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Summary of a Round1. The Scientist who controls the Director assemblesthe Resource cards, Invention cards, and standeesfor that round and divides them into piles.2. Starting with the Scientist to his or her left andproceeding clockwise, each Scientist claims 1 pile.3. Starting with the Scientist who controls theDirector and proceeding clockwise, eachScientist may construct and activate his or herInventions if the conditions to do so are met.Each Scientist then moves his or her PlayerMarker on the Infamy Track in relation to theamount of Infamy gained.4. The Crooked Director standee moves clockwiseunless the Director’s Minion card has enteredplay (if this is the case, the Scientist who claimedthe pile with the Crooked Director standee holdsthat role for the next round).5. End of round. If there are no more Inventioncards to draw from the Invention deck, eachScientist reveals his or her Quirk card and gainstheir last bits of Infamy on the Infamy Track. Ifthe Invention deck has not been depleted yet,the next round begins with Step 1.CreditsGame Design and Development –Sharang Biswas and Max SeidmanArt – Robb MommaertsCryptozoic EntertainmentCo-CEO & Founder – John NeeCo-CEO & Founder – John SepenukSpecial Thanks – Nick Tyson, Elizabeth Zhang,Angela Zhang, JR Honeycutt, and all of thejudges of DFW Nerd Night design competition,for all their help and support. And a huge THANKYOU to all our playtesters, without whom thegame would not be possible!Additional Game Development – Derek StuckerGraphic Design – John Vineyard (Lead), Larry Renac,Nancy Valdez, Erin Roach, and Magdalena NilgesVP, Operations – Leisha CumminsVP, New Business and Development – Bill SchanesVP, Creative – Adam SblendorioProduct Development Manager – Derek StuckerResearch and Development – Matt Hyra (Lead),Mataio Wilson, and Nathaniel YamaguchiEditing – Shahriar FouladiBusiness Coordinator – Rumi AsaiSpecial Thanks – Carolyn Byrnes, Javier Casillas,Matt Hoffman, Vanessa Jimenez, Cory Jones,Erik Larsen, Lacy Lodes, Sara Miguel, GeorgeNadeau, Matthias Nagy, Jeff Parker, Ryan Skinner,Yasmine Smith, Rachel Valverde, Dekan Wheeler,MaryCarmen Wilber 2016 Cryptozoic Entertainment.25351 Commercentre Dr. Suite 250, Lake Forest, CA 92630. All rights reserved.Manufacturer: Cryptozoic Entertainment.www.cryptozoic.comMade in China

Game ObjectivesWelcome to the Mad Science Foundation,fellow misunderstood geniuses! For far toolong the greatest barrier to advancementin the field of mad science has been thedisheartening lack of access to its fourcornerstone resources: Cryptomium,Lasers, Dark Matter, and Sharks. Toalleviate this horrid injustice, the MadScience Foundation has been created!At long last, we’ll all have an equal chance toutilize the nefarious tools necessary to achieveworld domination and to be taken seriously.InstructionsMAD SCIENCEFUN FACT:The word “laser”is an acronym for“light amplificationby stimulatedemission famy Track42 Scientific Resource Cards5 Minion Resource Cards6 Quirk Cards4 Headquarters Cards30 Invention Cards1 Sassy AI Standee1 Crooked Director Standee1 Truckload O’ Cash Standee1 Spy Standee4 Player MarkersWe look forward to your participation in thespirit of collaboration, sharing, and fairnessas we try to acquire ultimate, omnipresentpower over all humanity.Make sure to keep that last part quiet (and you can probably forget that bit aboutcollaboration, sharing, and fairness).- Alexa Thicket, MSF Director3. Control of the Sassy AI (more on thisWhile total world domination is the ultimatelater, see: Minions)goal of any worthwhile Mad Scientist, thefirst step is to prove to the world that theScientist should be taken seriously. To that Each Scientist tracks his or her Infamy onend, each Mad Scientist in the game aims the Infamy maximize his or her own Infamy, whichcomes from 3 sources:The game ends when the entire Inventiondeck has been depleted. At the end of that1. Extraordinary Inventionsround, Scientists reveal their secret Quirkcards and total their Infamy. The one with2. Quirk cards (Infamy acquired for the most Infamy is declared the winner!appeasing your personal quirks)Setup1. Shuffle the Quirk cards, and thendeal 1 face down to each Scientist.Scientists may look at their Quirkcards but shouldn’t show them tothe others.2. Shuffle the Headquarters cards. Deal1 face up to each Scientist. Placeeach card sideways to indicate thatit is merely a prototype and is not yetconstructed (see: Inventions). Returnany unused Headquarters cards to thebox; they won’t be used in this game.2 PlayersShuffle the Invention cardswithout a “3 ” or “4” playersymbol on them and placethem face down beside theInfamy Track. Return theremaining Invention cards andthe Overworked ResearcherMinion card to the box; theywon’t be used this game.3. Each Scientist takes the Player Markerthat matches the icon on his or herHeadquarters card and places it at“0” on the Infamy Track.4. Set aside the Overworked ResearcherMinion card, and then shuffle theremaining Minion cards into theResource cards and place them facedown beside the Infamy Track to formthe Resource deck.MAD SCIENCEFUN FACT:Most people don’tthoroughly read therules before playinga new board gamefor the first time!5. Form the Invention deck and place theOverworked Researcher Minion cardbased on the number of players inyour game:3 PlayersShuffle the Invention cardswithout a “4” player symbol onthem and place them face downbeside the Infamy Track. Placethe Overworked ResearcherMinion card at the bottom ofthe shuffled Resource deck.4 PlayersShuffle all the Invention cards,and then put the OverworkedResearcher Minion card inplay face up beside theInfamy Track.2

6. The oldest player takes the CrookedDirector standee and thus controlsthe Director for the first round.7. Place the Truckload O’ Cash, SassyAI, and Spy standees aside. You’llneed them later.NOTE: Want to play a shorter game?Reduce the number of Invention cardsin the deck by pulling 4 (for a 2-playergame), 7 (for a 3-player game), or 10 (fora 4-player game) out randomly. Have fundoing whatever you think is so much betterthan playing this game!INFAMY TRACKDiscardPilePlayer 1’s Inventions and ResourcesPlayer 3’s Inventions and ResourcesPlayer 2’s Inventions and ResourcesSetup for a 3-player gameMAD SCIENCEFUN FACT:Shark skeletonsare made fromcartilage, not bone!3GameplayEvery round has 2 phases. During the awarded by the Mad Science Foundation.Resource Awarding phase, the player Each Scientist then takes a turn to acquirecontrolling the Director divides up the the grouping of his or her choice.Resources and prototype InventionsPHASE 1: Resource Awarding1. The Scientist who controls the Directorfor this round collects Resources andprototype Inventions to split into anumber of piles equal to the numberof Scientists. To perform this task,this Scientist first reveals the topcard of the Invention deck (top 2cards if the Overworked ResearcherMinion card is in play). The Scientistwho controls the Director also grabscards from the Resource deck basedon the following chart:Players234Resources3452. If any Minion cards are revealed fromthe Resource deck, place them off tothe side and move their standees tothe center of the table. The Scientistcontrolling the Director should drawanother card from the Resourcedeck for every Minion card that isrevealed in a round, so that therewill always be the required numberof Resource cards.3. If any Minion cards were revealedin earlier rounds, place their Minionstandees at the center of the table(players do not keep Minion cardsbeyond the end of a round). Even ifthe Crooked Director Minion standeeis at the center of the table (eitherjust revealed or revealed in anearlier round), the player who wasDirector at the beginning of the roundmaintains Director duties for now.More on Minion cards and standeeslater (see: Minions).4. The Scientist controlling the Directorcarefully divides the revealed cardsand Minion standees into a numberof piles equal to the number ofScientists in the game (e.g., 3 piles ifit’s a 3-player game). It’s very unlikelythat these piles will be of equivalentsize or value. Each pile must containat least 1 card.MAD SCIENCEFUN FACT:Time moves slowerthe closer you get toa black hole or whenwaiting for a friendto read a rulebook!5. Starting with the Scientist to the left ofthe Director and continuing clockwise,each Scientist chooses 1 pile andacquires all the cards and standeesin that pile, placing them in his or herplay area. The Scientist who made thepiles always gets the last pile. If thepiles are too uneven, he or she willundoubtedly be left with the worst one.6. Newly acquired Inventions are referredto as prototype Inventions. Turn themsideways to indicate that they are notyet constructed.7. If the Spy Minion card is acquired, theplayer places the Spy standee now(see: Minions).8. If the Crooked Director Minion cardis acquired, the player takes overDirector duties at this point.NOTE: Although controlling the Directorallows you to wield an impressiveamount of power, it can also be adetriment — you’ll always get last pickof the Resources and Inventions.4

DiscardPileINFAMY TRACKInventionsPlayer 1’s Inventions and ResourcesPlayer 3’s Inventions and ResourcesPlayer 2’s Inventions and ResourcesResource Awarding Sample Piles for a 3-player gameAre there really any bad choices? Yes.PHASE 2: ExperimentationStarting with the Scientist who controlsthe Director and continuing clockwise,each Scientist may perform the followingactions in any order:5Activate an Invention by pressing thebutton on a constructed Invention. Thisaction may be performed any number oftimes during each Experimentation phase,but each Invention may be Activated onlyConstruct Invention: Construct 1 Invention once per discarding the Resource cards shownat the bottom of the Invention card, then If the Crooked Director Minion card hasn’tturning the card upright to show that it’s been revealed, the Director standee isnow a constructed Invention. This action passed to the left and a new round begins.may be used only once during each All revealed Minion cards and standeesExperimentation phase.are relinquished by players at the start ofthe next round and are placed back in thecenter of the table, ready to be includedin piles by the Director again.Inventions are powerful technologies,devices, buildings, and one-time occurrencesthat you can leverage in your quest to becomethe world’s most infamous Mad Scientist.Every Scientist’s first Invention is his or herHeadquarters, so each player begins thegame with 1 Headquarters as a prototypeInvention. Scientists will have to choose ifthey want to construct their Headquarters.Occasionally, Inventions will allow youto activate them only when a certainstipulation is met. Common stipulationsinclude: “If you control the Director,” “Ifyou’ve constructed an Invention this turn,”and “If you acquired an X Resource cardduring the Resource Awarding phase.”Constructing InventionsWhenever you acquire an Invention, it startsas a prototype Invention, with the Inventioncard turned sideways to indicate you haven’tconstructed it yet. In order to construct anInvention and reap its benefits, you may,during the Experimentation phase, discardthe Resource cards shown on the bottomActivate to gain 2 Infamy,but only if you control the Director.of the Invention and then turn the Inventioncard upright. At this point, it becomes“constructed.” You may construct no more Some Inventions have an arrow as partthan 1 Invention per turn.of their ability. When you activate theseInventions, you may discard whatever isshown on the LEFT side of the arrow togain whatever is shown on the RIGHT sideof the arrow once per round. If you do nothave the item shown on the left side or doIn order to construct this Invention, a Scientist wouldhave to spend 3 Cryptomium.not wish to spend the required Resource,you cannot activate the Invention.MAD SCIENCEFUN FACT:There are around 20volcanoes eruptingon Earth right now,most of them underthe ocean!Activating InventionsEvery Invention card has a big red buttonin the middle. You may press this button oneach of your constructed Inventions once perturn in the Experimentation phase, therebyactivating the Invention and gaining its effects.Discard 1 Cryptomium to gain 2 Infamy.MAD SCIENCEFUN FACT:The moon thinksit’s sooo greatand needs to betaken down!In addition, some Inventions allow you togain certain Resources from the discardpile. If the Resource isn’t in the discardpile, you can’t get it.What would an Invention be without a big red button?6

MAD SCIENCEFUN FACT:The first successfulcloning of a mammaloccurred in 1996and resulted in asheep named Dolly!Invention CategoriesUnstable ClonesA few Inventions belong to specialcategories, symbolized by icons on theInvention cards. Certain Quirk cards mayhave special interactions with Inventionsthat feature the Facility and Mastermindicons. If you don’t have one of these Quirkcards, don’t worry about these two icons.An Unstable Clone can be activated duringany round for 2 Infamy. Alternately, you canwait and activate multiple Unstable Clonesfor an exponentially bigger Infamy bonus,since each Unstable Clone card earns 2additional Infamy for each other UnstableClone that is activated in the same round.So, for example, if you have 3 constructedUnstable Clones and activate each of themin the same round, EACH Unstable Cloneearns you 6 Infamy. This means you wouldearn 18 Infamy in a single round!FacilityMastermindSelf-Destructing(Invention mustbe destroyed afteractivation)Truckload O’ Cash – The Scientist whoacquires the Truckload O’ Cash card canspend it as 1 of any Resource, but onlyduring this round. If it isn’t spent this round,it cannot be saved. (NOTE: A few Inventionsrefer to Resource cards. Although theTruckload O’ Cash can be spent as anyResource, it is not a Resource card.)Sassy AI – When acquired, the Sassy AIMinion immediately awards 2 Infamy (i.e.,the Scientist who gets the card moves up2 on the Infamy Track).Spy – At the end of the Resource Awardingphase (before any Scientist has constructedor activated any Inventions), the Scientistwho acquired the Spy card immediatelyplaces the Spy standee on 1 Invention cardbelonging to an opponent. ConstructedInventions with the Spy on them cannotbe activated this round, and prototypeInventions with the Spy on them cannotbe constructed this round.Overworked Researcher – The OverworkedResearcher is the only Minion who doesn’thave a standee. When the OverworkedResearcher Minion card has been revealed,it adds a second prototype Invention tothe awarded Resources each round. Ina 4-player game, this Minion starts outrevealed next to the Infamy Track. In a2-player game, this Minion is not used. Ina 3-player game, place this card on thebottom of the Resource deck at the startof the game.ResourcesMinionsMAD SCIENCEFUN FACT:Cryptomium isa rare elementoften utilized inthe creation ofparticularly valuabletrading cards!7Most Resource cards are very simple:Each card provides 1 Resource of the typedepicted. The Resource deck contains the Minion cards are hidden amongst thefollowing amount of each Resource:Resource cards and call forth lackeys ofdiffering abilities who can be recruited toyour cause for 1 round. When revealed,place the Minion card to the side of thegame and its standee in the center ofthe table, as they are now part of theResources to be awarded in the round.The one exception is the Overworked15 Cryptomium12 LasersResearcher Minion card, which does nothave a standee. For every Minion card thatthe Scientist controlling the Director reveals,he or she should draw another Resourcecard from the Resource deck so thatthere will always be the required numberof Resource cards. A player who gains aMinion card in one round relinquishes it and9 Dark Matter6 Sharksits standee during the Resource AwardingThe Resource cards the Scientists have phase of the next round, allowing it to becollected are public knowledge, so included in the piles with the Resource andeach Scientist should spread his or her Invention cards again. Here are details onResources out to make them visible to the different Minions:everyone else.8

MAD SCIENCEFUN FACT:Every time you readthis Fun Fact a new,parallel universe iscreated in which youdid something elseinstead!NOTE: The Scientist who controlsthe Director divides the piles in theResource Awarding phase, then isthe first to construct and activateInventions in the Experimentationphase. Once the Crooked Director cardis in play, controller of the Directormay be two different people duringthe same round, as the standee willchange hands in the middle of theround instead of at the end.The Saboteur – At the end of the game: The Megalomaniac – At the end of theChoose an opponent. Gain 1 Infamy game: Gain 3 Infamy for each constructedfor each prototype Invention that Facility Invention you have.opponent has.Crooked Director – After this Minion cardis revealed, the Director standee is nolonger passed left at the end of each round.Instead, the Director standee is controlledby whoever acquires it during the ResourceAwarding phase (the player’s control beginsin the Experimentation phase).QuirksOnce the Invention draw deck has beendepleted, the last round of the game isplayed. At the conclusion, each Scientistreveals his or her Quirk card and moves upon the Infamy track based on what the cardsays. There’s no way to know who’ll havethe most Infamy until the very end! Here’sa rundown of the different Quirk cards:9NOTE: Playing to your personal Quirksis nice, but every Mad Scientist knowsthat the most Infamy always comesfrom Inventions. Don’t go mad tryingto satisfy your Quirk. Or madder,technically.The Tinkerer – At the end of the game: Gain The Mastermind – Gain 4 Infamy for each1 Infamy for each constructed Invention constructed Mastermind Invention you have.The Procrastinator – At the end of the game, The Hoarder – At the end of the game:after your opponents have received their Gain 1 Infamy for each leftover ResourceQuirk bonuses: Discard the Spy from your you have.Inventions. You control the Director. Take 1final Experimentation turn (construct up to1 Invention and activate your constructedInventions, if able).MAD SCIENCEFUN FACT:The Hoarder Quirkcard puts a positivespin on havingleftover Resources,but it’s almostalways better tospend Resourcesif you can!10

in the deck by pulling 4 (for a 2-player game), 7 (for a 3-player game), or 10 (for a 4-player game) out randomly. Have fun doing whatever you think is so much better than playing this game! Player 2’s Inventions and Resources Player 3’s Inventions and Resources Player 1’s Inventions

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