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Diocese of CamdenOFFICE OF WORSHIP &CHRISTIAN INITIATIONLiturgical Book Service631 Market Street, Camden, NJ 08102Phone: (856) 583-2901 Fax: (856) ndiocese.orgMaterials in this catalog are from Ave Maria Press,Catholic Book Publishing, Liturgical Press (Lit Press),Liturgy Training Publica ons (LTP), Oregon Catholic Press,Paulist Press, and World Library Publica ons (J.S. Paluch).Materials not shown in these pages but found on thesepublishers’ websites are also available through theDiocese of Camden’s Liturgical BookService. Forexample, all printed resources through Oregon CatholicPress (OCP), not just Respond and Acclaim, are availableat a discounted price. Also, materials from several otherpublishers whose works are not previewed within thiscatalog are also available through the Book Service.Pleasecontact Cherryl L. Summers for discountedprices.Publica ons from the United StatesConference ofCatholic Bishops (USCCB) are no longer available forpurchase at discounted prices. A few select publica onswhich we already have in stock are s ll available at adiscount, but for most items published by USCCB, pleasego directly to their website (www.catholiccurrent.org orh/p://store.usccb.org).Book Service Publishing Companies2Respond and Acclaim3Ordo 2020, Presidential Prayers, Chants4The Deacon’s Ministry5Living Liturgy6,7Collegeville Ministry Series (Lit Press)8Liturgical Ministry Series (LTP)9Lectionary based/Homily Resources10-12Calendars13Seasonal Resources14-1617Sacramental PreparationRCIA18-20Ritual Books21-27Matrimony28Recursos en EspañolTabla de la contenido en la paginaThis catalog and order form can also be found online atwww.camdendiocese.org/wci.Order of Bap sm of ChildrenSecond Edi onApproved by Rome last month.Important Dates October 1, 2019 — first adver sing and marke ng by all publishers January 6, 2020 —first sale date February 2, 2020 — the first use - Presenta on of the Lord April 12, 2020— Required use—Easter SundayPage 129-3429

Book Service Publishing CompaniesACTAAve Maria Presswww.actapublica ons.comwww.avemariapress.comCatholic Book PublishingCatholic Word ic.orgFAITH ica onsFranciscan MediaLiguori Publica l PressLiturgical Training Publica onswww.litpress.orgwww.ltp.orgLoyola ficat.netOregon Catholic PressOur Sunday Visitorwww.ocp.orgwww.osv.orgPauline Books and MediaPaulist Presswww.pauline.orgwww.paulistpress.orgPaulist Evangeliza onRCL Benzingerwww.pemdc.orgwww.rclbenzinger.comResource Publica onsTwenty Third Publica onswww.resourcepublica ons.netwww.thentythirdpublica ons.comUSCCBWorld Library Publica onswww.store.usccb.orgwww.wlp.jspaluch.comRates vary by publisher, so if there’s something you’d like to order that you don’t see on the Parish Liturgical Resourcescatalog, please get in touch with Cherryl Summers at:[email protected] or 856-583-2901.2.

YEAR ADecember 1, 2019– November 28, 2020This best-selling book provides complete musical settings of responsorial psalms and Gospel Acclamations for every Sunday and holy day of the liturgical year. It corresponds to the congregationalresponses found in Today's Missal, Breaking Bread, Heritage Missal and the English-language portion of Unidos en Cristo/United in Christ.Features include: Simple but beautiful arrangements for choir, cantor, organ and guitar Verbatim texts from the Lectionary User-friendly, horizontal rules between verses help singers keep their place Easy-to-read, large-size music notes, chords and text Available in perfect-bound, five-hole punched or eBook formatSave valuable rehearsal time with the annual CD set, which contains recordings of the Gospel Acclamations, the assembly response and two verses from every psalm in Respond & Acclaim. Featuringbeautiful recordings with professional musicians, this three-CD set maximizes valuable rehearsaltime by helping cantors, choirs, organists and instrumentalists develop an ear for the repertoire before ever singing or playing a note.Take advantage of our eBook* option! Put the entire Respond & Acclaim on your iPad, tablet or othermobile device and enjoy this great tool for rehearsal and planning. The interactive table ofcontentsprovides quick and easy access to every entry, and the content matches the print edition so that everybody stays on the same page. Order one today for each member of your choir!Keyboard/guitar songbookAvailable in English and SpanishBook Service prices Perfect bound— 12.40 ea.5-hole punched— 15.20 ea.CD also available (3-cd set) - 28.00Also available in E-book format, no discount available—order directly through OCPFor Spanish see page 30Page 3.

ORDO 23—Newark (2020)Camden, Metuchen, Paterson, TrentonPaperbackPLEASE NOTE: AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING AFTER OCTOBER 1, 2019.Book Service Price: 18.95 per copyEssential Presidential Prayers and TextsA Roman Missal Study Edition and WorkbookEssential Presidential Prayers and Texts: A Roman MissalStudy Edition and Workbook provides pastoral commentaryand proclamation tips to aid priest celebrants in confidentlypraying the revised words of the Mass. Rev. Daniel Merz andAbbot Rooney provide background and scriptural referencesas well as guidance on words to emphasize, when to pausein the prayers, and the pace at which to recite the prayers.This resource will aid priest celebrants in leading the congregation in full,active, and conscious participation during Mass. (LTP)8 3/8 X 10 7/8352 pagesBook Service Price 24 shippingLearning the Chants of the MissalThis CD collection will help priest celebrants, liturgists,music directors, and all musicians learn the primarychants from the Proper of Time and additional chantsfor the primary solemnities and feasts included in thethird typical edition of the Roman Missal. The Composter has recorded the chants rom the Proper of Timefor the Sundays of Advent, Christmas time, Lent, Easter Time, Ordinary Time and the Sacred Triduum aswell as important feast days from the Proper of Saintsin this collection of four CD’s (LTP)Primary s and feasts include: Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Solemnity of All Saints Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe And many more!Book Service Price 40 shippingPage 4.

THE DEACON’S MINISTRYThe Deacon’s Ministry explores the three fundamental diaconal ministries Iden fied in the teaching ofVa can II: those of the liturgy, of the Word, and of charity to the people of God (Lumen Gen um 29).This series, wri/en by three highly regarded permanent deacons, offers a rich combina on oftheology, spirituality, and prac cal and effec ve guidance.Deacons and those in diaconal forma on, their families, the bishops and priests they work with, andthe people they serve will welcome it.The Deacon’sMinistryof the LiturgyFrederick BauerschmidtThe Deacon’sMinistryofCharity and JusticeWilliam T. DitewigThe Deacon’s Ministry of theLiturgy offers a concise andaccessible introduction to theliturgical aspects of the ministryof the diaconate. The bookcovers not only the practicalside of liturgical ministry—whatthe deacon does in variousliturgical celebrations—but alsoroots of that ministry inScripture and tradition, as wellas reflecting on the role of theliturgy in the spiritual life of thedeacon. (Lit Press)Paperback (132 pages) 6 X 9Book Service price: 15.26The deacon’s excerise of charityand justice extends the lovinghand of God’s constant love andmercy to all who are in need.The Vatican’s Congregation forCatholic Education has called thiswork“theministrymostcharacteric of the deacon.”In The Deacon’s Ministry ofCharityandJustice,Deacon William Ditewig focuseson this ministry as a constitutiveelement of the nature of thechurch itself—always flowingfrom the ministries of word andsacrament and leading back tothem, never apart from them.(Lit Press)Paperback (112 pages) 6 X 9Book Service price: 15.26Page 5.The Deacon’sMinistryof the WordJay CormierThe Deacon’s Ministry of theWord offers both scriptural andtheological resources, as well asstrategies and approaches, foreffectively communicating theWord of God. The book focusesprimarily on the homily-but theideas and skills can be readilyapplied by deacons in anypresentation in which the word ofGod is central including RCIAmeetingsandretreatconferences.(Lit Press)Paperback (126 pages) 6 X 9Book Service price: 15.26

Living Liturgy: Spirituality, Celebration, and Catechesis forSundays and Solemnities Year A (2020)Brian Schmisek, Diana Macalintal and Kathy Beedle RiceLiving Liturgy is your comprehensive go-to guide for preparingSunday liturgy. This 2020 edition provides completely new contentby a engaging team of expert authors, What you get is practical,sound, and inspiring preparation for your parish ministry.This best-selling annual resource is ideal for parish ministers,liturgists, pastors, planning committees, and RCIA programs. Itoffers the week’s Sunday readings, plus insightful reflections andbackground for parish ministers of all types. Engaging new art bythree remarkable artists complements the text.deepens andLiving Liturgy integrates daily living, prayer and study in oneinviting and easy-to-use resource. It is an indispensable guide thatstrengthens the worship experience for the whole parish. (Lit Press)Paperback, 8 1/2 X 10 7/8 X 5/8 , 320 pagesBook Service Price: 16.96 1-4 copies(further discount available for orders of 5 or more)Living Liturgy: Sunday Missal2020Brian Schmisek, Diana Macalintal and Kathy Beedle RiceLiving Liturgy Sunday Missal combines essential liturgicalcontent with the finest presentation on the market today. ThisSunday Mass pew missal is compatible with any hymnalprogram and affordably priced for parishes.(Lit Press)Paperback, 5 1/4 X 8 1/4 X 9/16 464 pagesBook Service Price: 8.96 1-4 copies(further discount available for orders of 5 or more)Page 6.

Living Liturgy forExtraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion2020Brian Schmisek, Diana Macalintal and Kathy Beedle RiceThis concise, easy-to-use resource from a team of fresh new voices provides spiritual nourishment and encouragement to help extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion prepare for their role during liturgy or visits to the sick and homebound. By focusing on theSunday gospels and the Communion minister's own personal reflection, this indispensable aid helps those involved to reverentlyand prayerfully prepare and carry out their ministry.Living Liturgy for Extraordinary Ministers of HolyCommunion begins with the First Sunday of Advent 2019.(Lit Press)It includes the following: Sunday-by-Sunday gospels Personal reflections and prayers for Communion ministers A brief theology of the ministry A separate insert card with the rite for Administration of Communion to the Sick by anExtraordinary Minister A Page for inscription of the minister's name and churchPaperback 5 1/4 X 8 1/2 X 1/4 144 pagesBook Service Price: 8.96 1-5 copies (further discount available for orders of6 or more copies)Living LiturgyFor Music Ministers2020Brian Schmisek, Diana Macalintal and Kathy Beedle RiceInspire music ministers to lead the assembly more effec vely in theLiturgy of the Word with Living Liturgy for Music Ministers. Freshcontent and a new team of contributors offer music ministers thespiritual prepara on they need to be confident, strong leaders ofsung prayer. The Liturgy of the Word, and par cularly the psalm, willcome alive in new ways for those involved in music ministry and theen re worshiping assembly. It is the perfect support tool for yourparish music ministry.Living Liturgy for Music Ministers begins with the First Sunday ofAdvent 2019. (Lit Press)Paperback5 1/4 X 8 1/2 X 3/8208 pagesBook Service Price: 8.96 (further discount available for 6 or morecopies)Page 7.

COLLEGEVILLE MINISTRY SERIES(LITURGICAL PRESS)The Ministry of the AssemblyThe Ministry of LectorsJoyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPSPaperback, 80 pp, Book Service Price: 7.16Second EditionJames A. Wallace, CssRPaperpack 104 pp., Book Service Price: 7.16The Ministry ofReligious EducationThe Ministry ofLiturgical EnvironmentCarrie SallwasserRevised EditionJoyce Anne Zimmerman, CPPSPaperback, 88 pp. Book Service Price: 7.16Youth MinistryPaperback, 104 pp, Book Service Price: 7.16Revised EditionJeffrey KasterPaperback, 104 pp, Book Service Price: 7.16The Ministry of MusicRevised EditionKathleen Harmon, SNDdeNThe Ministry of CantorsRevised EditionKathleen Harmon, SNDdeNPaperback, 104 pp, Book Service Price: 7.16Paperback, 96 pp, Book Service Price: 7.16The Ministry of Peace and JusticeThe Ministry of CommunionMichael Jordan LaskeyThird Edi onPaperback, 108 pp, Book Service Price: 7.16Michael Kwatera, OSBPaperback, 56 pp, Book Service Price: 5.36Grief MinistryThe Ministry of ServersThird EditionMichael Kwatersa, OSBPaperback, 48 pp, Book Service Price: 5.36Revised EditionTerence P. CurleyPaperback, 104 pp, Book Service Price: 7.16Page 8.

LITURGICAL MINISTRY SERIES(LITURGY TRAINING PUBLICATIONS)See Page 34 for Spanish editionsGUIDE FOR DEACONSGUIDE FOR SERVERS 2nd Edi onBob Puhala and Paul TurnerPaperback 6 X 9 96 pagesBook Service Price 1-9 copies 6.36Larger discount for 10 or moreAvailable in English and SpanishCorinna Laughlin, Paul Turner, Robert D. Shadduck,D. Todd WilliamsonPaperback 6 X 9 112 pagesBook Service price 1-2 copies 6.36Larger discount for 3 or more copiesAvailable in English and SpanishGUIDE FOR EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERSOF HOLY COMMUNION 2nd Edi onGUIDE FOR SACRISTANS 2nd Edi onCorinna Laughlin, Kenneth A. Riley, Paul TurnerPaperback 6 X 9 80 pagesBook Service Price 1-9 copies 4.76Larger discount for 10 or moreAvailsble in English and SpanishCorinna Laughlin and Paul TurnerPaperback 6 X 9 96 pagesBook Service price 1-2 copies 6.36Larger discount for 3 or more copiesGUIDE FOR USHERS AND GREETERSGUIDE FOR LECTORSKarie Ferrell and Paul TurnerPaperback 6 X 9 80 pagesBook service price 1-9 copies 4.76Larger discount for 10 or more copiesAvailable in English and SpanishVirginia Meacher and Paul TurnerPaperback 6 X 9 80 pagesBook Service Price 1-9 copies 4.76Larger discount for 10 or moreAvailable in English and SpanishGUIDE FOR LITURGY COMMITTEESGUIDE FOR MUSIC MINISTERS 2nd Edi onPaul Turner and Michael R. PrendergastPaperback 6 X 9 112 pagesBook Service price 1-2 copies 7.16Larger discount for 3 or more copiesAvailable in English and SpanishJennifer Kerr Breedlove and Paul TurnerPaperback 6 X 9 112 pagesBook Service price 1-2 copies 5.56Larger discount for 3 or more copiesAvailable in English and SpanishGUIDE FOR CANTORS, 2nd Edi onGUIDE FOR MINISTERS OFLITURGICAL ENVIRONMENTJennifer Kerr Breedlove and Paul TurnerPaperback 6 X 9 96 pagesBook Service price—1-9 copies 5.56Larger discount for 10 or more copiesAvailable in English and SpanishMary Patricia Storms and Paul TurnerPaperback 6 X 9 112 pagesBook service price 1-2 copies 6.36Larger discount for 10 or more copiesAvailable in English and SpanishPage 9.

The Word on the Street, Year ASunday Lectionary ReflectionsJohn W. MartinsIn The Word on the Street, John Martens bringsthe Bible to where people live: in the church, athome, at work, and in the broader world. ThisLectionary commentary for every Sunday of theliturgical year will help readers understand theBible in light of their daily lives, experiences, andchallenges, and help Sunday Mass preachersfind new ways to articulate God's work in theworld. (Lit Press)Paperback6X9152 PagesBook Service Price: 17.96The Daily Mass Readings 2020A Simple Reference GuideA handy pocket planner and resource for parish ministries!This portable booklet is a simple resource that anyone whofollows, needs, or prays with the daily Mass readings canuse every day from the First Sunday of Advent throughSaturday of the Last Week of Ordinary Time. (LTP).Saddle stitched4 1/8 X 7 1/248 pagesBook Service price: 2.40Sunday Prayer for Teens 2019-2020Kyle S. TurnerSunday Prayer for Teens provides a great way to support a teenager’s prayer life throughout the year in a cost-effective manner. Thisresource helps high school teens get into a habit of prayer byproviding the Sunday Gospel and a reflection directly linking theGospel message to teenage life. It includes materials for everySunday and Holyday of Obligation. (LTP)Saddlestitched4 1/8 X 7 1/264 pagesBook Service Price: (1-29 copies) 1.60 (30 or more) .80Page 10.

The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Gospels For Christian Preachers and TeachersOn Earth as it is in Heaven Year AJohn Shea, STDWith a goal of transcendent awareness, John Shea presents thiscommentary on the Sunday Gospel readings for those who are drawn to thespiritual wisdom of the Gospels. Ideal for Christian preachers and teachers, andChristians who meditate on the Gospels, Shea's book takes a literary-spiritualapproach. He analyzes the mindsets of characters and how Jesuscomplimented, critiqued, praised these mindsets, to inspire meditation,reflection, and spiritual development. On Earth as It Is in Heaven, Year A is thefirst book of a four-volume set, The Spiritual Wisdom of the Gospels forChristian Preachers and Teachers. This set is a Lectionary-based resource thatreferences both Roman Catholic and Revised Common Lectionaries, making ituseful and interesting to various Christian denominations.(Lit Press}Paperback6X9360 pagesBook Service Price: 26.96BETWEEN THE AMBO AND THE ALTARBiblical Preaching and the Roman Missal Year AGuerric DeBona, OSBThe publication of The Roman Missal, Third Edition offers an opportunity forhomilists to explore the relationship between the Sunday readings and the newRoman Missal. Between the Ambo and the Altar is the first book (Year A) in athree-volume series that presents scriptural, liturgical, and preaching commentaryfor Sundays, Solemnities, and feasts throughout the year. (Lit Press)Paperback 6 X 9 316 pagesBook Service price: 26.96RITES OF PASSAGEPreaching Baptisms, Weddings, and FuneralsGuerric DeBona, OSB, David Scotchie, and Francis L. AgnoliRites of Passage is a much-needed, practical homiletic resource for priestsand deacons who preach Christian baptisms, weddings, and funerals. Thethree authors, a religious priest, a diocesan priest, and a permanent deacon,draw from the scriptural and liturgical resources available to the preacher forthese three important ritual moments to suggest ways to build an effectivehomily. This book will serve as a helpful and engaging resource for priests anddeacons in parish life and as a blessing to the faithful. (Lit Press)Paperback6X9284 pagesBook Service Price: 26.96Page 11.

Workbook for Lectors, Gospel Readers, and Proclaimers of the Word 2020Elizabeth Nagel, SSL, SSD Elaine Park, SSL, STD Mary Pat HaleyWorkbook for Lectors, Gospel Readers, and Proclamers of the Word provide the ongoing instruction and advice that readers need. It assiststhem in preparing their assigned reading on specific occasions, andwhen they read the resource every week as a way of reflecting on andlearning about the Scriptures, it strengthens their proclamation skills anddeepens their spiritual lives. (LTP)Paperback1-4 copies 11.8 3/8 X 10 7/8304 pagesBook Service Price:5-9 copies 10.40 10 or more copies 9.75Also available in Spanish see page 33The Catholic Handbook forVisiting the Sick and Homebound 2020Mary McNulty, opThe Catholic Handbook for Visiting the Sick and Homebound 2020 isthe essential resource for lay ministers of care,especially extraordinaryministers of Holy Communion. This portable, annual resource hasbeen updated to include all the official rites a lay minister will need fromthe Book of Blessings and Pastoral Care of the sick; Rites of Anointingand Viaticum. (LTP)Paperback 6 X 9240 pagesBook Service Price: 7.20 each2-9 copies copies 5.6010 or more copies 4.00Also available in Spanish see page 33Sourcebook for Sundays, Seasons and Weekdays 2020The Almanac for Pastoral LiturgyCompilation of authors including:Ann Dickinson Degenhard, Christopher J. Ferraro,Timothy A,. Johnston, Erndy SilhavyFor over thirty years, Sourcebook for Sundays, Seasons andWeekdays has been a trusted resource for preparing the variousliturgies for the Church.This annual resource has beenre-envisioned,Re-organized, and re-designed to provide more concise and helpfulmaterial to those who prepare the liturgy, especially the Sunday Mass,“the source and summit of the Christian life.” (LTP)Paperback8 3/8 X 10 7/8416 pagesBook Service Price: 14.40Page 12.

The Catholic Planning Calendar 2020This 13-month tear-off planning calendar offers ample space forrecording your plans for each day of the year. Perfect for use as adesk blotter or hanging on the wall, this calendar includes manyCatholic and secular observances, liturgical colors, Holydays ofObligation, feast days, and much more.(LTP)Tear off 22 X 17 15 pagesBook Service Price: 13.56 for 1-4 copies; 5-9 copies 11.96Additional discounts available for larger quantitiesLiturgy and Appointment Calendar 2020This calendar helps you celebrate the liturgy each day! The calendar workslike a mini-ordo--each day includes the liturgical observance (i.e. FirstSunday of Advent, memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows, etc); the readings fromthe Daily Mass with citations from the Lectionary for Mass, the properliturgical colors, as well as the psalter for the Liturgy of the Hours. (LTP)Spiral, 8” X10” 128 pagesBook Service Price: single copy 12.80; 2 or more 11.20Year of Grace Liturgical Calendar 2020Tracy RodenbornCount the days and weeks of this liturgical year, reminded ofChrist’s instruc ons to go and make disciples, living the life of faithand service that he taught. The Year of Grace 2020 liturgical yearfollows the Sunday Year A cycle and the Weekday Year II cycle, beginning on December 1, 2019 (First Sunday of Advent) and endingon Saturday, November 29, 2020. (LTP) Also available in Spanish; see page 32. Descripción Español en la página 32.Book Service Prices:Notebook Size, 17” x 11”, paper, 25/packNotebook Size, 17” x 11”, laminatedPoster Size, 26” x 26”, paperPoster Size, 26” x 26”, laminatedPage 13. 10.40 3.20 6.40 12.80

Waiting in Joyful HopeDaily Reflections for Advent and Christmas 2019-20Daniel G. Groody, CSCPrepare spiritually for the coming of Christ withthis popular and inviting annual guide. Duringthe especially busy Advent and Christmasseasons, this book offers brief, down-to-earthreflections that bring prayer and Scripture intoeveryday life in a thought-provoking and lastingway. Through Fr. Daniel Groody's fresh andmeaningful reflections on Lectionary readingsfrom the weekday and Sunday Masses, readerswill grow in their understanding of the word ofGod. This book will help busy people achievetheir goal of enriching their prayer life during theseasons of Advent and Christmas. (Lit Press)Paperback , 4” X 5 1/4”, 104 pagesLarge Print Edition: 6” X 7 7/8”, 104 pagesBook Service Price: 1.80Book Service Price: 5.36Not By Bread AloneDaily Reflections for Lent 2020Michelle Franci-DonnayPrayerfully journey through Lent with ns on the daily Mass readings. In justminutes per day, the insightful meditationsof Not by Bread Alone can deepen your experience of this solemn season of prayer andpenance and prepare you to participate morefully in the joy of the great Easter mystery. (LitPress)Paperback4 X 5 1/4104 pagesBook Service Price: 1.80Large printPaperback6 X 6 7/8Book Service Price: 5.36Page 14.104 pages

Keeping the Seasons for Advent and Christmas 2019-2020Bilingual Print and Digital Resources for Your ParishEdrianne EzellThe core of the resource is the seven handouts, in Englishand in Spanish, one for each week ofAdvent andChristmas.On the front of each handout is a prayer, illustration, and a reflection on the Sunday Scripture.On the back iscatechesis for each weekday about the day’s scripture, saint,or Catholic practices, along with a smaller illustration.Citations for Scripture readings are included with each day.resource can be manipulated and reproduced for parish bulletins, worship aids, ora parish website! (LTP)Saddlestitched8 1/2 X 11 bilingual: English and SpanishBook Service Price: 24.00For Spanish description see page 32Keeping the Seasons for Lent and Easter 2020Bilingual Print and Digital Resources for Your ParishEdrianne EzellEvery parish wants to provide parishioners with richinspiring catechesis in attractive formats during LentEaster Time. Now you can do so economically withbeautifully illustrated and versatile reproducibles onresource's website.andandthetheThe core of the resource is the 16 handouts, in English and inSpanish, for Ash Wednesday and for each week of Lent andEaster Time. On the front of each handout is a prayer,illustration, and a reflection on the Sunday Scripture. On theback is catechesis for each weekday—about the day'sScripture, saint, or Catholic practices, along with a smallerillustration. Citations for Scripture readings are included witheach day. (LTP)Sadlestitched8 1/2 X 11 bilingual: English and SpanishBook Service Price: 36.00For Spanish see page 32Page 15.

Guide for Celebrating Holy Week and the TriduumCorinna Laughlin, Kristopher Seaman, Stephen PalancaHoly Week and the Sacred Paschal Triduum are the mostimportant days of the Catholic liturgical year and require carefuland collaborative preparation. Guide for Celebrating Holy Weekand the Triduum provides a detailed overview of the rubricssurrounding the various liturgies, rites, and devotions of this timeand addresses concerns surrounding multicultural communities,evangelization, and liturgical aesthetics. This practical resourcewill assist parish communities to enter the Paschal Mystery ofJesus’ life, Death, and Resurrection more deeply each year.(LTP)As part of the Preparing Parish Worship series, this book includes: Theological reflections on this sacred timeHistorical overview of the ritual development of Holy Week and TriduumAnswers to frequently asked questionsA glossary and suggestions for additional resourcesInspirational and informative quotations from Scripture and ChurchdocumentsPaperback8 3/8 X 10 7/8160 pagesBook Service price: 8.76Celebrating the Easter VigilRupert Berger and Hans Hollerweger, Editors; Matthew J. O'Connell, TranslatorThe revised Roman Calendar emphasizes the unity of theEaster Triduum (Holy Thursday evening to Easter Sundayevening) and considers the Easter Vigil to be the center of thethree-day commemoration. But more yet can be done on apastoral and liturgical level to make the Easter Vigil take rootin the life of the people and in the traditions and new customsof the Church. (Lit Press)Paperback5 1/2 X 8 1/2157 pagesBook Service Price:Was 12.95now 6.50Page 16

Preparing for the SacramentsBAPTISM IS A BEGINNING: Bilingual Reproduciblehandouts for Infant Baptism Preparation Saddle-stitched 8 1/2 X 11 96 pagesBook with CD—RomBook Service Price: 24.Guide for Celebrating First CommunionJo-Ann Metzdorff and Paul TurnerPaperback 6 X 9 128 PagesBook Service Price:1-2 copies— 7.16 Further discount for 3 or more copiesGuide for Celebrating ConfirmationPaul TurnerPaperback 6 X 9 96 pagesBook Service Price: 1-2 copies 7.96Further discount for 3 or more copiesGuide for Celebrating Christian Initiationwith ChildrenRita Burns Senseman, Victoria M. Tufano,Paul Turner, D. Todd WilliamsonPaperback 6 X 9 160 pagesBook Service Price: 1-2 copies 8.76Further discount for 3 or more copiesGuide for Celebrating Christian Initiationwith AdultsVictoria M. Tufano, Paul Turner,D. Todd WilliamsonPaperback 6 X 9 176 pagesBook Service price: 1-2 copies 9.56Further discount for 3 or more copiesGuide for Celebrating FuneralsJoseph DeGrocco; Bruce T. Morrill, SJ:H. Richard Rutherford, CSCPaperback 6 X 9 176 pagesBook Service Price: 1-2 Copies 7.96Further discount for 3 or more copiesPage 17

RCIAYear Round CatechumenateMary BirminghamIn this innovative book, Mary Birmingham encourages readers torethink the common model of a Christian initiation program basedon the school year. (LTP)Paperback6X9168 pagesBook Service Price: 13.56Guide for Sponsors, Fourth EditionRonald J. LewinskiThis best-selling book has been a practical and spiritually enrichingformational resource for years and is now newly updated! In addition tothe content users valued in the last three editions, this revised fourthedition now gives particular emphasis to the differences that existbetween sponsoring a candidate and sponsoring a catechumen. (LTP)Saddle-stitched6X980 pagesBook Service Price: 4.80Guide for Training Initiation MinistersAn Introduction to the RCIAMichael RuzickiThis practical guide provides parish leaders with the tools needed forfacilitating and training all those involved with the adult Christian initiationprocess. Designed as a companion to An Introduction to the RCIA: TheVision of Christian Initiation by Ronald J. Lewinski, the enclosed trainingsessions explore the vision, theology, and purpose of the Rite of ChristianInitiation of Adults in a lively, interactive, and faith-filled way. Supplementalresources are available for download online, and the enclosed DVDincludes thirteen videos that will deepen and enlighten participants’ understanding aboutthe RCIA process. (LTP)Book with disk 8 1/2 X 11 144 pagesBook Service Price: 47.96Page 18.

SIGNS AND SYMBOLS OF THE LITURGYMichael Ruzicki, Victoria M. Tufano, D. Todd Williamson, Terry NavarroCatholic Liturgy is a rich language composed of music,spoken word, silence, symbols, signs, postures,gestures, and ritual actions. Each of these elementsserves to open our hearts, minds, and bodies to thepresence of God, allowing us to deepen or participationin the mystery we celebrate. This resour

A Roman Missal Study Edition and Workbook This resource will aid priest celebrants in leading the congregation in full, active, and conscious participation during Mass. (LTP) 8 3/8 X 10 7/8 352 pages Book Service Price 24 shipping Learning the Chants of the Missal