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When the repeaters are down

Repeater Opera)on Everyone is familiar with repeater operation Frequency offset for simultaneous RX and TX Many Amateur Radio operators use Hand Held toaccess the repeaters Repeaters usually in high locations with goodcoverage High locations allow coverage on both sides ofobstacle such as mountains Repeaters can retransmit with higher power

Repeater Opera)onSometimes require sub-audible CTCSS, PL or Privacy tone

VHF 146 – 600khz 20 khz spacing 3600146.3800TX (repeater)146.6000600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.6200600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.6400600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.6600600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.6800600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.7000600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.7200600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.7400600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.7600600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.7800600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.8000600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.8200600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.8400600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.8600600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.8800600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.9000600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.9200600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.9400600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.9600600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing146.9800600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing

VHF 147 600khz 20 khz spacing 9600147.9800TX 3400147.3600147.3800600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing600khz split with 20khz channel spacing

UHF 447.000 – 449.975 5mhz 25khz spacing RX 447.0500 447.0750 447.1000TX (repeater)442.0000442.0250442.0500442.0750442.1000 449.975444.975 447.0000 447.0250

Repeaters Commercial Power High location susceptible to high winds High location susceptible to lightning strike High remote location difficult to access RF link Internet link

146.880 pl 88.5444.500 pl 88.5Huling TunnelDiamond Head

146.880 pl 88.5444.500 pl 88.5UHF CabinetVHF CabinetStorage Cabinet

146.880 pl 88.5444.500 pl 88.5Antennas on utility pole

146.800 pl 88.5444.100 pl 88.5Mauna Kapu

146.800 pl 88.5444.100 pl 88.5Mauna Kapu

Simplex No repeaters Station to station Stations often do not benefit from elevationadvantage Easy to program radio – no offset, no PL tone Mobile (25 – 50w) desireable Antenna with gain desireable Directional antenna advantage / disadvantage

ARES The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) consists oflicensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered theirqualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership,for communications duty in the public service when disasterstrikes. ARES Membership Requirements - Every licensed amateur,regardless of membership in ARRL or any other local ornational organization is eligible to apply for membership inARES. Training may be required or desired to participate fullyin ARES. Please inquire at the local level for specificinformation. Because ARES is an Amateur Radio program, onlylicensed radio amateurs are eligible for membership. Thepossession of emergency-powered equipment is desirable, butis not a requirement for membership.

Oahu ARES Simplex Band Plan

Oahu ARES Simplex Band Plan District 1 (146.550) Liliha to Punahou Round top drive to Ala Moana Beach inc Aloha Tower Aala park, Chinatown, Downtown, Makiki, Pauoa, Nuuanu East of LilihaSt., Tantalus, Kakaako, McCully, Moiliili, Capitol Area, Aloha Tower, AlaMoanaPark District 2 (146.475 N and 146.460 S) Kipapa Gulch and Waiahole Stream on south Bound by Waianae mountains west and Koolau east Kaena point through Sunset beach Mililani, Kunia, Wahiawa, Whitmore, Waialua, Haleiwa, Waimea & SunsetBeach inc Wheeler, Kunia Comm Center, Schofield, US Navy Com Ctr and US Army Helemano

Oahu ARES Simplex Band Plan District 3 (146.535) Red Hill, to Village Park and Waipahu inc Aiea, Pearl Kai, Halawa, PC, Palisades, Waipahu, Waikele District 4 (146.490 N and 146.505 S) Makapuu Point to Kawela Bay Waimanalo, Kailua, Kaneohe, Kahaluu, Kaawa, Kahuku to Kawela Bay District 5 (146.550) Aliamanu to PaliHighway west to east Koolau to shorelien north to south Airport, Aliamanu, Salt Lake, Foster Village, Moanalua, Shafter, KalihiValley, Kalihi Kai, Palama, Sand Island, Waiakamilo to Liliha Iwilei, Liliha,Kapalama, Nuuanu West of Liliha, Punchbowl

Oahu ARES Simplex Band Plan District 6 (146.560) Waikiki peninsula bordered by Ala Wai Canal, Diamond Head, PacificOcean Hobron, Saratoga, Lewers, Seaside, Kapiolani Park District 7 (146.565) Punahou Street to Makapuu Point Manoa, Moiliili, Kapahulu, Diamond Head, Kahala, St Louis Heights,Palolo, Kaimuki, Waialae Nui, Aina Haina, Niu Hi Kai, Portlock, Kamiloiki,Kalama Valley District 8 (146.445) Makua, Makaha, Waianae, Maili, Nanakuli, Ko Olina, Campbell IndustrialPark, Makakilo, Kapolei, Ewa, Ewa Beach, Kalaeloa

WHY do we need this? Situational Awareness - What is happening to you andyour neighbors A Common Operating Picture - What is happening onthe island or in the state Resiliency - What are the immediate needs of ourcommunity and neighboring communities

Why do we prac)ce? Learning what simplex is like Turning down or off squelch for weak signal reception Using high power Learning where you can and cannot reach –capabilities and limitations of your station and others Gaining a visual of where all the players are Getting to know the players and their demeanorduring operation Tuning and improving radio and antennaperformance

ARES District 2 and 3 par)cipants

Not an official mapDistrict boundaries are approximate

My Sta)on – KH6WG I live in Mililani in Central Oahu between WaipioGentry and Wahiawa Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) Apartment Owners Association (AOA) Amateur Radio Antennas considered temporary andto be taken down after each use

My Sta)onTansceiver is a Kenwood TMV-71A50 wattsEd Fong PVC J-Pole – Flag HolderArrow Antenna 1/4 ƛ ground plane

KH6WG - TempArrow J-Pole @ 15 feetWood poleSpeaker Stand

KH6WGWing nuts

KH6WGArrow J-PoleWith 2 piece mast



Typical Simplex Sta)on 50W or greater mobile radio with power supply and/or battery backup Antenna with some gain and mounted as high as youcan possibly mount Yagi to reach out and touch someone Copy of band plan List of participants

More Info Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) theIncident Command System (ICS) and NationalIncident Management System (NIMS) ICS – 100, 200, 700, 800 Digital Message Handling capabilities (FLDIGI) Tech Net - 4th Tuesday 8P HST - State Linked Repeaters FLDIGI Net - 4th Thursday 8P HST – State LinkedRepeaters ARES Practice Net Sunday 7P HST – State Linked Repeaters

ARES State Emergency Coordinator – Kevin Bogan AH6QO Division Emergency Coordinator – Clem Jung KH7HO Emergency Coordinator – Fred Fortin KH7CR Emergency Coordinator – Steve Kawamae KH6WG Emergency Coordinator – Rick Kimitsuka KH6OM

ARES District 1, 6 and 7 1st Tuesday every month 10A HST 146.880 Emergency Coordinator – Fred Fortin KH7CR Assitant Emergency Coordinator – Raleigh FerdunKH6EN Assistant Emergency Coordiinator – RandallKurashige AH6Q

ARES District 2 and 3 Wednesday 8P HST – State Linked Repeaters 147.060 (103.5) Diamond Head 146.980 (88.5) Downtown 147.060 Mokuleia Peacock Flats 444.325 Waimanalo 444.350 (103.5) Honolulu Emergency Coordinator – Steve Kawamae KH6WG Assistant Emergency Coordinator – Mario AlvarezKH6PRD

ARES District 4 First Wednesday of each month 8P HST – 147.000(103.5) Emergency Coordinator – Rick Kimitsuka KH6OM Assistant Emergency Coordinator – Evan EsakiWH6ECG Assistant Emergency Coordinator – Larry NihipaliWH6DWN Assistant Emergency Coordinator – Mark PascalAH6PR

THE ENDThank you for your timeAny Questions?kh6wg@arrl.netskawamae@gmail.com

VHF 146 – 600khz 20 khz spacing RX TX (repeater) 146.0000 146.6000 600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing 146.0200 146.6200 600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing 146.0400 146.6400 600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing 146.0600 146.6600 600khz - split with 20khz channel spacing 14

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On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

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L’ARÉ est également le point d’entrée en as de demande simultanée onsommation et prodution. Les coordonnées des ARÉ sont présentées dans le tableau ci-dessous : DR Clients Téléphone Adresse mail Île de France Est particuliers 09 69 32 18 33 are-essonne@enedis.fr professionnels 09 69 32 18 34 Île de France Ouest

Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

analog repeater Be warned -only "original" DR-1X repeaters can be used for conversions. DR-1X repeaters that went back for the recall, bought later as an "FR" version, and the DR-2X cannot be used. The internals of the repeater have been modified what prevent it. An "original" DR-1X will have a firmware