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InO.,;#iDOCKETEDUSNRCUNITED STATES OF AMERICANUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSIONATOMIC SAFETY AND LICENSING BOARD PANELJUN 18 P4 :07Before Administrative Judges:OFFIC: CF SFnRULB." :!LB. Paul Cotter, Jr., ChairmanDr. Charles N. KelberLinda W. LittleADJUDIC4i! 5T4'FFf w'ySERVED (IUN 19199gin the Matter ofDocket No. 50-443-LANORTH ATLANTIC ENERGYSERVICE CORPORATIONASLBP No. 98-746-05-LA(Seabrook Station Unit No.1)June 18,1998MEMORANDUM AND ORDER(Initial Order)Petitioner Seacoast Anti-Pollution League (" Seacoast") seeks to intervene in theissuance of a license amendment to the captioned licensee ("NAES" or " Licensee"). Theamendment would revise the Seabrook Technical Specifications goveming the frequency ofsteam generator inspections to accommodate a 24 month fuel cycle. The June 5,1998 petitionwas timely and filed in response to a published finding of "no significant hazards consideration'by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Staff. See 63 Fed. Reg. 25101,25113 (1998).Pursuant to 10 C.F.R. 9 2.718, the Board sets forth the following directives regarding theconduct of this proceeding:1. Schedule for Additional Filings RegardingPetitioner's Hearing RequestA.Pleadings1.Seacoast's Amendment ofits Intervention PetitionPursuant to 10 C.F.R. 2.714 (a) (3), Seacoast has the right to amend its interventionpetition any time up to 15 days prior to the holding of the first prehearing conference. BecauseDRGADO K 043PDROg

l!,-2-the Board does not intend to hold any prehearing conference before it has ruled upon thequestion of whether Seacoast has standing to intervene, Seacoast may amend its interventionpetition to address any shortcomings, or other matters, in its initial petition by a pleading filed nolater than July 13,1998. The Board will not entertain any proffered amendments to the initialSeacoast intervention petition after that date.2.Seacoast's Supplement to its Intervention PetitionPursuant to 10 C.F.R. 2.714 (b) (1), Seacoast shall file a supplement to its interventionpetition containing its proffered contentions by July 13,1998. If it wishes, Seacoast may file thesupplement to its petition containing its proffered contentions as part of any filing amending itsinitial petition. In any event, Seacoast shall separately identify and number each of its profferedcontentions in any filing. Moreover, Seacoast should take care to ensure that each of itsproffered, separately numbered contentions complies fully with all the requirements of 10C.F.R. S 2.714 (b) (2).3. NAES and NRC Staff Replies and AnswersIn the event Seacoast files an amendment to its intervention petition further addressingthe standing of Seacoast or any of its members, the NAES and the NRC Staff may file a replyto the amended Seacoast petition by July 27,1998. The answers of the Licensee and the NRCStaff to any contentions filed by Seacoast in a supplement to its petition, or otherwise, shall befiled by August 10,1998.B.Prehearing ConferenceAfter ruling upon the question of Seacoast's standing to intervene, the Licensing Board,if appropriate, will establish a date for a prehearing conference or teleconference to considerthe admissibility of any contentions proffered by Seacoast. .- -

5!;.s'-3I11. Administrative MattersA.Notice of Appearanceiif they have not already done so, within ten days of the date of this memorandum and',order, each attorney or representative for each participant shall file a notice of appearancecomplying with the requirements of 10 C.F.R. 2.713 (b). In each notice of appearance, inaddition to providing a business address and telephone number, if an attomey or representativehas a facsimile number and/or an Intsrnet e-mail address, the attorney or representative should- provide that information as well.B.Service on the BoardFor each pleading or other submission filed with the Board or the Commission in thisproceeding, in addition to submitting an original and two conforming copies to the Office of theSecretary as required by 10 C.F.R. 6 2.1203 (c) and serving a copy on every other participantIin accordance with sections 2.701 (b) and 2.1203 (e), a participant should serve conformingcopies on the Licensing Board by one of the following methods:Regular Mail1.To complete service via United States Postal Service first-class mail, a participantshould send conforming copies to Judges Cotter and Kelber at:Atomic Safety and Licensing Board PanelU.S. Nuclear Regulatory CommissionWashington, D.C. 20555-0001!'- and to Judge Little at:5000 Hermitage DriveRaleigh, NC 27612l.W-, ---,x- a-----.- ---

! lI- -- - - - - -!;.*.-4-For regular mail service, the Staff may use the NRC intemal mail system (Mail Stop T-3 F23) inlieu of first-class mail.2.Ovemight or Hand DeliveryTo complete service via ovemight (e.g., express mail) or hand delivery, a participant.should send conforming copies to Judges Cotter and Kolber at:' Atomic Safety and Licensing Board PanelThird Floor, Two White Flint North11545 Rockville PikeRockville, MD 20852and to Judge Little at the address set out in paragraph II.B.1, above.' 3.Facsimile TransmissionTo complete service by facsimile transmission, a participant should: (1) send one copyby rapifax to the attention of Judges Cotter and Kelber at (301) 415-5599 (verification (301)415-7393) and to Judge Little at (919) 783-9432; and (2) that same date, send conformingicopies to the judges by regular mail at the addresses given in paragraph II.B.1 above.'4.E-Mail -To complete service by e-mail transmission, a participant should: (1) send the filing(which should include the certificate of service) as a file (preferably in Wordperfect 5.1,6.1 or8.0 format) attached to an e-mail message directed to the Board (Intemet ids: bpci@ nrc. gov;cnk@nrc. gov; melittle@ prodigy.com; NRC Agency Upgrade of Technology for Office Systems. (AUTOS) Wide Area Network (WAN) System ids: BPC1, CNK); (2) send any attachments orexhibits to a pleading that cannot be transmitted by e-mail to the Board by separate facsimiletransmission or other means that will ensure receipt by the due date; and (3) send paperconforming copies that same date to the Board by regular mail at the addresses given inparagraph 11.B.1 above.

!I,,.;-5,5.Timely Service by Hand Delivery, Facsimile Transmission, or E-Mail:To be timely, any pleading or other submission served on the Board by hand delivery,facsimile transmission, or e-mail must be received by the Board no later than 4:30 p.m. EastemTime on the date due.C.Motions for Extension of TimeFor any motion for extension of time filed with the Board in this proceeding, except upona showing of good cause, the participant requesting the extension shall:11. Ascertain whether and when any other participant intends to oppose or otherwiserespond to the motion and appnse the Board of that information in the motion; andi2. Serve the motion on the Board so that it is in its hands at least three business daysbefore the due date for the pleading or other submission for which an extension is sought.Exhibits / Attachments to FilingsD.;If a participant files a pleading or other submission with the Board that has additionalLdocuments appended to it as exhibits or attachments, a separate alpha or numeric designationi,for each appended document (e.g., Exhibit 1; Attachment A) should be given to each appendedLdocument, either on the first page of the appended document or on a cover or divider sheet infront of the appended document.il. .It is so ORDERED.FOR THE ATOMIC SAFETY ANDLICENSING BOARD'9. Padi Cotter, Jr,Administrative Judge [ /,Rockville, MarylandJune 18,1998. , .u. m. - - ----. -

--t.,UNITED STATES OF AMERICANUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSIONIn the Matter ofNORTH ATLANTIC ENERGY SERVICECORPORATIONDocket No.(s) 50-443-LA(Seabrook Station, Unit No. 1) CERTIFICATE OF SERVICEI hereby certify that copies of the foregoing LB M&O (INITIAL ORDER)have'been served upon the following persons by U.S. mail, first class, exceptas otherwise noted and in accordance with the requirements of 10 CFR Sec. 2.712.Office of Commission AppellateAdjudicationU.S. Nuclear Regulatory CommissionWashington, DC 20555.Administrative JudgeB. Paulcotter, Jr., ChairmanAtomic Safety and Licensing Board PanelMail Stop - T-3 F23U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.,- 4Washington, DC 20555Administrative JudgeCharles N. KelberAdministrative Judge- Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel Linda W. LittleMail'Stop - T-3 F23ASLBP.U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Washington, DC 20555'5000 Hermitage DriveRaleigh, NC 27612IsMitzi A. Young, Esq.Office of the General CounselMail Stop - 0-15 B18U.S. Nuclear Regulatory CommissionWashington, DC 20555Robert A. Backus, Esq.Backus, Meyer, Solomon, Rood & BranchP.O. Box 516Manchester, NH 03105!;i:: Lillian M. Cuoco, Esq.Senior Nuclear Counsel,Northeast Utilities Service companyP.O. Box 270-Hartford, CT 06141.Dated at'Rockville, Md.this19 day of-June 1998ow / - 9 otpt. Cicmy.-Office of the Secretary of the C#mmission1.,

(Seabrook Station Unit No.1) June 18,1998 MEMORANDUM AND ORDER (Initial Order) Petitioner Seacoast Anti-Pollution League (" Seacoast") seeks to intervene in the issuance of a license amendment to the captioned licensee ("NAES" or " Licensee"). The amendment would revise the Seabrook Technical Specifications goveming the frequency of

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