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InvensysElectric/ElectronicsProducts CatalogDesign innovation with uncompromised reliability

General InformationInvensys Building SystemsInvensys Building Systems is part of the Invensys Controls family with a long tradition of global leadership in building controlstechnology. We offer the most extensive line of controls and components available to today's market, including: valve bodies,valve assemblies, actuation devices and sensors, as well as interfaces, and automated systems that link these products andother building systems together.With many patents awarded for our product designs, Invensys offers the most innovative line of state-of-the-art HVAC controlsystems and devices in the industry. Superior engineering, combined with ISO 9001 certification and six-sigma lean manufacturing, ensures that our products conform to the highest standards of internationally recognized quality, providing solid performance, unsurpassed value, and exceptional reliability for our customers.Through OEM's, Distributors, and a world-wide network of Field Offices, Invensys Building Systems is a single source for allbuilding control needs. Consult (choose Contact Us, and click on the Office Locator) for yournearest Invensys distributor.Invensys Building Systems Electric and Electronic ProductsBuilding on the heritage of the Barber-Colman, Robertshaw, and ErieTM electric and electronic control product families, Invensys Building Systems offers a complete range of products, including: electromechanical and electronic thermostats, sensors,DuraDrive and EconoDriveTM valve and damper actuators, Erie PopTopTM zone valves, Erie Boiler Boss controls, the System 8000 family of controllers and sensors, plus a wide range of accessories to provide all the electrical and electronic controlcomponents needed for the installation and maintenance of complete systems.Organization and Index SystemsThe Invensys Building Systems Electric/Electronic Products Catalog is organized alphanumerically by product number. For abrief description of the model numbering system, consult the Part Numbering System chart on the following page. A SubjectIndex follows and a Model Number Index. The Subject Index is used when you know what subject you are looking for, but arenot sure of the specific model number of a specific product. The Model Number Index mirrors the organization of the catalogand is used when you know the specific model number.Other Invensys Building Systems Product CatalogsInvensys Building Systems also offers a complete range of valves and pneumatic products in addition to its electric/electronicproducts. These are covered in separate catalogs - see the back cover for further information. Electronic versions of all catalogs are also available on a CD.Visit Us on the WebBe sure and visit us at You’ll find electronic versions of all our catalogs, a complete list of fieldoffices, training information, and links to more information about Invensys Building Systems and Invensys plc.All specifications are nominal and may change as design improvements are introduced. Invensys shall not be liable for damagesresulting from misapplication or misuse of its products.F-27382 2006 Invensys PLC. All Rights ReservedPrinted in U.S.A.i

Manufactured PartsNumbering SystemPrimary Designation(First Letter)HShumidity sensor, electronicAAccessoriesHSPHHumidityhumidity transmitter,electronicPPressureSSwitch or Step ControllerVValveCController orControlled DeviceMAMMotor (Actuator)MCRReceiver-Controller orP.E. SwitchRKSRreceiver-controller, pneumaticreplacementSswitch, pneumaticSLCcontroller, solid-stateSPstep controller, proportional,electric, pneumatic, orelectronicHTSPhumidity/temperaturetransmitter, electronicMmotor, pneumatic, with orwithout positionerTmotor, two-position, springreturn, electricthermostat or transmitter,pneumaticTAmotor, two-position(three-wire), electricthermostat, two-position,electricTCaccessories, modular controlsystems (PNEUMODULAR )thermostat, two-position,electricTFthermostat, floatingMCSAlpha Prefix CombinationsMEmotorTHCenthalpy controller, electricADaccessory, electronic orelectronic control packageMFmotor, floating, proportionalTHCRMKmotor, pneumaticenthalpy controller, electricreplacementAEaccessory, electricMK4thermostat, pneumaticaccessory, humiditymotor, pneumatic withpositive positionerTKAHTKRAKpneumatic relay or positionerMMmotor, modularthermostat, pneumaticreplacementAKRaccessory, pneumaticreplacementMMCcontrol card, modular motorTKStemperature transmitters,pneumaticMMRreplacement motor, modularAKSaccessory, pneumaticTOOLMPALaccessory, pneumatic orE.P. relaysmotor, proportional, electric orelectroniccalibration fixtures, kits,and toolsTPMSmotor, proportional, electronicthermostat, proportional,electric or electronicMUmotor, proportional, temp.,electric or electronicTRthermostat, pneumaticreplacementAMaccessory, motorAPaccessory, pressureASPaccessory, electronicNthermostat, accessoriesTSATaccessory, thermostatPtemperature sensor,electronicAVaccessory, valveTSPCcover, 2" x 2" pneumaticthermostatspressure or differentialpressure transmitter, orreceiver-controller, pneumatictemperature transmitter,electronicPCVAcontroller/controlled device,electronicpressure, two-position(three-wire), electricvalve, two-position, springreturn, electricPCPVBvalve bodyCNmulti-purpose bridge,electronicPNEUMODULAR controlpanelsVCPFpressure, floating, electricvalve, two-position(three-wire), electricCPcontroller/controlled device,electronicPKSRVKvalve, pneumaticVK4CTcover, 2" x 2" pneumaticthermostatsdifferential water pressure orair velocity transmitters,pneumaticvalve, pneumatic with positivepositionerPPVMvalve, modular motorHhumidistat or humiditytransmitter, pneumaticpressure, proportional,electric or pneumaticRVPvalve, proportional, electricor electronicHChumidity, two-position(three-wire), electricelectric power relays,pneumatic relays, P.E.switches, and VAV controllersVSvalve, electronicHKShumidity or enthalpyCCiitransmitter, pneumaticRKSreceiver-controller, pneumatic

Subject IndexAccessories500 Ohm Resistor . 340Accessory Kit . 343Adapter Plate . 317, 374Angle Damper Clip . 326Bracket . 342Celsius Set Point Dial . 318Damper Rod . 326Damper Shaft Position Indicator/Stroke Limiter .340Dial Stop Pins . 356Differential Pressure Pick-ups . 368Digital Indicator . 350Duplex Unit Sub-Base . 361Enclosure . 322Expansion Relay . 367Heavy Duty Connecting Link . 332High/Low Signal Selector . 321Legend Plates . 362Metric Conduit Adaptor . 345Modulation Interface . 339Mounting Plates . 317Outdoor Bulb Shield . 357Pilot Light Assembly . 368Position Selector - Manual/Minimum .321Remote Setpoint Adjusters . 351, 352Rotation Limiter . 337Sequencing, Paralleling, Reversing Module .319Signal Adapter . 320Single Unit Sub-Base . 360Span Adjustment . 338Static Pressure Probe . 348, 349Terminal Block . 366Thermostat Covers and Inserts . 353Thermostat Guard .316, 363, 364, 365Universal Clamp . 341Universal Shaft Extension .336V-Bolt Kit . 337V-Clamp Assembly . 336Wall Plate . 315Warmer/Cooler Set Point Dial . 318Weather Shield . 335, 342Actuator Drives1 to 15 Vdc Input Electronic Actuator Drive .662 to 15 Vdc Input Electronic Actuator Drive .524 to 20 mA Input Electronic Actuator Drive . 57, 60Electronic Actuator Drive .55ActuatorsControl Module Card .130Electric/Electronic Gear Train Modular Actuators .133Electronic Gear Train Economizer Actuator .196Electronic Hydraulic Actuator .145Electronic Positive Positioning Actuator . 152Electronic Positive Positioning Hydraulic Actuator . 148Erie Spring Return Floating & Proportional Actuator . 14Erie Two-Position Damper Actuator . 1Floating Hydraulic Actuator .19 , 21, 92, 213, 216Floating Valve Actuator . 95, 98Non-Spring Return DuraDrive Floating Actuator .107, 111Non-Spring Return DuraDrive Modulating Actuator 175, 178Non-Spring Return DuraDrive Proportional Actuator . 187Non-Spring Return DuraDrive Three Position Actuator . 109Non-Spring Return EconoDrive Floating Actuator . 120Non-Spring Return EconoDrive Proportional Actuator . 181Non-Spring Return Floating & Proportional Actuator . 16Non-Spring Ruturn EconoDrive Floating Actuator . 114Proportional Actuators .159, 162Proportional or Floating Actuators . 155Proportional Valve Actuator . 163Reversible and Proportional Electric Actuators . 137Spring Return DuraDrive Floating Actuator . 101, 104, 123Spring Return DuraDrive ProportionalActuator . 166, 172, 189Spring Return DuraDrive Two-Position Actuator .79, 83Spring Return DuraDrive Two-Postion Actuator . 85Spring Return DuraDrive Floating Actuator . 104Spring Return EconoDrive Floating Actuator . 117Spring Return EconoDrive Proportional Actuator . 184Spring Return EconoDrive Two-Position Actuator . 74Spring Return Two-Position Actuator . 11Two-Position Actuators . 76Two-Position, Non-Spring Return Actuators . 90Two-Position, Oil-Submerged Actuators . 71Bulb WellsBulb Well . 357, 358High Pressure Brass Well . 358Immersion Well . 356Control ModulesControl Module Card . 127Control Modules . 136ControllersBB1200 Universal Reset Control . 19BB3000 Injection Mixing Pump Control . 21BB3600 Three-Way Mixing Valve Control . 23Erie Multi-Zone Circulator Control Relay . 216Erie Two Zone Hydro-Air Relay . 313Erie Universal Control Relay . 213Erie Zone Valve Control Center . 310Fan Speed Controller .35, 375Proportional Pressure Controllers . 205Proportional Temperature Controller (Less Sensor) . 209iii

Subject IndexProportional Temperature Controller with Sensor . 211Room/Discharge Low Limit Temperature Controller . 274Single/Dual Output Room Temperature Controllers . 270System 8000 Chiller Controller . 42System 8000 Eight-Stage Sequencer Controller . 32System 8000 Four-Step Sequence Controller . 27System 8000 Six Stage Programmable Controllers . 45, 48System 8000 Two-Input Controller/Relay . 29System 8000 Two-Input Temperature or HumidityController . 37, 40Two-Position Electric Controller . 69Two-Position Enthalpy Controller . 266Crank ArmsCrank Arms . 325Heavy Duty Crank Arm . 332Motor Crank Arm Kit . 327EnclosuresControl Cabinets . 10Power Relay Enclosure . 324KitsAccessory Kit . 343, 344Bracket Kit . 329Capacitor Kit . 324Cover Kits . 355Crank Arm Kit . 337 , 341, 342Damper Shaft Kits . 317Gasket Cover Kit . 331Lock Cover Screw Kit . 355NEMA 4 Rated Gasket Cover Kit . 332Position Indication Kit . 322Replacement Weather Resistant Kit . 328Set Point Dial Stop Kit . 318MountingAngle Mounting Bracket .329Anti-Rotation Bracket . 344, 347Base Mounting Plate .335Damper Actuator Mounting Adaptor . 333, 347Duct Mounting Kit .357Liquid Line or Tank Mounting Kit .357Manual Override Crank . 345, 347Mounting Base Dual .359Mounting Base Single .359Mounting Box .315Mounting Bracket .331, 366, 369Mounting Bracket Kit .348Mounting Plate .369Mounting Ring . 315, 316Multiple Actuator Mounting Bracket .334Panel Mounting Adaptor .323Slotted L Mounting Bracket .346Universal Mounting Bracket .333, 334, 346Universal Mounting Clamp .343Universal Mounting Clamps .345Vinyl Mounting Track .323PositionersPositioner .373Positioners .340PotentiometersPotentiometer .330Power SupplyPower Supply .18RelaysLinkageDamper Linkage Kit . 338Actuator Mount Time Delay Relay .331Paralleling Relay .8Power Relays .325System 8000 Controlled Relays .25LinkagesActuator/Valve LInkage . 347Ball Joint Linkage Connector . 326Damper Linkage Kits . 327Straight Linkage Connector . 325ivResistorsPrecision Resistor .374Resistor Kits .323

Subject IndexSensorOutside Air Sensor . 369Thermistor . 369SensorsAdjustable Wall Sensor .277Electronic Room Temperature Sensor .292Remote Balco Temperature Sensors .288Remote Platinum Temperature Sensors .286Remote Sensor . 318Remote Thermistor Temperature Sensors .282Room Sensor .278Room Temperature Sensor, Remote Setpoint .290SwitchesAuxiliary Four-Step Switch . 330Auxiliary Two-Step Switch . 329Floating Differential Pressure Switch .202Floating Pressure Air Flow Switch .203Pneumatic-Electric Pressure Switch .198Seasonal Changeover Switch .4Toggle Switch . 367Two-Position Air Flow Pressure Switch .200Strap-on Changeover Thermostat . 258Strap-on Thermostat . 259Two-Position Electric Duplex Room Thermostats .248, 255Two-Position Electric Room Thermostat, Heating . 241Two-Position, Single & Dual Bulb Thermostats . 260ToolsAuxiliary Switch Adjustment . 371Bellows Compressor . 372Calibration Kit . 373Calibration Wrench . 371Cam Adjustment Wrench . 372Contact Burnishing Tool . 371Pneumatic Thermostat Calibration Kit . 372Positioner . 373Precision Resistor . 374Setpoint Calibration Tool . 374Spanner Head Bit . 371Spanner Head Driver with Bit . 371Wrench . 373TransducersDuct Pressure Transducer . 306Electronic to Pneumatic Transducer .62, 64Pressure Transducer . 207, 304Static & Differential Pressure Transducer . 308ThermometersDial Thermometers .276TransformersTransformer/Cover Kit . 328Transformers . 6Thermostat/ControllerDigital, 3-Wire Floating Thermostat/Controller .229Digital, Proportional Thermostat/Controller . 236, 239Erie Digital, On/Off Thermostat .220Erie Non-Digital Proportional Thermostat/Controller .233Erie Non-Digital, Electronic On/OffThermostat/Controller .226Erie Non-Digital, On/Off Low/Line VoltageThermostat/Controller .223TransmittersCombination Humidity Transmitters/Temperature Sensors .301Electronic Humidity Transmitters .298, 301Humidity/Temperature Transmitters . 298Remote 4 to 20 mAdc Temperature Transmitters . 296Room 4 to 20 mAdc Temperature Transmitters withPlatinum Sensors . 294Temperature Transmitters . 370ThermostatsElectric Proportional Room Thermostats .268High/Low Temperature Thermostats .244Low Temperature Thermostats .263Single Bulb Thermostats .253Single Stage, Multi-Stage, and Heat PumpDigital Thermostats .246v

Subject Indexvi

Model Number IndexModelPageNumerics10-22 .31510-48 .31510-53 .31610-58 .31610-62 .31610-82-48 .31710-82-SS .31720-715 .316453-52 .317453-69 .317453H .1453H0034GA00 .1453H0034GB00 .1453H0034GU00 .1453H0038GA00 .1453H0038GA01 .1453H0038GB00 .1453H0038GB01 .1453H0038GU00 .1453H0038GU01 .1453H0074GA00 .1453H0074GB00 .1453H0074GU00 .1453H0077GA00 .1453H0077GA01 .2453H0077GB00 .2453H0077GB01 .2453H0077GU00 .2453L .1453L0034GA00 .1453L0034GB00 .1453L0034GU00 .1453L0038GA00 .2453L0038GA01 .2453L0038GB00 .2453L0038GB01 .2453L0038GU00 .2453L0038GU01 .2453L0074GA00 .2453L0074GB00 .2453L0074GU00 .2453L0077GA00 .2453L0077GA01 .2453L0077GB00 .2453L0077GB01 .2453L0077GU00 .2453L0077GU01 .2453R .1453R0077GA00 .2453R0077GB00 .2453R0077GU00 .26-371 .31565170 .31865345 .31765410 .31865671 .31865860 .318ModelPage680-243-5 . 4680-243-6 . 4AAD-8101 . 319AD-812x . 320, 321AD-8301 . 321AD-8817 . 322AD-8953 . 323AD-8954 . 323AD-8969-101 . 323AD-8969-102 . 323AD-8969-10x . 323AD-8969-202 . 324AD-8969-621 . 324AD-89xx . 322AE-201 . 6AE-207-120 . 6AE-207-277 . 6AE-300 . 324AE-304 . 325AE-314 . 325AE-504 . 8AE-629 . 10AE-630 . 10AE-631 . 10AE-632 . 10AE-662-501 . 10AE-662-502 . 10AE-662-503 . 10AEM-8120-005 . 6AEM-8120-010 . 6AEM-8240-005 . 6AEM-8240-010 . 6AG . 11AG13A01A . 11AG13A020 . 11AG13A02A . 11AG13B020 . 11AG13B02A . 11AG13D020 . 11AG13D02A . 11AG13T020 . 11AG13T02A . 11AG13U020 . 11AG13U02A . 11AG14A020 . 11AG14A02A . 11AG14B020 . 11AG14B02A . 11AG14D020 . 11AG14D02A . 11AG14T020 . 11AG14U020 . 11AG14U02A . 11AG23A01A . 11AG23A020 . 11AG23A02A . 11AG23B020 . 11ModelPageAG23B02A .11AG23D020 .11AG23D02A .11AG23T020 .11AG23T02A .11AG24T020 .12AG24U020 .12AH .11AH13A020 .12AH13A02A .12AH13B020 .12AH13B02A .12AH13D020 .12AH13D02A .12AH13T020 .12AH13T02A .12AH13U020 .12AH13U02A .12AH14A020 .12AH14A02A .12AH14B020 .12AH14B02A .12AH14D020 .12AH14D02A .12AH14T020 .12AH14U020 .12AH23A020 .12AH23A02A .12AH23B020 .12AH23B02A .12AH23U020 .12AH23U02A .12AH24A020 .12AH24A02A .12AH24B020 .12AH24B02A .12AH24D020 .12AH24D02A .12AH24T020 .12AH24U020 .12AH24U02A .

ii Primary Designation (First Letter) A Accessories H Humidity P Pressure S Switch or Step Controller V Valve C Controller or Controlled Device M Motor (Actuator) R Receiver-Controller or P.E. Switch Alpha Prefix Combinations AD accessory, electronic or electronic control package AE accessory, electric AH accessory, humidity AK pneumatic relay or positioner AKR accessory,

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Schneider Electric Holdings, Inc. offers a variety of benefit programs including the Foxboro Component of the Invensys Pension Plan Part B - Provisions Applicable to Former Participants in the Invensys Pension Plan. In addition, your employer contributes to Social Security on your behalf.

APV Plate Heat Exchanger Training Program 16 C 3 invensys Sealing Plate Exchangers To ensure a good fit in the frame the heat transfer plates hang from a top carrying bar and guided by a lower guide bar. C 3 invensys To ensure a leak free design, always use a plate heat exchanger that has the gasket completely encapsulated by the heat . (pull down Products menu and select Measurement & Instruments, then Documentation, then Specs, Instructions, Drawings, Parts). If you need additional help, please call 1-866-746-6477 in the U.S.A. or contact your local Invensys Process Systems (IPS) representative.

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Fisher actuators 1051, 1052, 1061 Sereg Maxflo, Revca, Reglob Petras Masoneilan Camflex II ¡ S i n l í m i t e ! Invensys Confidential 9 Actuadores Especiales . “Manually Set” Positioner Posicionador Analógico SRI990 Características SRI990-BIMS7FAA SRI990-CIMS7FAA. Invensys Confidential 12 SRI990-BIMS7FAA SRI990-CIMS7FAA

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