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Cessna 182 ChecklistPREFLIGHTCABINReview Aircraft Maintenance Status SheetParking BrakeOffControl LockRemoveCertificates, POH, & Wt & BalCheckAvionicsAll OffE.L.T.Check OffBattery SwitchOnFuel IndicatorsCheckLightsCheckFlapsDownAll SwitchesOffLEFT WINGFuel SumpFlapAileronWing TipPosition LightsLeading EdgeFuel VentStall WarningPitot TubeFuel TankTire, Gear, Brake Pads, & rCheck QuantityCheck

NOSEStatic PortWindshieldEngine Intake Air FilterProp and SpinnerNose Gear and TireLanding LightEngine CompartmentEngine CowlingOil Level (Max 12 Qts)Fuel in. 9 QtsPull 2-3 secondsRIGHT WINGFuel TankTire, Gear, and Brake LinesLeading EdgeWing TipPosition LightAileronFlapFuel SumpCheck AGEVertical StabilizerHorizontal StabilizerElevatorTrim TabRudderBeacon/Position LightsBaggage ve

Passenger BriefPIC DutyPositive Exchange of ControlsEmergency ProceduresFire Extinguisher/ELT OperationSeatbelts/Door OperationScanning For TrafficSterile CockpitAny Questions?STARTSeatsLockedSeat Belts & Shoulder HarnessesFastenedDoors/WindowsSecureBrakesSetFuel SelectorBothCowl FlapsOpenMixtureRichCarb HeatColdThrottleOpen FullPrime (Hot/Plugged In): 1, Cold 2-3)Throttle1/4" OpenBattery/Alternator SwitchOnLights (Nav ON @ Night Only)Beacon ONProp Area(Look & Yell)ClearMagnetosSTARTOil PressureGreen w/in 30 secThrottle1000 RPMFlapsUpMixture(Max Lean)Lean for TaxiEngine InstrumentsCheckAvionics MasterOnTransponder (1200 VFR)Code & STBYHeading IndicatorSet to CompassArtificial HorizonSet Level AttitudeAltimeter (Listen to Atis)Set Baro

BEFORE TAKEOFF(In the Run-UP Area)BrakesRadios (Change To Tower)Flight InstrumentsEngine InstrumentsFlight ControlsElevator TrimMixturePrimerThrottlePropeller GovernorSuctionCarb Heat (50-100 rpm drop)Magnetos (125 rpm max)AmmeterThrottle (Idle - Verify Running)Throttle Friction LockLightsTransponderDeparture BriefSetSetCheckCheckFree and CorrectNeutralFull RichIn And Locked1,700 RPMCycle - 1200 RPM4.6-5.4" HgCheck DropCheck Drops0 or Positive1000 RPMAs DesiredLdg & Strobes ONALTReviewCRUISEFlapsPower(2300 RPM - 21" MP)Mixture (Max Lean)Cowl FlapsLightsFuel LevelEngine InstrumentsAirspeedsVso 45Va 111Vr 50Best Glide 70Max CrosswindUpSet For CruiseLeanClosedLdg OFFMonitorMonitor(Knots)Vs1 48Vfe 140 - 10Vno 143Vne 179Vx 54Vy 78Final Apr 65-7015 Kts Normal Climb 85-95

BEFORE LANDINGDestination WX (Atis or Awos)Arival Area Information10 Mile Radio CallFuel SelectorMixturePrimerLightsDecent PowerTraffic Pattern Altitude @ 3SMCarb Heat (Below 15"MP)Flaps (In The Traffic Pattern)Propeller Full ForwardObtainBriefTower/CTAFBothFull RichIn And LockedLdg ON17" MP800'-1,000' AGLOnAs NeededOn FinalAFTER LANDINGCowl FlapsFlapsMixture(Max Lean)Carb HeatLightsElevator TrimTransponderOpenUpLeanOffLdg OffNeutralSTBYSHUTDOWNAvionics ol LockHobbs and Tach TimesChocks/TiedownsCLOSE YOUR FLIGHT PLANOffAll OffIdle CutoffOffOffInsertRecordSecureDone

EMERGENCIESENGINE FIRE ON GROUNDStarterMixtureThrottleMagnetosKeep TurningIdle CutoffFull OpenOffENGINE FIRE IN FLIGHTThrottleBegin Emergency DescentCabin HeatLand As Soon As PracticableIdle140 KtsOffENGINE FAILURE IN FLIGHTBest GlideEmergency Landing SpotFuel SelectorMixtureCarb HeatThrottlePrimerMagnetos70 KtsProceedOnRichOnAdjustIn And LockedCycleIF ENGINE DOES NOT STARTTransponderEmergency Radio CallFuel SelectorMixtureThrottleMagnetosSeat Belts/Shoulder HarnessesDoorsFlapsBattery & Alternator7700121.5OffIdle CutoffClosedOffFastenedUnlatchedDownOff

Certificates, POH, & Wt & Bal Check Avionics All Off E.L.T. Check Off Battery Switch On Fuel Indicators Check Lights Check Flaps Down All Switches Off LEFT WING Fuel Sump Strain . Cessna 182 Checklist. NOSE Static Port Clear Windshield Check Engine Intake Air Filter Clear Prop and Spinner Check Nose Gear and Tire Check

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Applicants for a combined private pilot certificate with instrument rating, in accordance with 14 CFR part 61, section 61(a) .65and (g), must pass all areas designated in the Private Pilot PTS and the Instrument Rating PTS. Examiners need not duplicate tasks. For example, only one preflight demonstration would be required; however, the Preflight

Health and Safety Advice for Painters & Decorators 74540-CITB-Book PAINTERS & DECORATORS.indd 1 29/07/2010 07:59. 2010-07-29T08:46:41 01:00 You can find out which Preflight settings were used by using the Preflight plug-in in the relevant Report file.

This guide describes how to use the Perceive – Process – Perform risk management framework as a guide for your preflight weather planning and in-flight weather decision-making. The basic steps are: --Perceive weather hazards that could adversely affect your flight. --Process this information to determine whether the hazards create risk .

6/4/12 jdb Preflight 6/07/12 ta [New Job] 81693-118089 Drft01 12/21/16 ew PDF Drft01 12/29/16 ew Drft02 2/6/17 ew PDF Drft02 2/7/17 ew Drft03 2/23/17 ew PDF Drft03 2/24/17 ew Preflight 3/7/17 ew Overview The GRE General Test measures verbal

obtained prior to the Federal Aviation Administration contracting out those services. The data show that more calls were made on days of bad weather than on days of good and typical weather within the vicinity serviced by the AFSS. Approximately 78% of the pilots requested a preflight briefing (they requested a standard weather

DOT/FAA/AM-11/5 4. Title and Subtitle 5. Report Date Testing Web-Based Preflight Weather Self-Briefing for April 2011 General Aviation Pilots 6. Performing Organization Code 7. Author(s) 8. Performing Organization Report No. Knecht WR 9. Performing Organization Name and Address 10. Work Unit No. (TRAIS) 11.

Familiarize student with the privileges, obligations and responsibilities of a private pilot. Introduce student to the airplane and preflight and postflight procedures, use of checklists and safety precautions. Familiarize student with the effect and use of flight controls, practice area and local airport. DISCUSSION / REVIEW

PRIVATE PILOT SYLLABUS STAGE I FLIGHT LESSON 1 Dual-Local (0.5) LESSON OBJECTIVES: Become familiar with the training airplane and its systems. Learn about certificate, documents, and checklists. Understand how to conduct the necessary preflight activities.