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Trunnion MountedBall Valves

TABLE OF CONTENTSBONNEY FORGESIDE ENTRY TRUNNIONBALL VALVESSide entry ball valves are valves where the ballis assembled from the side part.The body construction comes in 2 or 3-piecesdepending on the size/class.The combination of trunnion mounted balls andunique spring-loaded upstream sealing, providesTOP ENTRY TRUNNIONBALL VALVESTop entry ball valves are valves where the ball isassembled from top side part.The top entry design enables maintenancekeeping the valve in service: the valve internalparts can be inspected and repaired withoutremoving the valve off the pipeline.ALTERNATIVEDESIGN SOLUTIONSA-6 HIGH-END ENGINEERING & MFGA-7B-1VALVE SEAT & GASKET MATERIALSELECTION GUIDEB-6bubble-tight shut-off and low operating torques,even at extremely high shut-off pressure.Side entry ball valves are the marked standardof ball valve types and should be the defaultchoice for general service.C-1C-6The top entry ball valves are used at an applicationthat require a minimal disassembly for in-linemaintenances such high pressure applicationthat require in-frequent maintenances or in caseof butt welding end.D-1D-2LIP-SEAL CONFIGURATIONEROSION SERVICE CONFIGURATIONCRYOGENIC CONFIGURATIONHIGH TEMPERATURECONFIGURATIONAVAILABLE OPTIONSFOR TRUNNIONMOUNTED BALL VALESE-1E-4PISTON EFFECT PRINCIPLESTEM EXTENSIONCRAWELD OVERLAYSEE SECTION E FOR OTHERAVAILABLE VALVE OPTIONSSECTION BA-5 CONFIDENCE IN STEEL FORGINGSECTION CA-4 TAKING QUALITY TO THE NEXT LEVELSECTION DA-3 COMPANY BACKGROUNDSECTION EA-2 THE COMPANY BEHIND THE BRANDSECTION AA-1 BFE AVAILABLE CATALOGUES

TRUNNION BALL VALVEDESCRIPTIONPRODUCT FEATURESThe trunnion ball valve is a form of quarter-turn valvewhich uses a hollow, perforated and fixed/supportedball to control flow through it.A trunnion mounted valve means that the ball is constrained by bearings and is only allowed to rotate, themajority of the hydraulic load is supported by the System constraints, resulting in low bearing pressure andno shaft fatigue. The line pressure drives the upstreamseat against the stationary ball so that the line pressureforces the upstream seat onto the ball causing it to seal.The mechanical anchoring of the ball absorbs the thrustfrom the line pressure, preventing excess friction between the ball and seats, so even at full rated working pressure operating torque remains low. This is particularlyadvantageous when the ball valve is actuated becauseit reduces the size of the actuator and hence the overallcosts of the valve actuation package.Advantages of trunnion ball design is the lower operating torque, ease of operation, minimized seat wear(Stem/ball isolation prevents side loading and wear ofdownstream seats improving performance and servicelife), superior sealing performance at both high and lowpressure (a separate spring mechanism and upstreamline pressure is used as the sealing against the stationaryball for low pressure and high pressure applications).The trunnion is available for all sizes and for all pressureclasses but they are not suitable for throttling purposes.PAGE SUBSECTION B INDEXSIDE ENTRYB-1 TRUNNIONBALL VALVESSIDE ENTRYB-2 TRUNNIONBALL VALVESSIDE ENTRYB-3 TRUNNIONBALL VALVESSIDE ENTRYB-4 TRUNNIONBALL VALVESStandard double block sealing performance.2. Full die forged structure for all pressure containing parts.3. Flanged valves are provided with flanged integralwith closure member.4. Standard primary gasket design is OR AED type,secondary emergency seal always provided for firesafe purpose.5. High quality stem gasket for reliable tightness and lowemission performance.6. Use of low seat-ball friction materials and surfacefinish for reliable sealing and long service life.7. Best-in-Class CV values.8. Standard split & bolted design for body-closureconnection.9. Low operation torque design.10. Static conduction spring is used as standard betweenthe stem and the ball (Antic-Static Device).11. Anti blow-out proof stem design.1.Applicable StandardsDESIGNAPI 6D - ASME B16.34 - ISO 17292 API 608INSPECTION & TESTING API 598P&ID SYMBOLMARKINGMSS SP-25RATINGASME B16.34With possible derating for hightemperature based on seat material.FUGITIVE EMISSIONISO 15848PAGE SUBSECTION C INDEX150 CLASS300FULL BORE150 CLASS300REDUCED BORE600 CLASS900FULL BORE600 CLASS900REDUCED BORESIDE ENTRYB-5 TRUNNIONBALL VALVES1500 CLASS2500SIDE ENTRYB-6 TRUNNIONBALL VALVES1500 CLASS2500FULL BOREREDUCED BORETOP ENTRYC-1 TRUNNIONBALL VALVESTOP ENTRYC-2 TRUNNIONBALL VALVESTOP ENTRYC-3 TRUNNIONBALL VALVESTOP ENTRYC-4 TRUNNIONBALL VALVES150 CLASS300FULL BORE150 CLASS300REDUCED BORE600 CLASS900FULL BORE600 CLASS900REDUCED BORETOP ENTRYC-5 TRUNNIONBALL VALVES1500 CLASS2500TOP ENTRYC-6 TRUNNIONBALL VALVES1500 CLASS2500FULL BOREREDUCED BORE

BFE AVAILABLE CATALOGUESBFE - BONNEY FORGE:VALVE PRODUCTS FOR EVERY INDUSTRY INFRASTRUCTUREBFE is proud to offer the widest variety of high-quality products and unmatched services.Search our catalogs, search for a product, or contact us for help with your order.A-1Forged ValvesForged Pressure Seal ValvesCast Steel ValvesTrunnion Mounted Ball ValvesForged Floating Ball ValvesDouble Block & Bleed ValvesAPI 6A Valves

THE COMPANY BEHIND THE BRANDBFE: EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISEAT YOUR SERVICEMore than 50 years of experience, expertise and know how strengthenBFE’s leadership in the production and commercialization of valves forfor oil and gas, mining industry, petrochemical, power generation andutilities. This solid and dynamic business strategy allows BFE to identifyand provide solutions to meet specific needs, and aims to achievecomplete customer satisfaction which today turns out to be of greatvalue.BONNEY FORGE: THE NAME YOU TRUSTFOR FORGED STEEL VALVESBonney Forge’s forged steel valves and piping components have led theway for over eighty years in state-of-the-art design and dependableperformance. It is qualities like these, combined with a customer-drivenculture, that maintains Bonney Forge’s leadership position within theindustry for exceeding customer expectations. Our goal is to makeBonney Forge your number one world-wide choice for forged valves.BFE is specialized in the production of industrial valves for use inoil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, power, onshore and offshoreindustries. BFE has two main division: Albano Sant’Alessandro - BG - Italy: The management sales andoperative offices are located here, as well as the machining,assembly and final testing workshop for forged valves Bosisio Parini - LC - Italy: The main components for forgedvalves are forged and represent BFE’s first basic factor ofglobal quality, seeing that the entire manufacturing processis controlled and guaranteed by the Company Quality System.OUR MISSIONTo be, today and in the future, the recognized leader in our industry,marketing and manufacturing forged steel valves, cast steel valves,forged fittings, branch connections and other related productsto satisfy our customer’s expectations.To be cost effective through Total Quality performance of theseoperations, and thus provide the resources required to support ourcommitment to improve our products, processes and customer service.To be a law abiding corporate citizen respecting the rights ofindividuals, contributing to the needs of the community and conservingthe state of the environment.Bonney Forge is an industry leader in marketing and manufacturingforged steel fittings and unions, branch connections, forged steelvalves, cast steel valves and specialty products.For more than a century, Bonney Forge has achieved manufacturingexcellence through the detailed attention to customer’s needs andproducing consistently superior flow control products. Today, theBonney Forge name is synonymous with quality that exceeds allindustry standards.OUR CREED Continuouslyimproving quality, processes and customer service.delays, errors and defects in materials and workmanship. Providing customers with access to statistical evidence that quality isincorporated in our products and production processes. Requiring suppliers to provide statistical evidence of qualityin products and process capabilities. Sharing with the organization the cost of poor qualityin products and services. Driving out fear and bringing problems to light for all to see. Working together to address specific problemsand establish goals and solutions as a team. Controlling manufacturing processes which determinethe final cost and quality of our products. Removing barriers which stand between employees and their pride ofworkmanship, and implementing ongoing training,supervision and employee development programs. Good housekeeping, which reflects on the company,its operating philosophy and our people. EliminatingWFI International, a Bonney Forge Company, is a leadingmanufacturer of ferrous and non-ferrous branch connection fittings,specialty flanges, and seamless fittings for use in piping systems andon pressure vessels. WFI and Bonney Forge are the world’s leadingmanufacturers of integrally reinforced branch connection fittings.Bonney Forge acquired RP&C Valve in 2004. RP&C traces its’origin back to 1878 with the Steam Boiler Appliance Company.RP&C products consist of Forged Steel Valves used in the chemicalprocessing, pulp and paper, petroleum, power, and residential andcommercial construction markets.A-2

COMPANYCOMPANY BACKGROUNDBACKGROUNDBONNEY FORGECORPORATION ACQUIRES BFE2013Bonney Forge Corporation has expanded its global footprint in manufacturing industrialvalves and fittings by completing the purchase of BFE. As one of the world’s leadingmanufacturers of forged steel valves, cast steel valves, forged steel fittings, unions andbranch connections, our commitment to excellence in producing the highest qualityproducts makes this acquisition a significant alliance in the international market.ENHANCED APPROACHES TO ENVIRONMENTALAND ECOLOGICAL MANAGEMENTSECURING OUR GLOBALPRESENCE BY INVESTINGIN OURSELVES.2004As well as guaranteeing maximum functionality, all valves made by B.F.E.S.p.A. fully comply with international and EU norms to reduce atmosphericpollution and leakage also under critical conditions such as high pressures,temperatures and the presence of aggressive products, etc.DYNAMISM, INNOVATION AND GROWTH1996A significant year for B.F.E. S.p.A. Bonney Forge Valve Licenseeas Acciaierie Valbruna di Vicenza, one of the world’slargest steel companies, comes in as controlling shareholder.The US-based Bonney Forge Corporation continues tomaintain its position as a shareholder and licensor.BONNEY FORGE EUROPEBECOMES B.F.E. S.P.A.1987In 1987 the current B.F.E. S.p.A. Bonney Forge ValveLicensee is created: the company was acquired fromBonney Forge Corporation; however the latter remainsa shareholder and licensor.1966BONNEY FORGEEUROPE IS FOUNDEDDecember 1966. Bonney Forge Europe S.p.A. isofficially incorporated. The Firm continues to operatemainly in energy production and the petrolchemicalindustry. In order to meet increasingly sophisticated andcomplex market demands, Bonney Forge Europe buys aproduction plant exclusively dedicated to forging.1955FIRST DAYS, A PROMISEOF QUALITY AND COMMITMENTForged valves production first started as long ago as 1955in a converted warehouse in Albano S. Alessandrooriginally built as a barn. The production was the responsibility of fourpeople but in just a few years there were thirty on the payroll - thanks toa policy of steadfast commitment and the winning of a series of importantorders from Italy’s fast growing chemical and petrolchemical industries.A-3

TAKING QUALITY TO THE NEXT LEVELENGINEERING IN A QUALITYDRIVEN MARKETOur extensive, uncompromising, company-wide qualitycontrol system carefully monitors our manufacturing processesto assure a product that performs to the highest industrystandards.Quality assurance procedures include 100% hydrostaticand pneumatic testing of all valves in full conformance toapplicable API standards and industry codes.QUALITY THAT YOU CAN COUNT ONBFE products are manufactured and tested in strict accordanceto ASTM, ASME, ANSI, API and other applicable industrycodes and specifications.Chemical and mechanical properties of all Bonney Forgeproducts are fully traceable to the original forging lot and rawmaterial heat. Requirements of the market are in a state ofconstant evolution, and customers’ quality needs are met andexceeded by the complete business process.THE ASSURANCE YOU NEEDIt is our policy to supply only quality products that conform fully to customer and statutory or regulatory requirementsincluding codes and standards. To help meet our objective we operate an exacting quality control system, which has beenaudited and assessed by numerous customers and external authorities for compliance with all merket standards.BV Mode IIMarine ApprovalAD2000 WOLloyd’s RegisterMarine ApprovalTA LUFTRP 591CU TR-032FIRE SAFECU TR-012OHSAS 18001CU TR-010ATEX PEDISO 14001ISO 9001 ACHILLES API 6A API 622API 6DAPI 624API 602SIL 3A-4

CONFIDENCE IN STEEL FORGINGWHY FORGINGS?Forging offers uniformity of composition and structure. Forging results in metallurgicalrecrystalisation and grain refinement as a result of the thermal cycle and deformation process.This strengthens the resulting steel product particularly in terms of impact and shear strength.Forged steel is generally stronger and more reliable than castings and plate steel due to the factthat the grain flows of the steel are altered, conforming to the shape of the part.WHAT YOU GAIN WHEN YOU SELECT OUR FORGINGS Dimensional uniformity and close dimensional tolerances. The nature of forging excludes the occurence of porosity,shrinkage, cavities and cold pour issues. High Strength. The tight grain structure of forgings making it mechanically Tougher than alternatives.strong. Better response to heat treatment than alternatives. The tight grain structure offers great wear resistance. Will handle impact better than alternatives.IN-HOUSE FORGING PRODUCTIONThanks to constant search of efficient solutions the plant has the most modern forgingproduction built on basis of semi-automatic and continuous forging line.High quality of forging is provided by the modern production accessories of theplant and usage of software for modeling the process of forging.HIGHEST POSSIBLE MATERIAL QUALITYBFE uses only high-quality materials inspected & tested toInternational Standards and utilizes advanced manufacturingtechnology with special emphasis on safety, quality, andlong service life of our products, to ensure that our clientsreceive the “best in class” products available from us at acompetitive price and delivered on time.CHALLENGING MATERIALSFOR THE MOST CRITICALAPPLICATIONSForging material has increased strengthunder maximum rated operationpressure compared with cast. Otherforging properties include greaterimpact resistance, resistance tofatigue cracking, particularlywhen cycling at either high orcryogenic temperature.A-5

HIGH-END ENGINEERING & MFGUNIQUE EXPERTISE FOR VALVE ENGINEERINGBFE offers extensive expertise in the design that provide the advantage of sophisticated productdevelopment with fast and cost-effective manufacturing capabilities.Our approach ensures that you receive the lowest cost, and highest efficiency solution with aquick turn-around.Bonney Forge represent decades of design experience across all market sectors. Using thelatest software and design technologies, our Engineering can take your requirements anddevelop a specific custom solution.BFE Engineering Department operates state of the art design tools with last generation solidmodeling, linear and non linear finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamicanalysis.FMEA and FMECA tools tools are used to used to minimize the development risks andincrease product reliability during the development of new products.PRODUCTION CAPABILITIESTHAT MEET YOUR DEMANDSBFE is an integrated supplier with in-house forging, machiningand assembly-test operations.Continuous investment in computerized systems andintegrated machining centres ensure the highest level ofcomponent repeatability, high volume capabilities withuncompromising quality.BFE experience in managing the completeproduction process for complex and highlyvariable requirements benefits our customersby achieving a high rate of on-time deliveryand the ability to meet some of the mostdemanding fast track shipments.Combined with unlimited local qualifiedthird party capabilities,BFE production system is constantlyexpanding to handle steady growthrates and complex customerrequirements.A-6

VALVE SEAT & GASKET MATERIAL SELECTION GUIDEChoosing the right seat material is the most important decision in ball valve selection. Use the Pressure/Temperature ratingchart for the most common seat materials and ask us in case of special material or applications.HOW TO USE THIS CHART Please note that the ratings are referred to the valve seats. Do not use these ratings for the valve class selections. All rating charts have been provided for non-shock fluid service. The choice of the seat material is limited by characteristics of the service fluid, working pressures, fluid velocity, andoperational frequency of the valve. Choosing the right seat material is the most important decision in ball valve selection.Use the pressure/temperature rating charts for the most common seat materials and ask us in case of specialmaterial or applications. The BFE SEAL CODE (3 digits) is designed to cover essential features of BFE seats and gasket material, the code ismarked on the valve name plate in order to allow customers to easily identify the internal soft material.DIGIT-1 – INSERT SEAT MATERIALDIGIT-2 – EMERGENCY BODY SEALExample: SEAL CODE “RGR”:DIGIT-3 – FIRST BODY SEALINSERT SEAT MATERIAL RPTFE CARBO-GRAPHITEERGENCY BODY SEAL GRAPHITEFIRST BODY SEAL RPTFE CARBO-GRAPHITETRUNNION BALL VALVES - PRESSURE/TEMPERATURERATING CHART OF SEAT MATERIALS504238PRESSURE [MPa]PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FOLLOWING RATINGS ARE REFERRED TO THE VALVE SEATS.DO NOT USE THIS RATINGS FOR THE VALVE CLASS SELECTION.4634R - RPTFE CARBON-GRAPHITE30D - DEVLON V2622P - PEEK18K - KEL-F141062025020015010050– 0 50100150TEMPER ATURE[ C]A-7200250300

VALVE SEAT & GASKET MATERIAL SELECTION GUIDEThe following table shows the most used materials, their characteristics, application (seat or gasket) and the BFE ID.SEAL MATERIALMATERIALS CHARACTERISTICSBFESYMBOLAVAILABLEMATERIAL FORSEATAVAILABLEMATERIAL FORGASKETBFE SEAL CODE DIGIT 1BFE SEAL CODE DIGIT 2/3VIRGIN PTFEPolytetrafluoroethylene is a Fluorocarbon-based polymer. This seating material has excellentchemical resistance and low coefficient of friction. PTFE is non-contaminating and accepted by FDAfor use in food services. Not recommended for liquid alkalis and fluorine.MYESYESRPTFE 25%CARBON-GRAPHITEPTFE’s mechanical properties are enhanced by adding percentage of filler material to provideimproved strength, stability and wear resistance.RYESYESRPTFE 25%GLASS25% Glass Filled PTFE (Reinforced Polytetrafluoroethylene) is similar

TRUNNION BALL VALVE DESCRIPTION PRODUCT FEATURES The trunnion ball valve is a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a hollow, perforated and fixed/supported ball to control flow through it. A trunnion mounted valve means that the ball is con-strained by bearings and is only allowed to rotate, the majority of the hydraulic load is supported by .

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6A and API 6D Trunnion Mounted ball Valves. The company is driven by constant innovation to increase its existing range of products. Apart from being one of the leading suppliers of TMBV, Valbart is also recognized for its production of Trunnion Mounted Control Ball Valves, Cryogenic Valves, Twin Ball Double

Trunnion Mounted Ball The standard design of Böhmer ball valves provides a trunnion mounted ball for the nominal sizes 3 inch and higher. The maintenance-free bearings for stem and trunnion are self-lubricating, thus ensuring a lower torque especially for high pressure ratings. Anti-Static Device The ball valve design includes an electric .

MIR Valves - API 6D Pipeline Ball Valves, 2”-60” Side Entry Ball Valves Top Entry Ball Valves Fully Welded Ball Valves Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves AST – Control Valves & Safety Relief Valves, Italy S

Apr 02, 2002 · PBV 5700 Series 6700 Series 6800 Series Trunnion Supported Ball Valves API 6D Classes 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 and 2500. Sizes: 2" - 56" Firesafe Design For Petroleum, Chemical and Gas Pipeline Applications. Their Options Are Our Standards Trunnion Supported Ball Valves A Zy-Tech Global Industries Product Zy-Tech GlobalInd.,Inc.File Size: 462KBPage Count: 15

Ball valves have been used in pipelines carrying water for more than 50 years. Manufacturers of ball valves have developed ball valves using metal-to-metal seats and also metal-to-resilient seats. This standard covers only full-ported ball valves of the shaft- or trunnion-supported type. Generally, the valves are installed in

Metso's Neles series X is a trunnion modular ball valve. Neles X series valves incorporate robust stem to ball connection. This assures valves are delivering solid long lasting performance in high cycle isolation and control applications. Application based seat selection assures valves are capable of delivering long lasting tightness even in most

through Korean language classes, Korean weekend schools, Korean churches, and a university, as well as through personal acquaintances. Pseudonyms are used to protect participants’ privacy. The study utilized data collected through interviews and derived from a questionnaire. To obtain a broad perspective, seven Korean-American high school students were interviewed. All respondents were .