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IvIl,GMOM%nEV.G.CLVOFFgFúa ESTATEOFIEBroadcasting ii Aug 23THE SERIES THATARRESTS COMPETITIONINALL KEY DEMOGRAPHICSogL7*MEN 18 -49WOMEN 18 2625CHiPsABCCHIPSCBSCBS1977 -82 AVERAGENETWORK SHARES (%)Source. NTI Original Telecast Seasons.1977 -1962. Shares based onnet work viewing onlyABC'TitleEntertainmentCo.Television Distributioninsyndication "CHiPs Petrol"

MAKE OUR TALDr. Irene KassorlaMichael JacksonABC TalkRadio makes your station the hon

f the biggest talk talent in the business.tIk is what's happening in radio today.And with ABC TalkRadio, the top- rated, nationallyacclaimed stars of talk radio are on your station. Onthe phones with people in your market. Building youraudience with their proven ability to turn hostingphone calls into engaging entertainment. Personal.Provocative. Helpful. Informative. Radio personalitiesworth talking to and about.There's Owen Spann. His "take charge" stylecaptivates listeners. Whether he's interviewing aworld leader or a local celebrity, his imaginative wit isa sure audience builder.And Dr. Irene Kassorla, leading psychologist,best-selling author, and one of the country's mostinfluential women. Her insight and expertise has 'llMried her the respect of colleagues and celebritiesthe world over.Michael Jackson, a talk radio giant. He knowseverybody worth knowing and interviews them witha.Qrovocative and entertaining style.Then there's Dr. Toni Grant -the originalradio psychologist. Brilliant. Eloquent. With a nationalreputation as an expert in human behavior -and anextensive following.And Ira Fistell -the "human encyclopedia"His phenomenal store of knowledge on every possiblesubject from sports to philosophy and his conversational ease build nighttime audiences.And finally Ray Briem, the "king of all -nightradio." He brings the world to his listeners, keepsthem in touch. Provocative, controversial, and entertaining, Ray attracts one of the largest overnightaudiences in the history of radio.They're all there -on your station -buildingyour audience with the most powerful talk format inradio!Here's the state -of-the -art in talk radiotwelve hours of satellite transmissions that sound likethey emanate from your station! You get up to 13 1/2minutes of local spots and many local station ID's perhour! That means each and every minute sounds likeit's your programming! There are also windows in theformat for local and any network's news. Everything istailored by ABC to make sure that our TalkRadio isyour talk radio.To find out how to make our talk your talk,call Bob Chaisson at (212) 887-5939 or Bob Chambersat (212) 887-5351.-v7v ,zvTHESE STATIONS HAVE ALREADY MADE OUR TALK THEIR RKansas CityNew YorkCharlotteColorado SpringsGrand RapidsHonoluluSee usWTWNKGUNorfolkPittsburghPortland, acramentoSaginawSan FranciscoSanta BarbaraWEANWSAYKGNRWSGWKGO -FMKTMSSpokaneSt, PaulSt. PetersburgTucsonTulsaWest Palm BeachKSPOKSTPWNSIKNSTKELIWJNOat the NAB Programming Conference at the Hyatt Regency, Suite 2629. And at the NRBA, MGM Grand, Suite 1434A.

Are You Looking For Programming.that will impact on 38,000,000 households?(1out of every 2 homes)that is "EVERGREEN" in content.fresh, timely and flexible?produced in a unique "How -To" format?The answer is the 13 half -hour program series.JOY OF GARDENINGThe gardening season starts the week after Christmas, with thedelivery of the Seed Catalogs!Gardeners are notoriously hungry for any advice.to learn newtechniques and exchange information!Home Gardening ranks #5 in popular use of leisure time.ahead ofwatching Pro Sports on TV!How American HouseholdsSpent Leisure Time in 1981:HouseholdActivityPercentagesNumber ofHouseholdsWatching TelevisionListening to MusicSewing/NeedlepointGoing to the ,000Vegetable GardeningPleasure Trips in CarsWatching Pro Sports shing4039From a Gallup Survey conducted for Gardens For All, The Nat'l Assoc. for Gardening.JOY OF GARDENING features Master GardenerDick Raymond, America's foremost home gardening expert and teacher. Dick Raymond can showanyone, anywhere, how to turn any patch of groundinto a lush vegetable garden. His methods solvegardening problems in all regions of the country.with practice, not theory."I want to make gardening as fun, easy andsuccessful as I can for the backyard gardener."JOY OF GARDENING is now available on a barter basis. Get a head start for the exclusive edge inyour market.call JOHN POST at 1-800-833-6990 or 518-235-6302 for the complete Information Kit.Garden Way Marketing Associates20 Gurley Avenue, Troy, NY 12182

Vol. 103No. 6CBroadcasting wAug 23Sol Taishoff: 1904 -1982Fritts begins to pour oil on troubled NAB watersCongress combines communications bills Sour notefor beautiful music AT&T- Justice -Greene close to an agreementSOL TAISHOFF 1904.1982 O Editor ofBROADCASTING dies at 77, 50 years and 10 monthsGannett and Telepictures planG/T NEWSCOPE'news /information half -hour program to be usedbefore local evening newscasts. PAGE 49.after co- founding magazine. PAGE 27. Texts ofeulogies. PAGE 29. His career recalled in pictures.PAGE 30. Industry leaders pay tributes. PAGE 34.Former BrooklynDodgers are brought together by Manhattan Specialto push new sugar -free, coffee soda. PAGE 51.THE BOYS OF EBBETS FIELDIn flurry of activity, Congressmelds three communications bills togetheraddressing FCC lottery, NTIA funding and setmanufacturers performance standards. PAGE 36.AUGUST RUSHBeautiful music format that wasrage few years ago has seen drop -off in popularityas diary collections change and younger listenersmove to country and adult contemporary stations.CHANGE IN TUNEFormer Hill & KnowltonTIMEBANK FALLOUTexecutive Robert Gray, close friend of the President,PAGE 52.NFL Players AssociationPIGSKIN POSSIBILITIESand Turner Broadcasting announce all -star footballleague games TBS will televise in the event there isa players' strike. PAGE 53.files suit against JWT Group for alleged violations ofsecurities law. PAGE 37.HDTV PLEACBS repeats position before FCC that12 ghz band for DBS would be excellent place toput HDTV. PAGE 38.RADIO PROGRAMERS GO MARCHING INNewOrleans will host NAB's fifth Radio ProgramingConference next week. PAGE 54.Broadcasting industry calls for oneSINGLE RULEset of standards for radiation emissions incomments before the FCC to prevent multiplicity offederal, state and local guidelines. PAGE 40.Time Inc. announces plan tolaunch cable version of TV Guide. PAGE 54.TIME'S GUIDEBell and Justice near agreementwith Judge Greene on modifications to consentdecree . Keyfax teletext magazine service tocable homes set for November launch by Keycomand SSS . TeleConcepts announces nationwidepress conference service using videoconferencinginside BROADCASTING'S "Information Age:'FUTURE IS NOWNAB President -elect Fritts saysOLIVE BRANCHhe will meet with TV group owners to sootheconcerns and assure their voices will be heard.PAGE 44.BIRD QUIBBLESSatellite panel at Denverconference hears two sides to question of whethertransponder glut now exists. PAGE 45.,PAGE 56.Michael Fuchs, HBO'spremiere programer, sees his service as providingmore than "another window for what's availableelsewhere:' PAGE 79.IN THE RIGHT PLACECBS news anchor Dan Rather receivesphone call from President Reagan after first feed ofstory on Taiwan. PAGE a8.CALL UPINDEX TO DEPARTMENTSAdvertising & Marketing. 51Business Briefly10Cablecastings9Changing Hands46Closed Circuit7DatebookEditorialsFates & FortunesFifth EstaterFor the Record1882757957BriefInformation AgeJournalismLaw & RegulationInThe Media8056483644Monday MemoOpen MikeProgramingStock IndexTechnology1422525038Broadcasting (ISSN 0007 -2028) is published 51 Mondays a year (combined issue at yearend) by Broadcasting Publications Inc. 1735 DeSales Street, N.W. Washington, D.C.20036. Second -class postage paid at Washington. D.C., and additional offices. Single issue 51.75 except special issues 2.50 (50th Anniversary issue S10). Subscriptions. U.S.and possessions: one year 55. two years S105, three years 150. Canadian and other international subscribers add 20 per year. U.S. and possessions add 170 yearly forspecial delivery. 100 for first-class. Subscriber's occupation required. Annually: Broadcasting O Cablecaating Yearbook 65. Across the Dial 3.95. Microfilm of Broadcasting isavailable from University Microfilms, 300 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48106 (35mm, full year 35). Microfiche of Broadcasting is available from Bell 8 Howell, Micro PhotoDivision, Old Mansfield Road, Wooster, Ohm 44691 (S27.50 /yr.). Postmaster please send address corrections to Broadcasting, 1735 DeSales St., NW. Washington, D.C. 20036.ABC Radio Divisions 19ABC Talkradio Inside Front Cover /Page 317 AT &T Inside Back Cover O Blackburn & Co. 46 O Broadcast ElectronicsBureau Inc. 18 0 Broadcast Industry Revenue Reporting Committee 6 o Burkhart /Abrams/Michaels /Douglas 530 Columbia Pictures Television 15Comworld International 16.17 0 Continental Electronics 57 0 Dataworld 51 O DrakeChenault 10 o First Com Broadcast Services 35GGP Sports 41 0Garden Way Marketing Services 4Harris Corp., Broadcast Products Div. 39 O Ted Hepburn Co. 47 0 Jameson Broadcast Inc. 11Kaman Sciences Corp. 9 0 LeParcHotel 75 0 MGM /UA Entertainment Co. Front Cover 0 Metromedia 13Midwest Communications Inc. 23 O NBC Radio 26NEC America Inc. Back CoverNationalFederation of Independent Business 530 National Radio Broadcasters Association 360 Richter- O'Grady Co. 20 Satellite Music Network 42 -43 0 Howard E. Stark 12 0Storer Broadcasting Co. 24 -25D.L. Tanner Syndication Sales 45 0 William B. Tanner 77 0INDEX TO ADVERTISERS490 Broadcast Information-

What do theNAB, RAB, NRBA and BFMhave in common?Your best interests.Want to know your station's shareof market revenues? Make salesprojections? Track industrytrends? Buy or sell a station?Revenue information is a criticalmanagement tool for all broadcastexecutives. Now that the FCC haseliminated Financial Reporting Form324 how will you get that information?Filling the information gap. Fourassociations have formed the Broadcasting Industry Revenue ReportingCommittee to collect on an annualbasis revenue data from all commercialradio and television stations. But yourparticipation is needed.Confidential. To guarantee total confidentiality of all surveys, the independent accounting firm of Deloitte Haskins& Sells will collect and analyze all data.Information identifying your stationwill be destroyed and the Committeewill never have access to any individualstation's report.Free. The Committee organizationsare sharing the total expense of thisproject. All it costs you is a few minutesof time.Copies of the report will be sent toall stations responding to the survey.Surveys will be mailed SeptemberMake sure you're not without thisvaluable information . return yourcompleted confidential survey toDeloitte Haskins & Sells by September1st. Simple to complete, the survey24th.asks for revenue figures only. Thesurvey needs to be completed byIt's in your best interests.September 24th.Broadcasting IndustryRevenue Reporting CommitteeNA,Contact:Ron Trion(202) 293 -3532BFMContact:Stephen RiddlebergerContact:Abe VoronContact:Betty RobertsonBob McAuliffe(212) 599 -6677(202) 466 -2030(312) 332-1295

Closed'. Circui-Surging salesAs sequel to record up -front buying ofprime time (BROADCASTING. Aug. 2), TVnetworks are experiencing strong marketin scatter buys for fourth quarter, withprices topping up -front by 15% to 20%,raising C -P-M's for scatter to 6.50 to 7.25. Prime -time sales for fourth -quarterbroadcast, up -front and scatter, areexpected to reach as high as 650 million,up 15% from same quarter last year. For1982 -83 network year, up -front buyingnow totals roughly 2 billion.Network officials say advertiser demandextends to other dayparts, with briskactivity in daytime and afternoon. Scatteraccounts for about 20% of fourth -quarterinventory, and networks expect to be soldout by Labor Day.Turning in the windStephen Sharp's prospects of becomingFCC commissioner didn't appear to bemuch brighter last week. Congress passedlegislation reducing commission fromseven to five members, and eliminating asof next June seat President Reagannominated Sharp to fill (see "In Brief ").Although Sharp was nominated morethree months ago, Senate CommerceCommittee still hadn't scheduledconfirmation hearing. Official theredeclined to speculate whether one wouldbe scheduled.Sharp, meanwhile, said he hadn'tdecided whether he was interested inshort -term seat. He said he would consultwith FCC Chairman Mark Fowler andothers to determine what he should do "tobest serve the President." Sources saidthat if Senate doesn't schedule hearingbefore it adjourns (tentatively Oct. 2),Reagan could seat Sharp without hearing.Senate would then have option of holdingconfirmation hearing after it reconvenedin January.Mixed companyDepartment of Defense and InternationalCommunication Agency are consideringplan to coordinate overseas informationactivities of those agencies as well asDepartment of State. Officials are said tofeel that agencies' respective programscould be strengthened through closercooperation in Washington. Proposal, saidto have been initiated by office of Secretaryof Defense Caspar Weinberger, alsoenvisages coordination of activities ofVoice of America and Armed ForcesNetwork, which broadcasts abroad onfrequencies to which foreign nationals cantune.ICA Director Charles Z. Wickreportedly is high on idea. However,sources suggest it may run into legalproblems. They note VOA is barred by lawfrom broadcasting to U.S. citizens, andU.S. citizens -in armed forces -areArmed Forces Network's target audience.Some DOD officials also wonder whetherICA would use mechanism for closercooperation as means of influencingprograming of Armed Forces Network,which is now supplied almost entirely byU.S. commercial radio and televisionnetworks.Through the roofProducers of CBS -TV's M *A *S *H,looking to end of 11 years of high ratingsfor that series, aren't only ones planningwhat show's promoters call "blockbuster"finale. It'll be two hours instead of usual30 minutes and is scheduled for February,and CBS salesmen have hung 450,000price tag on each of its 30- secondcommercial spots. That's 50,000 morethan NBC -TV is asking for next January'sSuper Bowl, and could be- probably ishighest ever for entertainment seriesentry. Thirties go for just under 200,000on show now.CBS sales officials say they haven't soldmany of those 30's yet, but they soundconfident. Even remembering toweringratings of Dallas's who- shot -JR episode(53.3 rating, 76 share), they say "thiscould be the highest -rated series episodeof all time."Buying and sellingMetromedia this week is expected toannounce sales of WXIX -TV Cincinnati (ch.19, independent), WTCN -TV Minneapolis St. Paul (ch. 11, NBC) and WMETIFM)Chicago. It also is expected to announcepurchase of Field Communications' WELD Tv Chicago (ch. 32, independent) for over 125 million (BROADCASTING, Aug. 16).Metromedia must sell one UHF to makeroom for another. Reason for sellingaffiliated V: need for additional money tofinance Chicago acquisition. Howard Starkis broker in some of transactions.Jminicomputer on track in May 1983, staffsays it will be able to process 500applications each month. Overburdenedconsultants, engineers swamped in effortto meet September deadline are prayingfor extension.One that got awaySmooth lobbying that helped shoot FCC"Track One" bill through both houses ofCongress last week (see page 36), hasbeen largely credited to Terence PMahoney, 37- year -old attorney with FCCCongressional Liaison Department, who,before joining FCC in 1979, was lobbyistfor National Association of Broadcastersfor three years. Mahoney's footwork, saidto have included convincing HouseSpeaker Thomas P O'Neill (D- Mass.) tomake time in crowded schedule to bringbill to floor on suspension calendar lastThursday, has led some in Washingtonlegal community to speculate aboutMahoney as hot prospect for job of FCClobbyist called for in recently approvedNAB futures committee report.Stevens againFCC's campaign to remain at currentWashington headquarters has hit newkink. General Services Administration,after prodding from FCC, apparently hasbacked off from its position that move toHoffman -Center location in Alexandria,Va., is most cost -effective alternative( "Closed Circuit," July 19). GSA notifiedappropriate committees on Capitol Hill,stating that unless it heard otherwise, itwould cancel solicitation that wasresponsible for Hoffman- Center bid,move that would free it to renegotiate leasefor FCC's current headquarters. GSAheard from two congressmen. While thatdoesn't mean that FCC's plans will beblocked, both Senator Ted Stevens (RAlaska) and Representative Paul Trible(R -Va.) have requested furtherinformation from GSA on economicimpact of canceling move to Alexandria.Job wantedInch by inchMost recent count reveals that FCC hasgranted total of 217 low -power televisionstation applications, which means 6,969are awaiting processing. Staff hasn'tprocessed any since June, whencommission set 90 -day period for allapplicants who filed before LPTV orderwas adopted in March (BROADCASTING,March 8) to amend their applications tobring them into compliance with order.Ten -person staff will resume manualprocessing of orders after 90 -day periodends Sept. 21, hoping to dispose of 40applications per month. After it getsBroadcasting Aug 23 19827Ombudsman is called "dirty word"around there, but CBS News apparently ismaking progress toward getting one. He(or she) will be called vice president, newspractices. That much was announced byPresident Van Gordon Sauter, inaftermath of TV Guide charges againstVietnam Deception documentary(BROADCASTING, July 19). CBS sourcessay there have been "a lot of applications"from CBS News people, including old timers, and from elsewhere in CBS. Oddsare put at roughly 99 to that CBS insiderwill be picked, but there's no morning lineon when.1

(Cable-.cast- gs),/"ThNew York newsMorris Tarshis, director of New York City'sBureau of Franchises and chief cablefranchise negotiator for city, told BROADCASTING last week that "substantialprogress" has been achieved in the effort tokeep Cablevision Systems in the process towire New York's outer boroughs. Cablevision, which has expressed its dismay overbeing targeted for only the Bronx and twoareas in Brooklyn which it perceives as lessdesirable, has repeatedly asserted that toconstruct those areas alone would not be fi-nancially viable.The latest deal that the city has offeredCablevision involves a swap between thatcompany and Warner Amex of their targeted franchises in Brooklyn, and whatamounts to substantial financial aid fromthe city to Cablevision for wiring the Bronx.If the compromise is acceptable to all partiesinvolved, Cablevision would end up withthe southern franchise in Brooklyn, andWarner Amex would be allocated the northern and central portions of that borough. Asto the Bronx, the city has offered to defercollection of franchise fees for that operationuntil it becomes profitable. In addition, itwould subsidize Cablevisioá s Bronx operation with millions to help finance its longterm debt service for that project. The subsidy funds would probably come from a percentage of the franchise fees exacted fromother boroughs.The city and Cablevision are understoodto have agreed verbally to such an arrangement. However, Tarshis has yet to make hispitch to Warner Amex, although Warner remains open to suggestions. "We've alwaysbeen willing to take a look at other options,"said Richard Aurelio, Warner's senior vicepresident, governmental affairs. But, "Ican't say we would take it," without firstgoing over the compromise thoroughly. "Itinvolves a rejuggling of the situation [and]there are a lot of issues involved," he said.Cablevision meanwhile has been workingto tie up a variety of financial deals, notableamong them a 65 million debenture andwarranty offering that is going to marketthrough Drexel Burnham Lambert. The proceeds would be used to reduce outstandingbank debt, which the prospectus put at 83.3 million, in turn freeing up the company's balance sheet for planned borrowings related to affiliates' financing forBoston and New York (if granted) franchises.Competition heats upBROADCASTING readers, long familiar withthe competition among the news operationsof ABC, CBS and NBC over who got whatstory how far ahead of the others, are nowable to follow similar contests in cable news.Satellite News Channels, Group W/ABC'sjoint venture, conscious of allegations thatits arrangement with ABC will keep it fromgetting stories ahead of that network'sbroadcasts, has put together a list of the"firsts" it's compiled since launch. They include two Middle East stories repórted byGroup W's Andrew Miesels, the latest ofwhich, word that Syria would accept PLOguerrillas trapped in Beirut, aired "minutesahead of the wire services and at least 30minutes before any other television newsoperation." Video of July's torrential stormsin Japan appeared on SNC "six hours beforethe Cable News Network and 12 hoursbefore the broadcast networks. " And thanksto regional associate KTTV Los Angeles, SNCidentified actor Vic Morrow as a victim ofthe recent filming mishap in Hollywood "15minutes ahead of the wire services and 40minutes before the Cable News Network."Envelope pleaseThe silver anniversaryInternational Film & TV Festival ofNew York, Nov. 3 -5, is welcoming"produced for cable" entries in spotand programing categories for thefirst time, in an effort to "recognizeexcellence in state -of-the -artachievements in the widest range ofcategories. "Entry forms and detailsare available from InternationalFilm & TV Festival of New York,251 West 57th Stree4 New York10019.In 10year's timeFrost and Sullivan, a business research firmbased in New York, predicts that cablerevenues will triple between 1981, whenrevenues were 3.6 billion, and 1991, atwhich time the firm predicts that cablerevenues will reach 11.4 billion. That prediction is stated in a 297 -page study recently completed by the firm, entitled"CATV Markets in the U.S." The study includes, among other things, a survey of1,000 mayors in cities nationwide. In 1991,the study suggests, cable will have 40million basic subscribers (that figure is lowcompared with other projectsion for thatdate), with 34 million pay subscribers. Andpay subs in 1991 will generate 5.4 billionin revenues, up from 1.3 billion in 1981.Who's watching?an open book on cable ratings, andwhile many in the industry are waiting forthe results of the NCTA/CAB- sponsoredsurvey being conducted by Nielsen, smallerrating services are plunging ahead with testsurveys. Last week in Buffalo, N.Y., Mar quest Media Services began testing two versions of a seven -day diary in cable systemswithin the Buffalo- Niagara Falls televisionADI. The results will be available nextmonth.From Oct. 14 through Nov. 10, MMSplans to do four back -to -back one-week surveys in five cable markets, with reportdelivery by the end of December.It is stillBET's rebirth. Washington Mayor Marion Barry (I) makes the ceremonial phone call thatswitches the Black Entertainment Television network from Satcom III -R to Westar V as BETPresident Robert Johnson looks on. With the move" BET expands its programing hours from8 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily. Although BET loses millions of cabled homes in the switch, it projectsit will re -reach 10 million by 1984 ( "Cablecastings;' Aug. 16).Broadcasting Aug 23 19828

Thereafter, MMS plans spring and fall testsin additional markets,MMS says fees to systems for the measurements are "based on a multiple of thesubscriber base times the number of channels on which you can sell advertising." Thereports will break down numbers bysystems, channels, dayparts, sex /age andincome. The survey size will vary depending on the market, but MMS says it rangesfrom 575 to 2,300 respondents per market.RhubarbThe U.S. District Court in Boston has approved a consent decree entered into bywSBK -Ty Boston, ESPN and four Boston -areacable operators. The settlement was reachedafter WSBK -Ty sued ESPN and the four cablesystems for lifting highlights of the station'scoverage of the Boston Red Sox withoutpaying a "usage fee" customarily paid insuch instances by the three over -the -airbroadcast networks. ESPN felt that the fairusage doctrine applied and had indicated awillingness to supply the station with someof its clips from time to time. WSBK -TV wentto court over the matter about a year agobecause it perceived such an arrangementas one -sided, believing that it would havelittle if any use for such material from ESPNor the cable operators. Under the settlement, ESPN and the operators will reimburse the station for past usages and refrainfrom future uses without paying the station.The settlement figure "didn't amount tovery much," said Daniel Berkery, WSBK -TVgeneral manager, noting that the fee per useis only a "couple hundred bucks. " WSBK-TVis the television rights holder for the RedSox games and paid "several million dollars" this year to the Sox for those rights,said Berkery. The total television and radiorights figure for the Red Sox games in 1982is estimated at 2.7 million (BROADCASTING,March 1).Movie scorecardWho's on first in made-for -pay? While HBOhas slated principal photography to startAug. 26 on The Terry Fox Story, starringEric Fryer (a young actor who, like the titlecharacter, lost a leg to cancer) it's careful tocall the film "HBO's first made -for -payfilm." Over at Showtime headquarters thealready completed Falcon's Gold is beinghailed as "the industry's first made for pay TV movie" -that "colorful, fantasy adventure" also happens to the "pilot "" for a seriesShowtime will air this fall. Where does thatleave Dot and Santa Claus which aired lastChristmas on just about every payoperator, MDS and STV included, aside fromHBO? At the time, Dot's distributor, Satori,called that animated feature from Australianproducer Yurim -Gross the first "made-forpay" film. While eventual theatrical distribution was clearly in mind when it wasmade, Dot has only just now gone intotheatrical release in Australia. And, Satorinotes, it is available for relicensing for payin 1983."Phase I of the KamanBroadcasting System is here. Thesystem that covers your entireoperation from sales contract to onair broadcast more efficiently andprofitably. And its here in force.KBS Financial Managementfunctions include:Flexlble General Ledger with monthlysummaries or accumulated fiscal waeiioavú«mtatwauu,ñfyear figures.fixed assets: specialized recordkeeping and reporting for personalproperty assets, locations, anddepreciation.Accounts Payable with completeinformation retrieval and fullintegration with the GeneralAccounting system.Payroll/ Personnel usingcomprehensive reporting. rapidresponse to inquiries, governmentreporting, multi-city/multi -state.KB5 gives you total managementcontrol over all areas of yourThe computerpower and capacity for virtuallyunlimited growth.The Kaman Broadcasting Systemcombines IBM's System 38 hardwarewith Kaman's software for an on -linedatabase that's in -house anddesigned especially for the needsof broadcasters.But the best news is there's alot more of the Kaman BroadcastingSystem still on the way.See KBS from Kaman Sciencesat the Broadcast Financial Managers'Conference Sept. 12 through 15. theRiviera Motel in Lassystembroadcastfinancialmanagershave beenwaiting for.*gas.KAMAN SCIENCES C A A A IONP.O. Box 74631500 Garden of the Gods RoadColorado Springs, CO 80933(303) 599.1500station or stations. It works forevery department. Its designed foreasy operation by your people. It usesvideo terminals for immediate accessto information. It generates dozensof specific reports covering all phasesof your operation. And it has theThe cable connection.Norwalk,Conn., Mayor Thomas O'Connor throwsthe switch to activate the first 40 milesof an eventual 2,000 in Cablevision'sFairfield county franchise. Of the 125;000 homes in the franchise are, 20 wereon -line that day. Also on hand wereCablevision President John Tatta; VicePresident James Kofalt;ChairmanCharles Dolan, and the system's ChiefEngineer Joseph ////IBroadcasting Aug 23 19829iinnnu In7 51NIIIII Ul01/o Vi'i!

CITV ONLYIBust iessBrief lyIDatapoint Corp.Business informationequipment. Begins this week and runsthrough 1983 in eight major markets.Prime, sports and news times. Agency:Ogilvy & Mather, Houston. Target: men,45 -60.Perkins CakeSteakRestaurants.Begins in mid -September for 14 weeks inabout 50 markets. Prime, early fringe andlate fringe times. Agency: Chuck RuhrAdvertising, Minneapolis. Target: adults,18 -49.Aunt Millie's&Specialty brandsmacaroni & cheese. Begins Oct. 4 for fiveweeks in four markets. Agency: EricEricson & Associates, Nashville. Target:women, 25 -49.Flying TigersAir cargo. Begins Sept.13 for four weeks in 210 markets. Fringe,prime, news and sports times. Agency:Marsteller Inc., Los Angeles. Target: men,25 -54.Golden Grain Inc.(spaghetti sauces). Begins Sept. 6 for upto 10 weeks in 10 markets. Day, earlyfringe, news, prime access and late fringetimes. Agency: Geers Gross, New York.Target: women, 25 -54.women, 18 -49.Martha White Foods Inc.men, 25 -54.Bixmix (biscuitweeks in about 30 markets. Agency: EricEricson & Associates, Nashville. Target:Swift & Co.Two poundmix). Begins Oct. 4 for fivewomen, 25 -49.Martha White Foods Inc.D One stepRice -a -Ronistuffing mix. Begins Oct. 4 for four weeksin 36 markets. Early fringe, news andprime access times. Agency: VantageAdvertising, San Leandro, Calif. Target:BMW Nor

Aug 23, 1982 · Sewing /Needlepoint 55 44,000,000 Going to the Movies 49 39,000,000 Vegetable Gardening 47 38,000,000 Pleasure Trips in Cars 44 35,000,000 Watching Pro Sports (TV) 40 32,000,000 Fishing 39 31,000,000 From a Gallup Survey conducted for Gardens For All, The Nat'l Assoc. for Gardening. JOY OF GARDENING features Master Gardener

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EPLAN website on Monday, June 1, 2020. The new site will replace the existing CLV EPlan website. Existing CLV EPLAN Users If you are an existing CLV EPlan user, click on the Register a New Account button and complete the registration process. To ensure that all of your existing pr

DVD RW (Single/Multi-session), DVD-RAM (4 .7 GB) Operation / Disc format Read Speed (Max.) Idle Mode (DVD/DVD-RAM) 2x CLV Idle Mode (CD) 4x CLV Read (DVD-ROM) 8x CAV Read (DVD-ROM DL) 8x CAV Read (DVD-Video) 4x CAV Read (DVD-RAM) 3x-5x ZCLV Read (CD-ROM Mode1) 24x CAV Read (Video CD) 10x CAV .

To determine how attractive or profitable a particular segment will be for your institution, calculate the customer lifetime value (CLV). CLV Average Revenue Per Year X Average Lifetime in Years - Acquisition and Retention Costs. Consider customer needs and behaviors to determine "ability to win" by asking the following questions:

Chapter 1 History, Theory, and Research Strategies ofie Lentschner was born in 1908, the second child of Jewish parents who made their home in Leipzig, Germany, a city of thriving commerce and cultural vitality. Her father was a successful businessman and community leader. Her mother

of the unsteady aerodynamics of the NASA Ares I and I-X CLV’s.19 In each of these cases the expense of simulating a flexible launch vehicle is mitigated by the use of reduced order modeling. The only additional expense of an unsteady state space model over the quasi-steady model is the inclusion of

Mar 10, 2011 · The Impact of Brand Equity on Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Profit Margin . ABSTRACT . This paper presents an empirical examination of the relationship between brand equity and customer acquisition, retention, and profit margin, the key components of customer lifetime value (CLV

CSF Classical swine fever DANIDA Danish International Development Agency . Canada, the EC and its member states, Japan and Norway were the most important bilateral donors by value to the CLV countries. In terms of the number of projects, the United States was the second largest supplier of technical co-ope

AIDA AJAX AOV API AR ASP ATD B2B B2C BOFU CLV CMS CPA CPC CPL CPM CPS CPV CR – Attention, interest, desire, action – Asynchronous javascript and XML . – Multi-level marketing – Middle of the funnel – Month on month – Microsoft network – Multivariate testing. NSI OBL OEM OS PA PFI PFP PHP POS PPC PPL PPS PPV PR PV QA QR Code QS .

How to overcome Challenges to Customer Life Time Value using Hybris Billing SAP Convergent Invoicing (CI) and SAP Flexible Solution Billing (FSB) solution help to automate and create customer friendly invoices. Large volumes of billabl

DVD R Double Layer 2.4X / 3X / 4X / 6X 2.4X/3X CLV 4X/6X PCAV DS-8AESH, Rev.1.0 PLDS Confidential Engineering Specification 10 / 30

company wishing to determine CLV of its customers would assume a constant direct marketing campaign for the re-mainder of each customer’s lifetime, and then determine the pro tability of each customer (Cheng et al. [3]). However, this technique has a number of drawbacks. The concept

Anatomy 2-5 Indications 5 Contra-indications 5 General preparation 6 Landmarks 6-7 Performing the block 7-8 Complications 8 Trouble shooting 9 Summary 9 References 10 Appendix 1 11. 6/10/2016 Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block: Landmark Approach 2 FASCIA ILIACA COMPARTMENT BLOCK: LANDMARK APPROACH INTRODUCTION Neck of femur fracture affect an estimated 65,000 patients per annum in England in .

National Animal – the tsuru is designated as a Japanese national treasure and is an animal symbol of Japan – like the kangaroo for Australia, . and many more people could now learn to fold paper, including paper cranes. These pictures show two pages from the book, and two ladies with a child folding paper cranes – you can see the small scissors to cut the paper. 4 千羽鶴 Senbazuru .

(Corporate Officer). Full day event, get a hamper and 10 via expenses for drinks. Andrew Tamplin is doing a morning session, breakout rooms including a live band, quiz, virtual Christmas choir, guided meditation/yoga, virtual pub, pets corner, creative room (cooking workshops, magic tricks, circus skills). Dec 11th.

Article 505. Class I, Zone 0, 1, and 2 Locations Figure 500–2. Mike Holt Enterprises, Inc. www.MikeHolt.com 888.NEC.CODE (632.2633) 25 Hazardous (Classified) Locations 500.4 500.4 General (A) Classification Documentation. All hazardous (classified) locations must be properly documented. The documentation must be available to those who are authorized to design, install, inspect .

BAB II Landasan Teori Dan Pengembangan Hipotesis A. Teori Agency (Agency Theory) . agent (yangmenerima kontrak dan mengelola dana principal) mempunyai kepentingan yang saling bertentangan.3 Aplikasi agency theory dapat terwujud dalam kontrak kerja yang akan mengatur proporsi hak dan kewajiban masing-masing pihak dengan tetap memperhitungkan kemanfaatan secara keseluruhan.4 Teori agensi .

In accepting this appointment, you confirm that you are able to allocate sufficient time to meet the demands of your role as described in this letter. We ask that the agreement of the Chairman of Anglian Water Services Limited (the “Chairman”) be sought, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed, before accepting additional commitments that might impact on the time you are .

Buku ini tersusun berkat kerjasama tim pengajar mata kuliah Keperawatan Anak, oleh karena itu penulis mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pihak yang turut membantu penyelesaian buku ini. Semoga buku ini dapat bermanfaat. Saran dan kritik untuk perbaikan buku ini kami harapkan. Terima kasih. Tim Penyusun

Cold War, academic debates on the origins and characteristics of the Cold War have dominated the field of contemporary history. As the Cold War proceeded, the histori-ography of the Cold War developed its own dynamics. In the early phases of the Cold War academic discourse was ideologically partisan, fiercely divergent and even combat- ive. Indeed historians and their works were part of the .

I thank all the teachers and students, for accepting and making the first edition of Clinical Methods in Ophthalmology—A Practical Manual for Undergraduates one of the popular books. In the second edition of the book, all chapters have been edited and re-written including new definitions, new concepts, and new photographs have been added.