupport when the chips were down after thescandal came to light. I really admire hisleadership for our veterans and you shouldtoo.”—Congressman Adam Kinzinger, July 2014—4—

Bustos voted for governmentshutdown in 2013 played political games tolook goodIn Cheri Bustos’ first year in office, there were six different federal budgets considered on the Floor of the House of Representatives. Two wereRepublican budgets. Four were Democrat budgets. Cheri Bustos votedagainst all of them.When a government shutdown occurs, it is never as a result of a vote onshutting down the government—rather it is the failure to adopt a budget forthe federal government on time. When a member of Congress votes againstall budgets presented on the House Floor, that is voting for a governmentshutdown.Bobby Schilling Personal Bio Born and raised in a working poor neighborhood in thewest end of Rock Island Self-made man from humble beginnings. Both labor andbusiness experience. This includes experience in both asmall business and in a large corporation. Union Steward, United Paperworkers Local 191 Union Treasurer, United Food and Commercial WorkersUnion Insurance and financial planner at Prudential 8 years. In hisfinal year, Bobby Schilling was ranked 315 in performanceout of 13,000 Prudential agents nationwide. Started a small business, St. Giuseppe’s Pizza in Moline. Married to his wife, Christie, for 28 years. Together theyhave ten children.With the House of Representatives having 435 members and the U.S. Senate having 100, no Representative or Senator can have his or her perfectbudget presented for a vote. Compromise is essential for legislative bodiesto work. We pay our Representatives to read and consider all versions tomake the best choice. Just voting no on all them is reckless and damages oureconomy as well as the faith of people in our government.It seems Cheri Bustos was more interested in how she looked politically thanthe health of our economy.She didn’t want to be accountable for anything in any of the six budgets offered for a vote. By voting against all the budgets she thought she woulddistance herself from any potential political consequences from which itemsreceived less funding and which received more money. But that is not thereason she was elected—she was elected to REPRESENT us and keep thegovernment operating in the most efficient manner possible.The difference in voting records on shutting down the government speaksvolumes not only about Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, but also about whatis wrong with Washington today – and why it is so important to restore government to the people on November 4, 2014.Bobby Schilling never voted for a government shutdown and therewas no government shutdown during his term in Congress.Cheri Bustos voted for a government shutdown and thegovernment did shut down while she was in Congress.The Schilling Family - Christie and Bobby’s 10 kidsStanding: Olivia, Isabel, Levi, Rachel, Bobby, Christie, Terry,daughter-in-law Katie, Aaron and JoeFront Row: Anthony, Sophia, dog Lincoln, Sam, andgranddaughters Grace and ReaganCommon Core for EducationSchilling: NO Bustos: YesSchilling: Education is more than cramming for a Common Core test. It’s aboutteaching critical thinking and the individualstudent. I have faith in our teachers and parents.bureaucrats in Washington andSpringfield.By supporting the CommonCore, Cheri Bustos is tellingparents, teachers, and localShould unelected bureaucrats in Washington school boards to take a backhave more of a say over education policy than seat to special interests.teachers, parents, and local school boards? ThatThe critics of the Common Coreis the debate surrounding education policycome from across the politicaltoday in America. While a clear majority ofspectrum. Even the NationalAmericans believe that local teachers andEducation Association hasparents should have a say over their student’scome out opposed to the Comeducation, many politicians think they shouldmon Core. Both the Chicagotake a step back.and New York teachers unionshave rejected the CommonCore because they are so bad."Common Core gets thingsbackwards" - Sandra Stotsky,leading education expertSchilling opposes a one size fits all policy oneveryone dictated by Washington. If we are tohave any hope in returning control over educaTake Rep. Cheri Bustos, for example, who sup- tion policy back to parents and teachers, weports the Common Core State Standards. The should look to return Bobby Schilling. He’llCommon Core standards were developed be- fight to end the Common Core.hind closed doors by special interest groups.The Common Core takes control away from"Common Core will destroy America'sparents, teachers, and local school boards andstanding in technology" - Dr. Jamesinstead puts the control over education stanMilgram, leading expert in mathematicsdards in the hands of unelected, unaccountable—5—

3 SCHILLING BI-PARTISAN BILLS TO EXPAND WORKAT ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL PASSED INTO LAWEconomic Boom for Quad Cities and Galesburg AlreadyOne of the first things Bobby Schilling did when he went to Congress was to set up a meeting withleaders at the Rock Island Arsenal."I asked them point blank," Schilling said. "What can I do for you? What can I do for the Arsenal?"The leaders told him they needed three key provisions to be passed into law to help create new jobsand make the Arsenal more competitive. They had been looking for these provisions for decades, buthad never been able to get them passed.Schilling got straight to work.First, Schilling earned a seat on the House Armed Services Committee, a serious accomplishment fora freshman representative."I had a Member tell me there's no chance you’ll get on that committee," Schilling said. "But I lovechallenges. I love when people say I can't do something. That's when I have the most success. Andyou know what? I did get on that committee after a lot of hard work.""I love challenges. I love when people say I can't do something.That's when I have the most success."Schilling's perch on the House Armed Services committee would prove to be essential to getting thethree Arsenal provisions passed into law.Working Across the AisleSchilling quickly developed a friendship with Rep. Dave Loebsack, a Democrat from across theriver in Iowa."Dave's a good guy," Schilling said. "We don't agree on a whole lot of policy stuff, but we both knewthe Arsenal was important to our districts, so we got to work."Working together, Schilling and Loebsack were able to get the three provisions written and includedin the National Defense Authorization Act in just six months."It sounds easy, but it really wasn't," Schilling said. "It's hyper-competitive out there, and there aren'tearmarks, so you have to get your legislation passed on its merits alone. But we did it. We got itdone."Schilling was a fierce defender of the Rock Island Arsenal, and he proved it during his term. He gotmore done for the Arsenal in two years than his predecessors had in three decades. It's clear that weneed him back to do more critical work for our district!Cheri Bustos missed THE critical vote to fund jobs atthe Rock Island Arsenal in 2013, instead choosing tocampaign and take selfies with President Obama.BUSTOS GETS AN—6—IN PROTECTING ARSENAL JOBS

Bustos Staff Reveals Her PrioritiesWhen Cheri Bustos was first elected, she hired Jerry Lack as her District Director. He is a former long-time staffer for formerCongressman Lane Evans and thus had a depth of experience to bring to the job. He quit in frustration after only a month on the said this:“The departure was due to a stemming frustration over the lack of progress with opening the district offices andmaking in-district staff hires. There was a growing discontent because Lack believed that Rep. Bustos was giving theDC office preferential treatment, in budgeting and staffing matters, over the in-district operations.Lack, a well-respected member of the Rock Island County Democrat Party and long-time senior aide to Rep. LaneEvans, was believed to be a key hire for Rep. Cheri Bustos. The source said that Lack will return to working for theIllowa Construction Labor and Management Council.”Nothing is more telling regarding Cheri Bustos’ priorities. The action of a long-time aide to Lane Evans speaks volumes. Jerry Lacksurvived for years working for Lane Evans but could only stomach a single month working for Cheri Bustos.Cheri Bustos made a lot of false allegationsin this mailer. See the factsCheri Bustos shamelessly misleadsvoters about the EB-5 American JobCreation ProgramBustos allegation: “Bobby Schilling sells visas.” False. It is illegal to sell visas, and Cheri Bustos knows this.The EB-5 program is a job creation program that brings foreigninvestment to the United States. In order for an applicant to beeligible for the EB-5 program, they must invest 500,000 in aproject in the United States and successfully create 10 or morenew American jobs.Bustos allegation: “The controversial EB-5 program is gamingthe immigration system.” False. The EB-5 program is highly regulated and approved bythe federal government. It renews every three years. It has broadbipartisan support in Congress—in fact, Congresswoman CheriBustos co-sponsored a bill earlier this year to make the EB-5 jobcreation program permanent.s attackstosuBriehC.peU.S. Rck projectChuck Sweeny:ioZecnanfitousedprogram beingOctober 04. 201411:00AMBustos attacks Schillingfor supporting programshe also backedPosted Online: Aug. 28, 2014, 4:41 pmBy Eric Timmons, [email protected] ISLAND -- Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-EastMoline, has hit out at Republican BobbySchilling for voting for a program while he wasin Congress that she also has supported since taking office.Mr. Schilling, of Colona, voted to reauthorize theEB-5 Immigrant Investor Program in 2012. Theprogram grants visas to foreigners who invest 1million or 500,000 in projects that create at least10 U.S. jobs.After Mr. Schilling, lost his seat in Congress in2012 he took a job with CMB Regional Centersin Rock Island, which finds projects for foreigninvestors seeking EB-5 visas.On Thursday, Rep Bustos released a statementthat said Mr. Schilling "walked out of Congressinto a six-figure job selling American visas towealthy Chinese investors that pay hundreds ofthousands of dollars to game the immigrationsystem."The statement called EB-5 a "Visa for sale" program that has become "extremely controversial."But Rep. Bustos in January co-sponsored an immigration bill that would make the EB-5 programpermanent. The bill has yet to be called for a vote.Rep. Bustos also personally promised to help Mr.Schilling's employers at CMB gain a license tooperate in Illinois.Pat Hogan, CMB's president, said earlier thisyear two of his staff spoke with Rep. Bustosabout their application for an EB-5 regionalcenter in Illinois.Mr. Hogan said the application had been languishing for some time but four days after theconversation with Rep. Bustos it was approved.He said Rep. Bustos was a "major hypocrite" toturn around and criticize a program and a company she had committed to helping.Rep. Bustos' campaign manager Jeremy Jansendid not respond to questions about the meetingwith CMB staff.The Bustos campaign also has highlighted several cases of corruption in the EB-5 program. Butnone of the stories were directly linked to CMB,where Mr. Schilling works.Mr. Hogan said none of CMB's projects hadfailed and the company brought jobs and investment to the U.S.—7—Bustos allegation: “The EB-5 program sends American jobsoverseas.” False. It CREATES American jobs here at home! The EB-5program is the opposite of outsourcing—instead of sendingAmerican jobs overseas, EB-5 brings overseas investment backto the United States to create jobs for American workers.What does Bobby Schilling do for a living?In addition to owning his pizza restaurant, St. Giuseppe’s Heavenly Pizza in Moline, Bobby Schilling works at CMB RegionalCenters in Rock Island along with more than 40 other employeesfrom the Quad Cities area.CMB utilizes the EB-5 American job creation program to help spureconomic development in high unemployment areas throughoutthe United States. Through the program, CMB has been incrediblysuccessful—they have not had a single failed project. CMB hashelped create more than 90,000 new American jobs and helpedinject more than 7 billion in economic activity into rural and highunemployment areas.For too long American wealth has been invested overseas. TheEB-5 program was created by Congress to entice foreignwealth to be invested in the United States creating new American jobs in rural and high unemployment regions.Senator Dick Durbin has supported the EB-5 program since itsinception and has voted to renew the program. Cheri Bustossupported the EB-5 program so strongly that she voluntarilycosponsored a bill to make the EB-5 program permanent insteadof the program being required to be renewed by Congress everythree years.That was before Bustos realized thatSchilling worked under the program atCMB in Rock Island. Since then shehas been a fierce critic of the program,even though she has refused to removeherself as a cosponsor of the bill tomake the EB-5 program permanent.

“Where did the jobs go?”Cheri Bustos: a recordof fooling peopleCheri Bustos refused to pick upthe phone to help local employersl Promised to cut her pay by 10 percent if elected. Broken“Illinois company Robertshaw to close plant in Hanover” - WQAD-TVpromise.“MetLife closing Freeport shop by end of 2014” - Rockford Register Star“Galva pet food company closing its doors” - WQAD-TVl Promised not to take her pay during the government shut-down her votes caused. Broke that promise too.While Cheri Bustos continues to run ads about shipping jobs overseas,she refuses to be accountable for her own record on jobs in our district thatare leaving on her watch.l Cosponsored bill to cut Congressional pay by 10 percent.It’s a sham because Bustos knows it will never pass andshe won’t take the cut on her own as she promised.This comes after Bustos has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars onnegative TV ads attacking Schilling for the factory called Sensata thatclosed in Freeport when he was in office, even though they announcedtheir decision to close before Schilling was elected. Bustos didn’t mentionthat Freeport was not in the 17th District at the time Schilling was in office.l Cosponsored “No Budget, No Pay” bill. It’s a fraudbecause it would not cost members of Congress a dime insalary no matter how long the government is shutdown—it would merely delay giving them their full salary whilethe government is shutdown.l Told reporters in September 2012 that she had already di-vested her financial holdings in a Chinese company calledLi & Fung that specializes in shipping American jobs toChina. She lied. She didn’t sell that holding until May2013, which was when Bobby Schilling made it public thathe would run against her in 2014.l Repeatedly attacks Bobby Schilling for “giving moneyto companies to ship jobs overseas.” The non-partisanPolitiFact says that is false.Whatever Cheri Bustos thought Bobby Schilling should have done for acompany not in his district, she should have done for MetLife in Freeportand the Robertshaw company in Hanover. Northwestern Illinois is losingseveral hundred jobs due to these employers shutting down business in ourdistrict.Bustos wouldn’t even pick up the phone when AllFeed called for help.You can’t be “pro-worker” if there is no work.Cheri Bustos, meet Cheri Bustos once again.Your own advice is something you should have followed.Did you get this mailing?It is the mostshamefullyuntrue smearon BobbySchilling ever.l Bustos claims to be a strong supporter of the Rock IslandArsenal, but she skipped the vital vote on funding theArsenal so she could go campaigning with the President.l Bustos criticized Bobby Schilling for working under theEB-5 program she cosponsored to make permanent.How’s that for hypocrisy?This mailer also falsely says Schilling voted against theViolence Against Women Act. He voted in favor of it!Cheri Bustos — ShamefulDISRESPECT FOR ROCKFORD CONSTITUENTSWhat an explanation!Disrespect for people in Rockford oozes out of Congresswoman Bustos’top staffer—her District Director—when asked by a constituent last winter to explain Congresswoman Bustos’ views on abortion and how thoseviews represent people in various parts of the 17th District.“The part of Rockford we have is very, very urban, very poor, veryunderprivileged. Not people who spend a lot of time in church—(shelaughs) more time in jail than church.”Say what?Insults and condescending stereotyping are not a professional way toexpress a position on any issue.It has long been said that the attitude of an organization comes from theperson at the top. No Congressional staffer would survive long if he or shehad vastly different views than the Representative they served.THE QUOTE WAS CHERI BUSTOS’TOP STAFFER IN THE DISTRICT.—8—

At Excel Foundry in PekinBCongressman Aaron Schock, Bobby Schilling, and Doug Parsons with Excel Foundryobby Schilling toured the Excel Foundry which is a large employer inPekin. Joining Schilling was neighboring Congressman Aaron Schock “Bobby Schilling’s experience as a union shop steward, then in financialwho used to represent Pekin before redistricting took effect in 2012. planning, followed by starting a small business, then as a Congressmanand now in a job bringing overseas wealth to the USA to be invested to creDoug Parsons of Excel Foundry said “Bobby Schilling knows how to run aate good new American jobs, has Bobby towering over incumbent Cheribusiness successfully.” Parsons continued, “It is vital to have public officialsBustos when it comes to creating jobs.who actually understand the struggles employers have and officials who canreally be effective in removing roadblocks for us to be able to grow and cre- Bobby knows job creation with his first-hand experience from every possiate more jobs.”ble vantage point.”Schock said he was able to work seamlessly as a team with Schilling

jobs overseas” October 2014 Bustos votes to exempt Congress from Obamacare Chicago Tribune Endorses Schilling The non-partisan government watch - dog organization Politi-Fact says: our research shows there is no special tax break to ship jobs overseas.” —September 16, 2014 RECORD Chec

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Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

doubles-plus-one facts, doubles-plus-two facts, plus-ten facts, plus-nine facts, and then any remaining facts. For multiplication, the suggested sequence is the times-zero principle, times-one principle, times-two and two-times facts, times-five and five-times facts, times-nine and nine-times facts, perfect squares, and then any remaining facts .

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

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Glossary of Social Security Terms (Vietnamese) Term. Thuật ngữ. Giải thích. Application for a Social Security Card. Đơn xin cấp Thẻ Social Security. Mẫu đơn quý vị cần điền để xin số Social Security hoặc thẻ thay thế. Baptismal Certificate. Giấy chứng nhận rửa tội

Phần II: Văn học phục hưng- Văn học Tây Âu thế kỷ 14- 15-16 Chương I: Khái quát Thời đại phục hưng và phong trào văn hoá phục hưng Trong hai thế kỉ XV và XVI, châu Âu dấy lên cuộc vận động tư tưởng và văn hoá mới rấ

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multiplication facts. Third graders are required to know their multiplication facts up to the 12. Once you’ve learned these, or if you already know them, you should use this time to learn, practice, and review multiplication facts up to 20. You will be logging the time spent practicing your math facts on a math facts

Lời Nói Đầu K inh Bát-Nhã (Prajna) đƣợc lƣu hành rất sớm tại Ấn độ. Khoảng 700 năm sau khi Phật diệt độ (cuối thế kỷ II đầu thế kỷ III Tây lịch), lúc Bồ-tát Long Thọ

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1.2. Chương Trình 0% Lãi Suất Ưu Đãi Mua Sắm không áp dụng cho Chủ thẻ Tín Dụng Thương Mại. The Installment Plan With 0% Interest is not applicable for HSBC Business Credit Card. 1.3. Loại tiền tệ được sử dụng trong Chương Trình 0% L

For centuries, Baccarat has been privileged to create masterpieces for royal households throughout the world. Honoring that legacy we have imagined a tea service as it might have been enacted in palaces from St. Petersburg to Bangalore. Pairing our menus with world-renowned Mariage Frères teas to evoke distant lands we have

HƯỚNG DẪN LỰA CHỌN DÂY & CÁP HẠ THẾ DÂY & CÁP HẠ THẾ A/ LỰA CHỌN DÂY & CÁP : Khi chọn cáp, khách hàng cần xem xét những yếu tố sau: - Dòng điện định mức - Độ sụt áp - Dòng điện ngắn mạch - Cách lắp đặt - Nhiệt độ môi trường hoặc nhiệt độ đất

v 2 Check yourself questions – find out how much you know and boost your grade Each Check yourselfis linked to one or more facts page.The numbers after the topic heading in the Check yourselftell you which facts page the Check yourselfis linked to. The questions ask you to demonstrate the types of skills you will need to

Practice basic subtraction facts. 11. Multiplication Memory Practice basic multiplication facts. 12. Division Memory Practice basic division facts. 13. Make Your Own Memory Game 14. Addition Bingo Practice basic addition facts to 10. 15. Subtraction Bingo Practice basic subtraction facts. 16.