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SECURITY & COMMUNICATION2019 CATALOGWhen you need leading technology& quality, you need a Viking.IT TAKES A VIKING EST. 1969

WHAT YOU GET WITH A VIKING.We learned a long time ago that when you needone of our products it has to work, period.Reliability and innovation have been at the coreof the Viking blueprint for 50 years. We bringyou industry leading technology of today andthe “tough as nails” craftsmanship of the past.Viking has your back.

THROUGH THE YEARS1969 - BORN INA BASEMENT1978 - OUR FIRST PHONE“The hotline phone waslaunched during a very hotsummer and came togetherthanks to incredibly hard workand a lot of Dairy Queen DillyBars” - Tom SpringerDon Springer had a simpledream that started with powersupplies: Make electronics thatwork when you need them.Every. Single. Time.1982 - RAISING THEWALLS IN HUDSON, WIWe were the first building onIndustrial Street. 37 years and 2expansions later, this is still home.1990 - ADA PHONESViking made its first of manyADA compliant emergencyphones with the K-1600-EHF.1998 - BUILT FOR BADWEATHER2001 - ENTRY INTOINNOVATIONViking developed the nation’sfirst accessible door entrysystem for the city of SanFrancisco. One year later SFdeclared “Bill Heideman Day”in gratitude for Viking’spioneering work.2019 - OUR FIRST50 YEARSCelebrating bold solutionsand leadership ininnovation. Technologychanges, quality doesn’t.Viking revealed potted circuitboards with the EnhancedWeather Protection line foroutdoor electronics. Fromsunshine to snowstorms aViking always works.2015 - VIKINGRELEASES 34 VOIPPRODUCTSConsistently recognized for boldleadership, Viking exploded intoVoIP and was nationallyawarded one year later.For the past 50 yearsTHANK YOU,Here’s to 50 more.

From our humble beginnings,THANK YOU.BECAUSE OF YOU THE LEGACY OF VIKINGIS BUILT ON 50 YEARS OF GRIT AND GRACE.The single greatest factor of the Viking story hasalways been the army of supporters on theground. Those of you who inspire us to dreambigger, swing harder, and innovate relentlessly.Our best ideas have consistently come from youbecause when we don’t make what you need, youlet us know. Now we’re here to say “thanks” bybacking you up.YRLIMITED WARRANTYFREE AMERICAN PRODUCT SUPPORTWe know you choose Viking because nothing gets thejob done better. Need another reason? Two YearLimited Warranty. See more details by entering ‘101’into our website search box. Viking has your back.When you need product support, we won’t outsourceyour call. We’re right here in Wisconsin and you’ll talkdirectly with one of our many in house tech gurus likeAl or Tim. Available to those servicing or installing aViking product.WHAT IS “DOCUMENT ON DEMAND”?HOW TO CONTACT USFinding information should be quick and easy. All Vikingcatalogs and literature have a DOD number for eachproduct. Enter that into the DOD search box at the top ofthe Viking homepage and BOOM, you get specs,features, instructions, and more in seconds flat.P: 715.386.8861F: onics.com

TABLE OF CONTENTS 2019EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION8-13Analog and VoIP ADA Compliant Emergency Phones . 8-12Stainless Steel Speaker Phones . 10-12Red / Yellow / Blue Surface Mount Phones . 9Tower Phones with Strobe Light . 9Double Gang Mount Phone . 10Flush Mount Panel Phones . 10-12Emergency Phone Kits . 11No-Chassis Phones . 11Analog to VoIP Conversion Kit . 11Elevator Phone Box Emergency Phones . 11-12Line Sharing . 12Line Seizure Relay . 12Line Verification Panel with Key Switch . 13Silent Panic Button Kit . 13Area of Refuge Accessories . 13Line Concentrators . 13Voice Module . 13TELEPHONES14-16Analog Stainless Steel Panel Phones with Handsets . 14VoIP Stainless Steel Panel Phones with Handsets . 15Multi-Number Dialer Phones . 14-15Hot-Line and Courtesy Phones . 16Single Number Dialer Phones . 16Dial-Less Phones with Ringers . 16Electronic Ringer . 16Custom Color Phones . 16DIALERS17Touch Tone and Pulse Dialer . 17100 Number Speed Dialer . 17Smart Touch Tone Dialer . 17Alarm Dialers . 17Automated Voice Message Delivery System . 17PAGING PRODUCTS18-23IP Paging . 18Paging Amplifiers . 19Self-Amplified Paging System . 20Anti-Feedback Paging Interface . 21Talk-Back Amplifier . 21Night Bell . 21Telecom Paging Interface . 21Page Port / Trunk Input / FXO / FXS Paging Interface . 21Audio Isolation Board . 21Loud Call Announce / Ringing Amplifier . 22Zone Paging Controller . 22SIP and Analog Ringers . 22Paging Speakers, Horns, and Accessories . 22Clock Controlled Tone Generator . 23Mass Notification Announcer . 23Single Line Paging Controllers . 23CLOCK SYSTEMS24Master Clock / Networked Clock Control Over Paging . 24Wireless Synchronized Clocks and Accessories . 24RF Transmitter . 24PROBLEM SOLVERS25-31Remote Access Devices . 25Service Observation Unit . 25Toll Restrictor . 26Recording Kit . 26Buttons and Switches . 26Call Attendant . 26Privacy Devices . 26Miscellaneous Gadgets . 26Loop and Ring Detectors . 27Panasonic Doorphone Station Adapter . 27Line Powered Ringer . 27Tone Generator . 27Time Delay Relay . 27CPC Disconnect . 27Digital Voice Announcers . 28Automated Receptionist . 28Ringdown Circuits . 29Routing Switch . 29Ground to Loop Start Converter . 29Power Fail Bypass . 29Strobe Lights . 30Telephone Status Indicators . 30Ring Boosters . 31Talk Battery Booster . 31Long Loop Adapters . 31ENCLOSURES32-34Surface Mount Boxes . 32-33Blank Panel Surface Mount Boxes . 32-33LED Lighting Kit . 33Mounting Accessories . 33Gooseneck Pedestals . 33Outdoor Enclosures . 34ACCESS CONTROL35-45Door Entry and CCTV Controller .Doorboxes .12 Button Apartment Entry Systems .Analog Entry Phones with Keypads .VoIP Entry Phones with Keypads .Analog Entry Phones with Keypads and Cameras .VoIP Entry Phones with Keypads and Cameras .Analog Entry Phones with Proximity Readers .VoIP Entry Phone Systems with Proximity Readers .Proximity Readers and Keypads .Proximity Cards and Fobs .Proximity Entry Controller .Wireless Access Control System .Apartment / Office Door Entry Dialers / Controllers .“No Phone Line” Entry Controller .Directories .Accessible Entry System .Touch Tone Controlled Relays .Network Enabled Relay Controller .Entry Phone Interface / Controllers .Flush Mount Entry Phones .Surface Mount Entry Phones .Color Video Cameras .Single Gang Entry Phones .Double Gang Entry Phones 34343444546VoIP HD Video Entry Phones . 46VoIP Emergency Phones with HD Video . 46VIKING05

PRODUCT INDEX by Model E-300DNA-510DVA-1003BDOD OD alog 999111111111111111111111111111199999VoIP InterfaceViking offers many analogtelephone line interface products.Depending on the product and insome cases the application,these analog interface productscan be connected to a:Viking’s VoIP products feature: Specific VoIP models also feature 2Amp relays, programmable “speeddial” numbers, and built-in entrycontrollers that can accommodateup to 1000 keyless entry codesand/or proximity card numbers.CO LinePABX / KSU stationUnused trunk inputFXS portFXO port SIP compliantPoE poweredAutomatic Noise Canceling (ANC)Network downloadable firmwareProgram E-60-BKE-60-BK-EWPDOD 44444444444444444444444444545ModelDOD 384013292121292621363636363636363636EWP Enhanced Weather ProtectionViking's Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) products are weather-sealedwith a thick protective coating that keeps the elements out. Applicationswhere products are installed outdoors, or in harsh / corrosive environmentslike a swimming pool area or beach, should always use the EWP version!Features include: PCB completely sealed in an injection molded thermoplastic pottingcompound Sealed LED, push button switch and microphone connections Internally sealed switches, trim pots and dip switches Mylar speaker with foam gasket Gasketing to prevent water penetration Connectors filled with anti-corrosive gel EWP products are designed to meet an Ingress Protection rating of IP66For more information on EWP, see DOD M 715.386.8861 INFO@VIKINGELECTRONICS.COM

PRODUCT INDEX by Model NumberModelDOD -1500-EHFAK-1500P-DK-1500P-D ASHK-1500P-WK-1500P-W 1900-9K-1900D-2K-1900D-2 ASHK-1900W-2K-1900W-2 3-MK-GNPPRX-3-MK-VEGNPPRX-4PRX-5PRX-CDOD ntegrated Color Video CamerasViking offers many door entry phones with built-in color cameras for addedsecurity. The compact color composite video output provides versatility, whilethe -40 F to 185 F extreme temperature rating ensures reliability.Analog Camera Specifications:Power: 6-22V DC 150mA (12V DC UL Listed adapter included with the product)Image Sensor: 1/4” color CMOSVideo Output: 1VPP composite, NTSC, 75 ohmsResolution: 420 lines (640 x 480 @ 30fps / 307,200 pixels)Sensitivity: 0.025 LUX (50 IRE) F 1.2 3200KLens: 2.1mm, conical pinholeFOV (Field of View): 80 Horizontal, 60 Vertical,100 DiagonalTilt/Swivel Adjustment: Vertical /- 20 , horizontal /- 30 IR Compatibility: Use a Viking model VCAM-1IR, see DOD 190DOD 1SLP-4SO-24 32323232323232ModelDOD 535354646464646464646464622Integrated Proximity ReadersViking offers several entry phone styles with a built-in proximity readeroption for added security. We also offer several different external proximityreaders. All Viking proximity readers are equipped with Enhanced WeatherProtection, which is designed to meet IP66 Ingress Protection Rating.Proximity Specifications:Technologies Supported:Frequency: 125KHzFormat: 26 bit WiegandTransducer: Beeps during card readLED: Red, turns off during card readHumidity: Up to 100% (fully potted EWP)Operating Temperature: -30 F to 150 FViking PRX-C, PRX-C-ISO,PRX-FOB, LRT-4, see page 38***Certain legacy HID proximityprotocols* and certain AWID125KHz proximity protocols**HID and the HID logo are registered trademarks of HID Global Corporation, an ASSA ABLOY company.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.AWID is a trademark of Applied Wireless Identification Group.VIKING07

2019 PRODUCTEMERGENCYCATEGORYPHONESTITLEADA Compliant Emergency Phones Analog or VoIP interface Automatic Noise Canceling (ANC) for properoperation in noisy environments Complies with ASME A17.1 Elevator Codewhen used with LV-1K (page 13) Cycles through up to 5 emergency numberson busy or no answer Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) modelsavailable, designed to meet IP66 IngressProtection 2-IP -65-IPE-1600AE-1600-IPAnalog: 1600A E-1600-20AE-1600-20-IPVoIP: 1600-IP SeriesAnalog Features and OperationVoIP Features and Operation 2 Amp relay contacts for lights, strobes, chimes, door or gatecontrol, etc. SIP compliant and PoE powered (class 1, 4 Watts) 28 second I.D. announcement Temperature range: -40 F to 140 F Hangs up on busy signal, time-out, or touch tone commandTelephone line poweredCan be connected to a CO line, analog PABX station, or FXS portCompatible with Central Station Monitoring (CSM)16 second I.D. announcementIntelligent call progress detection for automatic hang-up onCPC, silence, busy signal, or time out Temperature range: -15 F to 130 FThe 1600A Series Emergency Phones are designed to provide quick andreliable access to emergency personnel via two-way, handsfree voicecommunication over a telephone network. The 1600A Series have Braillelabels and meet ADA requirements for elevator telephones. The phones canbe programmed on-site or remotely from a touch tone phone.When the “Push for Help” button is pressed, the 1600A Series phone goesoff-hook, and the built-in touch tone dialer calls the pre-programmed 1 to 20digit number. The “Call Connected” LED flashes during dialing. In the eventthat the line is busy or there is no answer, the unit can automatically dial upto 4 more numbers. When the call is answered, the 1600A Series phone lightsthe “Call Connected” LED steady and sends a field-programmed 1 to 20 digittouch tone number or 16 second voice announcement indicating the locationof the emergency phone.Use the PB-100 (see page 40) to remotely program and poll emergencyphones as to their working status.08E-1600-45AE-1600-45-IPVIKINGThe 1600-IP Series Emergency Phones are designed to provide quick and reliablehandsfree communication for SIP VoIP phone systems with PoE. All 1600-IPSeries phones meet ADA requirements for elevator / emergency telephones, andcan be programmed from any touch tone phone or PC on the same LAN orremotely using a static IP address.When the “Push for Help” button is pressed, the 1600-IP Series phone dials a preprogrammed telephone number. The “Call Connected” LED momentarily flashesduring dialing. In the event the line is busy or there is a ring-no-answer, the unitcan be programmed to call additional phone numbers. The phone then cyclesthrough up to 5 pre-programmed emergency numbers until the call is answered.When the call is answered, the digital voice announcer will automatically play toidentify the location of the emergency call and then light the “Call Connected”LED to show that handsfree communication to emergency personnel isestablished. The “,” key will send the I.D. number (if programmed), and play theannouncement again. The distant party will know the location of the emergencycall by either the voice announcement or by decoding the touch tone I.D. number.Installation requires the assistance of a network administrator / IT technician.VIKINGELECTRONICS.COM 715.386.8861 INFO@VIKINGELECTRONICS.COM

ADA COMPLIANT EMERGENCY PHONES 2019Compact Emergency Phones Material: 16 gauge steel with durablehigh visibility textured powder paint Includes Braille label, “Call Connected”LED, and I.D. Announcement for ADAcompliance Dimensions: 5.25" x 4.0" x 2.0" Mounting: Surface mount to walls,posts, single gang boxes, or recessmount in elevator phone boxes For features and operation, see page 8E-1600AE-1600-IPE-1600-45AE-1600-45-IPThese models have the samefeatures as the phones above, butwithout lettering - ideal for customapplications. Separate “Push forHelp” Braille label included.ModelColorDODRed E-1600A215Red E-1600A-EWP 215RedE-1600-IP255 RedE-1600-IP-EWP 255Red E-1600-40A215Red E-1600-40A-EWP 215RedE-1600-40-IP255 E-1600-40-IPEWP Red 255Yellow E-1600-45A215E-1600-45A-EWP Yellow ColorDODYellowE-1600-45-IP255 E-1600-45-IPEWP Yellow 255Blue E-1600-60A215E-1600-60A-EWP Blue 215BlueE-1600-60-IP255 E-1600-60-IPEWP Blue 255Blue E-1600-65A215E-1600-65A-EWP Blue 215BlueE-1600-65-IP255 E-1600-65-IPEWP Blue 25542-Inch Tower Phones with Blue LED Strobe High intensity flashing LED strobe light withsteady-on beacon option, 4 flash patterns and6 brightness settings Strobe: Vandal resistant polycarbonate plastic Tower Chassis: 8 gauge thick aluminum, 3.0" x6.0" rectangular tube, powder painted yellow Power supply included for strobe Comes standard with EnhancedWeather Protection (EWP), see page 6 Meets IP66 Ingress Protection Rating For features and operation, see page 8 Mounting: Surface mount to wall or -1600-BLTIPEWPE-1600BLT2IPEWPEWPVoIPAnalog Phone Panel: 14 gauge 316 marine gradestainless steel faceplate with stainless steelbuttonDescription“Assistance” verbiage with HELP button“Assistance” verbiage with HELP and INFO buttons “Assistance” verbiage with HELP button“Assistance” verbiage with HELP and INFO buttons“Emergency” verbiage with HELP button“Emergency” verbiage with HELP and INFO buttons“Emergency” verbiage with HELP button“Emergency” verbiage with HELP and INFO buttons DOD217217249249217217249249VIKING09

2019 ADA COMPLIANT EMERGENCY PHONESVandal Resistant Phone Material: 12 gauge brushed 316marine grade stainless steel Mounting: Flush mount in elevatorcabs, stairwells, hallways, etc. Dimensions: 13.0” x 10.5” x 2” Heavy-duty panel with laser etchedlettering for years of useHeavy-Duty Phone Material: Heavy duty 14 gauge 316 marinegrade stainless steel, #4 brushed finish Mounting: Surface mount to walls, posts,single or double gang boxes or recessmount in elevator phone boxes Suitable for areas with vandalism issues Dimensions: 7.22” x 5.36” x A215 E-1600-02A-EWP 215E-1600-02-IP255 E-1600-02-IPEWP 255 For features andoperation, referto page 8Two-Button Phone Material: 14 gauge brushed marinegrade 316 stainless steel Mounting: Flush mount with includedplastic rough-in box or use an optionalVE-Series Surface Mount Box, soldseparately (page 32) INFO button dials additional numbersfor general info or directions For features andoperation, referto page 8Double-Gang MountTwo-Button Phone Material: 14 gauge brushed marinegrade 316 stainless steel Mounting: Flush mount in a standarddouble-gang electrical box INFO button dials additional numbersfor general info or -20A215 E-1600-20A-EWP 215E-1600-20-IP255 E-1600-20-IPEWP 255ModelDODE-1600-03B215 E-1600-03B-EWP 215E-1600-03-IP255 E-1600-03-IPEWP 255 Dimensions:5.0” x 5.0” x 2.25” For features andoperation, referto page 8Standard Phone Material: 14 gauge brushed marinegrade 316 stainless steelModelE-1600-22-IPE-1600-22-IPEWP Dimensions:5.0” x 5.0” x 2.25”DOD255255 For features andoperation, referto page 8Double-Gang Phone Material: 14 gauge brushed marinegrade 316 stainless steel Mounting: Flush mount with includedplastic rough-in box or use an optionalVE-Series Surface Mount Box, soldseparately (page 32) Mountin

Viking always works. 1990 - ADA PHONES Viking made its first of many ADA compliant emergency phones with the K-1600-EHF. 2015 - VIKING RELEASES 34 VOIP PRODUCTS Consistently recognized for bold leadership, Viking exploded into VoIP and was nationally awarded one year later. 2001 - ENTRY INTO INNOVATION Viking developed the nation’s

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Viking will not be responsible for injury or property damage arising from service performed by other than Viking Factory Authorized Service Agencies. In order to locate a Viking Factory Authorized Service Agency, please consult the dealer from whom you purchased this product. You may also write to: Viking Preferred Service P. O. Drawer 956

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