Yom Kippur, 5781 September 28, 2020

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Yom Kippur, 5781 September 28, 2020

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781In Loving andPerpetual RemembrancePrayer of RemembranceOh God, as we recall our cherished loved ones,we thank You for the years You gave them,years in which they brought joy and comfort to many.As we recall them, we pray that their memory befor us a source of lasting inspiration leading usto noble thoughts and good deeds.In gratefulness for all the blessings that have come to us fromtheir lives, may we resolve to dedicate ourselves anew to theheritage they have bequeathed to us.Amen.We Remember2

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781My Darling MotherYou gave me life and love and joyAnd belief in myself and courage.You gave me laughter and love of natureAnd music and poetry and philosophy.You gave me the desire to be a person fulfilledAnd to live a generous and productive life.You gave me all a mother can give and more,And then you gave me freedom to live my lifeSecure in your love and faith in me.You enriched my hours.You nurtured my soul.With your last breath you gave me a reason to liveAnd to live richly and deeply.Forever, dearest mother, in every joyous moment you willBe with me to share it,And in every sorrow it is to you I will turn.Forever, my beloved mother, I will love you and miss you.May God bless you, of all His children,Most deserving of eternal peace.Dr. Miriam S. HarrisDedicated in loving memory of Lillian Niederman Shapiro, 1906-1983I Cry For My Father With Great PleasureI cry for my father with great pleasureFor he gave, in equal measure,Love and caring,Joy and sharingOf himself. And though he’s goneAt least I have for what to mourn.by Miriam Offenberg3

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Bev & Jeff AdlerBarbara AdlerShirley NeistatRemembered By Vivian Azus and Allegra &Jordan RoussAlbert AzusHarriet AzusSolana Renee AzusLawrence KushnerSarah KushnerVelvel KushnerCary Ross SchantzerMarvin SchantzerPauline SchantzerRemembered By David, Felicia, Amanda andJulia AizussLillian AizussAnita NelsonRemembered By David and Geary AnnAlpertDanny AlpertLou AlpertMolly AlpertOscar AlpertRebecca AlpertRemembered By Bachner FamilyJames BachnerIrene MeyersJoel MeyersMarilyn BachnerRemembered By Anik FamilyIrwin AnikPaul AnikVirginia AnikCeceila PatentHenry PatentEdward PerlmutterAileen RoseRemembered By Joel & Shelley Baker andEtta TudzinHarold BakerLillian BakerAl WorwitzBelle HorwitzBen KamrassSam KamrassSusan KamrassHenry TudzinRemembered by Harriet AppelHerbert AppelRemembered By Danny & Donna BarwaldHeinz BarwaldYona BarwaldCarol DeBenedettoRemembered By Jerry & Dina ApplebyGertude ApplebyMorris ApplebyMachloof BouaderYocheved BouaderRemembered By Stacey and Neal Bass andFamilyJerry BassMorris Halfon, M.D.Sheila HalfonRemembered by Deborah & Joel AuerbachLynne SabaRemembered by Carolyn BaumwohlMel BaumwohlRose BermanSally Crandall SchlossbergStanley CrandallRemembered By Shari Becker and FamilyArthur Becker4

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By April Bender, Evan,Michael & ScottHime BenderMildred BenderRichard S. BenderMiriam FleserTheodore FleserAnna PheifferEvelyn PheifferSteven SeeryRemembered By William and Janet BilkissJack BilkissMarjorie BilkissEvelyn BermackHarry BermackRemembered By Spence and Kara BilkissKay ChalomMorris ChalomRemembered By The Boock FamilyDr. Milton KatzRemembered By Marvin & Rose BerkmanGertrude BerkmanLouis BerkmanSheila BerkmanPaul PetroverSadie PetroverFred WeissRemembered By Sally and ArnoldBookbinderDr. Harold BookbinderLouis Howard BookbinderSarah BookbinderJack BarishMary BarishRemembered By Marilyn, Bruce, Noah andShari BerkowitzNathan EisnerSylvia BerkowitzSidney BerkowitzRemembered By Judy and RichardBrickmanGoldie, Moe and Philip BrickmanEdith GulkoPaul KanterSam and Ilon RosnerFrankie SalamoneHenrietta SupowitzRose, Leon and Mark TulinMorrie and Genie YasskinRemembered By Arline and MichaelBerksonMarvin BerksonNettie BerksonBeatrice KriegerLouis KriegerWilliam KriegerRemembered By Carolyn and MichaelBrockmanHarold CaplanJean CaplanMorris CaplanMilton KleinSylvan KleinElysee BrockmanGeorge BrockmanGustave BrockmanSonya BrockmanWendy BrockmanRemembered by The Berkus FamilyIris KentRemembered By Suzy Berman and FamilyDavid AckerRuth AckerJulian BermanBetty GoottHenry GoottRemembered By Linda and Stan BernsteinDaniel BernsteinLillian BernsteinJim RivinCarol Wiseman5

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Bromberg Family andBarbara & John MindleJoseph FriendLeah FriendIrv MindleRose MindleRemembered By Jonathan and RosanneBursteinDennis DyneHarold DyneArchie PeckRachel PeckRemembered By The Calig and GarrettFamiliesJoseph CaligMilton CaligSylvia CaligTony CaligMarion LaveneNathan LaveneMonica MacarisThose who lost their battle with COVID-19Remembered By Diane Brook, Max andZach BrooksRita SandsRemembered By Eric, Adena, Jake, Haleyand Ethan BrooksJane BrooksRemembered By Harold BrooksHelen BraunsteinMilton BraunsteinDavid BrooksJane BrooksPhillip BrooksRose BrooksHelen HackelEsther KesslerRemembered By Brenda and Gary CaptolMarvin CaptolRosella CaptolBen KasmanJessie MurrayJoe MurrayRachel SimonRemembered By Dr. Robert CarltonEsther CarltonMargaret G. CarltonMax CarltonPhillip J. CarltonLynn RosenstockRemembered By Neal, Marlene, Marissa &Brianna BrostoffLeah and Len BenjaminFreda and Hymie BrostoffEva and Max GittermanLouis GittermanSol and Sally GoldsmithElaine, Jack, Toby & Ron RoseRemembered by Rhonda CarnegieDr. Martin K. GreenspoonSandra GreenspoonRemembered By Bonnie & Rodger BrownRalph MonkarshSarah MonkarshEugene MonkarshJerry MonkarshAnne BrownMorris BrownRemembered By David CohanPete BlakesleeJack DavisRose MillerJack MillerDolores PlasterRemembered By David Bruskin and FamilySondra BruskinSidney BruskinRemembered By Michelle Lavin CohanLawson HughesSheldon E. Lavin, MD6

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Dale and Cheryl CohenAnna and Nelson "Jack” CohenLawrence CohenFlorence “Renny” GolditchBelle and Sam MyersonHannah and Harry ShaneMurray ShaneFran SnyderLinda SnyderRemembered By Julie and Jeff DavineAnne DavineSam DavineSanford ZinnRemembered By Sarah and Joshua DavisDavid KnetzerRemembered By Judy, Mark, Daniel andLauren DeitchFred BlochRuth BlochWalter BlochJacob DeitchJulie DeitchLouise LevySaul LevyRemembered by Ethan & Alison Cohen andFamilyAviad CohenRemembered By Dr. Phillip and MichelleConwisarEdward ConwisarJoan ConwisarRobert MorrisRemembered By Karen Mikulka DinsfriendGolda DinsfriendJack DinsfriendJoel DinsfriendLouis DinsfriendNora DinsfriendGeorge MikulkaRemembered by Jeffrey and Cynthia CostellMilton CostellStanley SchumannPeter SheftRose DonaldsonKenneth BressackRemembered By Beth and Steven Doshayand FamilyIrving DoshayRosalind DoshayDorothy RedmanJoseph RedmanRemembered By Roy B. CrownEsther C. LouikLeo LouikAbraham LevinsonRose LevinsonBarry MarcusJack CrownFrieda DorrMorris LevinsonGlenda RosenbloomAlan RosenbloomMarlene MeyerRemembered By Ann & Neil Drucker FamilyBeverly PedowitzIrving PedowitzRemembered By Shellee and Larry DyneHarold DyneArchie PeckRemembered By Peter and Deborah DachLilo DachStephan DachJoanne LereaLouis LereaRemembered by Barry and Ashley DadonBarbara Kimel7

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Mark and Wendi DyneMorris BrillEster BrillHarold DyneHoward MargowskyAaron PeckRachel PeckRae PeckRemembered By David and Sherry Elbaumand FamilyBenny ElbaumGedale ElbaumLuba ElbaumLeon FeldSylvia FeldRemembered By Bruce ElkinsBrian Scott ElkinsFreida ElkinsHarlean ElkinsLawrence ElkinsJacob HirshLeah HirshMiriam KegelSaul KegelRemembered By Henry and Susan EdelsohnAbram EdelsohnCeil EdelsohnMaurice EdelsohnIda KushnerPhilip KushnerRemembered By Leonard and Faye ElbaumBetty ElbaumJoseph ElbaumMurray ElbaumNathan ElbaumPescia LumermanSam LumermanRemembered By Evelyn and Jerry EllnerJoseph EllnerDora EllnerSolbert FoxJanet FoxAllen HartmanRemembered by Natalie and Oscar ElbaumAnne DaterIsidore GabelBetty Elbaum,Joseph ElbaumBernice ElbaumNathan ElbaumRose GabelSam GabelBella BlankMax BlankPatti BrillNeal KarpfSteven TursellinoAndy DaterRose DaterSamuel DaterYvonne PincusShellie ShiffmanRemembered By Diane and Douglas EngelBarbara Feinman EngelDorothy EngelSidney EngelJeffrey FeinmanStanley FeinmanRemembered by Bob and Tory EpsteinNoddy EpsteinIra EpsteinRemembered By Denise, Amir, Zachary andJonah ErezRaye ForemanJocelyn FriedmanDavid HadarElmer MeierLorraine MeierRemembered By Eshagh Ezra and FarbaAhoubimRachamim Ezra8

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered by Molly & Daniel FederArie FederEillen KramerRemembered By Ron and Judy FischerFelice Berman BrewerBessie DeutchJoseph DeutchFanny FischerGordon FischerLeslie FischerManny FischerSylvia FischerBernard RimanClaire RimanJulius RimanGoldie SandersIsadore SandersNettie Riman WeinsteinRemembered By Feenberg FamilyAnn AlpertMax AlpertGene FeenbergMyrtle FeenbergDavid GoldinEthel GoldinJack LunerMiriam LunerRemembered By Ferdman FamilyEdith FerdmanHarry FerdmanRemembered By Gail FisherCeleste FomalontJack FomalontSteven GoldbergRemembered By Renee Fields and FamilyRandy FieldsEd MeadowsRemembered By Janet, Marc and AnatFisher and Lynn KatzCantor Merrill FisherRemembered By Robert and Barbara Fieldsand FamilyJerry BenderLola BenderNat FieldsRemembered By Shereen, David, Marc andLucas FlamerCecily FlamerJack FlamerLottie RosenbergMax RosenbergIlene WinterSidney WinterRemembered By Howard and Laurie FinkHarvey GuttmanRemembered By David and JeanieFinkelsteinLuzer FinkelsteinBetty MarkoPhilip MarkoBronia PetersSam PetersIra ReismanBluma RosenwaldIsrael RosenwaldJoseph RosenwaldSam RosenwaldRemembered By Harley and Robin FrankNorman FrankDebby FrankRobert MillerGeorge MilderRemembered By Lois Froch and FamilyAbraham FrochAiga FrochtzwajgMenashe FrochtzwajgEsther KurtzmanIsaac Kurtman9

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Ben and Robyn FruchterJacob FruchterRemembered By Gillman FamilyBarry GillmanRemembered by Phillip and Monica GanzLucille GanzRemembered by Joel and Rachel GinsbergJerome GinsbergRemembered By Philip and Linda GardnerConrad Louis GardnerMathilde A. GardnerHarry HerskoKate HerskoNorman SelbertRemembered By Denisse and MichaelGinsbergJerome GinsbergMatthew HanRemembered By Phyllis Gitterman and Neal& Marlene BrostoffLeah and Len BenjaminFreda and Hymue BrostoffEva and Max GittermanLouis GittermanSol and Sally GoldsmithElaine and Ron RoseRemembered By Sharon and Barry GeierLouis BarbanelSyd BaranelCharlotte GeierIrving GeierAnna RubinRemembered By Dahlia and Art GeilmanHenry BellSusan BellSidney GeilmanIrving KatzMiriam Geilman KatzRemembered By Jeff and Ellen GlaserJack GlaserJulian LavinMarion LavinGertude SpasserRemembered By Goetzman FamilyGabriel Shimon AssorJacob AssorArielle AssorJoshua AssorRemembered By Jan and Leonard GelfandAlisa Joy GelfandVivian GelfandWilliam GelfandMurray KlainmanSylvia KlainmanRemembered By Don and Rusti GoldMurray ElbaumIrving GoldJudith GoldAudrey StevensonRemembered By Michelle, Andrew, Laurenand Brandon GersonPeter Andrew RosenbaumRemembered By Hope Langer GertlerEvelyn Gertler BagalmanSedell Gertler BraunBarry GertlerJeannette A. GertlerRobert GertlerJulius M. LangerLeah S. LangerStanley H. LangerIlla Gertler StewartRemembered By Jeffrey Goldberg andFamilyHoward Paul GoldbergRemembered By Karen and LeonardGoldbergAllan M. GoldbergLorna M. GoldbergJanet GottliebSeymour Gottlieb10

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Jeffrey and HollyGoldsmithIrving GoldsmithEdwin LederkramerRemembered By Deena Goldenberg GordonRabbi Wm J. GordonSarah Gast GoldenbergDavid I. GoldenbergMaurice GastJulia WestleGast WollmanMorris GoldenbergMali GoldenbergSam SchmuelRemembered By Faye Goldstein and FamilyGertie FreedmanKay FromowitzBess GodfreyDonald S. GoldsteinBecky GreenbaumPhillip GreenbaumRenee LamkayPearl MeshnickKen SternbergRemembered By Robin, Ellie, Lev and IanGorelickIrving Gorelick(Levy Isaac Gorelick)Remembered By Bella R. Goldstine andFamilyRabbi Melvin L. GoldstineMinnie N. GoldstineSamuel J. GoldstineAnna RabinerMax RabinerRemembered By Barbara Gorlick-ArandaAl GorlickLeah GorlickRuth GorlickSam GorlickMorris SteinbergSophie SteinbergRemembered by David and Sheila GoodRuth PflugJoseph PflugRose GoodEli GoodRemembered By Fred and Susan Granichand FamilyBernie GranichFran GranichRobert GranichJoseph MartonMichael MartonRuth MartonRemembered By Goodrich FamilyFredka GoodrichStanley GoodrichSteven WalkerEsther WeinbergBella WolfFred WolfRemembered By Madelyne GreenFran KaufmanLouis KaufmanAnna ShapiroRemembered By Arthur & Rachael Gordonand FamilyAnn GordonJacob GordonSam SteinbergSelma SteinbergRemembered by Deena GordonSam Schmuel11

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Ronnie GreenbergHilda BenderKurt BenderDori FriedmanSolomon "Sol" FriedmanErnest "Hyman" GreenbergMel GreenbergSheryl Cora LeeCarole MandaroHerman "Hy" SteinbergSally SteinbergBobbi WeinhausDorie SteinbergNaomi Diane SteinbergMel YelmanRemembered By Shellie and KennyHarrisonClara AshLuana AshPaul AshSally BellHenry HarrisonIra ReismanMartha SeifmanBrittany WeixelRemembered By Michael and Lisa HarwinSol FriedmanAlbert HarwinFlorence HarwinLeonard SandersRemembered By Shirley Greenberg andFamilyFlorence GreenbergStuart GreenbergTed GreenbergOscar KramRegina KaumAnna WestonRemembered By Marty and Miriam(Herman) HerscovitzCornelia HermanIzak HermanJack HerscovitzMarcia HerscovitzRemembered By Harvey, Janice, Burt, Judi,Larry and Abby HoffmanLeon SchafferMartha SchafferSamuel HoffmanEsther Hoffman LashinskyRemembered By Ken and HeleneGreenlingerJack GreenlingerMinna GreenlingerElias GollinEthel GollinRemembered By Lisa, Stuart, Eric andJonathan HoffmanJoseph AbramsonLena AbramsonRochelle CooperEsther HoffmanSamuel HoffmanPhyllis LichtEmmanuel RosengartenJeanne RosengartenLeon SchafferMartha SchafferRemembered By Judy and MichaelGreenwaldRobert GittelsonIsador GreenwaldJerry GreenwaldRuth GreenwaldJacob KatzmanSylvia ShamesDoris K. GoodmanRemembered By Joe, Randi, Brianna andJeffrey GrinbaumLuna GrinbaumSam GrinbaumShirley Margulis12

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Holtzman and NadelFamiliesBarbara NadelRema NadelRobert NadelRemembered By Andrew JacobsRegina AstrachanArchie JacobsBert JacobsEdythe JacobsBert KochIris KochFay PinkwaterLilian RussellRemembered By Lew and Hermine HorwitzFae Fischman BergerGus FischmanEdward I. HorwitzHarold HorwitzMinnie HorwitzDorothy KuehnerMarv PallerSondra PallerCarle PassinLucille PassinRemembered By Irwin and MeredithJacobsonJimmy BergHannah ColeHerbert ColeJoseph CubitzFrances CubitzGoldie JacobsonIrving JacobsonMyron JacobsonRose LipschitzJack SockolSheila SockolRemembered By James and SherwinFamiliesGeorge HorowitzMarcia HorowitzAdam JamesMarek JamesZela JamesBlanka RothschildHarry RothschildKenneth SherwinStella SherwinRemembered By Sy and Enid IvarMorris CohenRose CohenJoyce HazelkornJules HazelkornAbraham IvarCharles IvarDora IvarJacob KosbieJeanette KosbieIsadore LudwigRose LudwigRemembered By Marsha and Ted IzenDeborah IzenSamuel IzenDorothy SandomirskyMelville SandomirskyNoel SandomirskyRemembered By Jared JussimNatalie BlumbergSolomon BlumbergJulia J. BrodyPriscilla J. HenkenKate JussimMarilyn JussimSolomon JussimEmil PimslerRemembered by Alan JacobsJean Jacobs13

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Rita Kahane, CindyKahane and Family and Tammy & JeffreyElbaum and FamilyTom Sigi KahaneChurtle Leah SiegelsteinBela SiegelsteinBerl SiegelsteinBrance SiegelsteinIdas SiegelsteinIzidore SiegelsteinJankel SiegelsteinRemembered By Jeff, Val and Joey KatzAnne and Sidney GurnerMichael GurnerDaniel Ari KatzSam KatzMarilyn KatzRemembered By Sandy & Dale Kaufman andFamilySophie AbrahamsIrvin KaufmanAleck ScherlisBelle ScherlisRuth KaufmanRemembered By Martha and Michael Kahn& FamilyAndrea BlackRalph BlackBetty KahnJulian KahnRemembered by Jakob and Iris KeijerAlbert LawShirley G. LawMorris MalsmanRemembered by Jason and Stella KahnMichael GolikovRemembered By David, and Julie Kent,Tony, Lara & Andrew BerkusAmanda MarzBrett MarzMikey MarzIris MarzRobert KentIris KentRemembered By Kardish FamilyAmalia KardishPinkas KardishJerry KrutmanIrving RosenRose SerlinGeorge WillensMarvin WillensRachel WillensRemembered By Allen Kessler and FamilyEunice KesslerCelia BlachmanJacob BlachmanAaron F. KesslerFrances R. KesslerDavid LightJean LightAlex RothschildAnne RothschildRemembered By Mike, Amy, Asher andMaya KatzDorothy CreagerShlomo Kane (Katz)Simone Kane (Katz)Remembered By Gary Katz & ShelleyGentner and FamilyElaine GentnerIsadore GentnerCelia KatzKirby KatzLee KatzMorris KatzRemembered By Klapova FamilyIrving GilbertMickey GilbertRaya KlapovaMisha KlapovaRemembered by Laura KlapperPhil Snyder14

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Miriam & Robert KleimanLuzer FinkelsteinMarty KleimanRuth KleimanBetty MarkoPhilip MarkoIra ReismanSylvia ReismanRemembered By Kolinsky FamilyAl ArnoldMeyer KolinskyLeroy Don RossHarry SaltzmanSylvia SaltzmanTed SaltzmanRobert StephenGary WeisRemembered By Klenetsky FamilyBenjamin ColtenGertrude ColtenJoseph ColtenRose ColtenLouis GinigerSara GinigerIrving KlenetskySteven KlenetskySylvia KlenetskyDiane RosenbergRuth RosenbergJason TuritzSteven ColtenMichael TuritzEsther SilverRemembered By Linda, Richard, Nicole andMichael KosoffRuth BlackSam BlackLeonard BunkinMitzi BunkinAlvin KosoffDora KosoffSam KosoffDotti Kosoff RoseBernard ZigmanBernice ZigmanLouis ZigmanNatalie ZigmanRebecca ZigmanSheryl Anne ZigmanRemembered By Dr. Michael V. Kline andAnita Rosenbaum KlineHarriet Kaye FromeBessie Newman KaufmanDolores P. KlineElyse Salinger KlineHarry V. KlineMartha Abramowitz KlineMichael Itzhak KlinePeter Andrew RosenbaumMathew Marvin WagnerRose WagnerSamuel WagnerRemembered By Garvin and Sharon KotzinPaul AnikHerbert EnochNaomi EnochLloyd FarberRebecca FarberEzra KotzinGoldie KotzinCantor Leopold SzneerMarc TarasowMorris TarasowRemembered By Howard Klocman and sonsDevora KlocmanRemembered By Seth and HalyceKrasilovskyAnita ThornerIrving Thorner15

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Pamela & MitchellKreitenberg and FamilyGladys KreitenbergMike KreitenbergAllen MinasRemembered By Jackie & Gary LeeHarold A. CaplanJean CaplanMorris CaplanMilton KleinSylvan KleinAlfred G. LeeEdythe LeeRon LeeRemembered By Stanford & Sheila Kurlandand FamilySidney GlassmanBenjamin KurlandDavid KurlandFrances KurlandBetty Ann SchreibmanPaul SchreibmanRemembered By JoAnn & Richard LeedsJulius and Miriam LeedsMurray and Betty TishermanRemembered By Lisa, Bill, Rachel, Joe &Sarah LeonardJames LiebeskindRemembered By Denise KurtzerAlfred KurtzerLillian KurtzerRemembered By Paul, Saralyn, Aaron andAbby LevenBernard FogelEvelyn LevenJack LevenEdith PolonMartin PolonRemembered by Bryan and Brittany LangerRichard BeerHarold LangerMartha SampsonRemembered By Ron, Rebecca, Annie andLaura LascoeDavid LascoeThema LascoeRemembered By Judy & Bud LevinAnne LevinCharlene LevinLou LevinBen M. MandelkornRose G. MandelkornRemembered By Iris & Mort LaskyJack FrankelRose FrankelBenjamin LaskyMary LaskySaramae LaskySadell TobinRemembered By Steve, Jody, Hannah, Sarahand Jacob LevinBen and Leona JacobsShel JacobsJack and Grunia LevinHarry and Rose ShriberSigmund and Faye WintergreenRemembered By Dr. & Mrs. Marc LavinLawson HughesSheldon LavinRemembered By Ayala & Aaron Levinsonand FamilyRobert E. Levinson16

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered by Eileen LevyPaul LevyIsaac MoyalRose MoyalRemembered By Lipstone FamilyManfred RosenfeldRonald LipstoneRemembered By Marilyn LisellDavid EisenbergRae GuthartzBecky KaskelSam KaskelPearl LisellStuart LisellVictor LisellHyman SchizLena SchizDavid AdelsteinJoyann AdelsteinRemembered By Fanny & Neil LevyFlorence LevyLou LevyJohn SpiessPriscilla SpiessSally WestRemembered By Monique, Steven, Jason,Blake and Spencer LevyJulius D. BrownFranklin L. LevyJudith Ellynne ArensonRemembered By Howard & Susan Loeb andFamilyErnest LoebSelma LoebIrving PadwaRuth PadwaRemembered By Cheryl LewisWillard AaronBen FlapanFlora FlapanEarl KarpenPaul KarpenRose KarpenEthel KarsenEva LewisRichard LewisKimerly Kay Ver SteegRemembered by Carolyn LondonGerald LondonDaniel SavittFlorence SavittRemembered By Karen LongobartEarl David GoldbergRemembered By Lichtman, Anita, andNathan & Allison LichtmanBarbara LichtmanIda and Hyman FishmanRemembered By Marilyn & SanfordMadnickFrances MadnickHarry MadnickHerman MadnickMarvin MadnickRoberta MadnickAnna MannMurray TopySarah TopyArlene YavitchRemembered By Yoletta LieberthalAllan LieberthalLivia NeumannNandor NeumannAnna NussbaumRemembered By Barbara & Russ LipkinEdith LipkinMeyer LipkinKarl WaksmanMolly Waksman17

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Elliot & Mitzi MaletDotty KaplanGeorge KaplanDaniel MaletJean MaletRemembered By Jann MarksBlima GrosbergMax GrosbergArnold MarksLillian MarksSaul MarksGertrude MeyerMollie MossWilliam MossHelen WiserRemembered By Marilyn & JoelMandelbaumEsther MandelbaumPaul MandelbaumBernard WholEdith WholRemembered By Shirley & Eric MauerBernice BerbrierMoishe CohenRachel CohenAbraham FreheiterMariam Scheindel FreheiterNesha GratterEsther MauerIsidore MauerLionel MauerRemembered By Robin, Andy, Marc andBryan MandellLeon MandellMuriel MandellEmanuel FriedmanJanice Friedman-LannertRemembered By Eleanor & Larry ManhanRobin CohenDorothy Ann GoldsteinHarry GoldsteinRebecca GoldsteinStanley GoldsteinRuben GoldsteinMelvin HarrisonPhilip HarrisonColonel Robert ManhanFlora ManhanMichael ManhanRemembered By Bradley, Allison and KylieMelnickLauren Jill MelnickRemembered By Betty & HowardMendelsonMax JacobsSarah JacobsMary MendelsonRemembered By Elaine & Martin MillerAdele MillerSol MillerMartha SkulskySam SkulskyStephen SkulskyMarlene StrayerRemembered By Mark, Sara & Erika MarcusEddie MarcusSam BarjamYlda BarjamRemembered By Sharon Markman andFamilyNeil MarkmanLouis MarkmanEllice MichaelsAnna SchwartzbergBenjamin SchwartzbergStanley SchwartzbergRemembered By Debra MoldovanAlice PehrJoyce ReismanNorman ReismanRemembered By Charles MondBerek DutkiewiczFlorence Mond18

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Myra MorewitzAlan S. KalkinEttie KalkinHarry KalkinJonathan KalkinBenjamin LavkerFannie LavkerBurt MorewitzHarry Alan MorewitzJacob Louis MorewitzSallie Rome MorewitzRemembered By Scott, Gayle, Lexi & JoeyNadlerAlan BornsteinEvelyn RosenRemembered By Deanna Morris and FamilyDolly BuchsbaumEileen BushmanMax BushmanBessie Price GreenbergMickey GreenbergRita MorrisRobert "Bob" MorrisSimon MorrisDonna PriceMartin PriceMelissa PriceMeyer Buck PriceRemembered by Steven Narvy & JessicaOrkinHoward NarvyRemembered By Nager FamilyLibby BalickSaul BalickSteven BalickSam NagerSarah Nager GrajowerRemembered By Bonnie & Jack NeinsteinAlvin NeinsteinLawrence NeinsteinShirley NeinsteinBetty SpivackPhil SpivackRemembered by Hillary & Noah NusinowIda RodichRemembered By Mark & Madelyn MorrisFrances JosephWilliam JosephJenny MorrisSonny MorrisRemembered By Sam & Dori OrensteinMax OrensteinRuth OrensteinSamuel SapeerSarah SapeerRemembered By Hyman-Moss FamilyBert HymanMiriam MossHenry MossGeorge RockmoreJeannette RockmoreRemembered By Gary & Tina OrkinJerry GotliebMorris OrkinCara TreitmanRemembered By Temmy & Bob NadlerJean RosenJoseph RosenEve NadlerMac Nadler19

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Jerry PageBea AgoadoKathleen Page KleinAlbert J. PageNora PageSarah PageHarold RothDr. Abe RoussoEthel RoussoMaurice RoussoRalph RoussoVictoria RoussoRemembered By Ron, Ruth, Shira and EdenRauchSheindel DrukerWolf DrukerSusan Hope RauchSuzy RauchRemembered By Shirley, Sina, Samuel andShantal Razban-NiaJacob JavaheriMoses Razban-NiaRemembered By Ruth ResnickBaylis ResnickRemembered By Kenneth & Ellen PfeiferHirsh and FamilySuzanna and William BraunsteinAida and David HirschRemembered By Sara & Fernando Resnikand FamilySamuel DvorquezDavid GrudaLarry GrudaBerta HonigErmindo ResnikMario ResnikZulema ResnikAnn RosickaAbraham ShebahRemembered By Gerald & Joy PicusDaisy KatzinShel NewbergerMax PicusMildred PicusRemembered By Debby & Bruce PowellBea & Jim PowellAda & Ludwig StraussRemembered By Badonna Retin and FamilyBen KahanAnnette KahanLena FarwellWilliam FarwellRonald RetinRemembered By Robert, Melanie and ArielPrinceRose HurtisMurray PrinceMarvin W. EpsteinSuzanne EpsteinRemembered By Rivera FamilyDonald S. GoldsteinG. RiveraKen SternbergRemembered By Rochelle RakosiDora CohenSamuel CohenGertrude HirschmanJeffrey A. Rakosi, M.D.Theo RakosiGussie WelenkenNettie WelenkenTheodore WelenkenRemembered By Larry, Paula, Zachary,Lindsay and Jordan RobertsLaura AnderHelen RobertsJulio RobertsDaniel ShusterRemembered by Shabnam RaphaelyMichael Rostamian20

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By David & Cynthia Robertsand FamilySandy DeatonHarry GoldfarbMildred GoldfarbRobert RaznickJack RobertsMichele RobertsMollie RobertsCora RunionRemembered By Jeff & Jill Rosenfeld &FamilyAbe BlumenthalMel GreenbergAdele RosenfeldDavid RosenfeldDorie SteinbergDiane SteinbergRemembered By Alan, Pamela and AaronRossAdrienne RossBilly RossMatilda RossRobert RossSam RossRemembered By Linda & Alex RomanoAlan R. KatzStuart M. KatzRemembered By Richard RoseHenry RoseSharon RoseSophie RoseRemembered By Barry & Dorene RossBonnie CoffmanCecelia CohenVictor CohenHarriet FentonAlice RossLouis RossHarriet FentonRemembered By Sheri RosenbergAnna DimontDavid DimontBen DimontsteinGoldie DimontsteinHarold LambertMildred LambertHelen RosenbergJoseph RosenbergAnna RothblattBurton RosenbergRemembered By Jerry & Adrienne Ross &FamilyArthur RossFlorence RossRose RossEdythe SchwartzHarold SchwartzRochelle SchwartzRemembered By Maier, Robin, Shira, Dinaand Ilana RosenbergStanley Theodore AlperinBronia RosenbergHarry RosenbergRemembered By Geraldine RothenbergPeter RothenbergGerald SheldonHerta SheldonRemembered By The Rosenberg FamilyJoAn GumbertFlorence RosenbergRemembered By Rozansky FamilySidney Rozansky21

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Serena RubinBela SiegelsteinBerl SiegelsteinBrance SiegelsteinChurtleah SiegelsteinIdas SiegelsteinJankel SiegelsteinAranka RubinJack N. RubinRichard RubinRemembered By Jackie Saltz, Michael, Beth,Zoe & Madison Saltz and Tori RogersEdward BermanMorris BermanPearl BermanRose BermanAnna BramnickLouis BramnickEdith Berman GodickRon GoldsteinMalcolm KatesDouglas RogersRemembered By Alfred & Ruth Rudis, Elissa& Matt Windisch, and Rabbi Rachel & GregBovitzEdith EdelsteinEliezer EdelsteinJohn H. EdelsteinJoseph RudisRose RudisWalter and Erna SteelRemembered By David & Patti Samuels &FamilyJacobo AtriVictoria BazbazEsther CohenJoseph CohenDoryce KatzSam KatzEarl LyonsSidney SamuelsRemembered By Jason, Paula, Aidan andFarrah RussellGladys DuffNorman DuffPhil DuffAlan FriedmanErnie KaplanEva KaplanLawrence KaplanLouis KaplanFrederic RussellRemembered By Anita SandlerEsther NoahMorris NoahRemembered by Diane SandsRita SandsRemembered By Gloria SandsSam KireySylvia KireyDorothy SandsHerman SandsLea KiraSarah GerberAlan SandsRemembered By Adam & Wendy RussoAnn GordonDerek GordonDr. Benjamin GordonMrs. Ruth GordonDr. Bernard RobinsonMrs. Maxine RobinsonRemembered By Arnold & Carol SankLottie BelkinSaul GarfinkelMax SankSara Sank22

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By Lydia and ZiselSansanowiczLeon BombergHakatan BombergHelen BombergMalvena BombergMilo BombergPaul GershowitzIrene KaplanLeonard KaplanSalvador LewIda SamsonHarry SamsonGoldie SansanowiczLibbey SansanowiczZayas SansanowiczAbraham SchapiraMoishe SchechterSonia SchechterRemembered By Ron & Joanie SchererPhoebe GoldbergElizabeth MagidBessie PennWilliam B. PennIsrael ResnickLouis SchererNatalie SchererRosalind SchererStanley SchererGussie SeligmannHarold SeligmannMaxine SeligmannHermine ShensonHoward ShensonSidney ShensonCandy Scherer SolomonRemembered By Laurie SchlismannErin AndrySophia HarrisCharlotte SchlismannWilliam SchlismannRemembered By David & Gail Satin andFamilyRhoda FreemanSylvia and Benjamin LevineGussie and Sam RosenbergAlex SatinRose and Sam SatinLeah and Paul SchechterRemembered By Schnitman FamilyRobert FentonSusan FentonLila Rae RubinHaim SchnitmanLea SchnitmanRemembered By Robert, Deborah, Mayaand Bryce SatnickDiana SatnickJulian SatnickRobert YelinRemembered By Robin & Steven Schoplerand FamilySidney EllisPhyllis EllisHarry SchoplerRivka ThalhoferInge SchoplerRemembered By Rabbi Adam Schaffer &Melissa SandlerIrving FogelmanJennie SchafferJohn SchafferRemembered By The Schore FamilyKaren SchoreRemembered By Jeff Schechter & GalinaShapiroStan GolubchikAnna SchechterDr. Martin SchechterLiba SinderRemembered By Andrea & Steven SegallAgnes SpeigelDavid Speigel23

Temple Aliyah – Scroll of Remembrance -- 5781Remembered By David SenensiebAdina Tamar SenensiebN. Louis SenensiebRemembered by Rimma Shaposhnikov &Roman LeibzonAbraham LeibzonMosheTandeitnikFanny TandeitnikLilian ShaposhnikovRita VainshteinRemembered By Joe & Wendy Serot andFamilyHarriet Lois PomrantzTheodore PomrantzDavid SerotNathan SerotQueenie SerotRemembered By Alayne and Jeffrey ShapiroTheodore Gerstein GreenRemembered By Sanford and Sheryl ShatzMalcom ShatzRemembered by Chad & Meredith SesserAllan SesserStephanie SesserRemembered By Brenda & Morton Shatzkinand FamilyHelen D. KaftalIrving I. KaftalEstelle KramerRose LucashSamuel J. ShatzkinSara ShatzkinWilfred ShatzkinRemembered By Sevran, Shorr andJacobson FamiliesJoseph ShorrFrances ShorrFlorence SevranBen SevranFrances JacobsonHarold JacobsonRemembered By Sue ShenfeldMax GrosbergLilli MarksSaul MarksGertrude MeyerRemembered By George & Stac

Dr. Milton Katz . Remembered By Sally and Arnold Bookbinder. Dr. Harold Bookbinder Louis Howard Bookbinder Sarah Bookbinder Jack Barish Mary Barish . Remembered By Judy and Richard Brickman. Goldie, Moe and Philip Brickman Edith Gulko Paul Kanter Sam and Ilon Rosner Frankie Salamone Henr

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THE LAWS OF YOM TOV: 42. Guidelines for an Israeli in Chu”l for Yom Tov Sheni 58 43. Having a non-Jew attend a business show on one’s behalf, on Yom Tov 60 44. Blowing the Shofar on the left side of one’s mouth 62 45. How to properly wash hands on Yom Kippur 63 46. Using mouthwash on Yom Kippur 64

ixcp lk :xetik meil :ziaxr Yom Kippur Evening Service: Kol Nidrei Clergy Prayer: Opening the Ark, Opening Ourselves ALL RISE Yom Kippur: the Jewish people’s Festival of the Soul and Kol Nidrei its sacred portal — a night of deep emotions, a n

The Cohanim needed to obtain hot water on Yom Kippur for the tevila of the Cohen Gadol. One possible way to heat water was to heat up iron bars before Yom Kippur and then put them in water on Yom Kippur itself. The Gemara eventually rejects this as being prohibited, but in so doing

José Bentata Barchilon 5 Iyar 5781 17 Abril 2021 . Mercedes Serfaty Abecasis 5 Iyar 5781 17 Abril 2021 David Benarroch Bentata 5 Iyar 5781 17 Abril 2021 Freddy Benarroch Sabal 5 Iyar 5781 17 Abril 2

5 Opening the Ark, Opening Ourselves Yom Kippur: the Jewish people’s Festival of the Soul and Kol Nidrei its sacred portal – a night of deep emotions, a night, as the Psalmist wrote, to

Rabbi Boris Dolin of Congregation Dorshei Emet in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel said: There were no days as happy for the Jewish people as the fifteenth of Av and as Yom Kippur. The Gemara asks: Granted, Yom Kippur is a day of joy because it has the eleme

What don’t they admit? That there are other exceptions besides Yom Kippur, and other festival Sabbaths are also called Sabbaths in Scripture. For example, in Vayyiqra 23:24, Yom Teruah is called Shabbaton. The first day of Sukkot an

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