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-OvO —— oQo-—,'i‘ ft A 0 4 V .ofThe beloved children,ofJohn and Mary FowlerWho departAd this lifeae followsLAURA WINIFRED lath psb. 189U.age 2 years k months.MAKUA ANN 19th yeb 19th 189U.age hyeara 9 monthsand CXONIC JOHN ERROLL 23rd Mar. 109U.age 3 months,andEDWARD CHARLES 3th April 1895.Aged 7 wddhs.— oOo—VACANT. jj iVh, 3 A V — oOo—— OQO “**V A C A NT.-*OOo— » i A 0 A VF-eOo—— *o fO—

33 4.VACANT.iT ' b:“‘vviaii ana urio't*; ' ' W t t t t t o t-W h on gUl r ”fltreXXot 03 . — ujkl CuivIIi-'. AHQAJL: V ,d 'Xa/j-goji 3-l.iO'i - 033: v j A*« . ,V/v*,#* J JjflCP C CvHMOt 0IR0M 5,mi ,:: n t a o s i 0. 3. ;; . fiiw F n WiS ? V *»aAinwAfl ,[— oOo—VACANT.» ; jMgag . .--oOo—: iti A 0 A Vllt:eS; . V'V&A A- r, .:r Site p !--,*‘-OOO-Q O 0o .a»kMA

oOo-In menry ofJOHN HISTAFFER HOMAOBEWho departed this life17th March 1857.Aged 32 years.AlsoMABEL HAB0EL 8HAPHERD.She Infant daughter ofJanes and Ursula Hornageewho departed thi life30th March 1877.Aged 2 days— oOo—— oOo—IN nenory ofMARSHA EASTH0Y8Died on Chussday22nd March 1*66.Aged 1*9 years.My god my father while I strayyar from nay hone 1b lofe's toughaway0 teach ne fron ny heart Ad aayThy will hedone— eOn—Inmeraory ofWALTER R. BO.VERBBorn March 29th* 1877. Died May 15 th 1899Aged 22 yearwHie end was peace.AleeBENJAMIN BOWERSWho died May 1st 1881.Aced 7 yearsBlessed are the desd who die in the lord.— *o0o—In loving memory ofELIZA JANE KEMPTHORNBBAftLBYDied June lbth 1916.Aged 61 yearsthere realnth here therefoe a 'est tothe people of god.— oOo—

5 3.V* K A oSacredto the memory ofEDT. H. WESTOHObiit Mar bth 1090to x a » * n i'3sfiiyr-rH aii'i'iVA-'.’iii jx -u«j u ih it fisi-nif, :. c-:.v,Y?Wii;\i*?5i}3l Sc A&3.CAS Tat 8 monthsI— 0O0—Inmemory ofREMIT, BAOLSY03XA.astaRAis-2 a ;na-.::Died 29th September 1639*'io oiJXSJiab JJisiiu’ oil'x'i Ji.utr; tt j?.‘ill b r \ - : .1 c.*lil ?i«tf 6o.Ti.:cot t.VY X itaa \; rfj'ocS 6j 'ia -0,0 -h h b i. . — 000In lowing memory ofINEZ ELIZABETHDarling daughter ofLogan and Alice FrancisDiemd March 13 th 1914*Aged U years 2 monthsto tJOKOU MIAHIKAii00 AaiCI,d QXhnsiSuffer little ohildren to oomeunto me.A'-'iA1 ellii? I3ifii5lj'sSfeJE c i ssc-riLc;.a c ilX&s a m o d x* uc xi on do .onoiijrf IIlw — 0O0—BLAKE.— 0U0—.i i t t a x WAged 6 years and 3 monthsDay by day ve do miss himwords on earth ho tougue can tellgver more with him to dwell.o ;jo —— eOo—In lowing memory ofEMILY ISABELLABeloved wife ofBllllam Qsbormowho departed thle lifeog October 18th 1956.Aged 76 years.to v* o* enr.I tJfts'.Oii . : i.VV I iMV.: X.JJ.5U T.*ie .’J‘J;!3X SS A-rjA.VJsSti tsv buo a liioal/v' ascsoe JHiiuLrxs XSSI ial xnH 6 sin c»:.')Siao’c Y A 3A’ixf nt Hh ctftf Saab oiU o 'ia Jb 336X6 —o'jo — 0 X oaota g iilv o X i ; I4 1V 1 :,v.;lii ' Ai j A L iSW 1' .'XUvii./Aii (3X51 it f d i aiSj i, S-j i - '*.j c Xcl #J* v ;aisa xilnifte** »««*’to QXnodfj (JiCR.I.P.greeted by her— 000-In lowing memory ofLilianBelowed daughter of Williamand gaily Osbornewho departed this life onApril 17th 1937.Aged 39 years.R.I.P.greeted by her father.— oOo—In lowing memory ofWILLIAM 08BQRRBDied January 8th 1963.Aged 81* yearsJesu Mercygreeted by his daughter Joyce——0O0—— G'.jC---Husband.?.

a a i .looaj oi'»,J ioetfi fit# y: i «j i it.oSJtUflOa t' i«'jj Ac':—*-OuO-— Xo Y*OBr;anI.1iXXSSLO 0 .*i3d#5M, 8 S*SS S.;i-7 e bn.2 waz\. d Ba ;: ', jslit aaJtai oi .w v :& h*\rtsj ar» otf uoi m di-ue «; ?.!,, ,;fi oJ aid diJtvj 3?C4 ,„ Is meaorja ofQJLANDO BAOLfcYDied January 8thl889*Aged 65 yearsAlso his wifeMurgarot u i x w BAQLRYDied Dec 17th 1898Aged 65 yearsThesy rsBt from their labour.— ooCo ln aenory ofMARGARET HAQLE1died November 28th 1900*Aged U7 BeersCone unto ne ye wenry end Iwill give you reet.— oO o—— oOo—J i ; AsOe —1oa*ivoi ali’AXm s M t o «e# t3h*»h a a i x t s afJtiaSTi 0OiiA. f»nu R:'.jwila loving b entryofARTHUR OSBORNEBled Ootober 19th 1916«Aged 26 years.Lord reaehber ne*,jlXgX O S Z L i i " j -i h * »J2 v ib o x . 4 boa* « s& c io L M ll8 Ci{UJ— cOo—H n o a u a : c i v o l xXAJii'iti.:v31X -10 etJUf b a v o X e idfl-lCd:!0iV A C A m,301 1X17/o 'U i BJUtt b v i t u - - o b— oOo In sentry ofRCBERT OSBORNEDied August 1st 190luAbide with Be*ode,d 2 riiex uadcJoQ fcs 0;.flIAwt aV h'5;Vt vi x n«6i! cfsnKuah id ;— oO o—lo— eOe—VIG.HOI! g a l v c X alar.lihif.e iX i U— oOo—lov c J i t z i f t ’- b hovo-*o tr io c a Obs* .ftO o l l lb e l W i « l '. T e d * W x ;A c h:,SA,* 9 d 3 ij't 4i o i i v.d mLoving aenoryofOHARDOTTB KLIZAB2THWife of RftieBt OsborneDied 23 rd October 1917Aged 76 yearsOrant her lord eternal reetgreeted by her son Willies*— oJO “ o O o ——1 c v*o;as»a g i i i v o i d‘RftHiOtlnO y/.XXiH d I slab YtnyjwDavaoTt life &»8A.XO’io'A 30io'&aid & f jb-sJ **'--OUG-'a)VACANT. oOo—

tottlvioaomy;.liiAa OfllkUK4f68W#t ' 3 1*3 „ 2-2 So.vt*Hff. Jill Oi:X.'.Yjifififc.« afcw’i. qtiki riJVi 3a o & m3-ifl-it. 2 * '- 2Awvd*i it*# *S :to v ,: Jd;3 n if-i.taui iM /iAO.'JiiiM--1n d t vo;: b-5lb‘ 'iti'ii VilI AjBfiSPW 9i M9« 041j31 j‘ '13 Xliv;2 3GV.’ILHAM OSBORNEDied July 20th 1971*,Aged 61 years— oOo—In aeaory ofWILLIAM fi.fi. KHIPXCaptain of fit Helena MilitaryWho departed this life 30th 1862.Aged 65 years and 6 monthsalee his beloved wifeJULIDTH M A R I A M HDied 3rd Jan 1958.Aged 65 years b u n k.-oOo—In loving aeaory ofLOCKWOOD BOYCE YODWODied 8ept 26th 1918.Aged 46How the labours taBk Is overtjiojw'Snjiai’/olloi:X . itiusUU.O I i . .riJt’X *iorf.3ou J)yiCIis f)' v;.JM /iotfika.Mo't jvioa— oUo—.!«' h 0 A V* OC'O-—In loving aeaory ofEMILY MAYBeloved daughhter ofLOCKSODD AND JULIA YOUNGDied June U*th 1903.Aged 13 yearsHe shall gather the lambs withhis arms and carry then Inhis bosoa.lc VI0“lfj 11 triV. I W W K O t)SS60«»&)vl in i lijgjjA. b-Jtia.02 tfii.y *fticrAVACANT.— oO c—niVicaxa snivel,louViX/iLUhOIf* 2 *at ci H l o o li.is tfc ia a h i r«j bo in., „d\ *Q3aM X J /mO* ailU xx flc-j Tori v JB .jr oetf*-oOu—

P S I .' X* irpr jtfttS * I u L « « * **E 8THER BOWIEDied 8th AttpUL 1089,Aged 72 yearsOod la levaerected by a friend., ; -l A— oJo—t o v IC il:,-:i r'XA*. . .-.i.-X !fia jutfldU JS io ni «.ci )tp ;a* #ii - ' ' .S d S lJt-ni i) #881 ‘A "— 0O0—xiiO c2 JU’ /bvoXatf a i dxAcn i 0T o the memory ofGEORGE RONALD BRUCEB o m let July 1820.Aged 30 yearsLate Harbour Master ofthis IslandHaring served the colonialGo'vemmeht Bor upwardsof 31 yearsleaving a widow and eight children.to mourn his irreparableloss by whom thJbetribute *f respect ie erected.' T fort k*ffl ';iLfiXiS X — 0U0-- .X Si A.i t— cO oio v io a sa s n i v e l n ii f f .'iiY itOloS SQG«j.DC.l ;f io a - fio iad l bog.A ssvo 3 l Xa.sJ a w o u o l o iU v.'OH-— 0O0—52 4353.B U N K .-—o u o ---— 0O0--'20 XtI o b m i g n i v o l n i: r.'; . & fclMvXAIMS10 U’S?. u 1 b iVcLoiLm & A i m q m aoasHooA. 0v‘I itfiU oauL b.:l iIn niemoxor ofSOPHIA 8C 0TTDied A«guat 20th 191 .Aged Tl\ yea» .-1 'ioov: i 6 0 3 Adifi 3 s 8w Ofli T j/ ilu j I le it e oilc l tae'J x v ia o fiiiii ncria airi— pOw—.raoTccf :!lii‘ — 0O0--.u aS ;'"Ti.-fri,” ' *5' ;-a 0 .1/Xi COCOKT.In memory ofALLAN QRANTBOVIELdterparleholerlNho departed thin life U t h Deo 186b.Aged 5b yearsAlmo MARGARET Daughter ofALLAN GRANT AND B8TER BOWIEWho departed this lifelet October 1B61.Aged 13 years '‘— 0O0—mb l a n k.— 0O0—A'?-it'.f e iSv.v.ii VACANT.:. '— eOo— Sm — ov}o—. PPPHi

-m232.:JjT i.tl i llxn -'0 ,* '* 'V : )63,A361*.In memory ofV. P. THOMPSONDied Bov. 17th 1809.Aged 69 yearsAleo CATHERINE hie wifewho died AP**il 20th 1912.Agod 90 yeafte.OYOX :J- ODDI! V 6 ,r,t,'Aa“ c"xj‘‘-r o.(LU»! ’«. a :;u- **K uit iai r.'iow* ?iSn 02 6* Airi)3 nCCx YiOi O, .1fiffnti-il aitJr iaeXoa o4* i3 3 hiv«m i.-i; sot odifixnj v o .)i 3'i.J'JX it 1G« -‘Vrfa*-:lri m. o. o.r5a:’vacxl?.' v— o0&-BLANK.— 00In memory ofgAMKft HIGHDied October 80th 1902.Aged 68 yearsait-X— oOo—.ii.juTf -it fcjeqta-i ‘16 olfci-iiMART PINIQANDied 6th April 191*2.— OwO —— oOo—;i.: } i A dELLEN BRQKDHAYHee PIN10ANDied yeb 25th 1961.R.I.P.— iOO—Id ypo,Jl*ia fiX2,-. i M H h o -j.fX l tub* -I-. :w. bsl *.53 -j'i6a ;.— oOo—i370.-—oO o *Also.XAX.3LA.AMARIA his wifedied August 15th 1905*Aged 73 years.t o v io a o a « I5 ivu::xiiux TtUoAoja rtili vUL ntaS dal-i 3 'S .3 !J V;t f?B o .v A— o0* cd:,BLANK*t o "x a t a q u a l iVi -.-.'Yi-JiU « *giroa a ix s a cue*.tttiXIn aemo iy ofYiILLlAM RICHARDSDied sept. 30th 1895.Aged 85 yearst &u o vam *;sLcii B o t 'in q e i) c;i.10531 lodoioO t X3 T 3 ! i ’S2 i6 3 2 A .*In nenory ofour beloved fatherFREDRICK A ALEXANDERDeparted this life July 13th 1867.Aged 56 years31 A J A V----- O O O -— oOo—

l a le v in g Memory o f MARYaw » ! ? g g . f JotaAgod 79 yecra.Reece Perfect Peace. - «30** * .- *;'JfidS H * * \ i ",— 0C0—— oOo—y- vI2 j;0Tlag menu ry ofTHRE8A ANNWife of KDsara Obeywho died July 31et 1993 .Agdd Slyeare.BlesBed arethe doad whomdie In the lot*.1 u V ;.:.' ,1o 'dioaoi-.i n lSOXii — .trSij jCtffW' y:j }i, iJ— oOo— .; ;i BLANK.— oOo—— ooo—In loving memory ofour dear motherRACHEAL ANN OBEYClod August 26th 191 b.n*i .dfad b3 yearsBrighten fairer for the livingnlth no trace of woe of painRebel In everlasting beautywe shall see thee once againgreetod by her children.Y.lAi!J g[ X & & ‘td ii:,L:[— oCo—VA?210iiU .L*-tUL"lftUUMU OoE,Id I dt?.2 t-e'X tonl**'}. -* — o00-— oOo—378w 'iteaasi mivCLi,1,1101.1 .-Li lu u il . «&; dtO\- .#qt 2 hoIS3130 C ii do;4A.o : iA9 . v»14 A lH A ttr,ijon a# ;i #3uyiA heib. i**3« 2V——oOo****In memoryofBILLIEIn loving memory ofEDXWARD SB XTDeparted this lifeNovember 6th 1917.Aged 7U years"Now the labours task Is overgreeted by . corRor.— 0O0—— 0O 0—VACANT.1o Xt-‘aoa &tons ;vt b a v c le d i t o. U»WS1 !' # » &"ifiv.l - . '-* 'oU saaots l r i d fttfJ'Jflf 02 BOjsA— OOO—— 0O 0—iJi

rrtivoi r.Xiiiti' ijyvoiy i« isS * * i ’ 181.BLAKK.— oOo — oCc —To the Memory ofBra ylda(sohoftl mistress)Died 13th November 19l*5,Aged 5k years.#« *»* : * ' B&*10 atit*fpfoI: vLoI o-jiti Ciim *J g *ij; ii30Xa9,B»::X .Mi' iii oil) » : -— eOe—v .fi LA N X. cCo— ': /:— 0O0—In M ofPKRTHINIA WADSwho departed thta lifeAugust Lth 1837*-, rwa. «ai- \ttfo ;a»«& w- * fiO Uiv AUil ,\'JiX. i .- . '«!M* *-* '*' suet 'tf W a tSrJrtr dzi-vi xlrr ec« to m * «Sitf # « * * «i * » * 2#9X0.9t dS 0: 3 XXid:-! d".*?*'* ’* i533o:»'lS;Xg This tablet is erected bya fond relation.— 000-In 1. M. ofFRANCI8 WADSDied October 5th 1898.Aged 61 years,ereoted by Ann orey.— OGO—— *oOo—aX3p S fcS'/-i«aaIn L I . ofCHARLES hENTRY GREYDied April 7th 1911.Aged 68 y e a n. VOK— eOe—to’"‘St) X*iC»nO.M 'iltivol ill.Y.i 0vtil *!Ult,tXCX.itJt; !V 6r:rc 3l i*«i **u?oo 'i ?*“3 re t SSfYoO . ':i-''-tl C—I n 1 I ofour dear motherANN ISABELLA GREYD led lov. 5th 1911a.Aged 60 y e a r serected by her children.r .V— oOo—R.I.P.ANNIE ELLEN CLAA8 *— oOo-*“In 1 X ofELIXABIZH ANNE RILEYDied March 22 nd 1912.Aged 96 years— 0O0—— oOo —

A*v **2SX.CU iv 592.2c ‘ iCSS * , iJ 0i’i'yiV «vz IJi)*IJ’-t IdOifO.' ) IPX *ra v tl ittxl i'Ji!:: ’v 1*2 39SAV AC A H T.— oO-—ALICE ELIZABETH I8 9 3 - IQ6AROBXRT * U » C „ W l 9 , IUjUU[8acred to the memory ofAnASnfr,h? 5toand and fatherHa r o l d j a m s s o r e iDlad 10 th April 1968.Aged 71 yea*Resting where no shadowsfall— oO0—A i » ‘i— 0G 0-— 00-‘io M nlSWl&w AlKihinii'i ?4 ,. - Wi a i m \6»J*i3 i5h o/«r.Vidl ni l JaisaWA,4o ; j j 'r: ;! ioKfadf aldjIn aeaory of.AIWA MARIApJ56 Sel*I!d wltf* of * b t« OibbwJnUfhteP*0f* Oaita.Hbodeparted tboaa*thh* life9th August laas,Asad 31 years— eOo—, i » l d a x o ‘r i m o l n—oGo—to.14 . I « I**re* *beranceof TH0MA8 CARTAfell asleep In JesusApril 2h th 1908,„. Aged 69 years*y flesh and heart falltthBut god is the strengthof my heaft and ayPoriion for aversiv j; 3XJf.Ab *1MIBI.liJg 1'jCClOG OOlU' * ,tit OM Id A o s a.ip'iO na\ cd boJoo'ia- — oOo—XO .Id J nlI S « 3 THStrah' CaASAHO— 0O0—.liw d*Y lluttfi. 1)0xa3133 &d JE i 3*\MARTHA AIW CART*Widow of the late T. CartaPassed away May 31st 190b.Aged 73 years--oOo—‘io M i n i tO d d 0 3'U O j j* Ii Gjfc U H iiA 3 I HM& iiltl JjJ2 .voH bol u3-ii?3\; GO b v A* w-Just when thou ej all 0 saviour ooaeTake me to dwell in thay brighthtae or when the snows haveobowned ay head or If it hath one silver thrfi 3&Ii -* l* i v;o iiyioolO— oO o—— 0O0—BLAHS." — Oo—.1 yyy0ills . A 00—io H 1 n lInlovlng reaecberanceofJQHF WILLIAMThe beloved son offfohn and aMary a Thoaaswho died 13th July 1882.Aged 17 yearsY l l f l SEIIA.An SS i j - vinoyJj A— ’ Oo—

3In uanpry ofJOHN THOMASDied Nov 2Uth 1915 .Aged 77 yeabe* Mil'’ f'tiGOs— 0O0—U2k. 'ils S AOJOJiAfiVA C A NT.UOI Do LIavosiv Zitt3-!iiiU'it—to0 O0 ——y iAlFAii AKHAa'y'lD .J*0Qiut3"'* 3 ilOd# 1c9til iidt— 0O0—.aoa n l1riI);,;;ci. —,51‘Oi. .tarot; A ii J Q3*i o t liFREDRICK B. THOMASDied16.8.7L.U29.— 0Q0 —0 O0—V A C A N T .O’utiiidq'i.iri jjolvol nla a -.--i i wBo ia a s r i oeeteO nt AOal a ll*-'x.COS!ns 12 l i ' i qiliK E 6d dojjAoliLLitOnuXid (vytt* a \S ix oj jailha: t t i ni : ? to.*xovd ‘io'I n u siio'i i—0O0— f-JiivS-'i.-'it m .0 iiTi\ Ai.i.s.*.':Ai : .1’ iS# IX alJr lootv.)3 -u/aiv!» 0' IIi'ijA nciiJ xi.-iiar iattl\aii-J ns IJLecft ot o:\ ai'a? - V .:;. 3Tv.fi:', noriw ‘ S O o o d #ill 3l50-ri#.*ft #1 ‘11 -10 b !S‘ll vLJ LOCffClJ— -cCc—.H ri A A 1*r*o G o —4 2 « i v o lr u.j0 S A L L ili/ tiEOI,lo nC:} dTOXaii on*A t'tsSa ona xuioLo a x 1, ftt - x b u iA o t- w*#* vi ft'.;./.In loving aeaory ofHSRBHRT AUGUSTUS NICH0LL8Craftsmen of at. Paula GatherdralB o m 13 April 1907 .Died 28th June 1971,Sadly Biased by hia loving wifeaona Daughter* Daughter In lowand grandchildren,— 000-. 0 ,1#}! tara baaira't-tov v,.— 0O0—In loving nenory ofOBORGS A. FLAGGB o m at RoyaletonU.8 .A.Died asst 8t, Helena Feb 21at 19221.in the 75 th yentT M s etohe is erectedby his sorrowing widowBlizabethIn the most ht life we are In deathoR.I.P.— 0O0—In loving aeaory ofour dear motherXLIZAiUtTH FLAGGDied Nov 18th 1962,R.I.P.— oOe--3 t

2 3 K)onljyjtvJU' iaiyLvo?I f)v i 'vv*,' rt— oOo—A :) - In resooboranoo ofOSOROE ILAOQPaeeed m a y 27 .5p 19b9.A«ad 70 yentuhi. 8f y “iaaofi byM b wife and childrenand grandchildren.Rost in peace*—-o0o R.I.P.hora u . gray.— CvO—"" — oOo—fjjifSB? .fi 501 -i\ A cJX— ooo—XLLGHA OILLE8Widow ofD* Eric oilier O.B.E.B o t i Budnpeijt 2 . 1 . ig01W e d St Helena 28. 6. 19 71 .\ T 1 A 0 .V V— 0O0— — 0 0—Vo iftdaa.ii g n i v o l « I: J5)X Km g R jijit a iiis O iA'iiti . in i o C'v .miJ'L v i O XXjftt-tl ivicti.tY’lX a/Dtt .!i(i u- J i’j v o i 3 Id vir ii . ; 1 « v .i:)r gf il t il BlJisaad a id iu - . a -7 no 3#C9t5Xijl5Sfl‘ i3 furs— 0O0—\y.y :t o * » « * ' a a i v o l /'X0 - —i flOlJfl ji'ICu4t \ ' x . .,ig ioctt BciCtO il!(Z lto J o o ia i i j c . . - iiii’pjn iw o 'i'jc n i i h iitfr tts d a s ilff?.ift ftt 3*1- **Id l30« «rf* til a-X /.— 0O 0—io XIOq a. .nl ‘fajtto/.j i a o i ) t o oa'ftj.uArUua 2 d i r t iS I -/OK «, i i - '1'V»(*4r#/* * *—OCiO**—

Collection Number: AB2073CPSA Diocese of St. Helena, Registers, 1680-1986PUBLISHER:Publisher:- Historical Papers Research ArchiveLocation:- Johannesburg 2013LEGAL NOTICES:Copyright Notice: All materials on the Historical Papers website are protected by SouthAfrican copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, orotherwise published in any format, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.Disclaimer and Terms of Use: Provided that you maintain all copyright and other noticescontained therein, you may download material (one machine readable copy and one print copyper page) for your personal and/or educational non-commercial use only.People using these records relating to the archives of Historical Papers, The Library, Universityof the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, are reminded that such records sometimes containmaterial which is uncorroborated, inaccurate, distorted or untrue. While these digital recordsare true facsimiles of paper documents and the information contained herein is obtained fromsources believed to be accurate and reliable, Historical Papers, University of the Witwatersrandhas not independently verified their content. Consequently, the University is not responsible forany errors or omissions and excludes any and all liability for any errors in or omissions fromthe information on the website or any related information on third party websites accessiblefrom this website.This document is part of the archive of the Anglican Church in Southern Africa and is held atthe Historical Papers Research Archive, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Died Bov. 17th 1809. Aged 69 years Aleo CATHERINE hie wife who died AP**il 20th 1912. Agod 90 yeafte. — o0&--BLANK. — 00-In memory of gAMKft HIGH Died October 80th 1902. Aged 68 years — oOo— MART PINIQAN Died 6th April 191*2. — oOo— ELLEN BRQKDHAY Hee PIN10AN Died yeb 25th 1961. R.I.P. — oOo— In aemo iy of YiILLlAM RICHARDS

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5.18 Bilingual translation dictionaries with 10% extra time 67 Chapter 6 Modified papers 69-76 6.1 Modified papers - an overview of the process 69 6.2 Braille papers 72 6.3 Modified enlarged papers 72 6.4 Reasonable adjustments - modified enlarged papers 73 6.5 Coloured/enlarged paper (e.g. A3 unmodified enlarged papers) 73

We take great pleasure in welcoming you to the 37th IEEE Sarnoff Symposium being held in Newark, New Jersey, USA. This year, we received 75 long papers and 12 short papers for review, and accepted 32 long papers and 2 short papers for presentation at the symposium. The acceptance rate was 42.67% for long papers 16.67% for short papers.