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Product Selling GuideSales Resources: Further sales support material is availableto download from www.jcbstore.com, including: Sales flashes Brochures Specification sheets Images3CX ECO/4CX ECOBackhoe LoaderWorld’s most efficient backhoe loader when tested againstcompetitors across typical duty cycles Latest newsTorqueLock provides up to a 25% fuel saving when roadingIntegrated quickhitch with forks gives best-in-class visibilityand lift capacityHigher backhoe output than any other competitor resultsin more material moved per hourF O R I N T E R N A L U S E O N LYLowest backhoe in-cab noise levels, highcomfort seat and ergonomic controls to handensures fatigue-free, productive workingJCB Sales Limited, Rocester, Staffordshire ST14 5JPTel: 44 (0) 1889 590312 www.jcb.comJCB reserves the right to change specifications without notice.Illustrations shown may include optional equipment and accessories.The JCB logo is a registered trademark of J C Bamford Excavators Ltd.9999/5492 UK 12/11 Issue 3

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideContentsInnovation in action04 – 09EcoDig – how it works10 – 13Exterior styling update14 – 15Cab refresh16THE WORLD’S No. 1 BACKHOENOW JUST GOT EVEN BETTERMore efficient –16% average savings* JCB Eco Systems Lower engine speedNew options17 – 25Product walkaround26 – 29JCB backhoe loader history30 – 31World firsts32 – 33More comfortableAttachment guide34 – 35 QuieterBackhoe fuel efficiency comparison36 – 43 New seatBackhoe competition comparison44 – 49 New interior styling Power brakes Faster cycle times Improved instrument visibilityEasier to use ECO/LO mode operation New visual display*Compared to previous generation0203

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideInnovation – efficiencyA three-pump hydraulic systemreduces fuel consumption andengine emissions by up to 15%.Through the use of JCB’s innovativeHydraulic Speed Control (HSC) system,the operator can select the number ofhydraulic pumps in use, increasing tractiveeffort when loading, and improving finecontrol when grading and backfilling.JCB’s EcoRoad locking torqueconverter, power brakes and improveddriveline efficiency result in impressivefuel savings of up to 25% and a significantexhaust emission reduction. This leadsto a boost in productivity and a lowerenvironmental impact.0405

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideInnovationInnovationThe EcoDig system uses three hydraulic pumps rather thantwo. This allows the same excavator performance even whenoperating at lower engine speed.EcoLoad is a package of features and options to increaseproductivity and maximise efficiency when loading. Up to 15% greater fuel economy when excavating Longer intervals between re-fuelling for better productivity I ncreased extra-dig speed without compromising flow toother services Lower noise levels for improved operator comfort U p to 15% reduction in carbon emissions which minimiseenvironmental impactEcoDig is now standard on manual and EasyControl machines,allowing them to reach the high efficiency standards already setby Advanced EasyControl machines due mainly to its variabledisplacement pump and flow on demand system.06 T ransmission disconnect diverts hydraulic power to the loaderarms for faster lifting cycles H ydraulic Speed Control (HSC) disconnects the 1st hydraulicpump to give more tractive effort when loading R eturn-To-Dig (RTD) automatically resets the shovel to thedig position saving time and effort Limited Slip Differential (LSD) automatically provides additionaltraction in challenging conditions J CB DIESELMAX engine provides high torque backup at lowrpm to maximise traction and pushing power S mooth Ride System (SRS) maximises load retention andoperator comfort at higher speeds both around site and onthe road07

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideInnovationInnovation – POWER BRAKESContinuing the theme of ‘Eco’, another package of features andoptions – EcoRoad is designed to provide best efficiency andproductivity when on the road.JCB’s already class-leading braking performance has now beenfurther enhanced by introducing power brakes and redesigningthe pedal position. T orqueLock reduces fuel consumption by up to 25% whilstalso reducing travel time by up to 10% or giving a chance toextend working radius by up to 10% P roportional braking throughout the pedal travel improvingbraking effort and control H ydraulic Speed Control (HSC) automatically disconnects the1st hydraulic pump in 4th gear to reduce fuel consumption P ower brakes gives full brake pad release to better maintainroading speeds and contributes to a further 1% saving in fuel T he complete JCB power train has been specifically designedfor our equipment, which ensures high efficiency and minimallosses for best tractive effort and low fuel consumption N ew automotive pedal position for improved ergonomics andoperator comfort F ull brake pad release for maintaining road speed andimproved fuel economy by 1% T he design of power brakes also utilises the existing hydraulicsupply removing the need for a separate brake reservoir,reducing operator costs and the number of daily service checksThe combination of EcoDig, EcoLoad, EcoRoad and Power Brakeswill provide customers with an average saving of up to 16%when typical average duty cycles are taken into account.0809

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling Guide P umps 1 & 2 are mounted on the transmission (same as theprevious generation)How it works P ump 3 mounts directly to the engine to provide additionalflow at lower rpmPump 3Pumps 1&2(engine mounted)(transmission mounted) O ptimum efficiency is achieved by setting the engine up to1700rpm and moving the ‘ECO/LO’ switch to the ECO position The LCD in the instrument panel shows the hydraulic operatingmode (eco or std) and auxiliary flow setting (high or low)EngineHydraulic oil tankTransmissionView of transmission and pump from above.1011

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideInnovation – LO MODETo benefit from maximum efficiency the operator needs toselect ‘ECO’ using the mode switch, and adjust the rpm betweenidle-1700. Outside of these parameters the 3rd pump is notfunctional and the machine reverts back to a 2 pump system.Selected using the ‘ECO/LO’ switch. Lo mode was previouslyknown as HSC (Hydraulic Speed Control) – disconnects the 1stpump and provides the following benefits: F urther fuel savings when roading (automatically activates in4th gear) F ine control of loader or excavator for precise operations suchas grading or lifting Increased tractive effort – more pushing power E CO/LO switch used for continuous operation, this can beintermittently overridden by a button on the loader leverPUMPPUMPRPM rangeidle – 17001700 – 1900 190012123 TRANSITION PERIOD LCD messageOperationRPM rangeidle – 1700HYD-ECOExcavatingHYD-ECOHYD-STDRoading1700 - 1900123 TRANSITION PERIODLCDmessageHYD-LOHYD-LO 1900 HYD-LOAll HOURS13

Product Selling GuideExterior styling updateProduct Selling Guide N ew cab roof uses JCB latest corporate style, with improvedwater run-off channels for better water dispersal N ew four independent front work lights allow positioning atground and loading levels for improved visibility to thewhole working area N ew style bonnet, grill, counterweight, loader arms andextending dipper enhance the overall appearance ofruggedness and strength Self raising bonnet gives smooth, refined operation for easeof use1415

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideCab refreshNew options – heated front screenThe cab interior has been updated for a more refined feel.New black interior reflects a more modern/stylish appearance. Quicker and safer methods of defrosting the front screen A utomatically activated at cold temperatures with a manualoverride switch Industry exclusive T he new seat material is more comfortable yet alsomore durable R e-designed steering wheel with improved contour grips,material and ergonomic spinner knob for better operation,comfort and feel N ew laser etched switches are backlit for improved clarityand visibility Overall a more sumptuous, quality feel to the cab1617

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideAuxiliary circuitsAuxiliary hydraulic hose reelCombined hammer & bi-directional circuitJCB already offers an industry exclusive Hand Held Tool Circuit(HHTC) which provides independent hydraulic supply for handtools. To complement this option JCB now offers a 9m hose reelon all 2CX, 3CX and 4CX models with the following benefits:Single and double acting auxiliary circuits to operate a widevariety of attachments. O perates bothlow-flow andhigh-flow attachments L ow back pressuremaintains optimumflow to attachment O perates independentof extending dipper H ammer only,or hammer andbi-directional optionsavailable A vailable on all 3CX& 4CX machines18 Self-retracting hose reel – eliminates damage during storage S imultaneous operation of the excavator and hand heldattachment improving productivity and versatility withoutthe cost of a separate compressor or power pack A cost effective solution for the customer Meets the EHTMA class C tool operation standard Low back pressures 138 bar pressure 20 lpm flow Wide range of power tools available from JCB attachments19

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideBumper protectionHot drinks machine Protects the front of the machine and vehicle when loadingIn 1972 JCB had the option of an in-cab electric kettle,rejuvenating this idea for today, JCB will now offer the option ofa hot drinks machine, using the existing 12v power supply andfits into the beacon storage position. Available on the 3CX only as the larger front wheels on the4CX extend in front of the machine which provides protection Durable self colour polyurethane material resists marking Compatible with 3CX ECO & 4CX ECO machines R eplacement drinks sachets are widely available from localconvenience stores or conventional tea bags can be used Integrated into the existing beacon storage holder Magnetic base allows easy removal for cleaning purposes Front cover secures the mug when operating the machine L oader lever interlocks to prevent inadvertent operation ofthe controls2021

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideHydraulic excavator quickhitchImmobiliser R educes the time and operator effort required to changeoverattachments – removes the need for the operator to leave thecomfort of the cabTo combat the increasing rise in plant equipment theft, JCB hasdeveloped a unique immobiliser system. This system, in conjunctionthe fitment of a CESAR datatag and JCB Livelink significantly reducesthe likelihood of machine theft with the following benefits: E nsures positive, secure engagement of the attachments toeliminate the risk of injury I nnovative electronic control system prevents the accidentalrelease of the attachments for increased safety C ompatible with a wide range of high performance JCBattachments I ncreased control over machines by eliminating unauthorisedstarting Real-time machine location with geofence and curfew alerts Ensures only competent operators have access to machines R educed insurance rates – JCB Insurance Services are offeringup to 45% reduction in premiums when compared to amachine with no security related discount E asy management of the system enabling the addition orre-programming of keys or PIN P eace of mind that the system is developed for the machine,by JCBAttachment pickup O ption of key transponder or a PIN pad system to suit thespecific needs of the customer Thatcham 3 star security level rated (applicable to the UK only)Positive, secure engagementPIN pad22Key transponder23

Product Selling GuideEWNSS 750 manual gearboxProduct Selling Guide I n line with the JCB ECO machine concept, the newSS 750 Manual gearbox delivers a 3% efficiency and fuel savingimprovement across roading and loading duties 4 forward and 4 reverse gears allows the operator toperfectly match the machine speed to the application foradded fuel efficiency D ual synchro ensures positive, light gear engagements anddelivers best-in-class shift quality Longer life, sealed park brake increases service intervalsreducing costs 4 0kph road speed (up from 35kph) reduces travel timebetween working sites I mproved reliability reduces machine downtime forincreased availability E rgonomically positioned short throw lever reduces operatoreffort when changing gear Low noise and low vibration further improves operator comfort T actile material handle which is resistant to scratches foradded durability S AHR (Spring Applied Hydraulic Release) clutch automaticallyengages 4WD when the engine is off, resulting in improvedpark end emergency brake performance for added safetyDual synchro2425

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideJCB 3CX & 4CX WalkaroundJCB 3CX & 4CX WalkaroundLoader endPowertrain 4 ram geometry for optimum visibility, strength and highshovel tearout A ll major components designed and manufactured by JCB forideal compatibility and machine integration H ose routing compliments visibility and reduces risk ofsite damage 4 0kph manual (dual synchro shuttle), Powershift (4-speed) orAutoshift (6-speed) with kick down gearbox options O ption of general purpose or 6-in-1 shovels to suit applicationand enhance versatility J CB DIESELMAX engine designed specifically for purpose,provides high torque at low rpm for excellent pushing androading performance 6 -in-1 with fold over forks for pallet-handling or optionalintegral loader quickhitch, increases visibility and payload upto 2000kg S mooth Ride System (SRS) increases operator comfort,increases shovel load retention, increases travel speed andreduces wear on loader arm linkages R eturn-To-Dig saves time by quickly returning shovel todigging position, reducing cycle times for extra productivity Bonnet design provides maximum front-end visibility Parallel lift maximises load retention and facilitates pallet handling H eavy-duty loader arms, which are crafted to enhancetruck loading O ptional lock-up torque converter saves up to 25% on fuel,10% faster on roads & up hills, extends working area by 10% O ptional LSD axles automatically provide extra traction asrequired for challenging ground conditions S ingle piece bonnet allows easy maintenance from groundlevel service access 3 mode braking easily selected in-cab to match application-- 2 WD 2WB – allows independent rear braking for tightturning circle in space restricted sites-- 2WD 4WB – for short stopping distances on the road-- 4WD 4WB – for extra traction in challenging conditions 4CX – 3 steer modes for excellent manoeuvrability P ower brakes reduce braking effort and gives full brake padrelease, resulting in a 1% fuel saving2627

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideJCB 3CX & 4CX WalkaroundJCB 3CX & 4CX WalkaroundExcavator endCab E qual length boom and dipper maximise trench length toreduce repositioning the machine W orld-leading cab design – designed to automotive standardsof quality and comfort R ams and hoses concealed within the boom for excellentprotection against damage and unimpeded visibility L owest noise levels and protected from vibration to prolongoperator comfort 201 bucket rotation gives excellent spoil retention at full height L ow lever efforts – choice of manual or seat-mounted servocontrols to match operator preference M ulti-position tipping lever provides 2 modes – Power orSpeed – depending on work duty required P owerslide hydraulically side shifts the excavator, ideal in tightspaces and protects the surrounding ground from damage C lear visibility all-round reduces accidental damage andunnecessary repairs, best-in-class visibilty due to low bonnet line Extradig provides 1.2m more reach, depth or height E asy, safe cab entry and exit – large grab handles and extragrip steps for security S imple adjustment of stabiliser and extradig wear pads forreliable operation through machine life H eater or aircon options available to ensure the operatorremains comfortable in inclement weather O ptional excavator hydraulic quickhitch reduces the time takenand operator effort required to change over attachments O ptional heated front screen is easier and quicker to clear incold climates Spacious cab includes ample storage for operator’s personal itemsChassis Exceptional ground clearance helps protect the underside O ptional hot drinks machine provides beverages on-demandwithout leaving the cab 160 litre fuel tank for reduced refuelling Certified to ROPS & FOPS safety standards Plastic fuel tank prevents rust and protects the fuel system M oulded composite floor for easy cleaning and water drainchannels – non slip P atented stabiliser wear parts are easy to adjust reducingdowntime when adjustment is required S uspended foot pedals for easy floor cleaning and preventingdebris trapping around the pedals L arge storage compartment which is cooled by the airconditioning system (when fitted) keeps refreshments chilled2829

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideThe JCBbackhoe loader history1980JCB 3CX (P200)JCB 3D19811984198519901988 JCB 3CX (P7)1995 JCB 2DX1997 JCB 2CX Super1991199119921997 JCB 3CX (P12)1998 JCB 3CX Contractor2002 JCB 4CX (P21)2002 JCB 4CXM1992 JCB 2CX Streetmaster2001 JCB 2CX MKIII19941995200219801953JCB MK1 Major Loader1960JCB 41963JCB 3C1957JCB Hydra-Digga Loadall1961JCB 31963JCB 11958JCB Hydra-Digga Loadall 651962JCB 4C1964JCB 2JCB 4CNJCB 3CX Hammermaster JCB 2CXJCB 3CX Sitemaster (P8) JCB 4CX SitemasterJCB 1CXJCB 3CX Super1967 JCB 3C MKII1977 JCB 3C MKIIIJCB 2CX MKIIJCB 3CX (P21)2009 JCB 3CX Contractor Pro19641967JCB 2BJCB 3D1967 JCB 2B MKII1968 JCB 3D MKII1977 JCB 3D MKIII1968 JCB 4D MKII196719701977JCB 3 MKIIJCB 3CX SitemasterJCB 2D1967JCB 4DJCB 3C MKIII20042005JCB Mini CXJCB 3C2007200720102012JCB Midi CXJCB 3CX ECOJCB HMEEJCB 1CX1971 JCB 2D MKII3031

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideWorld firstsFIRST Four-wheel drive backhoe loaderFIRST Torque converter driveINNOVATION IN ACTIONFIRST Lock-up torque converterFIRST Powershift transmissionFIRST Side shift chassis Most efficient backhoe loader (3CX)- 7.64 litres/hour consumed duringaverage duty cycleFIRST Powerslide excavatorFIRST Skid steer backhoe loaderFIRST All-wheel steerFIRST Extending dipperFIRST Shovel with integrated quickhitch and forks Largest range- 38 models World’s number one- 45% world market shareFIRST With servo controls3233

Product Selling GuideProduct Selling GuideAttachment guideBACKHOE ATTACHMENTS – Standard Profile Bucket3CX LOADER ATTACHMENTS – Direct Mount – All modelsLoader buckets are listed according to size and application. All buckets are drilled to accept optionalauxiliary cutting edge or teeth. Flat top box section provides rigidity and assists in bucket levelling.Capacity SAEWidth mm (ft-in)Rated m³ (yd³)Struck m³ (yd³)G.P. shovel2235 (7-4)2350 (7-8)1.0 (1.32)1.1 (1.44)2235 (7-4)2350 (7-8)1.0 (1.32)1.0 (1.32)0.83 (1.09)0.91 (1.19)6-in-1 shovel0.76 (1.00)0.76 (1.00)Width*mm (in)229 (9)305 (12)†356 (14)†400 (16)†457 (18)†610 (24)†800 (32)†950 (37)†Capacity SAERated m³ (ft³)Struck m³ (ft³)0.04 (1½)0.03 (1)0.05 (13 4)0.06 (21 8)0.075 (2½)0.06 (2)0.09 (3)0.07 (2½)0.09 (3)0.12 (41 4)0.17 (6)0.13 (4½)0.24 (8½)0.17 (6)0.30 (10½)0.21 (71 4)Weight ( Teeth)kg (lb)Teeth95 (209)0102 (225)3105 (231)3109 (240)3116 (256)3140 (310)4162 (355)5198 (435)5* Including sidecutters. Width less sidecutters deduct 25mm (1in).† Available with additional wear strips to give added strength and rigidity.DITCHING BUCKETS4CX LOADER ATTACHMENTS – Direct MountLoader buckets are listed according to size and application. All buckets are drilled to accept optionalauxiliary cutting edge or teeth. Flat top box section provides rigidity and assists in bucket levelling.Width mm (ft-in)2235 (7-4)2350 (7-8)2350 (

3CX ECO/4CX ECO Backhoe Loader World’s most efficient backhoe loader when tested against competitors across typical duty cycles TorqueLock provides up to a 25% fuel saving when roading Integrated quickhitch with forks gives best-in-class visibility and lift capacity Higher backhoe output than any other competitor results in more material moved per hour Lowest backhoe in-cab noise levels .

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3CX/4CX ECO, we fit a traditional manual control system as standard, with a choice of three control patterns – JCB X, SAE and ISO . With joystick-controlled loader operations on Advanced EasyControl, it’s comfortable, logical and easy to control the loader end of a 3CX or 4CX. COMFORT AND EASE OF USE 3CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER 11 6 7 5 JCB X .

JCB Backhoe Loaders feature heavy duty one piece mainframe, componentised driveline and fully enclosed engine compartment. All fluid and component compartments are lockable using the ignition key. BACKHOE LOADER 4CX/4CX ECO SITEMASTER 4CX ECO MAX. ENGINE POWER: 81kW (109hp) MAX. BACKHOE DIG DEPTH: 6.51 metres MAX. LOADER CAPACITY: 1.3m3 4CX ECO SITEMASTER MAX. ENGINE POWER: 81kW (109hp) MAX .

3CX/4CX ECO BACKHOE LOADER 7 Digging further. A 3CX or 4CX ECO’s 4-ram self-levelling loader automatically adjusts the shovel on both raise and lower cycles without any need for manual adjustment. It also provides unhindered front shovel visibility, especially when loading at height. The JCB return-to-dig feature means operators can

JCB 4CX: the ultimate backhoe loader. 5 As the largest, most productive backhoe model we produce, boasting unparalleled power, peformance and versatility, the JCB 4CX ECO is the ideal machine for just about any application, from road-building to house-building, waste recycling and landscaping. 6 The 4CX ECO’s large optional 1.3m³ shovel capacity along with 3 steering modes provide .

JcB 4cX: the ultimate backhoe loader. 5 Boasting unparalleled power, peformance and versatility, the JCB 4CX ECo is the ideal machine for just about any application, from road-building to house-building, waste recycling and landscaping. 6 The 4CX ECo’s large optional 1.3m³ shovel capacity along with 3 steering modes provide exceptional on-site productivity. 4 5 6 6. COMFORT AND EASE OF USE .

JCB 4CX: the ultimate backhoe loader. 5 Boasting unparalleled power, peformance and versatility, the JCB 4CX ECO is the ideal machine for just about any application, from road-building to house-building, waste recycling and landscaping. 6 The 4CX ECO’s large optional 1.3m³ shovel capacity along with 3 steering modes provide exceptional on-site productivity. 4 5 6 6. COMFORT AND EASE OF USE .

Models TTS-25KN and TTS-50KN 0.50 - 500 mm/min at 20% rated capacity (0.020 - 20 in/min at 20% rated capacity) Models TTS-65KN, TTS-71KN, and TTS-90KNA 0.50 - 300 mm/min at 20% rated capacity (0.020- 12.0 in/min at 20% rated capacity) Note: Special modified versions of the TTS Series machines may have speed ranges different from those listed above.

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