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JUICES 16 oz. 9 / 20 oz. 10GREEN MACHINEcucumber, apple, lemon, ginger, spinach, kale, celeryBORN REDYbeet, red cabbage, carrot, pear, cucumber, celery, limeMELLOW YELLOWyellow bell pepper, cucumber, apple, pineapple, limeORANGE YA GLADcarrot, pineapple, orange, lemonTICKLED PINK (Seasonal)watermelon, cucumber, lemon, pink sea saltADD-INSCBD (25 mg) 4GINGER 50

SMOOTHIES 20 oz. 9THE AWAKENING*cold brew coffee, almond milk, cacao, peanut butter, bananaGREEN WITH ENVYmango, avocado, orange, lime, mint, spinachBANANRAMA*banana, orange, pineapple, almond milkSEASIDE*banana, blueberry, spinach, peanut butter, almond milkSTRAWBERRY FIELDSstrawberry, blueberry, banana, spinachFLAMINGOdragonfruit, banana, pineapple, agave, lime*contains nutsADD-INS 50 Cacao NibsCoconutChia SeedsGingerTurmericCharcoalCinnamon 1AvocadoHemp SeedsPea Protein 17mgPeanut Butter 2Almond Butter 4CBD (25mg)

C OFFEEMOCHA SALTED CARAMELNitro, alt,chocolateChocolate20oz. Iced 6.25 / 16oz. Hot 4THE DREAMERNitro, illa20oz. Iced 6.25 / 16oz. Hot 4PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT*Nitro, RosewaterWater20oz. Iced 6.25 / 16oz. Hot 4MINT CONDITION*Nitro, colate20oz. Iced 6.25 / 16oz. Hot 4DOWNEAST HOT COFFEE almondAlmond oror oatOatmilkMilk 50 16oz. Hot 3 4DOWNEAST NITRO COLD BREW Almond or Oat Milk 50 16oz. Iced 5*contains nuts

TEAMATCHA LATTE*Almond milkalmondMilk matchaMatchae20oz. Iced 5.25MATCHA LAVENDER LATTEOat milkoatMilk matchaMatcha lavenderLavender20oz. Iced 5.50MATCHA MINT LATTE*Almond milkalmondMilk matchaMatcha mintMint20oz. Iced 5.50ICED TEAFlavor of the day20oz. 3.50HOT TEABlood Orange Hibiscus, Mediterranean Mint,Blue Flower Earl Grey, Or China Green Jade16oz. 3 Almond or Oat Milk 50 *contains nuts

BREAKFAS T BOWL SAÇAIhouse açai blend topped with strawberry, blueberry,granola, chia, cacao nibsOATMEALbanana, blueberry, almonds, coconut,peanut butter *11.759FROZEN COCOA11.75GALAXY13.50MATCHA PINEAPPLESMOOTHIE BOWL12.50blended banana, avocado, almond milk, date,maple syrup, cocoa, topped with strawberry, banana,cacao nibs, coconut *blended banana, blueberry, charcoal topped withhemp seeds, granola, pineapple, bananablended pineapple, banana, matcha topped with coconut,strawberry and granolaaçaibowlLorem ipsumavocadotoast*contains nuts

GRAIN BOWL Sserved over kale with a choice of quinoa or brown rice12GLOWsweet potato, white bean, carrot, beet, raisin,hemp seed, cabbage, avocado herb dressingEASTeggplant, carrot, scallion, kimchi, nori, sesame,edamame, avocado, ginger miso dressingGREEKchickpeas, cucumber, tomato, onion, artichoke heart,olive, hummus, parsley, tzatziki *ARRIBAcumin black beans, sweet potato, onion, tomato, avocado,pickled jalapeno, cilantro, agave lime dressingarribabowlSAL ADSKALE CAESAR10ROOT COBB12.50hemp seeds, coconut bacon,barrettʼs garden farmesean, toasted ciabatta * BBQ jackfruit 4 / avo 2bibb Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado,coconut bacon, corn, ranch dressing, scallions BBQ Jackfruit 4*contains nuts

TOAS TSlocally baked multigrain, 2 pieces per orderAVOCADO8.25HUMMUS7.50BANANA ALMOND JOY7.25RICOTTA BERRY8.25PESTO8.25pickled onions, everything bagel seasoning, pea shootscucumber, tzatziki, pea shoots *peanut butter, banana, almonds, coconut, cacao nibs, agave*Barrettʼs Farm Fauxcotta, blackberries, basil, agavehouse made pesto, sliced tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic *SANDWIC HESCHICKPEA SALAD9COCONUT BACON BLT9.25CIAO BELLA10.00BBQ JACKFRUIT12.00house chickpea salad, bibb lettuce, tomato,toasted multigrain * avo 2 / Violife Cheddar 1toasted multigrain avo 2 / Violife Cheddar 1Barrettʼs Garden Mozzarella, roasted red peppers,red onion, ciabatta, pesto * avo 2house pickled onion, ranch dressing, pea shoots, bibb lettuce, ciabatta avo 2 / Violife Cheddar 1THE BREAKFAST SANDWICH“Just Egg” and Violife cheddar on an english. avo 1.50 / coconut bacon 1 / tomato 75 7*contains nuts

Hemp Seeds Pea Protein 17mg . TEA MATCHA LATTE* Almond Milk Matchae 20oz. Iced 5.25 MATCHA LAVENDER LATTE Oat Milk Matcha Lavender 20oz. Iced 5.50 MATCHA MINT LATTE* Almond Milk Matcha Mint 20oz. Iced 5.50 ICED TEA Flavor of the day 20oz. 3.50 HOT TEA Blood Orange Hibiscus, Mediterranean Mint, Blue Flower Earl Grey, Or China .

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BACK to return SUBWOOFER SETUP SW limiter.: dB Increase limiter level using VOL buttons. Press ENTER just before the subwoofer is clipping. press BACK to cancel. MAIN MENU Digital audio.: menu Input setup.: menu System setup.: menu Speaker Setup.: menu Delay Setup.: menu Balance Setup.: menu Subwoofer Setup: menu ENTER to enter menu

NetWare Setup Page Print Fonts Print Directory Settings Setup Menu Finishing Menu Quality Menu Utilities Menu PDF Menu PostScript Menu PCL Emul Menu HTML Menu Image Menu Security Max Invalid PIN Job Expiration Network/Ports IPv6 TCP/IP Standard Network Network x Standard USB USB x Parallel Parallel x Serial x NetWare AppleTalk LexLink .

If the OSD menu is closed, press to open the Viewing Modes menu. (3) Minus button If the OSD menu is open, press to navigate backward through the OSD menu and decrease adjustment levels. If the OSD menu is closed, press to adjust screen brightness. (4) Menu button Press to open the OSD menu, select a menu item from the OSD, or close the OSD menu.

7 [ROOT likes] [.] A [ OBJ(likes,books) Right Arc(OBJ) 8 [ROOT likes .] ; Shift 9 [ROOT likes] ; A [ P(likes,.) Right Arc(P) 10 [ROOT] ; A [ ROOT(ROOT,likes) Right Arc(ROOT) Figure 2: An example of arc-standard transition dependency parsing. s3 s2 s1 b1 b2 b3 s2.lc1 s2.lc2 s2.rc2 s2.rc1 s2.rc2.lc1 2 rc2

7.5 Graphing Square Root and Cube Root Functions 431 Graph square root and cube root functions. Use square root and cube root functions to find real-life quantities, such as the power of a race car in Ex. 48.

under VMX non Root Mode, CPU stops execution of VMX non Root Mode, exit to VMX Root Mode. Then it trapped by hypervisor, hypervisor emulates the instruction which guest tried to execute. Mode change from VMX Root Mode to VMX non-root Mode called VMEntry, from VMX non-root Mode to VMX Root Mode called VMExit(Figure 2). User (Ring 3) Kernel (Ring .

USING SAP ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS & SYSTEM MONITORING FOR SYBASE UNWIRED PLATFORM 6 2. ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS FOR SUP IN SOLUTION MANAGER After SMD Managed System Setup and Configuration, the Root Cause Analysis features of SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics are available in the Root Cause Analysis work center of SAP Solution Manager. Find further information about End-to-End Root Cause Analysis on SAP .

Interior Design I L1 Foundations of Design* L1 Interior Design II L2 Interior Design II LAB* L2L Interior Design III L3C Interior Design III LAB* L3L Interior Design Advanced Studies * AS *Complementary Courses S TATE S KILL S TANDARDS The state skill standards are designed to clearly state what the student should know and be able to do upon