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LINEAGETABLE OF CONTENTSMaster Rondy - Owner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35White Tiger Founder Master Rondy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36White Tiger Lineage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 & 38White Tiger Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39White Tiger Press . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40White Tiger Origin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41My Story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42Korean Tiger Schools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 & 44What’s in a Name? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45Korean Tigers Professional Demo Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 & 47

MASTER RONDY - OWNERTIGER TIPMaster Rondy was presented with her 7thDegree Black Belt whenGrandmaster Ho Jae Kimfrom the Kukkiwon inKorea, visited WhiteTiger for Black BeltTesting in 2009.Master Rondy is the ProgramDirector and Owner of WhiteTiger. Her duties includespecial events coordinating,new student enrollment andmanagement of the specializedteams.Master Rondy was born inMichigan’s upper peninsula.She majored in Art and hadworked for several AdvertisingAgencies in Detroit beforeopening her own design studio.Master Rondy was trained byGrand Master Chung, then 9thdegree Black Belt, in Detroit.After she received her firstdegree Black Belt, she traveledto Korea as a member of the aU.S. Taekwondo Team foradvanced training and competition. Upon returning toDetroit, she became part ownerand Executive Manager ofTiger Chung’s Total Fitness35 Center in addition to coachingand choreographing TigerChung’s Demonstration Team.In January 1994, Grand MasterChung sent Master Rondy backto Korea to meet and train withthe world famous KoreanTigers ProfessionalDemonstration Team. For thenext two years, South Koreabecame her new home. Shetrained daily in Taekwondo,Hapkido and Kung Fu with thebest Koran Masters in theworld. She tested for andreceived her advanced degreeBlack Belts in Taekwondo andHapkido, including the“Master” status, in Korea.Master Rondy became the firstand only non-Asian member ofthe Korean Tigers ProfessionalDemonstration Team.She traveled extensivelythroughout Asia andNorth America performing as amember of the Korean Tigersand eventuallybecame theirExecutive Manager.Master Rondy was selected byKook-gi-won to be the sole representative from America along with 39 representativesfrom other countries - to attendthe International LeadersMeeting in 1995. She played anactive part in proposing therules and regulations for theTaekwondo games for the2000 Sydney Olympics.

WHITE TIGER FOUNDER MASTER RONDYDEGREES &CERTIFICATIONS 7th Degree Black Belt WorldTaekwondo Federation 7th Degree Black BeltThe World Taekwon MoodoFederation 6th Degree Black BeltHapkido 4th Degree Black Belt WorldPro Taekwondo Federation 3rd Degree Black BeltJi-Do-Kwan Certified Instructor “Sifu”Samuel Kwok Wing Chun International WTF PoomsaeReferee (IR) Certified Instructor Certified: Yoga Instructor Certified: Fitness Instructor Certified: Feng ShuiConsultantTITLES &APPOINTMENTS Master of the Year 2012 School of the Year 2011 Decree Kukkiwon Advisory Board Kukkiwon Taekwondo U.S. Ambassadorto Korea - Olympic 2000Sydney Games Rules andRegulations Committee WorldLeaders Seminar, Kukkiwon Graduate - KukkiwonTaekwondo Instructor’sAcademy Black Belt of the Year ‘92 byU.S. Taekwondo Ji Do KwanAssociation Taekwondo, HapkidoInstructor Dong YangDoejahng, Korea 40 Under 40 Business LeadersHall of Fame 2004 Young Entrepreneurs’Organization (YEO) Martial Arts ProfessionalMAgazine Cover 2006 Co-Director Taekwondoevents at 2008 ArnoldSchwarzeneggerClassic Taekwondo Timescover March 2008 sHERO award, SkirtMagazine Sept 2009 Taekwondo Times coverMarch 2010 MA Success Magazinecover October 2005 MA Success Magazinecover April 2012 Inducted into Martial ArtsHall of Honors 2011 Goodwill Ambassador toMartial Arts 2012-2016 Inducted into Martial ArtsHall of Fame 2012 Inducted into KarateHall of Fame 2013 Cover Martial Science 2016 Cover MA EncyclopediaCHARITY Founder of White TigerCommunity Cares Programbenefiting At-Risk Youth,working with the local PoliceDepartment toward youthgang avoidance Recipient “CommunityService Award” CaryChamber of Commerce Organizing Committee for theWhite Tiger 5K fun run forcharity, Bond ParkPROFESSIONALMARTIAL ARTS WORKEXPERIENCE Columnist, Taekwondo TimesMagazine “East Meets West” Columnist, Taekwondo TimesMagazine “Business Section” Developer White Tiger MD Management Development,mentorship service for MartialArts schools Bodyguard, Senator Dodd,Governor Hunt Actor in two episodes of Zenbeauty: Syndicated TV Series Product Model, Tiger Claw Korean Tigers ProfessionalDemonstration Team (onlyNon-Asian member of team)Lived in Korea from ‘94-’96 Former co-owner/ Manager/Senior Instructor TigerChung’s Total Fitness Center 36

WHITE TIGER LINEAGE National Team Member Advisory Board Memberof the Grand MasterSocietyWorld record holder - cement block breakingTIGER HO YuNGCHuNG is Master Rondy’smaster. “Tiger Chung wasinstrumental in her martialarts journey. His teachingwill live on forever”.Tiger Chung Institute of TaeKwon Do was founded in1970 in Inchon, Korea byGrand Master Ho YungChung. The school wasmoved to the United Statesin 1971, where it opened inDetroit, Michigan.Grand Master Ho YungChung began his training inthe martial art of Tae KwonDo in 1952. With a 10thdegree black belt, GrandMaster Ho Yung "Tiger"Chung is one of the highestranked, most respected martial artist in the world! International MasterInstructor, Founder andPresident of the U.S. TaeKwon Do Ji Do KwanAssociation37 1964 Kyung Kido TaeKwan Do AssociationPresident Heavy WeightChampion/Captain Member of the Board ofDirectors of the MichiganTae Kwon Do Committee 1981 World Record Holderbreaking 17 - 2" cementblocks Studied under the founderof Hapkido Head instructor of theU.S. Army 202 DivisionAN HAKSuN/K-TIGERSFounder of the KoreanTigers or K-TigerProfessional Demo Team.The Team was established in1990 and is the most representative TaekwondoDemonstration Team in theworld. It has participated invarious international competitions such as the WorldChampionships, US Open,performed in MadisonSquare Garden, Las Vegas,Sydney Olympics and various tours around the world.The Korean Tigers arecredited for introducing theKorean spirit of Taekwondoto the world.Team member from1994-1996

WHITE TIGER LINEAGEGrandmaster Rick Moneymaker9th Degree ’RICK MONEYMAKERDRAGON SOCIETYINTERNATIONALThe Dragon Society isknown for their teachingof Martial Science. Acombination of TraditionalChinese Medicine, pressurepoints, waveforms, vibrations, yin and yang principles are included in theirarsenal called "Players tothe Game".SIFu SAMuEL KWOKGrand Master SamuelKwok is a direct descendantof Wing Chun Master ofIp Man (Bruce Lee’sInstructor). He is also a student of his two sons GM IpChun and GM Ip Ching. Hehas over 50 years of experience in Wing Chun and hasschools under his guidancein over 38 countries.In 1981 he was appointedchairman and senioroverseas representative ofthe Ip Chun Martial ArtAssociation by GrandmasterIp Chun. He is the author ofmultiple bestselling booksand DVD’s and well as anactor in several moviesincluding the Chemist(renamed the Assassin bySony) released in 2015.Sifu Kwok selected MasterRondy as a private studentto help carry on the Ip ManWing Chun Lineage.The Dragon SocietyInternational is known asthe technical resourcecenter for the Martial Arts providing supplementalskills to enhance all stylesof martial arts.The master’s seriesseminars are held at WhiteTiger every 3 months andare available to highranking students of allstyles, Instructors, Mastersand Grandmasters.38

WHITE TIGER AWARDSSchool ofthe YearHall of Fame AwardsSpeaker at industry shows

Master of the Year, Taekwondo Times MagazineWHITE TIGER PRESSRecognition fromKukkiwonContributingAuthor40

WHITE TIGER ORIGIN.I was living in Detroit,working in advertisingduring the day andmanaging/teaching asthe co-owner of a MartialArts school in theevening.My Master introducedme to a variety of KoreanMartial Arts videotapes, myfavorites of course beingthe videos featuring theKorean Tigers.One day my Master told meto prepare for a trip to Koreathe following year. He wasinterested in the possibility ofhiring a Korean Tiger sincehe planned on retiring soon.He also wanted me to learnsome of the advanceddemonstration techniques theTigers were so famous for. Heinformed me that I wouldhave the opportunity to trainin a Taekwondo andHapkido doe-jahng with otherKorean students.I had been to Korea severalyears earlier and I thought Iknew what to expect. I wasable to cut back my workhours and spend the afternoons with a private trainerfor the next six months.Finally, we arrived in Koreain January of 1994 and foundour way to the old Ji-DoKwan building in Seoul.The Tigers were finishingtry-outs and preparing fortheir '94 tour to the U.S.I was quickly informed that Iwould not be able to watchthe Tigers, and that I wouldhave to put my video41 camera away. Fortunately,Team Training in Koreamy Master was very highranking and was able to finda way to meet the Tigers.The next thing I knew, myMaster was telling me to puton my doe-boke, that the onlyway I was getting in was toparticipate in auditions.When I saw the degree ofskill and level of training ofthe Tigers, I was thankful forall the extra preparation Ihad already taken, but knewthat nothing could have fullyprepared me for this. At thistime I considered turningaround and running. Theonly thing that kept megoing was the fact that Icould not embarrass myMaster, and I really didwant some autographs fromthe Tigers.The Tigers were at a level ofexcellence that I didn't evenknow existed. They showedme newer, faster and moreeffective techniques.After the first day, I wasasked to come back, andcontinued to do so for thenext month.Training with the Tigers issomething you can neverreally be prepared for.Training would begin at 10:00sharp in the morning andwould continue until the lateevening hours.Korea is very cold inJanuary. The buildings donot have central heat, butare heated by keroseneheaters. The keroseneheaters are incapable ofheating an entire buildingso they are placed veryclose to the people. Atrestaurants, a heater isplaced next to each table. Inthe doe-jahng the heater wasplaced only in the office, notin the training room. Theheat would have been wastedin the training room anywaysince most of the glass paneswere broken. We would dressin layers, including shoes andgloves. The first two hourswere for running kicks. Youcould see your breath withevery yell.After running kicks wewould do sports massageand then stretching. TheTiger poom-say was practicedfor hours, again and again,striving for unison.The Taekwondo mat waslocated on the ground floorand the Hapkido mat waslocated on the second floor.The Hapkido mat wasactually straw with canvasstretched over top. TheTigers would practice gymnastics and the big jumps onthis floor because the ceilingwas higher.To prepare for the tour wewould sometimes train indifferent locations and evenat different altitudes.Korea is covered with mountains and they are a greatplace for training. BehindYong-in University is a

MY STORYTiger Team on tour in Buffalomountain chain consisting ofseven peaks. The last mountain has a steep drop andthere are thick ropes permanently attached to rappeldown the side. The Tigersuse this as a warm-up.In the weeks before touring,the Tigers live together, sleeptogether, eat together, breathetogether. All this is done toget everyone in sync. Theirperformance requires trustand timing that is vital toeach member's well being.Some of the stunts involvemembers flipping 19 feet inthe air.When the Tigers did go ontour, they asked meaccompany them. I wasever appreciative for myincredible adventure, butdidn't take the offerseriously. I returned home.I should have known that mylife could never be the same.I was spoiled. After trainingwith the Tigers, I couldn't goback to my old style. I wasalso disappointed thatAmericans were not able toreceive the kind of trainingthat I had received in Korea.In all my experience, I hadnever seen a U.S. schoolteaching such a style.I still was not convinced attheir offer to join them –until they sent me anairplane ticket to meet themmid-tour in Seattle. That wasthe push I needed to makethe decision. I closed mybusiness, turned the MartialArts school over to my seniorstudent, put my house andcars up for sale and got onthe airplane.My original plan to stay forone year. After some time onthe team, a new memberjoined the team. We ended upgetting married later that yearand I decided to stay foranother year.During my two years inKorea I learned not onlytraining techniques, but valuable insight into the Koreanculture. Together with theTigers, I created a vision foran American Martial Artsschool that would fill a void.This new school would beable to offer the traditionalculture and education thatonly a Korean Master couldoffer due to a lifetime oftraining. It would alsoprovide customer service andprograms that Americans areaccustomed to through theuse of an American manager.The school would remaintrue to tradition but at thesame time not turn its backon cutting edge techniques.I returned to America onlyto learn that this visionwould not be embraced bythe older Masters. In thespirit of teaching qualityMartial Arts, and the beliefthat all students are entitledto top quality instructors, Ipursued my goal.White Tiger of Cary wasestablished in January 1996,and serves as a model andHeadquarters for the currentand future White Tigerschools in America.In a short time, White Tigerhad earned the respect andadmiration of the MartialArts community. As a resultof the top-notch combinationof instruction and professional business atmosphere, theschool has gained incrediblepopularity and recognition.The school has used its success to benefit local charities,and has became involved inlocal communities. Whenthey are not teaching classes,the Masters use their influence to speak at the schoolsand community centers,motivating the children toset and pursue goals, withthe power of believing inthemselves.In order to ensure the qualityof the school, a set of rules orpromises to customers wasestablished and is strictlyenforced.1. Masters must actuallyteach the classes.So often a Master willbecome successful and thenslack off. It is not uncommonin many schools to have afamous Master's name on theschool, but you only see theMaster at testing. Your classes may be taught by theMaster's student who has aday job and helps out in thedoe-jahng at night. Even ifthis instructor has the bestintentions, his skills andexpertise cannot be42

KOREAN TIGER SCHOOLScomparable to the Masterand his life-time of training.2. The Master will not getcaught up in the businessaspect.It is our promise to studentsthat the Master will neverdisrupt a class to answer aphone or assist a walk-in.The Master will concentrateon what he does best– teaching his students. The Masterwill not be responsible forsigning up students, payingbills or taking care ofaccounts. This is the responsibility of the program director, manager and staff.3. The Master must keepan open mind, toappreciate the value ofdifferent techniques –an open mind for potentially better ways ofdoing things.All too often a Master's egoprevents him from acceptingoutside techniques. Thisresults in entire schools ofstudents with "dated"techniques. With the students' skills reflecting theMaster's peak of training –the day he became a professional instructor andstopped learning.4. The Master must strive tocontinue their learningand training -never stoplearning.The White Tiger Masters andDirector are in constant communication with other schoolowners, the current TigerTeam and former team mem43 bers who are employed andwork in foreign countries asOlympic Team coaches. Thisprofessional network provides a plethora of new techniques continuously beingtried and implemented.5. The Master must arrive inthis country legally, paytaxes and followAmerican customs.White Tiger is instrumentalin obtaining work visas forthe Masters. By providingthis legal and moral environment for the Masters towork, they can becomevaluable assets to our society. They can have a freeconscience and can contribute their full attention totheir Art.6. The Master must strive tolearn English if it is nothis first language.The Masters begin their ESL(English as a SecondLanguage) training in Korea,and continue after theyarrive. It is important thatthe students can freely communicate with the Mastersand that they can understand his teachings. WhiteTiger often uses a TeamTeaching technique, mixingKorean and Americaninstructors to enhance communication.7. The Master must strive tobe fair to all students.The training philosophy isdifferent in Korea than inAmerica. In Korea, theMartial Arts achieve greatness by eliminating theweak. Due to its highlycompetitive structure, ifyou are not made for anactivity, you move on tosomething else.In America, the MartialArts are used to buildconfidence and establishself-esteem. We feel thatevery person, regardlessof their physical ability,can achieve greatness.8. The Master must place anemphasis on teaching.Just because a Master haswon World Championships,or can break slabs of concrete, does not mean he is agood teacher. Being a goodeducator requires not onlypatience and understandingbut good communicationand teaching skills.Our staff must constantlystrive to improve theirteaching skills by attendingseminars and workshopsseveral times a year on suchsubjects as: Pedagogy-the science ofteaching Sports physiology Self-preservation skills Age appropriate skills Working with ADHD Martial Arts and the law Child psychology Motivational skills Skill specific training Augmented (external)feedback Intrinsic (internal)feedback Curriculum structure General AdaptationSyndrome Referee/Judge training

KOREAN TIGER SCHOOLS Safety, First Aid, CPR9. The Master must haveloyalty to the students.The Master must concentrate on teaching his students, and not becomedistracted by promotinghimself in magazines orrunning for political statuswithin Martial Arts associations. An owner needs to beinvolved in current eventsand to keep up the school’svisibility for the sake ofattracting hiring prospects.However, this cannot be themain focus of the Mastersteaching the classes.Several times, we have beenasked to let TV crews film areality show at White Tiger.We have turned down therequests. We explain that thesecret to having a successfulschool is staying home andconcentrating all your energies on taking care of yourstudents.10. The Master must befinished with hiscompetition career.A good Master focuses all ofhis attention on his studentsand their improvement.If you are going to compete,you must give all yourattention and efforts to yourtraining. It is impossible togive all of your attention toboth – if you try, you arecheating your students oryourself.11. The Master must notopen a chain of schoolswithout adequateinstruction or staff.It is tempting once you havemade a successful school toopen more. Why not? Threeschools, triple the income.If a Master opens a secondschool and plans to be theinstructor at both of them,he cuts the quality of theschool in half. He cannot bein two places at once. Thereis an old Master's slang of"lucky day". Lucky day isthe day that the Master is atyour branch. At some largechains lucky day might happen only once a week oronce a month.At White Tiger, students joinwith the intentions of beingtaught by a Master, and thatis what they will get–everyday, every class. It is notluck, it is the standard.12. Black Belt Certificateswill be authentic andfrom Kook-gie-won,(Kukkiwon) Korea forTaekwondo and theKorean HapkidoFederation for Hapkido.No school has the authorityto give Black BeltCertificates, they must comefrom the governing body ofTaekwondo and Hapkidoworldwide. This practicekeeps consistency and provides standards for requirements. Some chains ofschools create their ownrequirements and issue theirown Black Belt Certificates.Why would a school dothis? Because the testing feesin this case would go to theschool as pure profit and nota federation in Korea.These Black Belt Certificatesare not recognized by Kookgie-won, the Korean HapkidoFederation or by theInternational OlympicCommittee. This means thatyou cannot legally be ajudge, referee, attend theOlympics, Jr. Olympics orany other WTF sanctionedevent.These school certificates areonly recognized by the onewho gave them.All White Tiger Black BeltTests and Certificates areconducted in accordancewith World TaekwondoFederation regulations.Master Rondy is highenough in rank to certify allBlack Belts and Masters inboth Taekwondo andHapkido. The results arerecorded and sent to Koreafor approval and confirmation. The Black BeltCertificate is valid all overthe world, and recognizedby the InternationalOlympic Committee. If youmove or transfer, your rankwill be accepted.You will spend a considerableportion of your life strivingto achieve the goal of BlackBelt – as much time as ittakes to earn a college degree.You want to make sure yourefforts result in propercertification, not just a pieceof paper.44

WHAT'S IN A NAME?White Tiger TaekwondoOver the years manystudents have asked howthe name White Tigercame about.The name was chosen froma recurring number ofcoincidences.1. The mascot at Yong-inUniversity is Baek-ho,the White Tiger. (Themascot has sincechanged at the universityto a dragon.)452. In Korea, Master Rondywas nicknamed the"White Tiger", as the onlynon-Asian member ofthe team. It started off asteasing from her teammates, but was catchyand caught on quickly.3. The Tiger is the nationalsymbol of Korea.4. The use of a personalname for the doe-jahngwas purposely avoided.A doe-jahng is aboutthe students and thespirit of Martial Arts. Itis not about worshipingthe owner.5. Fridays were a lighttraining day while Rondylived in Korea. OnFriday, she would visitJay-eon Nong-won, thecountry's largest amusement park and zoo,located in Yong-in.Her favorite attractionweek after week was theTiger section featuring alone White Tiger. It was atthis park that the funda-mental concept for theAmerican school wasborn. The school wouldteach students to believein themselves and to havebetter relationships withtheir families. Thefamilies would thenhave improved relationships with other familiesto create a better neighborhood. The neighborhoods would unitetogether to form strongercountries and the countries would come togetherto create peace throughout the world. All thisbegins with everyoneimproving themselves.Fittingly enough, the tiger atthe zoo was named Peace.She had found our name.

KOREAN TIGERS PROFESSIONAL DEMO TEAMThe Korean Tigers Professional Demonstration Team. Master members, first row L to R: Byung Chil Cho,Chong Hee "Doctor" Cho, Rondy McKee, Do Hyun Chang, Jae Huek Lee, Kyo Chun Hwang, Man Seok Suh.Back row L to R: L) Dae Hee Choi, Tong Il Yang, Hee Guewn Oh, Sung Wan Cho, Su Bong Lee, Jae Chun Shim,Ok Guen Lee, Woo Hyun Cho and Young Joo Kim. August 1994.The Korean Tigers Professional Demonstration Teamrepresents the best-of-thebest in Martial Arts. TheKorean Tigers began in thelate '80s. They perform during their international toursevery summer and winterseason. Their demonstrations include the excitingself-defense techniques ofHapkido, the grace ofKung-fu, the powerfulblows of Kickboxing, thewrestling and tremendousbreak falls of Judo, masteryof the weapons of Kendoand incredible gymnasticfeats. And the most spectacular of all, the gravitydefying kicks, the powerbreaking and precisioncontrol of Taekwondo.The Tigers have touredthroughout the worldincluding, Asia, Europe,Canada, Mexico, SouthAmerica and numeroustours spanning Americafrom New York to Hawaii.Their public performancesinclude: The OlympicTraining Center in ColoradoSprings, The U.S. Open, theWorld Cup in the CaymanIslands, the JuniorOlympics, The Olympic46

KOREAN TIGERS PROFESSIONAL DEMO TEAMFestival, The WorldTaekwondoChampionships,Universal Studios,Madison SquareGarden and Las Vegas.The Tigers have receivedmany awards fromAmerican, Korean andInternationalAssociations includingthe President's GoldCup in 1991. Theirtalents have enabledthem to raise thousandsof dollars to benefitchildren's charities.The Tigers have alsoappeared on sport networks such as ESPN,regularly appear onKorean networks andhave starred in severaltraining videos.Master Rondy joinedthe Tigers in January of1994. She was a performing member andalso served as ExecutiveManager.The Korean Tigers wereand still are a hugesuccess and paved theway for many martialarts groups. Nowadays,there are numerousdemonstration teamsthat travel from Koreato visit schools andperform.47Check out the teamtoday on Youtube: b1G3vCyjkfE

Taekwondo Instructor’s Academy Black Belt of the Year ‘92 by U.S. Taekwondo Ji Do Kwan Association Taekwondo, Hapkido Instructor Dong Yang Doejahng, Korea 40 Under 40 Business Leaders Hall of Fame 2004 Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization (YEO) Martial Arts Professional MAgazine Cover 2006 Co-Director Taekwondo events .

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standard deviation of 3. Percentile ranks for scaled scores are also provided. Subtests take into account an individual's age and data is reported for the following age bands: 16-24 years of age; 25-34 years of age; 35-44 years of age; 45-54 years of age; 55-64 years of age; 65-74 years of age; 75-89 years of age.

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