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EnglishALERTYour new spa’s GFCI will trip.A Ground Fault Interrupter (GFCI) Trip Test must occur toallow proper spa function.Spas that come with MXBP20 and MXBP501 control systems come with special instructions for the installer/electrician. If they have not already advised you on whatto do or expect from the GFCI Trip Test, please contactthem for instructions.If the GFCI breaker connected to your spa trips, this isnormal behavior. Please reset the breaker and enjoyyour spa. The trip test has been completed successfully.If your spa was not wired to a GFCI breaker or yourbreaker fails the GFCI Trip Test, the spa will repeatedlyattempt (at preset intervals) to trip the breaker in the future until such time that it triggers a GFCI Trip. If a GFCIdoes not trip properly, your spa’s display will show anerror message.GFCI breakers are important safety devices required bycode for your hot tub. For more information, refer to theMXBP20 and MXBP501 sections of this manual or yourlocal dealer.Owner’s Manual1

IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNINGSEnglishSAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSWARNING:Children should not use spas or hot tubswithout adult supervision.WARNING:Water temperature in excess of 100 F (38 C)may be injurious to your health.WARNING:Do not use spas or hot tubs unless all suctionguards are installed to prevent body and hairentrapment.WARNING:Before entering the spa or hot tub, measurethe water temperature with an accuratethermometer.WARNING:Pregnant, or possibly pregnant, women shouldconsult a physician before using a spa or hot tub.WARNING:Do not use a spa or hot tub immediatelyfollowing strenuous exercise.WARNING:People with infectious diseases should notuse a spa or hot tub.WARNING:Prolonged immersion in a spa or hot tub maybe injurious to your health.WARNING:To avoid injury, exercise care when enteringor exiting the spa or hot tub.WARNING:Maintain water chemistry in accordance withmanufacturer’s instruction.WARNING:Do not use drugs or alcohol before or duringthe use of a spa or hot tub to avoidunconsciousness and possible drowning.WARNING:Do not permit electric appliances (such as alight, telephone, radio or television) within5 feet (1.5m) of the spa or hot tub.WARNING:People using medications and/or having anadverse medical history should consult aphysician before using a spa or hot tub.WARNING:The use of alcohol or drugs can greatlyincrease the risk of fatal hyperthermia in hottubs and spas.2Owner’s Manual

GFCI Alert.1Important Safety Warnings.2Table of Contents.3Important Safety Instructions.6Dos and Don’ts.8Hyperthermia.8Spa Installation.9European Spas.9Site and Positioning.9Outdoor Installation.9Indoor Installation.9Thermal Creep.10Spa System Components.11Spa Components.12Jets and Air Controls.13Jets (Directional, Rotating, Euro).13Cleaning or Replacing Jets.13Cleaning the Jets.13Air Controls.14Electrical Information.15Important Safety Instructions.15Ground-Fault Circuit Interruptor.15Residual Current Device.15Installation Options.15Voltage/Amperage Charts.17Smart Touch Water Proof Control Panel. 24Main Screen.24Set Temperature.25.Spa Screen.25Common Buttons.26Settings Screen.28Programming.28Modes of Operation.29Filling It UP.30Priming Operations.31Spa Behavior.31Pumps.31Filtration and OZone.32Freeze Protection.32Adjusting Filtration.33Additional Settings.34Restricting Operation.34Unlocking.35Scenes.35Additional Settings.36Information.37System Information.37GFCI Test Feature.38General Messages.39Reminder Messages.40300 Control Panel.41Operating Instructions.41User’s Pads.41Temperature Controls.42Modes of Operation.42Setting the Time.43Preset Filter Cycles.43Changing Filter Cycles.43Light.43Start Up Procedures.23Priming Your Spa.23Owner’s Manual3EnglishTABLE OF CONTENTS

English501 Control Panel.44Operating Instructions.44User’s Pads.45Temperature Controls.45Jets.46Modes of Operation.46Preset Filter Cycles.46Changing Filter Cycles.47504 Control Panel.48Operating Instructions.48User’s Pads.49Temperature Controls.49Jets.49Light.50Modes of Operation.50Setting Filtration Cycles.50Preset Filter Cycles.50Changing Filter Cycles.51Clean Up Cycle.51Bluetooth/MP3 Audio System Option.51TP600 Control Panel.53Main Menus.53 .Filling Your Spa.54Spa Behavior.54Temperature and Temp Range.55Mode - Rest and Ready.56Show and Set Time-of-Day.56Flip (Invert Display).56Restricting Operation.57 .Unlocking.57Adjusting Filtration.57Wi-Fi Connectivity.57GFCI Trip Test.574TP800 Control Panel.58Button Functions.58The Main Screen.59Spa & Shortcut Screens.59The Settings Screen.60Filling Your Spa.61Spa Behavior.62Time-of-Day.62Adjusting Filtration.63Restricting Operation.63Unlocking.63Wi-Fi Connectivity.63Scenes.63Color and Language.63GFCI Test Feature.64Auxiliary Panel.64Therapy Sequencer.64Bluetooth Connection.67WiFi Connectivity.68Smart Device WiFi Spa Controls.68Getting Started.68After Application Download.68Connect to your Spa.69Connecting to WiFi Network.69Application Functions.70Settings.70Setting Time.70Setting Filter Cycles.71Controls.71Equipment Safety Features.72Automatic Time Outs.72Common LCD Equipment Messages.72Common LCD Messages.73Owner’s Manual

EnglishMaintenance.74Water Chemistry.74Sanitizing.74pH Level.74Water Maintenance.74Sanitizing With Ozone.75Specialty Chemicals.75Draining Your Spa.75Filter Maintenance.76Winterizing.76Spa Cabinet Care.77Spa Surface Care and Cleaning.77Light Bulbs.77Common Water Problems.78Common Hardware Problems.81Spa Soaking Guidelines.83Safety sign.84Limited Warranty Summary.84Copyrights and Trademarks.85Notes.86Owner’s Manual5

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSEnglishREAD AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS1. WARNING - To reduce the risk of injury,do not allow children to use spa unlessthey are closely supervised at all times.2. A wire connector is provided on this unitto connect a minimum 6 AWG (5.15 mm2)solid copper conductor between this unitand any metal equipment, metal enclosures of electrical equipment, metal waterpipe or conduit within 5 feet (1.5m) ofthe unit.3. (For cord-connected/convertible units)DANGER - Risk of injury.a. Replace damaged cord immediately.b. Do not bury cord.c. Connect to a grounded, groundingtype receptacle only.4. DANGER - Risk of Accidental Drowning.Extreme caution must be exercisedto prevent unauthorized access bychildren. To avoid accidents, ensure thatchildren cannot use this spa unless theyare supervised at all times.5. DANGER - Risk of injury. The suctionfittings in this spa are sized to match thespecific water flow created by the pump.If you must replace the suction fittingsor the pump, be sure the flow rates arecompatible. Never operate spa if thesuction fittings are broken or missing.Never replace a suction fitting withone rated less than the flow rate markedon the original suction fitting.6. DANGER - Risk of Electric Shock. Installat least 5 feet (1.5m) from all metalsurfaces. As an alternative, a spa may beinstalled within 5 feet (1.5m) of metal6surfaces if each metal surface ispermanently connected by a minimum6 AWG (5.15 mm2) solid copperconductor to the wire connector on theterminal box that is provided forthis purpose.7. DANGER - Risk of Electric Shock. Do notpermit any electric appliance (such as alight, telephone, radio or television)within 5 feet (1.5m) of the spa.8. WARNING - To reduce the risk of injury:a. The water in a spa should neverexceed 104 F (40 C). Temperatures between 100 F (38 C) and 104 F (40 C)are considered safe for a healthy adult.Lower temperatures are recommendedfor young children and when spa useexceeds 10 minutes.b. Since excessive water temperatureshave a high potential for causing fetaldamage during the early months of pregnancy, pregnant or possibly pregnantwomen should limit spa water temperatures to 100 F (38 C).c. Before entering spa, measure thewater temperature as water temperatureregulating devices vary.d. The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication before or during spa use may leadto unconsciousness with the possibility ofdrowning.e. Obese persons and persons with ahistory of heart disease, low or highblood pressure, circulatory system problems, or diabetes should consult aphysician before using a spa.Owner’s Manual

NOTE: Check with your state/local code enforcement officer to determine electrical coderequirements and compliance. Use a qualified licensed electrician to complete all final spaelectrical connections.Caution: Risk of electrical shock. Read and follow all instructions.TO AVOID RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK:1. A green colored terminal or a terminalmarked G, GR, Ground, Grounding, or theinternational symbolis located onthe side of the supply terminal box orcompartment. This terminal must beconnected to the grounding meansprovided in the electric supply servicepanel, using a continuous copper wireequivalent in size to the circuit conductorssupplying this equipment.*IEC Publication 417, Symbol 5019.2. At least two lugs marked “BONDINGLUGS” are provided on the external surface or on the inside of the supply terminal box or compartment. Connect thelocal common bonding grid (house-holdground) in the area of the hot tub or spato these terminals, using an insulated orbare copper conductor not smaller thanNo. 6 AWG.Owner’s Manual3. All field-installed metal components suchas rails, ladders, drains or similar hardware located within 5 ft (1.5m). of thespa or hot tub shall be bonded to theequipment grounding bus with copperconductors not smaller than No. 6 AWG.4. Never connect unit to a power supplywith a load controller.5. Install to provide drainage of compartment for electrical components.6. The electrical supply for this productmust include a suitably rated switchor circuit breaker to open all ungroundedsupply conductors. This disconnectingmeans must be readily accessible foroperation but installed at least 5 feet(1.5m) from the spa. All electricalconnections should comply with localregulations.7EnglishSAVE ALL INSTRUCTIONS

DOS AND DON’ TS OF SPA CAREEnglishDo: Save these instructions! Replace the cover immediately after use. Keep the cover locked when spa is notin use. Be aware of the dangers of a wet andslippery surface. Use caution whenentering and exiting your spa. Have a licensed electrician make all finalelectrical connections. Replace worn, frayed or broken electricalcords. Keep the water chemistry correctlybalanced. Untreated spa water will causeproblems with your spa and equipmentas well as being a health risk. Clean the spa filter monthly or as needed. Position the spa so that all sides remainaccessible for maintenance. Use a bathing cap for long hair. Refer to information on hyperthermia. Use only authorized spa care productsfor the best performance and to keepthe water properly balanced.HyperthermiaThe causes, symptoms, and effects ofhyperthermia may be described as follows:hyperthermia occurs when the internaltemperature of the body reaches a levelseveral degrees above the normal bodytemperature of 98.6 F (37 C). The symptomsof hyperthermia include an increase in theinternal temperature of the body, dizziness,lethargy, drowsiness, and fainting. The effectsof hyperthermia include:a. Failure to perceive heatb. Failure to recognize the need to exit spaor hot tubc. Unawareness of impending hazardd. Fetal damage in pregnant womene. Physical inability to exit the spa or hottub, andf. Unconsciousness resulting in the dangerof drowningWARNING - The use of alcohol, drugs,or medication can greatly increase therisk of fatal hyperthermia.Don’t: Use the spa at 104 F (40 C) for longperiods of time (more than 30 minutes).See Hyperthermia, next column. Use an extension cord to power your spa. Allow anyone to stand on the spa cover.It is not designed to support weight. Power the spa unless it is filled with water5-6 inches below top of spa lip. Operate the pump on high speed for extended periods of time with the cover inplace. Extended operation can cause heatbuild-up and interfere with spa operation.8Owner’s Manual

The electrical supply for this product mustinclude a suitably rated switch or circuitbreaker to open all ungrounded supplyconductors to comply with Section 422-20of the National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA701987. The disconnecting means must beaccessible but installed at least 5 feet (1.5 m)from the spa water. All electrical connectionsshould comply with article 680-D of the NEC.European SpasThe appliance should be supplied througha residual current device (RCD) with a ratedtripping current not exceeding 30 mA. Meansfor disconnection must be incorporated inthe fixed wiring in accordance with the wiringrules. Parts containing live parts, except partssupplied with safety extra-low voltage notexceeding 12 V, must be inaccessible to aperson in the bath. Earthed appliances mustbe permanently connected to fixed wiring.Site and PositioningLocate the spa on solid, level foundation orflooring, keeping in mind the weight of thefilled spa in excess of 3,968lbs (1.800 kg) onsome models. If you have any doubts aboutthe load bearing ability of your chosen site,contact an architect/building contractor. Theentire perimeter of the spa cabinet and spabottom must be evenly supported. If yourspa is installed outdoors, we recommendyou provide a concrete pad for the spa torest on 8ft x 8ft x 4in (2.5m x 2.5m x 10cm).Fail

2 Owner’s Manual E NGLISH WARNING: Children should not use spas or hot tubs without adult supervision. WARNING: Do not use spas or hot tubs unless all suction guards are installed to prevent body and hair entrapment. WARNING: Pregnant, or possibly pregnant, women should consult a physician before using a spa or hot tub. WARNING:

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