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You choose a backhoe loader for its versatilityYou choose JCB because it’s the best. it’s the world’s number one

JCB BACKHOE LOADERThe world’s most complete backhoe loader rangeThey say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. When others imitate you, it means you’ve setthe standard they aspire to. It means you’re doing something right. JCB invented the backhoeloader. We’ve always led the way. Since that day in 1953 when we built the world’s first backhoeloader, innovation has been our foundation. And excellence in design has been our standard.We have consistently improved on the original concept of a rugged, dependable backhoe loaderin order to maintain our position as the world’s leading backhoe loader manufacturer. The new3CX and 4CX models feature the innovative EcoDig system, taking efficiency and productivity toa whole new level. JCB was the world’s first, is the world’s best selling and now the world’s mostefficient backhoe loader.

World’s First and still theworld’s best-sellingIn 1953, Joseph Cyril Bamford, the man later to be known as Mr.JCB, built the first Major Loader using his own concept as thebasis for the design. That first machine consisted of a tractor with aloader on the front and an excavator arm on the back. That simplemachine evolved into what we know today as the backhoe loader.Mr. JCB’s machines have revolutionized the construction job sitefor more than half a century.Having pioneered the backhoe loader, JCB continued toimprove on its first concept design. By employing advancedengineering principles, we expanded the machine’s capabilities.Many of our leading innovations have since become standardfeatures on backhoe loaders throughout the industry. Consider,for instance, four-wheel drive, extending dippers, torqueconverter drive, powershift transmissions and all-wheel steer.They were all JCB firsts.The world’s best sellingbackhoe loader - JCB 3CXJCB built its reputation as the world leader in backhoe loadersby making its machines increasingly productive, dependable andefficient on the job site, and by fostering a level of operator comfortunequalled by other manufacturers. As a result, the JCB backhoeloader has out sold all of its competitors globally.And now, with the launch of its latest backhoe loader, JCB hascrafted a machine that is more productive and more efficient thanall other backhoes loaders on the market today. With nearly half ofthe worldwide market share, the JCB backhoe loader has provenitself to be the world’s best.Nearly half of all thebackhoe loaders sold inthe world are a JCB.The world’s first backhoe loader–The JCB Major Loader

history of innovation1953JCB MK1 Major Loader1957JCB Hydra-Digga Loadall1958JCB Hydra-Digga Loadall 651960JCB 41961JCB 31962JCB 4C1963JCB 3C1963JCB 11967 JCB 3C MKII1977 JCB 3C MKIII1964JCB 21980JCB 3D1994JCB 1CX1964196719671967 JCB 2B MKII1968 JCB 3D MKII1977 JCB 3D MKIII1968 JCB 4D MKII19811984198519901988 JCB 3CXJCB 2BJCB 3CX Sitemaster1995JCB 3CX SuperJCB 3DJCB 4CN2002JCB 3CXJCB 4DJCB 3CX Hammermaster2004JCB Mini CX1967197019801991199119921995 JCB 2DX1997 JCB 2CX Super1997 JCB 3CX1998 JCB 3CX Contractor2002 JCB 4CX2002 JCB 4CXM1992 JCB 2CX Streetmaster2005200720072010JCB 3 MKII1970JCB 2DJCB 3 MKIIIJCB 3CX1971 JCB 2D MKIIJCB 2CXJCB 3CJCB 3CX SitemasterJCB HMEEJCB 4CX SitemasterJCB Midi CXJCB 2CX MKII2001 JCB 2CX MKIIIJCB 3CX

MIDI CXnFEATURES1CXFEATURES8’ dig depth side-shifting backhoe to work in tight and confined job sitesParallel lift loader with universal skid steer coupler as standardn Superior maneuverability, can turn 180 around within its own lengthn Seat mounted servo joysticks to control machine drive and loader functionsn Comfortable operator environment available in cab or canopynThe largest JCB backhoe loader that can be towed by a ¾ ton pick-up truckRemovable 10’ backhoe giving access to a three point hitch and PTOn Powerful loader, with universal skid steer quick hitch and auxiliary hydraulics as standardn Hydrostatic transmission with optional creep speedn True backhoe loader main frame design for increased power and longer lifenn

3C12’ dig depth backhoe mounted on a sideshift rear frame gives reduced working footprint4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer make the machine very maneuverable in tight areasn Powerful parallel lift loader with hydraulic quick coupler and auxiliary hydraulics as standardn Full size cab or canopy options to keep the operator comfortablen Most powerful, productive and efficient 12’ dig depth backhoe loader availablennFEATURESFEATURES2CXBACKHOE LOADER rangeLargest front bucket in its class makes it the most productive against the competitionEqual length boom and dipper maximizes the workable trench, increasing productivityn Highest backhoe digging and lifting forces mean this is the strongest in its classn 92HP JCB Dieselmax engine, ensures the power is where it is needed in all applicationsn Most cost effective 14’ or 15’ dig depth backhoe loader available from JCBnn

3CXFEATURESAvailable in 14’, 15’ and 17’ dig depth configurationsMost efficient digging backhoe loader available with the new EcoDig featuren Moves more dirt per hour than any other backhoe loader on the marketn Parallel lift loader as standard, combined with large capacity loader buckets, maximizes productivityn Deluxe cab or canopy options to provide the most comfortable environmentnn

FEATURES4CXBACKHOE LOADER rangennnnnAvailable in 14’, 15’ and 17’ dig depth configurations4 equal size tires for better floatation in soft ground applicationsHigher ground clearance so the machine can negotiate tougher terrainIncreased versatility with three steer modes (2 wheel, 4 wheel and crab steer)True wheel loader performance in a backhoe loader package

ECODIG BENEFITSNever before has a system been incorporated into a backhoeloader that allows the operator to minimize engine speed fora lower fuel burn, and do so without sacrificing productivity orperformance. The JCB EcoDig system achieves this by using athird hydraulic pump that provides key benefits:nnnnnImproved fuel efficiency during excavationLonger time between refueling, increases productivityand decreases costResults in a 50% reduction of in cab noise levelsReduces carbon emissions by up to 15%, making themachine more environmentally friendlyLess component wear and tear, extending work life of themachine15%REDUCTIONG A L LO N S / H O U RIn today’s challenging economic times, it makes good businesssense to keep an eye on cash flow. The function of a backhoeloader is to dig trenches and move dirt. The new JCB 3CX &4CX is the most efficient backhoe loader available today. It movesmore dirt per gallon of fuel than any other backhoe on the market.BestCompetitorJCBPrevious ModelNEW JCB3CXThe JCB EcoDig feature on the new backhoe loadergives up to a 15% fuel savingsMORE15tons/hourTONS/HOURThe World’s mostefficient backhoe

BAckhoe Performance

The transmission disconnect redirects the hydraulic powerfrom the engine to the loader arm cylinders for faster lifting.The parallel lift loader arm and Smooth Ride System (SRS)provide excellent load retention, while the limited slipdifferentials automatically provide additional traction whenthe machine is operating in adverse conditions or pushinginto the pile. Finally, the structurally sound loader arm onthe JCB backhoe loader is built to last.All of these features make the JCB 3CX and 4CX the bestperforming backhoe loaders available today. Moving moredirt per gallon of fuel, makes them the most efficient loadersin their class.ECOLOADG A L L O NBENEFITSS/HOURThe JCB DieselMax engine, with its high torque at lowrpms, provides all the power required to push into thepile. Further, the machine’s large front bucket moves morematerial with each pass. The net result is more dirt movedeach hour.nnnnnLargest loader bucket moves more material with eachpass resulting in more productivityJCB Dieselmax engine designed to haveREDUCTIONtorque whereneeded to push into the pileLimited Slip differentials as standard provide tractionautomatically when it is neededSmooth Ride System maximizes load retention forincreased productivityParallel lift loader arm keeps palletized loads level whileBestJCBNEW JCBraisingand lowering15%CompetitorPrevious Model3CX15MOREtons/hourTONS/HOURJCB backhoe loaders offer unrivaled performance with highlift capacities and breakout forces. Our exclusive EcoLoadfeature encompasses multiple benefits for the operator.BestCompetitorJCB 3CXWithoutEcoLoadFeaturesJCB 3CXWITHEcoLoadFeaturesJCB has the most productive loader of any backhoeloader on the market25%INCREASEM I L E S / G A L LO NWorld’s mostproductive loader

Loader Performance

G A L LO N S / H O UREDUCTIONBestCompetitorJCBPrevious ModelNEW JCB3CX15Backhoe Across AmericaThe world’s greatest earthmover recently completed amarathon, 3,185-mile road trip from the Atlantic to Pacificoceans to demonstrate its ability to be driven long distanceswith minimal tire wear, while raising money for victims of theearthquake in Haiti.tons/hourTONS/HOUREvery backhoe loader was designed to dig and load, sodriving it on the road from one job site to another doesn’tsound like an economical practice. Actually, that’s an idealway to transport the JCB 3CX and 4CX to the work site.With the JCB EcoRoad system, there never has been amore efficient way of transporting a backhoe loader.ECOROAD BENEFITSSaving you moneybetween jobsMOREnnnnThe hydraulic system automatically drops out two of thepumps to increase efficiencies while driving at speedIndustry exclusive JCB Torquelock is standard with 6 speedAutoshift transmissions giving an operator up to 25% fuelsavings and 10% reduction in travel time during roadingPower brakes further increase efficiencies while driving onthe roadJCB Smooth Ride System keeps machine from bouncingwhile driving at speed, enhancing operator comfort andBestJCB 3CXJCB 3CXCompetitorWithoutWITHminimizingmaterial spillageEcoLoadFeaturesThe journey took 120 hours of driving time as thedependable JCB 3CX made its way from Savannah,Georgia, to the Santa Monica Pier in California. The3CX made 14 stops as it wound its way acrossAmerica’s southern states in the spring of 2010.25%INCREASEM I L E S / G A L LO NThe feat earned JCB a spot in the Guinness Book ofWorld Records for the longest journey in an excavator/digger. It also helped to establish JCB’s reputation asthe manufacturer of choice for work-tested, rugged anddependable construction equipment.BestCompetitorJCB designs, develops and builds the entiredrive-line for our backhoe loadersEcoLoadFeaturesJCB 3CXWithoutEcoRoadFeaturesJCB 3CXWITHEcoRoadFeaturesJCB backhoe loaders help you get to the nextjob faster, and at a lower cost

roading performance

A comfortableoperator is aproductive operatorAt JCB, we design our backhoe loaders around the operator.We believe in creating an environment that enables today’shard working operators to enjoy a fatigue free experience.The bottom line is that a comfortable operator is a moreproductive operator. More productivity equates to moreprofit on the bottom line.With our latest generation backhoe loader, we haveimproved on our industry benchmark design and have nowmade it even better, setting the bar even higher. The deluxeenvironment is purposely designed to maximize comfort,control and safety.The comfort begins the minute an operator sits down inthe deluxe suspension seat. The automotive style interior isboth functional and stylish. With strategically placed air ventsthroughout the cab, total comfort is assured no matter whatthe conditions outside. The deluxe cab is the biggest in theindustry and has the most storage as well, insuring that youcan keep all of your essential items close at hand.Safety is assured with the standard ROPS and FOPS featureof both our cab and canopy configurations. The JCBoperators environment offers best in class visibility, duringboth loader and backhoe operations, which makes anoperator safer and more productive around the jobsite.When utilizing the loader or backhoe, an operator is treatedwith low effort controls that are ergonomically positionedto enhance loading, roading and backhoe tasks. To furtherimprove productivity and operator comfort, one can opt forthe seat mounted JCB EasyControl system. These ultra loweffort controls give the operator the feel they need and theproductivity they demand, whether its during rear facing ornon rear facing operation.In addition to these standard features enjoyed by all of ouroperators, JCB offer some unique options that furtherenhance the operator experience with a JCB backhoe loader.CAB OPTIONSnUnrivaled visibilitynnAir suspension and heated seat to further enhanceoperator comfortJCB EasyControls were an industry first, allowing oneto operate the backhoe facing either to the rear or tothe side of the machine, providing for a better vantagepoint while operatingHot beverage machine, exclusive to JCB, allows theoperator to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea during thework day

operator environment

To ensure the JCB 3CX or 4CX is always ready to delivertop performance, we make sure that servicing each machineis quick and easy. The one-piece hood was designed foreffortless lifting. All daily checks, along with oil and fuelrefilling, can be carried out from ground level.At JCB, we stand behind our products. That’s why weoffer the industry’s best warranty – a standard, two-year,full machine warranty and three-year structural warranty.For additional peace of mind, our coverage is backed by a48-hour parts guarantee*. Why do we offer such extensivewarranties? Because we believe in our equipment.A sensor in the cab automatically indicates when the airfilter becomes blocked and when it detects water in thefuel. An internal air precleaner reduces maintenance evenfurther, while improving visibility. Adjusting wear pads onthe Extradig is very simple and keeps the machine runningat its best. And the one-piece, flat composite floor, hangingpedals and drainage channels prevent rust and make foreasy cleaning or power washing, all the while insulating theoperator from noise and vibrationProtection comes standardnnnnIndustry best standard 2 year warrantyIncludes 3 year structural warrantyFull JCB machine range coveredFirst year warranty covers unlimited hours, secondyear covered up to 2,000 hoursJCB is committed to the best aftersales support in the industry. The 2 yearstandard warranty can be serviced by any authorized JCB dealership and istransferable during the standard 2 year period.Parts when you need themn48 HOUR PARTS2 YEAR WARRANTYMinimizing yourdowntimennCovers all current production backhoe loadersDelivered to the dealer in 48 hours, NOT shipped in 48 hoursIf part isn’t delivered to the dealer in 48 hours, partsand freight are free!Maintain your productivity by minimizing your downtime. JCB guarantees deliveryof your part within 48 hours once the participating dealer orders the part. Weekends, holidays and acts of nature excluded from the program.* At participating dealers only


World’s mostversatile toolThe most flexible and resourceful tool on the job site, theJCB backhoe loader can run a vast array of attachments,thus enhancing its versatility and keeping it working longer.Optional quick couplers located front and back makeattachment changeover quick and easy to reduce time between tool changes. All attachments are JCB-approved toensure the machine and the attachment work in conjunctionwith each other.A Hand-Held Tool Circuit is available as an option. The circuitis an independent hydraulic supply for hand-held tools. Inaddition, JCB is also offering a 30 foot hose reel on all 2CX,3CX and 4CX models. Some of the tools available for thiscircuit are: hand-held hammers, water pumps, chain saws andchop saws. Both the hand-held tool circuit and the excavatorcan be operated at the same time, thus increasing theproductivity and versatility of the machine while eliminating theneed for a power source for the hand-held tools.A new, optional combined hammer & bi-directional circuitfurther enhances its versatility. This single and double-actingauxiliary circuit can operate a wide variety of attachments. Itoperates both low-flow and high-flow attachments with lowback pressure to maintain optimum flow to the attachment.This new circuit operates independent of the extending dipper.Maximum versatility formaximum productivity

attachmentsQUICK COUPLERSHAMMERSSWEEPER Enable quick interchange betweenbackhoe attachments Options available on all backhoe loaders, fromthe 1CX to the 4CX Hydraulic options available on 3CXand 4CX JCB Hammermaster series incorporate highpower ratings to ensure greater work speed Constant blow energy is maintainedirrespective of hydraulic oil flow Quiet version available for work in urban areas Versions available on 1CX through to4CX models A range of brooms and sweeper collectors forall JCB backhoe loaders Allows JCB backhoe loaders to clean up afterthemselves at the end of the workday.SPECIALTY BUCKETSSPECIALTY BACKHOE ATTACHMENTSLOADER QUICKHITCH JCB offers a wide array of speciality buckets toinclude ditching and grading Augers up to 36” in diameter are just anexample of the specialty backhoe attachmentsoffered by JCB Hydraulic or mechanical options available,speeding up attachment changeover timeon the 1CX – 4CX Optional weld on conversion bracketsavailable for most models JCB designed for maximum compatibilityand durability6 IN 1 LOADER BUCKET Total versatility in all material handling dutiesfrom simple loading to precision grading Sizes ranging from 0.3 cu.yd. on the 1CX to1.6 cu.yd. on the 4CX Direct mount or JCB Quickhitch compatible Drilled to accept cutting edge or teethGENERAL PURPOSE loader bucket JCB designed for maximum performanceand durability Drilled to accept cutting edge or teeth Comprehensive range of sizes ranging from0.3yd3 on the 1CX to 1.7yd3 on4CX models Direct mount or JCB Quickhitch compatible


walkaround63efficient jcb drivelinennn4efficient hydraulic systemnnn1Most productive Loader in the business5Standard 1.4 cubic yard bucket, which is the largest in its class forhigh productivityn Heavy duty loader arm design with box frame construction and onepiece torque tuben Four cylinder geometry giving parallel lift as standardn Can lift up to 9,231 pounds of material with the optional heavy lift cylindern2strongest mainframe aroundMainframe has a design life in excess of 24,000 hoursTwo inches of steel on top and bottom rear frame plates to take alldigging forcesn Mainframe parts formed rather than welded to ensure maximum durabilityn 10’10” outrigger spread provides for a very stable machine duringbackhoe digging operation.nJCB Dieselmax engine, designed, built and tested for the 3CX & 4CXbackhoe loadersTwo JCB transmission options – 4 speed powershift or 6 speed autoshiftwith torque lockJCB axles are standard limited slip with outboard planetary hubs toprovide the best push into the pileNew “ECODIG” system consists of a three gear pump system, giving afuel savings of up to 15%All hydraulic cylinders are manufactured by JCB with the same strengthand durability throughout the life of the machineOptional JCB Easycontrols are servo controls with the same feel andspeed which can be found in a manually controlled machine, but with theease and comfort of two joysticks mounted at the operator’s seatcomfortable operators environmentnnn6Quietest operators cab in the industry with a one piece composite“suregrip” floor which aids in sound dampening, heat absorption, aswell as in cleaningLarge open area to give a comfortable working area for the operatorSeven position, fully adjustable suspension seat as standard, withoptional heated air suspension seatproductive backhoe-excavatornnnnExtremely durable boxed design with equal length boom and dipperwhich allows oper

the worldwide market share, the JCB backhoe loader has proven itself to be the world’s best. The world’s best selling backhoe loader - JCB 3CX The world’s first backhoe loader– The JCB Major Loader Nearly half of all the backhoe loaders sold in the world are a JCB. HIsTORy Of INNOvATION 1980 JCB 3D 1991 JCB 3CX Sitemaster 1997 JCB 3CX 1998 JCB 3CX Contractor 1981 JCB 3CX Sitemaster .

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The JCB backhoe and skid steer loader are two world-leading machines, now combined to create one incredible new concept - the world’s first skid steer backhoe loader. 1CX SKID STEER BACKHOE LOADER INNOVATION 1964 JCB 2B 1967 JCB 2B MKII 1963 JCB 1 1970 JCB 2D 1971 JCB 2D MKII 1964 JCB 2 1967 JCB 4D 1968 JCB 4D MKII 1980 JCB 3CX (P200) 1953 JCB MK1 Major Loader 1957 JCB Hydra-Digga Loadall .

The JCB backhoe and skid steer loader are two world-leading machines, now combined to create one incredible new concept - the world’s first skid steer backhoe loader. 1CX SKID STEER BACKHOE LOADER INNOVATION 1964 JCB 2B 1967 JCB 2B MKII 1963 JCB 1 1970 JCB 2D 1971 JCB 2D MKII 1964 JCB 2 1967 JCB 4D 1968 JCB 4D MKII 1980 JCB 3CX (P200) 1953 JCB MK1 Major Loader 1957 JCB Hydra-Digga Loadall .

of a JCB backhoe loader. Introducing the JCB Backhoe Loader range BACKHOE LOADER RANGE Operating Weight (kg) 1530 2790 5599 5800 5774 5710 5550 4690 7370 8070 7725 8425 8070 7950 8660 8130 8880 Net Engine Power (kW) 14.7 35 51.5 51.5 56 51.5 51.5 56 63 68.6 68.6 68.6 74.2 74.2 74.2 74.2 74.2

JCB BACKHOE LOADER 2CX RANGE Helping You Get the Job Done! JCB BACKHOE LOADER 2CX RANGE OPERATING WEIGHTS Operating weight includes machine equipped with standard loader bucket and standard rear attachments, full fluid levels and SAE operator. 2CX 12FT LOADER UTILITY lb (kg) lb (kg

EXCAVATOR. SERIAL . backhoe serial number guide to year case 580 series loader'. 'case backhoe . Trucks Dump Trucks Cement Mixers Cranes Excavator Loaders Dozer Rollers. . BRUDER MACK Granite Truck with Low loader and JCB 4CX Backhoe loader 02813. 103.50. or Best . Serial Number: JCB4CXAPKJ2516478 Year: 2018. BCEAD FGHJJCB Backhoe

JCB is pleased to announce the launch of the new generation of 3CX and 4CX backhoe loaders which will be unveiled for the first time at the Bauma show in Germany on the 19th April. Designed to reset the standards for backhoe loaders globally, the new models will take cost of ownership, productivity, versatility and comfort to new levels. The new generation JCB Backhoe loader is our most .

2 The 406 has an easy-maintenance mechanical JCB Diesel engine by Kohler offering potent performance. 3 JCB standard hydraulic quickhitch makes attachment changing quick and efficient. 1 3 2 2 406 WHEEL LOADER THE JCB 406 IS A HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE WHEELED LOADER WITH OP

A Comprehensive Thermal Management System Model for Hybrid Electric Vehicles by Sungjin Park A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Mechanical Engineering) in The University of Michigan 2011 Doctoral Committee: Professor Dionissios N. Assanis, Co-Chair Assistant Professor Dohoy Jung, Co-Chair Professor Huei Peng Professor .