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- Joe's Custom Polishing and Manuf.-MANUFACTURED FOR:Hamden Monuments

co n2NOTES FROM THE ED3THE GRANITE GUY5BARRE GUILD NEWS8MEET THE PRESIDENT12FOR THE C HILDRE23T IPs AND TRICKS24ROCK SOLID WOMEN26MEMBERSHIP D IRECTORYe nCover Memorial By:Brookside MemorialsMANuFACTURED FOR:Fox-McLellan Monument Co. - Ogdensburg, NYSandblast by Culture Craft SandblastBarreLIFEsFall 2001

BarreLIFEF A LL2001EDITORElizabeth GadboisTel: 802-253--090Emai l: beth@bethgadboisdeign.comPHOTOGRAPHERJim Eaton2001 BGA OFFICERSForrest RouellePresidentJudee ChatotTrea urerJohn P. CastaldoAssistant TreasurerCharron BarneySecretwy2001 BGA TRUSTEESJudee ChatotNorth Barre Granite CompanyBret MugfordPeerless Granite Compan)'Robert PlanteColombo StoneworksForrest RouelleGranite industries of VermontJames TaitTwin City Custom Sandbla t2001 BGA STAFFJohn P. CastaldoExecutive DirectorCharron BarneySecretwylOjjice ManagerBARRE LIFE ADVISORY BOARDLynda Mureta Aldrich, ChairMontpelier Granite WorksJohn CastaldoBarre Granite AssociationMichael OrnitzNorth Barre GraniteGwen PlanteColombo StoneworksMary TousignantGranite importersRich TousignantAdams GraniteEDITORIAL OFFICESP.O . Box 48 1 5 1 Church StreetBarre, VT 05 641Phone: 802-476-41 3 1Fax: 802-476-4765Email : BGA@barregranite.orgWeb address: www. barregranite.orgs we move into the fallseason in Vermont, ourthought are still on theevents of September 111h.The Barre Granite Association and its member fum \ i h to extendour deepest sympathy to tho e who suffered injury and loss becau e of thisterrible event. We are saddened by such acowardly act, and although our country hasbeen forced to walk this ugly road of war,we will emerge strong and united a wealways have. Our staff is slowl gettingback to normal, despite the dail ne\headlines that leave us all anxiou andconcerned for all Americans, e pecialltho e who have suffered.We began our fall season with plan for a new video, which will b exhibit d atthe BGA booth during the MBNA how at Myrtle Beach. The video will d ument many monuments that display th uperior craftsmanship of BGA m roberfIrm . Many fme pieces of work have been ubmitted so far and I ha e b nreviewing the various clips as taping proceed . One of the great thing aboutVermont i the foliage season, and we are taking advantage of the fall to di playBGA monuments in various cemeterie uch a Hope and Elmwood in Barre.We are also traveling to other cemeterie in ermont where our BGA membershave set beautiful works of art. I hope ou \: ill top by our booth in MyrtleBeach for a vi it and a chance to catch up on what's been going on in the BGA.Some of the other changes we are working on are the ability for you to placeorders at our web site. Several of you have mentioned this to us, and we arecurrently working with our bank and webmaster to make it happen. For those ofyou who enjoy the web experience, you will be able to visit u atwww.barregranite.org and place an order for brochures, tapes and jewelry. Wehave brought back the brochures "Honored in the Sacred Catholic Tradition"and "Remembered For All Time." These brochure continue to be quite popular and in high demand. You will also notice that we have added granite necklaces on the order form.I will be heading to Fort Lauderdale for the 2001 StonExpo show from November 15-17lh The show will be held at the Broward County Convention Centerand promises to be an outstanding display of stone products and equipment byhundreds of companies. On January 17-19 we will be in Baltimore for the MidAtlantic Monument Builders show, followed by the MBNA Convention inMyrtle Beach.And as always, I hope you enjoy viewing the beautiful and artistic talents of ourmembers, as well the articles we have put together in this issue. BGA membersare grateful for your support and are here to assist you in any way they can.ADVERTISING SALESEliza beth Gadbois802-253 -5090Notes From The EDBarreLIF E

I U""J-\IIU''I tUU""J-\IIUN t:UUvAIIUN t:UU\.,;AIIUN UUl,;AIION EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION· EDUCATION·yEducation and trainingis the bedrock of anygrowing industry.Be it computers, medicine, or even granite, themore skilled the labor force, the more successfulthe industry.In the world of granite we are surrounded by skilledand experienced tradespeople. Carvers, sandblasters,etchers, draftspeople, innumerable men and women whoturn an inert chunk of rock into a timeless work of art.But where once a child would follow in the professionalfootsteps of his father, the challenges we face in the 21 SIcentury are infus ing our industry with new talent, skills,and yet another generation.In Barre we are fortunat to ha' an OOlllC(lLlIOlnaJresource to address the e challen -. ClaI) Gears op ratthe Granite Guy and ha pent theing his own technical training cent r. He ha been teaching sandblasting, stone cutting, fmi h 'or' free-formculpture, stone polishing, and other t hnique for over20 years and in the granite busines nearl: all hi life. Inhis words he has "an incurable disease called QIall.iteassion," and loves what he does. He feel tha to helpthe industry thrive we need more education and a betterunderstanding of how rock becomes its intended form."A number of young workers don't know the ba ic ofow to do carving or sandblasting, and try to rushough the process. You don't achieve a quality productf ou don't learn from the ground up, and that takes timed lots of practice." A sentiment echoed by manya oned tradespeople.The Granite Guy's classes are small and intensive,usually only two or three student . Classes run eighthours a day for five days for an introductory class and thesame for the advanced session. Prior experience is notnecessary, and by the conclusion of the advanced sessionparticipants will be ready to begin working in a planthaving a strong hands-on knowledge of what is involvedin sandblasting, stone cutting, and polishing. "I have hadall kinds of people come here for training, from folks whowant to pursue carving as a hobby, indu try professionals,to one guy who had a particularl tre ful job andwant d a yacation away from it all to work with hishan -. \\"hiling in the trade is helpful, it is in no waya r uir m nt to take anyone of our introductoryo," noted Gary.Businesses looking to train employees, people in theindustry, to the man off the street, all have a place at theGranite Guy Technical Training Center. For more information, tobe put onthe mailinglist, or for acalendar ofupcomingclasses,contactGary at800-3968049.

ISTORIC PHOTOS' HISTORIC PHOTOS· HISTORIC PHOTOS' HISTORIC PHOTOS' HISTORIC PHOTOS' H STORIC PHOTOSWilliam B. Cumming, Donald Allen s (Granite City Tool) grandfather, began working in the quarries of Aberdeen,Scotland in the 1870s. By 1896 he was a skilled stone carver and co-owner of Cumming & Petrie, Granite Manufacturers of Aberdeen. In 1897 he had come to Barre, VT where he engaged in granite fabrication under the name ofSmith & Cumming on Granite Street. By 1926 he had turned to monument retailing in Brooklyn, NY under the finnname of Cumming & Morgan (pictured).Dlle of the many granite malluJacturing operations in the earZl"1900. Photo courtesr 0 RobertCouture, Family Memorial .BarreLIFE

Jet Stik - New TechnologyFrom Granite City ToolGranite City Tool is pleased to introduce the JetStik, a small scale, hand held flame tool \ ith awide range of applications on granite. andstone,bluestone, dolomitic limestone, and quartzite. It may beused by sculptors and monument retailers wi hing todiversify by edging countertops, building pan 1 restoring non-slip surfaces on old steps, and e\' n graffitiremoval. Fueledby propane, theJet Stik removesmaterial rapidlywithout overheating, fracturing' or fusing thestone. The JetStik gives youthe control,speed, andversatilityneeded for- d monstrated at thesculpting and texturin c Op n House atAmerican Monum nt A. .-- 0 000.Granite City Tool in ept rn.uJ'VIo--Granite Festival uccessTIs past September, the Barre G . Museumhosted the "Barre Granite F - :- a celebrationof the Barre granite indu try an ommunity.Several BGA manufacturers were in an .,.u.uJl\.e gtvmgdemonstrations on etching, carvings, an I -t work, andother granite manufacturing processes. Th \. nt washeld at the old Jones Brothers plant and furor home ofthe Barre Granite Museum.Factory tour, facepainting, and bagpipe - all a part ofthe Barre FestivaLBarreLIFE

BGA Quick NotesIr-------------------- 1) We have new email addresses. For generalII emailspleaseuseBGA@barregranite.org.ToII contact Charron Barney (office manager) please u e II barneyc@barregranite.org. To contact JohnII:I Castaldo (executive director) plea e u ecastaldoj@barregranite.org.Afterovember1,ourIIII AOL account will be closed and unusable.III 2) New items in our store. Please take a moment II to review the Barre Guild Store insert as we areIII featuring new items for your consideration. WeI have added a necklace to compliment the two styles IIof earrings we currently offer. Prices and orderingIinformation can be found on the insert.We have also brought back three brochures byI popular demand. Remembered For All Time, HonI ored in the Sacred Catholic Tradition, and To BeI Remembered are now back in our inventory ofI promotional items.II 3) See you at the conventions. Please plan on1 stopping by the Barre Granite Association booth atI one of the upcoming trade shows. We will be onI hand to give you information about the AssociationII and our members and hope you will take a momentII to give us input on how we can better serve retailer III needs. Tell us what you think of our magazine'snew look and updated content, and what you thinkIof our website. We look forward to meeting you and Ihearing what you have to say.IIIStonExpoI- November 15-17,2001 Ft. LauderdaleIMid Atlantic Monument BuildersI- January 17-19,2002 BaltimoreIMonument Builders of North AmericaI- January 27-30, 2002 Myrtle BeachII4) Our next issue will focus on signs. If you have Iany examples of signs from BGA members that you IIwould like to share for publication, please submitIthem no later than December 1. Please include asImuch information as possible to assist with the story.IThanks in advance for your support and help.II-------------------- Miles Supply Introduces'White Rubbing Paper"& Stone Pro Setting Systemile Supply is proud to announce the availabilityof their all-new White Rubbing Paper. Availablein 25 W' X 100' rolls features include: Tape-ability - allows you to tape directly to thestone for a nice clear rubbing since the paper is constantly in a fixed position. Fade-Resi tant - resists fading in direct heat andsunlight. When ubjected to the "Dash Board Test,"Mile Supply White Rubbing Paper did not fade afterthree continuous days of sunlight on the dash of a pickuptruck. Scan-ability - Unlike its blue paper counterpart,Miles Supply White Rubbing paper creates a black onwhite image that can be photocopied, faxed, and canned.In addition, Mile Supply hasbeen named the exclusive orthAmerican di tributor for theStone Pro Setting System. TheStone Pro Setting System i easyand fast to use and boasts aIliiii ::: Jnumber of features which" ouldmake it a great tool for your etting needs, including: on-slip Non-chipping Non-marking Will not drag out setting compound Can be used to ea ily pick up resets Comes apart for easy torage and tran port Lighter than other etting devices Self-adjusting, no tools or bolts needed No experience required for the perfect ethe Vermont Granite Museum was recentlyawarded 675,000 by the Vennont Departmentof Commerce and Community Developmentthrough their Community Block Grant program. Thisgrant will be used to fund the development of the newStone Arts School located at the museum. The toneArts School is scheduled to open in late Augu t 002.Day and evening classes will be offered, as well asummer intensives. The need for this training i crucialat this time as many workers within the industry areretiring. They plan to provide classes to meet the needsof the industry particularly manufacturers, other relatedbusinesses, educators, and students .TBarreLIFE

Ii.Polonia Completes Major Historical RestorationPyears and 10 months. Legend has it that "Bully" wasalways promising his wife a mansion facing the HudsonRi er, which turned out to be the famous mausoleum.There were no surviving children, and it is believed thatth family became extinct with the passing of other. -rant relative .Th -0.000 re toration of the mausoleum came afteryears of neglect anddisrepair. Sanchezhad to remove treesgrowing through theroof, repair crackingstones, clean the entireinterior and exteriorstones, and re-entombthe remains of the fourThe Robinsonfamily membersmausoleum was deburied inside thesigned in 1853 bysanctuary.Andrew Jackson DaviThanks to the(the father of Americanefforts of Po Ionia,Architecture and theSanchez, and numerfounder of the Amerious communitycan Institute of Archivolunteers, the Oldtects), and it i the onlyA postcard depicting the before and after of the RobinsonTown Cemetery andEgyptian RevivalMausoleum.Robinson mausoleummonument in the - have been broughtthat consists of a pyramid erected atop a mastaba.back to their original glory and splendor.Captain Robinson died on March 9, 1866, aged 83olonia Development & Preservation Services Co.,under the guidance of Gerardo Sanchez, recentlycompleted a major historic restoration inNewburgh, New York. This district covers a one squaremile area along the Hudson River. It is the largest hi toric district in the state of New York, containing morethan 2400 architecturally significant buildings. Many 0these structures, likeCaptain Henry "Bully"Robinson's Mausoleumin the Old Town Cemetery (1713), are beingrestored to the splendorand beauty of theirglorious past.Cochran's Introduces TheSandman"Cochran's announces a new,computerized Sandblast Curtain- custom made for the sandblastroom. Cochran's Sandman is powered withan energy conserving 110-amp powerdemand at a maximum draw of 20 amps. Astandard computer, along with customsoftware to receive the sandblast carving andlettering from your CAD software, will directth andman to sandblast only areas witharving and lettering, not the entire stone.Thi new process will produce clean sandblast work in a fraction of the time taken bytraditional sandblast curtains. See the Summer 2001 issue of Barre Life for more details.BarreLIFE

I II:::KVII:::VV· IN I eKVleVV IN I eKVleVV IIrERT/ 'V"·"""""'''''''''''' -''' 1t:I"i.VIt:VV ·"'111 t::l"'nl.-,-""'"'.,.,.,. ICVV II'" I Cr\VICVV II May We Have A Moment Mr. President?- an interview with GIV's Forrest Rouelle, the new BGA pre ldent1) How long have you been in the granite industry, atyour present job, and what types ofjobs have youheld during your granite career?I have been with GIV since 1973, at first I ran wireaws, diamond saws, and polishing, then moved on toshipping, quoting, and sales. Been VP since 1995.2) What do you see as some of the major changes/developments in this industry during your time ingranite?Our local industry has gotten smaller. Imports arehaving a major impact on our manufacturing. Not a lot ofpeople are entering this industry, putting us in danger of adiminished skilled labor market. We need more welltrained people getting in to this industry. A while ago,we had on-going educational programs that labor participated in on an on-going basis. But as the industrydownsized and labor was readily available, these classesfell by the wayside. Now the abundant workforce hasretired or gone on to other things and we face the samechallenges of the past but without an adequate feedersystem to replace these craftsmen. Youth today doesn'twant to come into a manual labor force like ours. Computers are what draws them and it is a phy ically easierlifestyle.Wages have also increased dramatically. The peoplewho do work here make a good living, the health benefitsare good, and a retirement program is now in place.Probably the thing that has made the biggest impact is themechanization and subsequent advances in technology ofour manufacturing plants. Machines today can do amazing things in record time allowing us to produce morejobs with less manpower and higher yields. The cost ofthat though is the loss of well trained and experiencedtradespeople entering the workforce.3) Do you have other family members who are in thisindustry? If so, who are they and what do they do?My father, Leon, was a stonecutter for most of his life.He passed away two years ago.4) What would you like to see be the BGA'sfocusduring your tenure in the upcoming year?I would like to see the BGA grow. \domen w id a and programs to entice om ormer membersto r turn. We have a good Board and ar '0 king onnew programs. We are collaboratinl!tate andn - beyondoth r ag ncies to get educational co CAD in our area.Th need for affordable, quality healar msurancei defmitely on our front burner but tak - me to sortthrough. We are also looking into wa -- partner betterwith retailers. We welcome any idea: an uggestionsthat people would like to offer to a i t - with thesetopic.5) What are the top three issues ),ou ee facing thefuture of the granite industrylBGA and what needsto be done to address them? JJ7rat would you like tosee change/advance in the next 5110 years?We need to promote oursel e as an association ofcraftsmen. We need to show the con umer that we cancu tomize and personalize their family memorials betterthan anyone in the world. We are presently working onsome promotional ideas that will get that in front of theconsumer. We need to bring more craftsmen into theworld of granite. We need to keep up with modernization and equipment. Lastly, education need to be an ongoing priority with manufacturers and not seen as aluxury item.I C

North Barre GraniteTopBottomGray granite, designed by Joseph CalcagniGray graniteMA. L:FA.CTURED FOR BRUCE JUDDMANUFACTURED FOR A:-"-DRE LAPRADEDie: 2-0 x 0-8 x 4-10Base: 7-0 x 1-3 x 0-8\\ ing-: 2-0 x 0-6 x 2-4Die: 10-0 x 1-4 x 5-0Base: 12-0 x 2-6 x 1-0

- - - - Rivard GraniteFOR:Loouis V. Sciolto Memorials, Crall ton RlMANuFACTUREDDie 2-6 x 0-8 x 3-2 All steeledBase: 3-0 x 1-4 x 0- 10 Stee-e carvIngred hole for planting. a TO

GRflNITE CIT TOOL CO.IF YOUR BUSINESS IS SANDBLASTING MONUMENTS, THEN WE ARE THEONLY SUPPLIER THAT HAS "EVERYTHING" YOU NEEDNO.YONSYONEBLASYAND DYNABLASYGEaaEIl SCiENYD Ie COMPUTE. . .SYEMe stock every type ofsandblast stencil for:Stone, Wood and Gla s.We carry both thenchor Continentaland 3M brands andhave over 40 types inltock for all your sandlasting needs.TE CILDESIGN AND CUTTING: Weare the only stone trade supplier that offersboth portable and automated stencil rollerpresses as well as the state-of-art computercutting systems. As a matter of fact, wehave every supply needed if your cuttingstencil by hand, roller press, or computer.If we install a computer system for yourbusiness you will be trained by someonewho knows computers and the monumentbusiness, a claim most of our competitorscan't offer.BiRO. &no-aaAIY CVltYIUJIfSANDBLA T ROO 1XDCURT AINS. We have e efJ'thing needed for sa ndblastingindoors and our trained salesreps can help recommend thesize room and equipmentneeded for your operation.We have products from:Ruemelin, Hirons, ABC andmore!!SANDBLASTABRASIVES. We stock awide va riety of Abrasivesfor sandblasting stone,glass, wood, etc., such as:TONE BLAST, DYNABLA T,ZIRCOBLAST,STA ROLITE, STARBLAST just to name afew. We also stock manytypes of polishing andsawing abrasives.SAY OVIUITUM 80 COMPitEUO.ORTABLE AND STATIONARYOMPRESSORS. We carry aom plete line of compressors forth indoor and outdoor uses withrm ranges for small to very largeir requirements. Our sales peoplen recommend the perfect brandd type of compressor based onur air requirements and needs.e al 0 provide: Aftercoolers, Air. 'er Airline Filters, Oil Lubritor and more, to maximize youry tem efficiency.BVLLIIItD 88 SERIESBELMft.VEMELIJIf AND LINDSAYSANDBLASY YIINDSAFETYEQUIPMENT. Wehave all the eq uipment needed tosandblast safelyand meet government standards.Helmets, Free-Airequipment andmonitors, Respirators, Safety Glasses, Ear plugs andmuch more.SANDBLAST TANKS. Youcan't sandblast without atank and we sell the finesttanks available for bothindoor and outdoor sandblasting. Ruemelin andLindsay sandblast tanksboth have well over 60years of proven performance in our industry andwe have yet to find anoth erbrand that can compete.DUSY BOG AND .VEMELIJIf Dun' .TE.SYSTEMSSANDBLAST DUST FIL TRA TIONSYSTEMS. You can t legally have anindoor sandblast operatio n without adust extraction and mtration system.Granite City Tool Co. was one of thefirst supplier in the nation for this typeof equipment and we still sell the finestsystem a\'ajlable to remove stone dustand pro\'ide a safe workingemironment.CALL US FOR ALL YOURSA 'DBLASTING EQUIPMENT!! EO- 1-4570 GRJlNITE CITY TOOL COMPANI': 802-476-8403ttp:/ /"EVERYTHING FOR THE MO T lfE T TRADE".granitecitytoolvt.com: VGCTMAlL aol.comST.CLOUD, MNPH: 800-328-7094FAX: 320-259-1817WEB: http://www.granitecitytool.comE-MAIL: sales@granitecitytool.com

YOI' c-'lIJe'-'Ciif,JrelJABarre Life reader and monument dealer recently called uslooking for any information we might have on uniqueexamples of children's monuments. He said that whilethere were plenty of markers out there, the selection of uniquemonuments for children wa extremely limited. The sensitivenature of this topic makes it all the more important to assist agrieving family in a timely manner, and if we could publi h agrouping it would be of great help. Thanks to all the manufacturers and dealers who assisted with this article. If after seeing thicollection, you have other pieces you would like to add, we wouldbe happy to publish them in upcoming issues.BarreLIFE

E TS· CHILDRE N'S MONUMENTS· CHILDREN 'S MONUMENTS· CHILDREN 'S MONUMENTS· CHILDREN'SJE I' IFERllRIAD \SFn 7.20001 . Ron's Custom Sandblast for MountPleasant Memorials - Gloucester, MA2 . Granite Industries of Vermont forCoeur D' Alene Monuments - CoeurD'Alene,ID3 . Colombo Stoneworks for R. T. Crou bMemorials - N ortb Ea t MD4 . Montpelier Granite Works for .FBenedict & Sons - Middleton, NY5. Courtesy of Gerry Granite Works6 . Twin City Custom SandblastingBarreLIFEMONUME

rlesEonl0) 396·8049---- pplyIf1I&lOrgia283.5863.IIifes.,,,/Y.tllm'"'v The Stone Industry's Cutting Edgelisher.'---ersGrindersileoli ing Productuppli sEdgeDownflo Dust Colledorb ' 11 .Tired of that ume consumi ng and messy job of.,., old du t collector? Consider the Torit DownColl ector. Designed with inclined cartridgesremoval acc co\'ers, easier ma intenance andis all but guaranteed, Plus, the new ExtraLife system lengthen the life you ca n expect fromThe Checker board control panel displays llSeTcolo r-coded operaung and diagnostic informaMilespp/y CleanersS fety Equip e tiamond Pro uctsiresSuppliesHandling Equipm ntDrillingqui me tCarbide ToolsNow availableStoneTone monument paintDon't nee« to loot elsewheremEXIIUIN Sandblast Mediaby Exolon-ESKExolon-ESK is a world leader in the manufacturing and dabrasives fo r the stone industry, Discover how you can mremoval as well as minimize media loss with these abrasr.eFASTBLASTTM Virgin aluminum oxide designed for mhardnes , this grain is a proven winner inpopular grit sizes,EIOBLASTTMOne of the most economical virgin alummExoblast is available in a broad range f:;-tockxides,

At Miles Supply, we pride ourselves on keeping up withthe granite industry's latest trends and innovations. Weknow that production efficiency is a top concern forretailers and manufacturers. Why not let technologywork for you? Take a look at our complete line ofautomatic sandblasting equipment, accessories andsupplies. With valuable benefits ranging from fasterproduction time to less maintenance and ea ier controls,you'll want to take advantage of today's technology.For 44 years, Miles Supply has been the intelligent choicefor stone craftsmen. We are the industry's premiersource for all of your stonecutting and processing toolsand equipment. Most importantly, we're there for you.We provide full customer support for our completeproduct line, and are committed to help you make yourbusiness and your finished products something to beproud of. Remember - "If it's meant to last forever,make sure it looks good."JumPing so highSuperBlast Porlables3M Stencils &SuppliesMiles Supply carries a full line of 3M productsincluding Sandblast tencils for machine andhand cutting and sandblast fillers to increasethe holding power of the ten ilby EmpireDesigned for simplicity, safety, reliability andperformance, the Empire SuperBlast Portables areperfect for projects big or small. All models include thefollowing:Sure-Flo grit valve - durable and easy to service,the media path through the Sure-Flo grit valve isstraight down, assuring dependable flow. The onlypart in contact with abrasive media is a gum-rubberpinch tube that is simple and inexpensive to replace.E-Z Fill bag breaker and screen automaticallybreaks heavy bags on contact and ftlters grit of debristhat can clog other types of blasters.Dry-FloTM moisture and oil separator removes waterto prevent freeze-ups and improve grit flow.Three vear limited warranh·.Model J Automatic Sandblaster by HironsFor superior performance, no sandblasting booth should be without theModel J Automatic Sandblast curtain. These units are fully assembled andtested prior to shipment. Look for these features:With a full range of speeds for independent horizontal and verticalmotion, precisecontrols can adjust coverage during operation.Power failures will not cause the nozzle to stop motion in mid-stroke.Compressed air power continues movement to the end of the track,preventing media damage to the stone.Viewing screen offers excellent visibility during bla ting and screen framesslide open to allow for easy stencil inspection.Sandhose connection is inside the blastroom providing greateroperator safety and increasing the life of the hose.Optional rubber curtain for front opening allows access formanual workmanship.

Montpelier Granite "Wlrks- -FOR:Pesavento Monuments - Scranton, PAMANuFACTUREDBarre gray sign 10-0 x 0-8 x 3-0 Steel 2 balance rock pitch withhand tooled starburst.Legs: 2-6 x 1-6 x 2-2 steel 3 BRP, sand blasted, carved and lettered

- - - - Adams GraniteMANUFACTURED FOR:Gast Monuments - Chicago, IL4-6 x 2-6 x 11-0All steeled with shell rock, 4 sides

Five simple words set usapart from the competition(SUperior--------- Quali(Superior)Value ICe --------To learn more about what Pepin Granite can do for you, contact us atP.O. Box 566 Barre, VT 056411-800-654-5420 pgci@tds.net

Pepin Granite CompanyMANUFACTURED FOR:Bainbridge Memorial Works, Inc. - Bainbridge, NYBarre, all steeled war memorial for the town's war fallenservicemen. 11-0 long, by 1-0 wide, by 1-6 high

The FIRST company to create Laser-Etchings for theMonument Industry, now introducesCocfiran's Quic/& aser8 Broc---of LasDesignJob Files andWALK AWAY!to choosefrom!Create Designs, Portraits& Lettering and Laser-Etch!4' x 4' Quick-Laser under 47,00011(8' and 12' Sizes Available)Cochran's Inc., Barre, VT 802-479-1035 Fax:802-479-1036

Cochran's, Inc. - - - -MANUFACTURED FOR:Hancock Monument Co. - New Bedford, MADie: Oriental black, 3-0 x 0-8 x 2-4, polish 5, serp top, laser etched(front and back), hand etched and colored (front and back), sandblast lettering (gold highlight)Base: Oriental black, 3-6 x 1-2 x 0-10, polished flat top, balancerock pitch

- - - Granite Industries of VT -FOR:Sheffield Monuments - Chagrin Falls, OHMANuFACTUREDMedium BarreDie: 7-0 x 0-10 x 3-4Base: 8-0 x 1-8 x 1-0

ITi psTricksFilling A Letter/NumberPoints to keep in mind:n interesting twist to the new rnillenium was theunforseen problem of memorials having the firsttwo digits of the deceased date" 19 " but theyear now is "20 ." Maybe many folks didn ' t think theywould be around to mark the turn of the century, but nowthousands of monuments are having to be repaired toaddress this issue. In this edition of Tips and Tricks, wewill show you how to fill a letter to prep it for re-sandblasting.AaThis is a repair step, and not a brand new cut. It is aninexpensive and time efficient solution to replacingthe whole stone.bThi method works best when the stone is removedfrom the grave site and brought into a shop for repair.c) The tone hould be washed and thoroughly cleanedbefore beginning your repairs.d) Make certain that all the tools you will be using areclean. You do not" ant any residue such as rust ororganic products mixed in with the stone and epoxy.Step 1. Find a smallpiece of stone similarto the one you arerepairing . Ideally, youmay be able to take asample from someinconspicuous placeon the memorial.Crush the stone into aloose powder using aclean hammer.e) Note: The epoxy MAY di color with time. This willdepend upon the type of epoxy you use and theenvironmental conditions the monument will experience. Again, this is an inexpensive alternative toreplacing the stone, but not a perfect solution.Step 5. After therecommended settingtime, test the area forhardness. It should bevery firm and able to bech ipped away likestone .Step 2. Follow thedirections on the epoxycan and mix the stone,epoxy, and hardenertogether in a disposable cup. Onceblended, you . 0 Iyhave a limited amounof time to work.Step 6. From thereremove any excessmixture from the stoneuntil the area is flat.Step 3. Pour it intothe number/letter youneed to fill.Step 7. Blow awaythe dust. Your monument is now ready tobe recut and sandblast.Step 4. All airbubbles will need to beremoved so poke themixture into the holemaking certain it is wellpacked

William B. Cumming, Donald Allen s (Granite City Tool) grandfather, began working in the quarries of Aberdeen, Scotland in the 1870s. By 1896 he was a skilled stone carver and co-owner of Cumming & Petrie, Granite Manufac turers of Aberdeen. In 1897 he had come to Barre, VT where he engaged in granite fabrication under the name of

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If the power cord is damaged, do not use the appliance. Contact your authorized Snow Joe Sun Joe dealer or call the Snow Joe Sun Joe customer service center at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563). Keep the machine on a stable, flat surface during operation,

Joe Celko’s SQL for Smarties: Advanced SQL Programming, 4th Edition Joe Celko Moving Objects Databases Ralf Hartmut Güting and Markus Schneider Joe Celko’s SQL Programming Style Joe Celko Data Mining, Second Edition: Concepts and Techniques Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber, Jian pei Fuzzy Modeling and Genetic Algorithms

Independent Personal Pronouns Personal Pronouns in Hebrew Person, Gender, Number Singular Person, Gender, Number Plural 3ms (he, it) א ִוה 3mp (they) Sֵה ,הַָּ֫ ֵה 3fs (she, it) א O ה 3fp (they) Uֵה , הַָּ֫ ֵה 2ms (you) הָּ תַא2mp (you all) Sֶּ תַא 2fs (you) ְ תַא 2fp (you

4.Edward Said, Homage to Joe Sacco, in Joe Sacco, Palestine, Jonathan Cape, London 2003, p. iii. La traduzione italiana di Palestine (Pale-stina. Una nazione occupata, pubblicata nel 2002 da Mondadori, che contiene anche l ’O-maggio a Joe Saccodi Said) mi è sembrata in più punti poco efficace, specie nella resa di alcune questioni fondamentali per il mio discorso; ho preferito perciò .

Characters Tom Sawyer – A mischievous boy Aunt Polly – Tom’s aunt and guardian Huckleberry Finn – Tom’s renegade friend Becky Thatcher – The new girl in town One-Eyed Joe – A murdering scoundrel Joe Harper – Tom’s schoolmate Susy Harper – Joe’s little sister Mrs. Harper – Joe’s mother Billy Fisher – Tom’s s

API RP 14C 8th EDITION Recommended Practice for Analysis, Design, Installation, and Testing of Safety Systems for Offshore Production Facilities 2 Presenter – Joe Pittman Joe is a Safety Systems Engineer for Chevron’s Energy Technology Company. Joe has 42 years of control and safety systems experience in

Page 2 Ukulele-Joe Song Collection Volume 8 Page 2 This is my own interpretation of this song and is to be used for educational purposes only joe@ukulele-joe.co.uk Bad Moon Rising John Fogerty (1969)