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The Girl's GuidetoGirl ScoutingWhen you're a Girl Scout, you discover who you are, connect with new friends,and do good things to make the world a better place. As you and your friends teamup and work together, everything you need to be successful is right at your fingertipsin The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting along with the Journeys. Uniquely designed,each binder is divided into three sections that will help you build skills and gain theconfidence to do amazing things.1Handbook SectionFind information about Girl Scout history,traditions and an Awards log by age.2My Girl Scouts SectionUse the scrapbook and journalpages to record your experiences.All levelshave all 3sections32Badge SectionDiscover the earning requirements for the Legacy, Financial Literacy and CookieBusiness Badges.Girl Scout Essentials I The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting

Track yourbadges!3-hole punchHelpfulintroduction& historydaisyThe Girl’s Guideto Girl Scouting60100EngagingstoriesbrownieThe Girl’s Guideto Girl Scouting60200juniorThe Girl’s Guideto Girl Scouting60300cadetteThe Girl’s Guideto Girl Scouting60400seniorThe Girl’s Guideto Girl Scouting60500ambassadorThe Girl’s Guideto Girl Scouting60600Take a JourneyChoose your Journey and be a part of amazing activities that help you and your GirlScout friends decide exactly how you want to make a difference. There are threeJourney programs: It’s Your Planet—Love It!, It’s Your World—Change It!, It’s YourStory—Tell It! at every grade level so pick the topic that interests you most. And, everyJourney book has a companion Adult Guide for volunteers that gives key informationabout the Journey, its awards, and step-by-step sample plans for each session.AddOn!Build Skills, Build ConfidenceEach set of Skill-Building Badge Activity Sets contains requirements and activitiesfor earning the 5 Skill-Building Badges related to each Journey: It’s Your Planet—Love It!, It’s Your World—Change It!, It’s Your Story—Tell It! Skill-Building BadgeActivity Sets can be purchased separately and inserted in The Girl’s Guide to GirlScouting. (Badges sold separately.)All items are ImportedGirl Scout Essentials I The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting3

Skill-Building Badge Activity SetsYou can learn to ride a horse, invent something new, find adistant star and so many other things with the Skill-BuildingBadge Activity Sets that you use on your Journey. Each setcontains all that you need to earn the 5 Skill-BuildingBadges related to each Journey: It's Your Planet—Love It!,It's Your World—Change It!, It's Your Story—Tell It! Just buyEach fits intoyour binder foreasy access andreference.Brownie to Seniorthe badge activity sets separately and insert them into your copyof The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting!(Badges sold separately.)It's YourWorld—Change ie60203junior60303cadette60403senior60503It's YourPlanet—Love It!It's YourStory—Tell It!All items are Imported4Girl Scout Essentials I Skill-Building Badge Activity Sets

Journey BooksLeadership Journey Books Inspire Adventure atEvery Grade Level. We know you want to make adifference in your community and in the world—andyou will learn how to do just that when you choose aGirl Scout Journey Program. There are three JourneySeries for each level of Girl Scouting. Choose yourEvery girl'sJourney Bookhas a companionstep-by-stepguide for adultvolunteersSee page 10Journey today!It's YourWorld—Change It!daisybrownieWelcome to theBrownie QuestDaisy Flower Garden6720067100juniorAgent ofChange67300cadetteaMAZE!: The Twistsand Turns ofGetting Along67400seniorGIRLtopia67500ambassadorYour Voice, YourWorld: The Powerof Advocacy67600It's YourPlanet—Love It!daisyBetweenEarth and Sky67102brownieWOW! Wondersof Water67202juniorGET MOVING!67302brownieA Worldof rSow What?67502ambassadorJustice67602It's YourStory—Tell It!daisy5 Flowers, 4 Stories,3 Cheers for HOOD!67504ambassadorBlissLive It! Give It!67604All items are ImportedGirl Scout Essentials I Journey Books5

Daisy UniformshonestOfficial Daisy Shorthand PoloImported.Girls' Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L. 0353Official Daisy VestGirls' Sizes: XXS/XS, S/M. 0306Girls’ Plus Size: PM. 03072Official Daisy BeanieImported.Girls' Sizes: M, L. 0371Official Girl ScoutProfiles Scarf SlideImported. 12203Official Daisy TunicGirls’ Size: S/M(6-7). 03040Girls’ Size: L/XL(8-10). 03050Official Daisy SkirtGirls' Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L. 0337Official Daisy ScarfImported. 03560How toWear itCLICK HEREFind all Official Girl Scout Merchandise at girlscoutshop.comAll items are Made in USA unless noted6Girl Scout Essentials I Daisy Uniforms

Brownie UniformsOfficial Brownie Shorthand PoloImported.Girls’ Sizes: S, M, L, XL. 0150Girls’ Plus Sizes: PS, PM, PL, PXL. 0153Official Brownie VestGirls’ Sizes: S, M, L. 0167Girls’ Plus Sizes: PS, PM, PL. 0168Official Brownie BeanieImported.Girls’ Sizes: M, L. 0160OfficialBrownie ScarfImported. 01930Official Girl ScoutProfiles Scarf SlideImported. 12203Official Brownie SkortGirls’ Sizes: XS(5), S(6-8),M(10-12), L(14-16). 0158Girls’ Plus Sizes:PS(81 2 -101 2), PM(121 2 -141 2),PL(161 2-181 2). 0159Official Brownie Short-Sleeve ShirtImported. Girls’ Sizes: 6-16. 0134Girls’ Plus Sizes: 81 2-181 2. 0136OfficialBrownie SashImported.48" long. 0165060" long. 01660OfficialBrownie TieImported. 01520considerateFind all Official Girl Scout Merchandise at girlscoutshop.comHow toWear itCLICK HEREAll items are Made in USA unless notedGirl Scout Essentials I Brownie Uniforms7

Junior UniformscourageousOfficial Junior VestGirls' Sizes: M(10-12), L(14-16), XL(18-20). 0055Girls’ Plus Size: XXL (201 2-221 2). 00565Official Junior Shorthand PoloImported.Girls’ Sizes: S, M, L, XL. 0020Girls’ Plus Sizes: PM, PL, PXL. 0021Official Junior SashRegular Length: 52". 00530Extra-Long Length: 62". 00540OfficialJunior ScarfOfficial Girl ScoutProfiles Scarf SlideImported.00640Imported. 12203How toWear itCLICK HEREFind all Official Girl Scout Merchandise at girlscoutshop.comAll items are Made in USA unless noted8Girl Scout Essentials I Junior Uniforms

Cadette, Senior & Ambassador UniformsOfficial Cadette, Senior & AmbassadorShorthand PoloImported.Teen Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X.Cadette Polo 0522Senior Polo 0524Ambassador Polo 0525strongOfficial Girl ScoutProfiles Scarf SlideImported. 12203Official Cadette, Senior &Ambassador Khaki VestTeen Sizes: S(5/6-7/8), M(9/10-11/12),L(13/14-15/16), XL(17/18). 0519Teen Plus Sizes: 1X(18-20), 2X(22-24),3X(26-28). 0520Official Cadette, Seniorand Ambassador ScarfImported. 05530Official Cadette, Senior &Ambassador Khaki SashRegular Length: 701 2". 05150Extra-Long Length: 75". 05160Find all Official Girl Scout Merchandise at girlscoutshop.comHow toWear itCLICK HEREAll items are Made in USA unless notedGirl Scout Essentials I Cadette, Senior & Ambassador Uniforms9

Adult Guide Journey Book SetsAdult guide to a girl's Journey. Each companion adult guidefor volunteers offers key information about the Journeys,awards and leadership benefits. Each guide also includesstep-by-step sample plans for sessions with the girls.Adult guides also contain Girl Scout history, unique activityAdult sets havewhat's needed toguide girls andenjoy the Journeythemselves!sheets and tips for adding your own "bells and whistles" tothe Journey in partnership with the girls.It's YourStory—Tell It!Adult Guide Journey Book Setdaisy5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals!67720All grade levels available online.It's YourWorld—Change It!CÓMO GUIAR A LAS GIRL SCOUTSBROWNIES A LO LARGO DE LAAVENTURA (GUÍA DE ADULTOS LIBRO NIÑAS)brownieLa BÚsqueda Brownie67707All grade levels available online.It's YourPlanet—Love It!Adult Guide Journey Book SetjuniorGET MOVING!67712All grade levels available online.All sets available in English & SpanishAll items are Imported10Girl Scout Essentials I Adult Guide Journey Book Sets

Volunteer Uniforms and PinsrespectfulOfficial Volunteer PoloImported.Misses’ Sizes: S, M, L, XL. 7519Women’s Sizes: 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X. 7519Volunteer InsigniaIron-On Patch14152Pin Lanyard04515OfficialVolunteer Pin09065Adult Insignia Tab14062OfficialMembership Pin09014Navy Servicemark PoloImported.Misses’ Sizes: S, M, L, XL. 8653Women’s Sizes: 2X, 3X, 4X. 8653TraditionalMembership Pin09001, 09003WorldTrefoil Pin09062, 09063Volunteer Pinsdaisy09051How toWear itCLICK ambassador09056Find all Official Girl Scout Merchandise at girlscoutshop.comAll items are Made in USA unless notedGirl Scout Essentials I Volunteer Uniforms11

Iron-On Daisy Awards and Badges †PETALS AND LEAVESCookie BusinessLeavesFinancial LiteracyLeavesDaisy PetalsMoney CountsImported0907961101Making ChoicesCount It UpTalk It Up611026110361104SKILL-BUILDING BADGESBoard GameDesign eighborModel CarDesign ChallengeOutdoor ArtMakerRoller CoasterDesign ChallengeSpace E 5RoboticsWhat Robots DoHow Robots MoveDesign a Robot612346123561236JOURNEY AWARDSIt's Your World–Change It!It's Your Planet–Love It!Welcome to the Daisy FlowerGarden SetBetween Earth and Sky SetThink Like anEngineer6911012Take Action69113Computer ScienceJourneyThink Like aProgrammer691115 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheersfor Animals! s Your Story–Tell It!Take Action69113Imported69102OutdoorJourneyOutdoor STEMJourneyThink Like aTake ActionCitizen Scientist69113Outdoor ArtMakerBuddyCamper611086161669112Girl Scout Essentials I Daisy Awards and BadgesTake Action69113† Earned Award

Iron-On Brownie Awards and Badges †SKILL-BUILDING BADGESBrownieFirst AidBrownieGirl Scout Way6120961205Fling FlyerDesign Challenge61225Cabin Camper61617CelebratingCommunityComputer Expert6121961207Home ScientistHousehold ElfInventor61212612216121461226Money ManagerMy Best SelfMy Family StoryMy Great Day61201612186122061213Give BackHiker6120461231Making GamesBugs61211Meet MyCustomersPetsPhilanthropistPotter6120261215Eco FriendFair Play616456121061217Leap Bot DesignChallengeLetterboxer Making Friends6122461223612326120361222DancerRace CarDesign ChallengeSensesSnacks612166120861233OutdoorArt Creator6122961230Painting61206Space ScienceAdventurer61650PROGRESSIVE signing RobotsShowcasing Robots6123861239JOURNEY AWARDSIt's Your World–Change It!It's Your Planet–Love It!It's Your Story–Tell It!Brownie Quest SetWOW! Wonders of Water SetA World of Girls ingJourneyComputer ScienceJourneyOutdoor STEMJourneyOutdoorJourneyThink Like anEngineerTakeActionThink Like aProgrammerTakeActionThink Like aCitizen ScientistTakeActionBrownieFirst Aid69210692136921169213692126921361209All items on these two pages areMade in USA unless otherwise notedGirl Scout Essentials I Brownie Awards and BadgesHiker61212CabinCamperTakeAction6161769213† Earned Award13

Iron-On Junior Awards and Badges †SKILL-BUILDING BADGESAnimal Habitats61322Eco Camper61618Balloon CarDesign ologyFlowers61311CamperCookie CEO6131261303GardenerGeocacher6131461324Crane RidingIndependenceMusicianOutdoorPaddle BoatArt Explorer Design Challenge61317613056163261330SocialButterflySpace nment61313JewelerJuniorFirst Aid6131561307Playingthe PastPracticewith 130261309ScribeSimple Meals6132061308StayingFit61318PROGRESSIVE BADGESCybersecurityCybersecurity Cybersecurity ingDigitalPhotographer613166132961321JuniorGirl Scout igningRobotsShowcasingRobots612406124161242JOURNEY AWARDSIt's Your World–Change It!It's Your Planet–Love It!It's Your Story–Tell It!Agent of Change SetGET MOVING! SetaMUSE ingJourney14Computer ScienceJourneyOutdoor STEMJourneyOutdoorJourneyThink Like anEngineerTakeActionThink Like aProgrammerTakeActionThink Like aCitizen 313693126931361322Girl Scout Essentials I Junior Awards and arned Award

Iron-On Cadette Awards and Badges †SKILL-BUILDING BADGESAnimalHelpersArcheryBabysitterBook ArtistBudgetingBusiness Plan614336141561417614016140461424CadetteFirst AidCadetteComic Artist ComparisonDigitalGirl Scout WayShopping Movie Maker6140861411Eco Trekker EntrepreneurEatingfor You6164661428Field DayFinancingMy Dreams61427FindingGoodMarketingCommon Sportsmanship utdoorArt Apprentice Camper6161961434PublicSpeakerScience 6141361416PROGRESSIVE BADGESRoboticsProgramming RobotsDesigning RobotsShowcasing Robots616356163661637JOURNEY AWARDSIt's Your Planet–Love It!It's Your World–Change It!aMAZE! SetLeader in ActionBreathe SetLeader in ActionMEdia SetLeader in ted69403Imported69404Imported69405Engineering JourneyThink Likean Engineer69412It's Your Story–Tell It!Take Action69410Leaderin ActionThink Like aProgrammer6940669411All items on these two pages areMade in USA unless otherwise notedOutdoor JourneyComputer Science JourneyTake Action69410Leaderin Action69406Night Owl Trailblazing6142661414PrimitiveCamper61619Take Action69410Leaderin Action69406† Earned Award15 15

Iron-On Senior Awards and Badges †SKILL-BUILDING BADGESAdventureCamperAdventurer61512Behindthe ocavoreMyPortfolioNovelistMade in USA61620FinancingMy FutureGameVisionary6150161525SeniorGirl Scout Way61511Sky615086152061513OutdoorArt Explorer615066151061504Made in USA61647PaddlingRoomMakeoverScienceof StyleSeniorFirst xtileArtist615266151561505Car CareTraveler61524TroupePerformerTruthSeekerVoice 615226151961518PROGRESSIVE BADGESRoboticsProgramming RobotsDesigning RobotsShowcasing RobotsMade in USA61638Made in USA61639Made in USA61640JOURNEY AWARDSIt's Your World–Change It!GIRLtopiaVisionary69501GIRLtopiaVisionary Pin69500Engineering JourneyThink Likean EngineerMade in USA6951216Take ActionMade in USA69510It's Your Planet–Love It!Sow What?Harvest69503Sow What?Harvest Pin69502It's Your Story–Tell It!MISSION: SISTERHOOD! MISSION: SISTERHOOD!69505Pin69504Computer Science JourneyThink Like aProgrammerMade in USA69511Take ActionMade in USA69510Outdoor JourneyAdventurer Senior First Aid61512Girl Scout Essentials I Senior Awards and Badges61509AdventureCamperMade in USA61620Take ActionMade in USA69510† Earned Award

Iron-On Ambassador Awards and Badges †SKILL-BUILDING BADGESAmbassadorFirst AidAmbassadorGirl Scout Way6160861604CoachingCollege KnowledgeDinner PartyEco AdvocateGood CreditOn My Own61609Made in USA6162261607Made in USA616486160161600Research &DevelopmentPhotographerP&LPublic Policy61605616036160661615Survival Camper Ultimate RecreationMade in USAChallenge61602OutdoorArt Master61621Water6161061613PROGRESSIVE BADGESRoboticsProgramming RobotsDesigning RobotsShowcasing RobotsMade in USA61641Made in USA61642Made in USA61643JOURNEY AWARDSIt's Your World–Change It!It's Your Story–Tell It!It's Your Planet–Love It!Your Voice, Your WorldAdvocateYour Voice, Your WorldAdvocate PinJusticeSageJusticeSage PinBLISS: Live It! Give It!Dream MakerBLISS: Live It! Give It!Dream Maker Pin696016960069603696026960569604Engineering JourneyThink Like anEngineerMade in USA69612Computer Science JourneyTake ActionThink Like aProgrammerMade in USA69610Made in USA69611Iron-On Troop CrestsArrow6180161802BeeBluebirdNautilus ShellPansyShooting Star61809All items on these two pages areImported unless otherwise noted618106180361811Take ActionOutdoor JourneyOutdoorArt MasterMade in USA69610WaterSurvival Camper Take Action61610Made in USA6162161615Made in USA69610BROWNIE THROUGH gSunTrumpetUnicornWaterfallWhite Rose618046181261813Eagle61814AwardsGirl Scout Essentials I AmbassadorBadges & Troop Crests618156180861816† Earned Award 17 17

Girl Scout Award Pins †DAISY THROUGH AMBASSADORDAISYBROWNIEJUNIORMy Promise,My Faith - Year 161105My Promise,My Faith - Year 261106My Promise,My Faith - Year 161227My Promise,My Faith - Year 261228My Promise,My Faith - Year 161327My Promise,My Faith - Year 261328Safety Award61721JourneySummit Award69109Safety Award61722JourneySummit Award69209Safety Award61723JourneySummit Award69309CADETTESENIORMy Promise,My Faith - Year 161430My Promise,My Faith - Year 261431My Promise,My Faith - Year 161530My Promise,My Faith - Year 261531My Promise,My Faith - Year 361432Safety Award61724Safety Award61725JourneySummit Award69509CommunityService Bar61701CommunityService Bar61702JourneySummit Award69409AMBASSADORMy Promise,My Faith - Year 161611My Promise,My Faith - Year 261612Safety Award61726JourneySummit Award69609CommunityService Bar61703Gold Torch Award61708Gold/SilverTorch Award61707Service to GirlScouting Bar61715Service to GirlScouting Bar61716Program Aide61734Counselor inTraining Award61731Service to GirlScouting Bar61717Counselor inTraining I Award61731Silver Torch Award61706Silver Torch Award6170618All pins are ImportedVolunteer inTraining Award61733Girl TroopScoutCrestsEssentialsI AwardPinsand AwardPinsCounselor inTraining II Award61732Volunteer inTraining Award61733† Earned Award

PEARLS AND PERKSQuick FAQs:Visit a GSNCA shop at least 6 times and purchase 50or more in merchandise each time, some exclusionsapply.Receive a 10 reward after your 6th qualifying visit.Monthly perks for Pearls & Perks customers with atleast one qualifying visit while supplies last.Girl Scout EssentialsGSUSA/GSM 6/1819

spohStuocGirl SBirmingham and HuntsvilleMonday – Friday, 9 am – 4 pmGirl Scout Starter KitsWe’re expanding our inventory!Watch the Girl Scout Circle for new items and new discount programs.Shop anytime! Our online store is always open hours announced in the Girl Scout Circle and monthly service unit agendas.Birmingham Shop105 Heatherbrooke Park Dr.Birmingham, AL 35242800-734-4541Huntsville Shop1515 Sparkman Drive NWHuntsville, AL 35816800-734-4541Monday-Friday9 a.m. - 4 p.m.Special hours will beannounced in the Girl ScoutCircle and Service UnitAgenda.Shop

Brownie Uniforms Girl Scout Essentials I Brownie Uniforms Official Brownie Sash Imported. 48" long. 01650 60" long. 01660 Official Brownie Tie Imported. 01520 Official Brownie Vest Girls’ Sizes: S, M, L. 0167 Girls’ Plus Sizes: PS, PM, PL. 0168 Official Brownie Beanie Imported. Girls’ Sizes: M, L. 0160 Official Brownie Short-Sleeve Shirt .

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