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2Watchdog 15 Instruction ManualTable of ContentsIntroduction4Welcome. 4About this Manual8Revision.History8Organization.of the rting.Document Errors9Conventions. 9Softw areHardw areSafetyFiguresTables. 10. 10. 12. 13. 13Chapter 1 - Product Specifications14Product.Specifications14Overview. 14Onboard Sensors. 14Remote Sensors. 15Environm ental. 17Temperature. 17Humidity . 17Elevation . 17Electrical. 17Netw orking . 17Ethernet . 18Protocols . 18User Interfaces. 18Regulatory Com.pliance19Underw riters.Laboratories (UL)19Federal Communications.Commission (FCC)19RoHS/WEEE. 20Chapter 2 - Installation21Pre-Installation. 21Installation. 21Netw ork Setup. 21Chapter 3 - Setup27Web Interface. 27Sensors Page. 27GM1137 Watchdog 15 Instruction Manual 2017 Geist

Table Of Contents3Overview . 27Configuration and.Operation28Alarms & Warnings. 30Add/Modify Alarms.& Warnings32Cameras . 36Camera Configuration. 36Logging . 38Data Graph. 40System. 41UsersNetw orkWeb ServerTim eEm ailSNMPSyslogAdm inLocaleUtilities. 41. 44. 45. 46. 47. 50. 52. 52. 53. 54Help . 56Info. 56Support Site . 56Chapter 4 - Final Checkout57Final .Checkout57Technical Support. 57Service and.Maintenance57More Technical.Support57Using Microsoft.Exchange as an SMTP server57Product-Specific.Safety Notices59General Safety. 59Live Circuits Safety. 59Equipm ent Grounding. 60Electrostatic Discharge. 60Explosive Environm.ent60Servicing and.Adjustm ents61Repairs and Modifications. 61GM1137 Watchdog 15 Instruction Manual 2017 Geist3

4Watchdog 15 Instruction ManualIntroductionWelcomeNotice to UsersGeist, a division of PCE, Inc., reserves the right to make changes to thisdocument without notice to any user or reseller of this product. Geist, adivision of PCE, Inc., also reserves the right to substitute or terminatedistribution of this document, with no obligation to notify any person orparty of such substitutions or terminations.Copyrights 2017 - Geist, a divisionof PCE, Inc. All RightsReservedTrademarksAll Trademarks contained herein are registered to Geist, a division ofPCE, Inc.Use and Disclosure RestrictionsThe software and documentation contained in this publication arecopyrighted materials.Recovery Act Buy AmericanGeist products adhere to the Buy American provisions of the AmericanRecovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act). All Geist goodsmanufactured in our Lincoln, Nebraska, plant have undergonesubstantial transformation during production.Trade Agreements Act (TAA)Geist goods manufactured in our Lincoln, Nebraska, plant haveundergone substantial transformation during production. These GeistGM1137 Watchdog 15 Instruction Manual 2017 Geist

Introduction5products adhere to U.S. Trade Agreements Act and can be supplied forGSA Schedules and other government contracts.Geist Policy on Conflict MineralsThis document details Geist’s corporate policy regarding the use ofconflict minerals. The policy expressed in this document should beconsidered to cover the Geist and Geist Europe divisions of PCE Inc.Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act which was passed by the USCongress in 2010 requires certain companies to annually disclose theiruse of conflict minerals. Conflict minerals covered under this actinclude tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold.Although Geist is not directly subjected to the requirements of theDodd-Frank Act, Geist recognizes that all companies within theelectronics manufacturing industry supply chain are impacted by thislegislation. Geist supports the intent of the law, which is the reductionof violence within the Democratic Republic of the Congo and will takeseveral actions to both advance the goals of the Dodd-Frank Act and toprovide exceptional support to our customers.· Geist will work with our direct suppliers to identify purchasedcomponents and materials that contain tin, tantalum, tungsten orgold.· Geist will work with our direct suppliers to trace sources of any tin,tantalum, tungsten or gold used in our products back to the smelter.· Geist will document our efforts to trace tin, tantalum, tungsten, andgold minerals back to the smelter and will accurately report theresults to our customers.· Geist will continue to monitor industry progress in identifying conflictfree smelters and will adjust corporate policy as the electronicssupply chain becomes more fully documented.Geist will not require that our direct suppliers source only conflict-freeminerals until an adequate number of smelters has been reliablyidentified and audited by The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition(EICC) and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) to service theelectronic industry supply chain. Mandating a conflict-free supply chainbefore an adequate number of smelters has been identified will prohibitthe use of all tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold originating in theDemocratic Republic of the Congo and surrounding countries. Thisprohibition would cut off the sole income source for many artisanalminers within the region and may result in increased violence within theGM1137 Watchdog 15 Instruction Manual 2017 Geist

6Watchdog 15 Instruction ManualDemocratic Republic of the Congo in direct opposition to the goals ofthe Dodd-Frank Act. Geist will work continuously with our directsuppliers in order to annually increase the percentage of documentedconflict-free minerals that are used in our products until all productscan be certified as conflict-free.WEEE DeclarationGeist Europe is obligated to finance the cost of the collection,treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of all productssold by Geist Europe into the UK market this includes:· New WEEE (displaying ‘the crossed out wheeled bin symbol’) thatGeist Europe has placed onto the market after the 13th August 2005;and· Historic WEEE (not displaying ‘the crossed out wheeled bin symbol’),when Geist Europe is supplying new WEEE that is intended to replacethe historic WEEE and is of equivalent type or fulfills the samefunction even if the historic WEEE was manufactured by a third party.Please contact Geist Europe on 01823 275100 for further details or toarrange collection. (UK Only)Document UsageAll reasonable efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of thisdocument from any technical or typographical errors or omissions.Geist, a division of PCE, Inc., and its affiliates disclaim responsibility forany labor, materials, or costs incurred as a result of usage of thisdocument. Nor shall Geist, a division of PCE, Inc., and its affiliates beliable for any damages, inclusive of loss of profits or data, arising fromthe use of or in connection with this document.Geist, a division of PCE, Inc., reserves the right to make changes to thisdocument without notice to any user or reseller of this product. Geist, adivision of PCE, Inc., also reserves the right to substitute or terminatedistribution of this document, with no obligation to notify any person orparty of such substitutions or terminations. 2017 - Geist, a divisionof PCE, Inc. All RightsGM1137 Watchdog 15 Instruction Manual 2017 Geist

IntroductionReserved04/11/2017GM1137 Watchdog 15 Instruction Manual7Rev 2017 Geist

8Watchdog 15 Instruction ManualAbout this ManualThis document provides an overview of Geist product(s), the major topicscovered include:· Copyright, Trademarks, and Disclosure Restrictions.· Instructions for installing, powering and using the equipment.· Information that will aid in managing and maintaining the equipment.Revision HistoryRevisionDateNotes1.04/11/2017 Initial VersionApprovedBySCOrganization of the ManualThis Geist document contains the following product information:·Product Specifications - This chapter describes the major productcharacteristics and its functional role within the system. Whereappropriate, reference to cabling among product components and toother Geist product(s) is provided.·Installation - This chapter provides installation information for thepreparation and use of Geist products as well as procedures required toadequately mechanically and electrically attach Geist product intosupporting systems.·Setup - This chapter provides instructions on power-up procedures afterproduct installation and configuration of the software and features.·Final Checkout - Technical Support guidelines and safety informationare provided in this chapter.GM1137 Watchdog 15 Instruction Manual 2017 Geist

About this Manual9Audience ProfileThis document is intended for use by authorized technicians experiencedwith same of similar product types and for personnel requiring guidance forequipment installation, operation, maintenance, and support.On-line DocumentationThis document is available on-line and within the corresponding GeistProduct Manuals . Additional Geist product supporting Videos , ProductLiterature and Case Studies can be found on the Geist Resource page.Product firmware updates can be found and downloaded from the GeistSupport site, under Firmware Updates .Should this product fail within its warranty period and be in need of repair orreplacement, a Return Material Authorization may be obtained on-line fromthe RMA Form link located within the Geist Support site.Reporting Document ErrorsShould you discover any error or identify a deficiency in this document,please take time to contact us at the following email address:[email protected] be sure to provide us with the document name, part number, andpage number(s). Also, please provide us with description of the error or thedeficiency for the document. If you would like for us to contact you, pleaseprovide us with your name and contact information.Thank you for your time. We appreciate any comments and feedback youcan provide.ConventionsThe information contained within this document is establis

4 Watchdog 15 Instruction Manual M137W atchd og 5I nsr ui l ©G 2017 Geist Introduction Welcome Notice to Users Geist, a division of PCE, Inc., reserves the right to make changes to this document without notice to any user or reseller of this product.