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LI-ION BATTERY PACKS FOR AUTOMOTIVE ANDSTATIONARY STORAGE APPLICATIONS 2020Market & Technology Report - March 2020The battery pack component market continues to be driven mainly by electric vehicles.WHAT’S NEW Deeper insight into battery packcomponents such as batterymanagement systems, safety devicesand thermal management Deeper insight into differenttechnologies currently usedin battery packs and relatedtechnology trends and supply chainKEY FEATURES 2019-2025 market in GWh, units,and B for lithium-ion battery packsin battery electric vehicles, plug-inhybrid electric vehicles electricbuses and trucks and stationarybattery applications 2019-2025 market in B for keybattery pack components: Li-ioncells, battery management systems,thermal management components,safety components, electricalinterconnects, housings andassembly Supply chain analysis for batterypacks and their main components Insight into battery packcomponents, main technologies,and innovations Technology trends in Li-ionbattery packs, cells and other packcomponentsTHE BATTERY PACK MARKET IS DRIVEN BY EV DEMANDThe main driver for battery pack applications isthe growing electric vehicle (EV) market. Thismarket is booming mainly due to the need tosignificantly reduce average vehicle fleet CO2emissions to match governments’ strict CO2emission reduction targets and thus avoid heavypenalties. The end applications of battery packsanalyzed in this report include plug-in hybridelectric vehicles (PHEVs), full battery vehicles(BEVs), electric buses and trucks, as well asstationary battery energy storage applications.second place in our ranking of total demandmeasured in GWh by 2025.The total annual demand for battery packs forthe aforementioned applications will grow from 26.6B in 2019 to 137.1B by 2025. The growthrate for different applications varies, as theirmarket dynamics have different drivers. Thedemand will be mainly driven by full electricvehicles, specifically BEVs, which will represent75.9% of the total demand in GWh by 2025.PHEVs enable big CO2 emission reductionsdue to their electric engines, while keepinglong driving ranges thanks to their InternalCombustion Engines (ICEs). They will take theStationary battery energy business is not thefirst priority of most battery manufacturers thatare focusing today mainly on electric mobility.The market growth for stationary batterysystems is growing and is mainly driven byrenewable energy sources, mainly photovoltaicsand wind, and electricity grid regulation. EV/PHEV charging stations have emerged as a newinteresting market driver for stationary batteryenergy storage solutions to “smooth” strongelectricity demand peaks while charging manyEV/PHEVs at the same time.The high level of air pollution in some big cities isdriving deployment of electric buses. Buses stopfrequently and can potentially charge at eachstop or terminus station, making them wellsuited for battery power. Electric trucks canthen benefit from battery and charging stationtechnology development for buses. The use ofelectric trucks in the urban environment helpsfurther reduce air pollution.2019-2025 battery pack market values in B – Split by pack componentCells2025 137.1BBattery management systemThermal managementSafety componentsElectrical interconnectionHousing 92B 11BAssembly2019 26.6B 2B 1.8B 1B 1B 0.7B 1B 1B 6.2B 11B 19BCAGR 2019-2025 31.4% 5.7B 6B 5.2B(Yole Développement, March 2020)THE MARKET FOR EACH BATTERY PACK COMPONENT IS GROWINGBattery cells form the main part of the globalbattery pack market studied in this report,71.2% in 2019 and 67% by 2025. Although thecell price in /kWh will decrease further, theoverall cell capacity per pack will increase, thuskeeping the cell share within a battery pack ata high level.The second largest part of the battery packmarket will be the thermal management,followed by Battery Management System (BMS).The importance of better thermal managementis growing with the increasing cell energydensity and battery pack energy capacity aswell as growing needs for batteries compatiblewith very fast charging. As fast charging leadsto high energy generation in a battery pack,an enhanced heat dissipation and temperatureregulation become crucial. The importance of

LI-ION BATTERY PACKS FOR AUTOMOTIVE AND STATIONARY STORAGE APPLICATIONS 2020BMSs is growing with increasing requirements toaccurately determine remaining battery capacity,and with increasing cell and pack energy capacities.PHEVHEVBatteryBatteryBEVLarger battery capacityStronger vehicle electrificationUp to350 kWEnhanced cell chemistryBottleneck50 -150kWBattery“Buffer” battery to smooththe peak demandEnhanced BMSBatterypack800VMore sensorsEnhanced thermal managementHigh voltage safety devicesHigh power interconnectsVehicle platformAn enhanced BMS also allows better using of theenergy stored in a battery pack, thus reducingneeds for battery pack capacity increase.According to Yole Développement’s (Yole)analysis, there is no big technology breakthroughexpected in coming years regarding battery cellsand other battery pack components. The maintrends will involve existing technology solutions,which will be further improved and more widelydeployed. Technology and cost improvement willbe steady.Battery pack components innovations driven mainlyby need for fast chargingMHEVRef. YDR20068Modular battery pack(Yole Développement, March 2020)Our market forecast has been made during theoutbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).The impact of this virus on automotive and batteryindustry is significant. It is hard to evaluate howlong this crisis will last and how its duration willnegatively impact the manufactured volumes ofconventional vehicles and EV/PHEV. The numberspresented in this report for 2020 might be thusreduced in the case of prolonged crisis due tocoronavirus.THE BATTERY PACK MARKET IS GROWING AND ATTRACTING MORE PLAYERS WHO IS LOSING AND WINNING?According to Yole analysis, battery pack suppliersface significant challenges from newcomersattracted by the fast-growing market, dominantposition of some cell suppliers, and strong pricepressure on all battery application segments.Most battery pack suppliers are batteryintegrators, especially carmakers. They purchasebattery cells mainly from leading suppliers likeCATL, LG Chem, Panasonic and Samsung SDI, andbuild their battery pack using other components,including BMSs, heating/cooling systems, electricalinterconnections, safety components, andhousings. Carmakers are intruding ever more intobattery cell design and in some cases also intocell manufacturing, as in the cases of Tesla andDaimler. Instead of purchasing cells, some batteryintegrators purchase battery modules directly andthey just integrate modules into battery packs.New strategies to accelerate EV/HEV deployment aheadBig but conservative company.Tight to historical suppliersMaintaining core businessand historical suppliers Creating a Spin-off with a newbrand to rapidly moving towardsstrong vehicle electrification(Yole Développement, March 2020)SUCCESSHow to improvethe EV/HEVdeploymentwithin aconservativecompany?The modular battery pack approach enablesfurther manufacturing cost reductions and keepsthe design flexibility for battery packs. Batteryintegrators can increase the differentiating addedvalue further by carefully designing the batterypack, and choosing components including the BMS,thermal management solutions, safety devices,electrical interconnects, housing and assembly.Some carmakers have developed specific internalknow-how and established tight supply chainpartnerships. Therefore they might remain at leastpartially stuck with their historical technology andintegration choices, while their competitors willmove rapidly towards latest technologies and fullvehicle electrification. The companies with tighttechnology and supplier partnerships may losesome business in the future, but not because theirtechnology is bad. Instead they will not easily beable to adopt the latest innovations, reduce costsby choosing optimal suppliers and follow customerneed evolution rapidly enough. A possible optionfor companies tight with their suppliers wouldbe to spin-off a part of their activities into a newcompany, to create a new brand.It is also crucial to shorten the development timefor new products and reduce the development cost.Tesla has successfully demonstrated an extremelyshort development time for new car models.Other EV/HEV manufacturers should shorten theirdevelopment time while maintaining product qualityto avoid costly vehicle recalls. This can be enabledby an optimal development strategy, use of vehicleplatforms like MEB and PPE from Volkswagen orE-GMP from Hyundai, and a modular approach inthe battery pack design and assembly. As customersincreasingly desire a choice of different electric carmodels, the platform approach would find furtheradded value here.

MARKET & TECHNOLOGY REPORTThere are many new partnerships, jointventures and acquisitions ongoing within thesupply chain. These reinforce companies’positions, secure access to strategic materialssuch as lithium and cobalt and battery cells,ensure growth, and facilitate easier entriesinto new markets.REPORT OBJECTIVES Determine the market value for lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs and their components includingbattery management system, thermal management, safety components for plug-in hybrid electricvehicles (PHEV), battery electric vehicles (BEV), electric trucks and buses, and stationary batteryenergy storage systems Demonstrate the strong, consistently-growing potential for power electronics players includingsuppliers of power ICs, fuses, sensors, and thermal management solutions, in the energy storagebusiness, based on Li-ion battery technologies Describe the battery pack supply chain landscape, including the key players for battery cells,battery packs, and battery pack components and associated business models Discuss market opportunities for players that can supply materials, devices, or technologysolutions to the Li-ion battery pack industry Provide insights into different technologies currently used in battery packs and related technologytrendsCOMPANIES CITED IN THE REPORT (non exhaustive list)ABB, AllCell Technologies, Amada, Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd, Anhui Jianghuai SinoevBattery System Co. Ltd Arrival, Ashok Leyland, Audi, AUTOLIV, Bitrode, BMW, BMZ, BYD, CALB,CATL, Calienté, Calsonic Kansei, Carling Technologies, Dana, Daimler, EATON, EC Power, EfenGmbH, Electrovaya, Elithion, Eska, ETI Elektroelement, Ewert Energy Systems, Henkel, HesseMechatronics, Hitachi, ION, Hyundai, Infineon, Iron Edison, Iveco, JTT, Kokam, Kulicke & Soffa,Laird, Leclanché, LG Chem, Lishen, Littelfuse, Lithium Balance, Lithiumwerks, MAHLE, Manz,Marelli, Mersen, Modine, NEC Corporation, New Flyer, Nissan, NXP, Octillion, OEZ, PacificEngineering Corporation (PEC), Panasonic, Phase Change Material Products Ltd. (PCM Products),Polytec PT, Porsche, Preh GmbH, Proterra, Renault Trucks, Renesas, Rogers, Saft, Saint-Gobain,Samsung SDI, Scania, SCLE SFE, Schneider Electric, Schunk Sonosystems, SIBA, Solaris Bus &Coach, SK Innovation, SNAM, SIBA, Skoda, SOC, Sovema, Stäubli, STMicroelectronics, Sunstone,TE Connectivity, Tesla, Tesvolt, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Van Hool, Ventec, Volkswagen, Volvo,Wanxiang, Workhorse, Xiamen SET Electronics, Yutong, Zhong Tong Bus, and more. TABLE OF CONTENTS (complete content on of contents5Report objectives10What we got right, what we got wrong 15Who should be interested by thisreport16Executive summary18Market forecasts54Market trends74Business model and supply chainanalysis95Technology trends in Li-ion battery cellsand packs154Technology trends - Battery cell165Technology trends - Battery pack176Technology trends - BMS195Technology trends - Thermalmanagement system213Technology trends - Fuses, circuitbreakers and contactors230Technology trends - Electricalinterconnects245Technology trends - Battery packhousing259Technology trends - Battery packmanufacturing264 Take away and outlook Appendix – Li-ion battery safety issuesYole Développement presentationRELATED REPORTS & MONITORS Power Electronics for Electric & HybridElectric Vehicles 2020 Status of Rechargeable Li-ion BatteryIndustry 2019More information and details about our offers and bundles opportunities on www.i-micronews.comAUTHORSShalu Agarwal, PhD. is Power Electronicsand Materials Analyst at Yole Développement(Yole), within the Power & Wirelessdivision. Based on Seoul, Shalu is engagedin the development of technology & marketreports as well as the production of customconsulting studies. Shalu has more than 10years’ experience in Electronic MaterialChemistry. Before joining Yole, she worked asa project manager and research professor inthe field of electronic materials, batteries andinorganic chemistry. Shalu Agarwal receivedher master’s and Ph.D. degree in Chemistryfrom the Indian institute of Technology (IIT)Roorkee (India).Milan Rosina, PhD, is Principal Analyst,Power Electronics and Batteries, at YoleDéveloppement (Yole), within the Power& Wireless division. He is engaged in thedevelopment of the market, technologyand strategic analyses dedicated toinnovative materials, devices and systems.His main areas of interest are EV/HEV,renewable energy, power electronicpackaging and batteries. Milan has 20years of scientific, industrial and managerialexperience involving equipment and processdevelopment, due diligence, technology, andmarket surveys in the fields of renewableenergies, EV/HEV, energy storage, batteries,power electronics, thermal management,and innovative materials and devices. Hereceived his PhD degree from GrenobleInstitute of Technology (Grenoble INP) inFrance. Milan Rosina previously workedfor the Institute of Electrical Engineeringin Slovakia, Centrotherm in Germany,Fraunhofer IWS in Germany, CEA LETI inFrance, and utility company ENGIE in France.

CONTACTWestern US & CanadaSteve Laferriere - 1 310 600-8267India and RoATakashi Onozawa – 81-80-4371-4887Eastern US & CanadaChris Youman – 1 919 607 9839KoreaPeter Ok - 82 1040890233Europe and RoWLizzie Levenez – 49 15 123 544 182JapanMiho Ohtake – 81 34405-9204Toru Hosaka – 81 90 1775 3866Benelux, UK & SpainMarine Wybranietz - 49 69 96 21 76 78Japan and SingaporeItsuyo Oshiba – 81-80-3577-3042Greater ChinaMavis Wang – 886 979336809 86 136 61566824Sales Coordination& Customers ServiceDavid Jourdan – 33 472 83 01 90Fayçal El Khamassi – 33 472 83 01 95ABOUT YOLE DEVELOPPEMENTFounded in 1998, Yole Développement (Yole) has grown to become a group of companies providing marketing, technology and strategy consulting, mediaand corporate finance services, reverse engineering and reverse costing services. With a strong focus on emerging applications using silicon and/or micromanufacturing, the Yole group of companies has expanded to include more than 120 collaborators worldwide covering MEMS and Image Sensors, CompoundSemiconductors, RF Electronics, Solid-state Lighting, Displays, Software, Optoelectronics, Microfluidics & Medical, Advanced Packaging, Manufacturing,Power Electronics, Batteries & Energy Management and Memory.The “More than Moore” market research, technology and strategy consulting company Yole Développement, along with its partners System Plus Consulting,PISEO and Blumorpho, supports industrial companies, investors and R&D organizations worldwide to help them understand markets and follow technologytrends to grow their business.CONSULTING AND ANALYSIS Market data & research, marketing analysis Technology analysis Strategy consulting Reverse engineering & costing Design and characterization of innovative optical systems Financial services (due diligence, M&A with our partner)More information on www.yole.frMEDIA & EVENTS website, application & related e-newsletter Communication & webcast services Events: TechDays, forums More information on www.i-Micronews.comREPORTS & MONITORS Market & technology reports Market, reverse technology quarterly monitors Structure, process and cost analysis and teardowns Cost simulation toolMore information on more information about : Consulting & Financial Services: Jean-Christophe Eloy ( Reports & Monitors: David Jourdan ( & FayçalKhamassi ( Marketing & Communication: Camille Veyrier ( Public Relations: Sandrine Leroy (

General Terms and Conditions of SaleDefinitions: “Acceptance”: Action by which the Buyer acceptsthese General Terms and Conditions of Sale in their entirety. It isdone by signing the purchase order which states “I hereby acceptYole Développement’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale”.“Buyer”: Any business user (i.e. any person acting in the course of itsbusiness activities for its business needs) placing an order pursuant tothese General Terms and Conditions of Sale, with the exclusion of anyindividual consumer acting for his/her sole personal interest.“Seller”: Headquartered in Villeurbanne (France), Yole Développementprovides marketing, technology and strategy consulting, media andcorporate finance services, reverse engineering/costing services aswell as IP and patent analysis. With dedicated teams of technology &market analysts, Yole Développement operates worldwide with thekey industrial companies, R&D institutes and investors to help themunderstand the market and technology trends.“Contracting Parties” or “Parties”: The Seller on the one handand the Buyer on the other hand.“Intellectual Property Rights” (“IPR”) means any rightsheld by the Seller in its Products, including any patents, trademarks,registered models, designs, copyrights, inventions, commercialsecrets and know-how, technical information, company or tradingnames and any other intellectual property rights or similar in any partof the world, notwithstanding the fact that they have been registeredor not and including any pending registration of one of the abovementioned rights.“Products”Our products can be bought either on a unit basis or as a bundledoffer (i.e. subscription for a period of 12 calendar months).“Report”Reports are established in PowerPoint and delivered in a PDF formatwith an additional Excel file. 30 min of Q&A session with an analyst/author can be included for all purchased reports (except the onesbought as a one user license). 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For this purpose, the Buyer agrees toproduce sufficient evidence of such defects.2.6 N o return of Products shall be accepted without prior writtennotification from the Buyer to the Seller, even in case of delayeddelivery. Any Product returned to the Seller without the Buyerproviding prior notification to the Seller as required underArticle 2.5 above shall remain at the Buyer’s risk. In no event shallthe Seller incur any liability for Products erroneously ordered bythe Buyer, or for any request from the Buyer to replace a Productpreviously ordered by a different Product.3. PRICE, INVOICING AND PAYMENT3.1 P rices are given in the orders corresponding to each Productsold on a unit basis or corresponding to annual subscriptions.They are deemed to be inclusive of all taxes applicable in thecountry where the Seller is based (except for France where VATwill be added). The prices are re-evaluated from time to time bythe Seller. The effective price is deemed to be the one applicableat the time of the order.3.2 P ayments due by the Buyer shall be sent by cheque payable toYole Développement, or made by credit card or by electronictransfer to the following account:HSBC, 1 place de la Bourse 69002 Lyon FranceBank code: 30056Branch code: 00170Account n : 0170 200 1565 87BIC or SWIFT code: CCFRFRPPIBAN: FR76 3005 6001 7001 7020 0156 587To secure the payments due to the Seller, the Seller reservesthe right to request down payments from the Buyer. In suchcase, the need for a down payment will be mentioned on thecorresponding order.3.3 P ayment is due by the Buyer to the Seller within 30 days frominvoice date, except as otherwise specifically agreed in writingby the Buyer and the Seller. If the Buyer fails to pay at the duedate and fails to request and obtain from the Seller a paymentextension, the latter shall be entitled to invoice interest inarrears based on the annual rate Refi of the “BCE” 7 points, inaccordance with article L.441-6 of the French Commercial Code.3.4 T he Seller publications (reports, monitors, tracks.) are due fordelivery only after receipt by the Seller of any payment due by theBuyer prior to delivery.3.5 I n the event of termination of the contract by the Sellerattributable to Buyer misconduct during the contract, the Sellerwill have the right to invoice all work performed at the time oftermination, and to take legal action for damages.4. LIABILITIES4.1 T he Buyer or any other individual or legal person acting on itsbehalf, being a business user buying the Products for its businessactivities, shall be solely responsible for the choice of the Productspurchased as well as for the use and interpretations the Buyermakes of the documents it purchases, of the results the Buyerobtains, and of the advice and acts the Buyer bases thereon .4.2 In no event shall the Seller be liable for:a) Damages of any kind, including without limitation, incidental orconsequential damages (including, but not limited to, damagesfor loss of profits, business interruption and loss of programsor information) arising out of the use of a Product or the use ofor the inability by the Buyer to use the Seller’s website, or anyinformation provided on the website, or contained in a Product;b) Any claim attributable to errors, omissions or other inaccuraciesin a Product or interpretations thereof.4.3 A ll the information contained in the Products has been obtainedfrom sources believed to be reliable. The Seller does not warrantthe accuracy, completeness adequacy or reliability of suchinformation, which cannot be guaranteed to be free from errors.4.4 A ny Product that the Seller sells may, upon prior notice to the Buyerfrom time to time be modified by Seller or substituted with a similarProduct meeting the needs of the Buyer. Such modification shall notlead to any liability of the Seller, provided that the Seller ensures thesubstituted Product is similar to the Product initially ordered.4.5 I n the case where, after inspection, it is acknowledged that a Productcontain defects, the Seller undertakes to replace the defectiveproduct to the extent reasonably feasible and without indemnificationor compensation of any kind for labour costs, delays, loss caused orany other reason being due by the Buyer . This undertaking from theSeller shall be effective for a maximum of two months starting fromthe delivery date but shall not be applicable in the event of forcemajeure as described in Article 5 below.4.6 The deadlines that the Seller is asked to provide for the mailing ofa Product are given for information purposes only and are notguaranteed. If such deadlines are not met, this shall not, withoutthe agreement of the Seller lead to any claim for damages or rightof cancellation of one or more orders by the Buyer, except for nonacceptable delays exceeding [3] months from the stated deadline. Insuch case only i.e. only in the event of a delay exceeding (3) monthsfrom the stated deadline the Buyer shall be entitled to ask for areimbursement of any down payment previously made to the Seller,to the exclusion of any other damages.4.7 The Seller does not make any warranties, express or implied,including, without limitation, those of sale ability and fitness for aparticular purpose, with respect to any Products. Although the Sellershall take reasonable steps to screen Products for infection of viruses,worms, Trojan horses or other codes containing contaminating ordestructive properties before making Products available, the Sellercannot guarantee that any Product will be free from infection.5. FORCE MAJEUREThe Seller shall not be liable for any delay in performance directlyor indirectly caused by or resulting from acts of nature, fire, flood,accident, riot, war, government intervention, embargoes, strikes, labourdifficulties, epidemics, major health event (e.g. Corona virus), equipmentfailure, late deliveries by suppliers or other difficulties which are beyondthe control, and not attributable to the fault of the Seller.6. PROTECTION OF THE SELLER’S IPR6.1 A ll the IPR attached to the Products are and remain the propertyof the Seller and are protected under French and internationalcopyright law and conventions.6.2 The Buyer agreed not to disclose, copy, reproduce, redistribute,resell or publish a Product, or any part of it to any other partyother than employees of the Buyer Company (and only in thecountry of the Primary User for Multi-User Licenses). The Buyershall have the right to use Products solely for its own internalinformation purposes. In particular, the Buyer shall therefore notuse any Product for purposes such as: Information storage and retrieval systems; Recordings and re-transmittals over any network (including any

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Ni-H. 2 (76 cells in series) Li-Ion (30 cells in series) BCDU Li-Ion . Adapter Plate . Data Cable . BIU . BCDU . Ni-H. 2. Battery A Battery B . Ni-H. 2. Cells Ni-H. 2. Cells . BCDU: Battery Charge / Discharge Unit . BIU: Battery Interface Unit . BSCCM: Battery Signal Conditioning and Control Module . Battery . BSCCM . BSCCM - Main Power Path .

Ni-H 2 (76 81 Ah cells in series) Li-Ion (30 134 Ah cells in series) BCDU Li-Ion Adapter Plate Data Cable BIU BCDU Ni-H 2 Battery A Battery B Ni-H 2 Cells Ni-H 2 Cells BCDU: Battery Charge / Discharge Unit BIU: Battery Interface Unit BSCCM: Battery Signal Conditioning and Control Module Battery BSCCM BSCCM -Main Power Path Commands & Data .

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