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lMTS SilentFlo 515 Hydraulic Power UnitsEfficient and reliable power generationbe certain.


Powered by KnowledgeDesigned with the knowledge gained through years of experience in servohydraulicpower generation, the reliable MTS SilentFlo 515 Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)can help you increase uptime and improve overall lab efficiency for a lower totalcost of ownership.Energy ConservationWhole Lab ProductivityThe MTS SilentFlo 515 HPU deliverssignificant improvements in energyefficiency. With new power modules andcooling circuits, the MTS SilentFlo 515HPU is up to 8% more energy efficientthan previous models. The circulatingpump on each power module saves energyby requiring far less power to cool.Compatibility with existing SilentFloHPUs and new smart monitoringcapabilities increase overall labproductivity. A common interfacebetween legacy and new MTS SilentFloHPUs protects your current investment,enables seamless integration of all unitsand extends the operating life of the lab.Smart monitoring capabilities givegreater access to information about HPUfunctioning and provide the ability topre-empt disruptions and manageresources efficiently.Performance ReliabilityThese HPUs are easy to operate andmaintain with fewer parts, accessiblecontrols and the elimination of surgesuppressors and bypass circuits. Inaddition, many design features improveperformance such as the tuned tubesthat reduce outlet noise ripple and thenew pressure control that maintainspressure stability.3

The SilentFlo 515 Hydraulic Power Unitprovides extraordinary heat transfer efficiencyand cleanliness with per-module polishingfiltration. This filtration system minimizesenergy consumption related to system coolingfor the given running condition.

The SilentFlo 515 FamilyKnown for their unmatched quiet and clean operation, MTS SilentFlo hydraulicpower units (HPUs) help you power your test systems with superior flexibility andcost-efficiency. SilentFlo HPUs are specifically designed to handle the rigors of extreme,continuous-duty servohydraulic applications, and they perform reliably, year after year.F E AT UR ES»» Intuitive interface»» TÜV certified*»» Energy efficient»» Integrated cooling options»» Remote monitoring capability*The SilentFlo product family is certified byTÜV Rheinland, a Nationally RecognizedTesting Laboratory (NRTL). The “cTUVus mark”Designed for safetySilentFlo HPUs conserve valuableresources. Variable-displacement pistonpumps ensure maximum hydraulicefficiency, even during times of reducedflow demand. And an innovative watercooling system maintains the properhydraulic fluid operating temperature.These pumps also offer optionalwater-shutoff valves to minimizewater consumption.Automatic interlocks protect againstinadvertent damage due to hightemperatures or high/low fluid levels.For added protection, there are userselectable shutdown limit and alarms forboth temperature and fluid levels. Theinsulated enclosure keeps SilentFlo HPUscompletely cool to the touch on the outside,even after hours of operation. This designhelps prevent injury, while eliminatingthe need for costly ventilation systems.accredited test mark is proof of compliancewith U.S. National and Canadian Nationalstandards in accordance with OccupationalSafety and Health Administration (OSHA) andthe Standards Council of Canada (SCC).5Energy efficientRemote monitoring and controlThe SilentFlo 515 HPU comes equippedto integrate monitoring options for easieraccess to HPU control and informationabout HPU condition. MTS Echo HealthMonitoring options allow you to monitoryour HPU’s operational and health statusfrom your control room, office or mobiledevice. In addition, a Remote HumanMachine Interface (RHMI) lets you transfertethered control of a single HPU to anotherlocation of your choice, with identicalscreens, functionality and full E-stopcapability. Instead of leaving a test stationand walking to the pump room to monitoror change HPU settings, test engineerscan now perform such tasks from a farmore convenient location, improvingtheir productivity.Quiet, clean and compactDepending on the model, SilentFloHPUs run at 58 – 72 dB(A)—that’s upto 30 dB(A) quieter than conventionalHPUs—and are designed for extremelyclean operation. SilentFlo HPUs requireminimal floor space and are small enoughto fit through standard doorways. Withtheir quiet, clean and compact design,MTS SilentFlo HPUs can be placeddirectly on the test lab floor, eliminatingthe expenses associated with managing aseparate pump room and transportinghydraulic fluid across the test facility.Model 515.11/07Model 515.30/20Model 515.60Model 515.90Model 515.150/120Model 515.180

Fits Your Needs Today and TomorrowThe SilentFlo series supports a wide range of flow demands, with the largest HPUcapable of flow rates of up to 681 lpm (180 gpm). These HPUs provide powerfulperformance in a clean, sleek design that is a welcome addition to any lab.Ease of integrationCompletely scalable solutionThe MTS SilentFlo 515 HPU is compatiblewith any previous generation SilentFloHPU released in 1998 or later. Withminor upgrades to legacy MTS HPUs,the new SilentFlo 515 HPU can becommoned with existing power units.In addition, upgrades are available toimprove the performance of existingpower units.To accommodate your needs over the nextfew decades, MTS provides easy ways toincrease the flow capacity of your HPU.As your testing demands grow, you canadd an easy-to-install pump/motormodule to gain more capacity at afraction of the cost of adding anotherHPU. Your MTS representative can helpyou select a solution that meets yourneeds today and in the future.

Ease of Operation and Maintenance7Designed for serviceabilityThe new SilentFlo 515 HPUs are quietand easy to operate. The covers are lowerthan previous generations to enable easieraccess. The new molding technologyused to make the covers results in bettersound absorption and quieter operation,and the gas struts make it simple to raisethe cover.Easy to AccessThese incredibly lightweight covers canbe lifted with very little effort, yet can belocked down when the system is in use.Additionally, the side panels can be easilyremoved for quick access during repairsand upgrades.

Cooling ChoicesSystem cooling is an important consideration because it can place significant demandon facility services. MTS SilentFlo 515 HPUs feature a highly efficient cooling systemwith options for both air and water heat exchanging.Air-cooled515.180 Air-CooledThis energy-saving option is a goodalternative in moderate climates. TheMTS standard packages for air coolingare designed to be used in a shelteredoutside installation and require the site tosupply a separate three-phase power feed.All standard air cooling packages operateat temperatures from -7 to 40 C (20 to104 F), so temperature in and around thestructure needs to be within this range.The standard air coolers need to beplaced within nine meters (30 feet) ofthe hydraulic power unit.Water-cooled, site-supplied water515.180 Water-Cooled withSite-Supplied WaterThis option is one of the most commonways to cool your system. If you are usingcity or well water, you may want to includean optional positive shutoff valve that turnsoff the water when the HPU is not running.This water-saving valve will increase thepressure required to maintain flow ratesduring operation.Water-cooled, chillerMTS can help estimate the size chillernecessary to maintain a closed-loopcooling system for the SilentFlo HPUs inyour facility. The SilentFlo 515 HPU iscompatible with a wide variety of chillersystems types:»» Refrigeration»» Cooling tower – closed-loop»» Cooling tower – open-loop515.180 Water-Cooled with Chiller»» Cooling tower – open-loop indirect

Improve Testing Efficiency and AccuracyDecisions regarding hydraulic fluid power and distribution have a profound impact ontest lab productivity. MTS has vast experience across a wide range of industries, and canoffer multiple solutions to maximize hydraulic power while minimizing energy use.How you use hydraulic power to start, halt, restart or shutdown safely during plannedor unplanned events can greatly impact the amount of testing you can accomplish andthe quality of results you receive. With several options for monitoring and proactivecare of your hydraulic systems, you can detect threats to hydraulic system health andkeep your distribution system operating in optimal condition.Optimize power generationObserve lab operationsMTS Echo Health Monitoring can helpyou optimize power generation byprotecting your hydraulic power unitfrom common failures. Early detectionof potential issues prevents unplanneddowntime for maintenance.The MTS Echo Intelligent Lab makes itpossible to track tests, monitor testequipment and much more, fromanywhere and at any time. Using theirpreferred mobile technology, authorizedpersonnel get highly secure, on-demandaccess to the information that is mostimportant to them.Manage energy useWith MTS Fluid Power SystemManagement, you can best manageday-to-day energy use and prolongequipment life. Various elements ofthis solution allow you to control andmonitor the pump/motor module(s)within a single HPU, or operate up toeight hydraulically-commoned HPUs asa single system. As a customized solution,more HPUs may be commoned andoperated as a single system.Monitor system conditionMTS offers several options that allowyou to create a customized approach toproactively monitor your entire hydraulicdistribution system. Combining onsitefluid sampling with sensor technology,MTS Routine Maintenance and MTSEcho Health Monitoring Services enablethe remote measurement and trending ofhydraulic system performance.9The MTS Echo Intelligent Lab currentlyincludes the following capabilities:»» Equipment Monitoring. Learn thestatus of any test at any time andfrom anywhere.»» Health Monitoring. Proactivelymaintain your test systems withon-demand health updates.»» Test Tracking. Allow your customersto easily track the progress of theirtests online.»» Online Service Resources. Manageyour MTS software updates andversion information from a singlelocation.

Larger SilentFlo HPUsModel 515.60 – 515.180 SpecificationsOperating pressure: 210 bar (3,000 psi)Pump type: Variable displacement pumpsFiltration: Full flow on the return sideMaximum ambient operating temperature: 40 C (104 F)Minimum ambient operating temperature: 5 C (40 F)Model 515.60Model 515.90Model 515.120Model 515.150Model 515.180Flow rates (for 60 Hz models)227 lpm (60 gpm)340 lpm (90 gpm)454 lpm (120 gpm)567 lpm (150 gpm)681 lpm (180 gpm)Flow rates (for 50 Hz models)200 lpm (53.2 gpm)300 lpm (80 gpm)400 lpm (106.4 gpm)500 lpm (133 gpm)600 lpm (160 gpm)68 dB (A)70 dB (A)Noise level*Reservoir capacity (maximum)68 dB (A)71 dB (A)72 dB (A)1,211 L (320 gal)1,211 L (320 gal)2,188 L (578 gal)2,188 L (578 gal)2,188 L (578 gal)Unit dimensionsWidthHeightLength103.4 cm (40.7 in)199.4 cm (78.5 in)287.0 cm (113.0 in)103.4 cm (40.7 in)199.4 cm (78.5 in)287.0 cm (113.0 in)103.4 cm (40.7 in)199.4 cm (78.5 in)430.5 cm (169.5 in)103.4 cm (40.7 in)199.4 cm (78.5 in)430.5 cm (169.5 in)103.4 cm (40.7 in)199.4 cm (78.5 in)430.5 cm (169.5 in)Weight with maximum oil2,835 kg (6,250 lb)3,289 kg (7,250 lb)4,876 kg (10,750 lb)5,330 kg (11,750 lb)5,783 kg (12,750 lb)45 KW (60 Hp)2, max of 345 KW (60 Hp)345 KW (60 Hp)4, max of 6Motor sizeNumber of Motor/pump units45 KW (60 Hp)5, max of 645 KW (60 Hp)6* Sound levels [dbA] are expressed as a free field value. Readings may vary with acoustic environment.Specifications subject to change without notice. Please contact MTS for specifications critical to your application.Model 515.60 – 515.180 OptionsELECTRICAL PACKAGE (FACTORY INSTALLED ONLY)CO M M O NINGRU N O N D E M A ND (RO D )SilentFlo HPUs support your electricalrequirements. Standard voltages from380 – 575 V AC and frequencies of 50 or60 Hz may be selected as a factory option(please specify at time of initial order).The SilentFlo 515.60-515.180 modelscan be installed with multiple powerunits (up to 16) supplying oil to the samehydraulic circuit. The commoning optionincludes a short extension pipe and valveallowing the reservoirs to be connectedtogether so the fluid levels in all the unitsstays the same. This option is required forboth units and does not include the pipingbetween the two HPUs.The models may be ordered with MTS’run-on-demand (ROD) option whichreduces electrical power and coolingwater consumption when the system isnot running at full capacity. The RODautomatically starts and stops individualpump/motor modules based on systemflow requirements.H IG H PR ESSURE F ILTRATIONAs a standard feature, all SilentFlo HPUscome with a kidney loop for cooling andfiltration. A high pressure filter can beadded for additional system filtration atthe outlet of the pump.A IR CO O LING (FACTORY INSTAL L ED ONLY)While water cooling is the standardmethod for maintaining properhydraulic fluid operating temperature,an environmentally friendly air coolingoption is also available.A CCU M U L AT O RSHigh pressure accumulators are availableto help manage surges in flow demand.M IRRO R IM A G EThe larger SilentFlo power units can beconfigured with the control panel andhydraulic connections positioned eitheron the left (standard) or right-hand sidesto fit your facility.

Model 515.60 – 515.180 Order GuideYou can order a SilentFlo HPU by selecting the flow rating, supply voltage, operatingpressure and the desired options. Note that some options are not available on all models.11Model 515.60 – 515.180 SilentFlo HPUHydraulic Power Unit 515.60 (3-bay with 2 modules installed) 515.90 (3-bay with 3 modules installed) 515.90S-1 (3-bay with 1 module installed) 515.120 (6-bay with 4 modules installed) 515.150 (6-bay with 5 modules installed) 515.180 (6-bay with 6 modules installed) 515.180S-1 (6-bay with 1 module installed) 515.180S-2 (6-bay with 2 modules installed) 515.180S-3 (6-bay with 3 modules installed)Supply Voltage 380-3-50 380-3-60 400-3-50 400-3-60 415-3-50 440-3-60 440-3-50 460-3-60 480-3-60 575-3-60Operating Pressure 21 MPa (3000 psi)High Pressure Filter (Optional) High-pressure full flow filter on the outletHeat Exchanger Water- or liquid-cooled (stainless steel standard) Air-cooledAccumulator (Optional) US customary certified CE certified KHK certified SELO certified CRN certifiedTransport Kit (Optional) Transport kit (515.60/90 only)Commoning Kit (Optional) Commoning ready kit Check valvesRun-On-Demand (Optional) Run-On-DemandMirror Image (Optional) Electrical panel and hydraulic connections on right hand sidePort Kits (available for 90S-1, 60 and 90) -24 JIC 1.5 inch code 61Monitoring Options Remote monitoring (RHMI) MTS Echo Health Monitoring

Regional Business CentersT HE AME RICASE UR OP EAS I A/ PAC I F I CMTS Systems CorporationMTS Systems FranceMTS Japan Ltd.14000 Technology DriveBAT EXA 16ArcaCentral Bldg. 8FEden Prairie, MN 55344-229016/18 rue Eugène Dupuis1-2-1 Kinshi, Sumida-kuUSA94046 Créteil CedexTokyo 130-0013Telephone: 952-937-4000FranceJapanToll Free: 800-328-2255Telephone: 33-(0)1-58 43 90 00Telephone: 81-3-6658-0901Fax: 952-937-4515Fax: 33-(0)1-58 43 90 01Fax: 81-3-6658-0904E-mail: info@mts.comE-mail: contact.france@mts.comE-mail: mtsj-info@mts.comMTS Systems GmbHMTS Korea, Inc.Internet: www.mts.comHohentwielsteig 34th F., ATEC Tower, 289,14163 BerlinPankyo-ro, Bundang-guGermanySeongnam-siTelephone: 49-(0)30 81002-0Gyeonggi-do13488,Fax: 49-(0)30 81002-100KoreaE-mail: euroinfo@mts.comTelephone: 82-31-728-1600MTS Systems S.R.L. a socio unicoStrada Pianezza 289Fax: 82-31-728-1699E-mail: mtsk-info@mts.com10151 TorinoMTS China Hechuan OfficeItalyRoom 703 Building #B,Telephone: 39-(0)11 45175 11 sel. pass.Venture International Park,Fax: 39-(0)11 45175 00-01No. 2679 Hechuan Road,E-mail: mtstorino@mts.comMinhang District,MTS Systems Norden ABDatavägen 37bSE-436 32 AskimSwedenTelephone: 46-(0)31-68 69 99Shanghai 201103,P.R.ChinaTelephone: 86-21-5427 1122Fax: 86-21-6495 6330E-mail: info@mtschina.comFax: 46-(0)31-68 69 80E-mail: norden@mts.comMTS Systems Ltd. UK40 Alan Turing RoadSurrey Research ParkGuildfordSurreyGU2 7YFUnited KingdomTelephone: 44-(0)1483-533731Fax: 44-(0)1483-504564E-mail: mtsuksales@mts.comlMTS Systems Corporation14000 Technology DriveEden Prairie, MN 55344-2290 USAISO 9001 Certified QMShttp://www.mts.comMTS and MTS Echo are registered trademarks and SilentFlo is a trademark of MTSSystems Corporation in the United States. These trademarks may be protected inother countries. RTM No. 211177. 2017 MTS Systems Corporation100-311-248a SilentFloHPUlarge Printed in U.S.A. 10/17

separate pump room and transporting hydraulic fluid across the test facility. Model 515.180 Model 515.150/120 Model 515.90 Model 515.60 Model 515.30/20 Model 515.11/07 The SilentFlo 515 Family. Fits Your Needs Today and Tomorrow The SilentFlo series supports a wide range of flow demands, with the largest HPU

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