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VICE PRESIDENT FORCOMMUNICATION &MARKETINGBob ConoverVICE PRESIDENT FORDEVELOPMENT &ALUMNI RELATIONSJeremy WellsDIRECTOR OFALUMNI RELATIONSMeg (Leuer ’97) RichtmanEDITORDeb NahrgangPhone: (507) 457-6966Fax: (507) 457-6967dnahrgan@smumn.eduCONTRIBUTING WRITERSSandy Mason ’07Donny Nadeau ’85Deb NahrgangMeg (Leuer ’97) RichtmanSMU Conference FacilitiesSurrounded by scenic parkland, rivers, bluffs, lakes and trails, Saint Mary’s University’sconference facilities and helpful staff can make your special event one that will beremembered for a lifetime.SMU’s Winona campus and the Saint Teresa campus offer a wide range offacilities and equipment perfect for meetings, performances, banquets, conferences,academic and athletic camps, retreats, workshops and special events.Available sites on the Winona campus include spacious auditoriums, as well as avariety of conference and seminar rooms. Facilities accommodate groups as small as10 and as large as 450 guests.The Saint Teresa campus is home to Chapel of Saint Mary’s of the Angels, theAlverna Conference Center, SMU Tennis Center, and the Minnesota Conservatory forthe Arts and is perfect for gatherings. The Alverna Center easily accommodatesand welcomes overnight guests.Take a closer look at photos, maps and detailedinformation of these facilities on our newly redesignedwebsite: Winona campus details) (for Saint Teresacampus details).PHOTOGRAPHERSBob ConoverGerard LampoDeb NahrgangGRAPHIC DESIGNMaria HoeppnerPRODUCTIONPat BeechPat FlemingW&C Printing CompanyKatherine (Sheridan ’80) SulaSaint Mary’s Magazineis published bySaint Mary’s University ofMinnesota for its alumni,parents and friends.Third-class postage paid atWinona, MN 55987-1399.ADDRESS CHANGESSaint Mary’s MagazineSaint Mary’s University700 Terrace Heights #21Winona, MN 55987-1399ON THE SAINT MARY’S UNIVERSITYRanked by the U.S. News and WorldReport as a top-tier institution,Saint Mary’s University of Minnesotais dedicated to advancing the educationaland career goals of today’s students.Saint Mary’s has more than 5,400students enrolled in undergraduate,graduate and certificate programs inWinona, the Twin Cities, greaterMinnesota, Wisconsin and Nairobi,Kenya. At Saint Mary’s 93-year-oldresidential campus in Winona, alliberalartsand sciences with career preparationin a student-centered environment.The School of Graduate and ProfessionalPrograms is one of the largest graduateschools in Minnesota. A pioneer inoutreacheducationsince1984,the school creates communities oflearning when and where they areneeded, serving both adult learnersand the educational needs of society.

SPRING 2006 — VOLUME 40, NUMBER 1MAGAZINE2FROM THE EDITORThere’s something about Saint Mary’s. We’re tellingeveryone what makes our university so special.4NEWS AND VIEWSSMU sets its sights on becoming a top 20 school by2012; Kabara Institute guides young entrepreneurs;joint venture in China moves ahead.1010 FULFILLING A NEEDThe Lasallian Teacher Immersion Programrecruits young men to teach and inspire.12 FAMILY TIES12The Mullins and Jungbauer families have spannedmany decades at Saint Mary’s. These families explainhow the school has changed and remained the same.17 SPORTS NEWSWomen’s Soccer heads sports highlights.18 CARDINAL ‘M’ CLUBAn event Sept. 16-17 will honor six alumni athletes.20 ALUMNI NEWS22 CHICAGO CONVENTION 2006SMU once again hit the road to reconnect,reminisce and recruit in Chicago.24 HOMECOMING 2006Make plans now to attend the June Homecomingcelebration.29 CLASS NOTES22ON THE COVERThey may not have shared clothing styles, tastes inmusic, or even the same presidents, but many families— including the Mullinses and Jungbauers — haveshared wonderful memories at Saint Mary’s.Alumni news, weddings, births and deaths.

FROMTHE EDITOREditor’sPageThere’s something aboutSaint Mary’sIDeb NahrgangSaint Mary’sMagazine editor2SAINT MARY’S MAGAZINEn between magazines this year, I lost myfather unexpectedly.He was the kind of guy who alwaysmade time during his farm chores to giveme a wheelbarrow ride or to buy a glass oflemonade from my roadside stand — andhe’d tip me extra.He had the uncanny ability to look atan enormous field full of clover and pickout a four-leaf clover in a split second; infact, he had that same amazing ability tofind the bright side of everything, evenwhen it was hard to see through thedarkness.Those who knew him knew he wouldnever complain — except for a brief stay ata nursing home, where they fed himbroccoli for every meal.He will be forever missed. The lessonshe’s taught me in life and the wonderfulmemories will last eternally.One of those lessons was about theimportance of friends and family. Theoutpouring of care and concern from myfamily here at Saint Mary’s University wastouching. It’s the kind of support that hastremendous healing power.There’s something about Saint Mary’sthat is hard to describe to an outsider. It’slike a secret, known only to those whohave worked or attended classes here. Butit’s a secret worth sharing.This indescribable something is why,for so many families, Saint Mary’s hasmeant more than four years of education.First-generation alumni have conveyed theirlove of this university to their youngerbrothers and sisters, children,grandchildren, nieces and nephews andextended family who are following in theiracademic footsteps.In this issue, we talk to two familieswho have left — and are continuing to leave— their legacies at Saint Mary’s. It’s ourattempt to capture what it is about TerraceHeights that has been so special to thesefamilies. Humble thanks to the Mullinsesand Jungbauers for sharing generations ofpersonal stories and memories.While the heart and spirit ofSaint Mary’s has remained the samethroughout its history, we also want to keepyou up to date about some exciting newinitiatives. SMU is stepping forward ineducational advancements, providingunique opportunities for our students, andtrying to spread a little “something” acrossthe globe — including to China.And, we’re sharing that “something”through alumni events, including upcomingHomecoming and Cardinal ‘M’ Clubweekend activities and the recent ChicagoConvention. Faculty and staff have alsoaccepted the ambitious challenge of beingone of the top 20 teaching institutions inthe United States by the year 2012. We’reready to shout our Cardinal pride from therooftops, and we invite you to join us.We continue to be proud of the resultsof the National Survey of StudentEngagement, through which our studentsconsistently reported they’re getting aunique and highly personal experience herethat will forever make a difference in theirlives.We hope you enjoy this issue. Andplease, stay in touch; your extended familyhere at SMU always wants to hear what’snew with you. We’re interestedin your thoughtsWe want to hear from you, the alumni,parents and friends of Saint Mary’sUniversity. You’re welcome to respond tosomething you read in Saint Mary’sMagazine, or to comment on any subjectthat involves the past, present or futureof the university.Send letters to Saint Mary’sMagazine Editor, Saint Mary’s University,700 Terrace Heights #36, Winona, MN55987-1399 or e-mail editor DebNahrgang at 2006

L E TNotesTERSCampusBrother Craigcreates positiveimage, futurefor SMUCAMPUSRESOURCESWEBSITEMy congratulations on the mostrecent issue of Saint Mary’sMagazine. particularly on thecoverage of Brother President CraigJ. Franz, FSC, Ph.D. He certainlyputs a positive, forward-looking faceto SMU. What particularly struckme was the way he assumedresponsibility for what hadhappened at Saint Mary’s College inMoraga, Calif., and this at a timewhen many have forgotten whatHarry S. Truman had posted on hisdesk: “The buck stops here.”— Gordon V. Boudreau ’51www.smumn.eduALUMNI ASSOCIATION(507) 457-1499Fax: (507) 457-6697Toll-free: (800) 635-5987, Ext. 1499alumni@smumn.eduATHLETIC DEPARTMENT(507) OPMENT &ALUMNI RELATIONS(507) 457-6647Fax: (507) 457-6697chenthor@smumn.eduPERFORMANCE CENTERBOX OFFICE(507) ICATION& MARKETING(507) 457-1497spopp@smumn.eduADMISSION / WINONAToll-free: (800) 635-5987, Ext. 1700admission@smumn.eduADMISSION / TWIN CITIESToll-free: (866) 437-2788, Ext. 207slang@smumn.eduThankful forcomments aboutBrother K. BasilWhat a great issue of Saint Mary’sMagazine, Winter 2005-2006.Thanks for printing the commentsabout Brother Basil. It was aninteresting experience being acolleague of his, albeit for a shorttime.— Jim O’Neil,professor emeritusof English/education,Edison College,Fort Myers, Fla.,SMC faculty 1966-1973Always goodto hear from SMUI just read the Saint Mary’sMagazine. Nicely done! Iparticularly appreciated yourcoverage of Brother Craig’sinauguration, since I was there.The interview was also very good. Igot to know Craig during his firststint at SMU when I was director ofcampus ministry.It’s always good to get thelatest from SMU — a very specialplace!— Brother Larry Schatz,San Miguel Middle Schoolof MinneapolisThe inside scoopon ‘looking back’pictureThis is a response to the “lookingback” last page of the magazinedated Winter 2005-06.I have more information on thepicture with Brother Paul.First, since I attended SaintMary’s College from 1954 throughspring of 1956, the photo datesfrom then. I suspect it was takenaround spring of ’56.Second, I have names for thefive men immediately aroundBrother Paul. The three to his rightare all the class of 1957. From leftto right they are “Bud” Lang, JimThomas and Larry Gillis. To his leftare myself and R. MichaelSchneider, both class of 1958.Mike was killed in a car accident,probably in the ’60s; my memoryfails. I believe the rest of us arealive.The same issue had a messagefrom Jim Thomas. All of us were inthe chorus. I was also a Marinote.If I had access to myyearbooks, I would try to identifythe men on the other side of thepillar. The faces are familiar, but Icannot recall their names. I believethat most of them are class of ’57.Thanks for a good publication.I hope this is a good year for youand for Saint Mary’s.— Elmer Pierre ’58WWW.SMUMN.EDU/MAGAZINE3

Editor’s PageNews and ViewsAn ambitious goal for Saint Mary’sTeaching excellence will be our focusWhen he arrived in Minnesota lastJune, Brother President Craig Franztalked with faculty, staff andstudents about their dreams andhopes for Saint Mary’s University.He found widespread ownership ofthe Lasallian mission to “awaken,nurture, and empower learners toethical lives of service andleadership.”Throughout the institution, thechallenge of educating students sothey can becometransformers of societywas a message whichresonatedpowerfully amongall at Saint Mary’s.Brother Craigobserved that theuniversity has anuncommonly largenumber of highlyeffective, caring andknowledgeable teachers. With thatrecognition came the opportunity tomake more widely known ourcapabilities to an audience ofalumni, friends and prospectivestudents.And so, at the beginning-of-theyear workshop, Brother Craig askedfaculty and staff to accept thechallenge of developing SaintMary’s into a nationally recognizedteaching institution. The faculty’sresponse to this invitation was aspontaneous standing ovation ofendorsement.The following is condensedfrom Brother Craig’s workshopremarks.MOVING GOOD TEACHINGTOWARD NATIONALEXCELLENCESaint Mary’s professors realize thatteaching is a God-given talentwhich they must continually refinein order to more effectively guide4SAINT MARY’S MAGAZINE2012, which marks the 100thanniversary of our founding.TURNING OUR GOALSINTO ACTIONour students. Teaching isnot a “job” but rather avocational dedication ofone’s energies to promote thevery best in others.Like any talent, teachingrequires constant self-assessmentand personal updating. Ourteachers are constantly intransformation, always trying toimprove their ability to affectpositively the ways students think,learn and create.Although there are manyinstitutions of higher learning in theUnited States — approximately4,000 by recent count — SaintMary’s must strive to be among thevery best of teaching institutions ifwe are to really make our mark onthe world, through our students.Already, we are locally recognizedfor the quality of teaching in ourclassrooms.It seems only reasonable andprudent that we should hone ouralready strong reputation forteaching and learning so as to trulydistinguish our wonderfuluniversity. We will work to be oneof the top 20 teaching institutionsin the United States by the yearHow will our goals translate intoplans and action? As we worktogether to garner nationaldistinction as one of the topteaching schools in the country, weask for everyone’s support andadvice on what can be done tomake our teaching stronger, moreeffective and better serve learners’needs. Some of our faculty havealready begun discussion groups,best-practices seminars, anddiscussions with other notableteaching institutions. Otheropportunities for facultyengagement will soon flow fromconversations on department andschool levels.We have engaged learnedsocieties for advice on establishingappropriate milestones andmeasuring our success. Foundationssupporting teaching excellence arebeing contacted. We are movingforward quickly, vibrantly, andenthusiastically with this initiative.To achieve the distinction we desirein seven years requires totalcommitment at all levels.WHAT ARE THEEXPECTED BENEFITS?The positive consequences of thisambitious plan are legion. Studentswill be well-served as teachers usethe very latest educationaltechniques to help them learn.Institutions around the country willknow that our graduates aresuperbly prepared because theycome from rigorous courses whichare exceptionally well-taught.Outside instructors will aspireto become part of this institution —a university which courageouslySPRING 2006

NEWS AND VIEWSsets lofty goals and then reachesthem through teamwork, creativityand dedication to what bestengages our students. Benefactorsand friends of the university willwant to partner in supporting thededication and talent of ourprofessional staff.HOW WILL WE KNOWWE HAVE SUCCEEDED?Our goal is that knowledgeableeducators and higher educationauthorities will recognize SaintMary’s as a “top 20” teachinginstitution. Our comparison shouldbe against other universities similarto Saint Mary’s. Our success willresult from not only the recognitionfrom independent third-partyauthorities, but also in the profitablejourney to strengthen our teachingand learning.Striving to be one of the top20 teaching institutions in thecountry is a bold, ambitious andcourageous challenge. When Idiscuss this with groups of faculty,they readily and enthusiasticallyaccept the quest to be nationallyrecognized. In order to besuccessful, we must be true to theLasallian vision, and steadfast tothe achievement of teachingexcellence. Working together, wecan make it so! Amy Taylor, left,her husband Warrenand daughter IsabellaAnnual benefit dance proceedshelp M.Ed. facilitator, Amy TaylorSix hundred students, faculty, staff and community members dressed theirbest to sing and dance the night away with the Johnny Holm Band andsupport the 6th annual Taylor Richmond Benefit Dance on March 4. Morethan 14,000 was raised.This year’s traditional formal dance, titled, “Dancing the Journey ofLife,” was held in honor of Amy Taylor, a facilitator of the Master ofEducation in Teaching and Learning program at the Twin Cities campus, whowas recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. All proceeds from thedance — as well as the annual silent auction — were given to Taylor and herfamily. She and her husband, Warren, have a 1-year-old daughter and areexpecting a baby in late spring.This benefit dance has become an annual tradition since it was startedby students in 2001 in honor of Taylor Richmond, son of Saint Mary’sCampus Ministry staff member Nikki Richmond. Taylor has a genetic terminalillness called Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T) and the money from his benefit wasused to fulfill Taylor's dream of going to Walt Disney World . Each year,students choose an individual, family — or as in last year’s case, SMU’sNairobi campus — in need of support from the Saint Mary’s community.BASKETBALL Girls Basketball Day Clinic (9 a.m. to noon), June 5-8. Girls Basketball Overnight Camp, July 23-27. Boys Basketball Day Clinic (9 a.m. to noon), June 12-15.VOLLEYBALLSummer sports campsgetting ready to warm upThough most SMU students head home during thesummer, the Winona campus remains active with avariety of events including a full spectrum of sports camps.Do you know a young sports enthusiast whocould benefit from a sports camp with innovativeprogramming, as well as old-fashioned funand friendship? For more information,; or call (800) 635-5987,Ext. 6973 or (507) 457-6973. Girls Volleyball Camp, July 30-Aug. 3.HOCKEY Squirts Hockey Camp (ages 8-10), June 25-July 1.Pee-Wee Hockey Camp (ages 11-12), June 25-July 1.Bantam Hockey Camp (ages 13-14), July 9-15.Bantam/Midget Hockey Camp (ages 13-16), July 16-22.Youth Girls Hockey Camp (ages 9-12), July 23-29.High School Girls Hockey Camp (ages 13-16),July 30-Aug. 5.BASEBALL Youth Baseball League (Grades 2-6), June 5-July 17.WWW.SMUMN.EDU/MAGAZINE5

FROM THENEWEDITSO RA N D V I E W SJoint venturewith Chineseuniversitymoves aheadProgress continues inthe effort to establish ajoint education venturewith NorthwestUniversity of China. ASaint Mary’s delegationtraveled to China fromJan. 9-15, includingBrother President Craig Franz;Brother Louis DeThomasis,chancellor; and Jay Skranka,director of the Master ofInternational Business program.Skranka served as a culturalinterpreter. Rob Figliulo, chairmanof the board of trustees, alsoattended.Northwest University is inXi’an, a city in the Shaanxi Provinceof northwest China. The SaintMary’s group visited the mothercampus of Northwest University, aswell as the new campus on theoutskirts of Xi’an. About 10,000students have moved from the oldto the new campus, which hasbegun operation while someacademic buildings and facultyresidences are still underconstruction.As with previous visits, theSaint Mary’s contingent was keptbusy with high-level meetings,dinners, receptions and tours offacilities. One goal was to buildrelationships among Brother Craig,Rob Figliulo, and NorthwestUniversity President Sun Yong andhis vice presidents and deans.Last October, the twouniversities submitted an initialapplication to the ShaanxiProvincial Education Commission tocreate a new jointly run university.In December, that application wasreturned with a request for moredetail and information. Saint Mary’sand Northwest officials discussedrevisions to the application, whichwas resubmitted in March.Details were also discussed of apotential agreement between NWU6SAINT MARY’S MAGAZINEStudent exchangeplannedCHINAandSMU.Saint Mary’s would contributeintellectual capital to the jointventure, including curriculum,training, technology infrastructure,and faculty and student exchanges.In relateddevelopments, NorthwestUniversity is in the processof identifying Chinesestudents to come to SMU forundergraduate studies starting infall 2006, for any major, likelybusiness. Saint Mary’s will senda group of about 15International Business master’sstudents to China in May, forinternational field study hostedby Northwest University.Currently, two visitingprofessors from NorthwestUniversity are students in theMaster of Arts in Instructionprogram at the Winona campus.They are doing some practicalexperiences in various offices thisspring. Saint Mary’s receivesnational accreditationfor music programThe National Association of Schools of Music hasapproved Saint Mary’s University’s application foraccreditation.The culmination of a more than two-yearprocess, NASM accre

W&C Printing Company Katherine (Sheridan ’80) Sula Saint Mary’s Magazine is published by Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota for its alumni, parents and friends. Third-class postage paid at Winona, MN 55987-1399. ADDRESS CHANGES Saint Mary’s Magazine Saint Mary’s University 700 Terrace Heights #21 Winona, MN 55987-1399 ON THE WEB

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SMU Data Science Review Volume 3 Number 1 Article 5 2020 Demand Forecasting for Alcoholic Beverage Distribution Lei Jiang Southern Methodist University, Kristen M. Rollins Southern Methodist University, Meredith Ludlow Southern Methodist University, Bivin Sadler

SMU Data Science Review Volume 3 Number 1 Article 4 2020 QLIME-A Quadratic Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanation Approach Steven Bramhall Southern Methodist University, Hayley Horn Michael Tieu Nibhrat Lohia Southern Methodist University,

3. Saint Clare 4. Holy Cross 5. Saint Victor 15. 6. Saint Simon 16. 7. Santa Teresa 8. Chinese Catholic Mission 9. Saint Joseph, Mtn. View Holy Spirit 10. Saint Cyprian 11. Saint Maria Goretti Sacred Heart of Jesus 13. 14. Saint Lawrence the Martyr Saint Francis of Assisi Saint Athanasius 17. Christ the King 18. Saint Frances Cabrini 19. 20 .

level with SMU instruments. 2450 icon-based menu. Fourth-Generation, All-in-One SMU Instrument The 2450 is the fourth-generation member of Keithley’s award-winning SourceMeter family of SMU instruments

The Storage Management Utility (SMU) is a web-based application for configuring, monitoring, and managing the storage system. The SMU is a web-based interface (WBI). Each controller module in the storage syst em contains a web server, which is access ed when you sign in to the SMU. You about using the CLI, see the CLI Reference Guide. content.

SMU FACTS 2013-2014 A nationally ranked private university with seven degree-granting schools, SMU is a distinguished center for teaching and research located near the heart of Dallas. SMU's 11,000 students benefit from small classes, leadership opportunities, international study and innovative programs.

Grade 5-10-Alex Rider is giving it up. Being a teenage secret agent is just too dangerous. He wants his old life back. As he lies in the hospital bed recovering from a gunshot wound, he contemplates the end of his career with MI6, the British secret service. But then he saves the life of Paul Drevin, son of multibillionaire Nikolei Drevin, and once again he is pulled into service. This time .